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this is what i wished they had done, it would have looked better too. taking an isometric sprite based game and turning it into a fully 3D game is sacrilege.


wish i had a matesprite


drinkin sprite…


mixing diet sprite with whey powder and eating it with a spoon like icing


im drinking a diet sprite!


Wocky slush
A type of lean in which you put codeine cough syrup into a bottle of sprite, then put it into the freezer until it turns into a slushie drink aka lean
“Damn this lean is good”
“That’s that wocky slush”


11pm dad sneaks off into the den and makes a whiskey sprite




something about the colors of the gsc sprites is so fucking good, these sprites are the best the pokemon ever looked and probably ever will look considering how fucking garbage the transition to 3d was


File: 1620536665726.jpg (24.15 KB, 475x161, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

this is what the gen 2 legendary dog sprites started out as lmao


I agree, I hate how they replaced the sprites with 3D models. It just looks like Diablo 3 now rather than a HD Diablo 2 IMO.


File: 1613946155553.gif (70.63 KB, 369x309, 55650ca1610150ddf5e94cfefe….gif) ImgOps Google

somehow looks less sexy than the sprite


i will never stop drinking sprite


for my last meal i request they order a water and fill it up with sprite when no ones fuckin lookin
one last crime gang gang


might go to the store and buy some sprite im super into sprite now i love it


*sips sprite*


i wish that i could make cute sprite art


i love all the cute sprite art they have around the holo server


lets see
boomer monster, dr. pepper, coke, fanta, sprite what should i have


dont forget the sprite with extra ice so you can put your nigger cough syrup in it you fucking nigger


only sprite can wash away your sins


first time i smoked weed i was in middle school and my hot druggy stepsister pressured me into smoking some then i freaked out that i was a bad person and drank a 2 liter of sprite


sprite > 7up
7up sugar free > sprite sugar free


@sprite #blacklivesmatter


if i were gay i think id just be annoyed at companies trying to sell me products by being like "are you gay? drink sprite"


File: 1589825255858.mp4 (4.98 MB, Brick - this is a sprite a….mp4)

new sprite ad


File: 1583680951959.jpg (406.24 KB, 1912x1017, disgaea2_2020-03-07_22-49-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the sprites got lots of soul tho


16 cans of sprite, barqs, and cherry coke deep in a public css server with a clantag


lovin the sprite vod combo
now all i need is a mars bar


i dont remember nepeta fusing with davesprite


File: 1582240515400.jpg (47.75 KB, 500x688, 424e58d6dcb097aee79778296a….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh yeah? how about davepetasprite x karkat


ill have sprite and a mars bar


blacks love sprite


im drinkin sprite


ive got promethezine already in the sprite


trying out
Mind Eraser #3:
2 oz of Kahlua coffee liqueur
2 oz of Vodka
2 dash of Butterscotch Schnapps
2 oz of 7-up soda (or Sprite)


i got sprite cravings after the good luck aoa comeback


does the average life of a sprite drinker involve driving your adult son and his boyfriend to a gay parade


amazing how all the sprites on snes are dog shit except for donkey kong country


last kof was a travesty
they went from 2d sprites to 3d models


had burger king yesterday
cheeseburger, large fries, sprite and chicken nuggets


i live in georgia you dumb nigger, we call coke coke and soda in general soda. i have never in my life heard someone call pepsi or sprite or fanta "coke" as a catch-all term


i got promethazine already in the sprite



ive got promethazine already in the sprite


poured the molly in the sprite


sprite, huh
what a god


ive got promethezine already in the sprite


i got promethezine already in the sprite


remember when pokemon sprites fist moved?


I despise chugger faggots that drink hard liquor.

Took a cf to a party once and he got immediately wasted off some shitty candian whiskey.

Thought I was his bro, so he asked me for some water, so I got him a nice big mixed drink of sprite and whiskey.

He ended up passed out on the front porch throwing up with everyone coming/going to/from the party fucking with him.

Had an epic LOL at him over that.


im fapin

but honestly post the suzy sprite lewds or im reporting you


*blasts some gucci*
*dumps a pint of skol into the sprite*


spite is good with gin too


File: 1540141498467.png (308.87 KB, 616x476, pokemonrival.png) ImgOps Google

"I think the biggest reason that rivals were more of a jerk in the early days is that we were just limited in what we could express with the pixel graphics," Masuda told GameSpot through an interpreter. "There's not much that you can do with that kind of little sprite on the screen, so we worked harder to characterize them through dialogue and give them certain personalities.

"Also, because it's just dialogue and there's not a whole lot going on on the screen, it doesn't give as harsh of an impression even if they're jerks, I think. Now we have HD graphics and the visuals are much more impressive. If you also made him a jerk, the impression would be a lot stronger on players. Another thing, just my own personal take, is that it feels that people with those kinds of personalities these days are just not as accepted by players as they were back then."

Soulless really isn't a meme. This is how we get games like LegPee, Masuda is scared to death of doing anything that could possibly be considered norm breaking or unconventional. It's like he's being held hostage by toddlers. Your games are shit, just do something, anyhting. LegPee barely qualifies as a game and these two paragraphs is why Pokemon has sucked these last few years



ive got promethazine already in the sprite


File: 1538530551008.gif (126.49 KB, 500x382, 8ED.gif) ImgOps Google

honestly when i think of all marvel characters i think of them as their marvel v capcom sprites they're like the definitively best version across all mediums


ive got promethazine already in the sprite


ive got promethazine already in the sprite



i got promethazine already in the sprite


i got promethezine already in the sprite


ive got promethazine already in the sprite


Yeah big buttery bacon egg cheese biscuit from mc d

With a big greasy hash brown

And a sprite

That’s the good shit

Or even their buttery syrupy pancake sausage platter

Breakfast burritos godly too

So much better than lunch or dinner

Only good thing is buffalo ranch mc chicken



ive got promethazine already in the sprite


i got promethezine already in the sprite


i got promethezine already in the sprite


i got promethazine already in the sprite


i got promethazine already in the sprite
i got that og kush for your cataracts


seolhyun used to be the sprite gook
but now its jennie?
im ok with this


ive got promethezine already in the sprite


meal : pizza
drink : sprite


*mixes promethezine with the sprite*


*mixes the promethezine with the sprite*


those sprites look completely stock its only generating the names?
whats the point


*sips fountain sprite*

a h h h ~


i like sprite


File: 1527314069528.png (1002.96 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2682.PNG) ImgOps Google

hmm yes… i think i'll try the bowmore perhaps… mixed with some sprite
perhaps a laphroaig mixed with a pepsi..


just "comboed" irl by adding a large sprite to my burger and fries order

made me think of gamer shit


pour that molly in my sprite..


*sips sprite*
ahh, this isn't the stuff


i dont have much of an apettite in the morning

and im only drinking sprite because im out of cokes

this is just to get me going

after i go shopping and for my power walks ill get something to eat again in probably 2 hours


my paper plates are similar but not the same….. thats a pretty small breakfast, are you trying to lose weight? if so the sprite is a lot of calories for no filling…. thats the real secret to weight loss, just drink water…..


drop a molly in my sprite


just had 1 coke, 1 sprite, 3 butter finger bars, and 1/2 a full size bag of crunchy cheetos all in less than an hour
going to get another sprite now


sipping rum and sprite
maybe ill splash a bit of grenadine in here too..


they should've went with sprites like sonic mania


Had two coffees for breakfast so when I had my two buttered english muffins for lunch I decided to drink a sprite instead of a coca cola because I didn't want anymore caffeine


dont buy mist twist, this country is pepsi vs coke brands, and mist twist is the pepsi version of the supriour coke's sprite


whats mist twist
like sprite?
what else should i buy


sorry you guys are fucking retards and i cant find someone doing it with sprite but they all do that same thing


i said all soda


this phoner just multireplied
and he doesnt think guinness is creamy
and he thinks sprite is brown lol


thats so they can sell more

a real expert would tell you its not cream

a sprite does infact foam

all soda does

if you pour it in a cup maybe shake it up a little


sprite doesnt have foam what the fuck


does anyone say this sprite is creamy just because you pour it in a cup and it has foam


are you gonna mix it with sprite and make some sizzurp?


hmmmm oh i forgot i put a sprite in the fridge last night
yeah im gonna drink that sprite now


*sips sprite*