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mass effect was a slight improvement on kotor, they can make it a little better


bros theyre remaking kotor
but honestly i dont feel thats a game that would really benefit much from a remake since its strength was characters and dialogue


i missed star wars talk but kotor1 bf1/bf2 and republic commando are my favorites


jedi academy is last in series.
play republic commando if you're into fps.
play kotoro if you're into rpg.
play racer if you're into racing.
play empire at war or galactic battleground if you're into rts.


just wasted 2 hours trying to get kotor working, did not succeed


tried kotor wide screen mod but its crashing.
fuck that


2 votes for kotor


i might try it
i'm done with wow i get bored after few days
yeah kotor is amazing but you cant "explore" anything there really. its just a single player that i've already finished 2-3 times



kotor 1,2, other sw xwing games


kotor 1, I think you need to patch the steam version to get it to work on modern systems though.


i played through that kotor game when that hurricane came through and knocked out the internet for a week


still planning to play:
zone of enders
splinter cell
ace combat
armored core
silent hill
resident evil
soul reaver legacy of kain
chrono cross
parasite eve
sw jedi outcast, academy, kotor1, kotor2


kotor 1 and 2 were better than all movies tho


we're all also planning to replay jedi outcast, jedi academy and kotor 1 & 2


kotor…. the old sw battlefronts….. lego star wars movie stream with aaron…..


kotor was good i just remember having a bunch of jedis on your team was ridiculously op


did you guys play kotor…. i kinda wanna play it again…..


'member when hbt got banned for streaming while sleeping.



Would you say this game is… KOTOR-riffic? bingC


sw:kotor speedrun in an hour, might be good


might play kotor1 again remember really liking that


kotor remake!


it was pretty much just kotor i think


gamers buzz about battlefront 2, and the kotors if you like those


playing kotor all day



this duder really hates kotor


most disappointing game : ffxv
biggest waste of time : hearthstone, persona 5
worst game : kotor


star wars kotor


i remember slappin to bastilla from kotor as a kid


maybe the original star wars were something special i dunno they came out more than a decade before i was born but everything star wars related in my lifetime have essentially been toy commercials

i guess kotor was alright


no im only going to play morrowind on it

maybe kotor later


never finished kotor 2…. dont think i even finished the first planet…. kotor 1 was the first console game i owned and one of my favorite games of all time really…. wish other games had that level of dialogue and character development and depth and stuff… dont really play games anymore anyways though i guess


when the hurricane hit and my internet was out all week all i did was ride my bike 2 hours a night and then play kotor 2 and watch that 70s show.. wasnt very eventful.. didnt have a sip of alcohol though..


i play fable/kotor/morrowind/halo/star wars battlefront on my old xbox from time to time… i really loved those games, not many have done it for me since like those have


beat kotor2 while my internet was out all week.. was alright..