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just shaved off my neetbeard


hm what do i have to do today
empty the pissjug
shave my beard


gonna shave my beard chest pits stomach pubes and legs tomorrow


ugh shaved off my neetbeard but missed a few spots


think ill shave the neetbeard for the interview
gonna look like a baby


should i shave or let the beard take over


shaved my beard off, took a shower, put on clean clothes
what would you do to me


shaved my nasty neet beard and my jaw doesnt look half bad


gonna shave off my beard then its drinking and gaming time!




todays todo list:
trim toenails
shave neckbeard?


File: 1622297035544.png (78.46 KB, 285x313, Screenshot from 2021-05-29….png) ImgOps Google

someone should let this guy know that a fitted suited is less important than a shaved neckbeard


i really need to shave my beard is looking tinlike


feel better after my monthly beard shave but theres always so much dead skin after i shave that i can scrape it all off under my nails


shaved my beard and now i look like a little girl!


tonight i will shave off my 1 month neet beard


ive almost always used and electric shaver and its a huge pain when i let my beard grow out then i have to hack at it
i want a combo electric shaver, trimmer and edger


need to shave off my neet beard


gonna shave my neetbeard off right now


shaved head plus beard is such a cope


tonights the night i shave off the neetbeard


think il shave off the neetbeard today


i only have a beard and stache because i dont want to shave


grow a beard and shave down to a stache so you dont start off like a spic


forgot to shave after my weekly shower so now we're growing a beard


i let my beard grow so long that i dont even want to think about the trouble its going to be to shave it


just shaved off my beard and theres tons of dandruff under it


i just shave once a month and it looks pretty bad but its a full beard its just unkempt


time to shave my neet beard!


ive gotta shave this beard off its too itchy


we shave our caveman beards once in a while


should i go out at 1:45am and shave my beard in the backyard


shaved my beard, took a shower and put on some clean clothes


alright dad shaved my nbeard and head like i told you


he shaves my head and neckbeard every couple of months when i "need" a shave


your dad shaves your neckbeard? bro


might shave my nbeard tomorrow


just shaved a month of beard and pubes and asshair
went from a hairy mess to totally smooth… time to jerk off!


shouldnt of shaved my beard why did i do it WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY


shaved my beard


hmm think ill shave my neckbeard


had my caveman hair and beard shaved


shaved off my 5 week old beard


i shaved my month beard a week ago i hated it but now im used to being beardless


shaved my beard
i look retarded


a baby is about to shave larva's beard off

damn gooks are crazy!


shaved my beard… i look like im 12….


shaved my homeless beard plucked my eyebrows and cut my nails


think il do my monthly beard shave when i wake up


shaved my coronabeard


shaved my beard off… didnt mean to but i trimmed too much and it was too late… big mistake


just shaved off my heckin beardarino


i havent shaved in like 2mo but i cant really grow a beard… like middle cheek wotn really fill in…


almost time for my monthly beard shave


just shaved my neckbeard


shaved my beard off
big mistake


dad shaved my head and beard


do you think dad will say anything about me going to go shave my beard right now


just find out what length your beard is during that time and get an electric razor and shave it to that length every couple of days
you can find out the right length by starting at the biggest guard and going down every size until it looks right


dudebro i know this feelbro
gonna keep the beard this time tho… dont shave


everytime i shave my beard i regret it but im getting the urge to shave it again


do we have beards here or should i shave


might shave my head and beard


really need to shave before im in neckbeard hell once again


shave me beard not much hair on my body


Watch more advice from Mystery and other pick up artists. Read Mystery's book "The Game. Maximize your physical appearance–diet, gym, maybe a 5 O'clock shadow, beard, whatever. If you're balding just shave it off and get some cool hats and something unique like mystery. Don't have a goatee, don't have a pencil thin mustache, et cetera. Listen listen listen, women need that. The more you listen and nod with a subtle smile the more likely something witty will pop into your head throughout the night. Pay attention to her style of sense of humor and keep catering to that. Even give her a little rejection. When you're both having a great time bail on her and say, oh shit, I gotta go, my lady is in crisis. Leave it at that, let her be mad. When she thinks about it later she'll remember the good time and want you to go out of your way for her like you did for the other girl. There are so many methods. I never studied PUAs, but I realize that I naturally employ my own methods that work


every time i shave i look like a chubby little boy! im gonna grow my beard and keep it


too dep to shave guess ill grow a big beard


older men with beards and shaved bald heads…


just shaved off my big month long beard!


beardly shave


think its time for my monthly beard shave


gonna shave my two week homeless beard still doesnt grow on my cheeks well at all


im about a week into a homeless man beard and my cheeks are still just patchy…. gonna let it all grow for a bit though and then shave down to a stache


i just shaved off my 5 week old homeless beard


really need to shave my beard but my neck has been sore for the last 5 days


are you going to shave it and do one of those soybeard copes


need to shave my neckbeard but its too long and im afraid of clogging my drain so i want to shave it outside but then i think my neighborsll think im really autistic


wonder when i should shave to have the optimal christmas beard


i want to shave my wild tinbeard


almost time for the monthly beard shave


*grows out my beard*
*shaves off the mustache*


time for my monthly beard shave


im starting no shave november in october so that when i have a full beard and people ask me about it and i say its for no shave november they will think i grew a full beard in like a week


time for my monthly beard shave should i leave a gardner minshew mustache


around that time for my monthly beard shave


never gonna shave my beard again i always regret it when i do


just shaved
miss my beard already


and so completes my monthly backyard beard shave


almost time for my monthly beard shave


last time i shaved my beard i regretted it i have kind of a babyface


shaved off the beard a week ago


ah the monthly beard shave has been completed


might be time for my monthly beard shave


just shaved my neckbeard


finally shaved off my beard


going by this its been over a months worth of growth


gonna shave the beard off tomorrow


almost time for my monthly beard shave


but its not a beard by design its a beard by laziness and not seeing the reason to shave regularly


thats why do you do the backyards beard shave with the electric razor and not clean shaven


shaved my beard and im already upset
this happened the last time i shaved too. for some reason after several months i get it in my head id look better clean shaven and its not true. now i have to wait like 2 months for it to grow back again big sigh


think im gonna shave my beard


gonna shave off the beard


shave that shit
beards are gay as hell


gonna shave off the skolbeard its been 3 weeks


ive been meaning to shave my beard so i guess il go outside and do it at 1am



i dont like that jablinshi shaved his beard


when im clean shaven i think i should prefer a beard and when i grow it out i become convinced i ought to shave


the skol beard has been shaved


might be time for my monthly beard shave


time to do my monthly beard shave


mistimed my shaving regimen and thought i could hit christmas with a nice beard but it looks kinda off so i shaved with a dull razor and il go in with the five o'clock shadow look


im a clean shaven boy and i aint turning back
dont let beard boys fool you


gonna shave more often now
beards suck DICK


just shaved my fucking beard


lol i went outside to shave my beard and the noise from my razor was loud enough to get my neighbors dog to start barking… theyre in for something tonight…


i just dont shave i have a big beard like tin


i seen a pic of what drump would look like with a shaved head and short beard
looked real cool


I literally would not be able to grow a beard like that even if I didn't shave for the rest of my life


i need to shave my beard because its been 3 weeks but i also like the 100% chance of not getting carded when buying alcohol that it brings


shaved my huge flippin beard


just shaved off about 3 weeks of beard growth


shaved my "beard" off
that was so annoying, and it looked horrible not doin that again


shave your ratty beard instead


finally shaved my neckbeard


beards grow when you don't shave them


gg shavebeard


just shave it off and grow a beard


you idiots dont even know what youre joking about anymore










buzzed my hair

shaved my beard

looking real clean



shave your grossass beards


got my face shaved so i dont have to wear a beard net


he should cover his beard in tinfoil
that or shave it but that's just imo


going to go shave my beard outside…


tinny shaved his beard?


shaved my longass beard


this is how i'd imagine tin would look if he dropped some weight and shaved the beard


*is too lazy to shave*
wow growing a beard is FUCKING easy


gonna shave my beard and keep the moustache


we cut our nails and shave our beard outside here


decided i will be changing my look up this year and become a metal head

only going to wear light colored levi jeans (what redditors would call dad jeans) and black metal band tees

havent decided if im shaving my head or growing it out long and if im growing a beard or a goatee or like one of those bears were you only shave your mustache area


i came 90% of the way to posting a blocked out pic of myself a few days ago when i was trying to decide whether or not i was going to shave off a months worth of beard growth
i, the "padshitter"/"padbro"/"padder"/"original mushbrain"/


why wont he shave the beard its gross


tin is so cute.. if only he shaved his beard


imagine how annoying it must be
i guess after a while you just get used to it but i have to shave twice a week to avoid any bearding


hi tin have you shaved that neckbeard yet


feel like most people with neckbeards would be passable if they just shaved…what's up with that


me? philips norelco beard trimmer + shaver


*grows a full beard but shaves my mustache* this looks good


shaved my tinny beard cut myself in 4 spots


might shave my tinny beard


hbt should gain 60lbs, shave his head, and grow a beard


looks like a shaved head narcissa if he lost the beard…


i just want to shave his beard


>the reddit lewis show: staring shaved bearded numale reddit lewis


i told him to shave the beard months ago




going to go shave my beard outside at 3am and take a shower


im thinking about trying a goatee
i have no idea what i would look like, never tried styling my beard, i always either let it grow, or just shave it off completely