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if anythings screwy or you cant post then email me: 162oot@cock.li

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this thread is hentai free
first for asian porn
no man what the fuck
tiit front page man

wtf you can get a bbq smoker for like 200 bucks i thought these things were super expensive
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Ok. Done. The book is out now. Please read the product info.πŸ‘

And yeah, let us be honest here: how could I NOT use that image for a book cover?! Haters will HATE it, normies will wonder "WTF is this", and you guys can have a laugh.😎

baste varg
its almost more fun downloading and installing games than it is playing them...
whens the flcl stream

check these huge tits out man
ghoulish face
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had to go clean out my window ac cus it was blocked up and water wasnt draining and it was humid as hell and at one point there was a big ass bug flying into the light over and over and i thought to myself holy shit thats the biggest bug ive ever seen here
bout 5 minutes later i hear leaves rustling and i shine my light over and theres another one the same size riding on the back(sexually) of one that was easily 3 or 4 times bigger im talkin this fucker was the size of not just a mouse but a big mouse man
stomped them and fuckin larvaeggmush stuff squirted out everywhere
die you fucking murderer
bro you got that shit all over your shoes!
should have sprayed it with some soapy water and then tortured it with a lighter
just realized i havent dookd in over  48 hours is there a nodook hex going around or something
you guessed it

check this huge tit nasty whore cow out
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Replies: >>203613
the north remembers

theyve been going at this for 7 hours
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Replies: >>203592
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Replies: >>203594
whats the audience for this kind of 'content'
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at 7am on a monday in july. next week I'll turn 34
im still  young
*kicks your walking stick from under you*
just loaded up some gay porno and both of the male leads were fags
getting real sick of this woke bullshit infecting the things i like
very good aaron
i'd prefer a "lol" to a "very good"
dont care
very good was sarcastic btw
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getting real sick of my art (racist and homophobic jokes) getting derided
all life is
all life is
pain pain pain
ive got a pretty good joke loaded in the chamber just waiting for the right moment
Replies: >>203607
*patiently waits*
im sure its too good for this place
dont post it here
do you think its too late for me to become a gangster thug rapper
its never too late to thug out
our girl is live
wish i had an oni gf
black people were a lot easier to get  along with 35 years ago
most of them are still alright but some of them went ultraferal during the obama years into ferguson period



(maybe) friday
Replies: >>203615 >>203621
somehow my mouse settings got messed up and its driving me bananas thanks for reading my blog
Replies: >>203618
did you hit the dpi switching button?
i thought that was it originally but no
maybe your mouse has two of them
the deathadder has one on the top and then another on the bottom
cool cool
but i really wanna see the friday one soooooo..... you know
Replies: >>203622
my little cousin wants to go see inside out 2 so y'know... it depends on what day he wants to go
Replies: >>203623
thats a real conundrum that is
tell him not to watch that disney schlock
Replies: >>203627
ask him if hes fruity or if he wants to watch a real film like real men (with yellow fever)
Replies: >>203627
lil cuz youre getting older so its time you watched some real cinema like a serbian film
he was raised on youtube. there's no coming back from that 

he's zesty as hell. just the other day he cried because he was invited somewhere by my aunt and he didn't want to tell her he didn't want to go because it might upset her
Replies: >>203628
damn he sounds just like me......
Replies: >>203629
i've got plans brewing to bully him into being normal 
i can try it with you too if you want...
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dont look now its mugi monday!!
good morning, mugi morning
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gook monday
Replies: >>203636 >>203640
tfw you will never be zipping around with the windows down in your toyota celica in the 90s in japan during the early summer with this CD playing
red velvet bros
its not bad.. its ok i guess, i like a couple of things even.. its just not really memorable..

this is huge
woke up hung over and took a shit. might go roll around on my couch bed for an hour and pretend im sleeping
think my tooth is getting infected
should not have eaten all that cake last night
damn shes so retarded but i dont care because her tits are huge
I wanted to let everyone know I’m not going to be posting or doing fansly anymore. I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me though this journey and I’m really sorry to be leaving like this. I ultimately just have decided this is what’s best for me in my life right now but truly grateful for the support and if you ever wanna hangout I’m still going to be on twitch. Thanks again for everything, for all the love, kindness and support it really did mean a lot to me. I’m going to be keeping my page up but on private(you won’t be able to see any posts)

mf hoe
they say that and then they always return unless they suicide themselves
yo gweed check this out
Replies: >>203655
aaron stream this movie
Replies: >>203646
added to the list
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aaron can you give the 4norm holospammers their own board im tired of seeing their bull shit
holo posters
whore posters
we're stronger as one
say that to my face fucker not online see what happens
are we meating up?
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good mugi monday bwos!!!
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Replies: >>203657 >>203658
watching my nigga daniel
remind me to watch tokyo drifter on wednesday dont let me forget
if you move to a foreign country you are kind of expected to learn and adapt to the local culture there but if you just stay in your home country you arent? cause i havent
Replies: >>203668 >>203670
had a nice lil run
Replies: >>203671
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watame is packing a boomstick now
she should turn it on her fans before putting it in her mouth
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relax there lil buddy
pando who is your holo live oshi
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i dont watch them but if i had to pick okayu
no one assimilates because it's retarded
there's a reason everyone only talks to other expats
Replies: >>203670
new posy
nigger tier opinions
Replies: >>203672 >>203674
gj bro
nigger say what?
got some kinda red bumpiness in my pit
hate how with skin things its so hard to tell what it is... washing too much? washing too little? too wet, too dry? eczema? contact dermatitis? an infection? fungal? viral?
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Replies: >>203683
good eating and regular sun shine can cure all sorts of ailments
wording every word of this post
sun shine gives me allergies
god i wanna fuck a cosplayer girl
thats messed up
if it's the pits/groin area then it's probably a rash from clogged pores. it happens when you sweat a lot and don't let it dry off properly.
i put the new forgis on the jeep
erm, musk bros i don't feel so good
jews control the world man you just have to play their game or die
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it's mites
>i sometimes add watame to my powerpoint slides, and i have some hololive keychains on my work bag.
what the fuck is wrong with you "people" man
you think everything is mites
my coins are dumping bigly
i remember when you guys would post about narcissa wright. glad that meme is over
Replies: >>203692
got the sudden urge to discuss famous speedrunner narcisa wright
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*shoves you*
good morning bros!!!
im about to finish an anime and will be choosing a new one to watch. this decision is going to be huge
Replies: >>203695 >>203703
what are you watching now
Replies: >>203698
i will never understand anime watchers
read some shonen jump lil bro
some anime doesnt translate well into shonen jump
cant answer until im done
i mean unless you have a massive 80 inch oled then i guess it would be nice 
but you just know most /a/ cucks are watching on little monitors with shit panels
jump keeps killing any interesting stories they have and replacing them with shitty exorcist comics
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you gotta watch your childrens cartoons on 80 inch oled or you havent really seen them man
Replies: >>203702
watching on a tiny monitor or phone is beyond pathetic 
you didnt watch the 'nime
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Replies: >>203704
it's not even about what those people think it's about
applied for aj ob…..
Replies: >>203706 >>203708
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basined and seasoned
is it a cool job?
Replies: >>203713
you know you fucked up when a fat blackcel is more of a patrician than you
Replies: >>203710
this is how pando looks in my head
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ayo taylor played the archer?
good taste in holos we love miss okayu here πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ«±πŸ»β€πŸ«²πŸΏ
Replies: >>203714 >>203715
its part time in a fulfillment center
love her fat tits and ass fo sho
Replies: >>203715
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Replies: >>203775
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i mentioned the archer once you really are my biggest fan
Replies: >>203731 >>203775
silence pando you goddamn qt
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Replies: >>203720
last 5
what is her expression trying to convey
Replies: >>203724
severe mental retardation
kpop spam is better because at least theyre real girls with pussies how tf am i gonna lust after a cartoon
we lost man
toot either doesnt care that theyre destroying the site or is a holofaggot himself
Replies: >>203727
mogojyan do you want a pondering i have two
a deer in headlights
toot would never
the incomprehensible complexity of modern life has my head spinning
Russia says "we know perfectly well who was behind the Ukrainian ATACMS attack on Crimea and it was not Ukraine."

can you guys stop holospamming wwiii is starting in a bit
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BREAKING: Russia warns Biden to brace for retaliation after Kremlin blamed America's long-range missiles for attack that killed beachgoers - including two kids
gleepy here, that was me doing a little trolling not that more obsessed guy.
got a lot of good news articles queued up
padder/brapper/reeki/gleepy/toot/sickzii/tossy/tinny are the only namers i know and none of them post here anymore besides maybe gleep but that could be an impostor
got no idea who any of the other namers are because i took a break for a while
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[Hide] (476.2KB, 634x384)
EXCLUSIVE: Treadmill tragedy as fitness fanatic, 22, stumbles backwards off running machine before plunging to her death out of gym's third-floor window during workout
biden is killing russian kids? baste?
damn i miss when we had entertaining namefags
Replies: >>203739
im a bit of a fitness fanatic myself
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EXCLUSIVE: Special education teacher suddenly called in sick with food poisoning... but when it emerged what she was REALLY doing she was immediately fired

A New Hampshire teacher has been fired after she secretly escorted a pregnant special needs student to an abortion clinic. 

The female teacher, who has not been named to protect the identity of the student, admitted to her employer that she faked a sick day for the mission. 

She told staff she had food poisoning but instead drove a student to the medical facility, according to court documents.

But when her employers found out, she was placed on administrative leave through the remainder of her employment contract, at which point her role will end.
Replies: >>203745
yeah i still have no idea who pando is or that taylor swift guy or is that him? i cant follow the new namers that well
also i member some guy that posted that pink anime girl
Replies: >>203743
fort has been here since we moved and you guys continue to troll with memory holing him for some reason
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im pandobwa
we need to evolve, adapt
yeah thats pando
hes a neet black homosexual who spends his summers travelling to europe to have gay sex with his internet friends
Replies: >>203748
also i remember some himasugi guy named turt lol the old namers were all kino
why is the teacher doing that? 
shouldn't the parents be taking care of her?
who fucked the tard?
i miss turt too that guy was a freak but he was kind of funny
Replies: >>203749
lol theres an actual nigger here? grim
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pando isnt black but he really likes black guys from what ive seen
no one asked lil bro
Replies: >>203752
state your name cous'
Replies: >>203753
im too boring to have a name
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i dont know what its like to not have a name
i miss pandos bf tosog
Replies: >>203761
[Hide] (270.9KB, 679x904)
i think that guy still plays retail wow like some of yous
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EXCLUSIVE: Pictures reveal extraordinary perk Fauci still gets despite leaving his $500k-per-year government job

Anthony Fauci is still getting a taxpayer-funded security detail and SUV, despite retiring from his $480,000-a-year government job 18 months ago.

Dr. Fauci, who has an estimated $11 million net worth, is constantly surrounded by US Marshals whether he is at home or going to TV studios to film interviews.

At least six US Marshals were seen with a fleet of vehicles parked in his neighborhood, ready for whenever he leaves his property - which according to real estate websites is worth around $2.2million.

Fauci exits ABC studios while being escorted by his US Marshal security detail  after appearing Thursday on 'The View.' The Marshal can be clearly identified by his lapel pin
you will never be a real namer your posts never made me laugh even once man i literally have trouble remembering your name when i see you
Replies: >>203771
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i ran into him on a wotlk private server like ~8 years ago. haven't seen him since.
[Hide] (698.5KB, 1100x800)
not really my problem
science guy only has 11 milly? damn thats rough
Replies: >>203764
always wish i could have a bf like pando but isnt pando
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13562099/Taylor-Swifts-Tom-Cruise-dancing-Wembley.html pando you see this
Replies: >>203770
is this all just the unbanned lil bro having a lil fit
i told you there was some good news posts earlier, i gave you the opportunity to leave. if you are still here you are consenting to seeing them.
toot ban the taylor swift posting shes like 35 man
[Hide] (390.8KB, 400x600)

also travis was on stage in one of the london shows
Replies: >>203772
retarded spic/seamonkey dont reply to me ever again
Replies: >>203773
sounds like someone is PLATINUM MAD
Replies: >>203777 >>203836
[Hide] (492.6KB, 750x950)
that song brings me back
crazy how bad thread became right as these two people showed up
really makes you think
Spoiler File
(61.5KB, 1600x900)
[Hide] (296.7KB, 1500x866)
refer to
yeah im out fuck these holoass holospics
[Hide] (417.5KB, 584x693)
if you think this is bad then you better get yourself ready for the sports spam later tonight
[Hide] (101.6KB, 600x500)
holyyy i forgot about the oilers making the comeback tonight
what is wrong with avatarposters why do they do it
i want a bf
lol, the gay bros will love this one
Replies: >>203784
gave me the creeps on god
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-13531575/bartender-reveals-drink-orders-check-id.html sippers we gotta figure out how to not get carded
hol up let me just read FUCKING DAILYMAIL
toot what have you done your site is filled with animals
Replies: >>203788
[Hide] (3.9MB, 600x920, 00:07)
i dont know why you are whingeing about this so much recently, we have always posted DM here lil bro
omg pando you seeing this?
how do you make that hhh sound like youre supposed to use when you pronounce hamas or hummus
[Hide] (56.7KB, 380x700)
no i havent seen that maybe ill watch it later 

interviews of really popular celebrities are kinda gay though theyre way too formal and weird
kinda gay just like you lol
not that theres anything wrong with that since its pride month
build up some phlegm in the backf your throat then kind of gargle it
how about you gargle deez nuts
[Hide] (97.3KB, 720x960)
i want chilaquiles
so im going to get some chilaquiles
Replies: >>203798
wanted to get ramen yesterday but didnt 
the same thing could happen to you
Replies: >>203835
hi pando
[Hide] (267.8KB, 455x700)
hi sis
[Hide] (144.4KB, 1024x617)
Replies: >>203804
saw a cybertruck driving around on the road yesterday it looked dystopian af
what are chilaquiles
https://www.youtube.com/shorts/usQPDB93tmI this is insane i wonder how much money this guy makes off hacking
whenever i have to rotate my password i just take the new one
the old one*
hacking is way too high effort
if you happen to have the right key to open a locked door is that breaking and entering or is it just entering
All Croatian food is stolen from Bosnia, Hungary and Italy.
Theres nothing really "Croatian" in Croatia except for delusion of grandeur... They even stole that from Serbia.
that's just entering
what if you have to jiggle the key a little bit to get it to fit
what if you have to jiggle it a lot
ugh hate waking up this early
hooooo boy eurocup in an hour
feeling skinny today...!
Replies: >>203815
*looks at the scale*
it also said i'm skinny
*sees 280*
aint no way
[Hide] (29.7KB, 125x109)
grow up
Replies: >>203825
grow up idiot
Replies: >>203825
Replies: >>203825
(it wouldn't let me post grow up cause that guy posted it 1 second before me)
Replies: >>203825
mbrappy looks like that?
what can i say i'm quick with my fingers
ugh when will you learn that your actions have consequences
Replies: >>203828
aaron take care of this guy
[Hide] (891KB, 560x416, 00:23)
Replies: >>203831
 grow up
[Hide] (56.7KB, 695x728)
don't ever ban me again faggot
wtf john 50 boomerhon btfo'd
what am i looking at here
A derogatory term used on 4chan's /lgbt/ board to refer to a subtype of nonpassing trans women who transitioned later in life, typically baby boomers. Boomerhons are (stereotypically) generally either autogynephilic or sissy fetishists and come across as caricatures of women on account of being oblivious to how they are perceived.
Does that boomerhon over there think we can't tell she's wearing a breast mold and a wig?
[Hide] (458.6KB, 605x1125)
i got it
this goes hard
did you delete your own posts or bruteforce a password?
chilaquiles were cool before the gringos learned about them
meds. now.
[Hide] (566.9KB, 1761x2833)
im more of a chimichanga guy myself
what happened to good ol fashion tacos
[Hide] (350.6KB, 1344x1667)
they still exist dude
for me its barbacoa and big red
gleepdawg, is this documentary approved or not?
Replies: >>203956 >>204238
[Hide] (743.5KB, 1187x830)
um, gay bwos the str8s are skipping our scenes...
during pride month no less!
Replies: >>203855
if croatia beat italy and spain dont lose to albania then the croats will be in to the knockout round!
Replies: >>203852
ms going to the theater and watching a really good movie
this is just sad man
atheists are building shrines out of video games
Replies: >>203853
wtf skillet is a christian band?
what happens if they tie
Replies: >>203854 >>203856
materialism was a mistake
if teams tie on points it goes to goal difference
damn did they really make him gay
he was cool in the early seasons
who croatia and italy or croatia and albania?
cant croatia make it through in 3rd place as long as they dont get drummed and albania loses or ties
Replies: >>203862
[Hide] (399.7KB, 594x598)
wmaf bros we are so back
Replies: >>203861 >>203863
it's so over for ricecels
shes got a penchant
he doesnt look white
top 4 3rd place teams across the groups get in but they wouldnt know until the last groups games
[Hide] (229.9KB, 1440x810)
we never left
Replies: >>203866
yellow fever is mental illness
Replies: >>203865 >>203870
not now varg, let us enjoy our moment
8 guys just having fun
eat the rice pay the price
varg wouldve been a weeb if he grew up in our time its all circumstance
asian girls would be all over a quirked up white boy like varg
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1440x1799)
a hero could save us
just gooned to asian humilation raceplay
cant think of a single person on this planet that could save us
gonna try to quit porno
Replies: >>203875
Spoiler File
(992.6KB, 960x544, 00:10)
Replies: >>203883
this croatia italy game better not be a 0-0 slurper
things would be different if someone had told me its ok to make mistakes
Replies: >>203879
is pando a lancer or a dragoon
its ok to make mistakes
Replies: >>203882
lancers become dragoons man
[Hide] (88.2KB, 497x279)
im a gunbreaker
Replies: >>203885
ntr bros...
takes notes
no way heartbreaker
[Hide] (791KB, 2591x3624)
just finished watching 30 holoclips, ama
why arent you making your own holoclip channel and raking in that alg money?
Replies: >>203888 >>203897
+1 this this so much this
Replies: >>203897
is soap on a rope good
Replies: >>203893
whens toon streaming umineko again i forgot what was happening
best of both worlds
Replies: >>203896
when you drop it you can just yank it back up instead of having to bend down and stress your lower metacarpals
[Hide] (597.7KB, 1080x1110)
cheering for italy
chill it out take it slow then you rock out the show?
[Hide] (299.9KB, 1448x2048)
i thought about it before. is it actually good money or only if you're SEA?
praying for the swift end of all bureaucrats
i think it's only good money if you're sea since every clipper is a seamonkey
[Hide] (540.4KB, 1280x960)
someone say swift?

[Hide] (770.7KB, 977x519)
wtf is 4231 how does that work
is screaming the best way to sneeze
holy moly what a blooter that would have been
im playing switch at work hehe
i heard that 90% of jobs now are unproductive defacto ubi busy work
Replies: >>203908
[Hide] (721.4KB, 823x807)
No chat, I'm NOT going to suck that dick. I'm not!
Replies: >>203916
how do i get one of those jobs
Replies: >>203910
give the hr girl all the proper signals that say that you are a nonthreatening mushy believer in whatever she believes
Replies: >>204087

take your pick
Replies: >>203935
hmm i think ill take Staff Physician (Interventional Radiology)
Starting at $350,000 Per Year
Replies: >>203913
crazy how basically no one died of cancer before we found out about cancer
Replies: >>203919
radiology is tard friendly 
one of the stupidest people i know works as one
[Hide] (1.7MB, 888x1949)
crazy how basically no one died of me skinning them alive before i was born
Replies: >>203919
erm what the sigma
watching the croita game so of course spain scores
crazy yes but it follows a highely predictable trend line
it all circles back to microplastics
you really do lose weight replacing food with booze
we have to protect the wow tards from themselves
[Hide] (709.7KB, 480x848, 00:06)
Replies: >>203924
[Hide] (3.9MB, 720x676, 00:25)
we should have listened to gay weed, it's too late now...
Replies: >>203926 >>203941
think i preferred wowspammers to holospammers honestly
i'm going feral gooner mode when this stuff gets good
im going into the woods
Replies: >>203929
was just gooning when I got a job offer
we are going into the woods
did you apply for the batemeet goon dj gig?
ok im not sure i can be bothered with this croatia game even for the memes
the lack of energy
I wish I was interesting enough to be a batemeet goon dj
anaconada remix to black women getting bleached
Replies: >>203936
wtf how do americans make this much money
Replies: >>203939
for me its 

Wood Crafter
National Park Service
Department of the Interior
Multiple Locations
Starting at $29.68 Per Hour (WG 10)
wood crafter doesnt even pay $30/hr

i cant bro aaron will be ban me and a poster will insult me
Replies: >>203940
here have my goon pass
*passes you the goon pass*
Replies: >>203942
this looks like shit bro
Replies: >>203949

this is just what I was on went he called, i know its mid
im not clicking that im done watching porno
wish i had cheese
*unzips foreskin*
there you go :3
been hearing some buzz that this pajeet will be trumps vp
it doesnt matter
its going to be niki
let's see you do better lil bro
Replies: >>203994
hooooooooooo boy
both vps as 'jeets. they've took over our corporations and soon governments with their jeet nepotism, compared to whitey family hate
are we in anything good? the yuros im assuming

i missed this but believe it should be approved. its similar to another series. ive got this on the background watch over the next day
crazy things happening
Replies: >>203959
the persons watching soccer at the bar looked like the most pathetic weak losers i have ever seen watching sports
Replies: >>203960
[Hide] (78.9KB, 410x598)
Replies: >>204032
werent you sitting alone drinking in a booth lil bro
[Hide] (179.1KB, 272x328)
dude lol'd
i was stopped at the light and peaked in they had strings of little yuro flags all hung up
crazy how croats somehow always rat through
what happened
just shmixed the hell out of this luigi
[Hide] (593.6KB, 617x766)
ok if they can actually defend against this for the next 20 minutes they deserve to advance
back from my 2 hour nap time to get my day started!
u guys ready for the debate on thursday?
we got game 7 of the stanley cup in 4 hours tonight man
donny and joe on the same stage... biblical
ok i just opened the stream how is croatia beating italy? i thought italy was the #2 soccer country behind brazil
Replies: >>203975
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1280x720, 01:57)
this isnt 2002 lil bro...
Replies: >>203979
i thought argentina was #1
[Hide] (368.4KB, 936x752)
whys my brother always going to disneyland and why i gotta be the one to pick up my mom after and most of all why do they always wait til the day of to ask me
yea i was going to add my information is about that much dated
why arent you invited to disneyland 
should be fruity enough for you
because you say yes and norms are psychos who do not care about inconveniencing others if they do not suffer any consequences

check this nasty whore out
[Hide] (156.2KB, 850x716)
i am invited
i dont want to go to disneyland that place is boring
Replies: >>203986
you should beat up your brother and tell him to stop going to disney
Replies: >>203990
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2884x2824)
of course neet boy is whining about having to do chores lol
lesbian obsessedbro are you in there?
man italy suck 
fuck this
[Hide] (70.6KB, 600x500)
he should just give me like a literal day warning in advance and i would not mind in the slightest i am autistic if you disrupt my vague day plan i have for the day in my mind im upset
Replies: >>203991 >>203993
i unironically completely understand this
[Hide] (164.1KB, 400x400)
OoTMM No Logic Randomizer
same with me and my appointments. if i get find out the day of its a mini freakout
because you don't have a job so you ain't doing shit lil bro
every croatian name be ending in "itch"
Replies: >>203998
crazy that only rich people used to not have jobs now its poor people who dont have jobs
same with serbs
lil anime sissy bro real quite after getting owned
ending the feudal system was a mistake
[Hide] (322.3KB, 1536x2048)
man, if i lived in the city of angels i would spend every free day at knott's or magic mountain. disney is an afterthought compared to them.
Replies: >>204002 >>204004
[Hide] (181.3KB, 1000x625)
knott's is fun but i used to live in walking distance and had a season pass so i am quite tired of it
Replies: >>204004
[Hide] (53.3KB, 354x351)
hoo boy
Replies: >>204050
cant remember the last time either of you made an interesting post
[Hide] (389.7KB, 2048x2048)
link 10 interesting post you have made
[Hide] (743.1KB, 1000x1300)
you are the dancing monkey for my entertainment not the other way around
amlitzer talking about putting watame in his power points + keychains
pando picking up his bro at disney
Replies: >>204010
Spoiler File
(1.7MB, 810x1080)
heres an example of an interesting post
Replies: >>204011 >>204013
"antisemitism" has been redefined and politically weaponized as anything that goes against zionism or critiques the actions of the state of israel/their US support lol. This is super dangerous because any dissent can now be treated the way "hate crimes" do, which allows govs to go after anybody they dont like. super unconstitutional, where are the originalists to fight this? oh wait, damn

sad. western world has been hijacked by these people and now slowly circling the gutter.

hope it was worth it, liberals
totally slipped my mind how that queer is a little brother, unreal lil bro energy
*to the tune of nirvana - lithium*

Replies: >>204016
[Hide] (26.7KB, 680x294)
[Hide] (77.8KB, 640x480)
come on jack, let the old man have his crack
what drugs is someone in their 70s even taking
Replies: >>204027
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1440x1799)
ill never stop gookin
ozempic biden is secretly obese
why didnt zii stop it?
good gook posts, hope you learned what a good post is lil bro
forza azzuri
what a massive waste of everyones time this was
all the good ones
and this is the part of the soccer game where all the players weep like women
why was it +10 mins fucking refs
[Hide] (12KB, 286x126)
Replies: >>204033
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1440x1799)
zii's entire country's vibe rn lol
didn't they crazy for getting third place a few years ago
Replies: >>204037
just gotta gook up some eggs and my chores for today are done
6 million people man
Replies: >>204038 >>204040
still hungover, ate two small pototoes with cheese to fix it but i immediately started bloating and shitting because im so fat and sedentary
Replies: >>204042
was it really necessary to bring up the holocaust out of nowhere like that man?
    This faggot ref deserves to have his whole family shot in front of him and then to get skinned and flayed as slowly as possible, as he fades in and out of conscience.
Replies: >>204043 >>204047
youre doing ok. get your steps in later
[Hide] (71KB, 315x279)
Elden Ring DLC: Thrilling Challenge or Technical Nightmare?

The Elden Ring DLC has sparked a range of reactions among players, with some finding it too challenging and others enjoying its difficulty. The DLC introduces new bosses and areas, with some players praising its complexity and detail. There are also reports of technical issues like frame rate drops. Despite the challenges, many players are excited about the DLC and are eager to explore its content.
Replies: >>204051
it wasnt a pen but with var nowadays he doesnt have a choice
bomb italy
the game was so epic i poured a vod after finishing my beers
gotta go to work tomorrow hope this doesnt backfire...
im sure he hedged this bigly but it'd still be funny if them ice kitties won in OT
this is an amusing thread worth clicking
Replies: >>204052
theres no way that anything in shadow of the erdtree is half as frustrating as orphan of kos
that thing freakin STUNK
i swear im cursed to never see a good soccer game
i watched the entire first half of that croatia game and nothing happened so i go to the grocery store and when i get back they took the lead, zii got cocky and then in the 98th minute of stoppage time italy ties it back up and knocks croatia out?
fuck me
Replies: >>204058 >>204060
kinda scared of the erdtree and ive never played dem rangz
how long should i leave this coke in the freezer
Replies: >>204059
15 minutes
it was actually a pretty good game to watch
wet paper towel?
Replies: >>204068
the beautiful game
[Hide] (558.3KB, 2339x1560)
Hoi4  a good game?

I played it (as #based Germany, of course), and then the USSR attacked Persia and FAILED to defeat it in 2 years... 

The game sucks.
Replies: >>204064 >>204065

persia is hard af to invade
come on varg hearts of iron 4 is like the steepest game ever
you can tell hes just mad he got filtered
nah just natty bottle
[Hide] (105.2KB, 843x698)
like the donut headrest in this police car
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1309x1083)
*goes on welfare* uhg my life is so hard it was hell
Replies: >>204073 >>204074
boy we really do love sports here
its too hot man
[Hide] (254.5KB, 480x368, 00:13)
reminder of that video where he's talking for like 5 minutes straight while one of his kids that was 2ish years old was steady eating dead brown leaves the entire time
i need to get on welfare
just get a do nothing job instead then you get to pretend you are a good person
Replies: >>204079 >>204080
you guys are probably poor enough for stuff, especially neetbros. get on foodstamps at the very least
Replies: >>204091
in an autistic conversation, each participant contributes by pouring something into the "common pot" that is the conversation, where everyone can fish out something they liked. In an allistic conversation, each participant pushes the other person to share more by asking questions and reacting (effectively gently "poking holes" into the talking person's pot so it pours), so the other can pour their whole part into the participant they're talking to directly, until it's their own turn to pour into them. Maybe it's why the allistic don't really like when we talk about potentially emotion-heavy events (even if it's not emotionally charged for us) and take it as trauma dumping, because they take the whole thing into themselves and have to delete later what they don't want. As for us, when one of us is talking about potentially emotion-heavy events, we usually can decide to take on the emotion or just consider what was discussed from a neutral point of view but with compassion.
Replies: >>204082
[Hide] (321.1KB, 640x368, 00:05)
i already asked but nobody answered where can i get a do nothing job
i dont think do nothing jobs exist
[Hide] (508.7KB, 2048x1424)
restocking a large store overnight when they are closed seems bearable
theres lots of do nothing jobs
union jobs
management jobs
Replies: >>204085
ok so how do i get one
Replies: >>204087
[Hide] (956.2KB, 1618x781)
gleep you seein this?
theyre doing a mini fishtank in the woods for 2 weeks with a fishtank all-star cast
Replies: >>204089
aside from management that didnt do shit, there was an IT guy whose offical job describtion was 'assist with think pads and back up for (original IT guy).' he solved random boomer shit like emails not working, then started working from home
man i might try to watch this time. its like you gotta go balls deep with fishtank and ruin a week of your life to make it hit right
where do i get an hr girl
[Hide] (56.9KB, 929x689)
in burgerland welfare is only for single moms
Replies: >>204098
damn it sure would be cool if my dad was president or something 
i could do hard drugs and plap barely legal girls while sitting as a board member for a gas company in some corrupt eastern european shithole hahaha
i would plap fully legal milfs
Replies: >>204094
you could do that now with bumble or hinge
Replies: >>204097
i'd have a harem of t-girls and milfs
[Hide] (4.4MB, 2434x1464)
Replies: >>204105
chat is this true?
i get like $280 a month
for people with kids theres also WICK (food stamps for baby/kid items)
Replies: >>204103
illegal immigrants get a few thousand a month
i hate them so much
280 bidenbucks a month? and they expect you to survive on that?
Replies: >>204102
no thats to help with food items
are you autistic/disabled and unable to work?
maybe its different in blue states but in red ones you can't rely on the government for shit
at my local supermarket there's an old man that clearly had a stroke working as a wagie, as well as a guy who is simple in the head like chris(tine) chan
Replies: >>204108
Replies: >>204119
crazy how I’m working my ass off 5 days a week so gleep can buy weed off my taxes
christina is anything but simple in the mind
red states have work requirements for welfare, but if you have a job then you are making too much to qualify for welfare. it's all big scam.
i know where i am they make you do some part time work program thing to even get a couple hunned for food a month
Replies: >>204123
got my coke out of the freezer, gonna watch this classic
old retards sitting in do nothing jobs pisses me off like just go die
i don't think i've ever seen a retard in employment (europe)
oh hell ya 7 days to die 1.0 i heckin love zombie surviving
oneblock finale
Replies: >>204130

latest goon
holy fuck what a load
what the fuck is wrong with women man
you should make a youtube channel with hours long ai generated ambient music with eye catching thumbnails and evocative titles
[Hide] (5MB, 2434x1464)
Replies: >>204156
man fuck that fake ass glazing
Replies: >>204122
>report successful!
nah i saw the video that included the bj + cumshot
Replies: >>204125 >>204129
its good for your body mind and soul to contribute to society
the guy must have been well hydrated and int ugly girls to blast like that
Replies: >>204136
i hate society!
i need to get that "the ropes" supplement that gives you giant loads
man opening with the naked 1v1 against maydie must have been mind blowing for people playing at the time
Replies: >>204131 >>204138
good girl points to miss cecilia for ending her stream when the myth stream starts
naughty girl points to miss faunan for streaming over her senpais collab
Replies: >>204132 >>204141
the post wouldve been a lot better if he had included it
[Hide] (60.9KB, 828x820)
Replies: >>204157
hes makin it up no one can pump a load like that
actually my last load was that consistency just like 60-70% of the volume
this show is unironically funny
hes actually cringe, doesnt have to fake it
I shoot like that regularly if its my first load of the day. I'm into black women so when I pull out of black prostitutes i shoot all the way to their face, then they get mad about their hair

Replies: >>204143
fuck bingus
Replies: >>204142
is there something where i can put songs i like into spotify and it recommends me similar ones
come on man if fauna doesnt stream the saplings will flip their shit bigly
[Hide] (10.8KB, 400x400)
they should all be stoned to death mashallah
[Hide] (242.7KB, 459x394)
really liking the vibe on this shirt no cap
didnt know portnoy was a cancer survivor
is that going back or coming home
Replies: >>204149
in mental pain right now from thinking about doing something productive
what if you do something that benefits you
the episode of ds9 where odo gets tortured by garak and tain
[Hide] (37.1KB, 960x768)
Replies: >>204153
dont think ive ever seen a funny tweet
you havent seen my tweets then
[Hide] (702.8KB, 1920x1080)
this was my base from the last time i played this years back
Replies: >>204158
sometimes we be like spoingus
but other times we go bingus mode
nice bro
if you want to hop on the server and play some time lmk
Replies: >>204163
[Hide] (78.5KB, 944x1200)
lil hoe got 5.4 million simp views and a simp repost for a joke that was stale twenty years ago
[Hide] (794.3KB, 590x861)
Replies: >>204162
t-toss lord? *kneels*
i haven't gamed in almost 2 months now 
still trying to take control of my life
Replies: >>204174
I make the most kino posts, if i had a twitter i get 30 bots views then my job find out and fire me
windows 7 was a fine operating system
it wasn't just fine man
[Hide] (52.4KB, 517x600)
you know bill gates was personally involved in windows 7 and then it all collapsed when he left
i decided to clean up my brain a bit cant be looking at nasty whores and tgirls anymore
the pineal gland feeds off images of whores and t-girls
dads sleeping like 18 hours a day at his point
Replies: >>204173
should be legal to kill him and transfer the boomer wealth down
minecraft is more than a game its like creativity simulator
he doesnt do mondays
Replies: >>204177
[Hide] (87.5KB, 768x1024)
we need to stop being such giant coomers
Replies: >>204179
Replies: >>204180
[Hide] (96.5KB, 1050x1027)
just sharing our hobby lil bro
[Hide] (636.1KB, 1200x901)
Replies: >>204187
im back from doing my thing
gleepy did he fuck a kid or not
was it a kid or was it a 19yo and she just looked young
Replies: >>204189
he did it man dont listen to gleep hes evil
i dont think so but i really dont care about internet dramashit
we should get cooler hobbies that aren't video games and jerking off to asian women
Replies: >>204193 >>204213
we watch hololive man
thats the most insane thing ive ever heard
gooning is detrimental yet...
what if your new hobby is playing video games with asian women
think i have to move drinking time up an hour i keep having these weird interactions with dad in the morning when im gooked out of my mind
[Hide] (75.7KB, 966x987)
gleepy can she really notice weird vibes badblood energy and sneaky shit or is she making it up
Replies: >>204199
that camisole is true
gleepy are the jews really trying to build the third temple and will it really usher in the biblical apocalypse
Replies: >>204202
well i don't really care what people say i don't really care what dem wan doe
still i gotta goon to my girls like glue and im a lovely number 2
how do you notice weird vibes
Replies: >>204212
gleepy tell me this isnt some insane jewish trickery
Replies: >>204205
holy shit this is what you guys have been talking about as cheating and why so many norms were able to play the game,
thats some bullshit
[Hide] (2.6MB, 480x850, 00:45)
Replies: >>204207
thats a cool design
apple bottom jeans (jeans)
gweed with the fur (the fur)
oh great can't wait for someone to speedrun oot with their mind
you guys ever peed yerself?
Replies: >>204214
not as an adult
open your eyes nigga
okay i can get behind the no porno no jackin dirty stuff but video games?
video games????
bro thats not gonna work for me
last time i peed myself i was 9 years old on a cruise ship
cant remember ever peeing myself
Oilers-Panthers total is 5.5 in Game 7.

Since 1950, 14 straight Stanley Cup Final Game 7s have stayed under 5.5 goals
Replies: >>204218
[Hide] (491.9KB, 1332x1917)
i'm gonna post it again
Replies: >>204219
yeah but this is connor mcgaykid vs a goalie thats getting rekt the past few games
this ones going to be a 7-6 OT instant classic
Replies: >>204225
ai tldr this shit man im not reading all that
tldr stop touching your nasty little weener freak
Edmonton Oilers
 open -105, now -115
β–ͺ️ 58% of bets, 57% of money on Oilers

Total open 5.5, no movement 
β–ͺ️ 54% of bets, 44% of money on Over
the oilers are gonna win!
pew pew
plays video games all day and fucks asian women -> chad

play video games after work and goon to asian women -> creep
[Hide] (2.3MB, 3328x5000)
its def too volatile a game to bet the over/under.
just saw my worst goon yet today, not gonna post it out of respect
Replies: >>204227 >>204229
[Hide] (312.8KB, 984x498)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 720x480, 00:09)
hol up?
what does that mean?
cant explain im showering
[Hide] (246.7KB, 879x1280)
[Hide] (241.1KB, 876x1280)
[Hide] (220.5KB, 892x1280)
[Hide] (278.7KB, 893x1280)
hell yeah
just a couple good ol boys taking the zamboni for a spin
if they lose there'll be a riot just like vancouver
there's gonna be a riot in either florida or edmonton tonight
Replies: >>204240
just finished this. really cool stuff
doing part 2 tomorrow
this is soccer but I'm like 50% sure this would even be holding or pass interference in football as the player in the white shirt was receiving a pass
floridians dont give a fuck
i dont see florida being intense enough to riot
they dont have that dawg in em

canada has been waiting 30 years for a cup theyll go wild
Replies: >>204243
i dontt know where edmonton even is
Replies: >>204244
thats their problem they are waiting for it
they should go and grab it
lock in grind it out
its in alberta retard
can u ladies talk about something a little more sophistiquΓ©e?
i've heard that alberta is the premium province
ive heard its ugly and dreary and just a place to pump oil & gas out of the ground
the oil sands are bussin'
if anyone needs that pill let me know
Replies: >>204251

dios mio!
[Hide] (37.6KB, 561x570)
when does the puck drop?
Replies: >>204254
god i love looking at my muscles in the mirror after i get a good pump going
supposed to be in 20 minutes but you know theyre gonna gay it up since its game 7

Replies: >>204257 >>204259
warning: do not click this unless you have a porn addiction  

Spoiler File
(136.5KB, 402x357)
damn that guy was spun af
Replies: >>204261
thats disgusting and i say that as a porno addict
have you seen the really bad chinese ones of those where the guys legs turn to meat?
jamie pull up the chink getting killed for us to laugh at
jamie get yourself some therapy after pulling up so many gore videos
what countries are chimps native in?
1. america
10 chimps versus 100 liveleak gooks, who wins?
[Hide] (214.5KB, 859x1200)
Replies: >>204271
ok but niggers arent even native here man they are an invasive species
guess who went to the beer shack and bought some real nasty shit
Replies: >>204270
[Hide] (63.7KB, 554x605)
[Hide] (34KB, 400x400)
someone forgot to take their meds
gayweed whats your favorite movie
Replies: >>204277
Replies: >>204275
gayweed whats your favorite kiss
nice bod horrible face its like shes 62 years old
Stanley Cup Final: Edmonton Oilers @ Florida Panther Game 7


puck wont drop for another 20 minutes though
[Hide] (253.3KB, 415x405)
i dunno its too hard to name a favorite
Replies: >>204287
just drop the dang puck idiots its a school night
Replies: >>204280
[Hide] (46.7KB, 435x415)
bro its almost july!
Whats even more ridiculous is the utter incompetency displayed by the officers. Where is the fire superiority? Cover? movement? These dudes just put themselves directly in font of the shooters line of sight, sat like ducks, and got shot without even returning one bullet. They just took multiple volleys of fire in front of an innocent person's house and just threw their guns and ran. These men should just turn in their badges.

lil welfare queen got in the youtube comments
Replies: >>204288 >>204293
other gorebro here, heres that realllllllllly bad lathe video i was telling you about. it looks like central asia actually not china
Replies: >>204297
im not clicking that man and i say that as a loler
[Hide] (151.7KB, 1080x1080)
hooooooooh boy
[Hide] (30.6KB, 666x689)
>other gorebro here,
hes spinnin
whats the first that comes to mind
Replies: >>204296
where's the lie?
Replies: >>204289
when i think of great movies i think of pootie tang
hmm alright
hol' up, we dem vols
Replies: >>204294
the cops are the real welfare queens
since when are college sports multi-day events?
Replies: >>204301
oh man its finally raining
[Hide] (44.9KB, 400x403)
when i was a kid i watched jurassic park like 50 times dinosaurs were my autistic special interest i havent really had a relationship that intense towards a movie since

T.third gorebrother
bro same
cool cool
but who tf asked
Replies: >>204316
jurassic park was freakin awesome
still is actually, it's held up well
baseball is always like that
my autistic special interest is hot men so i watched life aquatic 50 times
gweed ijlm...
we arent really autists though
Replies: >>204306 >>204307
thats so kawaii
yeah lol haha
im not smart and or special enough to be autistic
just your run of the mill goof
the commercials between the 2 broadcasts are so different espn has normalstuff
candastream every commercial is some company like scotiabank saying lets go oilers!
[Hide] (67.4KB, 1080x400)
they have their scotiabanks
canada tires
tim hortons
[Hide] (153KB, 1089x1064)
Replies: >>204314
beautiful cabin crew
+1 amen and God bless
they still aint done the anthems come the HECK on
the guy hes replying to literally asked
Replies: >>204318
holy fuck they still havnt dropped the puck? lol
i didnt ask
i dont care
Replies: >>204320
gayweed do you like the jurassic park sequels
ive only ever seen the first one
Christ is the only one holding back my banhammer right now
Replies: >>204327
my top 10 movies? (not in order)
fellowship of the ring
the two towers
return of the king
inglorious bastards
saving private ryan
the dark knight
good will hunting
the matrix
monty python and the holy grail
relax and watch some goon and gore lil christbro

and here we go
solid list nothing too crazy
ive seen all those and like all those except i havent seen monty python
[Hide] (234.4KB, 1317x739)
hockey and fursuits linked up?
Replies: >>204340
i know i asked jesus to do that we are bros like that
i went on a date with a guy and we watched interstellar and he fell asleep so i just left
>except i havent seen monty python
what the fuck!
aaron cancel the tuesday flick we got a change of plans
Replies: >>204346
[Hide] (168.4KB, 579x914)
human conditon 
la la land
Replies: >>204339
+1+0 +1 -1 +0.5 +1 -0.5 -1 +2 never seen idc
two people who havnt seen mpathg? we got some actual zoomers in here
yi yi is my top flick
Replies: >>204336
yiyi was so good i still remember it
hol up dem refs getting involved early
yiyi would also get a +2 from me
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1040x1000)
i always say fight club and pulp fiction are my favorite movies to scare off girls
girls love fight club now they even made their own lesbo version of it
never seen it
bro thats just a dude in a fursuit but all the official mascots are degen furries man just doing it in broad daylight. the oilers have some furry cant that has abs under its jersey
i tried watching lala land cuz its got the goz and emma stone but its a fucking music and i hate musicals
whiplash was so sick
i was deeply moved by that one, really makes you want to dedicate yourself to something
[Hide] (5.6MB, 2374x1458)
i like annie and the sound of music but thats about it
pretty sure thats a meme boomer "comedy" and its not really funny
never seen it but thats my impression
Replies: >>204357

superbad was so sick
i was deeply moved by that one, really makes you want to dedicate yourself to something
i found whiplash hilarious and memeworthy and over the top being familiar with musical college from a roommate
Replies: >>204354
OH NO NO NO (im like 2 minutes behind)
used to get whip it and whiplash mixed up
ugh a new SOPHIE vid dropped :/
they should just let they/them rest in piece...
Replies: >>204355
superbad was like the end of comedy movies
everything after has stunk
wow man tell us more (thats a joke dont tell us more nobody cares lol)
Replies: >>204361 >>204372
saw that, so sad about their passing still....

the thing about monty python is brits like it but over here its primarily associated with obnoxious comic book guy type nerds. ones that wear trenchcoats and fedoras.
it is funny though
american psycho and leon the professional
[Hide] (331.7KB, 1200x1695)
i dunno if i have a real favorite but evil dead 2 is definitely up there
no you dont get it he had a college roomie who was a musician
damn this game 7's wild already
member when we watched all the saw movies
now THAT was a movie franchise
[Hide] (63.4KB, 762x553)
woah what a goal
[Hide] (147.9KB, 340x340)
i like shrek
saw it a thousand times as a kid
Replies: >>204385
[Hide] (268.4KB, 800x1040)
that is so tooncoded
shrek 1 and 2 back to back is goated
toon stream all the shrek movies
the entire franchise
movies and the games
[Hide] (137.1KB, 319x596)
saw shrek 2 one time and didnt like it
never saw any of the later shreks
but shrek 1? ill watch that mf any time
Replies: >>204371
oh yeah? watch it now
stream it for the comm
Replies: >>204373
they just took something thats irl boring and going through the motions and made it look like an intense psychological and physical ordeal.
similar to this 
Replies: >>204374
[Hide] (198.8KB, 456x432)
but wouldnt you rather watch umineko?
you literally missed the point of the movie lil bro
Replies: >>204376
it was so far off from the reference material it distracted me into feeling like every scene was like that PUNCH THE KEYS one
mine (not in order)

asian fuck faces 4
cum in me white boy
black wives matter
black anal addiction 
asian bombshells
club vixen
this aint batman xxx
interracial family affair 2
pretty fly for a white guy
facial fantasy
Replies: >>204381 >>204383
i found shrek hilarious and memeworthy and over the top being familiar with musical swamp from a roommate
pando is la la land worth like in the whiplash sense or is it just fruity shit with ryan gosling
Replies: >>204384
i would rather go to pornhub.com/ebony and watch a white man fuck a black woman
loved asian bombshells that was a classic and still remains unbeaten to this day in my honest opinion
i too can vouch for asian bombshells
not sure about the rest
Replies: >>204387
[Hide] (671.5KB, 815x611)
[Hide] (114.9KB, 800x640)
i have no idea what ur saying
Replies: >>204386
i've got a .webm of that movie somewhere
like was it actually good or did you just think it was good because your gay
Replies: >>204391
you haven't seen the asian fuck faces series as a gooker? honestly I should have listed blowjob hell from JAVs too
Replies: >>204388
ive seen tokyo face fuck big fan of that not sure about asian fuck faces though
Replies: >>204392
>no BAKKY collection
[Hide] (327.9KB, 540x960)
toon what do you think of this emo Shrek i found on DeviantArt
Replies: >>204427
[Hide] (36.2KB, 400x225)
Replies: >>204395
its an elegant angel series, time to opt in brother
[Hide] (326KB, 640x638)
> time to opt in brother
it was a genuine question... ive been meaning to see it for the longest time but couldnt commit...
Replies: >>204399
Han So Hee gets another tattoo after spending thousands to erase them... hippest MZ icon
Replies: >>204397
[Hide] (70.5KB, 530x706)
[+35, -3] Her face looks off too, not sure why
[+4, -0] The tattoo looks like a QR code...
[Hide] (450.6KB, 634x424)
[Hide] (396KB, 634x356)
[Hide] (636.3KB, 634x423)
BREAKING: Julian Assange walks free: WikiLeaks founder 'boards plane out of UK' after agreeing plea deal on US spy charges - 12 years after fleeing into Ecuador embassy to avoid sex-crime quiz
[Hide] (159.3KB, 460x795)
idk man im not like jerking off to ryan gosling because hes so hot if thats what u think
Replies: >>204403
didnt he smear his shit on the walls of the embassy a few years ago
i mean they mindraped him anyway so its over for him but still
people who get burgers done medium rare should be euthanized
whatever man if you dont want to tell me if its objectively good or not thats fine
i should be smearing more of my feces
what if its a steak burger
medium is the only way to get burgers
Replies: >>204410
thought burgs are supposed to be done medium or medium well you dont want your burg to be cooked like a steak
yeah i always go medium on my meat
tried rare in my burg once and it was a disaster
people order medium rare because theyre sheep and thats how theyve heard youre supposed to like meat

medium well
pretty much all normal burgers are cooked well done except for steak burgers and those are usually medium unless they are emulsified then you go medium well
hate when mom thinks shes being fancy making 2 inch thick giant burgers that arent cooked inside
Replies: >>204414
ground beef burgers should be medium to medium well otherwise youre just eating poor quality steak tartare
not sure if you actually know how big 2 inches is lil bro

well actually now that i say that..... maybe you do lol.........
Replies: >>204417 >>204420
Replies: >>204421
owned lol
ugh bit my lip
[Hide] (65.5KB, 800x537)
Replies: >>204423 >>204425
[Hide] (87.1KB, 812x883)
fugg :-DD
me in the middle
my face is the front of shop
[Hide] (2.6MB, 3024x4032)
i like it a lot
my dad works for nintendo is such a classic
me tracking my gook down before i move in for the rape
its interesting seeing the rolling shutter effect on all the camera flashes
its annoying actually the constant flashes in all the airport videos
dont tell your dad i hacked my switchie
im a lot like a vindicare assassin from the imperium of man
this seems like way too much butter for 2 eggs
frank never led me astray yet
aggie bros, i dont feel so good....
[Hide] (42.4KB, 512x512)
Replies: >>204440 >>204441
[Hide] (224.2KB, 1828x914)
maybe this will be the time they put rimworld on a good sale...
Replies: >>204445
ahh hell naw they got satoko hojo doing the tutorial
feel like that clip of the dude flipping out about umineko memes all the time
i am not having sex with you
alright bro then why is your pipi out
[Hide] (173.3KB, 901x1080)
lol, never happening
if you want it just buy it sales are jewish tricks to get you buying things you don't need because of fomo
is hea going to aus or us
that's 100% true gleep taught me that one
i now notice it every time i go to the grocery store
Replies: >>204456
[Hide] (88.1KB, 1024x835)
[Hide] (4.6MB, 2374x1458)
Replies: >>204451
hmm yes i see...
you know what
4k isnt really that big of a difference from 1440p
im still using a 1080p 144hz monitor
and 27" is too big for me so i think i might go for one of those crazy 1080p 360hz ones
but those are crazy
i wanna get a tv for movies and shit monitors just don't have the right color reproduction
my oled tv ive had for at least 4 years now
when u think about it thats like 250 per year to have the best monitor
im using summons for these bosses is that okay? talking about erd'
Replies: >>204463
yeah man do it up
you should return the favor though, help someone out
that's how miyazaki meant the game to be played
Replies: >>204462