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new thread new guga
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alright i agree with jw on the cfa allegations
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>>202562 (OP) 
i thought his head was a schlong
man what the fuck is that pic
squidward sniffin a dick what does it look like
misumi is getting owned bigly by messmer
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gonna draw that thing from memory

pretty sure i screwed some of it up...
youre donezo kid
youre off by three lines
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ah shit my brain is fucked
aaron banned me for 24 hours that's crazy as fuck I dindu nothin
i've never been banned you must have been real naughty
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BREAKING: Rapper Julio Foolio is shot dead age 26 during birthday 'ambush' in Tampa

'Foolio,' whose real name is Charles Jones, was celebrating his 26th birthday at an Airbnb with friends before he checked into a Holiday Inn, where he was 'ambushed' in the parking lot.

'The victim in this morning's shooting is believed to be Charles Jones,' Tampa Police Public Information Officer Jonee' Lewis wrote in a press release. 'Positive identification is pending confirmation from the Medical Examiner's Office.'

This wasn't Foolio's first time being shot. The popular Jacksonville rapper has been a target of numerous shootings in the past with the latest occurring just eight months ago in October 2023 in another 'ambush' style attack.
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also i put an extra line on the upper-left striped triangle
dont worry I got something planned for you when I'm unbanned
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of course its this retard

probably did this pussy ass report too
3 hours ago	aaron	Dismiss reports	>>201100
Replies: >>202581
aaron when are you gonna get rid of the holo spammers once and for all
aaron this guy is unhinged
bro is literally 42 and beefing with kids on fortnite damn
Replies: >>202656
aaron you didnt ban the other guy who was spamming with him? fine ill do it got to be fair
Replies: >>202601
fuck the lil bro energy posts theyre the gayest lil bro energy filled thing
the opps never sleep cant be caught lackin
it wasn't spam what the fuck are you talking about
actually nevermind upon further review the "spam it up pigpen" posts  were pretty funny
did we talk about dr disrespect grooming a minor
Replies: >>202591
lil cuddy still heated from that ban lmaooo
don't call me lil cuddy
yes it was nothing was the last thing i heard
shi li twin my bad 
my fault og
i didnt know you was a jawn like that
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decent lineup today
wait hold on was this a toss bit
unban me pussy
Replies: >>202628
how is this guy banned if hes making posts asking to be unbanned
Replies: >>202603
aaron i think ban evading is worth bumping that up to a perma
he hacked the mainframe
wassup jo jo https://www.youtube.com/shorts/UYDyg3VS3CE
i just assumed it was one guy going schizo
fuck aaron i cant believe he's banning people to force his own shitty mid-ass meme
prolly angrily tapping away on his phone like a true lil bro ๐Ÿ˜‚
just finished my show 
dumb as hell but my close personal friend walton goggins made it tolerable. it also had a lot of good character actors showing up 
the show was justified
damn all these bank advisors are either old hags or young foids
then theres an old white guy and a young muslim guy
i gotta pick one who would allow me to burrow the most money
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gotta love jo jo ๐Ÿ˜‚
Replies: >>202610
thanks for the stream jeff i started napping halfway through because it was so chill
had a dream that involved soviet music
i dislike those algs tremendously
Replies: >>202611 >>202612
you just guaranteed another 3 months of him posting them everyday
Replies: >>202614
Replies: >>202622
dont know how anybody could dislike jo especially when hes getting 5 on the diesel
hes already doing that
ive literally already given over to it and accept we have people with brains dripping out of their noses that find sketches in youtube shorts watchable and not nuclear nigger cattle garbage
if you are a clean nice boy then the old hag
if you are a hot daddy then the young foid
if you are a charismatic go-getter than the old man
i think
Replies: >>202623
>if you dont watch each individual 6 hour long ww2 documentary that i post three times a day your brain is dripping out of your nose
Replies: >>202618 >>202619
theres a definite middle ground to this issue
youre supposed to save them for later and watch at your own pace (but you are intended to watch them)
the middle ground? my taint
its like frank hassle but boring and bad
think ill go with a chubby young foid
gonna rizz her up 
get approved for a huge loan
they all like insta call-in their boss anyways
heard that banks only hold on to your loan for like an hour before instantly selling it to a mortgage company
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mom tried sketching trunks from dbz but she doesn't grasp a lot of basic concepts like perspective or shading well
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yooo hes got a meth pipe
when is the debate on
your mom really draws anime characters? unprompted?
joe biden wants me to do fenny?
can you ask her to draw futas for me?
wonder how long until walmart has a weed isle and cheap plastic chinese bongs
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i bought her some nice quality sketch paper and art pencils and even this fancy german eraser that doesnt leave smudges for moms day but it seems wasted
Replies: >>202637 >>202645
i used to watch these but ive watched like 30 of the same video in the last 2 years and i stopped clicking 1-2 months ago
all of walmarts marketing is based on being family friendly i dont think thats going to happen
they sell booze
can you ask your mom to draw my oshi
wholesome judeo-christian values
you know im gonna try this
Replies: >>202643 >>202748
+1 i always microwave my pepperoni in between paper towels in the microwave for 30 seconds a side and it turns into a super crispy pepproni chip snack
i just eat 'roni raw out of the bag
actually its cool and untrained outsider art is better than the vast amount of "mediocre good" people posting shit on twitter or whereever
Replies: >>202648
was gonna do whatever i wanted to day but i got a phonecall and now i cant phones are the worst
thats how you get salmonella
its naive art not outsider art his moms not some institutionalized schizophrenic vagrant
Replies: >>202650
what matters is that your mom is enjoying herself
Replies: >>202651
our moms qualify as outsiders here
my mom can draw way better than your mom
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meanwhile here was what my dad would draw while he was in prison
Replies: >>202657
our dads were in prison?
during covid?
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is that jesus
jesus wouldnt have a belt or jeans on man
๐—š๐˜‚๐—ฟ๐—ฎ'๐˜€ ๐—ฃ๐—ฒ๐˜ ๐—ฃ๐—น๐—ฎ๐˜† ๐—ฆ๐˜‚๐—ฑ๐—ฑ๐—ฒ๐—ป๐—น๐˜† ๐—ง๐˜‚๐—ฟ๐—ป๐˜€ ๐—œ๐—ป๐˜๐—ผ ๐—ฆ๐—ธ๐—ถ๐—ฏ๐—ถ๐—ฑ๐—ถ ๐—•๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐˜ ๐—”๐—ป๐—ฑ ๐—œ๐˜ ๐—•๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐—ธ๐—ฒ ๐—›๐—ฒ๐—ฟ [๐—š๐—ผ๐˜ ๐—•๐—ถ๐—ฏ๐—ผ๐—ผ ๐—ง๐—ฎ๐˜…๐—ฒ๐—ฑ]
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Replies: >>202681
actually he would
Replies: >>202664
artists have been modernizing their depictions of historical figures forever its weird we dont do it more often
im not a holobro and i dont want to annoy other people
still dont get why its weird to want to have sex with a 15 year old when theyre at prime fertility and thats the age they used to get married at for all of human history
Replies: >>202669
because its illegal but poor people still get teen preggers all the time
its not annoying its sharing a cute clip with your fellow bros
rich people do it all the time too
its like societies open secret
we're just trying to hold society together man
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its legal in most yuropean countries tho?
no it's not ped
the cia make stuff soytuber channels have been going hard on drone countermeasures these days
Replies: >>202675
do you guys want to operate yes
at the bus stop
ri-rizzing gyats
video games are retarded
Replies: >>202679
Replies: >>202683 >>202703
Spoiler File
(46.8KB, 720x510)
Replies: >>202705
that kinda makes sense
ive been thinking about this a couple of times
just put a bunch of icyhot on my legs and feet
not listening to this trotsky looking muhfugga
Replies: >>202685
hes gotta factor in the probability of retardification and other societal collapse type events
Replies: >>202686
5:30 he drops some truth
you should edit the wiki page
i dont think there was any way to even imagine something like that being a factor 50 years ago but now its a real threat
Sam Hyde is asked about dating and finding a mate, the superchatter is having problems meeting a female. Sammy goes through some of the pick up techniques he's heard of and ones that actually work. He then goes into one major problem a lot of men have and that is P* addiction. Sam says in order to get a female stop looking at p* and insta girls, be upfront and primal in your approach to women.
well you cant add original research to wikipedia, so it'd be easier to just have it published somewhere and then add citations to it on wikipedia
Replies: >>202692
wise words from a tranny chaser
The fastest outward-bound spacecraft yet sent, Voyager 1, has covered 1/390 of a light-year in 46 years and is currently moving at 1/17,600 the speed of light. At this rate, a journey to Proxima Centauri would take 75,000 years.[6][5]

jesus we are so fucked
imagine sending sam hyde a supa instead of a cute japanese girl
you can quote my posts wording your post as a source
jap girls got nice dark pussy lips
i dont think theyll accept a 162 thread as a source
Replies: >>202695
well yeah you will have to archive.org it in case toot randomly decides to nuke the entire archives again
babe theres only 20 pages 5000 posts are already gone and every thread incinerates another ~1000 posts
Replies: >>202700
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that's what im talkin about
Replies: >>202699 >>202756
what the hell man im eating here
Replies: >>202704
come on man it's sunday
Replies: >>202712
yeah man its the day of our lord
hentai rules bro specifically might want to watch the end of this
youre always eating
Replies: >>202709
is this implying that gays have only been around for 100 years.
also it's not my fault that guy mentioned japanese girls which is one of my trigger words
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Replies: >>202708
i wish i enjoyed this ip as much as you evidently do.
Replies: >>202715
go on a DIET
go on a WALK
someone at church is driving a cyber truck, so cringe ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Replies: >>202713
lying bitch i got my cock out and everything
Replies: >>202714
we go to snurch?
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don't call me a liar jerkwad
Replies: >>202718
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Replies: >>202717
crazy how much work aaron is putting in
Replies: >>202720
there she is
your web of lies is falling apart
girls like guys that have cybertrucks
boy needs to focus on school
Replies: >>202722
hes locked in(to managing a random chan online, for free)
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how does he even look like that
Replies: >>202726 >>202727
literally the wheres strawberry mugi mio pic
Replies: >>202725
why are they so white lol
Replies: >>202728
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Replies: >>202795
sup american
Replies: >>202729
its not healthy to be that pale man get some sun
Replies: >>202730
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Replies: >>202735
nigger jeans are retarded
grow up
Replies: >>202734
nigger genes are retarded
ooga booga
lil bro just cant get them out of his head lmao`
i'm mentally ill but i'd choose my mental illness over yours a thousand times over
toons yelling at spelunky again
JW is so retarded he just justified my extreme hatred for him
โ€œduhh nobodys getting special treatment your nugget has to stand on its own two feet without sauceโ€
why? if you wouldnt eat it normally without sauce why would you rate it without sauce and every nugget getting sauce is still fair treatment
what a retard
lil bro clicked the jw ๐Ÿ˜‚
Replies: >>202743
good morning bros!!!
i did just this one time to see what the cfa hate was about
we hate cfa because theyre chuds
Replies: >>202745
-1 fucking retard
yt recd me this album and its cute
Replies: >>202785
bro just dipped peperoni directly into the marinara jar?
that's a death sentence around here
Replies: >>202749
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this is how i see  you amerifats getting slop all the time
im drjnkin vod again hehe
just for livin'
Replies: >>202754
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Replies: >>202757
sony should be fucking killed for disrespecting nintendo-sama all these years
paipan af
i think i learned that from another cartoon character
libtard commiefornia niggermonkey westoid company
pure yamato nakadashi nippon spirit samurai company
Replies: >>202761
[Hide] (2.6MB, 720x976, 00:39)
this is gonna be us some day
makes you think
the nakadashi is intentional btw its a joke ive been running for years now
Replies: >>202767
uhhh based department
nintendo sucks too man they always be suing cats just for modding marios mustache or w.e
samurai spirit you wouldnt get it
Replies: >>202769
shinobi sleep on the floor
i dont even get it
Replies: >>202771
i am samurai
one of the guys would shove snus up his foreskin as a prank he was wild
i piss and shit on sony headquarters
yamato nadeshiko
Replies: >>202772
[Hide] (1MB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Replies: >>202775
howd they convince japanese company to do dei stuff
well its simple really
thats a child sicko
ive seen her dance and thats not a child
we're on dr disrespects side here
we have to protect a mans right to groom
Replies: >>202782
are you guys in something or am i not seeing half of the posts?
[Hide] (963.5KB, 920x1300)
i wish taylor didnt take the archer out of the setlist
Replies: >>202783
ok when you put it like that it sounds weird
keep us updated
what if pando realizes he could be posting daily taylor breaks...
ate a honeybun
[Hide] (231.6KB, 900x1200)
i can already do that
infact i only really post about taylor here because i dont have any friends who like her 

i should find one i have so much to say
we dont like her here either?
Replies: >>202791
[Hide] (322KB, 640x800)
yeah but i can post about anything here and if i get people mad i probably dont like them anyway
Replies: >>202792
rude little whore
i support pandos tswift posts
i dont mind pandos tswift posts
lil bih look like a titan
[Hide] (241.4KB, 2270x1258)
sorry laplusbro but this is still funny
Replies: >>202798
i dont get it
theyre cucks man they like it
im shinobi?
*ignores all the posts accompanied by red anime girl*
>Ontario Federation of Labour supports the international students protesting in Brampton for extension of their expiring work permits. 

they pulled out the racism card
waiting for the population of the thread to change a bit before i make my special post
i dont like urobuchi
i guess hes good at creating interesting settings but it always feels like its wasted
im wasted
urobuchi huh
unban me dumbass
why are we banning people
i liked phantom and psycho pass but havent watched anything else of his
gleepy here you should unban that guy
Replies: >>202813
there was a lil bro that couldn't hold himself together
but hes our lil bro unban him
this post wasnt me but im not a fan of banning people
dont call me lil bro dumbass
getting real discord mod vibes in the thread rn
of course gleepy vouches for the psycho ๐Ÿ™„
toot undermine aarons authority and lift the ban
this guy seems really annoying why unban him
shouldnt we be in favor of banning annoying individuals
you're all fucking annoying stop being little hitler
i think we should ban people who use the phrase lil bro energy
i was hype after finishing the first route in phantom with the claudia whore
it was pretty fleshed out for one heroine
if i remember right tho in the end it was just one other proper route that suddenly timeskips and switches to the high-school setting or whatever...๐Ÿค”
Replies: >>202826
match of the century lil bro energy vs discord mod vibes
just innocently posting kaitlyn pictures and bam banned for no reason
nothing innocent about it
discord mod vibes is 1000 times worse than whatever lil bro cooks up

stupid fucking janny wipe my ass
i only watched the anime, i kinda wanna read the vn but apparently its stupid and the only english release is buggy as shit
gleepy here it was innocent
gleepy here lil bro melties are board culture release him
i want bunny to cover her naked body in peanut butter like that autistic girl and make me lick every inch of her clean
hol' up we dem aggies
more like faggies
guy thats banned does it piss you off theyll ban you but leave child porn on the front page for multiple days?
when will zii finally play ffx/x-2
Replies: >>202834
unban zii
who got banned?
Replies: >>202837 >>202839
unban zii first that shinobi post was great
idk he said he was banned
sleeping on the floor seems kinda epic
finally some excitement
been drinking every day since the yuros started
thought about taking a break today but think ill just keep it going
Replies: >>202847
you still banned lil bro? you good now?
event drinking is ok and doesnt count towards your alcoholism
whys nobody helping this guy
((( jews )))
ugh need to update all my switch cfw stuff
Replies: >>202852
this, i will never forgive nintendo for what they did to zfg. this is a sega chad comm
to play what man theres no good games
Replies: >>202855
souljaboy just trying to make some money
modders must die im with nintendo on this one
metroid prime 4 when it comes out of course
not a fan of this racism
niggers must die im with nintendo on this one
where do all these youtubers get clips from the same old movies and tv shows is there like a streamer clip pack torrent somewhere?
[Hide] (97.6KB, 834x1055)
Replies: >>202860
this was tinny
still no new tintoks...
ay caramaba
Replies: >>202865
[Hide] (649.7KB, 1368x2048)
holy fuck O_O
seems like a death trap
Replies: >>202873
how am i supposed to be scared when theres light bulbs on the ceiling
[Hide] (108.7KB, 451x383)
playing some weird ass medieval fantasy tarkov

Replies: >>202870
[Hide] (19KB, 540x30)
Replies: >>202872
the euros are on in 10 minutes lil bro
christ what a shithead
well it's an abandoned mine so i guess it is
this fucking whore
we have soccer watchers calling people lil bro this isnt ok
calm down lil bro
go eat burgers amerilard
you know what i think i will
you cant get slop we're supposed to be voting with our wallets
im voting with my stomach
[Hide] (176.9KB, 340x452)
[Hide] (54.3KB, 424x552)
[Hide] (24.3KB, 421x335)
the lil bros have had enough
Replies: >>202883 >>202936
[Hide] (308.8KB, 720x480)
if you shooped this to say 162 instead of Internet it would make a good banner
Replies: >>202969
it was pretty cool of miyazaki to troll the kids that think using magic and summoning means you didnt beat the game like that
[Hide] (60.1KB, 1080x360)
finally watched the vod for the green girl. that debut was pure fire, really put the red and orange girl to shame.
Replies: >>202886 >>202889
yeah she mogged
i thought german girls were supposed to be super awkward and masculine and loud and annoying but i guess the internet lied about that part
why cant we have hitlers today
they call him putler but hes not nearly that based
Replies: >>202890
she seems good compared to the rest but at the end of the day idk who id really watch her over other than the obvious ones
you guys really need to touch some grass
we do theyre just all in africa
shes streaming dishonored tomorrow
she do be having a crazy voice tho
shes married with kids
[Hide] (959.2KB, 1080x944)
bro, she's streaming todd's game!
ill be in that
[Hide] (989.1KB, 964x563)
EXCLUSIVE: Shocking images show the world's biggest garbage dump as clean-up intensifies at fungus-infested ocean site twice the size of Texas
singing a stars song are you f*cking kidding me
yea shes a whore
[Hide] (311.9KB, 308x450)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 634x845)
[Hide] (496.1KB, 634x1154)
EXCLUSIVE: Smiling 'psychopath' Pickleball swindler scammed us out of $50M: Wealthy retirees say his 'satanic' response left them speechless

He convinced hundreds of people to invest and hand over millions to his startup

Grubbs, of Brookville, Indiana, allegedly ensnared hundreds of people and many of his close friends in an $47.5million fraud in which he lured investors into pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into his pickleball business.

'You don't loan money to a Soviet assassin,' Ron adds.
Replies: >>202911 >>202923
german girls are the top rimmers outside of asia
Replies: >>202902
[Hide] (576.7KB, 634x634)
Noise level
Video of a pickleball game

When the hard pickleball paddle strikes the hard ball, it produces a sharp popping sound. The constant sound during play has generated conflict between pickleball court owners and nearby property owners.[82][83] The noise, combined with the rapid rise in pickleball's popularity, has produced an intense backlash against the sport in communities across the United States.[84]

In September 2020, one park in the Portland metropolitan area had to institute a ban on pickleball, despite having just installed new pickleball courts five months earlier. Residents nearest to the pickleball courts said they could not hold conversations inside their homes due to the noise from the pickleball courts. Despite the ban, people still used the pickleball courts the following year. In June 2021, at a West Linn City Council meeting, one resident said the noise resulted in family gatherings being "... wrought with discord and physically debilitating stress." Some described the noise as "trauma-inducing".[85] Similar noise issues were raised in 2023 by residents of an apartment building adjacent to a pickleball court in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.[86]
Court replacement

The construction of pickleball courts in public spaces has been a source of controversy, especially when the new court replaces existing tennis or basketball courts.[87][88] The repurposing of basketball courts for pickleball is often decried as an example of gentrification as while basketball is popular amongst people of color and the working class, the demographics of pickleball players tend to be affluent and white.[89]
aaron ban the spammer
gonna lay down and read manga
im with gleep on this one aaron you need to get rid of the holospammers once and for all
pickleball some gay ah hell
<this misfortunes my design
im with aaron on this one i trust whatever aarons sees fit to do
Replies: >>202910
same i just hope he sees banning the holospammers really is the right thing to do
pickle... ball
pickle... rick
[Hide] (218.5KB, 799x1262)
Replies: >>202917
[Hide] (988.3KB, 1149x825)
ooohhh aaron your such a good boy
[Hide] (95.9KB, 1280x640)

Replies: >>202915 >>202919
bro im trying to keep my mind pure
makima was so cool
Replies: >>202922
uhhhhhhhhh germanybros?
me neither but it's kinda silly
how is this allowed
Replies: >>202921
its educational chud
she was just like me fr (autistic and evil)
signed up to a pickleball event at work but havent played it before
what should i expect
Replies: >>202926
had a terrible dream last night
Replies: >>202925
*kisses your forehead* 
you're safe here sweetie
it's tennis for fat people
isnt that what table tennis is
why are there so many tennis derivatives for fatties
thought it was a squash/tennis hybrid
toot wait a second let gleep analyze it first
gleep is that real c__p
i wasnt going to jo this year but she is so impossibly hot even for an old lady with tattoos i dont think i can fight this one its going to happen

lol, jeff check this out
Replies: >>202933
owned lol
let the guy sleep man whats the big deal
Replies: >>202937
what a joke of a country he cant even shoot him
funny how their complaints are that youre forced to play passively against these bosses
Replies: >>202939
[Hide] (446.3KB, 720x810)
stfu city slicker
unban me retard
Replies: >>202943
so its a lot like sekiro?
Replies: >>202945
a real country boy would've woken him up and invited him for morning coffee
are the roll poke bros getting bored of rollin n pokin?
[Hide] (66.7KB, 900x630)
last night was so bad
tripped over my feet when i was drunk and landed in the dirt behind the air conditioner
had to take a shower when i was blasted out of my mind and then went to bed all wet because i forgot to dry myself
um, sekiro's combat is all about aggression chudd
no its not weve been over this
cmonm an
just had some good georgian (the country) food im moving there now
Replies: >>202951 >>202954
this will cheer you up buddy https://youtu.be/c-jVt5szrMg
Replies: >>202953
georgia is a state in the USA
wanna go to tbilisi real bad
oh you know im in bro!
what kind of food
Replies: >>202956
remember fellas
today is the first day of the rest of your life
Replies: >>202958
georgian man he just said that!
*eats an avocado*
some day will be the last day of the rest of my life
alexa break down the macros in an avocado
[Hide] (266.8KB, 1920x1080)
shes cooking
Replies: >>202961 >>202964
man shut the FUCK UP
Replies: >>202963
I just saw the most recent release of the unofficial oblivion patch. It is dated 2024-01-03.
TWENTY TWENTY FOUR and they STILL find bugs in this hunk of shit named Oblivon, released TWO THOUSAND AND SIX
EIGHTEEN YEARS of work and they are not done!
Fuck Todd Howard
FUCK this shit
Replies: >>202967
link me bro
Replies: >>202966
oh no no no vols bros we f*cking suck!
Replies: >>202988
that just shows that its better to just release a game in whatever state its in
spending all those years trying to squash every minor bug isnt worth it and youll never be 100% done
i downloaded teh niou games
[Hide] (14.2KB, 300x100)
Replies: >>202970 >>202980
[Hide] (85.4KB, 760x768)
Replies: >>202971 >>202972
all those kids' immersion...
that definitely shouldnt be allowed
ugh hate when i make spelling mistakes hwen i m drunk ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Replies: >>202974
its 4 in the afternoon man
the clocks always tickin pal
[Hide] (310.8KB, 1920x1080, 00:02)
Replies: >>202978
me when i think of all the chores i need to do
erm, swifties are we... cringe?
Replies: >>202981
extremely low t
nothin like a bunch of fellas havin a good time and some foid feels the need to video tape them and make a post online about how they should be dying in war instead
[Hide] (256.9KB, 1098x1059)
nothing worse than taking a sip of lemonade and getting a woke aftertaste
what about realizing that its actually piss not lemonade
thats an easy lawsuit to win
shes managing inventory!
hol' up we dem vols
Replies: >>203012
ive never read a single book in an elder scrolls game
snooze matches
has she never played skyrim before?
she said she played up to high hrothgar a long time ago
aggies bros i dont feel so good...
Replies: >>202996
*shoves you*
good thing it's 'zza day!
holy crap hungary!
[Hide] (483KB, 1916x1078)
do i start with "final mix"?
this is too much man
Replies: >>203003
estonia lfg!
i was thinking about getting kingdom hearts too but all the versions made me confused
Replies: >>203004 >>203039
[Hide] (6.8KB, 250x250)
Replies: >>203006
[Hide] (46.4KB, 640x640)
when you walk away
you dont hear me say
oh baby
wuh oh
already know dads going to complain about all the water i got on the bathroom floor today so im just going to blame it on the shower curtain rod coming down on me as i was getting out and thats why there was water everywhere
Replies: >>203009
why cant you be normal and clean up after yourself
Replies: >>203011
[Hide] (709.1KB, 1920x1080)
wtf when did they add this
Replies: >>203015
its just water man who cares
Replies: >>203016
this is a very good video damn

first spotemgotem now foolio
in one of those patches that guy was flipping out about earlier probably
water ruins floors just because its tiled and its the bathroom doesnt mean you can just go nuts in there.
Replies: >>203017
im soaking it up with the bath mat
Replies: >>203029
i hope dad waterboards your ass
lil bro is diapering hard rn trying to clean up his water spill ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
the bathmat is for the droplets and your feet after you dry off standing in the tub
Replies: >>203021
you sound mega gay with this post
Replies: >>203024
we should be at this table
Replies: >>203025
i used to do a thing where i'd stand in the tub and wait until i was completely dry. it takes like 40 minutes
you sound mega niggerish with your attitude
Replies: >>203026 >>203028
i have no idea who any of these people are
just ninja and i cant really say that much about him either
im not that guy
go fuck yourself i hope you never find a woman, i hope a woman never even approaches within a 4 meter radius of you, i hope that you will never even get the pleasure of buying a woman's bath water you dumb incel brain piece of dog shit
Replies: >>203030 >>203036
this is giving me some serious doesnt wash the towel vibes
[Hide] (660KB, 585x767)
a cool skyrim survival thing would be having to find paper maps instead of having the game one
now dad took the bathmat and draped it over a fan to dry off
Replies: >>203034
dad is the bathman?
tell him that he's giving you huge lil bro vibes rn by doing that

dios mio!
lil bro is triggered ๐Ÿ˜‚
thought that said bahamut for a sec
freaking female gooners man
so shameless
ive done the research. im starting with 1.5

Replies: >>203041 >>203042
my system for this is that as soon as someone throws some powder or liquid at you you run like hell
(and you hope its not acid)
ive never burned another person to death
Replies: >>203047
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiJwvEnov44 kbreak
https://www.youtube.com/shorts/QTNHXP5JHIk i should pick up some pineapple juice at the store
Replies: >>203049 >>203052
that you know of
erm faggiebros?
aint no way man
whats the deal with aluminum vs wood bats?
pineapple juice is really bad for your teethes
i opened this saying it better not be the aint no way dude
and it was
Replies: >>203053
aintnowayspammer is out of control man i swear like half the youtube links in the last week have been that faggot
Replies: >>203095
my eyes glaze over shorts links i dont even see them
i don't know what he sees in that garbage
Replies: >>203062
id rather watch aint no way any day of the week than a second of holospam
Replies: >>203059
all he's doing is making virgin pina coladas even a 40 year old should know about that
we already know youre a bad poster no need to belabor the point
Replies: >>203061 >>203063
wont be virgin after im done with them if you know what im sayin
Replies: >>203063
Replies: >>203063
theyre nigger cattle and retard but at least theres sometimes a nugget of info you can obtain. thats better than holo and wow
Replies: >>203063
when you think about it virgin vs non virgin drink should be based on if theres cum in it or not, not alcohol
theres MILK in the cob?
Replies: >>203067
so youre a virgin until you take a load
if you dont overcook it (everyone overcooks it)
[Hide] (337.7KB, 707x473)
holy fuck!
Replies: >>203071 >>203118
cant wait for the single player campaign!!
why is it super sentai
i like lain memes
the vols just put up snead to the pitcher mond
planks are hard if youre doing them right
[Hide] (274.2KB, 800x800)

Replies: >>203078 >>203079
hoo boy college baseball... thats a tough one for me to lock into
are those good songs or something idgi
omg this is the thing i was referencing when i said she added new shit and you acted like i was a fool.
Replies: >>203082
hoo boy kaeden kent
[Hide] (307.1KB, 497x393)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzC7IpqKo2M been getting alged this guys vids a lot recently, hate his voice completely but i always wanted to know what the deal with these things were so im checking it out
[Hide] (85.3KB, 550x550)
yeah those are really good and clean is like my top 3 

those are the surprise songs i was talking about
Replies: >>203084
bottom of the 9th...
2 outs....
bruh i am so done with you rn.
i saw on the reddits that david grohl says she lip syncs
[Hide] (49KB, 549x800)
i wasnt even trying to make u seem like a fool i just expanded on what u said wtf?
that guys gonna get stabbed by a swiftie
sneeds playing with fire here...
i kinda like the aint no way *wheeze* guy
i watch some of em
Replies: >>203094
we dem sneeds!
hol up?
youre tellin me for over 40 years i didnt know dave grohl was the guy from the best meme? *wheeze* aint no way
huge +1
*continues wheezing*
toot when you add the sidebar for the nasty bitches we watch on kick can we get a list of the 162 approved shorties like jo jo and aint no way to name a couple
gonna take a lil gamer break today
i just dont have it in me to game hard every day anymore
[Hide] (832.1KB, 2661x3795)
how the FUCK do i eat this
[Hide] (487.1KB, 1536x2048)
i think you just pick up the bowl and drink it man
[Hide] (615KB, 634x553)
[Hide] (483.3KB, 634x379)
[Hide] (697.2KB, 634x434)
[Hide] (646.5KB, 634x415)
[Hide] (379.7KB, 634x380)
EXCLUSIVE: They drove a Kia and paid their taxes every year - neighbors had no idea they were elite foreign spies
where you at?
youre telling me a 30 year old with grey hair doesnt know how to eat soup?
just spent 2 hours biting my nails after dep napping, might have to hit the liquor store to pick up my prescription
why did they put a salad in the soup what the fudge
you need to ask for a straw
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1190x786)
damn this chick aged like shit
thinking about going through a rebellious phase
that female night elf in your group is either a hot girl or a 40 year old man irl 

there is no inbetween
Replies: >>203183
wish there was something cool on youtube to watch
i need more pewdiepie mishima vids
more fresh sseth
more fresh dunk
had a lil cringe at that post
did you play any?
Spoiler File
(481.8KB, 1012x283)
chuds lost
we do a lil cringe
been watching some mashle cus a guy here shilled it and its okay idk if i see myself moving to season 2 i feel like the strong guy out muscling magic shtick has kinda ran its course
i dont even know enough to get your reference just shut the fuck up you fucking faggot
cant decide what weapon or build to use in order to continue my fight against the erdtree's shadow
Replies: >>203129
maybe the erdtree isnt the main problem
Replies: >>203127
i appreciate that she made it clear that shes going the mori kronii route from the get go at least
Replies: >>203191
it doesnt matter what you use man youre just gotta roll poke all the same unless you use magic then youll roll pew
more like nerd tree
yeah but i wanna look sexy when i roll
go full sicko strength mode
its the way miyazaki meant the game to be played
Replies: >>203131
yer tellin me for 40 years i shoulda been using a naginata to fight the erdtree?
but which blade... the guts sword? the stormcaller double blades? one of the black colored ones? how can you choose...
Replies: >>203133 >>203135
nerd tree got all those replies, me nothing. even online there is hypergamy
the gayest looking one
Replies: >>203136
early walking dead really was so good man
Replies: >>203141

this is my boy
at +10 its S scaling with strength
Replies: >>203139
that would probably be the coiled buttplug looking godslayer one
Replies: >>203138
biboo is using the fire and ice swords
are you doing okay in the erdtrees shadow without bleed vs those bosses?
Replies: >>203143
dunk fell off man
i loved the first season
i only knew how to use the big polearm where you poked people with it
i've only done dancing golden lion freakshow, it did well

2 or 3 jumping heavy's stunned it
stop talking about my penis
i also have the jumping heavy talisman on
hmm alright thanks boys this helped
[Hide] (285.3KB, 426x684)
used spirit ash? didnt beat the dlc
used estus? didnt beat the dlc
used jump attack? didnt beat the dlc
used ashes of war? didnt beat the dlc
used dex cheese? didnt beat the dlc
used magic? didnt beat the dlc
used buffs? didnt beat the dlc
used summons? didnt beat the dlc
used runes to level? didnt beat the dlc
created a character? didnt beat the dlc
installed the game? didnt beat the dlc
bought the game? didnt beat the dlc
Replies: >>203149 >>203199
i should make a god mode playthrough n upload it to youtube i bet i could make thousands just from hatewatchers alone
true and real
i remember when late night talkshow hosts were referencing how hard elden ring bosses were after it first came out and it was cringe

i was pondering going faith+strength and rocking this cool fucker
but im too attached now to the ruins
Replies: >>203157
this is a good hatewatch 
she's not beat a single enemy herself, just summoning in simps from chat
i dont remember that and im glad
can you be like a  mage or warlock from wow in elden ring
Replies: >>203156
[Hide] (670.3KB, 800x800)
thats awesome
*kicks you in the head*
*jabs at your eyes*
*bites your nose and death rolls*
i was considering that one too but a) its not big enough and b) it looks a lil weird. tho it kinda is perfect for what i wanna do
holy crap look at him go
i like her boobs
beat the dlc? didnt beat the dlc
im into that sort of thing
we like to hatewatch 
we like to get angry
[Hide] (10.2KB, 643x413)
of what once
remmber back when slick back was huge
Replies: >>203167
we need to stop watching shorts and tiktoks
you mean today?
slick back where they float sideways on the ground?
oh yeah man thats sick i wish i could ifgure out how to do that
Replies: >>203185
Wordle 1,101 3/6
these wordles are some retarded ass shit
just got an s rank in my aram game but they didnt give me a loot crate
Replies: >>203176
someone stream walking dead s1
[Hide] (34.1KB, 225x350)
they give u a grade on your aram performance?
[Hide] (106.7KB, 960x959)
no idea what aram is and its been spammed for years
you just got bamboozled
miss cecelia just dropped a hard f
aram is a gender-neutral name of Aramaic and Hebrew origins. It translates to โ€œhighโ€ or โ€œelevated,โ€ and makes for a beautiful reminder to help baby reach for the sky.
baby? im baby
baby :3
visual novels anime and manga
Replies: >>203190
bobob is neither though?
Replies: >>203184
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 1612x785)
Replies: >>203195
you start by learning to step onto and over the invisible box
theres an invisible box?
Replies: >>203188
this will lead to slickbacking
Replies: >>203194
we love loot crates
battle passes
ultimate editions
we like those things
don't worry, once the novelty of her accent wears off she will be a bottom earner, CGDCT chads always win.
ethereal catgirl u up?
most of the new girls dont seem like theyre really about the culture is all im gonna say
i could challenge that #1 invisible box challenger in the usa
I'm in man I'm in
dmitri jap lied to us...?
the new kick girls?
^ clueless
this but unironically
i could go for some new kick girls
big bunda
[Hide] (303KB, 800x1200)
Rapper Foolio killed in Tampa shooting
sneed it or keep it
why are the text bubbles in the wrong order
bulma is tracking down the dragonballs to wish for a boyfriend but she could just walk down the street and get one in like 5 seconds
>go first buff
>debut buff
>unarchived karaoke buff
>not even double the next girl
you call that a win?
Replies: >>203207
femcels are real chud
Replies: >>203208
we'll see after the first month is done
honestly none of them are really that interesting
work tomorrow
not for me lol
Replies: >>203211 >>203213
[Hide] (38.3KB, 450x447)
[Hide] (87.5KB, 469x600)
not for me lol
its not nice for us to mock the workbros theyre buying the mansion
Replies: >>203214
i wasnt mocking them i was loling at my own patheticness im self aware like that
were drinking tonight
and tomorrow night hoo boy game 7 of the stanley cup you know were getting blasted
are we betting the farm on the oilers
i dont have a farm
[Hide] (256.1KB, 531x715)
oilers because it would be really funny
jackin off makes me overwhelmingly depressed now
Replies: >>203220
[Hide] (225.6KB, 427x624)
Replies: >>203223
i seent a post that said if the oilers win it would be the biggest collapse of a team ever
biboo time
Replies: >>203226
[Hide] (32.4KB, 706x467)
mcgaykid bringing the soilers back down from 0-3 to tie it up only to lose in game 7
she was too sick to even talk yesterday and here she is streamin more smellden ring she really is a pro man
[Hide] (53KB, 960x960)
there hasnt been a 3-0 collapse in the cup finals since 1942
i dont think the nba has ever had one either

the kitties would be ridiculed for decades to come
biboo sounds terrible :/
[Hide] (1.3MB, 4096x3072)
Replies: >>203230
*kicks you in the head*
quite a few mysteries in that pic

now this is the kinda nasty shit we like
funny how owning a house can make you a millionaire on paper but you cant do anything with that wealth until you mortgage the house and start paying interest to the bank every month
[Hide] (80.6KB, 988x555)
Replies: >>203235
Replies: >>203236
thats obvious.
dads just sitting out in the living room clearing his throat over and over instead of getting a drink

shut the FUCK up
Replies: >>203238
[Hide] (146.8KB, 310x421)
yer telling me i can soothe my scratchy throat with a beverage?
you know white people
get money dont spend it
SHIT one of my back teeth has a crack
back teeth are the worst to get fixed
Replies: >>203244
how can you even see back there
Replies: >>203245
i can feel it with my tongue
sharp edge
Replies: >>203247 >>203248
Replies: >>203251
maybe thats just a micro plastic
probably just plaque man
i think after 6 more months of macho-hypno i'll be ready to leave the house and socialize
Replies: >>203253
how do people talk are podcasts how people talk
Replies: >>203254
dashbro if you didnt post this you should probably watch it
im trans
Replies: >>203260
rn i'm nightwalking and hiding from cars in shadows and behind trees

this has been in my youtube recs dozens of times over the last few years
maybe its good

Replies: >>203259
woman moment fr fr
my first baseball game was not documented
she should be stoned to death in the town square
dumb fucking bitch
don't let them take your pip hun
im a lot like that girl with flowers in her hair from a certain scientific railgun
yes and so much more
crazy that ill be dead before a new season of that comes out...
Replies: >>203267
[Hide] (96.2KB, 415x113)
sc2 is so dead
Replies: >>203270
*checks my watch*
nope i dont give a fuck lol
gonna try drinking that beer that im a llergic to maybe itll be ok this time
huge mistake
Replies: >>203292
why didn't anyone link it...
Replies: >>203271
bro... you're the only star2crump left...
Replies: >>203272
no that's not true...
i sorta crump still
we got a ladderbro in diamond
or plat
oh man its gook vs showtime and its down to the last one or two games
[Hide] (249.9KB, 640x720)
plat now is basically high masters in 2012
high plat low diamond here,
inb4 gumiho sweeps the next 2 games
wait le tod is there?
ok whatever i was just a bunch of nonames plus two washed up gooks
i was mid diamond once, did it while drinking too
sounds like it
the state of sc2 in 2024...
glad that i escaped the sc2hole before it collapsed
dads been fucking around in the kitchen for the last 2 hours

is someone gonna match this gook
Replies: >>203290
fucking whore she knows exactly what shes doing
bros.. right now has grown on me a bit..
i should have listened
Replies: >>203294
( ใƒปฯ‰ใƒป) Let's try that again.
Replies: >>203296
[Hide] (521.3KB, 895x1004)
Replies: >>203299
[Hide] (194.7KB, 1372x1080)
very cool pando
heard jimmy urine is a huge sexpest
Replies: >>203310
[Hide] (114.7KB, 304x317)
Replies: >>203307
ive never seen flcl someoene stream it
*flawlessly plays through the fire and flames by dragonforce*
[Hide] (84.6KB, 410x308)
holy crap that guy just aced thru fire and flames on medium
what game is this it looks good
Replies: >>203308 >>203309
elden ring: shadow of the ermtree
[Hide] (95.3KB, 585x741)
no idea
if flcl came out today the /a/teenyboppers would call it lolsorandum garbage
and theyd be right
ok soooooooo does that mean someone is gonna stream it orrrrrr.............???
this nasty whore wanted to charge me $150 for her worn underwear and wouldnt even jam them in her pussy before she mailed them fuck that
[Hide] (199.1KB, 756x1000)
u actually need to stop watching porn
hes past that and needs one of those cattle skull punchers to put him out of his misery
Replies: >>203320
as if you dont watch pornos pando

gleep get in here man and do your thing in chat
[Hide] (74.4KB, 430x600)
i dont yea
Replies: >>203321
if i set it to 50% depth maybe it would make me find holos amusing or wow fun
thats so masc of you
shes torturing dogs
what makes a person watch or link amouranth?
Replies: >>203325
i mean i clicked on that nasty whore and amouranth was in the sidebar so i clicked on that and she was molesting a dog so i linked it
its not that complicated
poor upbringing
the whole nature and nurture shebang
my white ass is hungry as hell
Replies: >>203327
me too but dad wont get the fuck out of the kitchen
nofap brother u up?
what day are you on
Replies: >>203426
i got my nut busted earlier by that see through youtube link
gonna try and stay strong from now on
Replies: >>203331 >>203336
[Hide] (5.6KB, 226x48)
wtf vodnvape is still playing classic era
thats a new low man
Replies: >>203334
classic era is true wow
truly boring
did you click the link and check it out
its was impossible to avoid
blew me away
Replies: >>203335
i did it was an old hag doing some nigger tier squats with her ass
well at least it wasnt some demonic nasty porno
it was 4k and well lit bro
i could count the rings on her pussy lips through the mesh material
she was old but that body was right
know what else is 4k and well lit
the (2nd place) banger of the year
the problem with nofap is that you end up pounding off in your sleep after a few weeks
thus ruining the semen retention benefits
Replies: >>203373
im trying my hardest to not crank my massive two hander hog over here and you guys arent helping
is there actual benefits
the benefit is that you dont feel disgusting but thats not a concern for me
i dont jerk to studio porn so ive never felt disgusting
Replies: >>203345
thats a pretty good benefit im flat out disgusted these days after crankin off

nietzsche said semen retention blasts the excess semen into your bloodstream and makes you powerful and confident
but he was a nut job

the brahmin said it makes you strong and closer to nirvana
the problem is they just dont stop making pornos
i mean if you think about it really the masturbation today cannot be compared to masturbation 50+ years ago at all its just a completely different game
[Hide] (26.4KB, 1057x111)
remember those tin vids with gooks eating food backwards
wonder why there havent been new tintoks
maybe he got arrested for overstaying his visa
found tinny in the wild on 4norm
gonna try to engage and get a status update
Replies: >>203353 >>203354
tell him we set out fresh seeds and newspaper in his crate....
be careful man so you dont scare him away
*rattles cage*
hes posting flagless an hour ago
Replies: >>203358
thats not even him
i dont think thats him man
i had to delete tin off discord because he kept sending me spam links for steam giftcards
Replies: >>203361
tin makes a lot of money of those giftcard links man
no i think he got hacked
[Hide] (67.4KB, 1006x180)
why are these worthless homos allowed to exist in the same company as actual talents
nuke holostars im no longer asking
Replies: >>203433
gleep im tired of seeing this holoshit you need to take some effective measure
Replies: >>203369
dying my pants

this is the nasty shit that we like here
Women are at best communal and local in their political efficacy and are infinitely more suited to limited agency within smaller groups/towns/villages/communes.
The nation state and national/regional level politics is abstract and beyond their reasonable comprehension other than government = daddy/provider
*nods head in agreement*
[Hide] (713.5KB, 901x879)
imagine the olden times when the whole world was basically uninhabited wilderness and it was just you and your closest bros you grew up with from childhood going out and hunting adventuring and conquering the unknown discovering something new and crazy and unexplainable every day
Replies: >>203376
aaron stream 'Patriotism or the Rite of Love and Death' (1966)
its a short film
and then a bigger group from a different tribe finds you and cuts your head off while raping your women
imaginationfapping is ok and doesnt give you pornbrain and is how dudes have survived since we were cavemen. nofap isnt necessary.
theres no way thered be a bigger tribe than mine im virile as hell
the agricultural revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
Replies: >>203377
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1039x1283)
[Hide] (699.4KB, 1675x2048)
toot check this out
Replies: >>203380
are you toot?
we all agree
oh hey im back on the old youtube layout
[Hide] (362.6KB, 1084x1256)
never got the appeal of this
Replies: >>203384 >>203386
what is that type of ai?
why dont they just set up local ai for free
[Hide] (608.5KB, 1536x2048)
yeah, the kiddos are using ai to do their homework. it's really easy to spot when they do.
Replies: >>203387 >>203389
its not chatgpt
its a paid service where you can go and talk to ai versions of characters and erp with them i think
so its omegle for zoomers
so what lowkey holotoddler merch or shit do you bring with you or do in school so the high school holobabs engage you?
Replies: >>203437
why would am be lowkey about it he has highkey plushies and wall scrolls in all his classrooms
Replies: >>203394
someone explain what character ai is NOW
Replies: >>203392
ive inferred that it is like ai of a specific person? like you can aichat with post malone or taylor swift
[Hide] (309.1KB, 2034x370)
he told me he got in trouble for jumping on a kids desk and screaming GANBATTE! at a kid for doing a gj
holy crap guras on there? *hops on*
it'd be funny if the ai wasnt working  and they were farming that out to be done manually by people in india (like the amazon grocery stores)

good morning sir this is your friend gawr gura sir
[Hide] (61.3KB, 1026x439)
how is this legal
Replies: >>203437
ai garfield feeder rp
aichat for holobabs could be done with a magic 8 ball of retarded toddler sayings. its too easy
Replies: >>203423
grow the fuck up
why dont the holospammers go to this character ai site and talk to their tubers instead of spamming about them here all day
garfield if i put another tub of pureed lasagna down your feeding tube youll surely die! youve had a dozen heart attacks in the last 20 minutes
c. ai garfield: do it
[Hide] (45.9KB, 963x289)
Replies: >>203404
lol i was gonna make a post about how about the wowspammers go use it to talk about saving azeroth
[Hide] (125.6KB, 1423x793)
ok yeah i can see how people could get into this
aaron ban
[Hide] (103.7KB, 521x665)
bro shes like 4
[Hide] (61.2KB, 1060x403)
Replies: >>203410 >>203464
[Hide] (67.4KB, 607x423)
biden would just turn his back to deathwing and freeze up
hoo boy chat gpt did you see this post on wowhead?
listen here jack
azeroth is home to millions of brave adventurers and i cant let your funny business ruin it
[Hide] (26.8KB, 948x168)
zzzzz gura is BORING and not very helpful when azeroth is in trouble
*slams desk*
first of all guras canonically thousands of years old
Spoiler File
(68.7KB, 1116x477)
nenes english is nowhere near that good
[Hide] (1.1MB, 3024x4032)
nazrin snail
Replies: >>203420
[Hide] (384.5KB, 1594x2048)
azeroth status?
Replies: >>203424
what if those aren't even ais but just dudes in india pretending to be ais
bunnys fit is looking crazy
today is the end of week 6
Replies: >>203427
u must be throbbin
Replies: >>203455
prolly jizin in his sleep an he aint even know lmao
[Hide] (157.6KB, 713x753)
he leakin'
*waves my hand in your face*
im not fat im a mass monster
at least its homostarsjp and not homostarsen
so do holos ever collab with non holo vtubers?
Replies: >>203439
so do you ever shut up about vtuber shit?
Replies: >>203436
[Hide] (307.9KB, 1071x1072)
i sometimes add watame to my powerpoint slides, and i have some hololive keychains on my work bag.

what if that's the real nene?
yes, wawa has collabed with n*ji vtubers before, and many holojp have collabed with ui-mama.
[Hide] (994.7KB, 1186x1394)
Replies: >>203443
i dont understand why video games have casting
because bitch ass hoes have infiltrated gaming at every level
a nigger tranny knife expert? 
they might not want what theyre asking for
like sometimes you can instant cast but for more powerful spells you have to channel
its a balance decision thing
(meaning they'll get homeless drug tier psychoniggers, those will be the ones that know knives)
i think its a cooking game why do you homos always assume violence
Replies: >>203450
sundays are just the worst man everyones home and in my space
Replies: >>203460
yeah i could live with that as long as she doesnt follow me to work
im saying the only black tranny knife expert they find will be a magdumpable animalnigger.
why dont you want her at work
Replies: >>203453
because i have to get stuff done and all the fat ladies i work with would ask questions
women are deranged
nah, i got over that hump.
[Hide] (560.3KB, 830x1013)
if the opinion of fat ladies can affect the outcome of your work i dont think it counts as real work
they hold insane power at most jobs
most jobs arent real work
sundays are church days and that makes them best.
i dunno how people can gossip with each other for hours i only say like a couple sentences per day
Replies: >>203463
this is highly problematic
do you need an email or something for c.ai
stop using nonfree ai
idk who id even erp with
finally got all my stuff done
Replies: >>203471
[Hide] (650.8KB, 1208x1300)
those guys are hundreds of years old?
dad bought these tiny ass ice cream cones
Replies: >>203474 >>203475
 those fun sized miniature anything make me flip the fuck out
Replies: >>203477
call him gay
she did that tucker meme...
its fun sized man whats the big deal
Replies: >>203479
[Hide] (785.8KB, 1063x752)
you get less food when you buy packages of miniature shit.
its an enormous unforgiveable waste of money similar to but not as bad as kcups
Replies: >>203481
>that one guy who hates fun
whats your story?
believe they call that SHRINK flation
Replies: >>203484
[Hide] (508.9KB, 782x767)
Replies: >>203483 >>203490
no its low level buying in bulk and the way you get ripped off when you  get the minis
its not shrinkflation at all i hope that guy realizes hes wrong
what if we skip the shrink part and go straight to the 'flation
 i cant be the only one here who was never able to swing on a swing i didnt understand how you were supposed to gain momentum
*takes a step away from that weirdo*
ugh bunny keeps rejecting offers from onlyfans
[Hide] (811.4KB, 671x767)
[Hide] (898.6KB, 1277x718)
this episode is funnier when you remember that japan hunts orcas
fucku you whare
fucku you dorphin
erm artosis' wife sounds like a man