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cosplay thread
we should start migrating after 500 posts
no it leaves threads open for the sicko spammer
Replies: >>198574
does it?
not sure how that thread got locked at 845 posts
aawon is among us
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threads should be 2000 posts long and when theyre full a side banner should appear
Replies: >>198580
aaron is abusing his power again
no 800 reply threads take ages to load on my phone when im in china
you guys are such babies about migrating im gonna keep doing it at a lower and lower post just to make you squirm
the new thread just got 100 posts smaller
they should make a weighted foam roller but instead of rolling on it rolls on you
Replies: >>198941
heavy stuff is expensive sounds like a diy sorta deal
this season of the boys fuckin sucks!!!
so did the other 3 man
gonna lock in so hard tomorrow its unreal
Replies: >>198591
the results are in. i'm gay
Replies: >>198592
holospam comes at u quick
you go girl
you go girl
okay NOW im done gaming
been going to these nasty whores amazon wishlists and clicking "purchased elsewhere" so it removes it from their wishlist
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absolutely devious
didnt have a stomach ache at all today
then i ate some food
now i have  a stomach ache
Replies: >>198602
maybe you have evolved past the need for food
Replies: >>198620
i feel u
*sits my white ass down and listens*
thats a lot of words
i would get a job if it was 4 day/week, 5 hours/day and i made $60k/year
i wouldnt
i would get a job if it was half that days half that hours and half that pay
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i'll win the lottery one of these days

then lose it all in under a year and be back at square one
avgn had some killer vids
back in the good ol days
man that big deep neck crack you get after a long gaming session feels so good
aaron stream Angry Video Game Nerd - Season 2 (AVGN Full Season Two)
3h 36m of pure kino
Replies: >>198615
goobs is a clip watcher, just like me
you fuckin suck
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i already asked him multiple times to stream the avgn movie and he's ignored me.
started playing dota
was most successful with medusa mid because everyones so bad the game goes for an hour and you can just fight their whole team
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classic nerd, he's got a rolling rock in the atari 5200
Replies: >>198618
they did something to rolling rock it doesnt taste like it did 10 years ago
would you date a girl whos had an abortion
Replies: >>198621 >>198627
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it's literally impossible to find a girl who hasn't had an abortion in america
Replies: >>198624
gotta say 'litzer is correct here
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im literally right here
Replies: >>198625 >>198626
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you are a 33 year old man with a cock and balls
no i hate child killers im one tragedy away from being on the news for attacking a clinic
wtf they have different times that you can go hunting with a bow and arrow and different times you go hunting with a gun
when is america gonna make cool stuff again instead of homo slop
our days of cool are over
we have unfortunately chosen the path of homo slop
its the chink/jeet century now its their turn
what have jeets ever done
nothing yet but just you wait
going to jerk off to mewslut later
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Replies: >>198635
Replies: >>198639 >>198641
felt a lil tired and was wondering why turns out its already about bed time where o where doth the time go
bedtime for me is in uhhh maybe 6 or 7 hours
what the fuck does doth mean
japanese release?
its does but with a lisp man
kinda cool also im thinking hyein isnt actually sick and its just a front for her leaving the group
Replies: >>198642
she hurt her foot shes been on crutches thats why shes not dancing
Replies: >>198644
show me what that pussy doth...
well feet do take a long time to heal. we'll see i guess
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my foot injury took 6 months to heal it was facked
<Airplane food bill tops $220K on Trudeauโ€™s 6-day Indo-Pacific trip. There were a maximum of 72 passengers aboard the jet during the trip, although that dropped as low as 37 on certain legs, if we assume that the $223,234 was shared equally among the 72, that comes to $3,100 per person. Or, $516 per person, per day.
oh good more lame ass newspam love that
whats the deal with airplane food
apparently its expensive
not a fan of newsspammer either
wish i could do a deep cleaning on my room it wouldnt take that long but the idea of moving my heavy desk and bed makes me not want to do it
just do it
i gotta do that soon too theres so much fuckin cat hair in here
whats the deal with cat hair
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Replies: >>198656
what a gorgeous gook
Replies: >>198660
oh good more lame ass holospam love that
guess ill watch a movie

but which movie will i watch

thats the question
Replies: >>198661 >>198663
that's a jap
men in black 1
you know what it is i dont have a good vacuum i just have some cheap shitty one without a nozzle to get into tight spots
my alg is full of imitation game lately
Replies: >>198664
i saw it twice. p good
i got a fancy little LG one it sucks a little weak but it gets the job done
back shed light is on dad mighta left it on or there might be a murder hobo in there so ill just leave it be
i wanna watch this but i cannot find er
let dad deal with it
saw a video of a minimalist who doesnt own a vacuum and just brooms then mops with a hand towel
Replies: >>198779
could call in sick tomorrow...
elden norm
you could but you won't because you are a slave
you can get by just using wet wipes
could just no show i heard no show ghosting is all the rage with kids these days
if sportsnorms call in sick for the super bowl then its only fair
don't compare elden ring to the superbowl man
nobody calls in sick for the super bowl man its on sunday!
elden ring is the middest shit ever man idk how fromsoft mindbrapped everyone into thinking its the jesus of video games
heard a quote from an old greek that any father that fails to teach his son his trade is a failure and a piece of shit basically

my dads gonna be in so much trouble when he reaches the afterlife for dropping that ball and i take zero responsibility i didnt ask to be born it was his idea
Replies: >>198684
i'm gonna watch don't look now in honor of donald sutherland
Replies: >>198685
elden ring is actually game of the year tho its a legit masterpiece
we are greek?
Replies: >>198690
bro that's a quote from some queer boy lover who fuckin cares what he said
Replies: >>198688
that was the movie that opened my eyes to how skinny every woman was in the 70's
*rolls and pokes for 5 games in a row*
greeks loving boys is a reddit meme
Replies: >>198689
i'm a redditor
Replies: >>198691
no we are latinx
*tips fedora*
Replies: >>198693
from soft are respectable game devs but i just dont like dark souls combat, sekiro was way better
and to you too
ok first of all its a tribly
sekiro combat sucked
Replies: >>198696
youre wrong but its ok because everybody is allowed to be wrong
Replies: >>198699
what if they're wrong constantly
even a broken clock is right twice a day
*attacks your guard doing no damage 100 times then press X to awesome you to remove one of your mans and then repeat the process*
? goomba bopping is more engaging combat
Replies: >>198701
it used to be that being wrong meant you didnt catch the deer so you and your family all starved to death
*rolls and pokes 100 times*
Replies: >>198705
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you just have to catch one gook
give a man a gook and hell gook for a day
teach a man to gook and hell gook for life
dad never taught me how to gook...
Replies: >>198706
when you find what works don't change it
the greeks say he's in for huge punishment once he dies because of that
greece is a shithole country man who cares what they think
2000 years ago it was the center of civilization and culture athens was the LA of the ancient world
greek women are hot as fuck!!!
what do the polynesians have to say about that
yeah and they died out aka FAILED
if the greek chick from csi:new york is representative of greek women in general than no they arent
Replies: >>198715
there's always a bigger fish
*is the biggest fish*
checkmate athiests
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Replies: >>198719
she looks jewish
she probably got some hairy ass arms
know what i mean
like some is aight but
okay jewish isnt a race
really cannot stand curly hair
Replies: >>198723
you guys seent those aboriginal australians
now those are some ugly bitches
i call them demi humans like from elden ring
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Replies: >>198724
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so passive aggressive
crazy how a handful of greek city-states defeated the giant persian empire but by the time rome was blossoming they were so weak and ruined by generations of useless fratricidal conflict that rome effortlessly conquered the whole of hellas
Replies: >>198728
keira knightley is so fucking hot
Replies: >>198729
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it has to do with spiritual potency the greek aryans were at their peak and fighting shitskins rome came because greeks got degenerate from sailing and gold grubbing the potency of the aryan spirit was now with the romans
and now the potency of the aryan spirit is held by indians...
wonder what crazy stuff happened in the thousands of thousands of years we dont have written records of
Replies: >>198735 >>198736
prolly nothin
imagine delhi in 2050...
the finno-korean hyper war...
buncha shittin, pissin and fuckin
flash v jd in 2024 wtf
artosis still trying to pretend bw is exciting lol
sc2 was such a failure everyone only cares about bw
i don't care that flash tried to scam a bunch of gooks. does anyone care?
no i dont care even tom brady did crypto scams its normal
crypto scams are punk rock
there's no bad shitcoin there's only bad timing on your pump and dump its technically not even a scam i bet some gooks 10x'd
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Replies: >>198748 >>198749
>flash just wins cuz boomerdong forgot to defend his 3rd
these grandpas need to lock in
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i'm older than jaedong
crazy how we used to run the sc2 scene from the shadows
i met him and he said i was normal
he only said you were normal so you wouldnt stab him lol
Replies: >>198752
why didn't you throw acid in his face
no im actually the most normal person around (i learned this is called masking for autists)
masking is when you use different words to avoid chat filters or mod rules like calling someone a monkey instead of a nigger
whats the deal with enders game
i feel like that got a lot of buzz when we were YAs but i never read or watched it
we gotta start going to bed at a reasonable time
i was thinking about enders game last week too never read it either
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just watch the movie
why would you want to read ya fiction
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080, 00:07)
enders game was written for 20-30 something programmer nerd males it's not ya
because hes retarded
dont be so judgmental you prick
what about winter's game
god i want to ride through hordes of uruk-hai with my brothers at my side
Replies: >>198774
havent read a steven king book is a coons age read dozens of his books back in highschool
[Hide] (532.5KB, 480x854, 00:02)
Replies: >>198778
whys it called a coons age anyway
been looking at gooks and imaging myself on top of them fucking them in their yellow pussies and cumming
Replies: >>198904
that is not okay.
long ago in the age of coons... lol
evil pimp u up?
whats up mf hoe daddy needs new shoes
that was so fucking epic
im doing my thing of walking around in circles in the garage talking to myself
whatre you talking about?
you better not be burning paper towels again boy
that was so fucking epic
a whole day of elden ring and pizza
this is what gaming is all about
3am you know im on elden ring man
Spoiler File
(3.9MB, 720x480, 01:58)
Replies: >>198784
im too intimidated to launch elden
[Hide] (8.7KB, 300x297)
i didnt beat the first elden ring
Replies: >>198786 >>198787
come on man
Replies: >>198788
it was too hard
Replies: >>198790
just overlevel man that's what i did
you just get a big weapon
lots of strength
and swing

bop em right on the head
gweed dont click
elden babs need to overlevel the game
sekirochads just git gud
now sekiro that was freaking hard
one of the hardest games ive played
Replies: >>198797
fuck open world games now what i mean
i was using followers and potions and beat elden ring but i feel like i cheated
its cuz the other fromsoft games all trained you to play like a pansy bitch while sekiro rewards aggressive play
actually its the other way around
Replies: >>198801
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after actually playing sekiro i cant forgive people that act like its good combat you baited me and made me waste 30 hours and 40 bucks
no its not dumbfuck
in those games all you do is roll around waiting for the safe poke and then back to rolling
in sekiro you have to constantly attack the bosses stamina or else it will regenerate
sekiro is purely reactive
all soulsgames are just memorizing attack patterns 
now factorio on the other hand thats a real game
>the game where you have to wait for the enemy to attack so you can epicly parry it is actually aggressive
Replies: >>198805
if you just sit there and wait to parry like a soulstard waiting to roll the boss will be regenerating stamina
Replies: >>198806
regenerate the stamina he's already at maximum of because im waiting for him to attack? are you stupid?
Replies: >>198809
wonder what my president joseph biden is up to
i'm gonna start consuming way more milkshakes
no regenerating the stamina you took by attacking/parrying him earlier
how stupid can you soulstards be
Replies: >>198811
[Hide] (4.4MB, 720x1280, 00:20)
i havent attacked or parried anyhting because im waiting for his attack stupid fuck is this the intelligence level you have to be at to be fooled into thinking sekiro is aggressive cool gameplay? god you're a retard
Replies: >>198812
that's what i thought bitch shut up
average soulstard intelligence
youve parried the bosses first attack and hes down a little bit of stamina do you
a. play aggressively to keep his stamina from regenerating
b. stand around like a soulstard waiting to dodge roll
Replies: >>198825
[Hide] (464.5KB, 1501x2000)
c. load up a picture of gooks
and by "play aggressively" do you mean throwing a single attack that does zero damage because he just blocks it before guess what he attacks again and you need to parry? that one attack being just a followup to the parry you landed anyway

yeah super "aggressive play" following up your parry with a counter hit fucking idiot god you're stupid
Replies: >>198827
i only got elden ring because i got my brand new xbox a week before it and wanted to play something new and fancy

then i never turned my xbox on again damn what a waste of 500 bucks
yes play aggressively does mean to default to attacking rather than defaulting to standing around the waiting for the next dodge roll
thats what aggression means, now sputter and back peddle for me
*parries an attack and then follows up*
epic aggression there i really feel the aggressive play when i wait to parry then counter
>when i wait to parry
remind me again in which game the mobs regenerate while youre standing around waiting?
regenerating their stamina that is already at max 
fucking stupid idiot shut the fuck up
Replies: >>198825

nasty whores and elden ring linked up?
she ain't nasty
Replies: >>198827
Wordle 1,098 4/6*

stop looping retard
Replies: >>198829
[Hide] (209.1KB, 1500x2000)
youre the tard looping to โ€œthe dont regenerate at full healthโ€ again
as if mobs are only in one of two states full health or dead
Replies: >>198831
You solved The Mini
in 45 seconds.
fights have to start at full hp and waiting for the enemy to attack then counter attack is not aggressive play it's the exact fucking opposite
Replies: >>198832
and the entire rest of the health bar?
Replies: >>198833
hey dick sucker guess what the enemy does after your counter attack
he attacks again! so you parry again, then counter attack, then parry again, then counter attack
it's never fucking aggressive. you start reactionary and continue to react for the entire fight you goddamn FUCKING MORON YOU STUPID FUCK SHUT THE FUCK UP
Replies: >>198834
if you stand around and wait for their next attack like a soulstard they will regenerate stamina between parries thus the game encourages and rewards your for filling that dead space with aggression (attacking) rather than passive waiting (like a soulstard)
Replies: >>198837
Puzzle #376
[Hide] (490KB, 1536x2048)
didn't poo today. it's happening again
Replies: >>198838
cool theory in practice it works exactly how i described though
Replies: >>198842
love that naked picture in the back
already 2/3rd of the way through june
then itll be july
Replies: >>198840
make it stop!
pictures cant be naked moron
you know if you werent such a passive pussy soulstard you would have discovered you can parry even while youre mid attack so theres literally no reason to never not be attacking
Replies: >>198845
yeah they can if they dont have clothes on
oh today was the summer solstice so every day is going to get shorter now thank god
now we just need to get out of summertime and get through july august and september
Replies: >>198846
perfect so you can interrupt your counterattack you did after your parry to parry again boy i love the aggressive *checks notes* reactive parry gameplay of sekiro
Replies: >>198848
thats all made up man
woof woof bark bark
back to the insanity plea of attacking isnt aggression i see?
Replies: >>198849
a followup attack after waiting for a parry is not what i would call aggressive gameplay no
Replies: >>198852
the mansion will not be air conditioned
sweaty gook sex in the mansion bedrooms...
and what about the attack after that and the one after that and the one after that all in succession as you pressure the boss to keep its stamina from recharging between taking bigger chunks out from parries?
Replies: >>198853
the attack after that? you mean the one you have to epically cancel in order to parry again? that attack?
Replies: >>198856
Wordle 1,098 5/6*

crazy how humanity invented hologram tupac before a solution to hair loss
you created this imaginary scenario in your head where every sekiro combat is attack parry attack parry over and over back and forth
i cant scoop your retarded little brain out of your head so there isnt really much more to discuss here until you just go watch gameplay and realize youre wrong
Replies: >>198858
Wordle 1.098 3/6

i didnt imagine it i lived it i played it and it was exactly that you're talking about a game that doesnt exist
Puzzle #376
You solved The Mini
in 40 seconds.

hoooo boy
Replies: >>198865

*shoves you*
stupid fucking nigger fuck you
grow up
it was a pretty easy one even i got it in 45โ€ฆ
Replies: >>198867
the soulstard is still a little angry
yeah it was easy
i thought i was a bit slow at it too
why would he be mad he won the argument
i did it in 2 minutes
Replies: >>198870
[Hide] (40.8KB, 625x352)
soulstard did win didnt he
i think he really did
im not surprised you all think that
soulstard games are made for low quality mass appeal (elden ring)
sekiro is made for high test aggressive, intelligent, skilled and handsome gamers
there's that word again
here's the coup de grace in sekiro your gameplay loop is parry counter parry

in elden you can actually and really and for real aggressively zap and two shot the boss before he even attacks

now tell me which is more "aggressive" actually this just ends the discussion
feelan like a hamburger without patty cheese or pickle bros
im starting to realize that this dresser in my room is taking up way too much space i think im gonna get rid of it

can i just put it out by the street
you can do whatever you want man its a free country
tried to find cheap fake chinese watches but i cant find any reasonably priced ones
i suppose everyone orders online now so i wouldnt find it in person
it seems that i dont need a vpn for 162 anymore but i still need it for other sites
Replies: >>198962
you got spankbang back?
i dont watch porn
not even vina sky anal?
gook women are nasty af
Replies: >>198885
gamed hard glad the eristic soulsnorms are gone
only the western ones
our gooks are pure
korean gooks from korea are really great
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[Hide] (168.1KB, 1440x1500)
am i going to regret throwing my tv box away? if i ever move its going to be impossible to move
tv norm...
how big is your tv damn
Replies: >>198893
its only 55 inches
you can buy plain cardboard and kinda cut it to make your own box 
it'll still be a pain to transport without the polystyrene and stuff but it's do-able
Replies: >>198898
55 inches how wide is a car?
wait the live only got 70k isnt she supposed to be the biggest vtuber in the world
damn i could have been shitposting on /vt /all night
Replies: >>198900
[Hide] (238.9KB, 1080x1360)
i still have that foam stuff too maybe il just put it in the garage
guras numbers are bad and her loli kami requim cover was bad
Replies: >>198901
it was pretty evident that they threw all that together in the last couple weeks
i wouldnt call it bad but it is obvious that the entire branch is just phoning it in and the only fresh idea theyve had in the past few years is to try and debut a bunch of euro girls who only want to collab with the boys
all the smart ones read the writing on the wall and moved to japan
i hope we'll be able to finally play as israeli leader benjamin netanyahu. i want their power to be that they get 51% of the commerce from any bank in the game and the ability to form one sided parasitic relationship with any other civ where they get all their military tech for free and their unique unit can be "arab terrorist" which would be like a no-faction privateer that can attack anyone and you get to select another civ to blame the bad relations on
great idea they already added blatant non-civilizations like canada and australia and hungarians into the game why not israelis
im a fan of gook on top
and too many made up women leaders like gorgo and catherine medici fuck that
7am time for the neet gamer to hop into bed
ill be joining you in just a little bit you go on ahead
oh i wish i had a boyfriend
a loving man in my life
same but a gook wife to plap up and grab her tits before going to sleep
[Hide] (416.9KB, 1190x848)
Replies: >>198911
i think my dad bought my bed from this guy :/
yeowch my back kills me in the morning
Replies: >>198913
hmm *thinks*
get a foam topper and weighted blankie bro
i heard husky dogs love weighted blankets
husky dogs are autistic?
damn look at her titties
[Hide] (355.5KB, 1370x873)
wonder if its illegal to post this pic in china
Replies: >>198927
boy if you post one more ching chong ass link imma scream
Replies: >>198919
[Hide] (450KB, 1792x2276)
Replies: >>198927 >>198946
its getting crazier out there
nobody gives a shit about your holo bait threads retard
Billie Eilish and NewJeans Unite on 'Music Station'

Billie Eilish and the K-pop group NewJeans appeared together on the Japanese TV show 'Music Station' on June 21, 2024. The event sparked excitement among fans, with many expressing surprise and enthusiasm over the collaboration. Billie Eilish referred to NewJeans as her friends, mentioning that they had previously met at Lollapalooza. The appearance was highlighted by a selfie taken by Billie Eilish with NewJeans member Hanni.
Replies: >>198928
[Hide] (2.2MB, 600x600)
<nobody gives a shit about your holo bait threads retard
Replies: >>198927
and there it is
Replies: >>198926
[Hide] (135.7KB, 250x203)
Replies: >>198927
*whips out a bazooka*
you sick fucks have tormented me for far too long... prepare to die!!
[Hide] (988.6KB, 964x567)
EXCLUSIVE: Utah 'Karen' makes drastic move after she was fired for yanking down teen girl's skirt in a restaurant to cover her butt cheeks
whats the drastic move
ok but if it was a guy five different people wouldve tackled him and been george floyd holding him till the cops get there
cant believe they took big george from us
racist retards
woah hsc still exists
[Hide] (8.3KB, 305x165)
[Hide] (53.1KB, 960x540)
[Hide] (63.9KB, 1000x522)
[Hide] (569.8KB, 1080x775)
BREAKING: Sam the Orangutan, of "Dunston Checks In" fame, has passed away
fentanyl floyd the gentle giant
[Hide] (159.2KB, 594x517)
the euros are on amerilard?
wow i just caught up on a lot of posts. you guys are so cool and retarded
[Hide] (5.5KB, 225x225)
[Hide] (560.9KB, 828x1249)
>He went to bed as a man but woke up as a woman. For 20-year-old Mujahid, life took a drastic turn when he was deceived into undergoing gender reassignment surgery. This was orchestrated by another man in collusion with doctors from a local medical college in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar.
>This sensational case has sparked outrage and led to protests by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU).
>The incident took place at Begrajpur Medical College in Mansoorpur. Mujahid, 20 and resident of Sanjak village, alleged that he was deceived by Omprakash on June 3. Omprakash allegedly convinced the doctors at the medical college to perform surgery on Mujahid, which involved the removal of his genitals and a forced gender change.
>Mujahid claims that Omprakash had been threatening and harassing him for the past two years. Mujahid was falsely told that he had a medical issue requiring hospital inspection. Accompanied by Omprakash, he visited the facility where the hospital staff allegedly administered anaesthesia and performed the sex-change operation.
>"He brought me here, and the next morning I had an operation. When I regained consciousness, I was told that I had been changed from a boy to a girl," Mujahid recounted.
>Omprakash allegedly told him that he would now have to live with him, adding that no one from his family or community would accept him anymore. Omprakash also threatened to shoot Mujahid's father and seize his share of the family land.
>"He said, 'I changed you from a man to a woman and now you have to live with me. I have prepared a lawyer and prepared a court marriage for you. Now I will shoot your father and the land of your share will be named after me and then I will sell it and go to Lucknow'," Mujahid recalled.

ummm sars?
thats a pretty good prank
its like the muslim version of that antonio banderas movie
its just a prank bro
if any of you cross me at the mansion i'll be chopping off your pip and making you my wife
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[Hide] (804.6KB, 634x951)
[Hide] (312KB, 306x504)
[Hide] (1MB, 634x862)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 634x909)
EXCLUSIVE: Expert reveals how Kanye's 'tit-for-tat war with Kim' is at heart of his 'human canvas' wife Bianca Censori's most outrageous look to date - and issues warning to the Australian
Replies: >>198954
listening to the undertale soundtrack at work really loud and all the zoomer girls are acting confused and unhappy about it
Replies: >>198951
stop being a weirdo pussy dryer
Replies: >>198996
[Hide] (190.3KB, 1200x675)
i see you guys argued about fromsoft masterpieces for hours while i slept
well done
fromsoft games are for normies yuck
damn kanye's new wife has some big tits
heard the best fake watches to get are panerais cause they are basically identical to the real ones
Replies: >>198956 >>198957
keep us updated
bing bing wahoo on the other hand
now thats a day one purchase

lil bro obsessing over fashion is girly
Replies: >>198960 >>198961
for chinabro...
what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
i'll play it
we've got literal fagbros that make their own cool garments man. try to keep these things in mind and be less retarded
im not gay!
Replies: >>198966
demonic demon dno
youre the only one who say "shiny boy" in the url and thought to check it out lil bro
Replies: >>198968
ahhhhh shiny boy made me so curious i clicked
reminder that the link is from chaturbate. i could have used that reminder a few seconds ago
actually i cant read
Replies: >>198969
no it got me too as i just admitted. i was thinking of shiny pokemon
check this out man https://pornhub.com/gayporn
<i was thinking of shiny pokemon
i often think shiny pokemon
Replies: >>198975
[Hide] (274.9KB, 1200x1570)
souls faggots? our response?
Replies: >>198976 >>199017
[Hide] (361.1KB, 1395x1357)
you arent comprehending what youre reading hes talking about turn based grind levels rpgshit
Replies: >>198978
actually hes talking about neverwinter nights
lil bro souls shit has stats like final fantasy youre not actually good at games
im not good at games? the horror
this guy is fired up about souls
life is a game
speakin of firing up
*fires up elden ring*
have fun with your reactive gameplay dear
 dark souls is an action game so if you arent good you might never get good

it also lets you grind levels and gear
there are elements of both types of game making it a bad example for what shigeru was talking about
Replies: >>198991
i believe you mean kings fieldlike
dark souls stops being hard when you read walkthroughs like god intended
ugh dep
Replies: >>198989
what the fuck are we going to do today
go for a run hope that will cheer us up
then we got football and booze i guess
Replies: >>198998
dark souls isn't an action game kek 
kingdom hearts 2 level 1(no rpg faggotry) on critical is action 
Replies: >>198997
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NIO6ZWxMCA hooooooooooooooooooooo boy
first of all shopping is way gayer than making stuff so actually making your own garments is straight as hell
toss says ur heart only has so many ticks before it runs out so exercising is bad
Replies: >>198995
Replies: >>198999
i will never stop being a weirdo pword dryer
fine its not an action game. if you cant press the buttons right you may never be able to press the buttons right
Replies: >>199001
the part above our little toe is fucked up so we're resting...
theres no swelling on top so theres still hope its not a stress fracture
bro needs to keep his hos in check they keep talking to males on twitter
grow up
post a video of yourself beating sephiroth and i will shut the fuck up
Replies: >>199002
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1280x720, 00:16)
are there any good movies with only girls in it or is that just an anime thing
amelie has a girl in it
your best bet is to look for j-yuri movies
why does he watch the lesbian media?
being good at games is the only thing i have left
we have to lock in
im not even good at games
souls troons think this passes as action lmao im pissing myself laughing 
>roll, roll, roll, slash, roll 
keep in mind he's rolling through the niggas attacks the game literally makes you invincible
those sound like actions to me
Replies: >>199012
nigga trooncel you get more action out of a moe visual novel
hol up let me just roll through a slow as fuck telegraphed attacked while im fucking invincible im such a heckin gamer chuddie
morning hours are ruff
Replies: >>199015
youre not cool + bloodborne is fucking shit ๐Ÿ˜Ž deal with it ๐Ÿ˜
how do you become cool
the world doesnt have many true gamers like this left
just a bunch of rpgchildren grinding stats in their phone games
Replies: >>199018
[Hide] (101KB, 706x1024)
bing bing wahoo bros we are so back
mario is boring
not enough rolling through slow motion attacks amirite
bloodborne isnt shit that game was awesome as hell
*plays a game with a high level of gamer skill*
wow this is fun and i can tell that im a very skilled videogamer 
im glad that im not a bad videogamer or this part would be really difficult
*finishes the roof of my minecraft house and throws a nice solid oak door in front*
ahhh there we go.... perfect
you guys are acting silly 
mario is awesome
eldensoulsborne is awesome
sekiro is awesome
and you
youre awesome
this dudes awed as hell rn
zanzibart...forgive me
Replies: >>199028
oh hell yeah now this is story telling
is there a food that goes bad so fast itll rot in your stomach before you can digest it so you have to eat it frozen in order not to get sick
just slept for  4 hours i need to  nap
Replies: >>199031
[Hide] (349.6KB, 1136x975)
good morning bros!!
good morning friday morning
[Hide] (22.3KB, 416x182)
why cant you blankpost anymore
i had enough of it and banned it
ย  .
im only wearing a bathrobe :3c
dont reveal that kinda stuff here
i reveal what i want
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1049)
so this is what tf2s all about...
we call it tft here
*checks notes*
i dont think we do
did you start making your notes 2 weeks ago or something
*checks notes*
doctor sex...
naaaaaah man
that guys been saying tft (team fortress two) for years now
theres that team fight tactics game that dude plays. that is tft
Replies: >>199051
my wife is so fucking hot
look at those knockers man karina has nothing on her
you haev no idea what your talking about but keep going
*turns up the undertale soundtrack even louder*
[Hide] (545.2KB, 197x165)
*does a lil jig*
you guys should be locked up
Replies: >>199056
im already locked in
[Hide] (587.3KB, 1280x5000)
Replies: >>199058
toby fox is a genius
it do be like dat doe
i beat undertale but i dont get what all the buzz was about it. everyone else loves it except me
its mother/earthbound but for tumblr audience
[Hide] (580.7KB, 1601x2048)
uhmmm.. nyaa?
Replies: >>199153
i didnt beat it but i dont get what all the buzz was about either
[Hide] (52.6KB, 1000x1000)
Replies: >>199068

Replies: >>199067
first of all
Replies: >>199069
[Hide] (44.4KB, 640x480)
he dont miss
[Hide] (3.9MB, 576x720, 00:39)
herO Talks: The Protoss Problem, MaxPax, & The GOAT Debate "Everyone knows that it's Serral"

we need to get into falconry
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1038, 00:02)
are we watchin the footie
ill tune in to the 3rd game
[Hide] (57.4KB, 719x707)
>wake up
>check youtube
>six gorillion gooba clips clogging my sub feed
ugh, i hate when this happens
Replies: >>199077
Replies: >>199077
[Hide] (333.4KB, 480x498)
[Hide] (37KB, 786x767)
bouta get drunk as hell and punch my dad
hmm poland vs austria? no thanks
Replies: >>199097
you arent a man until youve defeated your father in combat
Replies: >>199107
started drinking too
didnt go on a run :/
Replies: >>199082
you fell off
he's not locked in?
we have to take more risks
i might go on a lil evening walk before the next game i guess
explain right now why you're on that sub
Replies: >>199091
tamujo dropped out of the 25k tempo in 3k in hes done
hes just a random jap in kenya saying niggers sugoisugoi now
Replies: >>199090
i want a bf
oh no no no
>studied hard
>had a shit office job but make good money
>have a son with wife at 25
>he is sever autist (you can't detect severe autism during pregnacy)
>he is 9yo
>can't talk only makes weird noises
>only play with baby toys
>he have to wear diapers because somedays he refuses to go to the bath
>some days he becomes agresive and destroys the house
>he only sleeps 3-4h
>no sex with wife (sex drive goes to 0 when you don't sleep a full night for years)
>only fun thing of my life is playing some vidya in the bus to work
>regret not being a comfy happy neet.
Replies: >>199105
>(you can't detect severe autism during pregnacy)

gleepy fact check this
the vaccines cause autism after theyre born man
toss is on his 10th booster
*masks up*
gotta flatten that curve
ugh my piercing healed a lil and i had to poke a hole
Replies: >>199098
Replies: >>199112
holy shit man theyre making little prison cells
i don't have a tongue piercing i don't like tongue piercings
you've never had your dick sucked by a bitch with a tongue piercing then (neither have i)
i can't say i have
dick-tongue piercing
a portable human onahole
he sounds retarded, not autistic (like zii)
i have a needle in my butt
i beat him in smash bros a long time ago does that count?
how do people just blast a hole in their tongue that seems terrible
[Hide] (644.1KB, 763x519)
[Hide] (112.9KB, 681x933)
[Hide] (697.6KB, 650x1004)
[Hide] (863.9KB, 650x1004)
Replies: >>199167
he said no thanks why would you reply with a watchalong post. it adds nothing
Replies: >>199114
real femcel hours rn
you will watch divegrass and you will like it lil bro
[Hide] (720.6KB, 768x768)
Replies: >>199117 >>199118
[Hide] (326.2KB, 423x443)
idgi either
theyre literally me....
wish i had a little toddler brain like amlitzer
Replies: >>199161
i dont i need my big boy brain to play wow
big night tonight
not really
we got hockey which is a thing
the eulers...
can't believe im skipping a holo debut
the red girl just rubs me the wrong way
Replies: >>199165
ill probably peak in on the kusogaki  and the german one the other two are already dead to me
can you score directly off a throw-in without anyone else touching it?
Replies: >>199130
its so dumb how if you eat too much you get fat
Replies: >>199131

Uncover the truth with the latest Call of Dutyยฎ Black Ops 6 collection. Equip yourself with iconic apparel and accessories designed for fans who are ready to discover what secrets await in the shadows. 

Replies: >>199133
we playin blops?
phew just got back from doing the asvab they said i got a perfect score on the afqt part
monday i gotta go to meps to verify and then stay at a hotel to go do a medical check the next day
Replies: >>199164
bro really joinin up
>The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future ...
bro joining the army?
do they really accept 30 year old fat balding dudes to the marines?
cant believe fp is becomming a navy seals now
hes gonna die for israel
the asvab is like a military standardized test to find out if youre retarded. people like us would score very well on it because its designed the weed out the niggers that are too retarded
speak for urself bucko
there aint no buck that cant be broken
[Hide] (60.1KB, 1124x600)
i would fail this... i dont know american measurements...

is it 75%?
Replies: >>199145
uhmm toot?
hmmm quarts... quarter... a fourth... yes things are starting to fall into place
its also designed to find smart people so they can put them in the right MOS (job)  so him doing good is good.
when i start going grey i'm gonna dye my hair
Replies: >>199173
they said id be good in the nuclear program
im gonna die in a steel tube hundreds of feet underwater for israel!
Replies: >>199154
oops i got the math one wrong

x+y = 2, x - y = 1
what are x and y
gotta do some stubstistutions
x and y are letters man
miss nene?
you should be watching my naval guy. go root around this channel
x = 1+y

1+y+y = 2
2y = 1
y = 1/2

then x+1/2 = 2
x = 2-1/2
x = 3/2
Replies: >>199158
i watched these
gonna unzip pants soon
[Hide] (9.6KB, 500x500)
keep it zipped up freak
keep my pants zipped up while im poopin? thats weird man
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2894x4093)
i actually have a very large toddler brain
Replies: >>199162
zip it
the iso shield is so stupid
bro LFG!!!!
plap plap plap
do we have the technology to detect autism in this gook?
shes not autistic shes just killing it with the cutest haircut/gook combo ever
she can only rock that cut she's literally 15 tho
she cant be 15. if shes 15 that would mean im ped...
shes almost 20 man
[Hide] (207.9KB, 1595x2048)
you cant be ped even if shes 15 that's a different thing i think they call that uh, i think they call that uh, BEING NORMAL??!?!?!?!?
Replies: >>199176 >>199179
[Hide] (2.6MB, 211x374)
Replies: >>199177
no way he hittin that
it's actually just hebephilia but that's only if its exclusive we like 30 year old hags too so we're just normal guys
Spoiler File
(3.8MB, 400x720, 00:36)
Replies: >>199181
what are they doing
Replies: >>199184
im more of a p in the v guy
im coming around to the p in the a stuff
i think he's giving her a tune up
*does a lil jig*
above and beyond always makes me think of merlini
yagoo speaks, i sit my gaijin ass down and listen
Replies: >>199202
yagoo the black samurai?
not only have they jacked the chicken tendie sub price up so that its almost $12 with sales tax but they made the tendie size maybe 75% of what it used to be
these are no longer worth...
Replies: >>199191 >>199192
thats bidenomics for you
zaxby lil bro... this is why you should have got cane's
where do we get tendie subs?
the globalists are attacking us at our bottom line
im bout dah chickfala
publix man where else
we have a subscription for privix man we dont use publix with the plebs
Replies: >>199199
i gotta take a fuckin shit (first one in 49 hours) but someones taking a shower

you have NO IDEA whatr im goingdv through
[Hide] (164.2KB, 548x978)
just shit while they shower whats the big deal
what a slut
[Hide] (837.3KB, 1343x601)
this is gonna be kurinjii as hell
Replies: >>199204 >>199206
holospam guess ill play a game now
a bunch of retards all over the country are going to support anything that mayor does now?
bro we got france vs holland in 13!
it was weird that they announced this at the same time as another concert thing thats also happening in new york
i think people are gonna get confused
do the holospammers feel any shame or sense of responsibility that they kill the vibe and the thread every time they post or do they just not give a shit?
Replies: >>199212
dude im prairie doggin it hard rn this motherfucker needs to hop out that shower NOW
Replies: >>199227
i wonder how much it costs to hire like 20 holos for a propaganda campaign
your baby chicken diaper whinging does more harm to the thread vibes imo
Replies: >>199212
they do it on purpose to ruin the thread and make more people leave
then theres that one guy always whinging about the whingers: 
complain posts give off huge lil bro energy
[Hide] (234.1KB, 1656x2048)
h*ly cow the olympics are a month from now!
shut up vtube spam
if someone i respected asked me to tone down the holoposts i would but it seems like mainly the bad posters that dont like it
Replies: >>199218
you guys need to chill out and think of other people and not being annoying on purpose
fuck you guys sometimes
Replies: >>199220
feels like they just happened 3 years ago
yeah but like youre only ever going to level this criticism when the annoyers annoy you specifically
its all very biased so i just do my thing
alright they got out the shower and i successfully took a huge fucking shit

so don't even worry about me
[Hide] (856.1KB, 1024x635)
oh no no no wow tards our game is completely dead!
[Hide] (17.1KB, 193x255)
<they got out the shower
Replies: >>199226
austria (hitler) defeats poland again
im watching black science man take down terrence howard
Replies: >>199233
this guy is rooming with a chick and doesnt want us to know for some reason
iktf bro my brothers wife be taking long ass showers in the morning
Replies: >>199228
kill that bitch
we have a big get coming up........
Academia has successfully poisoned the minds of the young to be prejudiced against 2000 years of Judeo-Christian history and culture. What do they have to offer in its place? The inability to use common sense and no way to tell the difference between a man and woman.
^^^^this but unironically
i need advice about something but there's no one to ask
watching two niggers argue about ""science"" is like watching two homeless people argue about food
you can ask me man im an expert on those kind of things
chatgpt-san can help you out man
that's me in the goon cave 
that's me at the bate meet 
gooning's my religion
Replies: >>199237
we lol and hehe in this comm
we don'nt haha
well i'm new here so i didn't know
[Hide] (830.5KB, 1280x720)
im a lot like this hideous hippo creature
is elden ring a foid game
Replies: >>199242 >>199247
[Hide] (2.5MB, 912x720, 00:11)
Replies: >>199243
i love this meme
[Hide] (2MB, 480x854, 00:05)
can you do this in elden ring
Replies: >>199245
oof any followup info? is he paralyzed or anything crazy
[Hide] (413.3KB, 1715x1800)
damn saruei is hot
Replies: >>199261
true its slow and passive like a foid
[Hide] (725KB, 480x480, 00:27)
we need to go back to school
Replies: >>199249 >>199251
[Hide] (1.6MB, 576x1024, 00:29)
Replies: >>199253
sorry man i see a nigger i insta-hide the post
thats that dune where they charge you $3000 if you cant climb back up because they have to get a helicopter out there
Replies: >>199275
well as long as your sorry about your racism
hmm didnt make me laugh
i'm not. i'm sorry that i'm not watching your video that you wanted me to see
i f with watermelon and you can put that on god
Replies: >>199272
[Hide] (805.7KB, 1269x709)
Replies: >>199271
i watched it but i couldnt really hear it. i sperged out on my fan earlier and it makes a lot of noise now. i had to remove the cover on both sides
Replies: >>199258
[Hide] (1.9MB, 576x1024, 00:17)
alright what about this one
Replies: >>199259
Replies: >>199265
[Hide] (3.9MB, 3840x2160)
niggers love watermelon
[Hide] (189.4KB, 1270x671)
36 minutes of this thing commenting on shit?
for what purpose?
[Hide] (892.8KB, 2316x3088)
it's time to go to the liquor store hope my card doesn't get declined again
Replies: >>199266 >>199270
[Hide] (70.4KB, 813x836)
[Hide] (722.8KB, 1362x916)
oh no no no
cant think of a bigger ick than getting your card declined
imagine if that was in front of the german grocery store booze milf
alright im back from my 3 hour nap
thats a traumatizing event that i would avoid by checking my account online first or using one of my banks atm's if location allows
>code S wins
[Hide] (144.6KB, 793x1028)
no cap?
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1080)
phils gonna one shot all these dlc bosses
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1166x749)
Replies: >>199277
where is that?
Replies: >>199286
i keep thinking about how fucking weird my dad was a few days ago he was talking about moonies and religion (hes atheist) and he was making fun of it in the schoolyard way reddit atheists or penn jellette do but the entire time he had his head back and was looking at me  with the bottom of his eyes? it was so fucking weird i didnt say anything as always and just lol'd until he shut up

but why did he look at me like that and with those eyes and when he would pause for like 4 real time seconds before speaking again he just maintained that pose. i cant get it out of my head
shredded nerd or that other guy?
he's trying out new stuff i do that all the time
Replies: >>199280
synthetic man
Replies: >>199288
hes trying out looking like a demonic freak?
Replies: >>199282
[Hide] (8.4KB, 600x800)
yea i'm trying this new thing where when i tell a joke i tilt my head sideways a bit and maintain eye contact it's pretty funny i get some laughs
Replies: >>199283
>cringe autist act strangely
no sh*t?
guys youtube told me my recent comments have been cyberbullying and i may lose my ability to comment if i keep doing it
oh fuck i made a mistake. there are giant rocks and waves. that looks to be some place in cali or further up the west coast on the ocean.

i thought it was sleeping bear dunes on lake michigan
Replies: >>199308
cant remember the last time i commented or if i ever did
he's the one that said he would an hero already if it hadn't been for vidya right? he reminds me of you guys.
Replies: >>199290
playing with my b*tthole for a bit
Replies: >>199291
gooks saved our lives not games we're not the same
this game must be some real shit and not easy to beat. youve been playing it for a while now
bit of a slurper innit
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080)
im spelunking again..

hope mbrappe comes on in the 2nd half and scores 10 goals
niggas really out here naming they kids M.BRAPPY ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
my job company is being bought by another company / merged with another company
the other company is bigger than mine and has an open position for a role i could fill
wondering if i should i reach out their guy and have a cheeky chat
Replies: >>199301
do it bro
dont do it man it sounds like hard work
kyle mapapipi
i need to switch jobs too
and soon or im gonna go insane
this happened to me once and it was based i got like a $6k severence check from the old company but got to keep working for the new company that bought them out and got a tiny raise
Replies: >>199304
i also just switched job within my company this month (starting in new position on monday)
feels a bit shady already to be applying to new positions...
what if we all got jobs and then all of the companies we worked for bought/merged eachother like one of gweedlys furvore video games and we were all coworkers drinking coffee together and making inappropriate comments about wieners
how did you get a severance check man 
i thought that was only if you were fired
Replies: >>199306
we game the big corpo systems here
like when the company ceased to exist we were fired i guess? i got like a bunch of months pay i forget. 
the new company rehired everyone and nothing changed
my company keeps giving me raises but im still tempted to retire and move out in the country where i can be free
gotta say, dem michigan boys really tempting me to move there with how nice they talk about it. shame about all the niggers tho.
Replies: >>199310
if someone merged with my company my useless position given to me by my father would be the first to go unfortunately
there are nice parts of michigan with no diversity and dunes and lakes but you cant afford it
whites segregate by pricing the niggers out
grow up
[Hide] (165KB, 650x1004)
Replies: >>199315
Replies: >>199316
[Hide] (646.7KB, 1811x2551)
Replies: >>199382
'roha in a visor!!
Replies: >>199382
waiting for some saudi prince holotoddler to pay for a live 3-d event over there
need a cheerful visor/apron ponytail gf 
need it badly
Replies: >>199322
you need to get a job
we can offer you a life size cardboard standup
saudis are new money they spend it all on expensive cars and pooping on kpop idols
hololive is for refined taste old money types
typa dudes who own named estates and wear handmade italian suits with no brand
i dont feel like writing it out but theres a joke in there with hololive setting up an arabic division but you can only see their eyes because theyre wearing niqqabs (full safegirl version of hijab which shows face)
we know what a niqqab is jesus christ
need a safegirl niqqab gf
i try to help out the people who would ask questions if i didnt say that but i didnt want to dumb my post down and call it a hijab because theres a difference.
i apologize
Spoiler File
(2.9MB, 1500x1000, 00:24)
anyone else making burgers tonight

feels like a burger night

don't it
Replies: >>199329 >>199330
[Hide] (32.4KB, 500x354)
want ramus borger
what are minecraft thumbnailed relationship advice algs like?
aaron thats renz
Replies: >>199334
whoops misread ramu as rasmus haha nevermind
i assure you that burger is of-age
it's also a big time jfif
i like posting .jfifs because you get a bonus interaction from your post because someone will say something about it being a jfif
Replies: >>199337
[Hide] (602KB, 1096x624)
Replies: >>199343
post more jfifs
post jfifs in hell jfifer
holy crap holland!!
ugh shes eating again :/
hol up ://///////
is that pewdiepie in the back
bro i just turned off the game...
jfifs huh
weve lived in holland
bro i just lost the game
im 10min into this and digging it. i rec save for later status
theyre deboonking OG biblical israel
Replies: >>199352
what the fuck are you guys watching
so far my first two games of overwatch have not been fun
game 1 an afk healer that disconnected
game 2 huge unplayable serverwide lag
i was going to watch that after the footie match ends
i remember days when the netherlands team had like one nigger in total (davids, he was a cool nigger)
some of us have lived in holland.
some of us still get it confused with denmark
[Hide] (117.6KB, 1809x408)
Replies: >>199356
[Hide] (1MB, 874x1180)
whos a lawful authority
[Hide] (111.8KB, 547x639)
not so fast dutchies
like joe biden and stuff
mr president can i please take a pic of that
everyone is just a nigger nowadays wtf
where are all the whites
grow up
kiara just called the french players 'uppity'
sounds like a dogwhistle to me
Replies: >>199365
lil bro watching a holowhore watch a footy game 
Replies: >>199366
[Hide] (36.2KB, 700x480)
[Hide] (5MB, 3240x1440)
u mad?
Replies: >>199367
Replies: >>199369
[Hide] (113.5KB, 1080x1349)
Replies: >>199371 >>199408
<3 yr ago
can i get something more up to date
no way that should have been pinked
who dis?
Replies: >>199377
[Hide] (152.3KB, 1080x1098)
<now way that should have been pinked
ok that should have been pinked u right
at least use old.reddit man
Replies: >>199378
[Hide] (93.9KB, 1080x1346)
Replies: >>199381 >>199383
i have an account
<i have an account
where dis?
Replies: >>199387
very kawaii
Replies: >>199384
are those tits real
Replies: >>199386
how old are you
Replies: >>199409
why do you guys like asian women so much. white women are so much more attractive
no way
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1080x1350)
those tits look way too solid to be real
still into it though
eating a salad without dressing because i left my caesar at work
Replies: >>199399
its one guy who is obsessed and we all just go along with it
well i'm not going along with it ANY     MORE
god this game is boring as fuck
S white, latina
A asian
B black
C muzzy
D jeeta
pink nips are a trump card but if i see a girl with huge udders in a swimsuit my brain is 100% activated no matter what i have no control over that
Replies: >>199396
reminds me of that one battle by julius caesar where he had to wall himself in around the enemy he was besieging
Replies: >>199399
don't call them udders you fucking incel
Replies: >>199400
imagine fucking a big titted asian girl wow
actually i dislike most asian women
arab indian chink SEA gook
i just like jwomen
Replies: >>199410
its a term of endearment
i respect women
Replies: >>199402
[Hide] (757.9KB, 1840x1377)
i'm putting in a bad word for you with all the extremely hot women i know (tons)
me? its korean gooks for sure
the extremely hot women used to love me but now they hate me
what did you do to the extremely hot women (koreans)?
you just need a bunch of money (billions)
i told them the truth (without mbappe france is a third rate side)
Replies: >>199412
older than you lil bro
its not lol it was the most insane maneuver ever and nothing even comes close
lol, pekora and dbz linked up
i was looking up the origin of the term "third rate" and it apparently has naval origins


you know
tods kinda hot
tab back into your tinder stacy
damn avgn is right ghostbusters (nes) looks like ass!
we gotta stop putting things in parentheses
black people (niggers)
grow up
the jap dub is so perfect
Replies: >>199426
Spoiler File
(681.8KB, 507x805)
where tf her nipples @
Replies: >>199424 >>199430
i think it looks more like donkey diarrhea puked out by  bull out of his ass imo but ok
Replies: >>199425
toriyama would've loved this
my dms are open ccfoid
shopped out
[Hide] (43.2KB, 516x486)
nah bruh, goku's voice is total dog water :dead_skull:
[Hide] (2.4MB, 576x752, 00:26)
Replies: >>199437
 Tips for dating in Japan *Must Read*

Here are some important and perhaps esoteric knowledge(though I think it should be common sense) that I feel would benefit everyone in this sub:

    Don't be a creep

    Don't be a weeb. And if you are, get good at hiding your power level.

    Know basic Japanese(and don't assume Japanese people will love you enough to acquire your native language)

    Don't assume every person who talks to you on HelloTalk(or any other dating app. And yes, HelloTalk is a dating app) wants to marry you. Even if they explicitly and literally state they would love to meet you in person.

    Ask yourself every time you talk to a Japanese person of interest, "Do I have yellow fever?" Self-diagnose, ask your confidants, double check.

    This is specifically for guys: nice guys do not finish last in Japan. Tatemae the shit out of your nice guy persona. Be a fucking gentleman.

    Don't be a fucking creep.
Replies: >>199429
i'm a weirdo
they can aim them and squish them and force them in directions
it perfectly encapsulates the tone toriyama was going for
making him a big macho sounding dude in the english dub was westerners eschewing subtlety and nuance as per the usual
actually nice guys do finish last or am would have sex every single day while he was in japan (he did not)
Replies: >>199454
what the fuck does eschewing mean
Replies: >>199435
Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 745x1330)
its definitely in a strange location
maybe her boobs are real and she has some old lady saggers?
Replies: >>199438
like leave out or not use
yeah man, making goku sound like an aging old woman trying her best to sound like an adult muscle headed ape-man is definitely what the late great toriyama wanted and totally not a decision made by toei rolls eyes aggressively
hes just like me
ok could you please stop posting my gook around like that
i post her for her dumbass face + huge tits i dont need you to figure out her nipple topology
(we're all just going along with this guy's asian fetish, right)
Replies: >>199441
its true amlitzer is really nice
Replies: >>199454
[Hide] (706.9KB, 2171x3256)
she has saggy low hangers?
oh no no no
Replies: >>199449
they call me the cute boy
meanwhile the yakuza were taking turns fucking aika
>    Ask yourself every time you talk to a Japanese person of interest, "Do I have yellow fever?" Self-diagnose, ask your confidants, double check
i have an asian fetish and i will have it satisfied
Replies: >>199451
some sag is good
id rather see a set of saggers than those solid ball fake ones
don't like tying my hair back in public. i feel very feminine when i do it around other people... like im about to suck some fucking dick or something (not gay)
you just gotta tie it at home and then not touch it for the whole day
Replies: >>199450
yeah i dont need to ask myself at all
cute animation great clip

we like those here
why is that the first thing you feel
Replies: >>199452
are you invalidating his (her) feelings?
Replies: >>199464
[Hide] (1000.3KB, 720x1280, 00:06)
Replies: >>199455
[Hide] (210.1KB, 1260x944)
that post is pre-pandemic, the meta has shifted. we just got to wait for the meta to shift back (it's cyclical)
dumbass gook
hate not being able to figure out the meta in time...
they call me the guy whos drunk as hell (because im drunk as hell rn)
Replies: >>199458 >>199459
[Hide] (1.8MB, 198x272)
Replies: >>199460
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1212x1518)
Replies: >>199466 >>199470
yo a fresh drunk
Replies: >>199462 >>199465
[Hide] (121.6KB, 564x600)
Replies: >>199467
i think what happens a lot of the time is i scare people off with my super long replies to their 3 word texts but i've tested INTJ consistently for months and they know that so they shouldnt mention things i'm passionate about
just a very homosexual thing to feel ya know
kinda dilfy
damn his shirt is so true
save that effort posting for here we want those kinds of posts
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1280x720, 00:05)
this the psycho guy that killed his family right?
Replies: >>199473 >>199475
[Hide] (521.3KB, 895x1004)
that rattatuille hat really was cute
started realizing i have no chance in hell with my hot coworker who has a bf so now my job kinda sucks
chris watts
all women are whores you could easily cuck that retard
[Hide] (216.4KB, 2518x1306)
come on bro i told you to quit that shit months ago and i was serious
come onnnnnnnn
Replies: >>199479
for me its reading a text and having the full conversation in my head on my own and forgetting to respond until a week later where i reply 'sure'
you need to assert dominance
kabedon that whore
yeah i know man
but still
gura says she didnt know germany had a navy, she thought they were landlocked
Replies: >>199537
i thought that too
and i still think that
(also who the fuck is gura)
idk i only know guro (i jack to it twice a month or so)
is guro a guy
Replies: >>199486

first i reset the server
then i play minecraft all weekend
guro is an 8 armed warrior mutant
what's his name
Replies: >>199489 >>199491
Replies: >>199492
no thats goro
[Hide] (34.7KB, 485x767)
ask him if he's looking for a third ...
the crazy thing is she looks hella fine with make up and all that
but ive seen her without make up and shes mid as hell im talking eww tier
but still...
Replies: >>199495
[Hide] (24.6KB, 720x619)
that's all women (except gooks)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 3024x4032)
gooks are the only solution man
Replies: >>199497
we need to maintain a White bloodline brother....