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if anythings screwy or you cant post then email me: 162oot@cock.li

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lock out
good morning sir
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ugh should have taken the 3-4 delivery window instead of the 5-6
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yeah im thinking its another great day to love nenechi
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please god please let me get into the battle aces beta
yeah right like a nobody like you would get in
are invites going out? i signed up to be a battle ace
japan rules
simple as
battle ace? king crab?
i keep going back to xdefiant like a beaten spouse but the hitreg issues are so annoying
learn to aim kid
no reg! no reg!
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bought more tiramisu. gonna eat the whole thing tonight
speaking of beaten spouses i might try some overwatch once i take a shit
we sghould start making a new thread at 900 posts instead of 1000 to give us a little room for wear if you know what i mean
Replies: >>197742
no and i dont
a little room for wear you mean living space? nazi NAZI! NAZI! NAZI!

see any of this in china chinabro?
bit of a slurper innit
Replies: >>197747
flash sc1 t vs serral sc2 z in the evo mod

think about it
that spaniard just died man
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They want me to have a premium account, if I want to avoid ads, but throw me out if I open an account.

So what do they expect? That I will willingly suffer through their "multicultural" SHIT ads every time I want to listen to some music?

F* you YT. F* YOU!
Replies: >>197750
wonder if ill ever get to use spankbang again....
lil bro didnt find out how to block ads

i hope you can use spankbang again man its a great site im watching vina sky take creampies in her ass nightly on there
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you're going to hell
Replies: >>197756
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spankbangs pmv selection is way better than every other site
dont post stuff like this im terrified of the afterlife
new lots
kots whoops hehe
wonder what it would take for the coomers to stop being weirdly obsessed with pornography
my stomach is constantly making gurgling noises
aint gonna happen
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUvdnKuBMDQ jhoo boy
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damn kots sucks now its all just wrestlefucks
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turned the footie off since its halftime and ill probably forget to turn it back on so expect there to be a goal early in the second half while im not watching
Replies: >>197789
i want to watch biboo play er dlc though...
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this is so important
Replies: >>197770
holy crap
i would need a gf to touch my peepee a couple times a week and an alternative hobby for dopamine
knockin me out with those american thighs.....
Replies: >>197773
no way
Replies: >>197772
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cant wait to crank my hog to some pornos after the game
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Replies: >>197776
the gods loved porn tho

im all hopped up on nutritious food and sunlight
aint no way
wtf was he thinking lol
thats a nice magdump
that police man looked kind happy
Replies: >>197783
thats cuz all white "people" are evil and racist
Replies: >>197784
youre goddamn right we are
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nice try but thats just the plot to neon genesis
spain 0 italy 0
nice sport you got there yuropee
Replies: >>197790
listen fat
its not all about the goals
Replies: >>197791
actually it is
well spain just scored so there you go you fat fucking retard
gleep are spaniards white
they look like mexicans
Replies: >>197806

NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>197795 >>197796
the hell we aint
we eat good
god i love hello kitty
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<NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*amerifats wake up*
>immediately begin "discussing" soda and slop
Replies: >>197804
hello kitty is very cute i wish it was even bigger when i was a kid
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slop is a good universal discussion point because everybody loves it
god i hate slop
this is a very colorful post
i havent had slop in so long that i can neither love nor hate it
as far as i know theyre white
i like italys jerseys
remind me of 90s design
this one is a real banger
will you calm down with the holospam man
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lets just say my gut is quite rotund
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x600, 00:26)
he's probably watching the remake like a pleb instead of the og anime.
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hol' up?
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Replies: >>197817 >>198000
i dont know man
is this a todd thing or a halo thing
if you see hol up next to something retarded and shitty looking its always a wow thing
thats not shitty looking man thats winterspring!

nasty whores are into dolls and stuff now
Replies: >>197823
this is top 10 worst things ive ever seen on here
reminder that pinking is to be used for quoting posts or things that are gay
<reminder that pinking is to be used for quoting posts or things that are gay
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*rolls eyes*
lets see if i time this right i should be able to
put my groceries away
cook food
use the bathroom
take the trash out
take a shower
all in one go
Replies: >>197833
about that time
Replies: >>197834
i watched the trailer but honestly the loli is miscast so i shant be watching
sigh, zii would have loved this
im makin 'go 'dogs tonight
it really is
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thinking about getting drunk tonight
Replies: >>197837
i like you when youre drunk unnie
gonna pop up a bag of 'corn mhm
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Replies: >>197846
i knew all that already
i want a sodomy partner
in respect for pride month i wont say anything negative about that
what comes after pride month
sloth month
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lets see should i trust some random nasty jap whore or a community of well established historians
Replies: >>197868
a meme is a stronger source than a tweet
im gonna wait for amlitzers opinion on this matter
hes a bit of a history buff i think plus hes a weeb plus he hates niggers so hes gonna have an objective opinion on this topic
Replies: >>197856
grow up
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so if croatia beats italy and albania loses to spain then croatia is second in the group right
plus hes been to japan he knows what its like there
[Hide] (308.3KB, 2160x2880)
really frustrated because ive already posted the retainer shit like 1 month ago...
are you still retaining 1 month later
yeah but it was like a 3 hour long vid so i skipped it
am is gonna post 2 sentences and slam that holo girl pic next to it and thats gonna be that
plus hes unemployed and unable to get a job as a school teacher in innercity schools
Replies: >>197857
doesnt amlitzer work OUTSIDE the city though
>this scholar brought to light
>links a tiktok vid
the brain rot of todays society is too much
youth has to start locking in or its all over
Replies: >>197874
need a qrd on figs
Replies: >>197862
every fig you eat has a bit of wasp in them
i dont fuck with figs
weve got that 40 something year old redneck man making toks now man its over for society as a whole
tik tok hit rednecks harder than meth
not all figs are the wasp kind of figs man im sick and tired of this niggerass disinfo
Replies: >>197867
this post isn't true
cope lil bro
whos disinfoin who now i cant tell anymore

liz was a little cutie a decade ago but time has been harsh on her
who tf is liz now
watching the new ATK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vPDvAX_PIM already talking about that pizza hut thing you used to do in school with the books 

man i loved getting to go get the pizza with the coupon with my mom
i want a za...
Replies: >>197875
screw the youth
we're gonna live to like 120-150 we can just lock in instead
had half my pizza earlier and now its time to eat the other half!
new MKBHD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDIi95CqTiM
Replies: >>197878
my fav nigger
Replies: >>197880
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Replies: >>197884
grow up
Replies: >>197882
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ate 3 eggs
drank protein shake
going to bed to get my 8h sleep rest 
im locking in
Replies: >>197886
season 2 when...
like mark ass brownlee a lot 
hes kind of like the denzel washington or michael jordan of the tech world
oh shit you locked in???
i dont like him because hes black im super chuddy about him
the only thing i hate more than his skin color is how big his hands are so theres no frame of reference of how big something is
i think hes like 6'8 so he has big hands
Replies: >>197893
hes not 6'8 come on man
Replies: >>197893
heard theres a new padfreak from canada that's 7'5
taller than yao ming
Replies: >>197893
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zagreb's finest gamer is looking good today
Replies: >>197893 >>197894
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damn why doesnt zii FUCK her?
https://kick.com/sophiaof what is this nasty bitch doing
Replies: >>197898
i'm pretty sure zii said she lies about not having a boyfriend
what a whore
cool goku socks
https://www.youtube.com/shorts/DzjRj4QLEMc what the fuck
Replies: >>197900
aint no way
love a good saint2 gook vid
Replies: >>197904
how is she still unemployed lol
Replies: >>197905
she's exclusively applying to big tech for pm roles when she only did customer service at blizzard 
she's gonna be unemployed for a long time
Replies: >>197906 >>197907
you said the same thing about thor and look at him now
Replies: >>197909
Replies: >>197910
Replies: >>197913
the secret to success is hit a second puberty like pirate software
Replies: >>197914
are there really people like this
Replies: >>197915
he's still a soyface freak
a lot of them
for me its third puberty
*takes some test* 
time for another puberty
i dont think taking gear counts as locking in
or maybe it does hmm
go all my stuff done but i ran out of time and couldnt cook any food oh well
why dont you tell your testicles to make more test instead of roiding
you need to impose your will on your brain an force another puberty
Replies: >>197927
yo sup testicles, don't lemme catch you slacking or there will be consequences...
artificially locking in is not the same as a true lock in
Replies: >>197932
*truly locks in*
what if it works and the problem this whole time was no one tried
theres a medicated way to lock in using medication but its a secret that you would have to have shared with you but its 100% guaranteed to work because of the chemical process that takes place
gleep knows a strain that locks you in
aint that right gleep
Replies: >>197933
i had an experience like this yesterday
you just want any strong indica over 20% THC
Granddaddy Purple is well known for its potency, having a high THC level of up to 23%.

we need to puff on that granddaddy purp
allright all you drugheads are under arrest
get on your stomach and put your hands behind your back
Replies: >>197938
it's raining and thundering i'm scared
Replies: >>197937
*shoves you*
*takes a big puff of my granddaddy purp*
you cant tell me what to do
Replies: >>197939 >>197941
thats so masc of you
did i just get shoved? i didn't deserve that...
*shoots you in the head*
*does weird stuff*
Replies: >>197943
stop that
classic magdump revisit
[Hide] (108KB, 846x1024)
Replies: >>197947
bought two 13oz bags of potato chips
[Hide] (303.9KB, 1536x2048)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2000x1502)

newjeans sisters theyre performing their new gayass song in a few mins on this jap show
i am currently taking interviews for a gook page to serve as my sodomy partner
but im just about to go to bed man
oh man theyr there
our girlies
na bro we are in here https://kick.com/dvaboi
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why does japanese tv look like this
japs are stuck in the 90s
Replies: >>197975
those little circles of the hosts bobbing their heads for socialproof just goes to show how thirdworld reaction content on youtube is
good thing they have the weather on screen at all times
im that dude in the bunny costume standing in for hyein
yeah they need to get with the times already
*airdrops 10 million niggers onto the islands*
hanni NEEDS to go back to that cute bob
Replies: >>197964
japs are gooned to shit we got the time, the weather, a scroll, subtitles, circles rotating through each host's head, and then the main performance
[Hide] (225.5KB, 1440x1800)
ok that was fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we watched an alg about this already
Replies: >>197969
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1280x1644)
Replies: >>197967
i bought some popcorn for my neices fundraiser and it got here now im snackin
had to do a lot of talking today it wasnt great but i managed
Replies: >>197968
did you prompt this?
Replies: >>197970
you've done well. now get drunk as fuck
i dont like this guy i feel like he's a western plant
[Hide] (2.5MB, 828x1357)
no this guy makes a lot of fat kpop edits https://www.deviantart.com/ladytrinity29/gallery?q=hanni
Replies: >>197974
real talk tho our girls were pretty low energy in their performance
clean that ai slop
our girls?
that's not stayc
thats cool. it wouldve been a funny weird thing is only reason i asked
and that's a good thing
the 90s were cool
rad even
90s sucked ass bro there was no fortnite
ill have 1 beer maybe 2 beers tops
>makes my personality the 3 beers a night guy
<>makes my personality the 3 beers a night guy
fortnite blows
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Replies: >>197997
[Hide] (291.8KB, 1178x1570)
just for livin'
got some garlic bread in the oven. gonna eat the whole fucking loaf then start on the tiramisu
we got a fat chef in the comm??
wheres the protein man
i told you it's gonna be a 4500 calorie day
birthday in two weeks...
the big 4 0...
the big 1 6 actually
Replies: >>197995
we're all on a dietu and supporting each other on that. its really gay but it is what it is
for me its two beers a night
my body composition is actually changing quite a bit over these last two years im building some serious muscle
Replies: >>197994
Replies: >>197996
im shy :3
love these gooks
Replies: >>197999
if you saw pics you would scream and pee in fear of our comms mass monsters
yel is the hottest girl ive ever seen in my life
[Hide] (15.6KB, 500x500)
it was c btw
very nice he even showed his work
just need a crisp new haircut
man fuck doing that shit. i hate when math problems are gaslight bullshit
[Hide] (102.5KB, 480x272, 00:11)
[Hide] (237.2KB, 1440x1800)
i pretty much stopped going to school when i was 16 so all i really remember how to do is whatever is right before algebra
Replies: >>198011
it is harmless
fauna gave a motivational speech about juggling balls in a public speaking class and everyone was laughing the whole time it gave her ptsd
you mean right before trigonometry and calculus
algebra is like the only thing you did learn
Replies: >>198015
if you are bad at maths you can do enough of them that you develop intuitions that people who are good at maths seem to just have naturally
until you get really deep
math scares me but i should learn algebra too
algebras cool but its way funner if you learn it doing phsyics problems
pre-algebra stuff probably where they get you used to finding percentages, dividing fractions, and working out long multi-step math problems where you dont have any letters. stuff like that
cause then you also accidentally start learning calculus
[Hide] (607.7KB, 2721x1292)
maybe youre bad at math but you at least have good vocab skills and can answer this right
Replies: >>198019
Replies: >>198027
ive found many lackadaisical persons to be all 4 personally
me? lackadaisical
years have not been kind to aoa choa.... she used to be the only perfect 10/10 for me....
Replies: >>198094
[Hide] (239.3KB, 900x944)
Replies: >>198033
aoa choa was always an ugly plastic monster bro
Replies: >>198026
she could get it though
nice dumb retard opinion idiot
Replies: >>198029
its flowerless man lack-a-daisy-cal
thats definitely most nearly correct
you's a nigger ass bitch fuck you
Replies: >>198030
fuck you bloody 
Replies: >>198032
thats it youre going to rokkenjima
*flips you off*
up yours
what a seedy scenario
[Hide] (63KB, 678x464)
we have risen
2 beers go by in the blink of an eye...
this 3 beers a night guys personality is so enchanting
imagine a world just like our world but with no bugs
[Hide] (3.4MB, 4000x3000)
i regret drinking last night
cant drink tonight because i got a flight tomorrow morning
hes so much cooler than 3egg
its all part of the strategy man you recover on thursday then feel better and ready to go on friday
already? amlitzer lived in japan for months
just got a letter from the federal district court they want me to do a questionaire
Replies: >>198044 >>198046
its crazy because youre a chink and youre in china
it got lost in the mail man
told your ass to get a budweiser
you woulda been fine from a bud or two
Replies: >>198052
aawagga them
you have to be a chink to go to china if youre a w person you get harassed
deep cycle thoughts was respected by all in chinkland with his chink wife and retarded chink children
w people are getting stabbed to death in china because they think we are like pinatas
they think we have money inside of us its sick
i wish i was full of candy right now
i think i would have talked with more people if i wasnt drunk
there was someone sitting alone but i failed to speak in sentences
someone wanted to sit with me but i had no idea what she was saying
Replies: >>198062
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1080x948)
we're getting a spaghettichuuba?
Replies: >>198078
girl sochu can sneak up on you cause it doesnt taste strong
getting drunk and talking to strangers is that kind of socialization i dont quite understand guess im not tom waits enough
we get drunk and yell at strangers at video games
im more of a gary cooper type
the problem is that i can barely speak chinese when im sober
i cant speak much chinese either
whatever happened to the gay silent type
bar strangers is a special scenario anyone can do it even spergs
damn if you learn more chinese and go back you can get laid
just say 'bing chow bing chow xie xie' and then politely bow and walk out of the room
wonder how my premier xi is doing
i think if i suffered one or two huge setbacks and was 10 years older i could get into bar strangers but not yet
[Hide] (6MB, 864x480, 00:38)
Replies: >>198070 >>198071
just go watch barfly man it came out in the 80s
i heard one tree hill was the superior bar flick
barfly's on my list
this is like our generations woodstock
i wish the government would just put a stop to this shit already this is not okay anymore
his dad is loaded from writing a song for grease and bought him a house to make paper cutouts in
[Hide] (557.2KB, 1440x1440)
gook in the jungle
they call me the guy who eats tons of food and sits down all day
biden needs to ban holos
i dont have buns or bread whats the lowest effort thing i can do with ground beef
might just do salted beef cus im dep as hell man
Replies: >>198080 >>198083
this is going to be disastrous no one wants to listen to these yurofreaks with their fucked up accents
Replies: >>198100 >>198107
is gb the only thing you have whats in the pantry and fridge
do you have mashed potatos? tortilla chips? spaghetti and sauce?
breadcrumb egg mloaf?
what is it with u guys and food :S
why does the water look like that
Replies: >>198085 >>198093
some of us eat food deal with it
that roachoid got her vag in it and it turned into that
it was crystal clear before
dropped my bag of popcorn on the floor
hol' up, chinabro is a chink? no cap? is he gkl (gook kim lee)?
we are a racially, idealogically, chromosomaly diverse comm
no way chromosomaly is a word
no im latinx
anything can be a word we are all consenting adults here
yeah hes a chink
moss sediment
[Hide] (653.7KB, 730x672)
sorn too...
chinkbro needs to be our ghislaine maxwell and use his asian features to gain the trust of gooks and bring them back to the mansion never to leave again
Replies: >>198096
your gonna be in the basement
yeah we definitely have to leverage chinkbros race but how...
fauna says she got really into the animal crossing stock market at one point and waited 4 hours to get into an island with good turnip prices
Replies: >>198099
keep us updated
Replies: >>198102 >>198106
imagine all the nasty things wawa had to do with cover management to finally get them to approve of her holoeu idea.
Replies: >>198109
egg gooker make this and report back https://www.sweetashoney.co/keto-egg-loaf/
when you say that

you don't mean it

Replies: >>198105
id settle for a nice scottish lass
im pretty committed to the gook wife plan
Replies: >>198108
why wouldnt he mean it?
she said that was the point she stopped being a purist and started time traveling
the german green girl has a really nice voice ill listen
the italian ones voice reminds me of my ninja bullet
hows kgf 2024?
Replies: >>198110
imagine all the nastier things shes gonna have to do to make up for it when holoeu flops
Replies: >>198113
2024 is a buildup year for the big push for kgf2025
mom is kinda doing that thing from leaving las vegas but with food instead
eating herself to death on purpose?
Adapted from the novel by John O'Brien, this acclaimed drama follows alcoholic screenwriter Ben Sanderson (Nicolas Cage) as he drinks himself into oblivion in Las Vegas. When Ben meets the beautiful prostitute Sera (Elisabeth Shue), they strike up an unconventional relationship -- one where she can't ask him to curb his drinking, and he can't fault her for her job. Though they offer each other support, Ben's self-destruction threatens to eclipse their bond.
imagine your mom at a pizzeria pinball machine suddenly losing it shouting "HES MY SON! HES MY SON!" lol
wonder how many things we are doing to death without even knowing
some of us dont have to wonder
i realize im gaming myself to death. amusing myself to death, like the name of that famous book, actually
[Hide] (149.9KB, 475x475)
Replies: >>198121
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080)
oh no no no!
Replies: >>198129
[Hide] (419.2KB, 1440x1440)
Replies: >>198124

Replies: >>198128
dragon age? dei slop not gonna buy
got  a pint of ben and jerrys phish food for $3 that seems like a good deal
3 bucks is a good deal ice cream in korea is like 15 bucks
Replies: >>198132
how does geodude lay eggs
how can you clean that with a good conscious knowing that so many people here would have sex with a chansey like that if given the chance
games gonna suck no matter how many abilities but it really blows my mind how people can complain about how limited dai felt with 8 per character and these fucking incompetent buffoons can cut it down to 3 per and party from 4 characters to 3 and tell you with a straight face that it actually makes the game more interesting and complex 
modern gayming is cooked
right about now its time to rock with the biggity buck bumble
[Hide] (127.1KB, 900x1260)
Replies: >>198133
1 dollar is like 10000 korean won
Replies: >>198137
this cant really be a kpop gook right? she looks like someones way past her prime 40 year old mom
i heard cheese is considered exotic in asia
[Hide] (2.8MB, 2880x2880)
we layin eggs up in this bitch!
Replies: >>198136
1 dollar is 1000 won
these ching chong countries need to fix their currency situation they all have that goofy currency value where its thousands for a stick of gum
dairy is expensive in general in asia its a delicacy for them
one dollar is a hundred cents we are already goofy you just dont realize it
im thinking of trying kingdom hearts
Replies: >>198144 >>198147
huge mistake
one dollar being 100 cents makes sense though
you will be able to connect with hot topic girls from 15 years ago so much better
this is an awesome gook. id like to see more from the set
shave and a hair cut
20000000 wong
1 and 2 are fun
[Hide] (785.9KB, 1440x1440)
Replies: >>198150
holy fuck jerma is ztreaming
quit dunkin your nasty brown pussy in the water n getting it all green!!!!
[Hide] (856.6KB, 1440x1440)
someone should invent bytecoin
[Hide] (755.5KB, 1440x1440)
that's the whole set
you can put 5 pictures in one post bro!
Replies: >>198157
someone should invent a globe scale emp and destroy all the coin dorks hard drives with it
Replies: >>198158
damn i keep frogetting
blowing up 1 nuke high in the atmosphere will emp the entire U.S.
they already did its called the sun
[Hide] (3.5MB, 576x1024, 00:13)
this is how you have to dress to get a gook
Replies: >>198164
like a star wars extra?
he's dressed like he has some imperial bueraucrat star wars job
you gotta do what you gotta do
she looks like shes poor
you guys are so judgey
how i gotta dress to get a jap gf i dont want no dog eater
that dude looks nordic. i hate nords
*slaps belly*

i mog him anyway
rick owens got us looking WEIRD
we dont look weird we are eye catching
Roblox Server Outage Sparks User Uproar

On June 20, 2024, Roblox experienced a server outage that caused widespread frustration among its user base. Users took to social media to express their distress and complaints, with some users expressing extreme reactions to the downtime. Roblox engineers worked to resolve the issue, and the platform started coming back up after a significant period of downtime.
Replies: >>198174
[Hide] (1MB, 964x566)
EXCLUSIVE: NFL star Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly reveals why she slept with his 'bad boy' back-up quarterback
they better give us some free robux to make up for it
dads threatening to get rid of some of the old workout equipment to make space for his boomer ass end of life crisis drum kit this will seriously hamper my ability to keep myself from being 300 pounds if he actually goes through with that
im trans
[Hide] (612KB, 634x731)
EXCLUSIVE: I lived in an all-inclusive resort for a month to find out if it's cheaper than paying rent and buying groceries - here's what I found out

Keenan estimated that in normal life, he would spend around $4,100 a month. This included $2,300 on rent, $200 on utilities, $270 for car payment.

'It was not cheaper for me, but I can’t say if it would be cheaper for you or not,' he added.
Replies: >>198181
Spoiler File
(996.5KB, 496x864, 00:05)
hoo boy
Replies: >>198185
kept my gym in my room for a while just lifted the bed against the wall to use it
i thought dragon age was like single player wow
its like single player rumble now
how do i stop myself from catching feelings for a girl
[Hide] (7.5KB, 375x187)
Replies: >>198190
dragon age inquisition is basically a wow expansion

listen to her talk about anything and youll be cured
Replies: >>198189 >>198191
[Hide] (255.4KB, 2048x1536)
is it a gook? not possible
uhh it's an mp4?
i listen to her talk for hours at a time and its still happening
Replies: >>198204
let him get the drum set man
catch the feelings bro whats the problem
bored :/
Replies: >>198197
catch feelings that will never be fully realized...
i wish i lived near girls i could catch feelings for
dont care about those ugly whores at all
watch buffy the vampire slayer
Replies: >>198198
even though girls are small and fragile they are still scary
gotta go outside for a few mins keep me in your prayers
Replies: >>198202
girls hurt you on the inside...
looked up a girl who used to be my neighbor during high school and she looks way different now
then just tell her how u feel?
cmon don't tell me this girl is a holo
ok i wont
she probably got fat

is someone gonna match my gook
Replies: >>198210 >>198213
hs girls got married...
why not just post them 😂😂😂
she wasnt the skinniest when i knew her tbh
why you looking up fat girls bro we have our sights firmly set on thin gooks now
i thought i was gonna need to get into contact with her for something but it was a false alarm
Spoiler File
(302.2KB, 1440x1080)
the girl i had feelings for in hs got married like over a decade ago but no idea where she at now
why didnt you marry her
maybe she divorced ya never know
or maybe shes bored of her marriage and looking to mess around
heard a girl who liked me grew up to be a lesbian makes sense cause i looked like a girl back then
Replies: >>198222
[Hide] (103KB, 591x464)
i remember some strange feelings i felt for an asian girl in my martial arts class she was only there maybe 3 times then left to washington but ill never forget how small and beautiful she was and how comfortable i felt around her we never talked
im watchin vids about that 7'9" white canadian high school basketball player someone mentioned last thread
what a fucking freak
rude much?
anyone play shadow of the ermtree yet
im watching biboo play it later
im still downloading the dlc my web sucks sry
erm....what the runes?
so many lore videos but not one about why the rune bear is called a rune bear
ugh tonight sucks i got nothing
 i heard this elden ring expansion is like the cataclysm in wow
[Hide] (167.7KB, 1200x1200)
im heading to the liquor store in 10 mins man whatchu need
[Hide] (352.3KB, 2078x486)
speaking of i asked my mom for those animal cracker reese cups and she said there werent any was she lying just so she didnt have to think?
most people dont think in order to avoid lying
[Hide] (1.7MB, 3146x2501)
ive pulled off some insane lies

like how was my acting so good in the moment type shit

you feel me
Replies: >>198241 >>198243
female rape "victim"...
im an incredible liar but i dont do it on principle i feel badass telling the truth and getting in trouble for it. makes me feel like fuckin' enoch
such as..?
lying well is a womanly trait
i dont lie but i dont talk normal so it leads to misunderstandings
jinny is in china, is chinabro gonna link up?
Replies: >>198272
[Hide] (294.2KB, 1080x1350)
Replies: >>198253
men engineer the situation so that they dont have to lie
like when dudes watching an illegal pistol duel turned around so they could say they never saw it
just busted a nut
Replies: >>198250
Replies: >>198251
hes one of our pornbrained coomer posters and has nothing else going on, just let him have this
i meant i hurt my testicle by sitting on it guys
we are of that age...
[Hide] (49.1KB, 657x527)
you gotta stop sitting on your balls bro
i forgot how long green beans take to cook and these came out really undercooked
[Hide] (536.2KB, 1536x2048)
you need to get past them to get to class on time what do you say
fauna says she hit the wall...
turn 360 degrees and walk away
"holy shit theyre have a dog meat flash sale at the corner butcher!!!"
ok this is a fire hazard
hey im walkin here
looks like a perfect opportunity to demonstrate my parkour skills
nice thick calfs and fat padded knees on the gook in front shes the only good one
this is like some reddit post title
*chainsaw skills
what do brown gooks feel when their whole media is about appearing as fair skinned as possible
they love it
is it true that kyoto gets 90million tourists a year cause that makes me really not wanna go
Replies: >>198351
i heard nippon hates tourists now too
im leaving soon so i cant pull a tinny
Replies: >>198275
IRySbros what did your oshi mean by this
Replies: >>198276
cmon man
Replies: >>198277
epic XD
my flights are already gooked
Replies: >>198288

zoomers are... le based?
just need a crisp new haircut
why are girls so obsessed with elden ring 
gaming was supposed to be our safe space
i see a few of you jet black niggers on elden ring right now
karkat vantasblack
<Three teens arrested in France on suspicion of raping 12-year-old Jewish girl

zoomers are getting crazier out there
>The three attackers, aged 12, 13 and 14 years old, beat the girl and “forcibly penetrated” her while “making death threats and antisemitic remarks,” the report said, citing an unnamed police source.
Replies: >>198289
sounds rude
what's your last stop before the end?
yeah sure and then they made a lamp out of her hymen skin right *rolls eyes*
im a hairy man with a beer belly

no one wants to rape me
first i go to the nether and find a nether fortress
then i go back to the overworld and find a stronghold
then i go to the end
when do you do the tricky trials though
i havent found any tricky trials yet
we need to make our own engines
Replies: >>198297
cmon man even dumbass pekora did the tricky trials
feeling down again that my president is an elderly senile pedovore
you building a car?
we're making game engines?
[Hide] (184.6KB, 600x684)
back inside from being outside
[Hide] (321.1KB, 1080x716)
Replies: >>198302
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIloWxQ3Rpo NOW!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>198309
im in
think vaping weed might be bad for  ym lungs
Gura's 'Shark City' Rocks 1980s Nostalgia

Gawr Gura, a popular figure, celebrated her birthday on June 20, 2024. Fans and followers from around the world took to social media to express their wishes and share their favorite moments and artwork of Gura. The hashtag #GuraBirthday2024 trended as people celebrated her special day. The celebration included various fan-made artworks and a birthday book. Gura also announced a special event titled 'Shark City' to commemorate her birthday, promising a nostalgic 1980s theme and a special release afterwards.
its 9pm and i havent eaten anything today
Replies: >>198308
[Hide] (11KB, 293x203)

bro you know im in!!!
🦵🦵 okaeri
[Hide] (2.7MB, 2560x1440)
bro this is cray cray
its eventposting (sanctioned spam)
this is fucking peak
[Hide] (816.3KB, 1920x1080)
hey thats me
[Hide] (5.1MB, 2560x1440)
loving my new 'top
emulating ps2 games and it doesn't get hot or turn the fan on so i can have it in my lap while i lay in bed
the sex scene was so outta pocket on that mv
i dont like anything rn im really screaming here
Replies: >>198322
[Hide] (232KB, 330x364)
what kinda *gets distracted by the guy screaming* what kinda laptop did you get
Replies: >>198327
you can game on t'pads?
Replies: >>198327
[Hide] (300.3KB, 1920x1080)
ryzen 7 p14 gen 2

i'm gaming as we speak
Replies: >>198342
i kinda want to get a cheap laptop as a backup just in case my pc explodes and i need to go on to amazon to buy new stuff
Replies: >>198330
this song is a bop
you can use your phone to do that
how are you gonna pay to go to a concert and watch a video
im playing metroid prime this game rock
have they made a laptop shell that you slide your phone into and it turns your phone into a laptop yet
omg its korone
[Hide] (715.2KB, 600x742)
who let the dogs out
[Hide] (302.4KB, 1733x2000)
this is like a mid version of the original...
bro you coulda got a p51 xeon
Replies: >>198349
why does this guy keep shilling the xeon 
thats a server cpu its no good for our stuff
Replies: >>198345 >>198347
fuck i forgot to get cheese when i got my groceries
kusogaki overload...
you have to get one and see how it runs to experience it
all kinds of laptops with supposedly higher specs lock up if you open a browser window but the xeon laptops have some top secret wall street cia magic in them
i could be running heavy processing on some scripts and have a million other things open and it runs smooth as butter
the leg warmers and headbands are awesome
i got this for less than 400 yuros and the cpu is 15w rather than 30w like the xeon
i think i came out well
shion mogs
[Hide] (299.9KB, 1448x2048)
even with the crowds it's totally worth it man. just go during may/june and it's not so bad.
Replies: >>198352
[Hide] (195KB, 460x260)
but junes nearly ogre
go now expedite the flight
[Hide] (133.9KB, 1440x1440)
hol' up, la+ and the shork linked up?
Replies: >>198356
[Hide] (325.1KB, 1920x1080)
*borrows a used concorde to fly to japan at mach 3 before the july 1 touristwave hits kyoto*
gonno undulate
dont you dare
[Hide] (879.2KB, 2973x2000)
they shoulda dressed em like this though


[Hide] (251KB, 1182x1851)
Replies: >>198368
[Hide] (789.5KB, 1000x779)
shes doing the thing
with that one girl
these idiots just double cleaned a drawing
they're scared of cartoons
Replies: >>198371
i dont like the pedo animes
do you have notifs on for la+ howd you scoop this so fast
Replies: >>198373
come on man
Replies: >>198375
[Hide] (336.1KB, 560x450)
Replies: >>198376
usagi drop is an all timer though
[Hide] (315.9KB, 803x525)
[Hide] (146.8KB, 322x315)
tower was maybe not the right choice here if im keeping it 💯
Replies: >>198379
towa owned that stage though?
[Hide] (9.9KB, 242x242)
okay big guy, who should they have gotten instead huh?
holy crap its everyones favorite subunit umisea
omg they are doing the patlabor ova opening!

Replies: >>198382
[Hide] (761.3KB, 512x768)
Replies: >>198386
[Hide] (207.8KB, 636x744)
love how they force ina to be in front of people for money when she would love nothing more than to cocoonmode for 10000 years
[Hide] (150.2KB, 1008x105)
hooooooh boy look at that lineup.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x1280)
aight imma hit the books
bet gleep
*starts buying gura merch*
gura has been working on her sales pitch voice
bet the farm on the eulers
wtf 45 minutes is this some kind of joke
are we buying that set?
it was back to back songs its not really a big deal to end at 45
Replies: >>198396
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGj0xMWReQM migrate
Replies: >>198403
Replies: >>198403
ok but why werent there any interlude segments
/vt/ sista, we need the /#/s on gooba's bday stream
we should clone a bunch of polymath geniuses for the good of humanity
imagine 100 eulers 100 gauss 100 werner von brauns 100 von neumanns
Replies: >>198410
she hates hololive which is why she barely got 50k viewers
im not buying it but that thing is going to sell out in like 30 seconds for sure
even imagining 10 von neumanns in the world at the same time is a scary thought lets dial that back a little bit
im not buying it because its hot as fuck out and i dont need a sweatshirt
Replies: >>198407
a hundred toots
calm down holodudes
but its limited... think of how much you're be able to sell it for...
Replies: >>198412
holy shit cant believe shes about to announce graduation like this
announcing graduation rn is based
xi's definitely looking into this
still got the watame and iroha lives to catch up on too...
i dont have the merchant spirit in me to do stuff like that
Replies: >>198413
just leave it in the box and ship it back out again in a year or so
[Hide] (82.7KB, 768x1024)
we love iroha here
Replies: >>198416
*remembers iroha exists*
[Hide] (287.2KB, 432x368, 00:02)
*cant stop thinking about iroha*
these premiere screens are getting weirder and weirder
100 boogie2988s
holy shit
bro you forgot to clone maxwell
i worry about holobros sometimes
isnt the whole point of this song about celebrating the pedophile parts of japanese culture (all of it)
gura is always so late with these mvs
science experiment
cloning a bunch of weirdos like boogie wingsofredemption sh0nice nikocado chris chan and making them all live together in a self contained biosphere of sorts
she had a form for chumbuds to submit the backing voice for the song which is why it took so long for her to produce it
[Hide] (220.3KB, 1035x1628)
went for a walk just now and its so fucking humid oh my god im soaked
and when i was walking up the stairs to get back into my building i guess a spider spun a fuckin web in the time that i left and came back and i walked through it and freaked the fuck out
people were lookin at me all funny
very embarrassing

let me find a nice gook to pair with this post hold on

there we go
Replies: >>198432
they would turn out normal and better adjusted than us as long as they dont have the internet
ui-mama and goba linked up...
that spider worked really hard on that web and you ruined it :/
Replies: >>198433
i didnt even see it man
nice my oshi made it
when i go to throw out the garbage at night i always walk down the alley holding the garbage bag up high in front of my face to deal with any webs that may have formed dont care how i look or if people stare this is my one life and im not taking chances
Replies: >>198439
i gamed HARD today
i put in a shift
Replies: >>198440
>narration irys
Replies: >>198441
done undulating
thats a good tactic i would have done that if i was carrying something cuz spiders be weavin
nice bro
man those outfits were so cute

Replies: >>198443
god i love my oshi so much
how old are you
how do you stop thinking about those big embarrassing moments
Replies: >>198451
you cant man they will haunt you forever
well not forever
Replies: >>198450
you just experience new things so your brain forgets
Replies: >>198452
you have to reenact the moment with a cute girl you like who laughs but doesnt judge you and still likes you after
you dont but they only come back once in a while and cause extreme dread for about 5 minutes
once it passes youre good to go
im in here https://youtu.be/q7_DWdk0iUA
that miko clip from the previous thread was great btw

Replies: >>198486
[Hide] (375.2KB, 480x608, 00:10)
Replies: >>198464
runbros do you ever drive somewhere to start your run?
[Hide] (61.7KB, 477x342)
i got the limited LFG
hooo boy
we drive to a nice trail
holy shit!
unicornbros theyre doa...
[Hide] (44.5KB, 686x817)
she's dead to me
the others are still safe right
Replies: >>198467
[Hide] (38.7KB, 648x575)
the pink one did nothing but tweet at niji males pretty much the past 2 years
the green one seems normal and the orange one i dont think anybody knows about
lemme hold a hunned richbro
Replies: >>198474
amlitzer you gotta stop spending so much money bro!
Replies: >>198483
yuro women are wh*res man, this shouldn't come as a surprise at all.
those merch bundles are straight evil
Replies: >>198492
god damn look at those udders
[Hide] (127.6KB, 600x600)
im back woot
Replies: >>198476 >>198478
im not rich i just have 3000 a year to blow on holo stuff
the pink one boggles my mind how she got into hololive
Replies: >>198479
woot in hell wooter
did you post a few days ago or was that an impersonator
who is she
Replies: >>198488
wtf pando is gangstalking me ive been saying woot with my other com lately...
[Hide] (186.3KB, 450x600)
i posted a few times yeah but i wasnt really paying much attention to the threads
[Hide] (261.1KB, 414x676)
if that was me it would be the whole birthday set for watame
crazy that this is a bunch of peoples reality including many of you guys
Replies: >>198495 >>198498
dag, yo
i missed it what happened
Replies: >>198489
Replies: >>198491
theres roaches in the bathroom and i tell dad about them and hes like "i dont see them"
no shit you dont see them you moron the lights on all the time but theyre still in there
Replies: >>198493
Replies: >>198500
let em be
i just know one good round of bejeweled will fix me
Replies: >>198501
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2894x4093)
this is a CGDCT comm
any good movies to watch
i only post in global i dont even look at the catalog or threads like that

the people who do nothing but live off drama are so retarded and i will never understand the point of it
dmitri jap promised us cgdct
he needs to get that whore under control NOW
we talked about it earlier its bundiling a bunch of cheap chink garbage and marking it up a bunch. taking advantage of how gacha you niggers are its like shooting fish in a barrel. its evil to take advantage of and rip off easy marks like that
bejeweled 3 deluxe is a great game
hop on man
black orpheus
i look at the damn clock and it's already fucking 10 ugh
pando what have you been up to
time forever marches on...
[Hide] (220.1KB, 258x379)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 4480x6720)
the killer was great
[Hide] (42.7KB, 800x450)
man i saw that movie getting shilled on amazon is it really good?
Replies: >>198514
this guy is a real beekeeperhead huh
the gookeeper
i havent watched a movie in years i really should get back into it
im psyopping people into watching it currently
watch shanghai noon with me man
threads completely unusable rn btw
Replies: >>198519 >>198521
strim it
[Hide] (317.9KB, 631x679)
really? posting seems to work fine for me...>>198516
go mid bro
its in a bad place but im sure theyll fuck off soon
tried to watch this with my pgf years ago and she forced my to have s*x like 25 minutes in and now i dont know how it ends
gleepy was spamming his wpd posts last night for 2 hours and he cant take a couple of holo pics lol
Replies: >>198527
there is no way she is going to be able to maintain that cutsey voice for long
ill watch the debuts but honestly theres about 0% chance that i watch any of them
When his kind-hearted landlady commits suicide after falling victim to a phishing scam, former "Beekeeper" operative Adam Clay sets out on a brutal campaign for revenge upon those responsible.
Replies: >>198530
i dont post any of those links
waiting for beetlejuice 2
>a couple of holo pics
Replies: >>198535
watch the trailer man it goes HARD
i see myself as sort of the shadow the hedgehog of scv
Replies: >>198533
i dont like the lead actress for beetlejuice 2 i wish it was just winona again
Replies: >>198539
[Hide] (871.4KB, 927x551)
where do we watch the beekeeper is it on youtube
[Hide] (789.8KB, 827x764)
[Hide] (953.6KB, 3840x2160)
you gotta get drunk as hell to enjoy the beekeeper
alright i yandex'd 'beekeeper watch online' i got a sweet link
tomorrow ill watch it
gooks are so cute
i'm sure the main arc will be with winona tho
[Hide] (151.4KB, 955x641)
Replies: >>198546
saw 3 people wearing the same birkenstocks today
hmm i see...
[Hide] (196.4KB, 1072x1332)
damn check out this picture of minji!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>198549
i cant pull off the birkenstock look
im a sport shoe man
bro you gotta get out of the moonguard goldshire inn
i need to stop wearing sports clothes
i cant pull it off
Replies: >>198550
[Hide] (671.7KB, 1278x718)
[Hide] (791KB, 2591x3624)
okay i missed like the first 10min of the gura bday live and apparently she did a logh cover? not only that but she even did a mv spoofing the original opening animation? hoooooooooooh boy
love this gooker
you need that dawg in you
im not korean i dont eat dogs
[Hide] (60.4KB, 1051x147)
idk what to play for the next expansion not playing any of these 4 though
play the uninstall game
mages are gonna be op as fuck next expansion!
orc rogue mage
it's time to put on the dress and play a holy priest
the guy delivering my groceries today was wearing a mask

its 90 degrees outside
Replies: >>198561
i never watched cast away maybe i should do that
Replies: >>198560
he's crazy
you're gonna get supercovid+ man
we are the sane ones its become obvious
im crazy as fuck
new thread
why are we migrating at 841 posts
told you guys earlier we should look at trying it at 900 to have a "buffer zone" but im not a supporter of the 841 migration at all
i think what u guys meant to say was

dont get stranded!!
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