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  Anonymous   No.978907

where is he

  Anonymous   No.978908


  Anonymous   No.978909

no football this year
seasons canceled like the nba

  Anonymous   No.978910

i hate joggers

  Anonymous   No.978911

  Anonymous   No.978912


  Anonymous   No.978913

*does a lil jog*

  Anonymous   No.978914

im not fully into it but i like that hard scary nig wojak

  Anonymous   No.978915

  Anonymous   No.978916

  Anonymous   No.978917

  Anonymous   No.978918

my mask is nearly impossible to breathe through because i gave it so many layers but it also means i wont catch anything

  Anonymous   No.978919

why do people use those dumb ridge wallet things they are super thick and retarded

  Anonymous   No.978920

*suffocates* at least my cause of death wasnt corona chan

  Anonymous   No.978921

imagine not being able to put coins in your wallet lol

  Anonymous   No.978922

thank god the liquor store is open until 8 again now they need to go back to closing 10pm

  Anonymous   No.978923

brain zap hours

  Anonymous   No.978924

anxiety has thoroughly raped me today. im going to bed

  Anonymous   No.978925

gn bro

  Anonymous   No.978926

new pewds its a good one bros

  Anonymous   No.978927

30 hours until drinking time!

  Anonymous   No.978928

pepega clap

  Anonymous   No.978929


  Anonymous   No.978930

someone just donated that roastie $100 for doing nothing :/

  Anonymous   No.978931


  Anonymous   No.978932

File: 1590019032141.jpg (816.83 KB, 1920x1272, ivan-mulas-ahri-def-prova2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978933

what's wrong with her face

  Anonymous   No.978934

whats the biggest norm anime out right now
my hero academia? attack on titan? dr stone?

  Anonymous   No.978935

it's on backwards and not on her neck

  Anonymous   No.978936

File: 1590019595651.jpg (231.96 KB, 2518x1024, n6d5ksvb4yy41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978937

do they change? i would think it would be dragonball, naruto

  Anonymous   No.978938

magic is gay

  Anonymous   No.978939

those cards would work good together

  Anonymous   No.978940

one punch man, the demon hunter show and uhhh…black clover

  Anonymous   No.978941

no idea what those last two are

  Anonymous   No.978942

  Anonymous   No.978943

  Anonymous   No.978944

File: 1590020025352.png (1.34 MB, 1800x1800, wp.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.978945

  Anonymous   No.978946

*slowly sets down bazaar of baghdad*well well well
what have we here

  Anonymous   No.978947

*taps at my narset*
well well well

  Anonymous   No.978948

File: 1590020192179.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 1542591331784.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.978949

*flips the table over* fuyck yuo

  Anonymous   No.978950

demon hunter y/n?

  Anonymous   No.978951

molly is a bitch
carla reminds me too much of my aunt
claire? just right

  Anonymous   No.978952

what the fuck kinda website is this shit

  Anonymous   No.978953

  Anonymous   No.978954

File: 1590020421884.jpg (214.19 KB, 653x1200, 1574258207477.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978955

xi wouldn't be happy about this…

  Anonymous   No.978956

  Anonymous   No.978957


  Anonymous   No.978958

baste sexpat bro

  Anonymous   No.978959

first of all im a virgin

  Anonymous   No.978960

File: 1590020688118.jpg (419.55 KB, 756x756, 1590003631752.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978961

File: 1590020701077.jpg (279.74 KB, 1531x997, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978962

holy shit bros!!!!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.978963

we’re going to the j olympics remember?

  Anonymous   No.978964

xi's probably poundin off to it

  Anonymous   No.978965

i really should time how long it takes my rice cooker to cook rice but i cant be bothered

  Anonymous   No.978966


  Anonymous   No.978967

my sister and i were irish twins

  Anonymous   No.978968

wogan is gonna be a billionaire i cant believe it

  Anonymous   No.978969

ninja to mixer or rogan to spotify

what was bigger news

  Anonymous   No.978970

  Anonymous   No.978971

have you ever seen your sisters boobs?

  Anonymous   No.978972


  Anonymous   No.978973

ninja probably knew his time was almost up
seen that other fortnite top streamer in his rear view mirror, about to make a pass…then he snagged the biblical microsoft contract and peaced out

  Anonymous   No.978974

the ninja pop comes out next month

  Anonymous   No.978975

File: 1590021498329.jpg (54.56 KB, 844x818, Capture78658675.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978976

doesn't ninja stream for 2-4k people

  Anonymous   No.978977

File: 1590021600687.jpg (405.27 KB, 1844x1080, [NewbSubs] Tenki no Ko~Wea….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what the fuck!

  Anonymous   No.978978

are the dems going to replace brain pudding joe before the election or after

  Anonymous   No.978979

ninja traded fame for money thats gotta have some psychological impact

  Anonymous   No.978980


  Anonymous   No.978981

  Anonymous   No.978982

  Anonymous   No.978983

microsoft convinced him mixer was gonna be a thing…

  Anonymous   No.978984

about time they catered anime to us

  Anonymous   No.978985

File: 1590021795458.mp4 (13.1 MB, 4n3b0U.mp4)

libshits fucking OWNED

  Anonymous   No.978986


they always try to compete with the big boys in every area and fail every time

  Anonymous   No.978987

beebroy saved florida

  Anonymous   No.978988

secession is immanent the south will rise again

  Anonymous   No.978989


  Anonymous   No.978990

the holy trinity of mixer
avilo, narci and ninja

  Anonymous   No.978991

i forgot about zune

  Anonymous   No.978992

google fails against itself

  Anonymous   No.978993

google stadia

  Anonymous   No.978994

google glass…

  Anonymous   No.978995

Colorado Forced to Revise Its Virus Tally After ALCOHOL POISONING Counted as COVID-19 Death

  Anonymous   No.978996

  Anonymous   No.978997

the virus is forcing me to drink its taken over my brain

  Anonymous   No.978998

File: 1590022561284.jpg (306.01 KB, 693x655, aba320948092.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.978999

didn't you watch the doc?
doctors are getting 13k for every person they admit with covid, 39k if they ventilator.
they're also being pressured to call all flu deaths, people who test positive and die in a car crash get covid as cause of death etc.

  Anonymous   No.979000

should i watch 12 oz mouse? ive heard a lot of people say its actually good but ive never been able to watch it all the way through

  Anonymous   No.979001

a 12oz mouse is gonna be heavy as fuck bro how are you gonna hit the flick shots!

  Anonymous   No.979002

cuz that is where youll find me
underneath the
sealab underneath the water
sealab at the bottom of the
sealab underneath the water

  Anonymous   No.979003

thats a norway rat

  Anonymous   No.979004

im trans

  Anonymous   No.979005

shut up

  Anonymous   No.979006

File: 1590023048316.jpg (336.05 KB, 1844x1080, [NewbSubs] Tenki no Ko~Wea….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.979007

looks like a boy

  Anonymous   No.979008

hmm i see

  Anonymous   No.979009

File: 1590023231107.jpg (336.05 KB, 1844x1080, [NewbSubs] Tenki no Ko~Wea….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.979010

rice cookers are great

  Anonymous   No.979011

just use a pot its way faster

same amount of setup and less cleaning

  Anonymous   No.979012

toot ban the rice munchers
this is a bread comm

  Anonymous   No.979013

*tosses a minute rice bag in the microwave*

  Anonymous   No.979014

the only bread we eat is potato bread

  Anonymous   No.979015

potato bread, potato pancake… is there anything not vastly improve by potato?

  Anonymous   No.979016

any of you guys ever seen a tornado in real life before

  Anonymous   No.979017

hmm free shipping on target orders over $35 and they have much better deals on snacks than amaon

  Anonymous   No.979018

File: 1590024596248.png (371.62 KB, 614x677, 1589999674787.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979019

ive been in a microburst before

  Anonymous   No.979020

  Anonymous   No.979021

what the hell is a microburst

  Anonymous   No.979022

  Anonymous   No.979023

File: 1590025124434.png (172.38 KB, 705x525, bastfrog.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979024

what was your thing? good will…smith

  Anonymous   No.979025

*loud cackle*

  Anonymous   No.979026

holy shit there are carrot cake oreos

  Anonymous   No.979027

trannies are just narcissists no sorry you can't become a girl you just gotta be thankful for the hand you're dealt

  Anonymous   No.979028

shut the fuck up terf

  Anonymous   No.979029

  Anonymous   No.979030

i hate midgets so much
demonic little goblin people

  Anonymous   No.979031

a lot of midgets kill themselves

  Anonymous   No.979032

wtf divorce is so cool now

  Anonymous   No.979033

*gets married to get divorced*
its standard

  Anonymous   No.979034

  Anonymous   No.979035

only the foreign language netflix stuff is ok

  Anonymous   No.979036

took me a week to finish a hundo bottle of whiskey

  Anonymous   No.979037

lambda string: ''.join(random.choice([str.lower, str.upper])(c) for c in string)

  Anonymous   No.979038

it smells like puke in my room??

  Anonymous   No.979039

really want to drink tonight but i cant

  Anonymous   No.979040

years almost halfway done

  Anonymous   No.979041

File: 1590031982166.png (446.56 KB, 1000x963, 1584844443348.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979042

  Anonymous   No.979043

lets get this bread gamers

  Anonymous   No.979044

video dot twimg

  Anonymous   No.979045

  Anonymous   No.979046

how can anyone dislike trump

  Anonymous   No.979047

  Anonymous   No.979048

obamabiden democrats assemble

  Anonymous   No.979049

did anyone ever ask obama what it feels like to belong to the party of slavery

  Anonymous   No.979050

this fucking huawei 4g modem is the biggest piece of shit

  Anonymous   No.979051

my mom just buys things and doesnt even look at the price tag then is surprised it cost what it did when she gets home

  Anonymous   No.979052

  Anonymous   No.979053

i cant sleep

  Anonymous   No.979054

*does a lil jig*

  Anonymous   No.979055

whats the next big boxing match

  Anonymous   No.979056

we should have been getting ready for another fury fight…

  Anonymous   No.979057

gonna buy a bunch of wheelbarrels theyll sell like hotcakes when hyperinflation hits

  Anonymous   No.979058

guy is a good shoot
alexa what does "punta la merda" mean?

  Anonymous   No.979059

is it just me or did things seem more serious during the 08 recession and housing crisis than they do now

  Anonymous   No.979060

dont get why president fatfuck doesnt just send the troops in and blow all these cartels out of existence

  Anonymous   No.979061

File: 1590039898459.png (269.34 KB, 640x343, Adolf_Hitler_-_The_Greates….png) ImgOps Google

the wheelbarrows aren't going to be big enough to carry the money in!
(and he's afraid i'll stir things up?
you tell commissar karr)

  Anonymous   No.979062

  Anonymous   No.979063

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979064

tfw its thursday and tomorrow is already a friday

  Anonymous   No.979065

  Anonymous   No.979066

south american presidents wont let him

  Anonymous   No.979067

why would we care send them in anyway whats he gonna do

  Anonymous   No.979068

  Anonymous   No.979069

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979070

not opening this while im at work

  Anonymous   No.979071

File: 1590040540106.jpeg (170.2 KB, 888x500, E0AB1E45-3ADA-45C2-8906-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google

you guys tried to tell me touhou plushes were a bad idea

  Anonymous   No.979072

they have work in croatia?

  Anonymous   No.979073

File: 1590040692974.jpg (42.29 KB, 768x1024, 1566619707240.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979074

thats probably like 20k in plushies

  Anonymous   No.979075

  Anonymous   No.979076

cant believe zii still wont give me a job at his software firm

  Anonymous   No.979077

  Anonymous   No.979078

who is even hiring now

  Anonymous   No.979079

dropped my magnum condoms for my magnum dong

  Anonymous   No.979080


  Anonymous   No.979081

File: 1590041494838.jpg (750.08 KB, 1000x1522, 1310483412100.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>dropped my magnum condoms for my magnum dong

  Anonymous   No.979082


  Anonymous   No.979083

  Anonymous   No.979084


  Anonymous   No.979085

big boy parting beat maru, thats nuts

  Anonymous   No.979086

get crumped stupid idiot

  Anonymous   No.979087

im crump and proud
crumps stay crumps

  Anonymous   No.979088

  Anonymous   No.979089

  Anonymous   No.979090

wish i had massive hentai loads

  Anonymous   No.979091


  Anonymous   No.979092

i get em when i edge

  Anonymous   No.979093

the only thing that makes my loads bigger is taking a couple days off

  Anonymous   No.979094

i want the kind of loads that make a girl's ovaries fill up like a balloon

  Anonymous   No.979095

rewatched apocalypto
gibson is a genius

  Anonymous   No.979096

File: 1590043356727.jpg (732.81 KB, 888x888, 1590002660364.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979097

english should come up with some honorifics like -kun and -sama

  Anonymous   No.979098


  Anonymous   No.979099

  Anonymous   No.979100

File: 1590045968439.jpg (271.8 KB, 1536x1116, 1590038222150.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

do americans clap when they get vaccinated

  Anonymous   No.979101

what do sober people do all night fuck this is boring!

  Anonymous   No.979102

jo and read

  Anonymous   No.979103

  Anonymous   No.979104

File: 1590047874087.png (185.68 KB, 500x500, 9494984984.png) ImgOps Google

usually borderline narcoleptic but tonight i cant sleep :/

  Anonymous   No.979105

damn this fuckin sucks!

  Anonymous   No.979106

guilty conscience

  Anonymous   No.979107

boot up an oneyplays playlist until your brain shuts down on its own

  Anonymous   No.979108

we want to watch promare actually

  Anonymous   No.979109

i regret to inform the comm that shadman has died

  Anonymous   No.979110


  Anonymous   No.979111

i really havent taken a proper shower in at least 10 days and i dont smell that bad

  Anonymous   No.979112

my ass gets all itchy and gross if i go for more than 5 days without a shower

  Anonymous   No.979113

yeah you do

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979114

why would you go more than 5 days without shower?

just shower for 2 minutes at least before going to sleep

  Anonymous   No.979115

takes 2 minutes just for the water to get hot

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979116

ok 4 minutes then, 1 min to clean after youre done and thats it.

  Anonymous   No.979117

cold shower bitch

  Anonymous   No.979118

  Anonymous   No.979119

well i have to lather up the body wash in a washcloth then scrub my entire filthy body

  Anonymous   No.979120

skin is an alien parasite

  Anonymous   No.979121

i know the guy that made that thread hes a turkish subhuman

  Anonymous   No.979122

you cant disparage the kara boga that way

  Anonymous   No.979123

it doesnt happen often just when the dep hits hard

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979124

just stop being dep lmao its that easy

thank me later

  Anonymous   No.979125

File: 1590051639880.jpg (92.33 KB, 960x960, 1589497676061.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979126

i cant wait to drink in 21 hours it feels like an eternity away

  Anonymous   No.979127

File: 1590051782226.jpg (25.41 KB, 679x400, EYQxOAaXkAElpD6.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979128

dan is a freak!

  Anonymous   No.979129

dan 'dick like a cokecan' schneider?

  Anonymous   No.979130

love grooming

  Anonymous   No.979131

that 29yo groomer

  Anonymous   No.979132

File: 1590052052188.jpg (65.82 KB, 720x624, EXLI7JQXsAEpwqP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979133

this but unironically
if that guy on the bed went through what trump has to experience every day hed blow his brains out

  Anonymous   No.979134

id cry too much to be president

  Anonymous   No.979135

File: 1590052347648.png (883.24 KB, 578x652, EQqOdvPXkAAQixf.png) ImgOps Google

youre safe now

  Anonymous   No.979136

File: 1590052385397.png (55.01 KB, 418x403, 1587059398228.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979137

dick is chafed from joing on anti-ds takes so long to rub one out

  Anonymous   No.979138

This life is the gift that God has given us. It is too short to be spent in sadness. Let us praise God, content simply to exist. We are children of the great King, capable of reading His signature in all Creation.

  Anonymous   No.979139

no no no dspbros this cant be happening

  Anonymous   No.979140

$105 well spent

  Anonymous   No.979141

these people do not give a fuck about you they want to control you they dont give a fuck about you they hate you you are in their way of getting what they want and they do not care about you they will get on screen they will smile fuck you in the face and then theyll go off screen and fuck you with these laws they do not give a fuck about you

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979142

btc below 9k this week?

  Anonymous   No.979143

this is your LAST CHANCE to buy under 10k

  Anonymous   No.979144

they trap you in these systems that are phallic in design
because they fuck you in the mind
boy they fuck you all the time

  Anonymous   No.979145

File: 1590055311286.jpg (38.28 KB, 250x188, Stefan Molyneux We Who Rea….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the government is just men with guns who want to kill you

  Anonymous   No.979146

first time brushing my teeth in two weeks

  Anonymous   No.979147

they know hwere i am they could do it if they wanted to

  Anonymous   No.979148

we really need to be better about that. as of right now the dentist office is closed down

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979149

damn dude you need to brush teeth twice a day minimum

  Anonymous   No.979150


  Anonymous   No.979151

havent been to a dentist in 10 years

  Anonymous   No.979152

word stfu brushnorm brusnigzii

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979153

doesn't it bother you that you'll have yelow teeths?

  Anonymous   No.979154

hate brushnorms

  Anonymous   No.979155


  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979156

i can understand not showering or wearing same smelly cloths, but not brushing teeth damn man

  Anonymous   No.979157

well i can always get them whitened

  Anonymous   No.979158

sickzii have you ever talked to your bitcoin node?

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979159


  Anonymous   No.979160

its a truly dergigi type of biblical experience

  Anonymous   No.979161

sickzii hire me

  Anonymous   No.979162

im sickziis maid

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979163

ok send a job application

  Anonymous   No.979164

whats your mail

  Anonymous   No.979165


  Anonymous   No.979166

i dont understand how people just do things

  Anonymous   No.979167

zii why have you been around more recently huhhh

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979168



  Anonymous   No.979169

they have brain chemicals that reward them for that junk

  Anonymous   No.979170

its just your brain chemicals bro its imbalanced bro

  Anonymous   No.979171

they call me the worthless gabaworm

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979172

gf left me so im home every day now

  Anonymous   No.979173

  Anonymous   No.979174

im so sorry…

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979175

heh what can you do amirite, not like im a bf material

  Anonymous   No.979176

half the posters here want to be your gf's

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979177

foids will pay

  Anonymous   No.979178

heres what im gonna do tomorrow: play video games eat and get drunk

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979179


  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979180

why not today?

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979181


  Anonymous   No.979182

its almost time for bed

  Anonymous   No.979183

grow up

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979184

tomorrow it is then, i also planned to grab few beers and play vr golf, not sure what i'll play then untill the last of us 2 arrives, maybe nioh if its good

  Anonymous   No.979185

does japan really have perfect beaches like you see in anime

  Anonymous   No.979186

alexa search "japan beach"

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979187

"seaching for japan bitches*

  Anonymous   No.979188

echo play jumper

  Anonymous   No.979189

File: 1590056792079.jpg (383.45 KB, 850x573, ttri.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979190

thats kinda cute..

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979191

youre cute..

  Anonymous   No.979192

for me its the most amount of alcohol for the lowest price

  Anonymous   No.979193

oh gosh 'zii >__<

  Anonymous   No.979194

/our_hapa/ daniel said that japan is a disgusting place full of ugly people, nothing like anime

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979195

idk, i wanna enjoy while i'm sipping a beer, so i never buy cheapest shit

  Anonymous   No.979196

simply dont understand why people shower before bed
instead of when they wake up
you get dirty and greasy in bed so theres no point
you dont get to enjoy the feeling of being nice n clean throughout the day

  Anonymous   No.979197

simply dont understand why people shower

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979198

simply dont understany why

  Anonymous   No.979199

if i go a day without showering i feel greasy and gross my hair especially and my face

  Anonymous   No.979200

  Anonymous   No.979201

i shower before bed because night showers are the best

  Anonymous   No.979202

File: 1590057357206.jpg (1.18 MB, 1748x2159, 1585464737571.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

5:30am time for bed

  Anonymous   No.979203

why would anyone shower unless theyre a norm

  Anonymous   No.979204

its 630 am bro!

  Anonymous   No.979205

Kiwi Farms Happenings

Onision has resorted to posting pictures of his penis for attention.

A clip from Nick J. Fuentes is retweeted by the President and deleted by Twitter.

FerociouslySteph, a non-binary trans deer megautist, has been hired as a member of the "Trust and Safety team" for Twitch and gamers are very happy.

Some guy named Preston Poulter, relevant to ComicsGate, is allegedly a literal shit-eating cuckold.

Israeli superstar H3H3 Productions is blaming Keemstar for Etika's death, while denying doing so.

Yaniv has resorted to posting pictures of his penis for attention.

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979206

  Anonymous   No.979207

yeah but theyre not why do you think they are

  Anonymous   No.979208

cannot believe drumpf endorsed the groypers

  Anonymous   No.979209

  Anonymous   No.979210

sickzii hop the hell on valorant

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979211

nah im not playing that csgo ow mix

  Anonymous   No.979212

its new and fun hop on

  Anonymous   No.979213

zii is japanese he doesnt play chinkshit

  Anonymous   No.979214

  Anonymous   No.979215

cant believe q didnt predict the chink virus i trusted him

  Anonymous   No.979216

"just be honest loooooool"

  Anonymous   No.979217

let the white kids say nigger

  Anonymous   No.979218

grow up

  Anonymous   No.979219

my mom is going to start going to the gym again to swim in the public even though shes morbidly obese over 60 and a chink pandemic going around

was nice knowing her

  Anonymous   No.979220

hate fats

  Anonymous   No.979221

hope i get to talk to my wow gf today

  Anonymous   No.979222

File: 1590058830724.jpg (13.16 KB, 324x40, NOT GAY.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

forgive me father for i have sinned

  Anonymous   No.979223

had a wet dream…

  Anonymous   No.979224

File: 1590058873858.png (11.57 KB, 420x420, 1575857485759.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979225

  Anonymous   No.979226

you have to pray

  Anonymous   No.979227

dunno how to pray

  Anonymous   No.979228

File: 1590059131179.jpeg (166 KB, 590x525, 17C31721-B8F0-49DD-B5D1-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979229

  Anonymous   No.979230

lasted 20 seconds
cant believe norms watch this garbage

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979231

gta 5 is free on epic game store if you guys want, only today till 17:00

  Anonymous   No.979232

bro we watched that live?

  Anonymous   No.979233

i do not want

  Anonymous   No.979234

  Anonymous   No.979235

gook morning~

  Anonymous   No.979236

>Akira Toriyama was so impressed by the american dub when he writes the scripts he has the american voices in his mind.

  Anonymous   No.979237

she's playing a voice activated game

  Anonymous   No.979238

  Anonymous   No.979239

my belly is shrank

  Anonymous   No.979240

*gets out of bed*
time to see what mom has cooked for me to eat

  Anonymous   No.979241

wtf bro this is bed time!

  Anonymous   No.979242

i feel like shit all the time literally 24/7

  Anonymous   No.979243

there is no coronavirus it’s a hoax

  Anonymous   No.979244

thats just the hangover bro

  Anonymous   No.979245

im euro!

  Anonymous   No.979246

im so sorry

  Anonymous   No.979247


  Anonymous   No.979248

well as long as you went to bed around 7am and slept the day away then i guess its alright

  Anonymous   No.979249

having some real fucking dergigi spiritual awakening experience here with my node

  Anonymous   No.979250

in english please lol

  Anonymous   No.979251

i only went at around 4am….

  Anonymous   No.979252

hash bandicoot

  Anonymous   No.979253

i think the ideal neet schedule is 8am-4pm

  Anonymous   No.979254

now that i'm back to smoking weed i'm getting a good nights sleep again

  Anonymous   No.979255

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979256

yeah dude blaz eit

  Anonymous   No.979257

weed? slippery slope

  Anonymous   No.979258

mom got burgs!!!!

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979259

lucky, idk what i'll eat once i get home, probably noodles

  Anonymous   No.979260

  Anonymous   No.979261

too many sickzii posts recently

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979262

do you want me to remove icon

  Anonymous   No.979263

i want you to remove pants

  Anonymous   No.979264


  Anonymous   No.979265


  Anonymous   No.979266

no more flag just use a nice miku pic once in a while

  Anonymous   No.979267

ok, i can only post miku pics when im home tho

  Anonymous   No.979268

i like flagzii :/

  Anonymous   No.979269

flag on and pants off zii

  Anonymous   No.979270

8:20am looks like its bedtime for me!

  Anonymous   No.979271

holy shit

  Anonymous   No.979272

gay weed hours i kill niggers in minecraft

  Anonymous   No.979273

hop on rust bet you wont pussy

  Anonymous   No.979274

grow up

  Anonymous   No.979275

we watched that already time to hit play on xqc's reaction

  Anonymous   No.979276

  Anonymous   No.979277

File: 1590063849070.png (1001.43 KB, 929x677, 9c7afb06763def092bf2dc059a….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979278

i hate that faggot why do you like him

  Anonymous   No.979279

he funny and relatable and his donations are funny

  Anonymous   No.979280

hikarus stream turned niggerlicious after he met xqc

  Anonymous   No.979281

might head in to work early :3

  Anonymous   No.979282

File: 1590064154624.jpg (122.36 KB, 834x1024, rd1sns1cxfw41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979283

  Anonymous   No.979284

why be there more than you have to

  Anonymous   No.979285

damn cant believe goo haras dead *jacks off to her anyway*

  Anonymous   No.979286

dont take it the wrong way but that makes it better

  Anonymous   No.979287

toot ban the necrophiliacs

  Anonymous   No.979288

  Anonymous   No.979289

i said dont take it the wrong way idiot

  Anonymous   No.979290

*takes it the wrong way*

  Anonymous   No.979291

she looks like she has a penis

  Anonymous   No.979292

i have a penis…

  Anonymous   No.979293

what have you done with it so far…

  Anonymous   No.979294

post it

  Anonymous   No.979295

i had it cut up when i was born…

  Anonymous   No.979296

shes gonna get banned

  Anonymous   No.979297

are they lesbos?

  Anonymous   No.979298

i like keemstar he’s racist like me

  Anonymous   No.979299

hate how even chess foids are roasts

  Anonymous   No.979300

was the short bus actually for retards or was it just for the kids who lived out of the way

  Anonymous   No.979301

File: 1590065627847.jpg (66.87 KB, 827x526, 1590060557663.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979302


  Anonymous   No.979303

wanna vtuber gf

  Anonymous   No.979304

marine is my gf so back off

  Anonymous   No.979305

File: 1590066192966.jpg (125.07 KB, 960x720, 1555399681915.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979306

i have that hoodie

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979307

same size i bet lmao

  Anonymous   No.979308

sickzii youve said something mean to me literally every for like 2 weeks

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979309

just a prank

  Anonymous   No.979310

zii is joking hes not mean spirited like trany

  Anonymous   No.979311

File: 1590066653547.jpg (95.84 KB, 687x819, 1555440535889.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979312

how do i get into investigative journalism

  Anonymous   No.979313

is piracy still a thing
i thought streaming services killed it

  Anonymous   No.979314

File: 1590067629295.jpg (208.45 KB, 1440x1080, mpv-shot0012.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

strongly relate to this guy

  Anonymous   No.979315

think im gonna quit caffeine for a week see if my sleep improves

  Anonymous   No.979316

14-Year Old Dorothy Jean Tillman From Chicago Earns Her Master's Degree

  Anonymous   No.979317

  Anonymous   No.979318

Gook morning.
Posting on my phone.

  Anonymous   No.979319

  Anonymous   No.979320

went on a long walk with mom and dad now my feet are fucked

  Anonymous   No.979321

bro get better shoes !

  Anonymous   No.979322

die shoecummer

  Anonymous   No.979323

File: 1590069867805.jpg (272.47 KB, 1440x1080, mpv-shot0013.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what did he mean by this

  Anonymous   No.979324

hate mpvspammer

  Anonymous   No.979325

nah hes okay

  Anonymous   No.979326

i just like to share what i'm watching with the comm

  Anonymous   No.979327

bros hop on terraria

  Anonymous   No.979328

try my moms carrot cake

  Anonymous   No.979329

send me some!

  Anonymous   No.979330

dont get this
the pirate has reasons to pirate even if he doesnt say it you dont just randomly pirate stuff

  Anonymous   No.979331

just made this it was good but i dont get what the fuss is about it just tasted like oily garlic

  Anonymous   No.979332

im a pretty random guy

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979333

btc below 9k?

  Anonymous   No.979334

he has reasons to pirate, but he doesn't waste time trying to justify himself because he's not a gay retard

  Anonymous   No.979335

snore snore 9k?

  Anonymous   No.979336

cringe at this guy checking btc every 15 minutes lmao

  Anonymous   No.979337

someone shut sickzii up with boys lips

  Anonymous   No.979338

i didnt have any parsley and put too many pep flakes so it was too spicy and im a spice baby

  Anonymous   No.979339

nah that’s dumb
a well written villain justifies his crimes

  Anonymous   No.979340

mom never buys and parsley or pep flakes i cant cook anything

  Anonymous   No.979341


  Anonymous   No.979342

im going full aggressive homosexual mode

  Anonymous   No.979343

homos should be killed

  Anonymous   No.979344

toot ban the homos and homo haters

  Anonymous   No.979345

is it hate?

  Anonymous   No.979346

*gropes you*

  Anonymous   No.979347

uh 162 is a queer space

  Anonymous   No.979348

is 162 a place

  Anonymous   No.979349

my fricken zg booster died twice

  Anonymous   No.979350

toons brother is streaming tf2

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979351

link it

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979352

aaaand its below 9k

  Anonymous   No.979353

no i heard you are a notorious bully

  Anonymous   No.979354

  Anonymous   No.979355

what kind of b*tch gf would leave sickzii

  Anonymous   No.979356

a dumb hivgirl

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979357


  Anonymous   No.979358

if i was his gf i would treat him better

  Anonymous   No.979359

she found out sickzii hangs out with sodomites online
id leave him too

  Anonymous   No.979360

simply get a parsley bush order them online

  Anonymous   No.979361

also you can buy some nice peps online and freeze em kenji says peps freeze really well

  Anonymous   No.979362

young paddler with the new synergies

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979363

nah she was great tbh, it was my fault.
but it doesn't matter now

  Anonymous   No.979364

i would have to tell mom to buy stuff and we dont talk to mom here

  Anonymous   No.979365

you should talk to mom she loves you

  Anonymous   No.979366

tooner hop on steam and tell padda we need him back


Dice rollRolled 1

odds continue kuroko no basket season 3
evens dont

  Anonymous   No.979368

dont do that tf

  Anonymous   No.979369

  Anonymous   No.979370

we just started season 1 bro

  Anonymous   No.979371

wish i didnt obsess about pad so much now that hes gone

  Anonymous   No.979372

kuroko no nigger

  Anonymous   No.979373


  Anonymous   No.979374

File: 1590073448704.jpeg (317.8 KB, 830x792, 0082DEFC-BD04-4313-82C7-D….jpeg) ImgOps Google

>foids will pa-
get mogged moids

  Anonymous   No.979375

sigh tivar always wins

  Anonymous   No.979376

pad is too busy figuring out how to get the vacuum cleaner off the rug

  Anonymous   No.979377

File: 1590073580344.gif (1.88 MB, 498x280, 1589922212687.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979378

File: 1590073670851.jpg (143.95 KB, 744x1039, qc6gxjmwd8z41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979379

we have to go back to amonkhet

  Anonymous   No.979380

File: 1590073746187.jpg (49.41 KB, 576x768, 27h8zih60zz41.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979381

pad will not be missed

  Anonymous   No.979382

i miss him

  Anonymous   No.979383

  Anonymous   No.979384


  Anonymous   No.979385


  Anonymous   No.979386


  Anonymous   No.979387

grow up

  Anonymous   No.979388


  Anonymous   No.979389

dab on them

  Anonymous   No.979390


  Anonymous   No.979391

fried chicken

  Anonymous   No.979392

grape soda

  Anonymous   No.979393


  Anonymous   No.979394


  Anonymous   No.979395

great to have you back reeki

  Anonymous   No.979396

welfare office

  Anonymous   No.979397

Verse 1:
KFC and Watermelon… KFC… Grape Soda… N-words… Dodge Charger… Slave… in Prison… scuffed J's… Monke… raping… Worldstar…


Verse 2:
KFC and Watermelon… East L.A…. Welfare… Jordans… Kool-Aid… Foodstamps… Ghetto… saggy Pants… Watermelon…


  Anonymous   No.979398

grow up

  Anonymous   No.979399


  Anonymous   No.979400


  Anonymous   No.979401

took a nap and now im here and posting

  Anonymous   No.979402

welcome bro

  Anonymous   No.979403

youre back and ready to be posting with your friends, the scvees?

  Anonymous   No.979404

Participants were given either the iconic evolution of ape to man image, or an adaption of that image showing the stages of evolution from cockroach to human. This image was designed for the study due to the fact that many Australian road users insult by cyclists by comparing them to “cockroaches” or “mosquitoes”. They were then asked to rate how human they believed cyclists to be on each scale.

On both ape-human and cockroach-human scales, 55 per cent of people in the group who hadn’t ridden a bicycle in the last year rated cyclists as not being completely human. Interestingly, 30 per cent of people in the group who had ridden a bicycle in the last year also rated cyclists as not completely human.

  Anonymous   No.979405


  Anonymous   No.979406


  Anonymous   No.979407

File: 1590077899428.gif (1.88 MB, 480x360, 18F80B9E-9A93-422F-AB92-90….gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979408

grape-looking slut

  Anonymous   No.979409

can't believe clark can see anyone nude at any given moment…

  Anonymous   No.979410

*does a lil jig*

  Anonymous   No.979411

File: 1590078044739.jpeg (113.89 KB, 570x550, 56F992C2-8CE0-4EDE-8CC6-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979412

damn this fuckin rocks!

  Anonymous   No.979413

File: 1590078059152.jpg (6.05 KB, 275x183, 1590071575556.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979414

this shutoku vs rakuzan game just started and my asshole is already puckering!

  Anonymous   No.979415

the spicy falafel from yesterday is giving my bhole payback

  Anonymous   No.979416

homers 239?
oh no no no i cant believe fatter than homer simpson

  Anonymous   No.979417

*smacks you big belly*

  Anonymous   No.979418


  Anonymous   No.979419

i farted

  Anonymous   No.979420

  Anonymous   No.979421

*revs up my taxis engine*

  Anonymous   No.979422

baste fucking uncle j

  Anonymous   No.979423

  Anonymous   No.979424

his bel…

  Anonymous   No.979425

me want gay sex

  Anonymous   No.979426

last 50? bad

  Anonymous   No.979427

mommy bought new ice cream!

  Anonymous   No.979428

bros civ 6 is free on the epic store!

civ 6 sucked didnt it?

  Anonymous   No.979429

funko pops suck balls!

  Anonymous   No.979430

he's 1-4 for his last 5…

  Anonymous   No.979431

*enters the thread*

  Anonymous   No.979432

>funk pops
>teens running rampant
>same old memes spammed over and over in attempt to catch on

hoo boy i guess hima wasn't exaggerating about this place

  Anonymous   No.979433

its the damn polteens

  Anonymous   No.979434

>that one guy who doesnt like pops
whats your deal bro?

  Anonymous   No.979435

rent free

  Anonymous   No.979436

hima is owning you guys big time right now

  Anonymous   No.979437

at least were not peds!

  Anonymous   No.979438

uhm well actually…

  Anonymous   No.979439

they have proof that says otherwise

  Anonymous   No.979440

that guy just dabbed on the himapeds

  Anonymous   No.979441

the picture about to be posted here isnt from hima its some random dumb discord teen we take no responsibility

  Anonymous   No.979442

i can't fathom people who buy them or like them they look like shit and don't even represent the characters they're supposed to be

  Anonymous   No.979443

what if varg had a podcast

  Anonymous   No.979444

wow this fuckin sucks

  Anonymous   No.979445

File: 1590083912730.png (75.43 KB, 191x225, EYVlKKPXsAI0fLf.png) ImgOps Google

listen kid today im gonna explain how yggdrasil is a symbolic placenta

  Anonymous   No.979446

  Anonymous   No.979447

well it does feel good not waking up with a hangover

  Anonymous   No.979448

File: 1590085143572.jpg (79.36 KB, 615x1023, 1567359224017.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979449

remember when dergigi had his first religious bitcoin cult of satoshi experience and didnt eat or sleep for 3 days

  Anonymous   No.979450

  Anonymous   No.979451



  Anonymous   No.979452

they call him joe “the billionaire” wogan

  Anonymous   No.979453

is he really getting close to a billion?

  Anonymous   No.979454

how do you get your shampoo onto your scalp

  Anonymous   No.979455

you massage it into your hair with your fingers

  Anonymous   No.979456

  Anonymous Sickzii   No.979457

cleanposters are worst

  Anonymous   No.979458

someone do a clean

  Anonymous   No.979459

File: 1590086443855.jpg (542.6 KB, 1280x960, tiF56LA.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*smears shit all over your face*

  Anonymous   No.979460

11 hours until its drinking time

  Anonymous   No.979461

  Anonymous   No.979462

File: 1590086780817.jpg (125.47 KB, 750x1334, honey_cot_2020.5.21_4dfmnb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979463

File: 1590086890517.gif (1.88 MB, 498x280, 1589922212687.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979464

File: 1590086994351.mp4 (124.63 KB, d5pF5WM.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.979465

i went for a 2 hour walk but im home now

  Anonymous   No.979466

hope you wore a mask

  Anonymous   No.979467

File: 1590087057428.jpg (112.38 KB, 1039x1039, miku75.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.979468

love a good frot

  Anonymous   No.979469

big country was my favorite dude. when he was doing good it was awesome

  Anonymous   No.979470

whats the status aaron

  Anonymous   No.979471


  Anonymous   No.979472

aaron can go fuck himself

  Anonymous   No.979473

give me 5 minutes to test

  Anonymous   No.979474

File: 1590087905749.mp4 (3.27 MB, CrkIcf.mp4)


  Anonymous   No.979475

just had some sickass irregular heart beat

  Anonymous   No.979476

bro its the caffeine bro

  Anonymous   No.979477

File: 1590088085683.jpg (9.81 KB, 251x27, testo.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

it's working just now at least

  Anonymous   No.979478

baste! what are we watching

  Anonymous   No.979479

nothing i dont have time tonight

  Anonymous   No.979480

come back

  Anonymous   No.979481


  Anonymous   No.979482


  Anonymous   No.979483

these are the 2 fights he won with his bel'. he did the same thing both fights. he gets the guy in a jiu jitsu hold and uses his bel like another limb to hold them down. then he taps them in the head over and over until the ref has to stop the fight because the opponent isn't defending himself. dana white hated it

8 min


  Anonymous   No.979484

i live for a good pad post

  Anonymous   No.979485

File: 1590088706644.jpg (57.91 KB, 976x850, 1587331435065.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979486

i mixed up the timestamps
1st one is 5:30
2nd one is 8

  Anonymous   No.979487

thats basically what i did every time i got in a fight in middle/highschool
i was a fatty so i'd just get 'em in a headlock and fall on top of 'em and start pounding
never failed

  Anonymous   No.979488

i could kick your ass

  Anonymous   No.979489

i dont doubt it. kids dont know how to use range to their advantage in a fight

  Anonymous   No.979490

2. [+654, -55] Her face looks like it's melting like when Jung Jun ha lost weight. She needs to gain some weight… nevermind the tattoos.

  Anonymous   No.979491

looks like they're over sulli and back to normal netizenposting

  Anonymous   No.979492

just took my first shower in over a week and you could see how dirty the water got as i scrubbed myself

  Anonymous   No.979493

im a weird loser

  Anonymous   No.979494

File: 1590089664652.jpg (500.84 KB, 1121x1123, 1463262029288.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979495

had an extremely vivid ufc fight island dream that i still remember even though i woke up over an hour ago

  Anonymous   No.979496

File: 1590090045551.png (883.24 KB, 578x652, EQqOdvPXkAAQixf.png) ImgOps Google

you're safe now

  Anonymous   No.979497

movieboy i need you to play the movie at x1.75 speed im short on time

  Anonymous   No.979498

whats the rush
got a date?

  Anonymous   No.979499

work tomorrow…

  Anonymous   No.979500


  Anonymous   No.979501

you dumb wagies are gonna get sick

  Anonymous   No.979502

if i was still a work norm i'd just pretend to have corona

  Anonymous   No.979503

File: 1590090420819.jpg (37.74 KB, 680x514, oxc1teyxa5051.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979504

just remembered ive seen that same expression the monkey has in pads eyes

  Anonymous   No.979505

if you stream using vlc you can just set the speed yourself

  Anonymous   No.979506

  Anonymous   No.979507

it wouldnt work with making it faster idiot

  Anonymous   No.979508

vlc can't distort time…

  Anonymous   No.979509

File: 1590090592275.jpg (48.96 KB, 460x690, 44839-tombstone-0-460-0-69….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

1993 Directed by George P. Cosmatos
Legendary marshal Wyatt Earp, now a weary gunfighter, joins his brothers Morgan and Virgil to pursue their collective fortune in the thriving mining town of Tombstone. But Earp is forced to don a badge again and get help from his notorious pal Doc Holliday when a gang of renegade brigands and rustlers begins terrorizing the town.


starting in 10

  Anonymous   No.979510


  Anonymous   No.979511

vlc literally has fast forward buttons how do you guys not know this dont tell me youre using some linux cli shit that doesnt have fast forward

  Anonymous   No.979512

File: 1590090783702.jpg (50.05 KB, 306x595, 1589924726709.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979513

vlc streaming has audio sync issues

  Anonymous   No.979514

i need pad

  Anonymous   No.979515

If you think that migrants shouldn't use the NHS because they 'haven't paid enough into it yet' then you have to be consistent and also demand that Children pay to use the service until they start paying taxes.

  Anonymous   No.979516

dumb ass third world monkey

  Anonymous   No.979517

stay mad linux baby no one thinks your cli shit is cool

  Anonymous   No.979518

stfu pad you're the one that loves linux so much you open source monkey freak

  Anonymous   No.979519

*fast forwards all your posts*
good thing i have that fast forward button that would have been a waste of time reading that guys inane posts

  Anonymous   No.979520

weewooweewoo padbaby
ban me again bitch see what happens(ok)

  Anonymous   No.979521

linux is baste
cli is baste
gleepy is a dumb gui nigger
simple as

  Anonymous   No.979522

starting now

  Anonymous   No.979523

  Anonymous   No.979524

  Anonymous   No.979525

aww whats wrong padbaby cant handle some strong words? gonna cry and leave again?

  Anonymous   No.979526

toot check the reports

  Anonymous   No.979527

im raping my pillow rn thinkenbout you

  Anonymous   No.979528

toot needs to get the hell in here now! we got a situation

  Anonymous   No.979529

*swirls my tongue in your asshole*

  Anonymous   No.979530

high speed orcbros

  Anonymous   No.979531

just tuned in what'd i miss

  Anonymous   No.979532

i need to go take a nap
hopefully toot will have banned 2 posters by the time i come back

  Anonymous   No.979533

File: 1590091487711.jpg (30.51 KB, 600x399, EX6NStuWsAA4XGD.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

last 50

  Anonymous   No.979534

File: 1590091529963.png (241.6 KB, 923x644, 1588921211084.png) ImgOps Google

the sleeper has awakened

  Anonymous   No.979535

gm ^_^

  Anonymous   No.979536

>American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic
all of that comes at your expense

  Anonymous   No.979537

our guy is live

  Anonymous   No.979538

yeah im watching!

  Anonymous   No.979539


  Anonymous   No.979540

i got $1200 richer though and im a neet without a job

  Anonymous   No.979541

If it weren’t for capitalist adapting and “getting richer” people wouldn’t have been able to get their groceries, shopping etc delivered. People would’ve been forced to go out. Capitalism saved lives

  Anonymous   No.979542

why doesnt aaron stream in 4k?

  Anonymous   No.979543

hes gay

  Anonymous   No.979544


  Anonymous   No.979545

  Anonymous   No.979546

buy me an i9 and launch a streaming site that lets me push more than 6kbits and i'll do it

  Anonymous   No.979547

File: 1590091852262.png (1.41 MB, 1860x933, chrome_2020-05-21_16-10-24.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979548

Cost of ending homelessness in America: $11 billion

Cost of ending hunger in America: $25 billion

i just love the "we cant afford it" meme
how is it that all other first world countries can afford housing and food for homeless people but america can't lol

  Anonymous   No.979549

i'm really not gay but val kilmer…

  Anonymous   No.979550

my portfolio went from $6k in feb to $10k now

  Anonymous   No.979551

File: 1590091943923.png (130.48 KB, 756x768, ZmNAdYB.png) ImgOps Google

gee i wonder

  Anonymous   No.979552

our guy…. you know our guy…

  Anonymous   No.979553

is it a big guy…

  Anonymous   No.979554

not just big…

  Anonymous   No.979555

hot o_O?????

  Anonymous   No.979556

ugh trump is at the ford facility and hes not wearing a heckin mask

  Anonymous   No.979557


  Anonymous   No.979558

aaron is our guy!

  Anonymous   No.979559

woah woah woah

  Anonymous   No.979560

aaron wanna become famous?
hop on over to addviewers.com

  Anonymous   No.979561

i know what toon is doing tonight

  Anonymous   No.979562

can they make me famous in japan?

  Anonymous   No.979563

File: 1590092382380.jpg (86.44 KB, 452x700, bully (traditional hanbok).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

windowsbro since 3.1
bill gates is saving the planet
linus is ped

  Anonymous   No.979564

i've been to O.K. corral irl

  Anonymous   No.979565

why do they know doc holiday is this a sequel

  Anonymous   No.979566

these dudes are all so cool and badass they know each other

  Anonymous   No.979567

doc holliday was like the dr phil of his time everyone knew him

  Anonymous   No.979568

no clue what is going on in this movie
always dose off when its not a foreign movie

  Anonymous   No.979569

i didn't know this was a billy zane vehicle

  Anonymous   No.979570

i do declare

  Anonymous   No.979571

  Anonymous   No.979572

its hella boring so far thats what i know

  Anonymous   No.979573

cant chain the zane

  Anonymous   No.979574

lol fucking owned

  Anonymous   No.979575

  Anonymous   No.979576

  Anonymous   No.979577

he just dabbed on the mayor

  Anonymous   No.979578

youre a fagbaby chicken diaper toot

  Anonymous   No.979579

File: 1590093002547.png (417.59 KB, 680x680, 1586066519535.png) ImgOps Google

cant believe they're really doing the cliche 'hey thats me, i bet you're wondering how i ended up here'

  Anonymous   No.979580

why do americans love their guns so much

  Anonymous   No.979581

toot? pad

  Anonymous   No.979582

*connects the dots*

  Anonymous   No.979583

wtf that guy wasnt justin beiber? am i faceblind

  Anonymous   No.979584

doc holliday was a dentist who got tuberculosis and went out west thinking the dry air would be good. he killed a few people, saved wyatt earp and moved around with him and his brothers

  Anonymous   No.979585

have you ever held one?

  Anonymous   No.979586

why do you know this

  Anonymous   No.979587

sounds like a great idea for a movie

  Anonymous   No.979588

thats what americans learn in school instead of napoleon or rome

  Anonymous   No.979589

ugh wish they did an actual infamous movie

  Anonymous   No.979590

just simply cant begin to comprehend why aaron chose a flick with an under 80% rt score

  Anonymous   No.979591

no shitty history channel "documentaries" and because i drove through tombstone in a car during a trip so found out about it after

  Anonymous   No.979592

i like it so far

  Anonymous   No.979593

its almost got a 4 on letterboxd which is all aaron cares about

  Anonymous   No.979594

im not watching and you shouldnt either

  Anonymous   No.979595

  Anonymous   No.979596

dont tell me what i shouldnt watch bitch

  Anonymous   No.979597

  Anonymous   No.979598

File: 1590093483227.jpg (1.99 MB, 2048x1360, powers and.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979599

assfag doesnt stream for years and now hes giving us this schlock?

  Anonymous   No.979600

  Anonymous   No.979601

it's a western that doesn't suck which is p good

  Anonymous   No.979602

val kilmer completely dabbed on that kid

  Anonymous   No.979603

boussy (boy pussy)

  Anonymous   No.979604

shit i was just about to say those dudes are the clantons

  Anonymous   No.979605

  Anonymous   No.979606

putting a women in this movie was unfortunate

  Anonymous   No.979607

jesus CHRIST this is boring

  Anonymous   No.979608

it was good until how hate foids

  Anonymous   No.979609

  Anonymous   No.979610

only role for women in movies is to be raped

  Anonymous   No.979611

this is romance novel cover kino

  Anonymous   No.979612

shes so full of herself

  Anonymous   No.979613

how many films does billy zane get cucked in?

  Anonymous   No.979614

laudenum my nigga

  Anonymous   No.979615

can they just skip to the final gunfight scene

  Anonymous   No.979616

  Anonymous   No.979617

opium dens!

  Anonymous   No.979618

File: 1590094205087.jpg (62.8 KB, 640x640, 1588178426800.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979619

nobody is clicking your links fuck off

  Anonymous   No.979620

nooo not the linkerino!!!

  Anonymous   No.979621

File: 1590094398948.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.7 KB, 655x900, 2C66A742-46A0-41C6-8F9F-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979622

ike is a bitch

  Anonymous   No.979623

talks shit but doesnt want to get hit

  Anonymous   No.979624

assfrustrated babys :))

  Anonymous   No.979625

File: 1590094480990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.21 KB, 1280x1239, armor[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979626

toot check the reports

  Anonymous   No.979627

this is ped shit dont click just report it

  Anonymous   No.979628

File: 1590094639371.jpeg (177.69 KB, 745x1212, 47D079E7-687A-44AE-A927-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979629

did people on the wild west just act like niggers all the time

  Anonymous   No.979630

dida peepoo wingwing

  Anonymous   No.979631

youd never survive youre too much of a pussy

  Anonymous   No.979632

no shit id kill myself

  Anonymous   No.979633

those are the only type of people who would move out there

  Anonymous   No.979634

bill paxton was one of the top CIAnigger actors

  Anonymous   No.979635

it was all brave americans you stupid pussy

  Anonymous   No.979636

  Anonymous   No.979637

  Anonymous   No.979638

back in the day we had battle for zendikar lol

  Anonymous   No.979639

battle for azeroth

  Anonymous   No.979640

remember the wow era

  Anonymous   No.979641

ikes a bit of a hothead

  Anonymous   No.979642

remember when is the lowest form of conversation so i refuse to participate

  Anonymous   No.979643

remember when pad used to post here

  Anonymous   No.979644

remember when you never had the makings of a varsity athlete

  Anonymous   No.979645

help us be like you

  Anonymous   No.979646

'member chewbacca?

  Anonymous   No.979647

i was a varsity athlete in high school

  Anonymous   No.979648

File: 1590095405210.jpg (195.38 KB, 1252x833, 1549928722384.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

remember when will smith was the genie in alladin

  Anonymous   No.979649

the ol' chewie?

  Anonymous   No.979650

ayo shiet nigga

  Anonymous   No.979651

holy shit wudy pulled a lottery card

  Anonymous   No.979652

hol' up
we wuz kangs julius caesar was black the history books be lying

  Anonymous   No.979653

the image of barneyfag jumping off a building is too funny

  Anonymous   No.979654

heres another hit barry bonds

  Anonymous   No.979655

post it

  Anonymous   No.979656

you tellin me that king tut tu tut tu
tha tha tha thas my great great great great great great grandpa mayne

  Anonymous   No.979657

File: 1590095859579.jpg (106.19 KB, 797x815, 1589669873871.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979658

yeah real funny…

  Anonymous   No.979659

barnyfag is pasted as hell

  Anonymous   No.979660

File: 1590095967098.png (69.04 KB, 1000x800, 1590074217467.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979661

i never understood the barneyfag thing

  Anonymous   No.979662


she fell 6 miles and fully recovered? god fucking damn

  Anonymous   No.979663

movie coulda been good if they shot and raped their wives

  Anonymous   No.979664

lets get riiiiiiiiiight into the news

  Anonymous   No.979665

just showered for the first time in 3 days and trimmed my neetbeard

  Anonymous   No.979666

serbian whore

  Anonymous   No.979667

todays top story brapper has declined pads friend request yet again

  Anonymous   No.979668

File: 1590096625622.gif (1.88 MB, 498x280, 1589922212687.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979669

File: 1590096635067.jpg (32.91 KB, 480x480, kevin-garnett-uncut-157609….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979670

she looks p hot

  Anonymous   No.979671

calm down sickzii

  Anonymous   No.979672

that was amazing acting that rain part

  Anonymous   No.979673

File: 1590096677548.jpg (20.39 KB, 550x354, 5656756.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979674

toot how do we save capitalism

  Anonymous   No.979675

getting free money from the government is a better system

  Anonymous   No.979676

File: 1590096814214.png (1.53 MB, 947x670, 1590064918440.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979677

  Anonymous   No.979678

you cant make me care about chess it just wont happen

  Anonymous   No.979679

hell yeah it's a revenge flick now

  Anonymous   No.979680

young guns & young guns II next plz

  Anonymous   No.979681

File: 1590096888096.webm (3.71 MB, 640x360, nas.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979682

File: 1590096929362.jpg (124 KB, 600x900, 1590096761199.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979683

theres not gonna be any rape is there
its just gonna be shooting

  Anonymous   No.979684

File: 1590096955530.png (351.49 KB, 640x533, trader.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979685

File: 1590096980392.jpg (906.52 KB, 2150x1512, 1590062424045.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979686

hate how movieboy conditioned us to love rape in films

  Anonymous   No.979687

what pocket do the cowboys have their red hankys?

  Anonymous   No.979688

  Anonymous   No.979689

i can only fap to snuff films now

  Anonymous   No.979690

File: 1590097095684.jpg (65.66 KB, 960x640, dKz0fRgA5dFjmrPFZ-OT-DsyvB….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979691


  Anonymous   No.979692


  Anonymous   No.979693


  Anonymous   No.979694

what a shitty shootout
hoped at least this would be good
but its just trash

  Anonymous   No.979695

this is so bad im not even gonna ask aaron for a pissbreak

  Anonymous   No.979696

i can't get exhentai to work

  Anonymous   No.979697

i can feel sweat drops fall from my ass

  Anonymous   No.979698


  Anonymous   No.979699

pretty sure there're extensions for chrome and firefox that make it easier

  Anonymous   No.979700

that lady is pretty and i like how she talks…

  Anonymous   No.979701

from the windooooows
to the walls
till the sweat drip down my balls

  Anonymous   No.979702

dont know what i would do without exhentai

  Anonymous   No.979703

probably be an upstanding member of society

  Anonymous   No.979704

thank god i dont have to worry about that

  Anonymous   No.979705

oh boy the final duel

  Anonymous   No.979706

i blame 4chan and xbox live for all my problems

  Anonymous   No.979707

dont know who that fella was

  Anonymous   No.979708

finding stuff on exhentai sucks

  Anonymous   No.979709

if you hate finding stuff on there just dont go there???

  Anonymous   No.979710


this ones pretty crazy too
2 mile fall with plenty of mitigating factors, but she was still pretty banged up, and survived for 11 days in the amazon
she followed a stream and found a boat and siphoned out the gas to get maggots out of her wounds. pretty badass for a teen girl..

  Anonymous   No.979711

it's real easy to find stuff there

  Anonymous   No.979712

those kikes at fakku keep getting stuff taking down from sad panda hate those doujewshis

  Anonymous   No.979713

id find the nearest tiger to devour me

  Anonymous   No.979714

they have large selection and i am usually following someone elses link

  Anonymous   No.979715

no wyat….

  Anonymous   No.979716

click "show advanced options" then tick "show expunged galleries"
some stuff they completely scrub off the site but others are left hidden

  Anonymous   No.979717

toot theyre posting about disgusting secrets ban them

  Anonymous   No.979718

  Anonymous   No.979719

i bet youre gonna put it up your ass you terrible pervert

  Anonymous   No.979720

this might come in handy later

  Anonymous   No.979721

File: 1590097948318.jpg (405.08 KB, 1241x1207, 1590096730418.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

even beautiful people have unflattering angles

  Anonymous   No.979722

how?? just search tags you like and you get pages of perfectly curated orcfuel

blackmail crossdressing english

bam 120 juicy doujins

  Anonymous   No.979723

  Anonymous   No.979724

all my angles are unflattering

  Anonymous   No.979725

i look nothing like this

  Anonymous   No.979726

i can't even get in…

  Anonymous   No.979727

mom flipped a man without those crucial mm cursing me to a cel existence

  Anonymous   No.979728

cant imagine how much parental abuse youd need to go through to become a hentai fag

  Anonymous   No.979729

feel bad for you bros

  Anonymous   No.979730

  Anonymous   No.979731

cant imagine being unable to appreciate hentai

  Anonymous   No.979732

did you log into https://forums.e-hentai.org/ ?
did you clear your cookies?

  Anonymous   No.979733

blank page :/

  Anonymous   No.979734

why u gotta do a ll that 2 see some anime tits……….

  Anonymous   No.979735

building brown bricks in the best thing you can do in minecrap

  Anonymous   No.979736

toot ban them all

  Anonymous   No.979737

  Anonymous   No.979738

GirlsForM english

  Anonymous   No.979739

why yes i have had a constant dull headache for the past 5 weeks straight how could you tell

  Anonymous   No.979740

feminization anal english

  Anonymous   No.979741

yeah i watch hentai how could you tell

  Anonymous   No.979742

i forgot about the damn cookies

  Anonymous   No.979743

  Anonymous   No.979744

this movie could've been much cooler

  Anonymous   No.979745

crossdressing male:anal english

  Anonymous   No.979746

i took an oath

  Anonymous   No.979747

val kilmer is cel now

  Anonymous   No.979748

imagine what kissing is like when someone has such a moustache

  Anonymous   No.979749


  Anonymous   No.979750

van kilmer was pretty hot i guess
thats really all that was good in this shit
bland, boring, the shooting scenes were disappointing, there was no rape, the music was meh
fuck you aaron

  Anonymous   No.979751

  Anonymous   No.979752


  Anonymous   No.979753

  Anonymous   No.979754

the tag is males_only and it isn't a male subtag

shota males_only english

  Anonymous   No.979755

File: 1590098706902.png (122.96 KB, 341x234, 1589914907565.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979756

die pederast

  Anonymous   No.979757

i enjoyed it love you aaron

  Anonymous   No.979758

wait didnt we already watch sword of doom

  Anonymous   No.979759

absolutely sick of aaron he WILL feel my wrath

  Anonymous   No.979760

i self insert as the shota

  Anonymous   No.979761

File: 1590098818178.png (620.33 KB, 499x676, 435675673567.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979762

  Anonymous   No.979763

File: 1590098873453.png (780.06 KB, 850x958, 1556114015968.png) ImgOps Google

love a good /ss/

  Anonymous   No.979764

dang these girls are hot and sexy

  Anonymous   No.979765

  Anonymous   No.979766

hot a what bashabarhaba

  Anonymous   No.979767

when's the chihathon?

  Anonymous   No.979768

File: 1590099008101.jpg (117.96 KB, 768x960, 1548371078938.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979769

well i already watched it so pick something else

  Anonymous   No.979770

love a good straight shota
love a good shota x shota
love a good man x shota
even the occasional loli x shota
just love shota

  Anonymous   No.979771

File: 1590099071963.webm (1.38 MB, 1280x720, jesus.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979772

  Anonymous   No.979773

alright i'll do 大菩薩峠 instead

  Anonymous   No.979774


  Anonymous   No.979775

File: 1590099101447.jpg (36.54 KB, 474x474, 1544298375873.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>for all the orc bros out there

  Anonymous   No.979776

File: 1590099126958.png (3.16 MB, 2039x2894, 81722006_p0.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.979777

File: 1590099161224.gif (1.88 MB, 498x280, 1589922212687.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979778

think there was some black mold in my glass how do i clean it

  Anonymous   No.979779

lick it off

  Anonymous   No.979780

bleach kills black mold

  Anonymous   No.979781

162 is proof that all homos are pedos

  Anonymous   No.979782

alright i'm gonna step out for a while

  Anonymous   No.979783

File: 1590099324505.jpg (337.81 KB, 1200x1601, 1590098729429.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979784

pregnancy drugs prostitution mind_break english

  Anonymous   No.979785

the pokepill papers

  Anonymous   No.979786


  Anonymous   No.979787

  Anonymous   No.979788

someone prep my butt for sickzii

  Anonymous   No.979789

*begs for money on the internet*

  Anonymous   No.979790

guess whos getting drunk tonight!

  Anonymous   No.979791

urethral_insertion gore english

cant believe theres only one result

  Anonymous   No.979792

  Anonymous   No.979793

i never want to see another nude broad again

  Anonymous   No.979794

dare one of you to sub

  Anonymous   No.979795

stupid whore baby

  Anonymous   No.979796

Hi daddy hehe I put on a butt plug for you while I rub my clit so I get all sensitive I turned it on so that the butt plug would vibrate in my ass while I spread my puppy cunt open so you can cum inside cum inside me daddy!!! I’m begging for it

  Anonymous   No.979797

my pokemon pronouns are xir/xer

  Anonymous   No.979798

cum_inflation gore english

2 results? come on

  Anonymous   No.979799

File: 1590099954826.jpeg (88.98 KB, 640x623, 02EA0DA6-84C0-454C-9805-5….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979800

  Anonymous   No.979801

its her

  Anonymous   No.979802

File: 1590099998238.jpg (9.35 KB, 141x74, elo.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

800 puzzle elo now

  Anonymous   No.979803

  Anonymous   No.979804

i dont want to see her pussy

  Anonymous   No.979805

puppiloli is hot

  Anonymous   No.979806

your brain? gone

  Anonymous   No.979807

File: 1590100176258.png (87.06 KB, 666x656, 4235543.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979808

when you think about it $10.99 really aint that much

  Anonymous   No.979809

  Anonymous   No.979810

yea buy it already bro

  Anonymous   No.979811

when you think about it puppiloli is hot as hell

  Anonymous   No.979812

20 bucks for a 2 and a half minute clip of her licking a dildo

  Anonymous   No.979813

she has a clip on her twitter giving a foot job to a dildo

  Anonymous   No.979814

*sniffs my armpit*

  Anonymous   No.979815

lol she has a fursuit

  Anonymous   No.979816

i'm glad i can fap to different people for free and i'm not obsessed with 1 girl who sells her shit

  Anonymous   No.979817

we're talkin puppiloli here ok
shes a higher breed of pup

  Anonymous   No.979818

toot peek an ip for me real quick
was fp just tossshit larping?

  Anonymous   No.979819

a lot of them are trying to fill any fetish niche that isn't covered

  Anonymous   No.979820

i will never pay a woman for anything

  Anonymous   No.979821

  Anonymous   No.979822

File: 1590101090074.jpg (566.21 KB, 500x787, 1358637124968.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the strain of weed i'm smoking now is called green dragon but the label on the container says "G Dragon"

  Anonymous   No.979823

id pay for sex in a heartbeat
but i have no idea where to find prostitutes where i live

  Anonymous   No.979824

yg druggie running a side biz huh

  Anonymous   No.979825

the internet

  Anonymous   No.979826

G-dragon is no stranger to pot. he almost got arrested in korea for smoking it in japan

  Anonymous   No.979827

  Anonymous   No.979828

same, the only escorts i found online here are all scary black girls that would probably show up with people and rob you

  Anonymous   No.979829

smix works for twitch…

  Anonymous   No.979830

does she escort….

  Anonymous   No.979831

File: 1590101735276.png (26.82 KB, 304x161, SumatraPDF_2020-05-14_17-4….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979832

she's got bezos' dirty cash what do you think?

  Anonymous   No.979833

imagine paying a foid for sex

  Anonymous   No.979834

my alg got amsongolded >.<

  Anonymous   No.979835

bezos ex-wife is the only person to ever defeat him

  Anonymous   No.979836

there are lots of young white, asian, etc. escorts 75 miles away from me

  Anonymous   No.979837

can you blame him for falling for it
she dedicated a couple of decades of her life to beat him

  Anonymous   No.979838

can he send assassins after her and take it back?

  Anonymous   No.979839

richest woman in the world…

  Anonymous   No.979840

she got half his money, she has teams of assassins patrolling and protecting her

  Anonymous   No.979841

thats great that the richest woman in the world didnt earn it

  Anonymous   No.979842

they must be going at eachother all the time… a game of shadows…

  Anonymous   No.979843

On April 4, 2019, the divorce was finalized, with Jeff Bezos keeping 75% of the couple's Amazon stock and MacKenzie getting $35.6 billion in Amazon stock


  Anonymous   No.979844

File: 1590102324831.png (512.2 KB, 545x669, 1590092854408.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979845

lobstertube is amazing
i cant believe people use anything else

  Anonymous   No.979846


  Anonymous   No.979847

File: 1590102364013.jpg (61.16 KB, 750x632, 345345345345.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979848


  Anonymous   No.979849

porn is gross dude ew

  Anonymous   No.979850

is that pad
did the dominos 50% off pizza give her the coof

  Anonymous   No.979851

i just tooted up some math. she got almost $5k for every day she was married to him

  Anonymous   No.979852

just had a falling out with my best friend. we won't be friends anymore

  Anonymous   No.979853

i think thats formal proof of her being a prostitute

  Anonymous   No.979854

any tube site that has categories instead of videos on the homepage is gay

  Anonymous   No.979855

lobstertube lets me filter shit i dont like

  Anonymous   No.979856

nobody cares i lost my best friend?

  Anonymous   No.979857

got the hyeri gooks banner rn :3

  Anonymous   No.979858

sorry that happened :/

  Anonymous   No.979859


  Anonymous   No.979860

ur a fag bro

  Anonymous   No.979861

  Anonymous   No.979862

what happened?

  Anonymous   No.979863

i dont really want to talk about it. it was like 90% my fault

  Anonymous   No.979864

*spits in your mouth*

  Anonymous   No.979865


  Anonymous   No.979866

you always open your mouth you little slut

  Anonymous   No.979867

  Anonymous   No.979868


  Anonymous   No.979869

File: 1590103721199.png (1.85 KB, 177x65, slut.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979870


  Anonymous   No.979871

File: 1590103832452.jpg (199.85 KB, 1960x1607, 1589760527344.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wish satania would piss all over me

  Anonymous   No.979872

File: 1590103850066.jpg (81.25 KB, 808x805, 54654.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979873

Strings you bitch answer me

  Anonymous   No.979874

File: 1590104196794.png (934.08 KB, 831x824, 1590091463211.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979875

sony chads we've lost

  Anonymous   No.979876

File: 1590104418541.jpg (85.75 KB, 700x635, 1590099074781.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979877

File: 1590104449178.jpg (176.6 KB, 1280x720, 1543130762223.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979878

  Anonymous   No.979879

dropped a piece of chocolate and caught it before it hit the ground it was really smooth

  Anonymous   No.979880

why wont strings respond to me

  Anonymous   No.979881

File: 1590104953709.jpg (123.59 KB, 896x672, 1590104069973.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979882

go on lad
this ones on me

  Anonymous   No.979883

guy on left is hottt

  Anonymous   No.979884

File: 1590105126429.jpg (73.88 KB, 589x960, 1590045392755.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

die homo

  Anonymous   No.979885

File: 1590105143340.png (479.12 KB, 1098x609, Untitled2.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979886

  Anonymous   No.979887

she's cute. i just like pretty people…

  Anonymous   No.979888


  Anonymous   No.979889


  Anonymous   No.979890

cant wait for 5pm tomorrow im gonna drink and drink and play a silly amount of tft for 4 straight days

  Anonymous   No.979891

dude come on

  Anonymous   No.979892

cum on what

  Anonymous   No.979893

File: 1590105629325.jpg (31.65 KB, 300x300, neeko-thumb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979894

File: 1590105697233.jpg (175.5 KB, 1028x848, hmmmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979895

File: 1590105747039.jpg (64.71 KB, 1171x697, 45erreret435.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979896

i wanna fuck her so bad

  Anonymous   No.979897

i'll have to catch up with work since i haven't been working much the last 2 months and i'm going to get in trouble soon lol

  Anonymous   No.979898

File: 1590105795880.jpg (52.86 KB, 700x525, 75hggh6y7.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979899

File: 1590105834271.jpg (85.21 KB, 1135x709, 7-kanzi-bonobo-sneakin.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979900

sex… with a girl ? !

  Anonymous   No.979901

we all have gamer wifes and named our first born after video games

  Anonymous   No.979902

File: 1590105908546.png (812.66 KB, 563x563, 1589983968745.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979903


  Anonymous   No.979904

they might fire you!

  Anonymous   No.979905

File: 1590105977283.png (1.11 MB, 1280x896, 2043984.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979906


  Anonymous   No.979907

ya cuz what i do like all my time is documented so it's going to look bad when my manager reviews it lmao

  Anonymous   No.979908

so far ive pissed outside twice and three times in the jug i refuse to use the toilet

  Anonymous   No.979909

all the of students and workers who haven't done any work are all getting caught around now

  Anonymous   No.979910

ill have everything done by tuesday

  Anonymous   No.979911

shut up nigger

  Anonymous   No.979912

File: 1590106148485.png (395.02 KB, 900x506, 1578349818560.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979913

i could probably get away with not doing any work but its fun so i work

  Anonymous   No.979914

just wait 6 months when the government audits everyone and takes back the money they've been giving out

  Anonymous   No.979915

why dont you make them fire you so you can get free money from unemployment!

  Anonymous   No.979916

that isn't happening

  Anonymous   No.979917


  Anonymous   No.979918

if i get fired from this job my only career aspirations are dead

  Anonymous   No.979919

ya it will the government will just tax it all back if you've been committing fraud

  Anonymous   No.979920

uh oh!

someone made mommy mad!

  Anonymous   No.979921

File: 1590106249400.jpg (34.3 KB, 409x409, 286.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979922

you dont get unemployment if you get fired for cause (like not working) you only get it if you are laid off

  Anonymous   No.979923

u dont know what ur talking about..

how would they know it's fraud>?

  Anonymous   No.979924

they'll check with your employer to see if they asked you back to work
if you said no and are still getting it thats fraud

  Anonymous   No.979925

yea im sure they're going to do that to every single person who filed for unemployment

  Anonymous   No.979926

*watches rick & morty*

  Anonymous   No.979927

File: 1590106480058.jpg (43.97 KB, 384x943, 345374657.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979928

thats how the government makes money they dont give a shit about big businesses they just go after the little guys

some people will get away with it for sure but lots of people will get caught

  Anonymous   No.979929

theres 38.6 million people unemployed retard
no way they can verify everyones claim

  Anonymous   No.979930


dad gets his prepubescent daughters pussy soaked

  Anonymous   No.979931

File: 1590106584173.jpg (387.51 KB, 634x951, 1590015769034.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979932

stop posting these stupid pics

  Anonymous   No.979933

File: 1590106641742.jpg (81.63 KB, 600x800, ava duvarney pop.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you can't make this shit up

  Anonymous   No.979934

well thats not gonna happen

  Anonymous   No.979935

this zoomer just said "pics" instead of pictures

  Anonymous   No.979936

what if i get fired for smelling bad from not bathing

  Anonymous   No.979937

all it takes is them putting pressure on an employer to give a list of people they asked back

  Anonymous   No.979938

oops wrong pic

  Anonymous   No.979939

File: 1590106692552.gif (1.76 MB, 300x241, wogan.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979940

the law's different everywhere

  Anonymous   No.979941

  Anonymous   No.979942

*carefully lays out my $100 million dollars on the table* and this is my spotify contract money

  Anonymous   No.979943

File: 1590106755602.jpg (619.5 KB, 939x1079, r6h76blfn0741.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979944

need more ufc its the only thing

  Anonymous   No.979945

wogans body is so goofy

  Anonymous   No.979946

File: 1590106854316.jpg (68.5 KB, 640x578, r9jxs0kfs5051.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.979947

Crucible is a free-to-play team-based PvP action shooter driven by the choices you make.

everything in there sounds ridiculous

  Anonymous   No.979948

imagine being so retarded you use li chess when chess.com exists

  Anonymous   No.979949

reeki i thought you said this was the end of biden?
everyone is saying its a nothingburger

  Anonymous   No.979950

File: 1590106888800.png (80.66 KB, 778x525, perro vs caca.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979951


lets support our girl >_<

  Anonymous   No.979952

File: 1590106942505.webm (547.79 KB, 720x720, 1572228816612.webm) ImgOps Google

my money is on perro
although occasionally…caca comes out victorious

  Anonymous   No.979953

File: 1590106964004.webm (1.56 MB, 283x500, 1533183492013.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979954


jesus christ shes like 80lb

  Anonymous   No.979955

yea :33

  Anonymous   No.979956

gross coronavirus spreader
bet it eats dogs and cats

  Anonymous   No.979957

File: 1590107051552.webm (1.61 MB, 540x960, 1533259131800.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979958

80 lumbillydums?

  Anonymous   No.979959

die die die die DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

  Anonymous   No.979960

File: 1590107095433.png (914.52 KB, 1112x884, 1572745181318.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979961


  Anonymous   No.979962

wheres the ricardo?
and the dota?

  Anonymous   No.979963

File: 1590107127595.webm (1.06 MB, 640x402, 1524096630641.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.979964

im tired of it all

  Anonymous   No.979965

maybe i will play terraria again like that guy's been talking about https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/there-back-again-a-summary-of-journeys-end.87997/

  Anonymous   No.979966

new thread my brother parper

  Anonymous   No.979967


  Anonymous   No.979968

crucible? well you see its a free-to-play team-based PvP action shooter driven by the choices you make.

  Anonymous   No.979970

  Anonymous   No.979999

  puppiloli   No.1666303

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