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id omo that


what if she was really nasty and mean to you


File: 1568443359306.jpg (69.66 KB, 680x510, ECCUKJeW4AII5QW.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


g n



ive sipped

and i will sip some more


File: 1568443936569.mp4 (2.01 MB, rn43fuoowwd01.mp4)



my broom is clean!



good alg



theyre right though
that guy is such a fucking loser lol
"m- muh video game score"


t. soy sipping jrpg "playing" wow grindan tranny


bros get on borderlands 3!



imagine thinking your baby video game is better than the other baby video game


ofcourse its the fucking cardbaby


♿ Simic ♿ Flash ♿ Player ♿ Coming ♿ Through ♿


important hearthbros


we dont like hearthnigger


grow up


you're going to upset movieboy with those words




wonder if the chiha download finished


it better
the one movie comm actually wants to watch and that teen doesnt want to stream it


give us an eta on chiha


try not to fall in love with rosé | cute & funny moments


one million years



Unfortunately the tables do not consider heights below 152.4cm/5 feet


File: 1568462658778.jpg (66.25 KB, 960x741, EEbF_l7XUAEGxkw.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568464326984.jpg (41.05 KB, 265x370, vantressgargoyle.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

bros dimir gargoyle will be so epic


stinker in the rice fields i repeat stinker in the rice fields


no. freakin. way.

i have to get bl3 now


File: 1568464810442.png (200.28 KB, 602x482, 1568442976531.png) ImgOps Google

stop deleting my pics


*kidnaps a bunch of chinese americans*
*transports them to some stinker rice field*
what would happen


File: 1568465471051.png (1.04 MB, 1600x900, 1568465139845.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1568465783037.mp4 (5.49 MB, The Indifferent Samaritan-….mp4)



look at the cute farm girl with the big buff arms



why it looks like every other boredomlands game


learn some respect bitch


a sensitive boy with a liking for the french new wave


it sucks that you cant make threats on the internet without getting v&
i wanna say some fucked up shit but i just have to keep it to myself


This xmouse thing is so nice
I can just phone it up in bed



baste big dick ajani deck


oops… i fell in love..


just dont fall in love 4Head


File: 1568472454392.webm (2.93 MB, 779x540, 1568466556230.webm) ImgOps Google

superior rpg gameplay


File: 1568472530590.webm (2.95 MB, 960x540, 1568449361955.webm) ImgOps Google

jarpigs will defend this


seething speedrun tranny


File: 1568472935482.webm (2.73 MB, 960x540, 1568453784275.webm) ImgOps Google

speedbummers love baby games like ff7


"i- im not a /vr/ tranny i swear"



basado speedbummer in denial


File: 1568473289650.mp4 (2.13 MB, Mage gameplay-i6sn9vmfe7l3….mp4)


still want that new paygoy smartphone


Went to an electronics store to check out some phones but I wasn't feeling any of them
don't think paying +300€ for a bigger screen is that good of a deal


important pod
get in here bros


qouth the raven : eat my shorts


aaah i want to snack on sickzii smegma~



your brain
is gone


Im no cumtown stupidpol fuck. Listen to prolespod, rev-left radio, red menace, and marx madness.


weekend crew is pure cringe


i dont understand a single word from this post



gook noises


look at those big groid monkey lips and nose in the thumbnail im laughing


just tardlaughed


too many gay elf jarpigs around


last 4? pure 4norm cringe yikes :/




last 1 4pig tranny


thats.. hardly an insult


Well well well, looks like i was right AGAIN

pamper wielding titty sucking low i.q weak sperm rainbow queefing untermensch filth shit, too lazy to cowardly to pathetic and vacant to ever build yourself, to grow, to expand and further yourself instead propped up in front of the same dumb shit dogging quest with gay elf and dildowand in search as aways for princess alopecia dustpeach to forget how fucking feral and failed a specimen you are, a fathers regretted bollock snot, a wombs vile excrete occupying dead space wasting oxygen, you are a tranny cunt shit or a bitter mangina soigasm skidmarking your mario pants whilst wanking in an old school sock and waiting for hot pockets to be delivered to your bedroom door.






ok pad


low skill hunch shut in feral shits, back to elf


calm down retard



that literally looks like budget cosmo


looks like i dont need to show up for the ol jury duty


Close, but it's more like 100% of jarpigs are boring as fuck. Progression systems are like cheat codes for plebs that don't wanna git gud, if they come to a hard part in a jarpig they can just go mindlessly grind some easy zakos until their levels are good enough to continue the game. And no, don't give me that excuse that "devs didn't intend you to grind", that's a crock of shit. Especially for older games that used grinding to pad the game and make you feel like you're getting more out of it. It's poorly balanced game design. You could have spent that time gitting gud at games that have no progression systems and only rely on the player's skill, not on how good you make your in-game avatar. I realize not everyone can be good at games though so they fall back on games with progression systems, but you don't have to get so salty at those who aren't trash and can enjoy real games, not role-playing faggotry.


whatd you do
did they find your 162 post history


File: 1568477362740.png (1.11 MB, 1280x1022, bipcho.png) ImgOps Google


nothing i was just got a summons in the mail 2 weeks ago but my juror number was past the cut off


i still dont understand what a jarpig is


back to larping as the transexual underage anime twink from your favorite jarpig


playing games about magical anime teenagers saving the planet from an ancient evil with the powers of friendship


is he replying to himself now


NO! I should have to grind even MORE rats before i'm allowed to progress!



why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip


File: 1568477702850.jpg (114.28 KB, 788x696, 1568247546285.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

PSX is a jarpig incel machine


File: 1568477729501.jpg (70.78 KB, 700x484, 1568477329946.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*crawls out of the neethive*


4teen word for jrpg
someone forced it on here a year or so ago


lmaoing at people who "get good at video games"


tfw my first handjob was me sitting there making comments and blushing the entire time i came everywhere and apologized



parjig tranny soi filth living in echo bivouac eternal infancy scarred of developing or challenge instead settling for illusion of skill safe space as dark memories of being a worthless little cunt shit at school guard the sidelines and adulthood peers at you with judgement so you make subjective reality existence to self convince yourself that you are doing the right thing, huffing fart under the duvet n eating poptart as you scale the forrest of mothracock with gay elf n androgy chums on a QUEST looking for princess thalidomide to digitally replicate the chase of finding a mate of which you could never do being the empty husk shell cunt of a failed genetic pudding you are, settling instead for licking some equally degenerate tranny parjigs mud crease, your father is absent and you are a mistake in your mothers mind but at least you have mana! queer frail shit defect cum product.


4pigs get triggered when you call them jarpigs


that's literally you
sitting in your dark "man cave" and staring at shmups all day
too scared to face the real world where failure has real consequences and you can't just press start again


File: 1568478097345.png (379.44 KB, 541x728, 1557779939879.png) ImgOps Google


….heh…. welll…..heh…..


….a game you cant win…..yessir…..


never drinking again ugh…


>that's literally you
what? this place is run by homo incels who let their emotions rule them against a couple posters who trigger them just for being here for which they chased them via ip across boards to harass. 162 is anti skill, anti talent, anti strategy, anti actual playing and a race to the bottom shit hole for collectorfags and tranny scum who wants everything brought down to their level..


i kinda like it when the brainfucked people start spamming and i dont know what its about


im just skipping it all
gonna go out for a walk instead
hopefully its chiha time when i get back


plug that baby mouth with paddads big dick


why did we drink why did we drink why did we drink why did we drink why did we drink why did we drink why did we drink why did we drink


why is pad so anti-skill


File: 1568478387735.png (22.92 KB, 658x550, 1541598202727.png) ImgOps Google


>manbaby 40 year old reseller autist redditor goes into midlife panic as he starts to realize his treasured collection is kinda stupid after all


…..well….there was ONe rookie who could see it……new player……


pecan nuts are amazing


stop forcing yourself padshit


this intro has it all


hi pad :)


File: 1568478569076.jpg (63 KB, 720x958, EAvzAkDW4AA1b3e.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568478572147.jpg (67.84 KB, 800x600, 1550243752900.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

How can you read this jarpig shit and not recoil in cringe.


File: 1568478594211.mp4 (2.91 MB, Nungua Offset 🤴🏽 - In case….mp4)

>stop forcing yourself padshit


she got fired from her agency bros
one step closer to jav


File: 1568478645076.jpg (36.22 KB, 960x548, 1567240390095.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


cant happen soon enough
wanna see those huge titters get out of a sports bra




File: 1568478758450.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3072x2048, E80C09F8-EA18-40F8-B2F7-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google

crazy how obsessed pad is with



Very anti skill board you have here


i want her to sit on my face like she sits on her motorbike..



File: 1568479169502.jpg (29 KB, 900x900, jarpig npc.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google







see this is what i picture when people say "italian" not the arab nigger sicilians or jersey shore types



do you jerk off to gay elf all day


no do you


thread this morning owie wowie


is moviebro or another moviefag around? are there good old herzog movies worth us watching? ive only seen the documentaries hes been making later in his career. he's a good attenborough level narrator


File: 1568480122497.mp4 (102.16 KB, bhbaea.mp4)





seething jarpig pedophile go masturbate to more gay elf


maybe i will


his movies with klaus kinski are supposedly really good


movies are manbaby shit for low i.q shut in dorks who live in recluse safe space to forget how much they hate themselves


but everyone likes movies


*boots up a classic eroge*


third fuckin lapras to leave my pelago




lmao i love movies

lemme just boot up gay elf potion quest 2 that one's my favorite


we're transvestites with delusions of grandeur who somehow always self-inserts in every single female character of the movie


why are weebs so easily impressed? is it the feminine brain structure or just low IQ?


….. that's when they see it……. they've been shown……..heh……they see what they couldn't see before….


british: jimmay



the waiter looks like xqc


File: 1568481411489.jpg (99.79 KB, 1253x1280, D35aNl3WAAATagp.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


The Holy Mountain
1973 ‘La montaña sagrada’ Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
A Mexican master leads a Christ figure and other disciples to a mountain of immortal wise men.

Virgin Mountain
2015 ‘Fúsi’ Directed by Dagur Kári
Like a young bird yet to find the courage to lift its wings, Fúsi (43) lives alone with his mother, where they’ve always lived.

Curse of the Golden Flower
2006 ‘滿城盡帶黃金甲’ Directed by Zhang Yimou
During China’s Tang dynasty the emperor has taken the princess of a neighboring province as his wife. She has borne him two sons and raised his eldest. Now his control over his dominion is complete, including the royal family itself.

Noroi: The Curse
2005 ‘ノロイ’ Directed by Kôji Shiraishi
A documentary filmmaker explores seemingly unrelated paranormal incidents connected by the legend of an ancient demon called the "kagutaba."

Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Directed by Wes Anderson
Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore – and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle.

Something with "Chi" in the title
???? Directed by some guy
Some fucking gay ass asian shit.

i'm testing out allowing multiple votes so don't just vote for one the film you want to see, vote for the films which sound interesting to you.


movie starts in 2h 40m


*votes for all of them*


ah damn it i voted for holy mountain when i meant virgin mountain
you had them in a different order in the poll than in the blurbs




fuck i should have nominated cure by the other kurosawa dude


i'll throw it on tomorrows poll


can we watch brokeback mountain


noroi is awful (like all jhorror)


the gay movie night
only gay movies


siggis yogurt is gross blegh!


thats every night with this fag LOL


what kinda fricking list is that????


i demand a movie with a nigger in the lead role


brokeback mountain
some tranny jav
that one movie with the gay niggers what won an oscar or something


grow up


gay nwords from outer space


movie jarpigs already asking for black cocks
told you it was a slipper slope allowing these movie babies in here


we need to change the topic to puppiloli


oh moonlight? yeah pop that shit up there moviegoy


dallas buyers club is about gays who got aids


certified queer kino




gimme the fag shit


their teeth are so fucked
they look like inbred monkey creatures



Virgin Mountain (IS)
what does IS mean






kill yourself movie niggers you ruined this board


grow up


File: 1568483528181.png (696.11 KB, 1800x992, 1542840885682.png) ImgOps Google




fucking based


incel inside









……a game of hide 'N' seek……you cant win….


young jayling…….heh…well……..


File: 1568484138118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.62 KB, 600x1839, 1568475977003.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


100% convinced that my posture is the reason i feel bad all the time


what about your terrible hygiene and diet


File: 1568484209366.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 1920x1080, 2bfeet.webm) ImgOps Google

we finally won feetlords
we did it


greetings fellow seeker of shekels


hello m'lord


theo footdick gih right now


File: 1568484440313.png (13.88 KB, 119x108, bwappab.png) ImgOps Google

tossbelly manic episode i rejoice







based chihayafuru winning again
two time champion back to back it literally cannot be beaten
cant wait to reexperience the great moments of chihaya and her karuta friends with the comm



who the flip is this whore


File: 1568484914010.jpg (398.9 KB, 1600x1200, skol hole.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i need to buy clothes ugh


ugh, wish he'd just take a few tournaments off and accept the demotion so he can rehab his knee


the bottle gazing down at him "pathetic"


crawling on the floor
slithering around on my stomach
repeating to myself
i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed ssssssssssiiiippppp


File: 1568485093689.png (348.83 KB, 1000x1500, 1560149682537.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1568485165036.png (Spoiler Image, 552.1 KB, 2000x2000, 76782233_p1.png) ImgOps Google



thats so me


File: 1568485255619.jpg (273.04 KB, 412x1187, 1483894479396.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




more like poopr




le epic zoomer face xDDDD


look at seolhyuns whore bod
goddamn if i were samsung ceo i wouldnt even bother with other gooks


File: 1568485629017.png (322.94 KB, 626x754, Screenshot_2019-09-14_20-2….png) ImgOps Google

baste seulgi is a fellow billiebro
imagine listening to billie while eating pringles with seulgi………


*gouges out your eyes*


thats a bad post


File: 1568485802508.jpg (69.75 KB, 1024x768, 1478220085171.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


well they have so much in common
having sex with niggers and all that


File: 1568485835621.jpg (80.96 KB, 924x571, 1563158770969.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


grow up sickzii


i find a reddit thread by searching, but the keyword i'm looking for is buried in one of the fifty "continue this thread"s
how do people even use this site


wow fuck you zii


reddit's interface frustrates me too so i dont use it


a nice, big, cheesy pizza


File: 1568485974404.jpg (63.83 KB, 698x720, Blaze_and_Amy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


based sickzii calling out the gook whore


it really is trash
can understand how norms like it so much


File: 1568486013881.jpg (5.3 KB, 244x24, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568486052392.png (666.98 KB, 631x482, 08d.png) ImgOps Google


its gay
its weed


File: 1568486245097.jpg (989.1 KB, 1000x1500, 1477611309491.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

seulgi when she sees billie



are you fucking gay!?


its not gay if its two girls……


cant stop eating


wonder what pics wanderbro is going to share with us..


File: 1568486568426.jpg (139.49 KB, 800x600, 32432423412314.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


how much longer will you crackheads pretend to love gooks


gleeps brain is gone hes not even pretending anymore


hes done




File: 1568486756433.jpg (855.76 KB, 1000x1500, 1473793710127.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what do you mean by "pretend"


File: 1568486829163.png (17.94 KB, 201x250, 1564871122766.png) ImgOps Google


Remember when we caught toot with his pants down and torrent downloads out



To Everyone:

I am pleased to announce that my body is fully visible and tangible, here in this Dimension, 1218, and Christine remains most safe and well. She has returned with Mewtwo from California, and I shall be switching us back into our original bodies shortly.


fake ass and fake tiddies


File: 1568487139104.jpg (1.2 MB, 850x1270, bully (stoic).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i was never pretending


fake tits are almost always better than real ones
unless dr kim fucks up that is


bully (stinky).gif


i have a (stinky feet)


gleep (smelly).pdf


hate matlab so much


File: 1568487297907.jpg (38.99 KB, 680x383, Gh6uCEvE.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*eats toe gunk* respect me


stallman must have a sick lolicon doujin collection


i dont have the motivation but i wanted to make facebook fan pages for him and photoshop him wearing twitter, google, and facebook shirts


>I only met him once and it seems like he was not exactly compus mentas. He had to have a handler help him order a kebab, whilst shouting things about not liking the menu. There is a disconnect between him and the world.

jesus christ


holding an iphone


non compus mentas…just like us


File: 1568487789642.jpeg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, C3ABF7C8-1A00-45A9-A4B1-7….jpeg) ImgOps Google


finna hit this dab


File: 1568487997696.jpg (206.8 KB, 1200x900, EEcbeV8XUAA_kb2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

blockstream have promoted saifedean to the innermost circle of dragon's den


for me? a steak, medium
and a side of ground hamburger


you gave rashomon a 4.5 are you serious


File: 1568488159937.jpg (17.58 KB, 590x421, Kanye_West_BBC_Radio1_Zane….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



yeah a 5 might've been more apt


saw saifedean eating donuts at bitblockboom
i asked him isn't he supposed to be on the carnivory diet
he just laughed and said not to take it too seriously


ill apt my fist up your ass teen retard


ok ive lost track of these posts again


blessed news


File: 1568488352897.png (206.68 KB, 1032x1080, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google


never been to 'go



dude what does mine say



so we do have a nigger in our midst




grow up


did tossbrap just doxx himself




idiot thought we dont know everything there is to know about chi
typical nigger


i feel like i lost my home


what should i snap a pic of itll be like a scavenger hunt


more apt he says


your p*nis..


party on wayne


File: 1568489619725.jpg (628.71 KB, 2048x1536, EEcHKXNXkAAIXM4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


why do you keep spamming this shit
nobody cares


File: 1568489988060.jpg (84.37 KB, 745x497, feature1-3-24a69bd6ef73dbc….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hes mindraped
your post will sustain him for another six months


padtossbelly :)




the 162 gimmick is to endlessly spam shit no one cares about (gay weed, coins, mtg, wow, etc.)
get used to it or find another imageboard


it’s nice just walking around looking at things


wish i had more gay weed to spam


take your gimmick and choke on it dumbfuck


streaming chiha on the hour
were watching all 3 movies tonight so get yourselves comfy


chiha? never heard of it
i'm streaming the movie with "chi" in the title that has asian shit in it



File: 1568490803907.jpeg (2.82 MB, 4032x3024, 6C7D2FAF-8F26-4D49-9114-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google

im finding a lot of secret places


kanye drew this


*stops jacking to trannies*
*stands up*
i'd like to remind the comm that i'm not gay
*gets back to jacking to trannies*


jerking off to transwomen isnt gay moron



https://api.angelthump.com/v1 we might suffer from terrible lag today due to the volume of people using the site
if it gets bad we'll stop streaming.

anyway big trouble in little china starting now >>771912



lol wtf


you gotta be kidding


how do we feel about women's suffrage here


i prefer womens suffering tbh


word we jack our pip to it


this looks like its gonna be another shitty boring flick
shoulda just streamed that icelandic movie


terrible post


not a fan


i think im losing brain cells watching this


this is a classic john carpenter flick


wow truly epic


File: 1568492326486.png (10.64 KB, 454x520, 1567973881959.png) ImgOps Google

>this is a classic john carpenter flick



non-non biyori vacation……


File: 1568492349944.jpg (53.46 KB, 1000x1002, 2f0a7df4d0ea6089572baccb1b….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


is her heel ok


tossboy fantasizes about padmaster


risten jacku
yella ching chongs vs led ching chongs
epikku jacku


toss wants to be raped


just ate a double whopper
got chipotle yesterday
im losing control of myself


made me cry


this is a classic john carpenter flick


File: 1568492587522.jpg (76.94 KB, 750x736, 1568492365577.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



wendys app gets you free spicy nugs


niggermericans aren't even human dear fucking lord



i can't wait for the chris-chan mass shooting
that shit will be wild


File: 1568492934688.png (54.66 KB, 601x196, Screenshot from 2019-09-14….png) ImgOps Google

moviebro can you get some of these


File: 1568492935425.jpg (113.09 KB, 540x675, misskorea.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Miss Korea Kim Se Yeon shares a sweet selca

2. [+331, -3] Nobody cares about the daughter of a man who beats minors so please stop writing articles about her
3. [+297, -7] She doesn't have a kind feel to her face
4. [+41, -1] This is seriously the face of someone who represents our country's beauty??????????
5. [+33, -1] You see her face often around busy cities
6. [+26, -1] Faces like hers are a dime a dozen on Instagram
7. [+24, -1] She's only Miss Korea because of her thug of a father, tsk tsk
8. [+19, -2] As the daughter b*tch of a thug, I bet your temper's just as nasty as his
10. [+12, -2] There hasn't been a decent Miss Korea since Honey Lee. She looks old in this picture.


and yet we rule the world :)
dumb fucking yuroslime muslim


japanese japanese japanese japanese japanese

jesus fucking christ
100 years of quality revolutionary western cinema and you fucks want to watch nip shit
go jerk it to that painting of a wave will you



>100 years of quality revolutionary western cinema


go beg burger king to pay for your transsexual studies degree dumbfuck amerimutt


wait whens the mvoie


its already on
but your not missing anything i just stopped watching



reminder that the wave, japaneses greatest painting, was created in 1830s
and it looks like absolute trash when compared to contemporary western art


File: 1568493334230.jpg (169.44 KB, 1024x864, 1024px-Piero_Manzoni_-_Mer….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ah yes contemporary western art


1961 isnt contemporary
this comic artist has been selling his trash for 100$ a pop and it sells out though


tokyo refugees looks average. 6.4 on imdb with barely any votes
i've got sword of doom
kiyosu conference sounds average too, similar score with imdb
sailor suit sounds like a nishimura film just with a lower imdb score
roommate has a 5.9 with 249 votes


>japaneses greatest painting
according to whomst


no one cares



name a more famous japanese painting
alternatively, name a japanese painting from that era that doesnt look like complete trash compared to western art that came 300 years before it


File: 1568493715154.jpg (61.74 KB, 989x1495, 1568486963795.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>no one cares


oh we switched category
i have no idea about japanese art so no


lmao this retard keeps calling waves a painting and pretending to know shit about art



suck a dick tealing retard
name a greater japanese painting :)


i watched gallery fake, but it had art from all over the world and all i remember is being annoyed at them using almost-ntr to create every romantic moment in the show


not going to pretend like nip painting was anywhere near advanced as it was in the west but they had a lot of other cool art
their calligraphy is great


*sees episode preview*
ah yes some random chad shows up and tries to fuck the main heroine
yes, this is what i want to see









*pupiws diwate*
wogan… paww… wogan… paww


whats lmao about that
their calligraphy is cool as hell


when does logal paul get beat up?


who cares about the past
japan is the world cultural super power and puts way more effort into their art than any other country


japan is the world cultural super power and puts way more effort into their art than any other country


hes right


toot ban these weebs please
this is really embarrassing for the entire comm


toot is a weeb


listening to a touching npr story about a nigger who murdered a white girl but her parents being good christians forgave him and ended up becoming good friends with him



grow up


what do they talk about over dinner?


they lost a daughter
but gained a son




File: 1568494794565.jpg (75.83 KB, 1024x955, 1568479752798.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Four girls are raped every hour in Brazil, study finds




yep but the citizen mob castrates you if youre caught
high risk high reward


File: 1568495256662.jpg (47.9 KB, 474x477, 1565723428620.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


sex with a literal monkey isn't a high reward


yeah it's much better to fuck your hand ten times a day as an adult man



File: 1568495773960.jpg (367.64 KB, 960x1280, tinnifer.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i only do it 3 times a day :)


insane how people 200 years ago could just go smash up the machine factory that was turning their lives into hell


File: 1568496737978.png (1.17 MB, 2491x3043, 1568496503267.png) ImgOps Google



pad and toon roleplay


this is just some fanart


nah bro
real next gen pokemon game concept art
its gonna be epic


toot how does a combustion engine work


2 stroke or 4 stroke


either or


just stroke till i'm done




they will never make pokemon look good now


File: 1568497907227.webm (1.64 MB, 614x768, 1568473940537.webm) ImgOps Google



I'd like to nominate this movie


id like to piss on your face


looks retarded


*grabs mic and puts it directly in front of my mouth*
*takes deep breath*
*hits push to talk*





File: 1568498378482.png (31.67 KB, 384x422, ztumblr_pphh5jomvt1xnlg0ro….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1568498419257.jpg (120.15 KB, 1162x1440, D_6-298XYAElAha.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


what an adventurous day





1200 subs already :3


toot explain the memory leak


File: 1568498872316.jpg (120.15 KB, 1162x1440, D_6-298XYAElAha.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*breaks neck*


god my dick


seethe, cope, and dont forget to dilate, tranny


stupid pajeet niggers and women forgot to call free()


baste 4norm


wandering is rewarding but also very tiring. its good to be home



*garbage collects your ass*
garbage day, fucker


File: 1568499410331.jpg (24.15 KB, 385x382, 1525192317325.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>sir he's a cool mysterious wanderer who found his way home


*puts on my acronym jacket*
time for some quick wandering



link it



copypaste/hotwheels is neither of those


is this the logal pawl fight?






File: 1568499748113.mp4 (3.03 MB, hit or miss.mp4)


thats embarassing


it was on radiolab look on their site




File: 1568499786691.jpg (173.94 KB, 1021x890, 1556766016022.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Mijoo posing for 13 minutes


wow hbt really cleaned up


she did this for her memeversiary :3


File: 1568499816953.png (639.33 KB, 1122x714, Screenshot_2019-09-12_19-0….png) ImgOps Google


the post quality right now is worse than movie homo shit


is that a child


oh gosh :/


i like to imagine when toss sees posts like that he cracks his knuckles, grins, and then his eyes roll back into his skull


no its a gook


alexa is there anything new at taco bell


deserves it for having ugly nigger shit done to her hair


toasted cheddar chalupa eh?
ok why not


good question. i dont really like the triple double crunchwrap, it's boring


they just took all the good items off their menu


some taco bells serve beer


why get taco bell if theres a chipotle nearby


i dont like the crunchwraps theyre dumb


she was so happy at first
and then she got really really sad
she deserves it, but still…… :/


theyre kinda hard to eat
and just flat out dumb


word that chipotle ranch fries steak burrito's the best thing i ever had at taco bell


taco bell is across the street
chipotle? 10 minute drive

thats an ez choice


what insane proximity to slop shop


do we drive with suspended licenses here


we do all sorts of stuff here



wonder if i ought to jack my pecker today


we sip and score


ok but check this out


File: 1568500637823.png (172.61 KB, 469x453, 1567904089819.png) ImgOps Google


what the fuck was her problem seriously



probably enough stimulants in her veins when that clip was taken to kill a horse


*stimulates hillary's elderly veins*


think i had that happen to me once when i got out of a pool
the blood rushed from my head and my vision got dark and whatever i was trying to say came out garbled n shit i think i almost passed out




it was the cold chai






Showing em what's what…… that's what…….
….but what is that……the what becomes the that when it's shown…..

that's what….


lets all listen to this classic



niggers belong in the zoo


they can't see …..yeah…..a game of hide-n-seek you can't win….. yessir…………. that's when they see it……. they've been shown……..heh……they see when they couldn't see before…..heh….


still havent heard a proper explanation as to why they speak spanish in the dem debates
i get that its literally pandering but surely they must use some other excuse


My boy jay-o he……was out with three (3) of his friends…….i was there too….they and me we….went to…. heh……


File: 1568501134480.png (463.45 KB, 721x747, 1565834371565.png) ImgOps Google



its just cringe pandering





the what becomes the that when it's shown


thats the most autistic thing ive seen all day


uh maybe because 50% of americans speak spanish? does it really need an explanation beyond that you racist bitch?


asagi 0 is out bros


File: 1568501337398.jpg (139.49 KB, 800x600, 32432423412314.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


americans are all niggers that need to be caged




taking hyperbole seriously


50% already huh
reminds me of that story of a frog being boiled alive


america needs to be walled off from the rest of the planet populated by human beings


honestly we should just nuke literally every single continent
everyone should die
a giant asteroid cannot hit us soon enough


ah yes love when my beer becomes 90% foam despite pouring it at a snails pace with the glass practically horizontal


i just turn the can upside down and dump it directly into the yeti


just drink your triple ipa out of the bottle sweetheart




popping daemon x machina on my switchie even though i dont even really want to play it


the goose game looks cute as hell


File: 1568502152711.jpg (227.23 KB, 1418x1074, the scv boys.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568502172338.jpg (27.22 KB, 425x425, 1568404127653.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


got the cheddar toasted chalupa
will let you know what i think



File: 1568502229175.jpg (147.53 KB, 828x1064, 1568452478177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


these are men that have not yet forgotten how to live


ugh nevermind this game looks stupid im not gonna bother


File: 1568502340749.jpg (6.42 KB, 179x118, XD.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


showing them that whats what…..thats the what… the what that shows them…well…..heh…..


what are you watching


File: 1568502765510.png (47.24 KB, 743x569, Screen_Shot_2019-04-12_at_….png) ImgOps Google




File: 1568503111156.jpg (161.11 KB, 598x465, 1549829916672.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this is infinitely better



thought that was bezos


bezos? a cheap ass gamer


File: 1568503723273.png (58.97 KB, 800x650, canvas.png) ImgOps Google

how retarded am i


100% for taking internet political tests


disregard that


owned that retard


so you're happy with the establishment as is? yeah you're 100% tarded


File: 1568503869758.png (248.44 KB, 515x473, 1568432425693.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1568503894292.jpg (47.98 KB, 1280x720, skwal.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


weff? @_@ bewos?? @________________@


File: 1568503977461.png (32.64 KB, 800x750, smug soy.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1568504003251.jpg (100.64 KB, 811x660, cap123.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

*puts down manufacturing consent to make a post*
i'm pretty much as smart as chomsky


File: 1568504026788.jpg (59.88 KB, 541x569, 1568245559233.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


he's just like me./.,


then you were too tarded to understand the questions
congrats on the extra chromosomes i guess


government is a corporation


lookin good, motherfucker…


anarcho internationalist


anarcho gook rapist


guess i should make more special boy answers next time


michigan state lost in comedic fashion


@__________@ bezos??


oh shit tyson fury fights tonight!


imagine having a hundred billion dollars and still going to work every day


mom, dad, i'd like to introduce you to my wife - a teenage boy from an anime i like


dont bother
you would have to answer like alt right bigots do to score points with that guy


i knew he was gonna miss that retake


imagine not moving to korea when you made your first couple of millions and fucking a fresh gook every day


File: 1568504344461.jpg (195.23 KB, 919x960, squid spies someone practi….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568504365232.png (76.27 KB, 385x542, 89702d9462b860a79d361693da….png) ImgOps Google


what makes you presume i'm alt right?


File: 1568504476566.jpg (53.15 KB, 702x690, biggleepdog.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


nobody else cares what scores other people get on random political quizzes
dont pretend like your not


you have the aggressive /pol/tard posting style


looks like bam kino is back on the menu boys


boy is he fucked up


i don't care about the score, i called him retarded because he agrees with the system we live under on paper yet is unhappy with it. primo tard if you ask me


phil is lookin good


File: 1568504675559.png (376.12 KB, 976x529, hmmmmmm.png) ImgOps Google

what the heck… where is that post…


big boy down


what do you mean
am i shadowbanned


c'mon bam i ain't tryna get my dick sunked


it happens sometimes to me too


>he agrees with the system we live under on paper
you would have to see the answers
and hear the reasoning
to say that



got shadowbanned again


holy shit!


toot ban the politics


toot whyd you shadowban me shadowban the alt right retard


you're not "shadowbanned" you neurotic virgin it was just a bug, i refreshed and the post showed up


remember when toot banned the black maga-hat comm member
remember the riots


toot shadowban that guy who thought he was shadowbanned, he's really gay


"i-its just a bug you guys im not shadowbanning anyone"
literally reddit moderator nazi tier


yeah you little virgin bug




i'm not toot idiot i'm the guy who took the screencap


File: 1568505066030.jpg (67.12 KB, 449x512, toot.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what's going on big guy


a bug… who never fucked…


now listen here toot


…thats when they see….





*steals your spot*


wish i could embed with timestamp desu


word, i was trying that with those sumo vids i posted earlier so you wouldnt have to sit through like 3 minutes of ritual before the fight started


solid bit


this is just pure dog shit garbage trash, i can't believe anyone could seriously produce this or watch it


how new are you


yeah i know about the waoouuuwuaowu wauwaowuwuw part, i'm saying the anime itself is shit


File: 1568505567008.webm (1.19 MB, 704x400, b57q35hdrx6dr57w356b35.webm) ImgOps Google

zii activating the vibe buttplugs he had us all wear


i dont know bro
it's a big franchise
there was probably something good at some point like gundam


spoiler tags in case we have gundamfags


File: 1568505687645.jpg (319.05 KB, 960x1280, 1559328832132.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1568505796525.jpg (103.3 KB, 658x768, 1568107468557.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


now we need a tinface marx


File: 1568505929578.jpg (40.87 KB, 333x499, 51TO7YGPjfL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1568506419376.webm (1.28 MB, 778x500, 1568502236968.webm) ImgOps Google


ok im back


what a submission…


the weak pathetic inbred white man and his inferior genes helpless against nubian perfection


ali? nubile af



>Literally everyone was happy in the early 1990s when I grew up.
Bush became president and then crashed the economy along with starting massive wars that went nowhere.

Obama had essentially fixed all that until Trump was rigged in and will push the country into another recession with his trade war bullshit in addition with the culture war that he and his supporters started.

This is why everyone is miserable, we're going through end stage capitalism and it will get far far worse


>le recession is because of who is in charge at the time
i hate norms so much


te quiero


he's right you know


it is, though - the jews


did recessions exist in the ussr
heard part of the reason they collapsed was because their main source of foreign exchange was exporting oil and the prices dropped bigly in the late 80s & 90s


cant wait till boomers lose everything just before they retire






…..in a way jesse enlightens them……
that's what lil ling does…….
….. there WAS
….. one player.


if only they could be as smart, funny, and cool as you…


that's a dream i have sometimes…


norms are weird there are only like a dozen different variations of them


only 1 variation of you, bitch


File: 1568507735948.jpg (162.62 KB, 675x1200, 1567803166974.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


The US Has “Disappeared” More Than 42,000 Migrants. Where’s the Outrage?


runvid and a little treat for the pedcrew


all happy norms are alike; each unhappy virped is unhappy in its own way





thought that quote was tolstoy




wonder if conan o brian is still funny like he used to be


yes tolstoy was a big virped advocate


he never was


post something funny




the lads
havin a laugh


that's what lil ling does…….


ok ok im going to bed


File: 1568509089766.png (217.26 KB, 650x371, 456456546.png) ImgOps Google


ive been in bed the whole time



gleepy have you ever sniffed amyl
they sell it at freak sex shops i think its popular with gays because it helps them relax their buttholes but it also gets them high


hey gleep
have you ever sniffed some amyl


gleep how relaxed is it? right now?


yea i have a bottle somewhere, it doesnt do much


gleep the bottle




just a couple of boys
a bottle of amyl
who knows what happens next


it's a small glass vial. i bought it in chinatown at a shitty place that sold it as incense


You sound dumb. At the time he was a adolescent at the time. He made a careless decision due to lack of conciousness and being a product of his environment. You can't hold that over his head! He did his time like a G and I'm sure he wont do it again. Ur ppl been murdering for yrs


i love those articles on cnbc and stuff
where theyre like "how this 30 year old can afford to travel the world"
and then its something like a family member offered a 6-figure work-from-home type job




File: 1568509917771.jpg (26.27 KB, 800x600, 1528567967080.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568509964202.jpg (346.93 KB, 1956x2068, rxzdaeyawergdfsh2525.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



see that nigger? you can lynch it


see that pip? you can slap it


sigh sounds kind of disappointing
guess i should have known. if it was any good it wouldnt be legal


grow up


*uses the winterhoof cleansing totem to cleanse the winterhoof water well*
all in a good day's work


remember when the comm got lynch'd?




homosexuality and drug abuse go hand in hand


*grabs your hand*


The niggers came out with a knife and said, 'What are you gonna do for us next, we got nothing but blood,' I said I was not gonna leave that man with a wound."

That man, the white homeowner, had shot and killed one of the attackers. When the police arrived, one man was still walking among the corpses.

When asked how the killing came to end, Gautz said: "I remember the police, they came, they took a big group of people at gunpoint for nothing. They told me, 'We found her at the scene of the crime, we found her lying behind the trunk of an SUV with a pool of blood on her face.'"

This story doesn't just have an ending but a beginning. Gautz did not know the woman whose remains were found but told NBC4 that she was "the last of the niggers. She was the last."

An officer was able to get a close-up look at the woman, identified as 29-year-old Sarah Williams, after the killing


grow up


what is this? gook food?



think i just saw dj qualls at whataburger


why are flight attendants still hot young women everywhere in the world except the us


i think there was a lawsuit in the 80s
like for real


ultimately, the answer is the jews



save that shit for your boyfriend this is what we like here




my tractors sexy


thats dumb no one sued strip clubs movies for only hiring attractive people


like some american airline was firing their female attendants when they got too old or got married or something and a court said you cant do that


File: 1568511547772.jpg (54.49 KB, 960x540, 1568476213415.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sugar cube


gleepster whatever happened to that guy who threw his shoe at president bush


his sons were made into bacha bazi


how does gleepy know so much about the world


with racism comes wisdom. it's how reeki got to 60 so fast


File: 1568512519431.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.17 KB, 750x1334, EEdNu26WsAMK5B2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


when youre an agawam spirit traveler the world comes to you



i smoke cause it gives me knowledge


post the tranny frog gouging its eyes out


File: 1568512657618.jpg (120.15 KB, 1162x1440, D_6-298XYAElAha.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ok, it's not a tranny though it's one of those whores in that vid


File: 1568512724580.png (296.66 KB, 995x524, Screenshot from 2019-09-14….png) ImgOps Google

barakan-sama at 23!!! omo!!!


you just know he banged


always knew pete had to have been a real looker in his younger days


File: 1568513041389.png (420.3 KB, 952x503, Screenshot from 2019-09-14….png) ImgOps Google



is that the alleyway episode




suddenly feeling dep as heck


grab a and load up some japanology plus bro


3 more hours until its drinking time!


File: 1568513589835.jpg (544.68 KB, 1536x2048, EEZCcOKWwAE7479.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hmm what shall i play today
ministry? skinny puppy? perhaps some nin?


ban the tape tard


give your dad his cassettes back car seat homo


look down on anyone who treats listening to music like a serious hobby


whats night in the woods


think its that gay furry video game
you know the one where one of the developers kys'd himself recently because of gamergate girl


no i dont know


why do i want to smash this with a club or a hammer or a bat


File: 1568513947326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.06 KB, 383x383, 1568513268049.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


absolutely demonic


File: 1568513998395.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.53 KB, 750x937, 67658938_1274193956073938_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

rawr =3


whats going on with her bewbs


if she doesnt have a dick im not interested



bad shooping


File: 1568514312432.jpg (82.42 KB, 480x765, 1567802964174.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


no pip, no click




guess ill try to sleep


File: 1568516029640.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.53 KB, 1932x1932, EEcKmm6X4AArv5X.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568516411136.webm (1.76 MB, 1280x720, 1537293806014.webm) ImgOps Google

if you're gonna post orc shit at least post good orc shit


me on the left




File: 1568516652279.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.87 MB, 1080x1920, 1566753288309.webm) ImgOps Google




Kavanaugh accused of more unwanted sexual contact by former classmate: report

ruh roh…


is the lesson here to just kill anyone you have sex with?




my roommate gave me pumpkin flavored mochi ice cream balls, pretty good


ok norm


imagine having norm's wit…


i think of myself as the norm of scv


File: 1568517875867.webm (1.92 MB, 480x360, solid hank.webm) ImgOps Google




where's tyson fury?


after this i think


waaaaa HOOOOO


Aoi-chan Is Going to Eat ChocoMint No Matter What


post the link




just got goatsed



not watching


File: 1568520608254.gif (867.42 KB, 510x510, 1555689899759.gif) ImgOps Google



this guy lol


File: 1568520819875.jpg (677.69 KB, 2560x1440, WoWScrnShot_091519_001247.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


look at her babungas…


my cat sure loves banging and grinding his head into wooden furniture


shes loaded…


webecca is a freak


toonsnake is gank on sight


can the swede do it?


i cant sleep


tyson looks like a ponderous oaf i dont get why the announcers are hyping up his 'movemement'


cause he's the champ


File: 1568522258519.jpg (367.16 KB, 1247x811, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hi padshit :)


File: 1568522339623.png (103.89 KB, 1673x803, chess.png) ImgOps Google


cheating again?



File: 1568522545525.jpg (243.14 KB, 403x4567, 1568502948807.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




baste swede own this arrogant bastard


im watching dr stone


*rakes you across your eyes after the bell*



sick cam


its 4D



tyson is winning if hes not tko'd


hoo boy this fight is close


love watchin fury fight
hes like a cartoon character


props to the swede he hasnt even gone down once


who poly drug here


gleep you ever pop a poly bro


he hung on


File: 1568523978527.jpg (183.85 KB, 750x1000, EDPfI2nVUAAaijb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



oh shit!


is the gypsy guy winning?


not bad for a 30-1 underdog


holy lord look at that eye


ah damn
they didnt give him the tko no way the judges give it to him


he had a chance in that last round but he couldnt finish it






File: 1568524334156.mp4 (4.63 MB, 3-PHygurj4kJPt0Q.mp4)





this is what we do here


that move instantly made me like him



File: 1568525261303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.71 KB, 1280x720, 1568524549975.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the boar bristle exfoliating brush i ordered came in today


im in da club hollin
im finna get my groove on





make sure you clean it so you dont get an infection


yeah its gruesome


crime mob it aint no stoppin
im like saddam hussein, hitler and osama bin laden



we have the same ritual time




File: 1568527051750.jpg (486.66 KB, 1600x1200, aFnAy1J.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

1:50am and a shot of has entered me


*drives car*
*scores a goal*


*drives car*
*scores a gook*


File: 1568528078798.jpg (32.05 KB, 500x500, 56161523_655534581570066.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

rise up gaymers


gaymers where we are at


the original star trek was really good why do people only think its camp? shatner is charismatic as hell


no it sucked ass


im on a trek tonight


no you suck ass


scifi is gay



i bet one of us here is an actual sicko rapist or murderer



i bet one of us is a teenbro trying to act hard


were 28 here


beernigboyo why does that chinese dude who makes drinking videos on twitter always slap a raw egg in his drinks?


its protein and vitamins


Eggs Are Loaded With Choline, an Important Nutrient for the Brain

Choline is a lesser-known nutrient that is often grouped with the B-complex vitamins.


I have abandoned computer posting for comfy phone bedposting



File: 1568538718157.jpg (374.78 KB, 1536x2048, 1568506348191.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lmao greg lansky in the background




File: 1568539099663.jpg (134.71 KB, 768x1024, EEfYpgqXkAATXkg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568539694520.jpg (21.63 KB, 272x285, 1568157774079.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



hes making a deck for a $25k tournament get in here bros


now hes testing orzhov lifegain


File: 1568540615848.jpg (389.51 KB, 767x1199, 1568539934047.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


americans are germans
it's why they're so evil


this is a special chii tan


a lot of catching up to do with my podcasts


sickzii finna gonna DAB on me


File: 1568544564129.jpeg (236.12 KB, 1263x1080, EEf51KCU4AAAeSz.jpeg) ImgOps Google




dies irae :)


hes doing jund control now


File: 1568546376184.png (639.33 KB, 1122x714, Screenshot_2019-09-12_19-0….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1568547210406.jpg (66.2 KB, 540x960, Shookt-Reaction-Meme.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>hes doing jund control now


i thought they were gonna kiss



File: 1568549165313.jpg (73.35 KB, 1125x1003, 1568545512816.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



>Be me, a proud american
>Eat a tacos while waiting for my chinese food to arrive
>A little bit horny as well and can feel a bulge under my belly beads
>Browse 4chan while sauce and tomatoes fall on my keyboard
>See one thread about France
>Fucking surrender monkeys
>I played Hoi4 and world of tanks I know history better than anyone
>Takes a big chunk of my tacos while struggling to hold it with my potato fingers
>Start posting pics of french women going out with men more attractive than me who have a position of power during wartime
>Haha surrender monkeys will be so triggered
>Ding Dong
>Tries to get up but the floor begins to squeak
Finally does it but struggle to breath.
>Break the emergency glass to eat the emergency burger
>Open the door and pay that chink that steals our jobs
>Tip him
>Sit down
>Break my chair
>Go back to my now red keyboard
>A french answered me
>Be angry
>Type nigger with french woman in Google
>Find one stock photo
>Haha that will show him
>Need to eat something else
>Another struggle to get up
>Wait the emergency glass is already broken
>No emergency burgers
>Call mom for help
>She injects fat in my arteries
>Much better
>Tip her
>Goes back to my keyboard
>See this


toot how do i make a custom text to speech bot using anyones voice


gonna start wearing a watch again
i keep forgetting to put it on


i stopped wearing mine when the strap thing broke and i didnt care enough


to make the model you need thousands of transcribed clips of their voice


lets make one with the tinny video


just wondering, anyone got any pad voice clips?


pad isnt even a real person its just another one of toons personas


my russian ornithologist waifu


i dont think this guy actually does anything that he asks about


File: 1568551976868.mp3 (535.76 KB, 1502395153367.mp3)

he posted some roos a while back



lol when was that


idk i just downloaded all mp3s from here and went through them because i wanted to find something and stumbled on a bunch of pad roos


my GUY. could you STOP sucking the DICK of 𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓼 𝓑𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭.


gook morning


Thursday, August 10, 2017 7:59:13.367 PM GMT


kill that nigga


*spits on my floor*


imagine loading up a playlist with every mp3 posted on 162…


*spits in tranny boypussy*
kill that nigga


what a fuckin classic


File: 1568555184419.webm (3.12 MB, 1280x720, alita mv.webm) ImgOps Google



File: 1568555204503.jpg (179.27 KB, 925x803, mtg_arena_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



luckily ill get to lvl100 without this dumb shit


File: 1568555675228.jpg (118.46 KB, 1024x768, mfearon2zkm31.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this is our fetish



the male nipple isnt worth all the work that went into that


but nipples are fun to play with


File: 1568557004129.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, japan_vs_cuddlecore.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1568557023814.jpg (75.44 KB, 963x541, chinatown_108pyxurz.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

does this comm accept people of the jewish persuasion?



Hong Kong and chinese military “police” mutilate the genitals of a peaceful HK protestor who is forcibly restrained on a hospital bed.


half of us are jewish


ברוך הבא הביתה, אחי


we have 2,5 jews here???


julia's combos are so hard…….



yeah 25 is a reasonable estimate


"Government controls do not override human incentives, they just change the costs." -Saifedean Ammous


mommy ima woffawaastweet master praxeologist


File: 1568558707027.png (686.88 KB, 828x616, 1568556780866.png) ImgOps Google



imagine being a posh nigger baby….


have sex reeki


is that the cocoon


File: 1568559105861.jpg (304.8 KB, 1600x1729, 1568557345737.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

being raised by a single white mother is a fate worse than death


pick one nord subhuman


File: 1568559395942.jpg (216.46 KB, 1000x2662, 1568457699957.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568559483229.png (138.8 KB, 450x610, ED9UwdRWwAAQ_sz.png) ImgOps Google


lol fucking seething amerimutt


just got worked into a seethe again


seething tossblub


i'm not seething!


im not american
theyre blonde german freaks


i cant get the pickup from f2,1,3~1 to ff1,4


*puts on blue colored lenses*
*colors hair blonde*
*cries in american*


File: 1568559965187.png (653.56 KB, 1000x711, 1568458157620.png) ImgOps Google


alg'd this, thought of the chessfags


we know about chess boxing here


we know a lot of things here


toot knows more than most


captcha is a temporary measure


he knows toot much



>Hong Kong police spraying a cuffed and subdued protester directly in the face with pepper spray at point blank range.


File: 1568565137634.png (Spoiler Image, 623.08 KB, 1280x720, 1568563715949.png) ImgOps Google


my jack7?
kinda fresh


Elizabeth Warren urges voters to think beyond just defeating Donald Trump: "We must show America that we have plans to make big, structural changes to fix what's broken."


File: 1568565850078.png (25.07 KB, 623x130, Screenshot from 2019-09-15….png) ImgOps Google

fucking coiners are the most obnoxious injectors on the internet




File: 1568567225215.jpg (53.73 KB, 800x681, koa6rtxgq1jy[2].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


cant wait to go through the baltic honeybadger presentations


cant wait to kill myself


pokemon fuck
pokemon suck


why where could my f&s shop be


nintendo would never okay that


stop talking about pokemon for 2 seconds!!!!


one-one thousand…
two-one thousand…


whos your favorite pokemon


File: 1568568364114.gif (1.14 MB, 500x280, Sexy_Posing_Meowth.gif) ImgOps Google


meowth has serious sex appeal he would look great in a dress


i like blastoise


meowth is the only cis straight team rocket


jessie is smokin fine


jessie is trans i read it on the wiki


thats hawt


i can confirm this


theres not much else to add


why does ash ketchum look so stupid in nupokemon


i dunno what he looks like off the top of my head
his original hat is iconic though


ass ketchup lol


that sounds gross


remember in the animated series when brock molested all the children


all of them?


isnt brock also a child


brock was 18+ and misty and ash were about 10


brock is 14 i think


we need someone who has a deep knowledge of pokemon lore


wish to flip misty


toot arrest this ped


i wanna see jessie rockets rocket


File: 1568569596249.jpg (210.88 KB, 1082x1920, 1568244973384.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>toot arrest this ped


apparently meowths va became trans lmao




File: 1568569883867.png (Spoiler Image, 481.63 KB, 2000x2000, 76782233_p5.png) ImgOps Google



dont open


there are only 151 pokemons and that aint one


look mom i said it again


it's mild hentai it isnt a big deal. save your warnings for gay sex




who we liking so far sword and shield bros
im thinking obstagoon is a must for my galar team


gay sex is fine fucked up deviant art autist crap isnt


File: 1568570161489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.49 KB, 707x687, 236020.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


good to click


if you're a gaybro


this post just isnt true


its just the human body you prudes


listen to less than 30 seconds.


david lynch is so quirky xD


File: 1568570375437.png (Spoiler Image, 911.45 KB, 1600x1200, 74714961_p0.png) ImgOps Google

human bodies are disgusting
pokebodies on the other hand..


dont click


ugh why did i drink so much last night


File: 1568570495385.jpg (31.96 KB, 491x625, 1563724057813.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Im no cumtown stupidpol fuck. Listen to prolespod, rev-left radio, red menace, and marx madness.


3 minutes fresh original deck




calm down retard



omo shes doing yoga :3


neither am i, the person that dude was replying too


File: 1568570627203.mp4 (1.14 MB, interstellar.mp4)

>Im no cumtown stupidpol fuck. Listen to prolespod, rev-left radio, red menace, and marx madness.


love that little bird


calm down retard


oh shit


File: 1568570782752.jpg (33 KB, 400x506, 220.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>calm down retard


thought that was a new trailer for the movie


File: 1568570889206.jpg (57.79 KB, 960x750, 1568568523108.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



nips have the coolest fonts


id live here


File: 1568570945519.jpg (31.96 KB, 491x625, 1563724057813.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



very cool


isnt there a new eva movie coming out or something


A 15 minute 5k is fast.
A 30 minute 10k is really fast
A 2:10 marathon is national class in all but 2 countries.

Please grow up.



got assaulted by netflix with this now that their menu plays previews


dystopian af


yeah but it looks STUPID


yes thats why i recognized the font and thought it was a new trailer for the movie


wouldnt say i hate niggers
people like this tho


us real evafreaks are looking forward to anno's ultraman movie


grow up


with her boyfriend tayshon


skinny is fine as long as its big enough, the tiny house thing is retarded unless you're a single person without a lot of stuff



File: 1568571455185.jpg (176.36 KB, 960x758, 1559156129406.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>skinny is fine as long as its big enough, the tiny house thing is retarded unless you're a single person without a lot of stuff


can we watch holy mountain tomorrow i cant watch today


what happened to request-weekend huh?????? huH????


mrs doubtfire (1993)
hook (1991)
jumanji (1995)
toys (1992)


movieboys fame went to his head


File: 1568571683130.jpeg (54.78 KB, 1000x922, (JPEG Image, 1000 × 922 p….jpeg) ImgOps Google


me on the left


pad's auto-draft team is dabbing on me sigh


toot on the right tossposter on the left




bro all you gotta do is mindfuck him for a few days and he will resign




hows my toon team doing? havent checked


those were yesterdays requests
unfortunately the poll was hijacked by a bunch of tards who lost in a quickfire battle of wits, which is very reminiscent of karuta…


you didnt ask us for requests im here 24/7


*drafts 3 kickers in the first 3 rounds*


wheres the chiha option b*tch


put off holy mountain if someone wants to watch it and cant today


if it wins we watch it, no exceptions


well there will always be one exception :^)


autistic movieboy


File: 1568572032670.jpg (49.07 KB, 570x855, il_570xN.978082156_76b5.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1568572049753.jpg (232.88 KB, 1121x1809, D5FUaTmUIAAZPhF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the nature of our reality is unyieldingly cruel


a holocauster would be pretty cool


i hate fantasy movies


arch users are all retards, the only arch user i've seen irl was 40 years old, balding, and using a thinkpad covered in EFF stickers at mcdonalds


when is gay movie night


don't trigger the archfag


literally voted for the worst movie


i voted for virgin mountain and the curse
ive heard good things about the curse


turned off the lights
im in a real heart of darkness african night mood


mrs doubtfire (1993)
mrs doubtfire (1993)
mrs doubtfire (1993)

and finally

mrs doubtfire (1993)


its a real heart of darkness kinda night




why are bezos & elon so eager to get off of earth…what do they know…


i voted holy mountain and noroi
you forgot my cure flick btw (if that was even movieboy replying)


movieboy never lets me down


i just wanna bounce on a thick bear cock


this darkest african night is about my dick
and pads ass


if i'm winning the fantasy thing now at the start does that mean i auto lose near the end


if you get a lot of points you win thats all there is to it


you want to check how many of your players havent played yet and how many of your opponents havent played


i'm gonna go back to my winning strategy


mindfucking pad to submission?


link the movie poll again i forgot to vote for mrs doubtfire


had a nice dream today


was it about poke mon


no it was about spending time with a girl who looked like wednesday adams or maybe lydia deetz


my first day as a woman and im already having hot flashes
it was a drive-by fruiting!


which wednesday


from the 90s movie but she was older


first day on the job tomorrow


congrats dude


you're making me want to die jobnorm


so die
i dont care


that's jobnorms for you


is it your first job?



if you haven't had at least two part time jobs by age 20 you will forever be an arrested development tard


not that i would know… heh…


it's all over


i will not blog


im tard


*throws some frozen corn dogs in the microwave*


is that a tranny


norm comedy disgusts me


File: 1568573773093.jpg (33.59 KB, 580x360, Kim-Yeon-Koung.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i like how theyre making fun of manlets while making a show like that lol


every guy is a bagel boss to her


turts gonna flip


he has a carlet


File: 1568574218841.jpg (149.85 KB, 640x993, kn4tjlqhbpm31.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


thats really how it is


all of those games suck shit


the only good game is wow classic


a zoomer on the bus asked me what minecraft mod i was playing on my laptop and i told him it was a game called doom


heh….well… it is….
….. how it is….


File: 1568574389929.jpg (171.5 KB, 750x721, EEhvto-XoAIHEdE.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


you should have put him in a choke hold and made him beg for his life


when is nier epicmata 2



time to learn about gear ratios


File: 1568574708378.jpg (59.75 KB, 500x550, 1568512360321.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the first level was impossible couldnt beat it


i hope you can play as a cute boy like 9s again


replicant had a cute boy too bwo


i already felt like a retard that someone caught me gaming and i wanted him to leave me alone quickly. how was he supposed to know what it was if his only experience with 3d pixelated games is minecraft?


is there a real translation for it?


no idea


any zoomer that knows more games than madden fortnite and minecraft is probably an autistic soyboy anyway


lmao the himabros are great


madden has been around since gen x


that new duranki manga by murata is pretty cool but the pedshit ruins it. same thing that happened with made in abyss



is he pregnant





they're only familiar with always-online modern madden where you just collect nigger cards using mom's credit card


File: 1568575132162.jpg (44.5 KB, 528x519, image0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



grow up


i need to sippy ippy i cant stop


you need an indian sunburn


*wedgies the entire comm*




File: 1568575846016.png (354.41 KB, 1105x987, 1568486820215.png) ImgOps Google


how many tokens for the biblical wedgie cum camshow?


toot why do they make you simplify block diagrams in controls systems if the computer can do it no problem





was literally seconds away from posting this myself hehe


and that's a good thing





toot ban that freak


you only pretend to like gems like this as a passing fad

i implore you to stop damaging my gaming scene


whoa that is literally a recruitment ad for a forced meme spam group kids these days dont even hide it


even tried to emulate drakengard memes, but i couldnt see the enemies in the first game
at first i thought it was intentional and that the game was just retarded
reminds me of when i accidentally put fear and loathing in las vegas on 0.5x speed and watched it like that for around an hour


the joker is an incel


he could smash harley quinn's clown pussy any time he wanted, he's volcel


when is movie i like the movies


i might try again soon
cant beat invisible enemies tho…..


movie is canceled due to aids



File: 1568576744317.jpg (120.15 KB, 1162x1440, D_6-298XYAElAha.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


stopped reading at emulate

go back to your baby wowshit kid

real gamers play the game as intended on release to support the developers




*sniffs pads ass*


just wait till ps5 bro
we're gonna be playing all your old classics on it


this is big




Hi, I've been having some serious self image issues for the past month or so. I slacked hard on gym and eating correctly, as a result, I've gained almost 20 lbs this summer. I'm getting back on track, but looking at myself is still pretty difficult


how do i go back in time


ok?? what do you want me to do about it bitch???


ahegaoface is supposed to be from cooming so hard you are left in a completely drained state completely out of it, not the stupid thing the zoomer girls do slowly crossing their eyes and sticking their tongue


ok mr sexfreak expert


based zoomer hentai face


don't read this watch catfish dave instead


i was comparing them to the hentai version of it


he doesnt even noodle


bros he found the unicorn priest deck


File: 1568577283831.jpg (7.35 KB, 191x255, 1521332852417.png.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>i was comparing them to the hentai version of it


does catfish even taste good


we frequent exhentai here


i looked into noodling and its a niggerlicious abomination


bro they are literally imitating hentai panels


not going to argue with a zoomed that emulates stolen intellectual property

time to get back to persona 5.. im at the end so i will finish it today

dont worry i won’t spoil spoil it for you.. you can get stuck on some bug when you try to emulate it 10 years from now kid


fish have worms
they're filled with worms without exception


based tossgod


so? just cook or freeze em thoroughly


>real gamers play the game as intended on release
>persona 5


wasn't persona 5 one of the first games to be fully playable in in rpcs3


but that panel isnt a slow thing like the rl girls. its because the girl in the hentai just got the biblical hentai creampie explosion fuck in the previous panels


Did You Know: Cats Spend 66% of their Life Asleep ? If you've spent any time with cats, you've probably noticed that they spend a lot of quality time snoozing. In fact, cats sleep anywhere from 13 to 16 hours per day


what are you saying? you can't even look at them making the face unless they've been high-energy fucking for two hours before they do it?


wish i was sickziis kitten


its stupid to think just them doing the face is hot


sickzii makes me do the hentai zoomer face every night


i dont know why my sickzii gets so much attention from you sluts


that's weird because my cat meows and claws at my door 24 hours a day unless i lock him in another room in the house. it just doesn't add up


uh reason 1: picture of girl
reason 2: girl remind me of sex
me jerk off 5 times now


cats only meow to communicate with humans


your cat has brain problems


File: 1568578041497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.81 KB, 720x1280, EEha8g3XUAAm4xr.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




my cat shits on the floor right by the litter box



wring his tiny neck


my cat used to meow and paw at my door but then i used a negative stimulus to train it not to


was it opening the door and chasing it down and smacking it?


bwappa style


i wouldnt smack her id just chase her and hold her down by the scruff of her neck while growling



give her some vod


thats because the litterbox is dirty and filled with too much shit and piss for him to use it so he pooped beside it


lmao noroi won
enjoy it you retard fucks


wish mom would buy some popcorn


love that big belly padcat


my cat poops and pees outside


my cat can't go outside cause he belongs to my sister and she's a neurotic control freak


pet ownership is slavery


wish sickzii owned me


starting now


*mutes this shitty music*
*misses the first 5 minutes of the movie cause i forgot about the stream*


unless they've been high-energy fucking for two hours before they do it?


woah cute jap girls, hope they get raped by the ghost or whatever


File: 1568578650139.jpg (91.16 KB, 680x383, 1568577170501.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this is big



this was made by the guy that made grotesque (spiritual sequel to the guinea pig films) so there might be a lot of gore


get the sexfreaks out of here


did they even air the old original pokemon show in order
it was just random shit every episode


it was in order in my country


sometimes two or three episodes would have continuity


hmmm i've seen this movie before but i dont remember anything about it, might have stopped watching halfway through


i remember some ditto episode and a raichu one and then there was an episode where they were having sex with all the pokemon for electricity in some chinese ghost town


i burst out laughing at the "they died 5 days later"


we had crushes on sabrina


did she have a little sister or was it a ghost to get ash to make teen sabrina nice again


it was 2 hours of high energy fucking


oh wasn't it a puppet she controlled


thats what this comm is famous for


these supernatural scenes are fake as fuck


wait you're telling me ghosts aren't real?


this movie fucking sucks


*turns on the rams vs saints game*


miike should go back and george lucas the cg scenes from ichi the killer




nip tin


ah yes dvorak's 9th symphony :)


bucolic af


i got an ectoplasmic worm for you right here ;)


*pops on a JAV*
*moonlight sonata starts playing*


*jumps into movieboys arms*


File: 1568580122981.png (3.72 MB, 3500x2917, 1568578188982.png) ImgOps Google


*faps to the rhythm*


i dont know why classical music isnt used more in all films & tv everywhere since its free and good



it is used you just dont even notice


i guess its too late for all of us


wagie cagie


the super psychic… he's just like me…


for all the boys that missed it.
taimanin asagi 0 is out


imagine being a schizo loser and getting interviewed by a jqt


the super psychic did a dab, he really can see the future


did they get a real schizophrenic to do this?


they got the real pad


who mixed this omnious music on the found footage


this movie is eclectic as fuck


the movie is laggging


it's not on my end
it might be you or the streaming site


fix the lag


it's not on my end, it's your internet


no lag for me


i meant to make a joke about the tape getting fucked up in the movie


thats what i thought
what a bunch of idiots


this girl is an uber qt


ok this movie is boring as fuck
worst one yet


was there a spooky face behind her when she stepped forward? i missed it


hoping it picks up and gets scary


tried to warn you about yojimbo
tried to warn you about noroi
you niggers dont listen


i hate it when a demon called kagutaba haunts me


yojimbo was great you tardo


lmfao chinless goofy


oh my god this protagonist is retarded
fuck this guy


that guys face is all fucked up


i missed the first hour of the film fill me in


theres a demon named kagabuta and hes angry cuz theyre not doing his gay ritual anymore


found footage/documentary, people that hear a noise start drawing spirals
and what >>772845 said
it's pretty gay ngl


yeah obviously it's the same lady just from the name. that was supposed to be a mystery?


do we change our clothes in intervals shorter than 7 days here






i can wear these pants for weeks


you cant roll into work with the same shirt two days in a row
cmon man


are we watching chiha yet?


you just missed it bro tough luck


did i miss the meme scene this movie is famous for with the guy's face


pikachu must be lvl 900


who killed herself


dont know who it is but midori


the girl that lived upstairs from the qt




cant believe they killed animals for this shitty movie


you just know to film that scene they killed the pigeons and threw them at the window


no soul


i can already tell this guy is b&r


lets watch cannibal holocaust next i hear they torture some turtles in it


milo and otis


ive never actually watched the blair witch project


is the cameraman in this an actual character


boot up lobster tube


no big deal just performing a demonic ritual


turtle smasher…


new thread btw



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