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who mixed this omnious music on the found footage


this movie is eclectic as fuck


the movie is laggging


it's not on my end
it might be you or the streaming site


fix the lag


it's not on my end, it's your internet


no lag for me


i meant to make a joke about the tape getting fucked up in the movie


thats what i thought
what a bunch of idiots


this girl is an uber qt


ok this movie is boring as fuck
worst one yet


was there a spooky face behind her when she stepped forward? i missed it


hoping it picks up and gets scary


tried to warn you about yojimbo
tried to warn you about noroi
you niggers dont listen


i hate it when a demon called kagutaba haunts me


yojimbo was great you tardo


lmfao chinless goofy


oh my god this protagonist is retarded
fuck this guy


that guys face is all fucked up


i missed the first hour of the film fill me in


theres a demon named kagabuta and hes angry cuz theyre not doing his gay ritual anymore


found footage/documentary, people that hear a noise start drawing spirals
and what >>772845 said
it's pretty gay ngl


yeah obviously it's the same lady just from the name. that was supposed to be a mystery?


do we change our clothes in intervals shorter than 7 days here






i can wear these pants for weeks


you cant roll into work with the same shirt two days in a row
cmon man


are we watching chiha yet?


you just missed it bro tough luck


did i miss the meme scene this movie is famous for with the guy's face


pikachu must be lvl 900


who killed herself


dont know who it is but midori


the girl that lived upstairs from the qt




cant believe they killed animals for this shitty movie


you just know to film that scene they killed the pigeons and threw them at the window


no soul


i can already tell this guy is b&r


lets watch cannibal holocaust next i hear they torture some turtles in it


milo and otis


ive never actually watched the blair witch project


is the cameraman in this an actual character


boot up lobster tube


no big deal just performing a demonic ritual


turtle smasher…


new thread btw




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