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new thread most funny
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would you guys go to one of sickzii's live vocaloid concerts?


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me on the left zii on the right


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if the one on the right became a tranny it wouldnt bother me


lol new guy just pushed a commit that breaks everything


someone unironically made this pic


and that's a good thing


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im the healthiest and happiest person here


white sjws are the most powerful race on the planet


stop posting and start sipping


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*punts that dog off a bridge*


lol fng


the homebrew im drinking has a real good mouthfeel

effervescent i dare say

deeply layered for simplistic joy



why did drumpf call off the nuking of iran
fucking orange pussy FUCK




“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a BBOOM BBOOM.”


a nice golden orange array pour

hefty two finger head pure white

almost silk like laced threads


a god




we don't want iran nuked
only israeli puppets do


they shot down one of our drones. the nation is outraged and demands war


we want the whole middle east eradicated from the planet
and nukes are the single fastest way to achieve that


the high abv leaves an almost phenolic taste on the tip of the tongue





no it isnt you fucking jews


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>“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a BBOOM BBOOM.”



iconic soyjak


i like how we all stopped for a second, opened the video, and jammed along to our girls singing bboom bboom


imagine squeezing all those gook whores clits off with a pair of pliers




im listening to the minecraft soundtrack not some gay korean teen girl shit


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the pink bunny is not wrong


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Red Velvet makes 'Zimzalabim' comeback on 'Music Bank'

1. [+261, -10] Will we ever get another song like 'Ice Cream Cake'
2. [+244, -13] I wish they'd change their composer
3. [+220, -14] I really.. don't know about this one ㅠ
5. [+34, -9] I bet even Red Velvet didn't want to do this song ㅋㅋ
8. [+20, -5] Ever since Yeri was added and every song after 'Red Taste' has been funky… but neither cute, sexy, or cool.. just really messy and bad. They've become another one of those groups that are just living off the random they already have and maintaining their status through the members' individual popularities.
9. [+19, -4] They always look like a middle school talent show. And their dancing is a mess.
10. [+18, -5] What a waste of Seulgi's talents to be in this group. Every song every year has been a complete mess.
11. [+18, -7] Sigh……. felt like I was watching a Japanese girl group from the 90s
12. [+17, -7] 'Zimzalabim' is their worst song to date


new thread brapper


thats it im getting my pliers



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can confirm SL shrinks your brain
either way it makes you go crazy
starting up that game kind of makes you feel dirty right, like you're entering a sad depraved world
with endless rows of slot machines, weird fetish porn and forgotten people



the last kshit song i remember
>this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a BBOOM BBOOM

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