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lets hide here for a bit




File: 1498429800160.jpg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3747.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

i read


is that a fishtank magazine lol


no! shut up!!


lucifers hammer was boring and really bad


yeah i didn't even read up to when the comet hit… i really liked alas babylon and that other one… 'two earths' or something




grow up


reposting this comment because you're in this thread and not the other one.
are you that guy i recommending 'journey to the end of the night' to?
have you finished it yet? what did you think?


not him


that was me

i really liked it
robinson….thats one of the best characters i've ever read, so realistically annoying. every time things started to improve, there he was…




suck my little weener freaks


i dont suck weeners


lots of pseudo-intellectual books that you probably havent even read and just put on display in your room (even though no one ever comes over) to make yourself look smart


calm down


how can i stay calm when i have this piece of wood to place inside this tank


place it inside your head instead bitch


i have 24 hours before work better start drinking


jealous of our padders high intelligence, yes???


literally no one can stop me


this is the thread


tea gives me anxiety cant drink it anymore


what kinda tea u drinkin
chamomile has the opposite effect


orange pekoe with 1 spoon of sugar and a splash of milk
i had to stop drinking coffee cuz it gave me really bad anxiety and now this…


now down $1400 in 3 days
go ahead, laugh at me nocoiners!!!!! kick me whilest in down!!!!!



what the frick is pekoe….
im gonna look it up, if it has caffeine perhaps you should stay clear….


ahhhhhhh im gettin whooped right now!!!! ahhhh


i even bought decaf coffee and it still gave me anxiety… maybe its the sugar O_o


-$888.00 past 24 hours
what a freakin mess


hmmmm…. sugar is pretty bad….
try one normal green tea with no sugar


but it tastes like poo :|


perhaps hot beverages just arent for me!! i will stick to water…


feeling pretty gay rn


did you know that cows have best friends and they become stressed when they get separated?


i didnt know that


File: 1498506055955.jpg (74.01 KB, 600x412, 1295875071358.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i like it when animals are palls


my animal pal died months ago


the time for mourning is past


i like gooks


File: 1498506574029.jpg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3787.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

never touch anything that goes on the shelf
cst memeball from massdrop… dunno what's on the top shelf… probably spiders ~_~
its true i keep the intellectual books up front and redwall in the back


brutus the mouse…


brutus the nigger


like the holocaust, but bigger


cant remember the last time i fapped to something that wasnt jav or hentai
but this pic tho…


ah yes hentai


i think her bent elbow is too sharp


i pounded off to her yesterday


my favorite henati is the one where they do the human centipede


stop pounding off to my sister


shes mine now :)


*gives my blessing*



i WILL raise another man's child i dont give a fuck


i cant sleep knowing tin isnt living in an institution where he belongs
get him out of society


get this freak off the streets


im scared tin might do something crazy soon…


File: 1498512567233.jpg (224.87 KB, 1866x997, 2017-06-26_17-28-58.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>tfw 4chan makes it into your anime


pretty sure thats not 4chan bud


trigger isnt anime anyway


what is it then???

the text isn't japanese


nunime sux



it's little witch academia


nvm u right i fucked up
*gets on hands and knees and begs for forgiveness*


and green shit
and 4shit

fuck this shit head i dont like him!


i dont like me either!!!


we accept ourselves here


we are empty inside


starting at 20:45 is how i feel about tin


i hate me tbh

im such a bitch ass looser


hey jude is my favorite beatles song




whoa big storm happening right now please keep me in your thoughts


*thinks about u*




*slowly opens ab eer*



look at this globalist propaganda shit

can't believe people fell for this back in the day


theres a hole in the crotch of my pajama pants and well… my pippeli is pokin through


imagine all the globalists



gross, bleh…


ah, the ol' pip' takin a peek, eh?


its just comin out for some air heh


just sayin a little hey how are ya


went to bed hungry and when i woke up i wasnt


you ate a couple of spiders


thats a MYTH!!!


yea that happens


mommy i made carriers again :)


i htink the biggest problem with my eating habits is that i never eat breakfast and so consequently my metabolism stalls and i dont get hungry until late in the day and feel satiated from 1 meal a day


Nothing like playing a bit of good ol' chess on your phone


*gets laid* ahhh nothin like it… what were you saying again?


just eat a lil egg when you wake up


im a freak


let me tell you


hmm ah yes wifi & phone signals are actually super harmful and are currently giving u brain cancer


dont think ive ever had a conversation with a girl


unless you live on the bottom of the ocean theres like 200 different signals passing through your body at any time


not even with your mom


mom doesnt count…


ummmmm yes she does she was a cute girl once


sick freak


a cute girl


if youre looking for me…you better look under the sea…cuz that is where you'll find me


cute enough to get a bf and have sex at least once


how do you breathe


the assassination of julius caesar


snorkel, obviously……


*sips v8*


*sips grape drink*


*sips lean*


just did a resistance band workout; im pooped


*sips gook pussy juice*


*sips cervical mucus*




just resubbed to sodapoppin 50 months in a row




actually we are team lea here


did you see my post yesterday about martha my dear?


just spent 30,000$, my entire life savings, on twitch donations


i offered to take the garbage out for mommy since its raining :3


how did you save that much thats crazy


word we are top d's here


no this is actually my first time on this site




didn't even make it here


what a newfag!


just figured out that 'martha my dear' beatles song goes
'thought i spend my days in conversation, don't forget me'
and not
'spend my days in isolation'

so…. my version is way better…


i dont listen to that fuckin DAD music


your version sucks and youre a bitch


i only donate to girls because they shouldnt have to earn money


imagine googling 162, seeing that one post about fucking up tins legs with a stick as the description, and deciding "yes, this is where i want to post"


ok i just imagined it now what


is my gofundme post not the description anymore… :-/


imagine imagining that


hmmm…these 162 guys are right up my alley

i think i'll call this 'home'


used my mom aS A job reference


i'd rather be on vg but i get really bad when i don't post with you dumb idiots… /-:


oh no my post about that fitness blogger dying is the new description
i think that tin one was better tho


tits or gtfo right guys


epic 4chan post \m/


you guys gettin that snes classic or what


no why
pretty sure snes emulators have existed since forever


hush little tinny dont say a word….


because its cool



is the snes classic gonna get many ff games


im gay


just one

ff III or vi or however that works




remember when i told the story about how i broke my shes to get the n64…. or was it a ps1




no i dont read your gay ass stories


File: 1498518303423.png (1.43 MB, 1024x1024, 3737373.png) ImgOps Google

the games


BUT if its like the nes classic, perhaps it will be hackable…toss on all sorts of stuff in a cool little mini snes


whens agdq


next week


are we watching it


no its boring


should i get some beer for tonight…






someone run me through shadowfang keep


ipad auto corrected 'snes ' so i left the thread for a bit lol…


ok but i get master looter…. the shadow fang is mine…


auto-correct ruins your BRAIN, dude….


alexa tell me how to spell 'gay'


ya i did that yesterday i accidentally typed while when i meant white
very embarrassing…


brain huh… *calcifies peneal gland*


seriously though i had an efriend who ran sfk hundreds of times until he finally got a shadowfang to brag about
the day it dropped he ran to tell his younger brother and run around the house or something, because his lil bro got on mic for the first and last time i had known this kid, and said michael was "finally free"


so run me through it dude


*closes my third eye to this thread*


File: 1498520463318.jpg (16.74 KB, 459x439, FireShot Screen Capture #0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

bought one of these lol


haven't played wow since about a year after wotlk


what is that


motherfucker if i see you youre fucking dead


ooo i'm scared of the wow nerd lol





*sees a cute girl* AWOOOGAH!




reminder that rlewis killed that guy he made fun of






*accepts a quest* time to slay…..yet another dragon…..


*drives to the bar near closing time* time to slay….yet another desperate slag…..


any good new mind break hentai? preferably gay stuff


prove it


ah yes lets see whats under the 'western' tag on sad panda today…hmm yes more inflation gay furry porn, just what i was looking for


ah yes;




MEAT is fuckin MURDER
NOT killing the ANIMAL but killing YOUR OWN SELF.


artist cg
game cg
is all that should be checked




where is the "save me from this nightmare of j/o disease" section?


i'd like to check that one


just got level 17 no thanks to that FUCKER


you have to admit to your friends (lol) and family that you have a problem with jerking off before you can get better


File: 1498521588789.jpg (30.36 KB, 284x400, 1498498935470.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



horrible ^


mom…well you see…. im a full blown j/o addict….


been doin a lotta gamin tonight lets see if ill start drinking

odds vodka
evens water
0 whiskey


how do you think she would respond?


ugh i bought in right before the dip really hit


when i dip you dip we lose a lot of money


ugh did everyone start hiding from me in a different thread again :/




remember the first time you went to ravenholm?


umm we dont go to ravenholm


ugh he found us






do we jo before bed here



the real tragedy of eggman isn't his terrible looks, its the fact that he's also dumb as a rock and riddled with neurosis


do you think i give a fuck
no seriously do you actually think i care


yeah i mean youre a pretty caring gal..


held hands with a girl today


no u fifmy








ah yes polyamory life




buy the dip


buy the clip


fry my nip


wonder why…


these bbq chips are so bad…
i need my habanero chips




ay caramba!


you've managed to bait a lot of people with that post and i applaud you
but you're taking up space that could be used to save terry
i'm going to have to ask you to leave


hey mikey, surfs up dude



gunna try a cig


*snorts some fent*


snot rockets



pretty neat actually


its fun watching schizophrenic people
wish tinny wasn't ruining terry though



bubble bath ^______^

now ASMR and sleepie time!!


but enough about me


recommend some asmr pls


let's talk about you


just another monday…july is pretty close…still doing nothing…


and how does that make you feel


not him but sad, mad, angry, upset, useless






had a really deep zit in my lip that looked like herpes and when i finally popped it it shot all over the mirror!


anime is fucked


satoshi nakamoto

nick szabo
satoshi dorian nakamoto

it has to be one of these guys


anime died a long time ago
every once in a while it rises from the dead and does a nice little dance, but then quickly returns to its grave…


russia seems nice


no it doesnt havent you seen the americans


manga is better


that dragon show was so bad.


im bad


bad to the bone



suck my


milteer tapes…


*vaccinates your kids*


get away from my family


stop being anti-science you crazy nutjob *injects mercury directly into your right ventricle*


i feel funny *dies*


the state knows whats best for you and your family


*injects estrogen in your child's school lunch*


just had a shower


were you n*ked


i used to fill out this tank top much better ~_~
maybe i should start lifting the old weights again…. the smell kind of went away in my basement… something really bad going on down there with the sewage pipe in the bathroom…
left a few rolls of paper towels in there years ago and they got all moist and withered just from sitting on the back of the toilet…
so that and the smell… hmmm…
no one ever helps me though… maybe open a window… are they broken? hmmm


should probably just avoid going down there… *nods head*


did u take your anti-d's today?



*digs a hole*


*fills it up*


a quick replyboy…


*wipes the sweat off my brow*


that hack retard kept trying to meetup with charlie/shocka/ the retarded black i post occasionally
so one morning charlie made a vid from a hotel room in a schizo rage swearing about him… first time i ever saw him address comments
then he deleted the video and that blastard retard never even saw it because he went right on asking him to meetup

not really interesting but its such a coincidence that you've posted his vids before to the one place on the internet where charlie's vids are posted… might have downloaded the vid before he deleted it


*wrings my sweat from my handkerchief into a mason jar labeled 'sweat'*


real shit


dear blog
watching tekken 7 vids and playing spacechem tonight
dm got really moody and cancelled our sesh…


starting to get gingivitis i think


first ive heard of this how was hack contacting charlie? yt comments?


kaitlyn live


liltrapdog live




joined a guild


aww she went offline for 2 hours




barrack obama here ama


are traps gay


*orders a drone strike on your house* next question


can you say a full sentence without stuttering once




hmmm… my belly is kinda small today… guess i can eat more


im an indigo child so its cool that i still live with my parents and watch cartoons at age 27. im just expressing myself in my own creative way


i dont know what an indigo child is


uhhh sure


google it then x_x


*makes cannons*



im not googling it because we need to get back to having organic conversations where information is exchanged
so tell me what it is or FUCK OFF


it means i have supernatural abilities like being able to see your aura and also untreated adhd


oh yeah then i wouldnt judge you


not touching those japanese sticks anymore tonight
so help me g*d


its a disaster. powersand every where


thinking about killing myself
of course i would never go through with it but
its nice to think about


if you ever told a doctor about your ideations of suicide theyd throw you into an institution


The formation of ideas or concepts.



no they wouldn't
maybe if you look like the T master they might


popped a boner again!!


doctors have a professional responsibility to 'help' patients are 'a threat to themselves or others', so admitting you think about suicide is a one way trip to the loony bin




15 hours since zii's last twit.. im worried


no one cares if you tweet or not tardo



can someone run me through shadowfang keep like come the FUCK on


ill run you through a wall if you keep running your mouth pipsqueek


say that to me in arena


i dont subscribe to world of faglords


what rating are you
do ratings mean the same as they did like a decade ago


File: 1498536609899.jpg (266.49 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_opuegtuT0P1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ocean man
take me by the hand
ocean man


*knocks tinny out of his wheelchair and watches him squirm like a turtle on its back*


*sticks spoke in his wheelchair*
*douses him in gasoline*
*lights him on fire*

hes too dumb to crawl


*smashes it*


*drives to a&w*


*rollerblades into avernus*


i'm actually pretty happy with how the sticks came out……… think i can finally get some plants and add water


it was just a prank dude chill out


i wish i lived in small town america…


i wish i grew up in 80s japan


File: 1498538523026.jpg (206.24 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ojx63zXsT21t4mby8o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

whats wrong with 2017 japan


*unironically leaves thread*
see you tmrw


degen af


it's fine but 80s was just perfect


*unironically listens to hip hop*


racemixing is a sin


why is 162 so dead today x_x


i know why


on second thought i shouldn't have bought ltc then
oh well




my sister texted me


because its price fell below the price at which i purchased it


call her a bitch


shes not a bitch


call her a good girl


call her a good girl and then rape her


so far i ate:

big steak
corn on cob
bbq'd whole onion

now im snacking on fruites


*catches u slippin*


so far i ate 6 massive choco chip cookies, rice and chili, 1 sausage roll


how are you gonna lose all those calories…


im saving up calories cuz im gonna hibernate soon…


wtf are you a bear…




so dead -______-


everyones banned


nobody gets banned on 162….i think


i am the one true nigger


still enjoy vaporwave


life; heh…


post some


now, before you freak out…


*sits down*


be humble


only 3700 calories today not bad


i probably had like….800 or something


heh youre wasting away kid *slaps belly*


*resubs to wow*


same i got 27 days left


i love the twerk threads






grow up


whats the point of penis pumps


hi mu




*sips fortified wine*


hmmmmmmmmm really makes you think


*lashes out at society*


File: 1498549467319.gif (1.73 MB, 268x150, tumblr_oql62atagB1voxa9ko9….gif) ImgOps Google



hmmm.. back to my sleep all until midnight awake all night schedule..


well yeah i am a nigger but what does that have to do with anything?


black lives matter


to who






guess ill watch joey stuff food in his mouth, edging himself towards his inevitable death by heart attack


File: 1498551640339.jpg (258.72 KB, 750x1119, tumblr_oqe0x4xWw61s2yc47o7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

every girl is all touchy with foreigner

so hot in japan

theres so many young attractive girl in asia

i need to shoot up something because i didnt realize my life could have been ok


how many lists do you think tin is on


the big fucking loser list


ive seen every video i admit it


she asked how many lists not which lists ~_~


File: 1498551784290.jpg (788.4 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oq9iu5cug71ti6w0wo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hahahaha reckful just got denied he asked the girls to go somewhere later


what a greasy fucking spectacle he is huh?


i dont watch JEWS



File: 1498551915560.jpg (153.36 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_oq0ouyGTNP1ti6w0wo2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

joey joey super cool food review


i love how gross it is he gets food all over himself and goes WOO WOO WOO WOO


tin describe the looks the female cashiers at 'lix give you


hes pretty gross yeah
my favorite part is that he has to reread what it is hes eating every time he has to say it hes so fuckin dumb


hes like the modern day 'freak in a cage'. people just watch him to be amazed and disgusted at this grotesque specimen


do you think anyones ever watched one of his videos and thought
"hmm seems like a knowledgeable guy, i'll trust his /10 rating and go try one myself"


resubbed to wow, played for <1 hour and im ALREADY bored how do they do it???


heh…good post


run me through shadowfang keep dude


File: 1498552164407.jpg (663.23 KB, 825x1066, tumblr_opt61pvGMB1rbjj14o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lets go bois. youll never visit japan you have to live through someone else

ya p much i get a lot of grotesque looks with the beard and everything

i thought these were posts about me with the "freak in the cage" stuff



i also love how he puts copyright and trademark symbols in his titles like its going to prevent a lawsuit or something lmfao hes just such an idiot i love him though


ugh, tin copied a word that i just used -_-


oh and he did those korean fire noodles a while back and he recently just did the japanese sushi boat and for both of the videos he used generic chinese music in the background ahahha i love it


joey is what europeans imagine when they think of the typical american


i look like joey


File: 1498552677876.jpg (336.26 KB, 805x1075, tumblr_oquada5VSm1rbjj14o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

alright reckful going off


go over here i guess….


i dont know which country i prefer japan or korea i still have to see more


bit of chinaboo myself


something about joey i was thinking about
like…he has no shame or self respect and leverages that by humiliating himself for money
i have no self esteem but im too prideful to debase myself even if it meant financial independence. im a real dope.


File: 1498553059408.png (838.25 KB, 500x737, tumblr_oq9f1eHyPX1s2yc47o3….png) ImgOps Google

theyre all so good.. you cant go wrong with asia

its incredible

too bad i ruined my own life…

all i have left is suicide

(((((((((even thats a hard job)))))))))


one thing i have an irrational aversion to is emojis. i always thought they were the dumbest thing and made a point of never using them


a dopey boy…


File: 1498553184707.jpg (269.29 KB, 1066x790, tumblr_op7y951fnN1rbjj14o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if you really wanna be autistic

while youre eating you go MMmmm hmm.. mmm hmmm.. and contemplate the taste of the food and you use a napkin and then you go woo woo woo woo

and you copy all his eating habits


at what point did they stop being emoticons? or are emoticons and emojis two separate things? help


emoticons are faces made out of keyboard characters like >:), emojis are all the unique little images


but on msn when you did :) or (B) or whatever it was still called an emoticon and it had an image…………


main stream news…


just me and my big fat belly…


File: 1498553727352.jpg (65.97 KB, 671x960, tumblr_ofwapqtV8j1ti6w0wo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

destiny doesnt deserve a baby and 200k a year and a girlfriend

hes a piece of shit


tin you have no redeeming qualities


he put in the work to get where he is
he deserves it





File: 1498554764242.jpg (608.99 KB, 1080x844, tumblr_op3rshJgWI1rbjj14o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

so hes still not a good person

i know a guy who has been on twitch for years and still has the same amount of about 80 viewers and cant move out of his trailer




File: 1498554942287.png (606.09 KB, 540x810, tumblr_ofoomiTxGR1voxa9ko2….png) ImgOps Google

name one redeeming quality about destiny


his 7 inch cock


his 7 inch cock


File: 1498555072986.jpg (286.39 KB, 800x1070, tumblr_op7y951fnN1rbjj14o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

why arent pigs diabetic you keep posting them eating like entire birthday cakes


cause they're not retarded freaks like you


you know that shitstiny was one of if not the first game streamer to really make it big, right
he started back on justintv, and the fact that he only averages idk 2k or whatever is just a result of his stubbornness and unwillingness to adapt


hmm 5 am… think ill try to sleep


odds try to sleep too
evens go to timmies and get a cawphee


File: 1498555179882.jpg (398.99 KB, 750x945, tumblr_oqe0x4xWw61s2yc47o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

he should be down to 100 viewers for his retarded views and his stubbornness

youre absolutely right but nope he gets rewarded for being a dick in this world

and still makes a huge killing people throwing money at him


actually im gonna go to timmies anyways


*cums on your pillow right before you put your head down*
owned bitch


start streaming tin, ill be your first viewer


im gonna…….. slap it!
*slaps your belly*


imagine a tinny irl stream or podcast…


File: 1498557735443.jpg (1.07 MB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oq9iu5cug71ti6w0wo3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im a trainwreck i couldnt form coherent sentances enough


hmm cant sleep


people would pay to watch that
everyone loves internet freakshows like chris chan


any good fidget spinner recommendations?


wtf deltora quest has an anime


uhhh yeah this one right here
*pulls down your pants*
*runs away*


File: 1498558544096.jpg (79.21 KB, 980x551, Resized_20170303_081533.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

we'd import eroge and put it on our shelf if we didnt risk jail


waitwaitwait kino no tabi is getting a new anime?


mad that i wasted time reading the last hundred or so posts and that they were so bad
maybe not mad but annoyed at least


File: 1498559889421.png (1.02 MB, 1024x765, IMG_3820.PNG) ImgOps Google


fucking idiot never reply to me again


good post





File: 1498561623960.jpg (162.81 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_3823.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



please post some realistic pictures
pictures like these have a negative effect on our female inhabitants' self image


my type of girl


being a girl seems so easy…


then become one


im gay


no, IM gay.


boys can't become girls silly


im the gay one here



boys can become girls(boys)


no then can't


i wanna be a real girl though


well too fucking bad!


lets go fishing


im never leaving my room again


i want to be a real girl thug


i wanna have my dick sucked


i wanna have my suck dicked











File: 1498565781094.jpg (295.35 KB, 1365x2048, 1492633609873.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




sickzii my lover boy


im a freak


aren't we all?


im the biggest freak


hmm perhaps


ima try and quit porn

day 1



File: 1498569530268.jpg (455.91 KB, 1200x1920, 1492733075907.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


bout to go live/hamplanet


post bitch


bought 5 more litecoin…


buy real coins


have a lot of beer left over… hmmm didn't want to do this but i'm going to have to start drinking on weekdays.


we're watching this one together
everyone get in here


*slits your throat*


im gay


chicken salad for breakfast


its a gook eat dog world


grow up


its a doggy dog world…
*starts dryhumping you*


weebs need to grow up


*skips to that part*


well to be honest i thought my sixer was good enough for women but i realized how important girth was and never factored it in. this morning i found out i have average girth… not good.


yung dagger dick


namsayin homebois grab my dick


thats what ziis mom calls him


you honestly like that song? sounds like boring generic anime shit so as to not overstimulate that autistic retards that watch it




anyone else watch the big stream


no i was edging


we quit porn here

day 1

just had a wank over the toilet


all oldfags like that song



dont lol at our efforts


alright ill go back to sleep then
just had another dream i was back in highschool and hopelessly behind on my work and doomed to fail. a guy i didnt even talk to much since freshman year told me that people were talking about me how much i changed, and then i almost got killed by a drug dealer for telling him to 'suck my dick faggot'.


ure gay


who needs porners when you can imagine sickzii…


look at this shit
some people actually sit through all 12 episodes of this shit


cartoons for pedo freaks


a spanish drug dealer handed me his styrofoam plate to throw away on the first or second day of hs…
thought it was because i was sitting in arms length of a barrel but apparently this was some kind of 'prison test' to see if i was a bitch or something… or at least i got that impression afterwards… hmmm…
i've always felt people play tricks on me hmmm…
what really happened that day…

it all goes back to my early years of abandonment at the hands of a mother with gary busey-style brain damage i suppose…. or vaccines…. hmmm…
not my fault~! i'd never read this, don't read blog posts so long


watched 70% of that last night
i like the blue haired girl because she talks real slow

like me


File: 1498581332213.jpg (536.81 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_3828.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

thought this would be a nice j girl in a school uniform top exposing her breasts on one of those fenced in japanese hs rooftops…

but look at those nasty brown person lips and trashy nails
negative aspects my beautiful j girls rarely possess


im gay, hungry, tired


File: 1498581901093.png (43.05 KB, 812x351, iaGn5LurZJD3dS99e9YWbaGQnu….png) ImgOps Google

what the fuck is wrong with modern women

bitches like this would be slapped and told to shut the fuck up 70 years ago


excellent movie
saw it years ago. very 'scv-core' imo… us crazy dudes… eccentric


what are those bumps on her nipple? looks like she stuck the tip in an ant hill


anime is so based…


pic not even real


it is youre just in denial that you cant even get with someone as entitled as her




there is a Hider in my House


Wow she's such a catch. Two daughters and a kidney disease. Must be worth it despite no sex.

To be fair she sounds like an extreme case.


idk but i have those…


YOURE A GIRL????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//



*rubs tittys*


*hols a gun to your head*
get real nervous when i see pig skin finger get tight twitchty


how about you hols this instead
*whips out pippele*


*pulls the trigger*


your mom can thank me later


rp as a jihadist arab


rp me weiner you mother fucker bitch


I'm Trying As Hard As I Can


you want me to be me but you will NEVER be me BITCH! you are just chicken shit and im chicken salad!



nigger gook


grow up


grow up, nigger! dont you ever say gook again idiot!


grow up


must know each other…


"gimme dat phone nigger"


ling is deeper than this…


*converts to islam*


wow what a good sleep *fart*


ordered 50 lb of metal yesterday night and paid ups ground $15
got here this morning somehow @_@
couple hours earlier than usual delivery time even


what did you order you spaz


File: 1498586155940.jpg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3833.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

3 foot rails and an extra shelf… so like half of this rack
cost like $100 shipped since i already had an extra shelf i wasn't using…
and those cost $50
really most of the cost~_~


how about flipping the picture you dumb fishkilling idiot


File: 1498586374148.jpg (1.98 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3837.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



its dinner time


yep just made pizza rolls


File: 1498586564105.png (5.9 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3838.PNG) ImgOps Google

its not my fault! had to flip it sideways, save
then re flip it and save again. dont know who asked for this




i dont want your excuses fishkillling freak


*starts slapping belly*
share! share share share!


*punches your belly*



sick fat freak


File: 1498587068760.png (11 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3839.PNG) ImgOps Google

didn't even kill them they're right in the picture
wish i could though… going to put them in a small bare tank because i'm a pussy
these pics even open right side up when the thumbnail is sideways


11 frigging mb, wtf



won't let me delete it because i posted it in private browsing
so no pw ?


moms knocking at my door… think she wants to talk


that pic was huge…..


quickly pretend to be asleep


*closes eyes and tries not to breathe*


mommy is gonna molest you…


mommy is gonna bully him…


imagine grinding on sickzii at the club then going over to his place…


im gay


The only sensible way to assess the affordability of food is by cost per calorie, or cost per gram of whatever nutrient you are interested in. Stop judging things by the price on the shelf.


shut up bitch


we all resubbed to wow i thought?


omo call me a bitch again…




omo!!! slap my butt…




ok call me a bitch again…


eating a japanese apple


ooooh boys i fucked up
someone just called me about a job and somehow i accepted


dumb slut


Fuji Apples | Stemilt
Stemilt › fruits › apples › fuji-apples
Fuji apples were developed in the late 1930s by growers at the Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki, Japan. Fuji apples are a cross between two classic American apple varieties – Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet. … Fuji apples are also great storing apples, and because of that, are available year-round.


for me, its the honeycrisp apple


we are all about the pink lady here


Fuji apples are about 100 calories and packed full of nutrients. Fuji's contain high amounts of flavonoids, which can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease.

hmm… "flavor noids"


really noids my flavors…


File: 1498589386348.jpg (160.63 KB, 600x600, IMG_3841.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

drawing sucks… wish i could draw


we paint


paint my ass


i'm interested in sculpting
think i'll devote my life to learning it


nigger gook




think ill devote my life to bullying sculptors *sticks your chisel down my pants*



just cupped my balls and sniffed my hand


dick got hard all morning
sensitive today


*sucks it*


thinking about quitting my job
yeah im gonna do it bitch


never had a job


gonna try to find the right comm of itas for me


only quit iof u have another lined up!


think im gonna just quit and downgrade to a part time job
yeah thats the plan for me


work = slavery


i dont…..oh well who cares!!!


theyll just talk shit behind your back…


i desire to have my dick sucked


just pay for it


*holds your head on my cock longer than you're comfortable with so you start choking on cum*


i wanna be self employed but im not good at nuffin…
thatd be so much fun. id be real proud of myself, perhaps even happy


i doubt i could ever be happy


become a cat girl and ull be happy


ah yes…a 'neko girl'




my suicide?


im gay for dicks now




i want to put my dick inside another dick


*eats sausage roll*
hmm… quite


i wanna dock inside another man's foreskin



we're all uncut except for tinny and that one guy here


heh yeah… i go on 4chan too…


come on over, make yourself at home


*strolls off to tekgen*


*tackles you*
*sits on your chest*




*smashes another turtle* the thrill is becoming sexual


*takes estrogen*



where do you measure your dick from
whats the most accurate spot…


if its under 6 inches we just round up to 6 and if its over we round up to 8


actually its 6'2


we all know that the moment a finger or any foreign object passes through your anus is the moment jesus stops loving you


we love doing buttstuff here


im scared to put anything up my butt
probably feels good but what if i damage something…


stimulate so many prostates on the job that its no fun at home


how do i find a glory hole to get my dick sucked


the feeling is palpable


gaybar bathrooms


had a gif for this can't find it though




File: 1498594354888.png (294.53 KB, 551x526, IMG_3005.PNG) ImgOps Google

meh can't find it… wait here it is


nice gif


hmm not a gif though… i only say "meh" because it used to bother me when people said it btw




my dad had a little penthouse smut mag lying beside his desk ~_~


it has cool articles…


what a god


ummmm pretty sure i copied this link…….. wth….


you must be so embarrassed


i hate u


stellar's new song is called Archangels of the Sephiroth


hard AGAIN


i started listening to it but then got distracted and didnt finish it


yea….. but that nippy girl is pretty cute so its ok




im gay


grow up


nothing wrong with being gay


grow up


this grow up meme has got to be one of the worst ones we've come up with :/


*rolls eyes*


gonna become a sportsnorm to try and obliterate the awareness of my every day life


tinny called me on the skype
so i touched myself to sleep


no one like hatsoopie meepo or whatever fucking anime that is

stop posting it you croatian freak


new sica stream just ended
wonder if tin watched it



hope i die in my sleep


yeah i hope you die too






thats not anime you retard thats virtual youtuber kizuna ai!










*posts this epic exchange on twitter*




wanna go for a ride?


i wanna ride off a fucking bridge


who are your teams gonna be…..


hmm starting to think depnorms are worse than coinsnores…


if youre not depressed youre a piece of shit


i fucking hate niggers!!!


if you haven't learned to deal with your depression yourself you're a norm


grow up


trindad and tabago's national soccer team


we like :
nhl : red wings
mlb : dodgers
nfl : patriots
socer : chelsea, atletico madrid, trinidad and tabago's national team


im just gay


*gapes orifice*


ugh just took a shit and had to wipe like 16 times -.-


sick dude…


just so you guys know i really am a nigger its not a joke


grow up


hey man i dont mind
as long as you hate both norms and the elite….


we are the elite


no we arent how dare u





grow up






senegambian girls….


File: 1498601725781.png (7.31 KB, 634x89, senegambia.png) ImgOps Google

owo whats this…


hmmmm…a nice african girlfriend…..


frick it im drinking tonight!!






*goes to the_donaldo*


lol just tried to ninja add something to someone's git repo for their website that i found their password for and i forgot to change my git global config so i doxed myself


frig what are you gonna do…


i reverted the repo so it doesnt show up on the repo history but it still shows up on the guy's profile history and i dont think there's anything i can do about that… i have his dox too so its like the internet equivalent of nuclear deterrent…


ninja add….git repo….git global config….hmmmm…


my eyes just glazed over when i got to those words


basically i tried to put "anon was here" on a dude's website and there's a list of changes and it says FULL NAME - EMAIL ADDRESS MADE THIS CHANGE LOL


you might get reported to the DEA…


report this


>i think im gonna start greening from now on its much easier on the eyes




claura :3


we use jungle theme and green is kinda hard to see so plz dont




we use sickzii


jungle theme or as i call it 'ol reliable'


we use tomorrow


no we dont, fignuts


who's we


you and i and everyone else


bitshit….hope its finally out of its funk…


where i come from, people who give sex away without charging money are called whores


bit of an incel myself


what do you call the ones that charge money?



putin is based id suck his cock no homo




im a gook lover


this prank would be a lot better if he said good morning niggers and genocided them



yeah i like putin too and im not even russian


thanks for subbing bro


retarded poopin memer cant even embed youtube videos

not gonna watch it unless its embedded



thinkin bout ordering one of these girls for tonight…


some of the guys didnt like him but all the girls said that he's the best…


why do they think he said nigga when he clearly said neighba…




i doubt any of them actually look like the pictures


do you think it hurts their ego when theyre listed for 200 pounds when some are for 1000


nah they know their value


im hopelessly self absorbed. all i want to do is have people listen to me talk and read what i write and heap adulation on me


i tried tomorrow… hmm nah back to jungle


pay a hooker to piss down your throat


600 shit coins and kim will come over and wallop your balls


what would that accomplish


you just dont get it


obviously i dont which is why i asked


well then youre just a nigger huh?


you're one of the main reasons i come here so maybe it's well deserved self absorption


im flattered *blushes* >_<


gonna go swim for 30 mins


im more self adsorbed


should have masturbated earlier when i kept getting excited… now i'm just really tired *yawns*
too tired to bother… Zzzzz…. *blows anime snot sleep bubble* -sfx-whistling-




virped freak


dear diary, i am still gay.


ricky spanish…


dear alexa tell 162 to frick off


BASED DJ WHEAT and mst3k
i can finally die happy




dear alexa increase the flouride content in my tap water


dj alexa
turn on the vacuum cleaner and give me a blowie with it


File: 1498606493205.jpg (46.29 KB, 350x389, IMG_3847.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

there should be one of these about men
the final product being tinny, attaching sica pics to doomsday posts while rubbing his bloated feet to gay porn


wheres the one with a nigger hanging from the tree



grow up


*grows up*
wow, now i hate niggers even more


now pondering that the guy saying nigger is only saying nigger so that he can respond to his own post with 'grow up'


grow up


i am pale


*grows up*
wow i love african americans
they invented peanut butter!


443:[11:11:09] <yetsturdy> The holocaust killed languages
445:[11:11:39] <yetsturdy> like, we consider it a lesser crime if someone hurts you than if they straight-up kill you
446:[11:11:59] <yetsturdy> to kill someone is an order of magnitude more criminal than just hurting them, like cutting them, even.
447:[11:12:31] <yetsturdy> so it's an order of magnitude above killing, at least, to kill a CULTURE or LANGUAGE.
448:[11:12:50] <yetsturdy> assault is to homocide as homocide is to genocide
449:[11:13:00] <yetsturdy> A genocide isn't just "killing a lot of people", it's "killing a culture"
452:[11:13:18] <yetsturdy> yeah
453:[11:13:21] <yetsturdy> and like
455:[11:13:31] <yetsturdy> the survivors of the holocausts and wars
456:[11:13:39] <yetsturdy> they look at American society, and they see all the warning signs
457:[11:13:43] <yetsturdy> and it scares them
459:[11:13:45] <yetsturdy> so they study the culture
461:[11:14:00] <yetsturdy> they make it academic, they build universities to study the culture and figure out why, how, it could happen
462:[11:14:03] <yetsturdy> and how to prevent it
463:[11:14:07] <yetsturdy> guys
465:[11:14:20] <yetsturdy> the SJWs are the only ones stopping us from doing another holocaust in America
467:[11:14:34] <yetsturdy> If it wasn't for them, our culture would be in full-blown racist mode like Nazis
468:[11:14:38] <yetsturdy> seriously
471:[11:14:44] <yetsturdy> Stop and think about it.


where is scotland…. on a map


are we red pilled, blue pilled, black pilled, gray pilled, or brown pilled?


its england
on the top part of it


we don't take pills here, only estrogen straight to the vein


at least im not responding to my own posts…
yes now thats childish


rather childish indeed


extremely childish




i cannot sanction this buffoonery


gonna go to an island and make my own culture
mig tow namsayin


but youll be the only one on the island


yellow yam scam


*sips soylent*


rule 1
i'm the king


rule 2


rule 2
im gay


whirly bird


rule 2
there are no rules


rule 3 no tin


watching it again


rule 5
crypto currency is worthless
we trade in sea shells


to be fair the """sjws""" that we dont like are the ones that basically promote white genocide and negative reinforcement of socioeconomic inequalities via seemingly progressive methods that are evidenced not to work like affirmative action

we appreciate reasonable people, just not antifa or pol fucks.


not reading a post that starts with "to be fair" lmfao




how are you gonna stop me from sliding .1 ltc to the island licensed bartender?


actually we use cocoa beans like the aztecs


good youre not allowed to read it


bring me the bar mans head
100 seashell bounty


gay? me


licensed barber here *gives you a haircut that you instantly regret but are too chickenshit to complain about to my face*


im not reading any of your posts

i only read tinnys and toss posters


ill do it for 1 litecoin




jokes on you pigskin fucker its me


grow up


to be fair, grow up


ah… a ferry boat of gooks ship wrecked… i'll be taking a few young brides


*shanghais your booty*




we arent being very funny lately….
toss boy do something funny


*consumates multiple marriages*


out of ad again, fuck you mom


*goes crazy from being away from the internet for more than like 8 minutes*


whens gookcoin coming out..




ziicoin is coming out soon


yeah to mine it you gotta stick stuff up your butt


have they done an intervention episode on internet addiction? i know in china there's a massively growing trend of rehab centers for that very purpose


ill be rich


everyone thinks im gay but im not


internet addiction isn't real like nigger just close the tab lmao


everyone thinks im straight but im bi


except us… we know your true colors…


thats just psuedo-pansexuality that stems from a narcissistic longing for any kind of romantic attention


i would know because i also have it :\


wanna shoot myself with one of the laser guns from star wars


hah yeah i know what you mean i have a couple kids of my own


/f/ sucks today


internet addiction is very real


should be home from work in an hour


call your boss a fatcat


the big cheese




hey publix boys, they have chips on sale called late july jalapeno lime chips…. dont get them, they taste like someone sucked the flavor off a cool ranch dorito and resold it


never seen a publix before


thanks for the tip ←–hasnt ever stepped foot inside a 'lix


neither has tinny lol


*wheels into a 'lix*






um, hi, yes, one bag of late july chips please. hmm? yes i know its only june im just a crazy guy



see you later homos!


im not a homo…


wait on second thought i am


*sips whiskey* changing it up on the ol liver tonight




wghat kind


the nearest publix is like 550 miles away :(


no 'lix in texas


all women are whores

except for mommy, grandma, and sister


im a gosh darn michigan boy!!!


crown black


smokin on a junt


*throws seeds at freakziis cage*


basil haydens is more my style tho


heh looks like she has a weiner..


shit on my dick


WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP *hits cage with leaf bat*


baseball club


File: 1498609981566.gif (3.6 MB, 420x380, miku209.gif) ImgOps Google

*gobbles them up*
arigato gozai mashta!!!


the good ol' leaf bat…


ban him toot




not me ofcourse


ban me you wont pussy bitch nigger


the toon, toot


*bans you*


tooty is a toony boy..


speaking of gays, hows janny doing these days?


i'd like to say thank you 2oot!!!!!!


why dont you ask him


thank my ass, daddy


gonna go buy beer and mcdonalds
a healthy boy…


necromancer came out on diablo 3


i came out to my parents


might stop off at the lix on the way home to get a sandwich for drunk me


i think hed appreciate it


oh wait you have to pay $15 for it :/ fucking blizzard jewish FUCKS


you try running a multi billion dollar company dude its not easy


ill take that challenge when do i start


me gook you gook



wow what a RUMP that girl has !


i better not start getting recommended gook videos now…



wonder if that guy has woken up his neighbor's dog lately..


andy dick was a thing


andy dick's dick


yea whatever happened to andy dick




shadowfang keep


sure ill run you through *doesnt*



he did yesterday i think


itll take you like 5 mins…


i think beer boy got bored with us


i dont really care about his food blog pics, but i sure am gonna miss rio…..


that ac bitch boy aka beer boy is extremely narcissistic


why does he keep waking them up if the doggo doesn't wake him up…


we use tomorrow but we say we use sickzii cause hes cute



*cracks open ab ook*


*reads 2 pages then gets distracted by the internet and doesn't pick it back up again for days*


the addiction….


hope my silver panda isnt affected by this gold plunge….


he waved around his dick too much


i think its impossible to browse 4norm as much as i do and not get the urge to blow a load at least once per day


we dont browse 4norm anymore were pure boys


i keep a /ck/ tab open thats it


+1 hate 4shit


although if i took antids maybe id get the ol limp dick syndrome and quit j/o'ing for good


JUST lol


whats the goal of this game..


what do you guys think: anti-ds or no?
tinny is against it so im leaning towards yes


tin might be right about this one….




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