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rio doing his thing


ah yes


this is it


*murders a drifter* nobody will miss him


should i link us in kpg real quick?
gather a few more boys for some caturday night fun lol?


no, well… no… i dont want another tooner that protects tin, im glad he posts when im not here tho


File: 1502592452071.jpg (3.39 MB, 5312x2988, 20170812_224350.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

retro boys…


not sure if anyone on 4norm would GET us


whoa nice setup


thats sweet


thankgs guys…
playing it on my model 1 genesis with an everdrive


i need a crt for my 'cast n saturn, looks like CRAP


can you live stream it from your phone on some random twitch account


hey is that spindle of cd's for burnin some dreamcast games?


its a bunch of dvds for ps2/xbox games
need some more cds for dreamcast/saturn/ps1


File: 1502592830406.png (203.12 KB, 280x335, sonic.png) ImgOps Google

gotta drink fast


bitcoin lol


whats in the cardboard box


i betcha thats his genesis storage….




ah yes another fine day sexism free day here at google enterprises *hires a PoC*


just some controllers and cords


go on….


*slams fist*



*promotes a woman into upper-management*


*fires a white man with a wife and 5 kids* oh my god this power….it feels so right namsayin?




ah yes, diane, please prepare the break room for us… yes… uh huh… new position brings on new responsibilities


i wont rest until the last white male is eliminated from our corporate headquarters *fixes a mac-10 on a drone*




*snorts an opiate* yeah i got fired from google by a black trans muslim woman so this is how i cope
so what


our new self driving cars and programmed to swerve into pedestrians with islamophobic internet histories


how are the truck drivers going to cope with the automated system… they have families… dad…


this cannot stand….*writes a memo*


memo? more like memeo


here we go


universal basic income
"haha its free money wooo!!!!"

yeah cool except the part that your entire life depends on the frickin gov't that already has too much of a grasp on its citizens *spits*




miata driver is gettin angry it seems


File: 1502594250132.jpg (49.61 KB, 736x490, ab0200527d5e82eb195cd166d7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yeah im a little worked up so what
*aggresively accelerates*


best case scenario we experience massive depopulation via some war or natural disaster just in time for large scale automation


well lets all hope they dont target florida or else 162 will b dead


*sells the contents of your private emails to advertisers* ugh did someone just write a sexist memo? this is an outrage




we're watching the kpop show


never clicked, not starting now


*digs up your mothers grave and records the sound of me pissing on them to make a burger king jingle* why yes i am avant garde


was an aeron down there


no but i took the dress she was buried in and im gonna wear it to the nickelodian teen choice awards


dont believe you for ONE SECOND. how the FUCK did you get a ticket to that


im going to be accepting an aware for my music work pewdiepie's channel


award* FUCK


im aware


haha that guy made a typo


yeah i'm…..aware of his typo lol


how do you accept an aware lol




as far as literary figures go im more of a Jesus Christ myself


my sister wants to sign her car over to me so she doesn't have to pay registration and insurance…

i've been cleaning it for the past 4 days for hours and it's still dirty….

edit: oops i got stranded hehe


File: 1502595369613.jpg (1.27 MB, 2496x1200, 1492754279832.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

how quaint


odds make pizza
evens make noodles
0 chug the rest of moms tequila


we huff now huh..


sitting in the parking lot huffing armorall…



armorall isn't a huffing one…


got pretty drunk might take the ol 'zda 3 out for a spin…


definitely not drinking tonight.. hangover anxiety is through the roof..


sippin a vod n ice right now


cracking cold ones alone in the 'zda3…


on my 8th beer… gonna stop at 9 again tonight… not feeling it…


might charge the vape


spongebob squarepants full episodes live 24/7


Tim Tebow hit in head by pitch, stays in game


File: 1502596890333.jpg (531.33 KB, 960x1280, 20170603_161737.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


never before have i been so fucking angry




last time i played the r.io i dropped a #8 on the boys


i was a bad person in another life… definitely


probably gonna boot up some r.io after this kpop show in a bit….do a little absorbin'….


whats that mean


been thinking about the globalists a lot…


your watchuing a kpop show lol


File: 1502597952656.png (228.99 KB, 500x710, whennoumentionsflat-earth-….png) ImgOps Google


yeh seriously we are done with kpop, but i allowe it because of te kpop cartoon wars… kpop won


yeah i did lol
just ended, gfriend won the show snsd kinda suck now they had two poopy songs


wow gfriend won… damn gonna tell my grand kids about that one


is that the radiohead guy on the right
thom york


no i thought theyre song sucked too
i thought the best song was from a group called clc, that was a nice song


i hate globalists but i also know the world is round


can always tell when my hangover is clearing up when i start farting.. its like my body is finally working again..


rape… murder…


flat earth, pizzagate…
all part of another globalist scheme… oh yes…
they're good… *thinks*


someone vocaroo this









*thinking*… yes… i shouldn't type that… everything is being monitored…


what a normal sounding guy….a little too normal if you ask me….




well if you ask me, no one asks me


*comes in early and puts an apple on the teachers desk*
easy a


its just tee worlds
lets play boys


ah yes, lunch time.
(bites into the apple)


File: 1502599574211.png (3.24 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_5613.PNG) ImgOps Google

hmm… ok…


so the new lil peep album got leaked…


File: 1502599717638.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1880.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

wine tonight


not too sure who lil peep is…


stole some of mommies wine too heh


well they call me lil pip' if you know what i mean ;)


i quit that game i was no good but i like your keyboard




i sucked at that game


p sure he linked us to gain mmr


it was NOT a legit website.. unlike the monop


kinda getting annoyed


*draws a line on your arm with a permanent marker*
lol enjoy getting that off fag


whoa dont do that


is that big hairy belly guy around


*raises paw*


*rubs eyes*


paw? ugh


im a hairy boy…


norms leave


i dont understand that when i have to take a shit i get really bad nausea..


bought a bottle of white lithium grease

can i make some cool looking fire with this


lithium huh…


for my car hinges…


a car… a house leaver… mhmm…
i see now…


actually it's my sisters car

i only leave to get booze and go fix stuff for my mom


mom what are you doing here…

im fine… ive been hurt worse in football…


File: 1502601618537.jpg (1.19 MB, 2465x3492, 1502398710180.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

every single day when i come through niggas dont know what to do


based flippin tinmeister


gunna call it an early night gooknight big day tomorrow…


fuck you
fuck your life


File: 1502602170549.jpg (80.27 KB, 724x1012, 1502205744132.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i might reset my ip just so i can post big booty bitches on mu


yeah im just a teenage dirtbag baby


File: 1502602460467.jpg (135.34 KB, 871x911, 1502357695040.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

when i had friends 10 years ago

rock band 1 came out and it went

Say it ain't soooooooooooo
Your drug is a heart-breaker
Say it ain't so
My love is a life-taker


absorbed my way to # 2…..made a bad split….followed by some teamers x_x









im gay


just saw some shirtless pics of me from 2012.. i was so skinny and in shape.. now ive just got all this weight because of beer…


that's why we've started to drink wine


it always comes back to gooks



yes yes i learned that


saw some teens wearing booty shorts again earlier today




i can definitely tell theres a 162 boy in kpg right now


its not me


try and find my post on kpg


File: 1502605119977.jpg (531.33 KB, 960x1280, 20170603_161737.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thinking about reseting my ip

i got banned for the dumbest shit ever


File: 1502605157916.jpg (73.58 KB, 832x512, vnv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

found it


some refugee elroy. i really do hate newbies i'm serious.



actually that *trot bops everyone* was me lol


this is what we do to gooks


we're watching ding dong play dead rising one of our favorite games


dont know who dont know what


fuck you comfy shitter


well i've been drinking wine for about 2 hours now. no headaches. seems like i've made the correct choice switching over.




i just wish i could get a skol/natty daddy equivalent for wine.. like a bottle for under $1.50 otherwise its too expensive..



so deep…
yep this'll never be topped…
*kms's ms*


File: 1502606582544.jpg (43.87 KB, 540x405, 1502069777713.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

stole this one from here i think
its good


no wonder he killed himself

their music became shit


an alt right guy plowed into a crowd of people and killed someone at charlottesville lol


lol team liquid won the international…


it was a false flag obviously

jokes on them though they false flagged an op








hmmmm….perhaps i'll gook


hmmmm….perhaps i'll dab


not sure if i want to drink tonight..


i did and i feel like garbage now

wish i could go back in time and stop myself


i feel real good
had a couple vods not too much not too little im….in the….zone….


how many vapes though..


why would you link us you freakin idiot!


File: 1502607992830.jpg (1.09 MB, 3800x5120, in the end it doesnt even ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


shut the fuck up tin2


im not tin2 you fuckin freak
euro shit retard bitch


*blows the vape flute into the thread*


really digging this "kang mina" girl that kpg is so fond of


hello reddit


ah yes, the ol " i cant think of anything better so i'll just call it reddit; case closed" euro brainlet posting technique




case closed


reddit show


e___e *hits vape*


File: 1502608586470.webm (2.89 MB, 1920x1080, bigboy.webm) ImgOps Google


le vape xD us vapers amirite? XP


a bit riled up it seems…


File: 1502608707895.gif (3.42 MB, 650x619, kang mina 1.gif) ImgOps Google

this girls pretty cool eh
stole it from kpg just now




her ears are real big too
its fun

one of the many fun things i found on kpg today



*blows a fat cloud up your ass hole*


thatll show em


pol killed a woman lol



File: 1502609229957.jpg (485.39 KB, 1600x1200, osZ5JEi.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

guess what time it is..


thot patrol taking another one down


File: 1502609278262.jpg (67.4 KB, 870x489, tumblr_ott19zjlEc1s2yc47o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

my brother is like a vodka conesuir he would never drink that shit

he says low quality vodkas make u sick


a little fun eh?
also i noticed that you're checkin out toots eth wallet….doin a bit of peekin eh….perhaps sendin a few coins…


well this is only $11.99 a bottle and i have two full ones left




wish pol would kill all women


i wasnt looking at anything.. i dont even know how to.. i bumped my mouse when i was setting up the picture


and people say pol are larpers


File: 1502611821809.jpg (32.8 KB, 414x373, 1500503145581.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1502612322577.jpg (80.27 KB, 724x1012, 1502205744132.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*bum rushes your face*


*chops off your rotting diabetes feet and makes soup out of them*


File: 1502614308437.jpg (56.44 KB, 640x960, tumblr_otszywfuR11s2yc47o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

u already got bum rushed barrage dds ko'd




File: 1502614982102.gif (1.12 MB, 268x150, tumblr_ouewfjUy6x1v5svogo5….gif) ImgOps Google

fartcraft dot com


ive literally never played starcraft and never will.. only type of games like that that i liked were red alert 2


shut the fuck up tinshit


File: 1502615443217.gif (1.44 MB, 540x397, tumblr_ouex6fKs9s1reg9slo2….gif) ImgOps Google

fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot comfartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot comv
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot comfartcraft dot comfartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot com
fartcraft dot comfartcraft dot comv

fartcraft dot comfartcraft dot com


praying for n korea to hurry up and nuke us


File: 1502615526410.jpg (272.23 KB, 800x1399, tumblr_otv54gV8ZV1s2yc47o5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

september 23 dude its coming

i believe this

youre in luck my man!


So How Do I Get Pizza?

Snap a photo of your StarCraft LAN party, and post it on Twitter with a hashtag, “StarCraftMePizza.” That is all on your end.

From here, we will find you, and contact you via direct message to get your information including address. Don’t ignore in-coming transmissions from us.


shut the fuck up retard bitch tinny


File: 1502615737371.jpg (41.61 KB, 1080x607, 1502528814737.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

tinny don't listen to them i like you


File: 1502615766459.jpg (103.6 KB, 640x959, tumblr_otvnyfgJGf1s2yc47o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fartcraft dot com

double u double u double u dot poopcraft dot com
double u double u double u dot poopcraft dot com

double u double u double u dot poopcraft dot com

double u double u double u dot poopcraft dot com

double u double u double u dot poopcraft dot com

double u double u double u dot poopcraft dot com

oyyyy m8yyy

almost time for bed 4 me


rape my butthole
get my poop all up in your dick


*throws a match in tins cage*




that's my gf you're talking about bitch



grandparents are going out to dinner tomorrow night.. maybe i should go.. seems like a nice place..


order the most expensive thing on the menu and only eat half of it


i always ordered the cheapest thing


woke up :(


better luck next time


File: 1502617448559.png (537.89 KB, 1186x1490, actually happening.png) ImgOps Google

all i see is signs, all i see is dollar signs


File: 1502618017571.jpg (1.23 MB, 2000x3005, 1502616862823.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

where the mentally ill bros at


File: 1502618244440.jpg (414.15 KB, 1001x1500, tumblr_om1ov6yNIv1qk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i post as tin2 like once every blue moon
you dumb fuck its not that i post when your not here its that i barely post at all


File: 1502618500436.jpg (35.44 KB, 480x720, tumblr_otv49xC0Sn1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

tin2! for the win


please god please
make litecoin get up to 1k dollarydoos
make me filthy rich


File: 1502618576362.jpg (137.77 KB, 600x800, tumblr_oak3flSUjv1qk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what you up to tintinman


File: 1502618748332.jpg (167.78 KB, 889x889, tumblr_osdvmcYh4x1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

some youtube

goin to sleep in like5 min tho


File: 1502618904443.jpg (105.87 KB, 900x640, tumblr_o937x62Itv1qk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sleep tight tinner


tin gave himself diabetus what an idiot rofl


File: 1502619046484.jpg (160.62 KB, 1150x1377, tumblr_okvh7kIZPc1qk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dont be a meanie it wasnt his fault


virgo (virgin)
what a loser


imagine being a fucking virgin rofl



imagine being a virgin
but at fucking 25 LMAO


imagine blowing yourself up to end up with 74 virgins


i want to lick her skinny thighs


fighting game tournaments are such a pleasure to watch compared to shitty sc2 shit garbage fuck
just nonstop gameplay


rofl losers


its 72 idiot


you also get tin and tin2



i read 74 on 4shit, don't blame me


gook. or gookmorning
i took a shower almost as soon as i woke up

slid out of bed first, immediately, and started petting my cat
all for a lark, as they say… heh heh heh… lets see… hmm…


don't want fags reading my posts… that guy who spits though… *swoons*


word… a $oros $shill plowing other shills… ehehehe….


kys i almost clicked that


mom wants me to go buy food with her i think she wants to have a talk…


son.. im pregnant


hope you wake up to a pack of niggers hauling you off to the looney bin
fucking freak


slit her bitch throat


haitian niggers



File: 1502623742546.png (757.19 KB, 963x973, 1500420124470.png) ImgOps Google

grow up


love nekos



hang yourself amerifat



i think it calmed down though


im European


im greek lol haha


lol ur country sucks at economy lol haha



bay denbtds :-ddDD


File: 1502625354876.jpg (88.96 KB, 612x612, 1500660763793.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



im gonna slap your stupid cat face


i'm not smart at all
i'm quite stupid, actually


File: 1502625464783.jpg (19.73 KB, 720x695, 1502204157728.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

come at me fool


*snaps your gay cat's gay neck*


File: 1502625584205.jpg (6.83 KB, 310x163, download (2).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im a crazy motherfucker


xdd so funneh le catfaceLOL


thats a dog retard


on /biz/ some dude was saying that bitcoin going up 1700$ in a month is stupid and we should prepare for an imminent crash and someone told him that the stupid thing is that bitcoin isnt 100 000$ already lol






looking at this byteball thing
looks very interesting



were all equal you stupid racist little bitch


fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer fat fuck pls die of cancer







time to feed the old fish…


you know what i fucking absolutely hate about these altcoin introduction videos? they explain what cryptos are and not really what their altcoin is. yes i know its a fucking decentralized digital currency but what the fuck does it do that bitcoin doesnt now tell me that


calm down coinboy


2oot ban these coin virgins


reminds me of that one guy we have thats on tv and in the newspaper talking about how hes dying
i think hes been doing it for about 5 years now


2oot slap my ass


*slaps it*


i said 2oot not you stinker


*slaps it again*


File: 1502626703142.jpg (1.02 MB, 1836x1836, 1501332895536.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i miss akariboy…


antonopoulos is more interested in blockchain than bitcoin itself :/
hes one of those fucking nerds


some1 suck my ass NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ahh~ stop im getting horny…


*kneads your buttcheeks*


i miss his big boy belly…


does anyone wanna have an irl fight?


scv fight club


i miss his scratchy yummy voice..


i miss his cute smile…


i miss bullying him into suicide


sports anime… with cute boys…


wrestling sickzii in those tight lewd bodysuits >_>


*acknowledges my white privilege*


sports anime with a heavy focus on sol



wish some of you would leave forever


all the gayfags first of alll


*wiggles butt*


then all the tooners


+1 word with no gay sports superpowers too


posters that will be punished on sept 23
- nonbelievers
- faggots
- tooners
- nigger music listeners
- j/o addicts


if nothing else i hope toot bans them forever



grow up


you dimwits bore me
think ill go jack off to steven universe porn


File: 1502627927851.jpg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5624.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

yes sir… they aren't doing great…


File: 1502628126536.png (594.3 KB, 1280x1280, 1502064853068.png) ImgOps Google



not arousing at all


the plan is to put the spray bar on the bottom tank… of the top right
because it really creates a high flow… you see…

then get more minnow choprai guys and move them to the bottom
so they have their river environment and will act normally in a bigger school…

move the gourami…. hmm where could he go… hes so mean….


File: 1502628288567.jpg (99.38 KB, 215x600, 1501908682107.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what about thsi


then theres the shrimps… hmm


nope my dick: i sleep


File: 1502628654945.png (541.82 KB, 989x1398, MUC8HHT.png) ImgOps Google

breakfast with loved ones is a great way to start the day!!

Good nyaaning terrans!!!


coinbase has FUCKIN 4% fees on debit card buys?????????????

hahahhahaha what the actual fuck?????


who the fuck are you


File: 1502628720856.jpg (75.78 KB, 482x475, 1501687203459.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1502628842007.jpg (98.14 KB, 707x999, tumblr_odgczszdOU1udjprto1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I am a catgirl(male) dedicated to defending terran hopes and dreams!!


File: 1502628864215.png (15.97 KB, 681x588, bitstamp.png) ImgOps Google

4% on debit card buys and 1.5% on standard buys
here's bitstamp's fees for comparison

are you fucking shitting me? why do people use coinbase what the fuck?




ah yes ill just make a 20,000,000$ crypto currency purchase



just checked kraken too and it has similar fees

seriously what the fuck is up with coinbase?


dont use my flag for your fucking awful posts dipshit


File: 1502629237733.png (5.26 KB, 515x180, coinbase.png) ImgOps Google

yup definitely done with this shit site lmfao



stop giving him attention idiot


File: 1502629253211.gif (1.4 MB, 500x375, tumblr_o6t50o26v11v5h6qto1….gif) ImgOps Google


i don't have to bore her, financially support her
he do all that lame stuff, i just keep it gangsta


my cat is seriously pissing me off


fucking epic


snap its neck
snap your cats neck


File: 1502630245771.jpg (23.47 KB, 236x333, 9979b5d6f3b117f3a47bd7721d….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i hope all of you terrans have a lovely day :3c♡
everyone else can fuck right off though.


*snaps that gay fucking cats neck*


we’re all zerglings here


*spreads creep*


File: 1502630498741.jpg (899.12 KB, 1000x1401, feaef59bc356f12164b97a6444….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*teleports behind you*
*hugs you*


*puts my arms around you, dagger in hand*
*stabs you in the back*


brb gonna take a big dump


File: 1502631451777.png (1.69 MB, 1510x1200, 94a5850ef5ad05fd2f646c2ec7….png) ImgOps Google

*uses super catgirl(male) healing*
*hugs you tighter*
no mr.terran i love you!


File: 1502631604100.jpg (92.09 KB, 719x940, 1501999137877.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


just remembered that one guy who got banned from gelbooru lol
that was a good post


her friend has bigger boobies


Hi. My name is Narcissa (not Cosmo), ty.


you think so? the last straw was when i kept repeating the same post while a mod kept deleting it


ah… i'm hungry and i want spaghetti…


just popped a pizza in the oven…


i want chinese
but i also want mexican
what should i get to eat today?


anyway im not gay thats just a rumor someone made up about me :\


probably chinese since you typed it first so you're thinking about chinese before mexican


stinker food


personally im watching shoutcraft


its in the background


hmmm 2 for chinese it is decided


about to pull this blanket over me and close my eyes until i can order this ghetti ~_~


why donbt u make food yourself fatty


i'm sick


from being fat


i'd rather kill myself than play shitcraft 2 and drag every game to late game
like every whitey

rather die…


i've gain like 4kg in those 2 weeks of vacation…



why the fuck would i do that


omo sickzii big boy…


why would it want that spoon? what the fuck is it going to do with it?


File: 1502634910437.webm (3.39 MB, 647x364, 1502128007817.webm) ImgOps Google



File: 1502635964858.png (63.87 KB, 500x143, hbt in the loony bin.png) ImgOps Google





cuba really has things figured out
maybe communism is better than capitalism


they arent really communist though


tribalism is the best


okay, stupid nigger, whatever "bro"


hmm lets see…to-do list for today
-rail flakka
-pick kids up from the 'ol ex-wife


grow up


hmm lets see…to-do list for today
-fuck my dog


-restock on monster energy drinks
-take my fursuit to the cleaners


im going back to wizardchan
too many jo posters, tooners, literal niggers, phoners, sexnorms, and freaks here




tooners are the best
t. tooner


we certainly dont do that t. 4shit thing


>t. grandpa


whatever i'm going to kpg


grow up


File: 1502636646881.jpg (180.12 KB, 1920x1080, ak.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

tooner heaven


for me its /qa/


*grows up*


dont come back


ordered the ghetti…. had my eyes closed for the past 40 mins ~_~




why isn't total biscuits dead


why do non-white people have to try and ruin everything


have a dad date tonight where should we go


miss my dad… rest in peace v_v


apple bee's


black people don't respect me because i'm white


im gay


humans are tribal animals you retarded honkey


dont think i have a bees near me




flippin based


hey blacks, it goes both ways
dumb nigger…


grow up


File: 1502637378083.jpg (156.1 KB, 900x1200, DHHQbv1U0AA8JXh[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



*pushes her inside*
*rapes her*


*revokes women's suffrage*




virped freak!


2oot is a fucked cunt


sometimes i get hair in my mouth and i spit on the floor


fuck off tinny


after you blow daddy right


not tiny


*boots up 'rio*


i can see your ip BITCH


omo 2ooty…




yeah no the game is still fucking trash
just got absorbed by some ball that i literally could not avoid


then you'd know im not tiny


what game


ugh makes me sick knowing there are guys out there who wouldnt date a transwoman -__-


sometimes ya absorb, sometimes ya get absorbed
just how the ol' 'r.io goes


fuck it though its fucking stupid


i wouldnt date one but i certainly would pound off inside one


somi is a cute gooker


got banned from kpg


what did you do you freak


some sc2 postin


*spills my seed*


File: 1502638656584.jpeg (436.79 KB, 1578x1196, Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at….jpeg) ImgOps Google

it was kpop related i dont get it




not kpg -_-


frickin kpg jannys….i thought they were better now but in the end they got me good….






File: 1502638916548.jpg (54.71 KB, 449x911, 1500181253715.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




the world is a vampire


File: 1502639039878.jpg (6.99 KB, 206x218, WofferZ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*struts to trench coat store*


kpop is globalist mind control


spaghetti is here


snap us


snap my neck please


*kisses your neck softly*


gook morning


lots of normie posting rn


really hope those new guys from kpg dont post awesome ktits…….


*complains* heh >:D


i hope one of them posts kang mina shes cool


me, myself and tinfoil


tinny is one of my favorite posters


tinny is one of my favorite posters to bully and torment >:)


*contaminates the seeds*


File: 1502639781637.webm (2.91 MB, 1280x720, matsumura.webm) ImgOps Google


hello benis


the plastic robot is malfunctioning


Study Finds that Gooks Do NOT Have Souls


clearly japanese you moron -_-


yeah ???????


"contaminating" just like you do your sisters candy




i wish i was like… one of those really smart charismatic guys…


bezos personal rape dungeon


just a little rough housin' with the boys…


i wish i had a notfat gf


what hath kpop wrought


im so fucking hungry wheres the fucking food >.<


File: 1502640636307.jpg (128.45 KB, 600x900, IMG_5626.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


cursed image


is that a young terry?


the kpgs are among us….


m,om asked me to unload the dishes -_-


File: 1502640751324.jpg (111.34 KB, 650x975, 1zr051w.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


every time family comes over they try and pawn their kids off on me to watch and bitch at me to let them play one of "those computer games on my bookshelf"

they dont realize that theyre all eroge games though so i say no and they think im being a greedy jew -.-


the file name was 'terry'


i have a leftover double cheeseburger in the fridge do i heat it in the oven or something






naw man just put it in your mouth


heat it in a pan so it doesnt get soggy


heat it in my ass bitch


heat THIS in your ass


yeh real funny guys keep up the good posts *yawns*
*goes back to wizchan before my iq lowers*


*heats IT in my ass*


wizchan is full of fat idiots with depression


go back to retard chan and stop posting about it here


1. depression is natural and impossible to not have unless you have a low iq
2. nothing wrong with being fat its natural


no such thing as a high iq fatty


shut up ano retard


low iq detected


*is deppressed*
wow im so high iq




nuh uh, my problem solving skills are better than yours, fatty!


neh youre just an idiot


how do we solve the tinny problem?


how about you move your existence to another temporal modal plane of spiritual being and then the paths wont intertwine existentially


are these boys gonna fuck


you probably inhaled a brain eating amoeba


still didn't solve it :/


why did he delete it o_O






2oot should've banned you


what are you up to cutie :3


nothing much, killing my time


im bored too… we should do something together…


fun fact: when zii goes camping he takes some hot dogs for eating and extra hot dogs for fun


File: 1502642070209.jpg (1.09 MB, 2789x2789, mh9u86s4xjez.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what can you POSSIBLY do with a hot dog for fun?


like what


eat it dumb cat


think i should take a nap
what does 16two think?


finally some1 who prouncounces it like i do. i know some IDIOTS say one sixty two




don't like you


more like one sixty nigger toot bitch


grow up




grow up




grow up redditor


closing the thread ~_~


*buckle up*




close my butt tooty


grow up redditor


make a discord so we can talk on mic


no im shy..


i think that if you weigh UNDER 100kg/220lbs you need to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and NEVER come back




im staying bitch


File: 1502642657999.png (361.92 KB, 748x559, 1500595407764.png) ImgOps Google

i weight 12k is that ok


eat a dick im a fit boy





if you weigh under 100kg you’re a manlet




one sixty two :3


grow up redditor


epic reddit spacing nigger






>what is formatting
grow up redditor


it’s reddit formatting btw nobody posts like that on 2channel




someone get this fucking nigger reddit shit retard out of here


>this is blue

also ive been formatting like this for YEARS. suck it idiot

grow up redditor


lol this reddit spacing nigger replied to himself




grow up redditor




grow up redditor




File: 1502643232022.png (1.24 MB, 1046x2183, 2A.png) ImgOps Google

162 = A2 owo


grow up redditor






grow up redditor


sickzii fangay and niggerlover ruin another thread




its not gay


grow up redditor




grow up redditor


whats black and yellow and makes me happy






cuckold porn?


a bus full of niggers going off a cliff


grow up redditor


grow up redditor


2oot do something you incompetent drunk fuck


2oot is a malevolent god


give him money you cheap fuck


2oot frick my naughty boypuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1502643840065.jpg (67.7 KB, 750x761, 1502478764175.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

suck my balls 2oot!!!!!!!


hes mine!


2oot ban all the commie atheists from leftypol
thanks nigger


accelerate me outta here!!!


grow up redditor


hello leftypol


you cant claim 2oot he owns all of us -_-


i just did


hate being told to do things so bad
i just wanna die, fucking fuck off bitch…


File: 1502644020951.gif (1.92 MB, 226x400, 1500585143539.gif) ImgOps Google

*grabs on to toot* MINE


cmon 2oot do something you little manlet BITCH




oh toooooooty boooooy *wiggles butt erotically*


*buys a fuckton of junkfood*





it’s your genetics, sweetie…


*sits for 16 straight hours every single day* oh my god im so miserable and i cannot figure out why


toot ass bitch
fucking shit bitch toot


go jogging!


nu-eth just keeps on zoomin…


kill urself coincuck


just got called a 4shit word…..x_x


ah yes


im listening to this guy right now…the 'gods hand' album
its good, all his stuff is good…


bet they listen while they study for their college classes these fucking neurotypical… :mad:


get worked up bitch
get riled


a bunch of 2ootass 2oots


im worked up… worked up for tooty…


i hope i get a heart attack and die right now
right after i press submit







this is one of my favorites


xd you've got yellow fever haha
uhh well yeah they're better than all the other girls why would i not you stupid piece of shit


you think i care..


>NEO, formerly Antshares, is China's first ever open source blockchain. Founded in 2014, NEO’s mission has been to reinvent the way commerce is done. We believe technology drives progress and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the Smart Economy.
ah yes i see
hmm i understand now
how did we ever do business without this


i see a post with that gay formatting and my brain just throws it in the garbage



blue? garbage
slant word? garbage


getting riled up? i spit
accelerating real shit


i'm leaving i'm fucking pissed off now


i really like this spit thing we're doing now by the way
gonna spread it to kpg as soon as i get unbanned


fuck you and your gay general gay meme
outsider butch


supa hot faiah


gettin some you's on a traditionally anti-you web site, gettin the boys worked up, checkin the ol' coins….
ah yes, it's a pretty nice day so far…


fucking loser :)


bitcoins are a store of value for child porn and drugs


cunnilingus? i sleep


_ _ _ _
_ __ (_)_ __ ___| | (_)
| '_ \| | '_ \ / _ \ | | |
| |_) | | |_) | __/ | | |
| .__/|_| .__/ \___|_|_|_|
|_| |_|


im not gay! im just… not very straight


epic fail


>OpenAI has been hard at work on a bot capable of beating top professional players at Dota 1v1, and on Friday, it succeeded.
based elon




huffington post?


mom came into my room
good thing i had stashed my piss jar away


gonna start huffington puffing some crack


You guys actually piss in jars and bottles? Lmfao what the fuck




yea u got a fucking problem? say it to my face BITCH


ok im back and bored


next book i want to read
'heroes: mass murder and suicide'


*pees in a jar*


*chugs your pee jars*


"how to make friends"


nigger nigger


grow up


cant think of a single woman i admire creatively or intellectually




grow up redditor


grow up









who are some of the women you admire in that way


FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


tessa piccillo


back in roman times it was enough to have a pot to piss in




might as well start making all of my posts in this




good so i dont even have to read them


youre a faggot homo bicth


did not read that btw


come on join me in redposting


people i admire:
fredrick douglass
marcus garvey
harriet tubman
stokely carmichael
w.e.b. dubois
oj simpson


its so angry


people we admire
hillary clinton
bill clinton


michelle obama


i admire my daddy his weewee makes me happy


how to red post?


theres nothing to it






>sup boys team blue here


fuck you!!!!


flippin back hurts


File: 1502649230604.png (8.55 KB, 358x366, homoboy.png) ImgOps Google




really tired of these spammers




that doesnt tell her how to redpost BITCH




<does this work?




it's that "header" -_________-


im gay


two equals, has to be on its own line so ==this== doesnt work but




im gay


alright nigglets get it out of your system
redpost to your hearts content


grow up












this was a nice change of pace











you are an ==idiot==
i cant believe you would be such an
to do something like that you ==idiot==


alright ill be back in an hour after youre all done with this


grow up




beat sonic last night but missed one chaos emerald


how are you not getting this?
[==]like this but remove brackets[==]


like this but remove brackets




just had a nice poop
it slid out easily
felt soft but solid amd left no stain


are you feeling exhausted



white guilt


the best kind of poops


girls dont poop


just me then… love a good nap after a poop..


just listened to our national anthem and got goosebumps all over my body


omo…even your butt…






which nation is that




england is my city




grow up




ban em


grow up


File: 1502651398016.jpg (9.07 KB, 255x244, 1500557780691 (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*waits for snowflake's stream*




i dont think he will stream today he has worksies tomorrow >_<"


mom just called this cat cute


you guys gotta watch what you post cuz my mom might see it


File: 1502651606746.png (176.62 KB, 349x404, 1501122278838.png) ImgOps Google

well, time to shut off till next weekend then

*takes 20mg xanax*


thank god for head kids are going back to school soon


*does drugs*


*crawls back into cryostatis cell*


its starting


whats starting? your period? lmfao 0wn3ed


dont bully her you stupid fricking teenbro!!


getting really sick and tired of this piece of shit browser ice dragon crashing constantly

going to give vivaldi a shot
or maybe i should just use chrome like everyone else


use k-meleon


looks like i was right about you being on the rag rofl


File: 1502652523993.jpg (281.56 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_otv4ki4hE11s2yc47o5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*wakes up *

ahh yes where were we


cheer me up guys
feeling down…




you are a very special person!


i'm gay and retarded…


lol how do you know your gay then



you should try out the "de-googled" chrome…see if its actually de-googled…


cheeeeer UP


im just a lil gay …not too much…


the right amount


some yaoi here some femboys there


File: 1502654121628.webm (814.04 KB, 1280x720, G1.webm) ImgOps Google


caturday lol


actually its catday


*nestles myself on your lap*


*calls the pound*


lol caturday *meows*


File: 1502654459420.jpg (7.26 KB, 143x137, 1500439744107.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

excuse me, posting cats is kinda my thing..


every day is a struggle to find something new that will distract me enough to not want to die


*distracts you with my butte*




not a big fan of duckduckgo to be honest


its not too great but at least they dont sell your j/o preferences to advertisers
or so they say….


File: 1502654884740.webm (1.56 MB, 1280x720, 2.webm) ImgOps Google

work out




overwatch is so boring without putting anything at stake. sc2 is fun even when you are doing unranked


sc2 is not fun


ballerina look like gookman


blizzard games stopped being fun 10 years ago or more


wol is still fun


sc2 is not fun


if you're famous you can rape people and get away with it
-don trump, student body president of america high



a little *too* normal if you namsayin….


dang it i bolded wrong lol


a little too normal if you namsayin


are you calling me a voicenorm?


yeah thats it… a frickin voicenorm


ay bro mind if i bum a cig


put it out on my face


smoke free zone pal
*fires up vape*



pussy ass BITCH


>playing my Switch at college
>professor tries to take it away
>I scream and bite his arm
Haha, what are some embarrassing gaming in public stories you have?


everytime someone calls me a norm i get so upset i have to send my gf a snapchat to calm down







do norms still do the snapchat?
i heard it was dying fast…


i thought snapchat was for porn



oh look a vod of scarlett vs a korean player
i wonder who wins lol




scar scar…


i am what they call a "gay retard"



clock odds i make couscous
evens i make cawfee


gween tee


just had a big fight with my fish ~_~
he kept biting me and i kept having to flick him


playin some 'r.io


put your dick in his tank to establish dominance


this guy is not fit to own fishes


worm fishing…




*is some weird parasite*
*creeps into your peehole*


urethral simulation is the most patrician form of carnal pleasure


hopefully that fish dies when i move it to a smaller tank
he's so frigging mean


if it dies i will kill you


even better


ugh so BORED


if there was a serial killer that only killed hobos and beggars he would be a net positive force in the world but if we caught him we'd still lock him up for the rest of his life isnt that weird?


shut up dumb shithead


im meditating


if there was a superhero that could turn any object he stole into two of the object he stole if we caught him we'd still put him in jail isnt that weird?


freakshow bitches


all i know is the comic would be called blackman


if you went back in time and killed baby hitler and the germans caught you they would still hang you for murder isnt that weird?


first of all, baby hitler would be in the austria-hungary empire, not germany


and secondlyQ




what the fuck


why does everyone want to kill baby hitler anyways. if you could go back in time it'd be a lot less horrific to just be a nice guy and patronize homeless artist hitler and turn him into a successful painter

people are so bloodthirsty


*rapes young adult vagabond hitler*


pretty sure theyd just end up sympathizing with him anyway
if people knew what would come he would probably have won anyway
so if enough people go back in time…hmm…


*goes back in time*
*gives bb hitler hrt*




im not laughing tbh



*goes back in time*
*tells hitler hes a bigot*


the idea of lil baby hitler on hormone blockers is amusing


not really


File: 1502660912528.jpg (195.43 KB, 416x598, Gaetano_Bresci.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

people i admire:
gaetano bresci (assassin of italian king umberto i)


File: 1502660919622.png (167.91 KB, 1270x861, autismism.png) ImgOps Google

which one of you fucking cretins did this?


4shit? couldnt be us


lmao get fucked toonshitter


i bet it was HITLER, the painting trans-baby sodomite


hmmm.. dont think i should have gotten drunk last night..


File: 1502661370048.jpg (90.17 KB, 1200x675, DHJBzJYVwAA24Rk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

how do i achieve this physique


so your telling me it just got up and walked away?




wtf is wrong with his hair lmao


dads making pasta for dinner…


be a manlet
thats one week worth of training
now get some 150 kg yolobro off the couch and he would beat the crap out of that portugaysian lmao


i'm the same height as ronaldo 6'1
and it seems we have the same bone structure yeh that seems pretty close
so if i just do what he does…


thought he was smaller
i guess youre fucked then


thats the physique i have but im naturally gifted so not sure what to say sorry


yeh ive been approached on the street and asked to model before, turned it down because i didnt have enough time in between my gf and my ph.d thesis


File: 1502662630744.jpg (85.14 KB, 720x1280, IMG_5618.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


lol her boobs turned into a stomach


theres no food in her tits you idiot!


i was asked to model when i was like 3
i couldnt though since they were looking for someone 6-7 and i was just a big boy for my age


lucky you
probably narrowly escaped getting fucked in ur ass by globalists


seriously why did i drink last night..


*turns down modeling offer*
*turns around 360 degrees and walks away*
oh wait haha


ill tell you if you tell me why im drinking rn


hi yes is this the hookup board


lets get tinny drunk then KILL HIM





*gathers a bunch of dry wood*
we should burn him…


File: 1502663011777.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, 2ozji7th5jfz.png) ImgOps Google


ross and chandler were really smart though


lets do that thing where they put honey in your butthole and let bugs go in there!!


its all shit



r u sure that's a thing


ugly face ruins it


knew i'd regret clicking that link but curiosity got the better of me


wow that was disgusting
thanks i've decided not to jerk off now





i regret most clicks it seems


whats in the vid


me in the middle somewhere


ugh, i feel so gross after eating that whole pizsa by myself
*does a few pushups*
*converts the 'za into pure muscle*
ahh, much better


hmm.. might rent a uhaul..


its that ugly faced girl from reddit or tumblr that one guy forces


File: 1502663285248.jpg (225.26 KB, 1400x569, 1502636647355.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ive rented many uhauls and i will be again next month
a quality american company…


this meme needs to go


the chad virgin thing is norm'd get outta there


File: 1502663613039.jpg (131.88 KB, 1080x810, 20766462_469410276771759_8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


when i monopolize i kick your gook off the boardwalk


were up all night to get gooky..





i am the global power elite




*attends bilderberg*


based globalists making civil war in america and making everyone kill eachother


ive noticed that the intensity of my hangovers seems to lessen when my sleep schedule is more "normal" as in when im waking up during the day and falling asleep at night..


someone do a vocaroo…


vocaroo this

ehehehehehehe :p
you gotta make the :p sound


jerking off to cartoons is fucking retarded


i would vocaroo if i wasn’t a famous voice actor. someone might recognize me




remember when i made that post about taking a shower or taking a shit first from yesterday? well im having that issue again today


shower before shit




shit in the shower and push it down the drain


pubg more like suckg


Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control


the virgin bowel movement

the chad shitshower


epic normshit memes


normshit? i sleep
wizscat? real shit


hope the new thread is kpop related lol


hope its lain related


File: 1502665255296.jpg (157.76 KB, 939x939, lil peep come over when yo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1502665325931.jpg (68.25 KB, 720x900, 1502648613726.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1502665371859.jpg (75.31 KB, 500x383, salem.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


gotta be one of those freaks from portland


this is actually a woman and it makes more sense when you realize the "beard" is makeup


i had the biggest crush on sabrina the teen witch
the first girl i ever liked….clarissa explains it all….


anyone want to help me start drama/fights between small twitch channels

just need to help me say the other person is talking shit about them





one time when we used to have pigs we sold one to a family friend so they came over and shot it in the head but it didnt die so they slit its throat so it would die by bleeding out

it just kicked around in the back of their truck for like an hour


this is what sickzii fangay and niggerlover look like



im gay



really dep right now friends


found out today one of my female cousins is into kpop
and not the good kind, the gay kind…………..






*punches you in your face*
fuck off retard


thanks man


boy do i hate tin



word i love tin too


just at the last two slices of bread… hope my dad didnt plan on making a sandwich tonight..


i got that day after drinkin anxiety


File: 1502666845735.jpg (364.66 KB, 2250x1334, p0yk4uudx53y.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


thats the worst part of my hangovers… used to just have a tummy and headache but now im so tense all day


fake and gay


File: 1502667144655.jpg (84.56 KB, 1200x800, tumblr_otwrqpKVw91s2yc47o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*holds a lighter under tins feet*



i can no longer profess the sanctity of all human life knowing that shitfoil exists


i think this guy conflates marxism with materialism and wrongly characterizes as simply an opposition to communism




characterizes fascism*


ugh had way to much chips and queso


time for some taquitos


*puts on sombrero*


additionally he misses the point entirely with modern progressive politics being class based, when its identity based
his explanation utterly fails to account for the dominate modes of thought on the left today, which care far more about individual concerns (identity politics) than class concerns


post was ab it too long for my liking


going to take a shower soon


well that is just completely wrong
ugh didnt know i was posting with retards here :/


better brew some 'ffee to get that shit out before the sohwer


yeah you definitely knew that we're retarded here


the guy posting the tweets of some random guy who calls himself a 'right wing urban theologian' is calling people retarded


File: 1502668975564.png (467.56 KB, 905x960, 1502586551206.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1502669020548.jpg (128.45 KB, 600x900, IMG_5626.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


for me its neogaf
the premier internet experience


gunna need a 60m break from posting in an hour


remain in your station


yeah im gonna have to vote 'nay' on that one too


dont bother coming back if you take that break


dont bother playing with my asshole


we got lil pablo waiting in the wings to take your place


done with my shower.. got my ice packs ready..


mom asked me to cook a chicken
we're gonna have leftovers instead lol




lil pablos chance at redemption…


hopefully i don't have a seizure
that would be embarrassing


how bout a stroke oh hey guys been meaning to ask you if there is a difference between a wolf and a coyote


big difference


yeh go on tell me


ah fuck where was i


File: 1502669885906.mp3 (241.88 KB, caesar_.mp3)

first time i've talked since the last one
is my excuse


can you say please follow me on twitter @sgtfid


File: 1502670029015.jpg (26.45 KB, 600x800, 1493409694432.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i wonder if tins brain still does the zapping shit


maybe tomorrow


fuck you too then jesus chhrist what an asshole


eating ice cream rn


what flavor


its good




i think you might be eating paint


File: 1502670532973.jpg (286.22 KB, 1080x1077, DF00IHDXUAAuVfw.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

look what mom just got for dinner


new thread time
make it lain related


Going to rub it all over my body.




File: 1502670617270.jpg (578 KB, 1065x960, IMG_5629.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


lets get a kpop thread
kang mina


love how me and this pizza poster have our own little joke :3


you better degrease that shit


dang i got this new kombucha flavor from the ol grocer today

its really good


Left-wing progressives: "We want true equality for all people"
White nationalists: "We want to literally murder black people and Jews"
An extremely intelligent, rational person: "Hmm to be honest, both sides seem the same to me."

ah yes



idea: take pictures of bad pizzas that people tweet to pizza hut and tweet them to dominoes.. could get free pizza…

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