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big belly boys
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about 11.75k too many hours :/


too much beatmania iidx….





are you liking my live video?


ice got swatted again FeelsBadMan


we're lumpenproletariat here


accelerationism here


*plugs in alexa*
got some defining to do



some of this stuff is so funny


ehhh i dont know… maybe i am gay. i just really dont know


hmm yes i never even thought about it that way
bitcoin is literally the best investment at the moment





gonna download this


dad is watching the hangover again


he probably wishes he never got married so he could have wacky adventures like the boys in the hangover


just had a nice heart to heart with a drunk pops. and no it was not mouth to dick


well id blow your dad


just dont ever bring up your dad… or that guy will just insinuate things about you and him…
i think i used insinuate correctly… probably not…



*trots off to /biz/


i have officially left my prime


+1 fuck jeff fuck alexa


*trots* i like that im going to use it


imagine if jeff bezos was your neighbor
horny house husbands….


real glad that guy pointed this stuff out yesterday this song is cool


well since none of u will play poe with me i am watching kaitlyn on my second monitor… she is new to the game… we will play together….


File: 1502591665047.webm (479.49 KB, 1280x720, trotbop.webm) ImgOps Google


did you get her steam id….


dont much like poe sorry


i name this "gook with mallet"


i name it me on the left


hmm think im gonna boot up the ol genesis and play sonic


and i will sub to her as well



which one 2 3 sk 2 sk 3 or whatever


im so glad i like gooks again


lil pablo is blowin up my phone


wish footdick posted more


is lil pable the mexican you hired or how did this joke go again


ugh *rolls eyes*
yeah lets hear the joke


some guy here with a job had to fire someone so he had the shortest employee come to his office… lil pablo


File: 1502591884047.jpg (471.78 KB, 1600x1200, uUsK4Ym.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

heres my point of view when im laying in bed watching stuff



we got da same case!


starting with one then going thru em all


looks like your huge pip is giving the ol chair some wear n tear





thhis one


my sister wants to sign her car over to me so she doesn't have to pay registration and insurance…

i've been cleaning it for the past 4 days for hours and it's still dirty….

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