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<link to your patreon>


whats a JAV spa


thanks for linking to my patreon
now i can finally get over the $57k hump




a spa room from a jav?


File: 1502152815907.jpg (405.63 KB, 1600x1200, SLHRn3g.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ok how so can i make my monitor stand up evenly





clean that s*** up


File: 1502152917307.png (36.37 KB, 867x184, Screenshot_2017-08-08_02-4….png) ImgOps Google

its these posts i visit reddit for


wow that change jar… theres gotta be 30… no, 40 dollars in there! at least!!!!


just throw it all away and get a new room


id post more great reddit comments but im afraid only reeki here is smart enough to get them


File: 1502153182024.gif (1.78 MB, 484x512, 1436583583358.gif) ImgOps Google


*walks out to street corner*
*pulls up pant leg*




From 1998-2003, I fantacized about leading a Catholic army like Dune, of Mexicans or Brazilians? That was dumb because they're niggers.


File: 1502153392801.jpg (23.56 KB, 540x409, 16265673_1421971094479711_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i've got no meds


better go get a refill before you start hearing things and having unsavory thoughts!


thats the problem…


King James Bible Notes on Talking With God

I live in a CIA prison. A nigger runs my prison. In prison, the nigger tries
to torment me. We can take away his knives by confessing, every day. In about
2000, I masturbated fantacizing about my niece, Lani. She looks like Star Trek
Seven of Nine! In 1985, at my sister's wedding, I stuck my crotch on the hot
tub drain because it kinda sucked. In 1985, I tried to get a dog to lick my
dick. From 1998-2003, I fantacized about leading a Catholic army like Dune, of
Mexicans or Brazilians? That was dumb because they're niggers. In 2003, I
played tag with a black girl about 7-years-old. She reached for my crotch. In
high school, in the library, Carlos and I said 'juicy' or 'toxic' as a way of
evaluating girls. In 1988, I cheated on my SAT by talking in the hall during
the break – two problems. On 9/9/1999, I killed a CIA nigger on purpose with
my car. :-) In 1982, when I was 12, I babysat Kevin's kids. I changed a diaper
because I thought that was being professional. In 1975, when I was about age
five, my brother, Keith, put my penis in a vacuum. In 1977, when I was about
age seven, my brother, Danny, got me high on gas fumes and we sucked each
other's dicks. Dr. Tsakalis had an oddly round ass. Paul Keck at Xytec had an
oddly round ass. Distracting? At about age five, Jay Weinrick and I touched
dicks to each other's assholes.

—-05/15/17 07:23:02—-



going to go make some cheerios..


wow same
honey nut


imagine slow dancing with a girl…


seems unhygienic and trashy


toot i swear please ban this guy forever >>49057


hello freak bitches


*bans you both*
that'll be 1 monero each to post again


*grabs balls*
okay do you want the left or right one


ah yes monero…my favorite coin…


girls dont have balls idiot




on strike from what it's not like they have jobs lol


sickzii rides his bike without a seek
he likes taking it down bumpy roads




post your onahole


my bike doesnt have a seek either


sickzii must think your such a fuckin freakshow


seek = training wheels?




ulver - the assassination of julius caesar


i miss simsceevees..


for a 14 dollar throw this plays pretty well


i was the sexy one


welcome to the
*eyes roll in back head*
seek show
*cackles maniacly*


ugh just let me think for a frickin second


*finesses the plug*




hey jamie pull that video up


PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey jamie plug in my alexa



ahh yes finally a show for intellectuals like myself


americans cartoons are so much better than jap shit

they have nothing to even begins to compare to futurama, south park, family guy, american dad, rick and morty, and so many more


why didnt you fuckin losers tell me bitshit hit all time high again 2 hours ago


i dumped btc at 900


eth still isnt to 304 where i bought :/


bought eth at 20



remember when futurama came back on comedy central and was 100% unwatchable?
remember when south park went 10 seasons too far
remember when family guy was never funny
i dont even know what that one is
remember when reddit made their own tv show

i do


eth is on some big gains lately, its fine




alexa are you a futa


File: 1502154796401.jpg (118.45 KB, 1280x720, AJ1Lchf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

imagine waking up next to a nice warm wgirl butt..



looks like my but tbqphwy


i sleep in my clothes


its always the same poster with these "omo" reddit pics of that one ugly half asian girl and "we like wgirls like this"
ur posts fuckin suck man


File: 1502154899829.jpg (80.61 KB, 783x441, ss (2017-08-08 at 04.13.01….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wish i was a 6'5 300lbs bear like day9..


so that's why he learned dota…


File: 1502154971576.jpg (566.45 KB, 1536x2048, 1500900266377.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this is the ideal male body


i like their suits.


i dont like those boobies




monero's zoomin too
above 50 again, shooting for all time high soon





monero zoomin on the rise nigguh
(metro boomin on the track nigguh)




lol day9 just dominating the conversation, being the main entertainer and alpha. he talks like 90% of the time. what a god.




lovely pasta seems good




it's like they can't even get a word in lol


he doesnt have any facial hair he aint a bear



File: 1502155469557.png (306.07 KB, 600x444, PtaUB.png) ImgOps Google

he is a shaved bear. have you seen his shoulders? omo..


kinda reminds me of someone


dont say tinny…






File: 1502155594067.gif (1.2 KB, 68x58, rat-26.gif) ImgOps Google







*zaps you*


i dont get these jifs


zap my asshole…


post some tin pics / gifs
lets get this party started







tin is an anti-reddit stance
his presence drowns out the reddit



just realized i dont care


well i do


just saw something lewd…


what did you do about it…


File: 1502156421394.jpg (60.91 KB, 505x616, 1501332842275.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i too have small breasts


we love ballet here


goo hara…


i closed it…


i wanna goo on her…


what else…


on who


i want my revenge


i posted on 162 about it…


call me alley cat


gonna be real hungover tomorrow…


got quite a few jack paul videos to catch up on


listen coinerman
just tell us when its gonna start dipping again so we can sell in time


gook gang

whole lotta gook shit!


why havent you programed an ai to buy and seell for you oh wait i have


i miss that witch tooner so im watching konosuba..


scv joined team 10?



yo can i borrow someones ipad for one sec


ask the ipadder


*slides samsung tab*
just remember to wipe your finger grease off


he specifically asked for an IPAD


yeahhhh dont really like the ui of this samsung tablet… anyone got an ipad?


wasnt that guys sis supposed to post today


yea i do seem to recall a post of that nature…


i want to watch super milk-chan but i cant find it anywhere :/




kinda constipated lol


hmm… yeah… guess ill watch some family guy then


*smashes the pad*


ugh how cliche


ill be the bonnie youll be my clyde


*dyes hair black*
*straightens it*

look at me.. im the gook now..



grow up




there's a good chopped and screwed version of this, but i dont think its on goytube


i don't care :)


hmm ok


you gotta clean your room first


cat bit me and drew blood… should i put him down?



i hate myself


well clean your room


after my 7th watch of the big short… i think i finally understand what happened


somebody find a super milk chan torrent for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



got locked out of an anime tracker due to inactivity…


which one




is that good


this milk chan show is pretty funny lol



why are instagram videos always so flippin loud


#horror #gore #brutal #creepy #spooky #deepweb #darkweb #scary #death #shocking #satanic #demonic #ghost #paranormal #disturbing #evil #instahorror #scarymovie #horrormovies


i want the original!!!




arent there 14 episodes though




calm down


wow i forgot how much this show sucks


4 days until friday…


i am depressed




just went jogging. my knees hurt and my legs feel wobbly. i didnt look at the clock cause i figure for now its just important that im trying. still out of breath but feeling really good




so how much alcohol + benzos do i need to have a nice last dip in the beach next to my house


you gotta run more!


i dont even know can i invite you to bakabt? ill look it up tomorrow if you want


at least an entire bar


yeah run away from your problems


we dont suicide here


guess my password lol





i'm not sure either, thank you either way




trained for the 5k today


couch to 5k…




more like bed to d-top chair


it is more like that


couch to sit n stand


you just gave me an idea


bed to prolonged sitting


wooden kitchen chair to aeron


File: 1502160715127.jpg (764.3 KB, 1288x2588, comment_hKmo2J6S31ZkKXJ53Z….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

let's do it


stopped reading at running shoes cuz i dont have any


run barefoot?


at least i made it farther than him


lace up your walking shoes



as if any of u have running shoes
get real



week 4 looks a bit too complicated


def taking week 4 off


*laces up the old trainers*
let's freaking do this…


week 4 is where you either give up or continue…


the ol week 4 wall they call it


couch to week 4 to couch


stalled on week 4 :\


>Google has fired the employee who penned a controversial memo on women and tech


thats racist


how the heck did he get caught what a retard


hey can we do that laughing crying face whenever 2 people post the same thing at the same time and go 2OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT while linking those 2 posts i used to love that


ok bed time see ya



good night


all they have to do is compare the writing to other internal memos/emails


the facebros are a relic of the past…


we lostem….


feelin a little lonely anyone wanna spoon


*drags large blanket into thread*


time to drop google ugh


the euro's are asleep we dont have to pretend to be straight anymore


someone put their arm over me and let me rest my head on their chest!!


gfycat is so laggy wth!


what are we using now duckduckgo?


duckduckgo is, as the pol boys would say, "cucked"


alexa, bing that for me


hmmm then what to use


will trade sexual favors for a night of cuddles


okay google, unplug yourself


i dont use a search engine anymore


i just ask people to google stuff for me heh


yandex? yahoo!


bing porn


table for 3 with scott hall.. he was a really big drinker and hes going to have some good drinking stories probably..



no wrestling unless its in bed


we use freenet


*eats a bunch of banana bread*


come to bed!!!!






no penis not watching
our motto


definitely not drinking tonight…


cum 2 bed


wiggle wiggle


twiggle twiggle


File: 1502162833359.jpg (117.08 KB, 768x1024, IMG_7221.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



*cracks a cold one*


ahhhh kanpai


not me im not drinking


gonna have another glass of sake after this beeru


i still dont understand how my dad manages to drink every night.. even though he only has 4-5 beers he still does it nightly.. i had 13 shots last night and feel like complete shit




irish surrogate mother.. hmm yes…



just have 5-6 beers nightly too


imagine if they remade eurotrip today lol


beerboy doesnt know…


i actually tried watching eurotrip and turned it off like halfway through.. kinda boring..



wow im literally watching smallville rn and the same girl is in it…


kristin kreuk…


half stinker half dutch…


kreuk.. pronounced like "gook"





grow up


how do i make my skin clear and shiny :\


actually when i first started saying gook 10 years ago i would pronounce it look "book" with a g




fuck you


ask gooks they love dermatology



fuck me daddy


wonder what happened to that post t_t


i don't know any gooks!



hmm quite a dilemma


go to one of those korean nail salons and ask for some tips


somebody hold me


*holds you*



mom got me a sandwich from publix but its got way too much mayo on it..


clear the mayo


best thing you can do for your skin is enough sleep and good cardiovascular health


gimme it




now post her panties


i sleep 12~ hours a day and go to the gym 4 times a week for 2 hours of heavy lifting… skin still shit


File: 1502164693928.jpg (592.49 KB, 1600x1200, 4k66Unl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

look at that giant glob of mayo…




olives? really bro? ugh


dude… i love olives


>12 hours


we hate olives


we like olives here






olive… ayy..


olives… capers… i eat it all


imagine feeding sickzii olives while he plays bwr..


File: 1502164938820.png (507.79 KB, 480x800, OhtdNJW.png) ImgOps Google

would you give her a job?


nevermind i dont want it anymore
hate olives


try sleeping 7-8 hours


eye shadow on men hmmmmm…




something that only happens once a month is happening right now.. do you guys know what that is..


full moon?


its the same day as it the number of the month


oh cool


oversleeping has negative side effects


remember 06/06/06?


i think i'm psychologically making up for the lack of sleep i used to be forced into during my service



File: 1502165602430.jpg (91.05 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nj4msyLadW1qbob22o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

omg this is such a big slice of za!


cute rebel girl… i wanna go on long night rides with her..


big sclice or small girl lol



whoops 'zah*


imagine how long it would take to degrease that 'zah


File: 1502166026109.png (357.56 KB, 771x518, im a man.png) ImgOps Google

thats a man baby




yung vape on the beat *bubble noises*


ugh What EvEr dude


lil scve on the beat


File: 1502166404321.jpg (296.22 KB, 846x1200, lil romeo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

remember lil bow wow?
this is what he looks like now


can we submit banners to toot here


thats dennis rodman


dennis rodman is lil bow wow's real name



globies got that boy good


go for it


sorry didnt post for a bit are we still up


might hit the hay soon


hmmm.. my mom got prescribed some tramadol.. might try some..


whats that


drug for severe pain


are you in pain


i got some tramadol after i had my wisdom tooth taken out
i didnt need painkillers since it didnt really hurt anyway, but i gladly used them recreationally. they were alright


didnt take you guys for drug users


>but i gladly used them recreationally.

you know that damages your brain right


how does using tramadol recreationally damage your brain


lol wtf i had my tv on some random channel for background noise and that guy from always sunny is guest starring on csi


glenn howerton probsbly (dennis)


the golden god..


big fan of iasip btw haHAA


we got a twitcher here


File: 1502169553481.png (716.7 KB, 478x601, yakitory.png) ImgOps Google

fuckin fuck just kill me dood

get so bored out of my mind sometimes at night


whens your mom gonna put you in a facility tin
cant be long now


File: 1502169616554.jpg (51.73 KB, 720x960, tumblr_osff2wI76B1ti6w0wo2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fuckin kill urself dude fuck u



hmm.. nope guess he wasnt in this.. must have been someone that looks like him..


File: 1502169696778.gif (3.82 MB, 320x240, 1502076315207.gif) ImgOps Google

hope you dont have outbursts like that in front of the judge when your mom drags you into court to show what an unfit human being you are


get back in your cage you little rascal


why are we here and now

why aren't we someone/somewhere/somewhen else

if everything begins and ends is beginning and ending part of a bigger cycle


File: 1502169850515.jpg (231.6 KB, 960x960, tumblr_os9uquMq5B1ti6w0wo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

kill urself u fuckin pieces of shit


does everything end when i do or what


gook night


gook knight


goo knight


why dont you go finger zacharia's butthole tin


does life even exist or is it just an illusion


i need to know how vodnvapes pizza night went!


pretty sure he was spotted laddering…


stomach is aching..


File: 1502171220197.png (57.45 KB, 250x145, 1502170690703.png) ImgOps Google



my brother had the biggest crush on lana ever…


Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.



btc hitting resistance at 3500
i would sell


i would (((sell)))


File: 1502171961986.gif (2.19 MB, 320x240, IMG_5461.GIF) ImgOps Google

fuckin fuck just kill me dood

get so bored out of my mind sometimes at night


File: 1502172018741.gif (2.99 MB, 320x240, IMG_5459.GIF) ImgOps Google


fuckin kill urself dude fuck u


File: 1502172066660.jpg (123.2 KB, 1687x949, mpc-hc_2017-08-08_08-00-44.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i hate the government
however… maybe if they supplied me with a gook…


just found a new porn girl that has tattoos all over her butt..


my thoughts are too complex to articulate


mine are too dumb


i hope she does a vid getting tortured to death irl


yeH that would be stellar


its like louis celine ferdinand says in death on credit…. no intelligence and education to be able to speak… paraphrase


been thinking about bad things a lot lately


yeh we read that (i didnt)


pretty crazy to think i could take those 10 pills my mom got and just die..


i dont think tramadol is that toxic but im not a doctor


feels bad having a misogynistic president


big day tomorrow, gooknight. gunna drop a blankpost on ya



*severs your spinal cord*



gonna dream of bp rose 2nite imo


back with cereal
gonna be a long day with this low dose of my amps
probably just lay around with a headache a lot ~_~


butts are full of shit!!!!!!


butts are just fat deposits
the shit is up inside your rectum and colon


that's part of a butt


File: 1502175780263.gif (1.91 MB, 400x225, IMG_5449.GIF) ImgOps Google


hmm no those are parts of your gastrointestinal system



it is a problem
that i can't picture a wgirl dancing cutely like this
and i do believe, the culture… its probably something to do with globalists… yes


feminism makes women less feminine


File: 1502177020861.jpg (16.45 KB, 320x180, IMG_5476.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

thanks gloria steinem you cia globalist pos


*opens thread and posts gook*


*goes on the internet and insists everyone should only eat pesticide soaked fruits & veggies like me*


*doesnt get married and settled down until well into my 30s* what do you mean my kid has autism? well…i guess thats just the way things are these days…1 in every 10 kids y'know


implying it’s not the vaccines


its not the vaccines





vaccines are a red herring


lmao. noticed the new name too


shooped his face onto jesus… how did he do that on a phone
probably took hours


the spanish flu?… yeah… globalists


countries i always confuse with each other:


hope i didnt wake my dad up using the microwave..


uhhh none of these have ever been relevant tho
might as well just regard them as the same country


knowing geography is its own reward -___-


File: 1502179360574.jpg (94.02 KB, 599x482, IMG_7228.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



misty tho…


actually we call her kasumi here


wtf does kasumi mean


reminds me of my favorite porn star.. katsuni / katsumi.. check her out..


we dont indulge in pornography here


why did my fucking router just go out for 2 minutes


File: 1502179840223.jpg (194.11 KB, 800x825, IMG_5480.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

lady boner lol…r/lboners


getting SICK and TIRED of the REDDITORS 'round here





i stopped going on reddit because its all bots
but i still know a little about it
i hardly ever posted on there… made the acc to downvote


File: 1502180055965.jpg (527.92 KB, 1500x1017, 1501940013136.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this was that gay manga i was talkin bout a few threads back
i dont uh…recommend it


that spic was handsome
wish i was handsome….


my per is reall cloudy and the smell makes me gag
don't know whats going on
drinking more water too

toilet might not be flushing everything


you know id love to try different toppings on pizza but id hate it if i got something i didnt like and wasted $8 on it..




based stinkers beating tl


how do you find such good videos, just keep clicking recommended?


it was on 8ch b



showered up… feeling a little better





File: 1502186140974.jpg (148.95 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_5464.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

check her wrists lol
dumb bitch…


File: 1502186216783.gif (4.68 MB, 328x200, 1477284996767.gif) ImgOps Google

you'll never have such golden personality.




6'5, 250lbs, rich, confident, handsome.

your turn, BITCH.


*passed by a female*
a-guh-guh-guh-guh-guh-GIRL!?!?! *shits self*


die esports norm


gonna brush my teeth then hit the hay


*passed by a female*

*passes her, look backs and gives her the middle finger*


hope her boyfriends beats the sh#t out of u




sir, are you a licensed flamethrower?


wake up sheeple


*hits the snooze alarm*



do you understand what she's saying


File: 1502187924321.png (74.59 KB, 692x326, Screenshot_2017-08-08_12-2….png) ImgOps Google

hey bakabt dude i cant invite you apparently :/
this is the news post from the website that might be interesting to you


wish my penis stood up straighter when it got hard


actually im watching cho


check her armpits.. omo…


im gonna go watch code geass brb


new code geass? is it out yet?


from now on 162 is a positive environment
i am exiling negativity


yea we know japanese here


nah season 1


File: 1502188363699.gif (2.19 MB, 320x240, IMG_5461.GIF) ImgOps Google

actually im watching cho


based did you see she just got 500 buck donation


kind of feel like rewatching code geass 2bqh


thanks everyone who joined the cuddle puddle last night


i liked that one fatalpulse hentai where its code geese and she calls his dick small
other than that… never saw it
don't watch anime




what if l and light and zero were all in a room together… naked…..


what about reinhard…


baras belong with baras and girlyboys belong with girlyboys!


wish narci was on :\


they both belong in hell



wish i felt alive


hmm yeah i think ill become a school bus driver


hmmm yeah i think ill make another worthless post off the top of my head


Google Fires Engineer after breaking Code of Conduct in a serious way

very good
i can feel safe using google products again


im gay as heck


File: 1502190233322.png (201.57 KB, 512x512, bubu.png) ImgOps Google

took me like 5 minutes to solve this lol


in a ??????? way


took me a look at the thumbnail tbh
maybe you are dumb :////


is it g6?



you mean fxg6 and no its not


maybe im missing something but queen c4 seems good…


no youre not its a free rook and the correct answer


oh yeah baby we did it


dont correct me i have a right to be loose in my notation as long as its unambiguous!


uh, fuck you?




wish someone would f*ck me..


2 views x__x




you solve a little 1600 puzzle and start getting all uppity? how about i dig out some 2000 bangers


we are intellectuals here
bring the 3ks




baku-hatsu baku-hatsu na na na


i desire to have my dick sucked


i can fufill that desire… but you have to spoon me for the rest of the night!


first thing's first


File: 1502191282239.gif (1.69 MB, 332x332, IMG_5445.GIF) ImgOps Google


saw that benis from a mile away


expert tuck spotter
spots all the tucked penises


we prefer daphne to velma here


but real talk
my elbows and penis are a much darker shade than the rest of my body


so wheres those puzzles hotshot
couldnt find any that can challenge us??? lmao


original video animation


jewish adult video


500 ????????? ????? ??? ???? ???


File: 1502191809789.png (1.69 MB, 812x1000, 1493992751697.png) ImgOps Google


didnt expect that tuck did you


getting a little gay in here


love me some occasional 'ay


gunsmith cats (1995)



lil black d00d popping up on MY stream…


what stream…


#206: Mars Needs Moms (Disney 2006)


his gay twitch irl shit


*gets in an uber*
yo!! im streaming lol theres thousands of people watching!! xDD


put nutella in the shopping cart… mommy took it out when i didn't notice..
gonna kill her in her sleep


link the stream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




*stomps around*


mommy is looking out for you.. she doesn’t want you to be a big belly fatso


i know she is but god damn do i want a nice chocolate sammich rn..




big and meaty


*flexes fatceps* B I G



start the damn stream already!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


god im so fucking tired


what stream


a big boy….


im actually black never told you guys before because i was scared of judgement




post your hand blacknigger


me on the left sickzii on the right



grow up


not unless you show me respect


and grow up


we're all white here stop pretending you IDIOT


ah yes, good ol' sammich


imagine forcing a meme for months and it still doesn’t catch on
i’d kill myself


imagine making a thicc meme on fit and having it grow to facebook proportions..


not a single person here is white as far as we know. a couple jews, a pale croat, and whats tinny an irishman?



i'm romanian fuck you i'm whiter than cottage cheese


you’re an idiot, none of us have black hair and brown nipples here except for the few south americans that post here but they don’t count


do scandis count as white or are we snow niggers


File: 1502194430278.png (249.28 KB, 980x716, 1498856467422.png) ImgOps Google

HAHAHAHAHA americans calling us europeans none-white


File: 1502194552450.jpg (6.42 KB, 300x300, 1501966004229.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fuck off to poll morons


terry is a stale meme
rather watch that schizophrenic memphis homeless guy yell at pedestrians


aah yes.. good ol poll. thanks for reminding me, cia nigger.


grow up


hol up


*grows down*






6 minutes for my potatoes ^__^




grow up


kkk racist cracka mufuckas

dey playing A GAME outchere folks




grow up




hey… why did the mexican take xanax..


grow up




stop the spam you idiots t_t


grow up




grow up




knee grow


grow up




grow up




*waits for someone to prove that theyre white*
sure sucks to be on a board of impure mutts


grow up




i said….STOP THE SPAM IDIOTS!@!@@!@!!@


grow up




grow up






grow up




grow up


hope 2oot slaps you guys with an hour ban so you can simmer down




grow up




BIG idiots


grow up




what anime do i watch now


grow up




armitage III
thats what im watching


grow up




grow up




File: 1502195244183.jpg (74.9 KB, 1000x722, 1500999403450.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


grow up




grow up




grow up




grow up




ironic how the grow up guy is childish enough to keep this stupid e-ego bullshit "fight"


grow up




ironic how the nigger spamming guy is acting like a total nigger


actually is a bot i made





gr0w up




grow up




grow up

gonna get some food now


nigger fatso


HA lost


Anonymous Mon 07 Aug 2017 14:33:10 No.185276392 ViewReport
We already talked about shit, if you want to do useless job go to sc2 and delete every post there.




whats sc2




why is it legal to get an abortion but illegal to kill your child


because libshits are mentally ill


well duh its the womans body dude
the child is literally a parasite


File: 1502195912604.png (1.27 MB, 455x1203, 1495730196796.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1502195933390.jpg (100.21 KB, 960x647, 1497126821014.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1502195961355.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.85 MB, 442x366, 1495729230639.gif) ImgOps Google


File: 1502195974249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.25 KB, 800x533, 1495729156766.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


abortion is murder





hmm yes but stem cells though


bigots *shakes head in a disappointed fashion slowly realizing what kind of people i have been surrounding myself with*


pistachios are p good


pistachios are murder



File: 1502196686620.jpg (201.2 KB, 1920x1080, mpc-hc_2017-08-08_14-51-01.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





File: 1502196855070.jpg (40.93 KB, 571x385, DGA6XptW0AA0wgj.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wow i didnt know gucci was a nazi…


hol up so u be sayin
*smacks lips*


hmm i really want to pre-order gucci mane's upcoming autobiography


i dont know who that is


i want to know who the ???? gucci mane is


this guy is so damn smooth


greetings and salutations


Piper nigrum


moooooooom someone is knocking on the dooooooooooooooor


damn i feel so pumped up now




globalists are knocking


sonic mania soon…


narci is live


File: 1502199623101.gif (2.26 MB, 480x360, IMG_5463.GIF) ImgOps Google

narci is live


bunch of bogans


gender fluid


wow dota2fags really hate day9 lmao


they can't handle his manliness. they are used to manlet femboys casting, not big strong MEN


nerdy black guys that play fighting games


gook lol


toot ban these esporters


oh shit i knew i was looking forward to something today


gook me ousside lol


i used to watch bobby lee on mad tv


tbqh its a bit surprising how alpha sc2 casters are in general


"you know who else said they were just following orders? hitler"
norm is a fucking god holy shit lmao


you know who else was a god








back the fuck off?


you know you can talk to me about anything…


he stole that joke from 'the nice guys' :/


greek 'gurt…





is tin schizo


we're all 'zo


not true


tin's an irl streamer


we are however 'tists


not true im an extrovert


we're actually perfectly functional human beings




im not a 'tist im an 'ist


a touch of the 'spergers




*checks twi'er*


im gay





File: 1502205744132.jpg (80.27 KB, 724x1012, IMG_7229.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

what the frick is this tin?


imagine the huge poops that come out of that butt…


imagine the smell the day after she gets creampied by a bbc…


im not hungry but i want to eat..


species: rabbit


eat my ass then




i said eat my ass you freak


never used a onahole


i did; felt dumb


melon holes are better


im more of a sickzii hole guy myself


*rolls eyes*


mom would find out if i made a melon hole


thanks m8


what wss that one twitch stinker?


File: 1502208561595.png (806.87 KB, 1012x526, r3z0tyqm4gez.png) ImgOps Google



why was professor utonium trying to make little girls in the first place…


he was trying to make boys actually


lonely nerd scientist….living alone….no female companionship…hmm…


big fake tits!


we like em 'all nat-chur-al' here




things i am:



i am very seriously depressed


dep doesnt exist retard


yeh it does


gay retard


gender dysphoria is real


the dip…


50 shades of sickzii




how was work lovely boy


one time sickzii freaked out on stream so his mom ran into the room held him down and then breast fed him to sleep




i remember that


i'm still on vacation this week


wow that must be fun…


meh, i'm just playing wow


File: 1502210682952.gif (2.74 MB, 177x260, tumblr_or9jn482Ln1ut8ku9o6….gif) ImgOps Google

been watching this for like 6 hours



fuck off tin




File: 1502210744190.png (7.74 KB, 480x286, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

we know


the one who jams her heel up her vagina or the one who talks english kinda?


File: 1502210869037.jpg (531.33 KB, 960x1280, 20170603_161737.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1502210891967.jpg (510.51 KB, 960x1280, 1502044863812.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




ting ting


remember tin, im always following you on twitch…
taking notes on your viewing habits…


had a nice two hour nap today




+1 gotta watch his every move….


are you making a study on tin?


stop inflating tin's ego by pretending you care what he does


today is a walking day


im studying all of you
i have all of your twitch usernames


whats mine bitch




lick my nuts bitch


you aint got nuthin in em, depressed sperm count white b!tch


ive compiled a list of twitch twitter and reddit accounts with their posting hours and writing styles and viewing hours and habits


shut up pedo


cool we totally believe you too


File: 1502211838585.jpg (350.01 KB, 1500x1000, 1500142100310.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



my sleeping & posting habits are too erratic to be patterned


whats your assessment of that trashbad tooner


your use of an ampersand, 'too', and choice of words like 'erratic', and lack of commas and punctuation say a lot


*rolls eyes*


if youre so sure link to one of my previous posts and ill tell you if you're right


we unironically like this here


*audibly groans*



i bet pposter has attributed half of my posts to other posters since i erratically switch up my diction and punctuation usage. sometimes i write big run on sentences and sometimes a couple short fragments separated my ellipses of varying numbers of periods


*takes notes*


File: 1502212598254.jpg (63.37 KB, 904x600, Flat-Earth-Memes-144-20.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



tossposter point out a few of my posts pls



tin dont fucking reply to me again


kys tin can reply to whoever he wants!


File: 1502212699643.jpg (75.09 KB, 695x545, granny.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

me again




tin come to michigan and be my gf


baited that exact response
tin you're on the same intelligence level as a dog


File: 1502212790219.png (431.93 KB, 1919x997, 1502151764166.png) ImgOps Google




tin cant even be housetrained no way hes as smart as a dog


imagine being tin and looking through your picture folder for just the right retarded conspiracy infographic to accompany your post
i wonder if he has some kind of system or he just lets instinct take over at that point



i bet if you did that trick where you pretend to throw something but keep in your hand to tin he'd fall for it


"poor thing got its leg stuck in a tin trap"

that was a good post from a while back, better with context..


don't know it


File: 1502213460195.jpg (10.23 KB, 619x91, cd.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

post rio


so i slept 3 hours
don't feel ok


File: 1502213554137.jpg (20.36 KB, 255x188, IMG_5398.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

why wouldn't they make it on a saturday… ancient meme.. the first?


File: 1502213574920.png (184.25 KB, 499x594, 1501136810199.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1502213637235.jpg (349.3 KB, 1000x778, miku142.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

doctor said i have internal bleeding and to stop riding my bike without a seat but i dont want to


wish tinny was next to me right now so i could turn to him and give him a good sucker punch
then wheel him away… out of hearing distance


File: 1502213730655.png (541.99 KB, 796x451, happenstance9.png) ImgOps Google

>without a seat

the fuck?


File: 1502213770978.gif (2.26 MB, 480x360, IMG_5462.GIF) ImgOps Google

>without a seat

the fuck?


cant wait to tell my kids about all the game of thrones episodes i watched


you want kids??


going to do my chores for the day.. getting the mail and bringing the trash can in..


gonna take a dump brb


who takes out the garbage


put peanut butter on your balls and have tin lick it off you sick freak


my dad does in the morning



i keep farting and it stinks so bad holy crap


File: 1502214750559.gif (3.82 MB, 320x240, IMG_5292.GIF) ImgOps Google


*tunes into the premier esports tournament of the year*




i tried to watch it yesterday but its just so fucking shit





there's poop in my butt!


*gastrointestinal system


lol theyre about to show fighting games on espn..


here we go again folks


my favorite tingif


espn 1, 2 or 3?


he gets paid at university to talk about stupid shit like that?
honestly all non-stem fields need to be nuked


also he became a lel epic culture warrior maga


im gonna wait for it to climb back to 300 and then im cashing the fuck out
fuck vitalik and his shitty bubble coin


File: 1502215991162.png (1.35 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_5498.PNG) ImgOps Google


how are girls so comfortable with showing off their asshole all the time…


girls dont face opposition for anything in life


ugh microagressing my entire gender T_T


the gender stuff was just common sense, dont lump him in with those alt-kek freaks
jordans got some good stuff


left the gas station with nothing


wow we ironically meme'd this guy into unironically being a jordon peterson devotee lol


do what you want, silly bitch
itll be $1k by december with or without you


actually i started the jordan peterson forcing here
half joking about his patreon, half actually thinking he can help a lot of people

hes good, i think so at least


dude stfu about that jordan memerson already


help himself to a chunk of change
*buys a new car with his monthly patreon check*




look at the #1 post right now


had to leave that gas station too… its kinda sad
hope he gets his faygo drink today… 3rd times the charm


*sorts my father out to save the tyrant*


shut your fucking mouth vitalik idgaf about your shitty coin
get it back to 300 and i wont kill you :)


File: 1502217037548.jpg (18.45 KB, 382x360, academy140_med.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*runs the yakuza*


tins secret identity..


why would you like something that imgur and reddit likes


we have broad tastes here


im a gay tranny any other gay trannys wanna suck each others dicks behind the gas station?




you should try applying for a job at google


File: 1502217336420.jpg (331.36 KB, 460x3254, UNUXgIP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


he went to krogers to get his "turkey hill tea"
he paid for 2 and only got one some how. at least its resolved


stop posting this shit
your the only one that watches his videos


we dont know that feel so who is that appealing to


wrong idiot, i enjoy them too


File: 1502217445658.jpg (303.51 KB, 1600x1200, ls4puKq.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



is tossposter really being a psycho and tracking us all


File: 1502217491642.jpg (150.71 KB, 900x1200, DE3qkcqVwAEFXH1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thought that was gucci mane for a second


you would if you took me up on my cuddling offer last night…


i am a loser


no, i like posting them sometimes
i'm glad he got his drink today


tossposter should be considered highly dangerous…
beware of him…


hmm.. post #50,000 is coming in hot..


shut the fuck up :)


50k huh
reminds me of someones patreon
but i dont know why….


anyone got the vod from the one time tin streamed on twitch like 3 years ago


i like to make up stories a lot


when he was making collages
i remember it but i didnt download it



imagine being one of those guys caught on 'to catch a predator' lol


seriously im fucking done with agario
sometimes you just get fucked and theres nothing you cand o about it
its so fucking stupid


you should play haxball
its fun and there's a high skill ceiling


File: 1502219473016.jpg (102.93 KB, 900x1125, 19985525_1704856319810054_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



damn racheal maddow is lookin good


if only she wasnt gay :/


i hate women
hate everything


are you gay?




……*plays again*



the most fun thing is to try and sneak in on a couple teamers…steal their blob ejection before the other guy gets it
of course this is extremely risky


i don't care about agayrio but i just let this guy do his thing and don't complain
so don't complain about me doing my homeless nig thing
we all have our thing




why isn't it spelled conplain


really like how i did my eyebrows.. trimmed them from the bottom..


*boots up agario*
heh time for some agario



why are you so obsessed with pigs


File: 1502220687646.jpg (183.63 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_ot538iq38c1s2yc47o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

before i opened it i said
this better be pigs


no you didnt
why would you lie about that


File: 1502220853456.gif (2.99 MB, 320x240, IMG_5459.GIF) ImgOps Google

before i opened it i said
this better be pigs


File: 1502221014197.png (203.2 KB, 512x512, bibibuub.png) ImgOps Google

how about this one?

white to play


File: 1502221135221.png (59.27 KB, 512x512, IMG_5504.PNG) ImgOps Google


lol get rekt nerd


b2 to f6


you sunk my nigger ship




no its right


am i right or not?


yes right


File: 1502221775069.png (4.45 KB, 278x65, wrong.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1502221827908.jpg (228.09 KB, 960x1199, IMG_5505.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

pretty girl


dont question stockfish


damn i feel smart now, i played few chess games on vacation with my friend heh!




i kinda hate people who are really smart
probably envious… since i'm all retarded and fucked


tfw so stupid i cant even learn english properly


*jots down some notes*


stockfish evaluates 228 000 positions per second and you have the audacity to say that you're right when it says no?


didnt he said i was right?


what would be the right move then?




who is m3ntat


those fuckimg headphones i ordered better aerive tomorrow


Why doesnt toot accept bcc?


hes gay




what is bx


bishop takes


File: 1502223768717.png (1.11 MB, 1280x738, vlcsnap-2017-08-08-16h21m0….png) ImgOps Google


*puts away childish things* dont like toons anymore


please lord let me die in my sleep this time


i love vevo
great company. great people


fuck vevo


fuck u BITCH


what free email do we use here? is yahoo jp good?


calm down


my cousin works for vevo as a back-end developer
he's an autistic savant that looks like your typical millennial in silicon valley


thanks for the late response


well i just got home from driving a school bus didnt i


thought you worked at the pube salon


im a angry person


ok well you thought wrong? what am i supposed to say here


follow your heart


youre supposed to suck my dick


*boots up agario*


still a bitch tho


ZIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wheres pube salon guy
i actually like his posts


whos that




just learned the word transcendental


relating to a spiritual or nonphysical realm.
"the transcendental importance of each person's soul"
(of a number, e.g., e or π) real but not a root of an algebraic equation with rational roots.


hope the nuclear holocaust happens tbh


oh… hes being honest…


File: 1502225372271.jpg (1.95 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5524.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

dumb cat i'm trying to use the ipad over here!


pet it you idiot


nice nails




autism finger nails


File: 1502225702253.jpg (1.93 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3336.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



cats are gay


u got hairy hands
monkey boy…


good he finally fucked off


jungle ~_~


im more of a sickzii guy myself


nothing but jungle works in private browsing mode
not updating to ios 11, to that one guy
give me a podcast yt vid to listen to


um, actually


im so fresh you can suck my nuts


wow nearly 50k posts




fail get
*leaves 162 for good*




no one linked a vid. i must really be hated




well i actually had an audiobook in mind but i felt like you wouldn't listen it so i didnt bother


well i just dont know very many podcasts…


i'm gonna be all stressed out until i finally put the barrels out
then i'll be relieved… until they're emptied and i have to bring them in…


a god


ah yes, the barrels…




my scrote is itchy


barrels of grease?









it is a good day to die


i jack off too much


get your life sorted


don't lose all your t


but it makes me feel comfortable for a little while


really rooting for that google nerd that got fired


it bothers me


10 seconds of bliss after j/o is not worth it…it's destroying you


yeah but i edge for hours




alright eth is at 299
time for you to sell bitch!




calm down its not that bad


it is

i want to die




*digs own grave*


i hope my mom comes home soon
im lonely…


you guys still shillin for the virtual jew


vjew is that google


just realized im bad at video games…


just realised im gay


me 2 but i cant put in effort anymore


so i dont know if i'm bad because i dont care about video games too much or bad because my actual video gamin' skills decreased



i just watch people play retro video games nowadays


i dont read posts starting with 'so'
wonder what that post is about… guess ill never know…


actually that post was more of a continuation of my previous post



realized homosexuality is a choice




save the white race


flush the white race


my title is risk assessor for goldman sachs


what a coincidence, im vp of mergers and acquisitions *buzzes intercom* fire this dope in risk assessments sally *pours some scotch* ahh…business as usu'


fire me for what? im suing bitch!!


*buzzes intercom* get my team of lawyers to work this nitwit over sal' and after that come into my office and get your 'reward' hehehe *puffs cigar*


*takes my talents to exxon mobil*


kfc popcorn chicken…


*merges with exxon mobil* sal' do something about that new knucklehead we hired


my title is your mom's bull


hola… my name is manuel herrera… love to work…


wheres lil pablo


here's my chance, time to do what i do best *writes a scathing 50 page essay on the issues with the exxon / goldman sachs method of forced diversity*

this oughta rile em up a bit >:D


is heroes of might and magic 3 fun


ummm maybe


it used to be
you probably wont have much fun if you dont have childhood memories playing it tho





going with dad to walmart to return a microwave

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