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it is a good day to die


i jack off too much


get your life sorted


don't lose all your t


but it makes me feel comfortable for a little while


really rooting for that google nerd that got fired


it bothers me


10 seconds of bliss after j/o is not worth it…it's destroying you


yeah but i edge for hours




alright eth is at 299
time for you to sell bitch!




calm down its not that bad


it is

i want to die




*digs own grave*


i hope my mom comes home soon
im lonely…


you guys still shillin for the virtual jew


vjew is that google


just realized im bad at video games…


just realised im gay


me 2 but i cant put in effort anymore


so i dont know if i'm bad because i dont care about video games too much or bad because my actual video gamin' skills decreased



i just watch people play retro video games nowadays


i dont read posts starting with 'so'
wonder what that post is about… guess ill never know…


actually that post was more of a continuation of my previous post



realized homosexuality is a choice




save the white race


flush the white race


my title is risk assessor for goldman sachs


what a coincidence, im vp of mergers and acquisitions *buzzes intercom* fire this dope in risk assessments sally *pours some scotch* ahh…business as usu'


fire me for what? im suing bitch!!


*buzzes intercom* get my team of lawyers to work this nitwit over sal' and after that come into my office and get your 'reward' hehehe *puffs cigar*


*takes my talents to exxon mobil*


kfc popcorn chicken…


*merges with exxon mobil* sal' do something about that new knucklehead we hired


my title is your mom's bull


hola… my name is manuel herrera… love to work…


wheres lil pablo


here's my chance, time to do what i do best *writes a scathing 50 page essay on the issues with the exxon / goldman sachs method of forced diversity*

this oughta rile em up a bit >:D


is heroes of might and magic 3 fun


ummm maybe


it used to be
you probably wont have much fun if you dont have childhood memories playing it tho





going with dad to walmart to return a microwave

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