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you can trust me :)


what the fuck is going on TOOOOOOOOOOOT




put your flag back on


this should be the thread B)


File: 1540046520463.png (46.65 KB, 200x212, 1511048091319.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1540046528725.jpg (17.36 KB, 250x251, 1294894457648.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"It's good to be healthy" - the pinnacle of conversations on /tea/


i bet its toot himself false flagging


*reaps more chaos and disruption*


post your humongous gamer belly


*makes more threads in a manic state of mind*
*deletes them*
im a hacker XD


File: 1540046693584.png (99.85 KB, 1148x316, Screenshot from 2018-10-20….png) ImgOps Google

this k-shit doesn't even know how to post

who are you quoting?


kpop fans are barely people their brains arent fully developed


except for gleepy
that bros based as hell


LMAO someone deleted a post when it edited in "sickzii"


*jumps back and forth from /scv/ and /tea/ tardlaughing*


toot can you stream for me
i need u to show me how to use a power drill i cant get the screw thing in the front hole


they just deleted 2 of my posts…


the typing window becomes inactive and unclickable after a few seconds and i cant write anything else or change what i wrote


*irreperably ruins teatime*
heheh all part of based brappers master plan


yeah it really did distract them from their normal mundane conversation


you think you're gonna to live your life alone
in darkness
and seclusion
yeah I know
you've been out there
tried to mix with those animals
and it just left you full of humiliated confusion
so you stagger back home
and wait for nothing
but the solitary refinement of your room spits you back out onto the street
and now you're desperate
and in need of human contact


racist tea party white trash not wishing refugees welcome


get deleted retard


they're not used to messing with gamers


okay retard


File: 1540047103238.jpg (59.07 KB, 710x344, Research-Bitcoin-Whales-ar….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

BTC longs to shorts ratio is almost at its all time low


"muh culture" - /teet/



baste smooth brapper is already deep undercover on tea B)
when baste brapper finally emerges with the hunny nunny pill they'll have no choice but to swallow B)


baste brapper needs a new ow copy


baste brapper needs a baste bullet in his head


PLEASE keep us updated i NEED to know what's happening in the coinverse!!!!!


File: 1540047453585.jpg (41.02 KB, 750x703, 1540034494369.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ive been posting on tea for over a year now and i wish you guys would stop making obnoxious posts over there. it makes them suspicious and sets my gaslighting back



there was no need for that guy to call me a retard


File: 1540047582751.png (462.23 KB, 755x342, IMG_3904.PNG) ImgOps Google


When the reply count hits 40, this thread dies.


File: 1540047708918.jpg (63.97 KB, 950x534, jb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540047720082.jpg (46.41 KB, 480x360, p2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


try me


File: 1540047749548.jpg (12.81 KB, 324x289, 3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Just kidding :)

I'll give it a couple more posts.


padder get the fuck in here and explain yourself
i thought we agreed on following the over stimulation limit protocol?
clearly you didnt do that and now brapper is about to explode


who is we?


had to skip a 3 liner


padder has gone rogue


I'm rolling mage


stimulation? limit? heh…
*throws bag of fake ice cubes into bwappas pen*




*puts on maga hat*



what does "baste" mean?


the basedest boy this side of the comm


saying based was too normal but im about to switch back


okay, so what does "based" mean?


a crackhead pretty much (basehead)



slim shady u a base head


toot is redditor


redpill me on what just happened here between scv and tea


>>469611 normal
you aint gonna shoot my husband
you aint gonna shoot my husband


we dabbed on em epik style




who is we?


File: 1540048586888.png (315.29 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3983.PNG) ImgOps Google

toot what is this shit?
get in here and explain yourself you freak


it's cool because the only thing they can do to get back at us is dab on toot


/tea/ owned us epic style


toot release the epicmaymay.png collection


File: 1540048718672.png (1.43 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3985.PNG) ImgOps Google

ok toot

now you've really rustled my jimmies


the comm is everlasting
they can only attack our tooty shell



im awake whats up


give us halloween pumpkins!


toot dawkjfas


toot you need to help me


last 2 times i called for toot i got nothing



tooterita im in trouble again


You have until post 100 before I pull this thread.

Make your peace.




grow up




tea has to have a hidden board for degenerate tea party erping


the tea meme kinda sucks imo


its a bad resurrection


who the hell are those people? who acts like that?


toot the big game is in 20 mins


File: 1540050328571.jpeg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024, 1538360393880.jpeg) ImgOps Google

*starts stomping around in a circle*


last post was in 2016


imagine being so autistic you dont even realize you burned your mouth because you cant eat like a normal human being


lmao dumb amerifat


the last REAL post on 4chan was in 2014
everything since has been you communicating with an entire army of NPC drumpf bots built with cutting edge russian AI communication technology


why the FUCK are link previews not working


mouse scroll wheel sounds like bwappa the otter




maga hat and black pidgeon logo? thats a lightning fast openclose from me buddy


its joe wogan




File: 1540050747300.png (14.29 KB, 900x87, Screenshot_2018-10-20_17-5….png) ImgOps Google

toot what the FUCK is this


toots doin a bit of tweakin…
we're in for a big surprise


spooky theme is still messed up
the text is unreadable when a post is highlightedQ


they got exposed bro


it was for valentines day, newboy


based milo blowing the lid off the pedo ring


you guys see that Q???
qanon…hes telling us something


who is we?


what do you mean by "you guys"?


sometimes what a prepubescent boy really needs is an older more experienced gay man to give him a safe learning environment to discover his sexuality and provide a loving, guiding hand


is that all you think about


as a gay pedo rights activist it's definitely at the forefront of my thoughts and concerns


one of the best bingo de bwapas so far


already posted this


bwappa what do you find so enchanting about fake ice cubes


why is this kid so obsessed with bwappa its unhealth




earwax smells like doritos


it's just brapper talking about himself in the third person




pads still sore from baste brapper scamming him


found pads channel


look at this guys jgf its not fair




big boys get all the girls


pad really does think too highly of himself




wait til you see the


the dude in this doc is fucked in the brain
i cant stress how bad he is at reading what people are thinking



File: 1540052062356.jpg (87.54 KB, 620x828, 100309-um-v-msu-fbc-sparty….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


cringe hours


cringe compilation lotion


padling will never recover from this


this is offensive in some way and should be removed



my pad luh do cocaine


the fine people of sparta do not deserve this


i swear to god i told you retards not to ask toot for a halloween theme
i told you he would half the site up
but no you fucktards wanted your shitty fucking skeletons
its as if you havent learned anything in the last 2 years


he would FUCK*


toot stop halfing the site up


ok i cleared the cache and refreshed and its back to normal


does 162 have secret boards?




he doesnt know about the secret board lol


what do you mean by "you fucktards"?


i meant you specifically


we have a secret xmpp


thats where brapper plots his revenge


who is we?


we is we


was about to laugh as i remembered that there are people who pay for porn before remembering that i bought some at dmm…bros….



free porn pay porn doesnt matter your just fuckin yourself up good


File: 1540052934588.png (5.18 KB, 305x149, fffff.png) ImgOps Google


shame on you bwappa
treacherous otter


brapper get on fifa


i want to be sexually active with an attractive girlfriend so badly


brapper get on toontown we need to scam the children on that game



who is we?


get on sm64 120 star
we're doing races


this guy makes aggressive and rude posts because he's sexually frustrated

toot actibayt the incelicide feature


who is we?


reminder that hot big boy can speedrun half life opposing force at blazing fast speeds


brapper unblock me on steam and apologize or the harassment will not end and i will cancel the loot crate shipments and reveal your home address to the thread


File: 1540053346316.webm (1.19 MB, 576x512, 1539543549099.webm) ImgOps Google

we dont go there anymore


File: 1540053415405.webm (3.74 MB, 640x640, 1539577556819.webm) ImgOps Google


File: 1540053441110.png (340.9 KB, 717x860, hbt.png) ImgOps Google



how do you know when people are speedrunning live
is there a website


31st in a literal what category lmaoooo


the speedrunning section on twitch dumdum


does this mean hbt is finally going full tranny






wish based finnish god samura1man would run more zelda tp


thanks ill use this one


File: 1540053737590.png (31.64 KB, 434x327, IMG_3840.PNG) ImgOps Google

>wish based finnish god samura1man would run more zelda toiler paper


theres a marathon going and no srg thread
what happened
did janny kill them too


where did you get my picture


its hailing right now!!


who is we?


and in wisconsin its snowin!!!


hail hitler


srg has had maybe 4 threads in the past 3 months, they all eventually get purged (or fall off from inactivity) and no one bothers to keep them up


the seasonal nose bleeds have already begun for me


File: 1540053958443.png (178.22 KB, 535x401, neti.png) ImgOps Google

its time


File: 1540053973054.webm (1.88 MB, 842x500, 1516065624958.webm) ImgOps Google


hey thats me


me in the back


its because of the trannyspam


this only makes it worse


File: 1540054295155.webm (413.89 KB, 310x464, 1516489979732.webm) ImgOps Google

here you go, the epic gamer gf you dream of


is this real


too bad kojima owns her


my incel rage is building up bros…


reviewbro got an xbox from taco bell


the way she leaned into it i thought she was gonna start deepthroating the controller




i used to speedrun


wonder what his gamer tag is


reviewbro used to post on scv newshit


what did your run


your mom




i cant say


smw 96 exit


fucking mushgorithm


tossboyo get back here and disrupt these freaks





I warned you punks

Thread delete in 1 minute


ugh hate waking up this early after a night of drinking..


sickzii loves gaping my hole


what was your cod record


File: 1540055421431.jpg (200.39 KB, 692x1034, 1537083947346.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wish i had a big belly gamer bf


"what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the rape of which his body is capable"


wish i had a lean sickzii bf


File: 1540055489205.png (810.26 KB, 849x704, coinercoiner.png) ImgOps Google



red and basepilled


ban this pedophile toot!


“you see my dear, daddy is going to sell these pics of you for bitcoin”


mush algorithm putting this low quality race baiting in my recommendations


that was in my rec too


lets see what this is shall we


hmm ah yes chinese people eating bugs and dirt hmm yes


dumb stink bitch eating meet


just ace'd all the spiderman challenges



Alvaro Ortiz
3 years ago
when a child say me "CALL OF DUTY IS A MASTERPIECE, A ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART" i remember this game and i say "shut up rat kid"



this is what we like here



*imagines beating her up*


Why doesn’t your admin like you guys? Why no Halloween theme?


what do you mean by "you guys"?


you niggers


Ubuntu MATE is stealing the spotlight (and that's a good thing)


heres why


i wouldn't like a girl that made that facial expression seriously trying to be sexy. if she was making that face as a joke i could poke some holes


you're fucked in the head beerboy


ugh cp spammer is at it again -_-


it's art dude



my mom bought some mega millions tickets..


File: 1540058564526.jpg (144.23 KB, 750x1334, Dp7QFJ7VsAAV-Mm.jpg orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i dunno who





*slips on over to old.reddit*


someone post the zoomer vs boomer lawn mowing picture im going to make my own emblem


File: 1540058909055.jpg (101.54 KB, 1200x768, Dg8eAYfW4AAmvuJ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


my 7zip isnt there when i right click a file. i have to open the 7zip program and find what i want to unzip.
this shit happened to me like 5 years ago too


grug like classics
quake 3 was good game




you need to associate the file format with the program


get on quake live


more epicness


File: 1540059241745.jpg (71.16 KB, 1024x768, DdGakV6W0AY0fpP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540059268128.png (530.64 KB, 800x450, ceo.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1540059298865.jpg (57.42 KB, 491x581, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


it aint even like that


File: 1540059319626.jpeg (14.81 KB, 474x316, chris_hedges.jpeg) ImgOps Google


reeki is latino not viet


File: 1540059399941.jpg (63.54 KB, 1271x654, 1540010008177.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i heard reeki's real voice on his stream he sounds like a strong 100% white male with a big belly


the male body was designed to r***


yeah and he said "rape" on stream at least twice
that was troubling


lmao did he actually write this?


File: 1540059718114.jpg (269.29 KB, 1680x1050, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i ran out of layers..


going to play q3 with the boys tonight big dog clan meeting should be epic


see me in chess right now


alpha as fuck


File: 1540059811784.jpg (186.35 KB, 445x599, 1537089961798.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whats your rating?


play me chess nigga


feeling lonelier than ever before


doesnt matter ill make a game


it says 'layer used 15/64'


super gm here


codbro here


i thought up one of those memes
there could be one where the zoomer is playing mario 64 and the boomer walks by and is like "i love this game i used to play it blah blah, i was really good" the whole time just show clips of the zoomer doing speedrun glitches and invisible wall stuff while the boomer watches horrified
and then end with some boomer reaction face or "whats fun about this"


not worth my time, youre probably that anime cheater anyways, kid
i have a lot more to lost then you stand to gain, kid
grind your way up then get back to me, kid


oh im dumb.. i had to scroll down to get more.. i thought it was 15/15




big dog just text me need to hop on the server


File: 1540060074410.png (114.48 KB, 414x366, 1540012390496.png) ImgOps Google


weather report is so cool…


you probably suck shit at chess dude


now you may speak


they've got a steezy vibe


lmk when you hit 2400 then ill consider it


File: 1540060214006.gif (331.18 KB, 500x325, meowth-s.gif) ImgOps Google


name 3 chess pieces


whats the 8th move in patzer opening's main line for black?


now youre just embarrassing yourself


knight to d7


yeah you dont know how to play chess kid


stop cheating in chess then maybe one day you can run with the big dogs


lol tossbaby gets exposed again


i take that back i had them confused with a seals & crofts/ air supply soft rock group
i hate jaco thats why i've heard of the band before


anyone could google that question it proves nothing


well i was talking about the jojo character


File: 1540060426268.gif (2.66 MB, 680x328, meowth_s_dream_come_true_b….gif) ImgOps Google

meowth is a hound dog


you couldve answered it in a second if you actually knew how to play chess


i ask questions i could google because id rather get help from the comm


nice animators drawing the red one with giant childbearing hips


have you heard pad's voice? he sounds like a psycho


youre obsessed with him


seething padshit


>brings out padder out of nowhere for no reason
lmao tossmangboyo youre a riot


one of my guys also has a noisy jazz band side project i dont like as much as his solo stuff too
it's kinda free


*climbs on your back and rides you like a rodeo bull*


File: 1540061017517.jpg (281.55 KB, 1680x1050, Untitled2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what do you guys think


>le tossboy conspiracy


File: 1540061087062.jpg (34.9 KB, 620x976, izzy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

pads google history


*starts whipping your ass*


what happens if you just spell out 'nigger' for your icon


why would you even lie about playing chess lmao


nigger download windows toolkit and activate windows right fucking now. how can you live with that activate windows overlay


File: 1540061373122.mp4 (2.5 MB, ltg_LOOKATTHIS.mp4)


ltg is our guy




Public string trust_MSM()


#include <Cnn.h>


okay thats enough reddit for today


they sure love their programming


File: 1540061674803.jpg (53.5 KB, 400x400, farmville.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

just checked in on my cotton crop for the first time in almost a decade…
its the only thing ive done on facebook that wasnt a shitty waste of time


File: 1540061708697.png (1020.57 KB, 746x734, 2018-10-20_14-54-54.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1540061731120.png (241.63 KB, 690x728, cat_by_im.png) ImgOps Google





it sounds like dinosaur jr so far


what do you mean by "you guys"?


i like it


so terrible got it
listen to real music like kmfdm skinny puppy ministry tool quake 1 nin ost


listen to some real music


did toot break the site
why cant i see any replies


cringed like what your parents think?
you listen to this while drinking craft beer with pops or the bros?


refresh the page


not him but yeah


i only listen to the real heavy shit
im talking burzum electric wizard sunn o kmfdm skinny puppy etc



i don't like that music at all but what really makes me hate them is that i can't stop myself from picturing the kids in high school who liked those bands


time for your bath bwappa you stinky boy


File: 1540062537838.png (36.44 KB, 782x216, 1538790707908.png) ImgOps Google


stinky bwappa


youre obsessed and delusional pad


post the 10 hours of bingo screeching compilation


oh my god


post deletion is not allowed


File: 1540062642030.png (151.22 KB, 512x512, NightshadeOutfit.png) ImgOps Google


why is brapper a stinky freak otter


thats corporal major baste brapper to you civilian



File: 1540062742334.png (335.61 KB, 456x777, Screenshot from 2018-10-20….png) ImgOps Google



the flag
put it back on


gleepy what do your falseflag instincts tell you about this one


File: 1540062802888.webm (1.47 MB, 640x360, gMqQ.webm) ImgOps Google



let them im, nazis


Sunn O))) is the only really good band there. burzum and electric wizard i dont really need to listen to again and i didnt like the new stuff for both bands but that was around 2000ish so i probably missed a lot




im in your ass tossboy
im deep in there


drump let them in
these are human beings
our future neighbors now let them in


sickzii makes me feel like a real woman…



think i might go on the beer+cig+mega millions run tonight…




a star of david on the truck


just let the girls in and let the incel freaks have them




yeah gimme a guatemalan whore mexico can keep the dudes


this caravan reminds me of the trains going to concentration camps


my bish clock cheese from here to guatamala


tossboy im about to initiate phase 2 and go feral on your ass


wish i had some alcohol


toot ban the pol dullards


whats the latest update. did it get into mexico? mexico wanted to stop them. their southern border is serious shit 1000's and 1000's of guards.
so if they got through how? theres that train the beast they ride through on but that cant hold 4k


ban the forcetard




toot we need more spicy latinas here why arent you doing anything
make a spicy latina theme


CIAniggers get some money to the mexican templars problem solved



who is we?


this is a demon


that's a dude, dude


File: 1540063369997.png (1.3 MB, 964x620, 04a.png) ImgOps Google


who is we?


i'll get back to you with some spicy latinas in a little bit


i was actually asking about >>469906





never seen goodfellas


its good


i saw goodfellas after i was nursing a hangover from drinking two pints of vod.. was bored through most of it


holy shit its there…


same not even shawshank, alien or the godfather to completion




my autism has turned me into the most powerful human being on this earth


goodfellas will be a treat to see for the first time. i saw it kinda late in my 20's same with scarface


i want to suck sickzii off until completion


godfather I & II is GOAT the hype, the meme is real

shawshank seemed too sappy last time i tried watching it because morgan freeman is also a meme now


didnt go to the sparty game because theres a mumps outbreak at UM


File: 1540063913737.webm (965.85 KB, 1280x674, 1540007643888.webm) ImgOps Google


i think all americans should be killed


actually i didnt go because i dont care about football but there really is a mumps outbreak


spreadin their diseases across the country is the wolverine way


+1 genocide the whites


might watch a movie…
maybe kurosawa
maybe something else
i dunno


try to find a single picture of that truck showing the door with the star of david
every single news site crops out the door


youre not white padshit


please sickzii let me suck



*belly bumps you*
put the flag back on fucking schizo animal




doesn't live up to the original



why would i want to genocide myself, retard?


think the webm is fake? its not


sickzii hit the back of my throat


we definitely have to kill this guy >>468778


because youre ill in the head


all i can say to this is


you've got something twisted in that fucked up little beef brain of yours. i'm not white, i want to genocide whites because they're evil it's pretty simple


File: 1540064597723.png (7.75 KB, 1021x154, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1540064599405.png (203.19 KB, 511x350, 1540057808263.png) ImgOps Google

youre so fucked up
literally damaged


none of this woulda happen if it wasnt for drumpfs hateful rhetoric


times up whitey


vichan is so fucked
when i remove the delete button it removes the style selector


who is we?


why would you remove the delete button you dumb incel


i think others parts are also broken for me like seeing the replies in a post


File: 1540064779852.gif (Spoiler Image, 111.15 KB, 576x448, 1532755167762.gif) ImgOps Google


>If R*pe were Legalized - 01
this is what we like


toot ban the bad poster
you know who im talking about


animated hentai? i barf
mangaka hentai artists? true art


470000 is coming up!


dont ban the bad poster because im pretty sure its me


robocop, they live, happiness, bully(larry clark), or one of the "famous" good horror movies by the big dudes japanese(miike), italian(argento, or korean(park)



actually im the bad poster


*watches a movie in a language i dont understand*


my cult leader got in trouble for talking about rape




what good is a cult if you can't r***


why so hostile?



are you supposed to put that much butter on chicken?


he said something edgy about rape and the news didnt like it


File: 1540065066840.jpg (171.04 KB, 704x810, 1537764691339.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

suck my cock incel nigger




gonna go with yes since i have no idea how to cook


he cant be incel anymore if he just got an offer to suck cock…


File: 1540065230760.png (158.59 KB, 640x640, too.png) ImgOps Google


i've narrowed it down to the killer, branded to kill, a woman is a woman and tokyo fist
i might just watch some porn and jack it instead


toot why cant i see quote stuffs anymore what did you do




File: 1540065291819.png (78.08 KB, 278x767, padderlegion.png) ImgOps Google


you sneaky ah


File: 1540065348097.mp4 (727.5 KB, sneakyuhh.mp4)


i don't even eat meat anymore and i could cook chicken better than that
you don't need any butter to roast chicken and he uses far too little seasoning
just a little olive oil then rub your seasoning into the skin





just the typical toot stuff
trying to add a "cool" new feature to the site and breaking loads of shit in the process
you need to clear cache and refresh the page it works fine now


if i do that i have to cleanse my skin with rubbing alcohol


Mega Millions draw climbs to $1.6B jackpot after no winner selected


i fucked it all up dont worry ill fix it some day


my mom got 3 tickets


she sounds fucked in the head


no its still fucked up


good luck!


File: 1540065596268.png (112.72 KB, 800x800, fat crying wojack.png) ImgOps Google

>no its still fucked up


thinking i could buy a lotto ticket of my own and if she gets a winner i could switch hers out with my losing ticket


no that the dust has settled we can finally find a new home and ditch this celibate freak admin for good


it works now i put everything back to normal


toot how many lottery tickets do you need to buy to have a 1/1000000 chance of winning






File: 1540065712903.jpg (396.62 KB, 2048x1536, 1539991827224.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


+1 lets go back to vg


File: 1540065747721.gif (396.79 KB, 300x100, 1528573875037.gif) ImgOps Google

yo toot add this ner


suck a fuck dude


no way
posting on the 4 is a fucking nightmare i dont ever want to go back


why would we ever go back to vg
they have rules there



it's already added


lets go back to a site where we have to spend 2 minutes answering google riddles to make a 1 line post :D


that looks pretty comfy
id add it if it wasnt anime sorry dude make a gook one


they know don't they?


File: 1540065852894.jpg (79.35 KB, 1080x1080, friends of Bentinho-Massar….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this video is for people who didnt watch the bentinho massaro intro video yesterday and have never seen him:

for the people who've already seen that one here is a video that gets more in-depth for anyone who wants to learn more about bentinho and make a change in their life:


dont pretend to be me


File: 1540065872980.jpg (13.55 KB, 300x100, Untitled3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

idk never seen it before




brapper unblock me on steam someone just gave my youtube comment a thumbs up you need to see this


oops forgot my trip teehee :3


dude your brain is fucked
no one else is confused enough to care about this schizo bullshit


capitalistic hollywood will only make shows for the cisheteronormative audience, and therefore showcase non-cishet characters only as tools for the primary characters or audience (i.e. queer eye or any drag tv show)


File: 1540066006065.gif (931.85 KB, 300x100, 1505108628602.gif) ImgOps Google

this is the only gooky banner i saved




buy a pass idiots


i made that oc but as a normal pic and i only posted it 2x i think. then some based dude made that into a banner


select all chimneys
you got it wrong XD


somebody's really cranky today



File: 1540066224008.jpg (48.93 KB, 540x551, 1539972088985.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


don't like the /co/ image reposter


why doesnt toot love us anymore
he built this comm with his bare hands
hes the leader of a group of funny witty and caring boys
its an important role in society and now he wants to curbstomp the server


i was surprised to enjoy that after seeing the thumbnail


is that sojung


no i dont, 162 will always be here


hes DONE with this shithole
and who can blame him, really


toot moved on to tea :/


it's seulgi


File: 1540066400603.webm (270.41 KB, 1280x720, toontoll.webm) ImgOps Google


one of the good guys


File: 1540066402812.jpg (27.03 KB, 699x379, 1535504371504.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1540066431903.webm (83.37 KB, 480x360, GNOME.webm) ImgOps Google




toot i think i made a math proof or possibly a paper today. i need you to review my idea


File: 1540066449576.jpg (54.13 KB, 640x480, 1537667323139.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


more of a ubuntu MATE man myself


File: 1540066519257.jpg (314.81 KB, 1061x1500, IMG_3741.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


based and redpilled


based nig


le based xD
kill yourself tootshit


dont post pictures of me




File: 1540066877876.png (320.67 KB, 1066x850, 1540062864813.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1540067144030.png (415.49 KB, 467x584, chris_hedges.png) ImgOps Google

America: The Farewell Tour



File: 1540067181152.jpg (414.21 KB, 601x601, 1537644592295.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


josephinesclubElasticGirl ⚠️⚠️
reginaroadsVery sexy
denkaadekykSooo hot 😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹
bobcwolff…inside AND out !
geo1owI'm all In!!!!
kpiliswordI want 🍑🍑👅👅💦💦
fluffygreenpandaI love it 😍😍
azmiryohanuHey, let me be the camera man lol


File: 1540067233768.png (106.08 KB, 1000x1000, bicycle.png) ImgOps Google


Hedges has taught college credit courses for several years in New Jersey prisons. He teaches a course through Princeton University in which the class is composed of half prisoners and half Princeton undergraduates.
yeah lemme read this guys book, i need more niggers integrated into my daily life


File: 1540067320870.jpg (78.83 KB, 417x792, 1540065306101.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


can girls who arent latinas be spicy? (colombians and brazilians will be classified as latinas for this excercise)


bra incels
holy shit


do they pump charcoal down his throat as soon as the camera stops?


*hops on the caravan*


one time a gook sharted diarrhea all over my face after eating a bunch of kimchi is was spicy as hell


goddamit padshit


File: 1540067711705.jpg (50.75 KB, 500x666, 1451112227352.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


what was the details of the brapper and pad steam trade


File: 1540067829933.jpg (89.87 KB, 790x564, 1490556287424.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*floats king*


love me some skol this time a year
*chugs a 1/4 full penguin mug of skol*


why are kikes so ugly


girls love big boys im tellin ya


toot is there some kind of provable lower bound for algorithmic complexity based on the relative entropy of input to outputs


its incredible how this board is somehow worse than 4chan now


they almost never breed outside their group. it isn't incest, the jewy features arent going anywhere


you mean even with all the normos on 4norm
i highly doubt it tbh


toot for the love of god


i took the blackpill m-morty im *burP* incelrick


hes joking obviously
id actually rather be a /tea/nigger or himaped than a 4norm, it's sad really


i dont know if that is entropy used correctly. i kinda know what it is


norms are better than mentally ill losers who have nothing better to do with their times than come up with multiple personas for themselves


i dont even know what blackpill is




look into information entropy


‘I am not ready to let her go’: Boyfriend of Kerch killer victim breaks spine in suicide attempt
Hours after his girlfriend, injured by the Kerch shooter’s nail bomb, died en-route to a Moscow hospital, Armen Badalyan jumped out of an apartment block window.
this guys brain was so fucked but no one around him could tell


is that a cry for help


it''s a red pill that gives up and stops trying


why are people so melodramatic these days


File: 1540068368979.jpeg (40.29 KB, 474x435, (JPEG Image, 474 × 435 pi….jpeg) ImgOps Google

>bro just look at the world and take the blackpill


look at this 4chan post
who is this guy


your brain is fucked bro


i only learned how it works for fighter jets


all these sad blackpilled young men SHOULD be out there romantically dying and killing each other on the battlefield, full of the zealous pride you can only win when your life is on the line but instead there are no wars its so dumb


this is art


i dont wanna go to school
i just wanna sip the skol


speaking of which i think i'll head to the liquor store



thinkin about slop


File: 1540068760144.jpg (82.26 KB, 1280x720, 1539723870949.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


havent had fast food in months im proud of myself


im weedcel420


the slow food movement


slow food, slow history, when consuming things we always choose the slow option..


2 double cheeseburgs
1 small fry
1 of those gay little frozen coffee drinks

thats the meal for me


number 2, supersize
hurry up im starving


coffee has caffeine in it





coffee has caffeine innit


File: 1540069074311.png (985.77 KB, 964x660, 46b.png) ImgOps Google



damn she got really famous off those couple of clips


what color pill if you know the truth about blacks and jews?


post meowth dip shit
or mew


it's called the retard pill


we support israel here


in which of the pokemon games can i catch mewtwo


i support israel to be destoryed


the cartoonist got a bunch of money and bought one of those computer draw things. now his backgrounds aren't colored pencils. i dont know what to think


if here is the USA you are correct


what if your tourettes made you say gook


if the "palestinians" dont like it so much why dont they move? checkmate anti-zionists


we need to infect his pc


we need to airlift bobob and then nuke tel aviv


File: 1540069483534.png (2.07 MB, 1459x1086, 62.png) ImgOps Google


what happens when you're in court and they pull up a picture of that post as evidence


in court for what


shadow lisa?
this guy is stealing from christine weston chandler


dont even know what pokemon that is
only recognize meowth and clefable


that will just give them "credible reasons" for moving the capitol to jerusalem they can play on the news


my paranoia is not healthy


hatecrimes from your past


one of those on the bottom is like gardivore or w/e
seems like a lot of nerds are attracted to that 'mon cant see why tho


cause it has an elegant dress and alluring gaze


gaze at my ass daddy


i think that one's kirlia, evolves into gardevoir


cant even sleep ive been thinking so hard


there are a few pokemon go themed porn scenes but i didnt want to see them.


i saw a doujin where eevee had big puffy balls


i always catch that one
the only really hot pokemon


post it


i like to find femal trainers in the woods myself


cod double exp weekend!


i prefer belt fish myself


finally new pewnews


File: 1540070369709.png (174.59 KB, 835x583, vore.png) ImgOps Google


sickzii please vore me


love this


my washing machine hits just the right resonant frequency of the floor and causes the whole to shake violently when its on the wringing cycle


the corporate world is a jungle


File: 1540070506518.mp4 (842.65 KB, padboy.mp4)


*tunes in*




someone made a fake news article that said elon musk buys fortnite and deletes it
and elon retweeted it


i should invest in a coaster


File: 1540070887085.jpg (344.98 KB, 630x905, 2612704.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




roller coaster or drink coaster


a drink coaster of course you crazy person


File: 1540071054663.jpg (27.03 KB, 500x634, a9868746fd5642904153f40bfa….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540071091801.gif (1.13 MB, 726x400, 1520640069092.gif) ImgOps Google


toot man you need to do halloween


toot hop on cod


i wanna be in a festive mood


make the jungle leaves fall leaves :O


pop off in the liquor store finna cut


where do i find that saudi scat camelfuck porn?


the "dark web"


your done, kid


we're looking for that saudi guro dismemberment porn vid actually


okay but whats the difference between that and the DEEP web


we need to make a cod clan..


dark web is a thing
deep web is something you just made up


sigh too heterosexual for death grips


thats exactly what the deep web would want me to think…


162 is the deep web


just gay enough for sickzii


i wanna play a video game i wanna play a video game


get on cod!


its kind of weird how often we redesign our clothes when i mean its not like our bodies or lifestyles have changed very much


oh wow


its simple really.. my 3 part plan of drinkma sipma and playma tonight


File: 1540072022425.jpg (75.22 KB, 800x773, 39659be76a3d69b676fe252997….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540072058318.webm (3.9 MB, 540x960, 1539786741120.webm) ImgOps Google


why are you being all pervy its chore day


dont click



File: 1540072453404.jpg (152.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Goblin Slay….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*copies tolkien*


its bread


lembas bread to be precise


i never had melon bread


how do you know what bread it is youve never had it before


textiles dude


File: 1540072736365.jpg (317.23 KB, 1680x1050, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

look at all those dubs!


Thread is major wee woo status right now

Might delete it…


but then tins get will be gone forever…


2.67 kd? yep, gonna wanna bookmark that game film


my kd ratio?
its not good


do it pussy ass bit ch


love these


five doesnt divide eleven


no rape in this gobslayer ep either
this show has fizzled out


the rapes stop p quickly


and that's a bad thing


im trying to see if i can mush myself so hard that im in that cult for real


rape isnt funny or cool


File: 1540073128713.jpg (56.64 KB, 500x375, #962eb4cbc29ec6832c372d44b….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

skol hole'd


word it's just sexy


cant imagine how bad my winrate would be if i played with brapper


toot is a cult leader


File: 1540073222837.jpg (79.7 KB, 680x417, thecar.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


is it a cool cult


this meme isnt funny


File: 1540073302718.jpg (326.07 KB, 549x664, 1534717256432.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lol this guy replies everytime


yeah the whole thing is a little funny to me


post the one where hes playing fps


well he doesnt talk to us
he's doing the thing that happened to the rashneeshis when the the bagwam decided to stop speaking for years

related: if you need something good to watch peep "wild wild country" on jewflix its awesome. its not gay like the title sounds. its fucking insane the cult gets control of the whole town w/police
its only good thing ive seen on jewflix in the last 2 yearsr


its boring and you suck


how do you know he's not posting without a handle


if it was boring then why did joe wogan recommend it and i watched it?


toot is an enormous moron if he believes a board will ever be good without a minimum of moderation

i should be that moderation


File: 1540073788922.png (1.3 MB, 1577x900, 1540058388552.png) ImgOps Google

>i should be that moderation


anyone who wants that kind of power should never have it


nice 4chan pic


File: 1540073859074.png (177.44 KB, 406x499, 1540062436164.png) ImgOps Google

>nice 4chan pic


real talk the only poster id trust to moderate responsibly is beerboy


i wouldnt trust myself thats for sure


id be a good moderator but im not looking for authority, im kind of cool like that


*goes down the skol hol*
*deletes all the posts*


there could be coordinated raids that happen while hes going to the liquor store.




>t. incel


same *dabs*


we're still with her here


we are


File: 1540074351312.jpg (241.37 KB, 1920x1080, Neytiri_4362.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

would u bang a blue girl from avatar
me? yeah


yeah me too
anything that isnt white


no shit



if you want to post you have to connect your usb blood alcohol calculator


depends on what she smells like


File: 1540074541066.jpg (848.61 KB, 900x1249, 59b.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whos banana boy


just saw some soysultan trying to refute a polteen in a twitch chat by saying
"there's no such scientific thing as race"


blueberries she smells like


bro you were doing so well


is it pikachu


the sultan of soy lmao


please keep us posted


please dont


Don’t ever call me a bit ch again sick freak


pretty much zero hangover today


I would be a fair moderator


imagine having a jap gf…


File: 1540074885353.gif (1020.27 KB, 500x281, mixbm8ORMo1qhcjd6o1_500.gif) ImgOps Google


I would pin posts like this and ban all the haters and chads and tranny fags


tossboy we told padley to dial it down but he has gone rogue


When I’m mod I will mod him too

162 will have perfect harmony


File: 1540075056562.png (Spoiler Image, 177.33 KB, 720x773, 1528128085375.png) ImgOps Google




are they teaching programming languages in high school now? need a zoomer to keep me updated


toxic post toot ban this bitch


File: 1540075110663.png (114.48 KB, 414x366, 1540012390496.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1540075173597.jpg (74.45 KB, 800x660, 7b7df91fb4c1fad12bf597f0db….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Funny how pad changes file names but still so obvious


*pleasures my testes and glans most cummaciously*




File: 1540075266283.jpg (29.01 KB, 343x408, 1540070548973.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540075272331.jpg (247.9 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0003.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

an average asian gf…
that is all i need…


new kumbi


Got called into work to clean the hood vents today
Took them off fine but couldn't get the screws to line up right when I was putting them back on so I had to duct tape parts of it up there


an average anime gf…


you could have asked someone for help


File: 1540075609149.jpg (113.41 KB, 750x1000, 1538953384960.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this is what we're into


If I’m made mod all scv will have jgf kgf or big booby braces wgf by 2019





If I’m mod I will also permanently ban all clean posters


this new schitck gets a big ol yawn from me kemosabe


if i'm mod i'll permaban that guy who spams furry tumblr comics


you have my vote


mod this guy toot



stop talking about mod


Too be fair the comic spammer falls under the tranny faggot category


speaking of mods, it might be time for the boys to play stardew again


First act of mod will be to permanently ban eros

Second to mod padley

Third dab on toot



i think i'd last two days before killing everyone


Play a drm free game you zoomer window fags


File: 1540076056938.jpg (94.3 KB, 1152x618, Captura2.JPG.d57a333ed5eeb….JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540076121001.mp4 (1 MB, padbrap.mp4)

deranged brapper sexually harassing padboy


brappers fucked


File: 1540076204211.gif (782.18 KB, 500x272, nijnoiYPhT1tadw3qo1_500.gif) ImgOps Google


you're an eyesore bro take a hint!


i might have a new favorite dr. hook song




whos ready to play some monop!


it wasn't meant to be. i like their song "sharing the night together" more. i do not have a new favorite dr. hook song


Peweaeze mod me pweeese

I pwomise to weap wuin an diswupshion ehweeday


couldnt even get 4 players last time


i tried the default login but it didnt worked :(


lol got your password owned nerd


it was kinda late..


i really shouldve but i was mad and swearing because the last times they've had this done it was done by a professional cleaning service but they wanted to cheap out this time


i tried
username : toot
password : cykablyat


haha :D


really do love that brazilian dog dancin


it means they trust you to good a good job




this cod is epic
i still suck dick but its fun as hell


ugh that makes me feel guilty


this is satanic


im getting older and i sometimes need a little help with memes . will comm help me out with stuff i have trouble with?



this is a zoomer only web portal
out with ye boomer


yeah sure


dont worry we have at least one resident zoomer



they make the text on those things so damn small you can't read it


undertale? now thats a good game




if you love anime you will buy blu ray disc


mind brappening that pewds stopped making good videos the moment i subscribed to him


thanks for the late response!


fuck you dude


every vid pewds makes is gold


thanks for the quick reply!


i got baited by that mod link earlier


File: 1540077476580.png (650.08 KB, 1131x436, Screenshot from 2018-10-20….png) ImgOps Google

alg thinks i'm a hypermanbaby






okay toot this deserves a ban i think we can all agree


File: 1540077598218.jpg (47.84 KB, 676x426, 1520181051968.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yeah hold on let me call him


bellygod frog


hey thats me


linus torvalds is a fucking nigger




“This is toot, it’s about brapper”


we need to talk about brapper



our dude is streaming again


let's develop scvOS



We need a scv controlled knife wielding webcam bot in pads house


padder is done with you
he said on xmpp


yeah thats what pad said on xmpp


balisong wielding


I’m on xmpp dumbass new fag


yoyo off-string


File: 1540078366473.png (8.03 KB, 320x240, 1530216018608.png) ImgOps Google


how come no one saved terry…


Now the yo-yo fag is back


he was mentally fucked


no youre not why the fuck are you lying again?


*lies about playing chess and being on xmpp*
based tossboy


File: 1540078506117.jpg (112.38 KB, 640x856, RSQTKs8bfv1tfiv2aloWzTtSc8….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i never left nigger


epic meme he does it again


epic always replies he does it again


*rises up*
why didn't you listen


simply eric my dude why dont you post 50 more


why is padder gaslighting tossposter again…
just let people funpost why do you have to be such a rabid dog always barking at people


join the clan


how did you get this butthurt
who owned you into the stratosphere with one of these pics


He’s mentally ill but I still like him

Wish he would blog more again

Always had good posts


uhhh this guy doesnt like my vteen memes? epic butthurt lmao


File: 1540078771675.jpg (142.91 KB, 1101x1177, 1540072090451.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what do u guys think about this
he thinks eating chicken causes some nervousness disease or something


"he's mentally ill"
*goes full obsession and lies about playing chess*


as someone who never encountered these images outside of 162 your reactions seem disproportionate to the stimuli i'm only trying to come up with a hypothesis to explain this behavior


as someone who weewoo weewoo
shut up retard


Your an envious bully

I’ll pray for you

Maybe study the tea way since you’re so jaded?


i wonder how long itll take for outsider art hipster norms to latch onto this


no im not good enough
ive never been good at fps i dont want the boys to make fun of me


watchin SJWs getting owned


how do we time the bubble pop?


which bubble is poppin


are you kidding me


i dunno man i sold and stopped lookin


the boomer bubble. once our population stops growing and we no longer allow immigrants we're gonna hit japan levels of eternal economic depression


i'm going to get a picture of terry for my wall to put next to some other heroes.
i can weasel the printingfrom my moms work. nice color printer with nice semi-gloss paper bigger than 8.5x12 but less than 11x17


dylan klebold and eric harris?
real american heroes



is it an office? thats weird to me that people really work in offices


the word mentally ill gets tossed around here a lot. its never been annoying to me ever because everyone is actually mentally ill… grow up poster? i hate that guy so much i gnash my teeth


its not one guy retard


imagine working in an office
thats gotta be suicide fuel


according to webop 9-5 job is equivalent to jail


another fucking day has come and gone



*sits down in cubicle* ahem
this is the life for me
*makes copies*
"i need the balisong august sales figures on my desk NOW"
yes sir
*makes more copies*
*stares at cubicle wall*


*puts this in a gay furry tumblr comic*
oh yeah that's gonna get the likes


i imagine its now more like that show w1a where no one does anything except dodge responsibility and try to justify the existence of their position to whoever is above them


File: 1540080404562.jpg (184.76 KB, 800x1200, milk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Rio… not again…


i think it's funny to change plural and singular things on purpose. when i write things i misuse grammar, most of the time on purpose again


File: 1540080494466.mp4 (1.65 MB, Snks2r7.mp4)



one job i had i worked more than 400 days straight without a day off


i can tell you've never worked a day in your life before
it's more like:
*coworkers engage in mundane conversation 1*
*next day*
*coworkers engage in mundane conversation 2*
*next day*
*coworkers engage in mundane conversation 3*
*next day*
*coworkers repeat mundane conversation 1 as if it was new to them*
*next day*
*coworkers repeat mundane conversation 2 as if it was new to them*
*next day*
*coworkers repeat mundane conversation 3 as if it was new to them*
*next day*

ad fucking infinitum



Saw this on reddit before it went full poz




i remember watching that shitty show to look at the girl


File: 1540080761697.jpg (7.14 MB, 3828x3235, mexican maurice.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hermano reeki tomar asiento por favor


File: 1540080953794.png (270.72 KB, 320x480, Anna_Wu.png) ImgOps Google

i hope you're referring to this girl


6 episodes of iron fist and watch every jewel music video… that really old chris isaak video on the beach "i dont want to fall in love with you" theres way more garbage i only watched because there was a cute girl but im blanking out.


File: 1540081186586.png (462.23 KB, 755x342, IMG_3904.PNG) ImgOps Google


to gay too watch shitty media to see a roast


File: 1540081208679.jpg (218.34 KB, 1200x1200, strange_premiere_henwick_7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this one


File: 1540081232570.png (65.99 KB, 600x454, 1506655432423.png) ImgOps Google


get this roast outta my site


I could own this negroidozoid in chess whenever I please


it's forbidden roast
thats why shit gets so crazy when a GRAV goes JAV


File: 1540081326080.jpg (32.05 KB, 600x450, my ironfist gf - 2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




I’m 100% loyal to curi

She’s saved her hymen for me


no she hasnt lmao


Fuck nigger

She’s 100% a virgin


File: 1540081657398.jpg (140.69 KB, 569x422, IMG_2809.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540081669995.png (177.05 KB, 1262x668, 1540078383819.png) ImgOps Google


r/roast me


fucking bastepad dropping the condescending tinface on that ass



brapper delete the thread


hey guys


tonight? we game


Why torment me?


its cod time!



File: 1540082017833.jpg (200.12 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3079.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



Who is brapper?


ugh ignored again


some troubled schizophrenic fuck from 4chan who cant stop talking about himself


we're all from 4chan


it doesnt count if you migrated during the great exodus
hes from qa


uh huh sure kid


You will rue the day



remember lolcow


touch me dont touch me bro


what'd'ya think the tooties gonna look like this year


a big gay retard


who won what last year?


dude fuckinf retard talking to me


seems like youre the one that cant stop talking about him B)


literally none of those posts were mine
and 100% of them were yours


we respect brapper here


File: 1540082551413.jpg (34.17 KB, 290x290, npc_meme.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hey thats me


are you denying that you made this post (>>470469) talking in detail about the brapster


love forcetard hours
keep up the great work team :)




antibrapperteen getting owned rn


im the guiding light of this comm
you guys would be so lost without me


our moral compass






ubuntu mate finished downloading B)


this is for him
our shining star…he brightened up our lives with his smile & love
our beaming…beerboy


*gnashes teeth*




if you use windows youre pretty much an npc


uhg janny chan didnt win the 4chan contest


leave my only shining star


had grilled cheese & tomato soup


File: 1540082935042.jpg (910.7 KB, 2480x2480, bully (elsiee).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i hate to be the turd in the punchbowl and ruin the fun

50% of vags have a visible labia minora. thats the roast beef that hangs out

50% of vags the labia minora isnt visible. those are the ones that if you look at sideways they look like a burger.

not all roasties have mudflap pussies
some pure virgin christian girl have sarlaac pits
onetime this cool roastie girl showed us her mint box and told us about all that stuff




gleepy just btfo the entire thread holy shit


gleepy youre fucking retarded stfu


that shit was omegagay everyone will forget about that dumb shit in a week



saturday night, the kids are home trying to act tough


not janitor chan she was cool


ok but that wasnt wrong what i said


File: 1540083044578.jpg (27.03 KB, 699x379, 1539576498432.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1540083074697.jpg (165.83 KB, 1018x1024, 1536541318920.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540083075869.jpg (60.36 KB, 1000x922, 1534891475504.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1540083095397.jpg (70.63 KB, 959x710, 1444191533183.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1540083133083.jpg (331.29 KB, 1024x768, 1534527922735.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i've had enough out of you today


File: 1540083172485.jpg (93.57 KB, 640x1138, lgwa7ivwlct11.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

id watchh it


this dude is brilliant



time to play a game


when destiny made a 3x3 smeltery
this was when i knew he was a retard
just make a 1x1, smelt stone in it, and build it up from there its just wasteful
why do people watch this idiot?


watcha playan


instead of gay it should be crazy
everyone tries to gaslight each other


if he's supposed to be like me on my computer he needs a blindfold, he knows way too much about what he's doing


maybe stardew valley, found someone to play with… a play date


i fucking hate him
i dont watch him


tea/ is closed

Open in 01:04:26.


basshunter - dota



gleepboi dont tell me you use windows…



windows users rise the fuck up


wonder if sumo wrestlers get premium pussy


saw this on /tv/ i guess that guy stole it from reddit like you


*quake voice* skinny puppy, kmfdm, nin, took, and ministry




File: 1540083742718.png (21.42 KB, 315x259, thanks for the gift.png) ImgOps Google


*squeaky gay voice* coding some pull requests for lichess did i mention i play chess at 2400 but i dont know what patzers opening is


sumo looks the most like big animals fighting of any martial art


sickzii is responsible for my ass not working


why is 'egyptology' its own field


its been nearly 2 years..


that formula could be used for tons of different variations. pretend to be priest, vegan, have 180iq, professional chef, professional sports player (you can pick the sport) etc


whalepool is saying that you wont get the chance to buy bitcoin under 6k ever again…


ill never get my weight under 300 ever again


not with that attitude


*slaps your big fat belly*


more please! tell me more about what's happening in coins!!


die slapper


spelar lite dota


(i hear ya man)


File: 1540084114198.png (22.93 KB, 894x894, (PNG Image, 894 × 894 pixe….png) ImgOps Google


what is webop


kpiss… in my wmouth…


shits getting crazy in south africa


what happened now


thats what happens when niggers are the majority
this is why we cannot become minorities in our countries
niggers are savage, short sighted, stupid and brutal


Envious retard that doesn’t know reactive programming with scala and play

Whittle niggero bwain


britfags found all the egypt stuff in 2 huge bursts of finding tons of crap, 1800ish and 1920ish mrcheology was a only a hobby back in 1800 so they called it egyptology because thats all they were studying was history of amcient egypt


we need to help create a super generation
half white half asian
and then start our own country


or a super race yeah thats what i wanted to say


'We are not calling for the slaughter of white people - at least for now': South African parliament votes to SEIZE white-owned land as experts warn of violent repercussions

White South African farmers to be removed from their land after parliament vote
The motion for 'expropriation without compensation' passed by a landslide
It was brought about by Julius Malema who said white farmers are 'criminals'


but 'egyptology' still exists today there are academic 'egyptologists' why arent they just called archeologists


40million of em
memorizing racial statistics and racial crime statistics is time well spent


its called the philippines and its a shithole


what did the football boys think of this


but its probably more fun right
cigs are only 50 cents


coming up i was told to take what a nigga need


that isnt even from this year is it


File: 1540084631596.png (340.15 KB, 645x479, whitey.png) ImgOps Google

muhfuggn wypipo gibs me dat bish FUCK GIBS ME DAT FUCKING BISH *grabs an axe and splits your skull*


a month ago


botox isnt a word in scrabble?


i will probably end up linux when i finally retire from gaming
slowly but steadily heading there..


remembered seeing it some time ago


bro how effed is your brain if time dilates so munch that a month ago seems like a year ago


niggers are violent fucking feral beast niggers


niggers are feral fuck beasts and that's why they can fuck my ass


that was cool yeah

what u think aobut this



maybe its a trademarked name of the procedure or something


these retards do nip shit now


As a Virginia born/raised resident who turned 51 recently - I can confirm this play sums up VMI football very nicely.


just beat this guy in cod and told him to stick to tdm


never thought i saw it a year ago i just remember seeing it some time ago so i thought it was from a previous season


my back hurts when i lay down on it


Time-division multiplexing (TDM) is a method of transmitting and receiving independent signals over a common signal path by means of synchronized switches at each end of the transmission line so that each signal appears on the line only a fraction of time in an alternating pattern. It is used when the bit rate of the transmission medium exceeds that of the signal to be transmitted. This form of signal multiplexing was developed in telecommunications for telegraphy systems in the late 19th century, but found its most common application in digital telephony in the second half of the 20th century.

savage bro


bros i think the feral niggers are trying to get me


are they trying to tongue your anus


grow up


theyre trying to kill me i need to dfind my dads revolver


File: 1540084978550.jpg (59.61 KB, 880x490, zahi.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

they only study egypt stuff, the word still works. better

"starting today you are called: the leading archeologist that specializes in ancient egyptian pottery" from the 16th-18th dynasty"

based Zahi won't let it happen


wonder what my dad is yelling about while he slams the cabinets


most archeologists probably only study one specialized area they dont can them mayanologists though


we already knew about this here


word we love (TDM) here


i bet they have a secret name they dont tell to strangers


my secret name that i dont tell to strangers is my real name thats the secret


get on quake live


File: 1540085283937.png (122.23 KB, 477x404, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_dra….png) ImgOps Google

halloween soon


were playing cod now


get on cod


theres old magic in a name, you should never tell anyone your name


my name? forrest whittaker


my names randy


just destroyed someone in scrabble, sheeeeesh


internet scrabble is just a bunch of cheaters


was typing this myself


saint stiles sebastian


so we playing skrib? 'poly? 'urviv'?


File: 1540085573008.jpg (180.62 KB, 761x421, 1523389433430.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

where is he DRUMP


what would you name your kids


padley why won't you talk to me


id name them short syllable nouns


*virgin logs onto cod*




one time i used all my tiles to do "asshole" and it crossed all these other words and i won



*makes a pbase account*


what the heck is pbase


its how i made my fortune on webopoly




love it when nips say american curse words


4 hours until its drinking time!


this kind of degenerate art has no place in japanese animation


whats degenerate about it


it reminds me of all those weird shows 4c used to make


girl : i like helen helena emily

and boy : alexander randall sebastien


File: 1540086056514.jpg (45.01 KB, 960x828, 1537909792533.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wont you sign in stranger



it prides itself on being ugly and "weird"


File: 1540086116797.jpg (62.23 KB, 679x627, 1539350776701.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


its not ugly though its the opposite of ugly its like hello kitty


File: 1540086272507.jpg (65.8 KB, 463x600, 1538015998304.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


one of my favorite pics


are you retarded
in the first two minutes: a gross city littered with trash and graffiti, everyone swears, the character force feeds another character garbage


Someone find tinny and bring him back here


File: 1540086551964.jpg (597.87 KB, 1280x960, falimeta.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fuck yeah


you must be blind son


nah your brain is just blinded to these kinds of things because you regularly consume western shit


checked my neighbors facebook and apparently shes driving their dog up to come stay with someone.. not sure if it means permanently or not but maybe


'its ugly i saw some trash and graffiti'
lol ok dude :)


that guy wasn't kidding about the spidey challenges x_x


yeah you would know


ive passed go 7 times and still havent won


are you proud of yourself young man


I'm still here wabbam


guess il have to move on to throwing bamboo seeds over the fence so they finally move


Kidney stones

You’ll have to be hospitalized


youre playing monop without us




linkspam i ignore


can i spectate skrib



May have to kille padley


im up to 8 hotels this game in NUTS


i got kicked from the skrib


beerboy just got kicked… lol…


It’s lame nigger shit

I left


File: 1540087775928.jpg (7.22 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3991.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

he forced my hand and your drawing made no sense


passed go 15 times…


87 million net worth


are you guys playing skrib and monop at the same time


the toon wins again


any skrib game hosted by brapnig is bound for disaster


Seriously? You’re a fucking loser leave beerboy alone you sick freak


File: 1540088160848.png (235.09 KB, 407x333, 1539573464677.png) ImgOps Google


never thought our comm would go behind our back to single people out…


yeah? well next time think twice before you think about thinking


It’s padshit he’s fucked in the head

Never trust a Xanax abuser


xans are a medicine


wouldnt mind spermin inside sofia vergara


why is brapper and pad in a ventrilo server together


sickzii sperms in me


tried this thing with the pepper where i do a spoonful of it and lightly put it on the chicken.. ended up drowning it in pepper.. oh well..


The internal comm bullying disgusts me

Never coming here again


>he isnt in the 162 vent server
ugh ban the uninitiated



thats not lol at all idiot


dont know what im suppose to be loling at


buncha 'tists having 'tism


we have autism right here


162tism is like a candle to /vp/'s supernovae



you link weird smiths songs (but its ok)

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