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New thread.

/tea/ friends edition.


how long have you been on T?



File: 1538008433825.jpg (83.1 KB, 1920x1080, et2clbf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I couldn't install the .exe file.
I downloaded it, but no matter how much I clicked it wouldn't install it just did weirdo freak stuff, okay? XS




bro linux doesnt even use exes


File: 1538008482798.png (103.48 KB, 1280x1358, 5859b12f711f64423aa5e04f.png) ImgOps Google



add me on discord gleepy#9488


this isn't me


File: 1538008552522.png (115.12 KB, 303x452, Character_artelinde_large.png) ImgOps Google

I noticed that!
It's like some freaky weirdo computer program!
I couldn't even get my skype phone to work!


IT WAS SUI>>447030


shut the fuck up
nigger cattle


im spamming your schizo freakden extra hard for this


File: 1538008629728.jpg (107 KB, 1200x675, DoB2MQlXsAAQuxW.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

few hours to go..


skol sipper get on epic games launcher


is this the real gleep


real gleep hours


gleepy here, no


im on my main account


get on skol sipper or add me


File: 1538008716264.jpg (16.19 KB, 236x236, 3f5cee4bc8ebd855b19657aadf….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Delete this before the janny bans you.
Racism is never okay! Apologize! XS

Don't be mean.
Follow the /tea/ way or suffer the consequences. :)


nigger lover


i followed the tea way and still got banned
its just a bunch of tranny circlejerkers


File: 1538008761649.png (42.44 KB, 544x650, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google



this is some viral marketing by ttot


tea opens and closes everyday, newfag


File: 1538008810709.jpg (43.59 KB, 600x800, v1sqfav5xzpy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Follow the /tea/ way or suffer the consequences. :)


it was me all along fart dot com
fart fart fart fart xD


accept my add moron


File: 1538008872569.png (167.46 KB, 964x665, 30.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1538008998080.jpg (16.26 KB, 306x540, 2eb8lqo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


flaming hot fritos burrito




Apologize for insulting /tea/, or suffer the consequences.


see me on fark


the quality content of daftsex.com


i just had fag chills


shut the FUCK up


File: 1538009339256.png (259.32 KB, 587x477, 1496564221586.png) ImgOps Google


are these the consequences?


File: 1538009388302.jpg (33.93 KB, 1024x575, a58a7ac1751d2a97eb92890ec4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Final warning.
We, the /tea/ coalition, will accept a 500 word essay for the lampooning you've done.
The buck stops here.


i've got fag chills
they're multiplyin'
and i'm losing control


an arena fps quake live wgirl gf…..



wgirl lol


>When I am not gaming I enjoy traveling the world with my fiancé whom I met on Quake live 5 years ago. Who said video games isn’t a dating app? Our next trip is to Chile to hike 80 miles!

omo…. meeting a gf on quake live…. imagine


who is we?


File: 1538009558998.jpg (269.22 KB, 3413x4096, IMG_20180926_174735.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wonder if she has a pip


imagine slicing all padshits fishless aquariums full of japanese rocks in half with that thing


File: 1538009603977.jpg (113.89 KB, 735x720, 1292889102550.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>Final warning.



>you will never have an acquatic rock tank
why even live


File: 1538009737994.gif (787.56 KB, 500x281, Kurumi_evil_laugh.gif) ImgOps Google

I guess this means war.
You wont like what's about to happen.
We know your admin isn't here to actively ban certain immages immediately.
Here comes the 5 minute count down, that can be stopped with a simple written 500 word apology.


brapper get on fortnite


File: 1538009760968.jpg (166.98 KB, 1024x692, charming_fuehrer.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i've got that hitler



are you okay, anime?


you got baited bitch

no one even knows who you are or why you're posting here


who is we?


was nice until the vocals


File: 1538009827560.png (43.74 KB, 320x240, 1307242391301.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1538009855285.jpg (260.29 KB, 633x758, 1523559068294.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


just kidding guys its me

did i get you riled up lol


i like vocals like that…


lol you baited me bro

baited me good


you aint fooling me
you aint the real tossboy


namaste pig skin bitch


yep thats tossposturd


kfmdm ministry and skinny puppy


fuck you dude


it's been over 5 minutes dumb bitch


oh look its the guy that pretends to be /tea/ again


ok i ate one of those jalapenos and theyre hot as fuck!!!!!! i asked my mom about hte ones they put on salads and i guess i was looking for pepperoncinis


youll never get to play quake with us bros




just fuck my shit up





where's jerry



you still here?


so glad willie came back


chris i know your here


philip when are you going to apologize


steve reporting in




we aren't named that


File: 1538011512942.png (111.52 KB, 492x474, 1531736609140.png) ImgOps Google



im steve too lol


kenNIGGER here


baste kenbo


grow up, kenny


brian here



cant watch twitch anymore because of the ads its not worth it


toot can you add twitter embedding


my name is arash


toot can you delete the 5 pages of spam on the catalog


index w/e


i like keeping it natty


who even uses teh catalogue lol


why did you spoiler?


for dramatic effect


my name is aram


*practices the fortnite dance*


toot kill these niggers


why did you spoiler?


for dramatic effect


File: 1538012139204.png (593.99 KB, 1169x662, sickjoke.png) ImgOps Google

now theres a good one


ikr they have some really niggerish ads


this is freaking



Binance CEO: 60% of cryptoexchange volume fake? We can’t say it isn’t


i just beat brapper in an atk race in fortnite after giving him a head start



turt you seein this


File: 1538012490865.mp3 (609.12 KB, contracts.mp3)


CZ is in on it


wish i had some gay sex magic right now


lol thats really pathetic brapper
is it true brapper? you little shit? get in here and explain yourself






nice love these guys


*pops a truvada*


i cant watch this jesus christ


didnt make it through his first sentence
watching this


tin if you got like a little bit fit and went to japan whores and their cucklord bfs would be all over you


gays look so deranged


i heard brapper cheated in the fortnite race and STILL lost!


the best thing we can do for this planet is shed our gay cum on it


magical af


she's korean tho
just go to korea instead


he then stole my vehicle and drove away


you guys see the new twitch update?


rescind your lies or i post the replay
we both know i won the race with 1:40 after you bumped into a wall
i took your car because you destroyed mine





take one for the pain
two for the sorrow
take 3 more if you dont wanna see tomorrow


one for the hole
two for the toll




File: 1538013904761.gif (854.18 KB, 300x217, IMG_3109.gif) ImgOps Google


>Someone exploited the core bug to generate 0.1 BTC out of thin air in Testnet
bitcoin is dead


rip anderson


why didnt saffimeme amadaeus stop it


File: 1538014013982.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

me at the finish line beerboy crashing into the wall




what a drunk tard


that was me taunting you after i had already won.. its like running back a touchdown after the game has already expired


its simply not true, how could it be? im the one over the finish line





it's more like leon lett's fumble recovery


beerboys gonna need another sip after this


game looks like ass


go into the replay and show us starting at the same point


it doesnt matter where you started that was your choice
you claimed you beat me and it isnt true


don't be a sore loser


never knew beershit was this whiney


*crashes into a wall*
stop laughing! its about what i want!



File: 1538014550322.jpg (514.72 KB, 1680x1050, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

before i decided to taunt brapper.. explain yourself


beerboy smashing his car into the wall over and over again in dragon rage after he realizes his mistake cost him the race



remember when anime cheated at chess lol


what does this prove… you still lost the race with an embarrassing skid


brapper used a red shell


oh fuck you dude. my algs!


the chinese miners are bringing in extra hashrate
they're preparing to print unlimited bitcoins
it's over


File: 1538014784607.webm (3.43 MB, 1920x1080, uI7W.webm) ImgOps Google



oh no no no look at the trees





oh wait diff knife hehe


knife mush



File: 1538014983893.jpg (64.05 KB, 900x680, 5b6567352de999.04321667153….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

gonna rewatch ping pong again…


gonna rewatch childrens cartoon again…






File: 1538015094623.png (1.21 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3853.PNG) ImgOps Google



what is our favorite tyler perry film?



its a good show


File: 1538015279176.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.49 KB, 540x586, 1537087190604.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>please respond


*posts inane shit*
please respond









me too but im also in pain


File: 1538015659938.webm (2.01 MB, 460x460, Hz8k.webm) ImgOps Google



the brapper special


is that you gleepster is your back better


i cant watch this
someone's legs are gonna snap


i need more speedshitting documentaries to watch


behind the hatred there lies


how does that even happen
dont you need to put in that amount of force for it to spring with that same force


this is exactly what I think watching these now
when is it gonna happen when is it gonna HAP- oh


brapper ready up


File: 1538015883236.png (594.53 KB, 640x480, 1476306922269.png) ImgOps Google


it's not me but my back is ok but it took 2 weeks



File: 1538015998304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.8 KB, 463x600, 1510103018532.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


tardlaughing at this rn


stop clicking on this mass-recommended garbage


publix dot com


wonder what kinda watch that is


you know what time it is


is that ice poseidon guy still streaming


it's 10:44 pm eastern


cant imagine him doing anything else now





the music ruins this


alg was reccing this like a week ago


hate the normvids you guys post


nah it's a lever


what do you mean by "you guys"?



kinda want to drink tonight.. dont want to feel bad all day though..


lol this is a good one


yo i saw my man the other day he say he need a hand out


mousu mousu


some guy started singing this on overwatch team chat a few days ago so i reported him


oh wow we've got new threads for months


File: 1538019634882.jpg (207.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1522965915892.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





could hop over to the natty shack and pick up a pack of ciggies


czech girls….


fuckin them in the pooper…


you need a cigar



getting smelly feces everywhere


*wakes up at 5 am*
ahem fellow norms


plastic surgery doesn't make much sense to me. if my face so ugly i wanted to cut it up to change it id just wear a mask




a certain croatian boy??


not a slav


dua lipa…


cyewtie kroat boyz..




thread sucks


lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to


*relaxes and/or studies to them*


texas tech +4 vs #12 west virginia


*slits your throat*


162 is getting spammed all the time but toot is too sussed up in hrt and shopping for thigh-highs to do anything about it


im here you know



File: 1538022078397.jpg (45.99 KB, 600x524, CbmCL7IUEAEpukM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>im here you know


File: 1538022121187.jpg (1.6 MB, 2320x4128, 1538019317681.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I started drawing yesterday. I know it's not the greatest, but I wanted to draw something for /tea/. I want to keep drawing and become a good artist worthy of a few booru posts.


File: 1538022153599.png (47.63 KB, 439x370, 1538019674529.png) ImgOps Google

not him but heres my masterpiece.
took me a while too.




File: 1538022179092.png (423.44 KB, 680x680, 1538019732183.png) ImgOps Google

Can I posit that the idea of telling someone to giveup is so irrational everybody should immediately laugh it off? Or is that an unrealistic expectation of adults?


That's fair enough, but not how I look at it.


Being a total stranger is what makes it a joke. The potency of the joke is larger because I draw too.


How the heck do you manage to almost throw out your social security?! That's pretty much the closest a wage slave will get to holding real GOLD in their hands.



just love laughing at teatards


toot were being spammed again you estrophile


3 posts isnt spam overactive nuthead


File: 1538022458218.webm (1.33 MB, 640x800, 1537596075821.webm) ImgOps Google

i like this


File: 1538022644356.webm (1.55 MB, 640x800, 1538021086480.webm) ImgOps Google

and this


File: 1538022711220.webm (1.15 MB, 720x1280, SandyCooperativeCub.webm) ImgOps Google

especially this!



to drink tonight or not…


just have a few sips


enablerbro back at it again


i just have to get back to my 16oz of vod.. the last two times ive gone back to the bottle and poured some more shots and had 18-19oz which gives me the all day hangover


whats wrong with a few sips


pringles: once you pop you cant stop
vod: once you sip you cant quit



where do you find these…



nice redditnorm




dope sick and sobbing at the gates of hell


a.k.a. the sweet spot


the skol hole


all this talk about it and im getting my urges…


try drinking less but faster


wonder how tinny feels about them removing irl from twitch




my go-to is 3 shots in the first hour







someone just gifted me a sub to based wq….




rec me something to watch


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yup that'll do


the minds of men


when i roll up in those red rolls
white ceilings


thats almost 4 hours long


the men who killed kennedy 1-?


ugh guess who just cleaned out the soup mug…




gonno play dota


guess who just weighed out the vod


thinking about the times




he vods…


video on demand


guess whos sippin vod!


>BlizzCon virtual ticket comes with a demo for World of Warcraft Classic




i need some ginger beer




we already played nostralirus and elysium.. me and vodnvape played together


File: 1538028763162.png (2.77 MB, 1600x900, 1488227560367.png) ImgOps Google

me and vnv :3


File: 1538028827159.jpg (54.07 KB, 634x487, CbmCLrXUAAAQGox.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


sigh i got matched against arteezy's 5 stack and got my bhole turned inside out dota sucks


furry and necrophiliac


bobob… his jbutt…


i hope we can all set our differences aside when vanilla wow comes out for real, and all make alliance characters
not faggy goth hordes


im not adding any of you to my battle.net friends though i dont want you messaging my friends


but this is a horde comm


who is we


undead best overall racial tho


dont cry for me
im already dead




make a fresh account


there we go.. 4 hits with the bat since its raining and i got the dog barking and them yelling at it "no bark no bark!".. think it might have been exactly 12 hours since i was trying to sleep hearing it bark.. good morning!




i got a plan and a gun


original batboy didnt migrated here that post is beerboy gaslighting


File: 1538030885101.jpg (47.86 KB, 320x427, 550117666bd70d0a22a4aa65_5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


batboy is beerboy my dude




there is a natty+ciggie+bat+brown bronze sandal picture somewhere



used to ask for a water cup and fill it up with soda when i was a teen
apparently its illegal thought it was a 'life hack'


ah yes.. the sweet tomatoes trick..


theres an inverse relationship between the utility of a 'life hack' and someone writing about it


Kraken Rum

BUY 2 GET 10.00 OFF

Three Olives Vodka


1.75 L

FREE Three Olives Original Vodka 750 mL With Purchase

SAVE UP TO 18.79

lots of good deals at publix..


sickzii… let me lick lock your dick dock…


the magic of public gay sex



are you seeing the hips on irwin's kid
hoo boy


shut up slovenian shitskin


Jordan Peterson: What happens if you stay in your house for too long?


the single way to repay me for your betrayel is to buy me a virtual ticket pad
i will *never* readd you if you dont buy me one



this fallonshit is such a big skip for me


fortnite new season is soon..


fallon was killed and replaced by a copy after he failed so hard on the zany dance


cigarettes and thalidomide


based zoomers


File: 1538033144273.webm (1.08 MB, 720x1276, 1538032217912.webm) ImgOps Google






brapper whyd you message me then log off


i have to go somewhere


i thought toot said shed never unban bwapper?


shes so hoped up on estradol and tap water she doesnt know what the fuck shes doing



die pewdsnorm this is kumbi turf


kumbin my ass homo


pewds couldnt last 1 round with kumbi




kumbi is for incels


File: 1538035949595.png (156.59 KB, 500x425, 1387750918475.png) ImgOps Google


why the umbrella, anime?


our guy


File: 1538036580622.gif (669.32 KB, 1345x743, 1536993385307.gif) ImgOps Google


couple of games for the cringe comps


File: 1538036639331.jpg (117.91 KB, 746x799, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


who is we?


this clown has a yellow crosshair on a game that has a bunch of orange/yellow maps lol


*snorts a xanny*


*gets killed as pharah by a melee only hero*


i dont understand ow its just colors flying over the screen without any apparent meaning


its garbage, even the people who like the game know that
fortnite tier shit, lollipops and candy canes with quirky characters and bright colors


take your vent p2t off your OW in game bind or i ddos


it looks like tf2 for zoomers



omo that blonde bitch…


4:50am.. i did 6 regular slams with the bat and didnt get reaction.. one fence slam and one tree slam and the neighbors are wide awake because the dog is barking.. gave a few smacks going back inside to keep it barking


File: 1538038417220.jpg (111.45 KB, 796x719, beergirl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


we're watching this


the entire other team left a minute after i ended the stream
never had that happen before


gnight i guess


*prays for toots safe transition* uwu


its an early morning, but boomer-san thrives before daylight strikes


old people are demons


dude trannies lmao
trump winning the election was a mistake


theres no such thing as a mistake


what team was impact on before axiom? i think it was skt
i remember seeing him in a bw gookcraft documentary back in the day

anyway i'm not watching zvz
time for more overshit


time to see if mommy made food for me


a ton of my students didnt even turn in their work this week
time to scold


oh no no no no no no :D


nobody takes you seriously



thats because i treat my job like the joke it is
but the zeros going in the gradebook? those are no joke


someone is gangstalking me


blessed oswald


sickzii bought us boat tickets to cyprus its gonna be the best vacation ever!


grades dont even matter in real life


they assigned me to gangstalk you this week
just couldnt say no when i saw the data…


gay cruises with sickzii…


for these kids they do. they could lose their football scholarship


might have to call in again..


Mexicans always give the excuse that their car broke down


im iraniandad…


File: 1538052873435.png (1.4 MB, 1035x1185, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google



wanna bang?


im black&beautiful


anime ja nai


*dabs on you*


Wow some retard had a traffic accident and fucked up my day my clogging up the road for fucks sake why are people so retarded


maybe it was >>326970 having another sperg out


my pussy is so damn nasty


no it wasn't me


File: 1538055274570.jpg (79.75 KB, 728x500, 6YFmBV2_iywFb4_7O0tcTPj8N5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




my name is brapper and i cant lie to myself or the scvees anymore

im in love with the snake


File: 1538055629666.jpg (37.13 KB, 684x519, 2u94W4T.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



grow up





thats what the average frenchman looks like now?


oooooh boy what is my little drumpfkin triggered about this time :)


this aint it chief


yeah it is


File: 1538056783381.jpg (314.81 KB, 1061x1500, IMG_3741.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


old people are worse than the devil


young people are even worse tho


no they arent


when you reach 70 you get infused with demon blood


i have a big boy butt




can't wait to go sleepys


about to have a sperg out



i love you sickzii




ugh my favorite jeans have a hole near the crotch


so dystopian…


play it off as a fashion statement


ugh dont stare at my dick cleavage you disgusting sows


hey tooty boy when are we getting a 162 app


side banner first


162dating app


when i get a coin for the development costs


just had some nice stomach pain…hopefully this is a cool disease


just heard someone open my door and i live alone


this is epic..


goob morning


gotta go to work!!!

money in the bank gonna pay off all my debts next paycheque


calm down padshit you took too many xannies


we have no debt
we have no assets
maybe we should change that


maybe not this paycheque but next for sure…

being a credit card boozer was a mistake


File: 1538058826852.jpg (29.7 KB, 640x880, 7auddgao8qo11.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




que peso


i want a gift sickzii a golden gift


he wouldnt even give you a golden shower skank



he has given me golden showers before bitch


sickzii? is this true?




sickzii isnt home yet


im cooking sickziis dinner in his favorite sexy maid outfit :3


File: 1538060933236.jpg (308.07 KB, 705x1000, miku118.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i'm home now!


welcome home, vocaloid!


hi hun! *rushes over and jumps in your arms*
how was work loverboy?


he never sings for us…


File: 1538061194028.jpg (109.59 KB, 512x512, miku149.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



zii get on fortnite


File: 1538062096648.jpg (25.66 KB, 364x539, miku199.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i don't play battle royal shit sorry


its free theres no downside to trying it


File: 1538062202504.jpg (430.86 KB, 600x828, miku122.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i watched some streams desu and i can't get into it.

like destroying every object (trees, buildings) its kinda stupid.

and that building stuff i don't like it.


this is a brcomm now


just opened bloodmage thalnos


thats a good card…


brapper said that too once and now hes ranked #1 na east


File: 1538062422687.jpg (325.79 KB, 812x794, miku160.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i'd rather play that new cod with battle royal mod.

but i'm not playing it, i just don't like that type of game


what kind of games do you like zii :33333


the downside is wasting time dude


File: 1538062559116.png (1013.23 KB, 1200x872, miku146.png) ImgOps Google

at the moment, nothing.

i don't feel like playing at all


all grown up…


zii's playing hentai sim on his ipad like a little freakzii


coven of dusk is more complicated than i thought


looks both retarded and perverted


that's us


it's addictive
played it all day yesterday but there's a sudden difficulty ramp that makes me want to start over and pay more attention to the tutorial stuff


im so damn tired






tossbro is right
ios is better than android


File: 1538065426869.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1080, gg.png) ImgOps Google

>tossbro is right
>ios is better than android




a nigger saying pajeet is like drumpf calling someone stupid


grow up


grow up


what happened to hanakana
she used to be #1 va
havent heard anything from her in years

hmm maybe its because i quit anime all those years ago


drump is epic
phones are gay as hell


cartoons for children they say


bowsette and booette are gonna be starring in a kids cartoon


its better this way
hearing her in so many shows got pretty annoying


who are we shipping on 162? i squee hard over padxbeerboy




pad is a loser
bb is a god


im cool iran…


Bill Cosby Falls Down Prison Steps After Getting Hit By Hot Dog Bun

cant believe libshits want this upstanding black man jailed and are openly mocking him


he shouldnt have raped all those broads


i doubt the entire thing


honestly the prosecution failed to convince me


File: 1538068713112.png (13.08 KB, 754x206, 9659b8329fc4eb52c6f3cb127e….png) ImgOps Google


post your bel


. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
. . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
. . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
. . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\,
. . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
. . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
. . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
. . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
. . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
. . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
. . . .. . {.._ ;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
. . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
. . . .. . .\`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
. . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
. . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..\. . /\
. . . . . . \`~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..\,__
,,_. . . . . }.>-._\. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
. .. `=~-,_\_. . . `\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
. . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `\. . . . . . ..__
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–


dab on christine ford


File: 1538069036286.gif (61.59 KB, 1041x400, IMG_3852.GIF) ImgOps Google



File: 1538069080108.gif (61.59 KB, 1041x400, IMG_3852.GIF) ImgOps Google

what a disaster


okay now this is epic


File: 1538069122215.gif (61.59 KB, 1041x400, IMG_3852.GIF) ImgOps Google

1400 a day


don't you mean 1488 a day?


i'm going to bed


I'm staying awake


reminder that i'm not gay


is it fun to do that


*dabs on them*


grow up


File: 1538069320061.gif (61.59 KB, 1041x400, 1537953100288.gif) ImgOps Google



if I dab on a nigger will you stop spamming??????????????


burping. a lot. going to postpone bed time.



imagine getting dabbed on for hundreds of years


*imagines it*


>not animated


File: 1538069627753.jpg (24.34 KB, 332x484, IMG_3859.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538069635826.jpg (13.94 KB, 320x419, IMG_3457.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1538069645781.jpg (15.52 KB, 206x212, IMG_3458.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538069668383.jpg (53.59 KB, 375x500, 1276399510560.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538069684971.jpg (24.34 KB, 332x484, IMG_3859.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


toots gonna freak




this is more like the scv I remember


toots black?


grow up


hes nigger


grow up


what a fucking WHORE


File: 1538069913649.jpg (51.57 KB, 600x450, 1306644781176.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


love me some sade


grow up


love me some dabs


oh my~


r**ing ramu…
that has a real nice ring to it…


i'm like "there's no way he's gonna post it again" and then then he does and i'm like "lol!"


QAnon Fan Arrested for Threatening Massacre at YouTube Headquarters



File: 1538070153151.png (152.64 KB, 400x300, 1292824531969.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1538070225467.gif (61.59 KB, 1041x400, 1537953100288.gif) ImgOps Google



grow up


grow up


sexy & kawaii?


make me mod


toot lurking right now
rubbing his pip through his shorts in the meat aisle
hes got exactly what we're looking for


is it his BIG PENIS????


fucking owned


padshit just got btfoed


when you say pip do you mean cock


we dont use words like that


who is we?


were pip crazed here


the only thing she has going for herself is somewhat large boobs




cool these guys are finally doing robot stuff again


wonder when the next school shooting is going to be


tooty boy just dabbed on your ass


File: 1538073079529.webm (5.03 MB, 853x480, 1221.webm) ImgOps Google

*posts this again*


literally who and who?


brapper has a heart of gold he lets pad win


finna start dabbin at https://gensou.chakai.org/magic/


File: 1538074086380.png (58.68 KB, 1250x907, rules.PNG) ImgOps Google








i feel personally attacked


tinny's wheelchair bound now


tinnys diabetes is all in his head


in his feet too


fresh new video from our dude


no way man
he wasnt even kicked out
its all in his little head




coin dogshit dont click


File: 1538077935788.png (44.6 KB, 602x500, paypay.png) ImgOps Google


honto no koooto saaaaaaaa


post it


wtf why isnt everyone wearing a burqa??
i thought they were all crazy religious extremists?
have i been lied to?




thats saudi


iran, #1 most gender reassignment surgeries per capita in the world
those are all men


iranian tgirls….




love em


what would you do with em?


iranian dad's brand new boobies!!


File: 1538079477171.png (180.99 KB, 1269x501, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

he's right you guys are soooo toxic


mormon gook polygamy


File: 1538079548634.png (10 KB, 225x225, 1538077999258.png) ImgOps Google


is that from kpg?
is that even the real tin?


File: 1538079790924.png (252.9 KB, 1973x637, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google



but why didnt that toot over there remove the threads? is she just that inept?


File: 1538079894779.jpg (1.6 MB, 2320x4128, 1538019317681.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


toots a belligerent child not fit to run this site
he needs to mod me



link the thread?


>Kanye West's Yandhi will have XXX & 6ix9ine features
its over


yeah but thats because of a weird loophole in their religion that sodomy is strictly verboten but a tranny fucking guys is OK


ok, cool


woke up read the thread
baste toot has more testosterone left in his sack than i thought



>leaves spam up for hours
>theres still spam in the catalog
basuged tut :DD







kill yourself padshit


sasuga tootshitpiss


wish toot would piss on my shit


my mom keeps opening the window in my room while im at work and then forgets about it
fucking fuck
my room is freezing cold
i wish i could at least freeze to death


File: 1538080933116.png (47.63 KB, 439x370, 1538019674529.png) ImgOps Google

>while im at work






15mins thats a big skip residentsleeper


sorry im gonna watch john carmacks keynote



File: 1538081300336.jpg (162.42 KB, 850x1196, __madotsuki_and_uboa_yume_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


thats right toot
im not taking it back either


why cant i find this post on any archive?


the biz thread he posted that in is still up
just scroll up someone linked it earlier


oh i thought it was pol


File: 1538081542897.png (423.44 KB, 680x680, 1538019732183.png) ImgOps Google




*makes cummaroonies in the thread*


File: 1538081690502.jpg (16.02 KB, 604x438, cookies.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538082100158.jpg (54.79 KB, 500x669, 1500932822114.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dickzii…. i would like some, yes yes..


File: 1538082671309.jpg (110.57 KB, 667x1000, 1479321521476.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


nice you killed the thread gonno get coffee and then read i guess sayonara compadres


tin just got called a zoomer by a 4normer




nice screenshot you stupid dumbass piece of shit BITCH




its all magic normies say "get a job!" is the only thing they know how to say

they have no idea what theyre talking about

id probably walk my balls through broken glass to get out of my parents house


dick dock magic


why isnt tin responding to us…….


hes mad at us
thinks were goblins


because the weak fear the strong


ah.. waking up at 5:30pm!


File: 1538084159763.jpg (77.03 KB, 850x1206, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




that just something a gay guy would say


curi's live


have you ever forgotten what happened or been aggressive while drinking?




new kumbi


sickzii i want to lick lock your dick dock


yes ive called mommy a bitch a couple times made her cry et cetera


File: 1538085279442.png (395.47 KB, 750x749, 1536469332041.png) ImgOps Google


*trods off to bed*


cute idiot


beerboy get on fartnart


its fortnite time!


File: 1538087538893.jpg (200.02 KB, 761x421, 1523389433431.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1538087696800.jpg (596.26 KB, 1680x1050, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

loot lake is gone..


File: 1538087706819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.89 KB, 495x335, 1526060108346.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538087832206.png (469.86 KB, 960x540, tonevays4.png) ImgOps Google


buy the dip


File: 1538088189952.jpeg (37.62 KB, 470x338, schiff.jpeg) ImgOps Google


played a game of survivo and won but its boring the thrill is gone


File: 1538088247874.jpg (71.16 KB, 1024x768, DdGakV6W0AY0fpP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


survivio is fun with friends


get on fortnite!


last time i booted up fortnite u didnt invite me so frick off


File: 1538088895568.png (105.14 KB, 883x1024, owned.png) ImgOps Google

>3am i am released from my yugioh spectral tiger wow edging cocoon and proceed to insta fuck my brain on booster pack gas light posting


File: 1538088985117.jpg (244.24 KB, 1152x2048, 1443054319526.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


did the spamming kill us


toon get on fortnite


File: 1538089423818.jpg (65.65 KB, 700x944, DnbJ60dVAAAmM7R.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

gook morning!


drinking craft beer and watching the race on my 4k oled tv
this is the life


this guys loaded…


my expectation had my mouth run dry


how big


algo is recommending me pranks ~_~



that's on the front page of reddit right now. 100% niggerlishous retard monkey nigger cattle


grow up



whats wrong with that


are they wrong though?
yeah stfu kid


you just got btfo


wasnt me, i dont use reddit


reddit is full of niggers and nigger lovers


grow up


ban the spammer


broke kids fucking in the backseat of cars


77" its the sony bravia


eat my ass


if you're a man you need to shut the fuck up and LISTEN!!!!!


fuck men


im not gay!


File: 1538090762585.jpg (118.14 KB, 800x623, DoG8WX9VsAASfFr.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



thats some good shit


162 is reclining


hope we dont become one of those lame weekend comms…


File: 1538091253162.jpg (104.5 KB, 850x762, 1295908766057.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538091318984.jpg (574.03 KB, 1600x1200, vzo9AHF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

we did it!


File: 1538091324747.jpeg (48.23 KB, 253x229, linux.jpeg) ImgOps Google


mommy… MOMMY


File: 1538091365222.jpg (1.35 MB, 2528x2704, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

162 is reclining



brown skin pink haired moo moo cow


we have threads for weeks ready


File: 1538091558796.webm (2.92 MB, 800x450, I O.webm) ImgOps Google



File: 1538091563602.jpg (1.68 MB, 4032x3024, 1538083801307.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*enters my pc lair*


linux bros get in here now!!!!!!!
the /v/teens are spamming!!!!!


looks like shit


i want sickzii to spam his pip in my ass


linux bro AND /v/teen here
*fires up gnome*

*double clicks steam* im ready


new smokey


meet me on fifa


our fav fifa is '98


*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian




File: 1538092862802.jpeg (27.76 KB, 400x400, binance.jpeg) ImgOps Google




*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian
*blows your niggerlishous sports loving brains out metaphorically*

meet me on lichess on firefox on i3 on debian


i'm so mushed


really miss the martin shkreli and terry davis streams



remember when destiny thought he could outdb8 martin?


*headbutts you*


*commits securities fraud*
*taunts regulators*


yeah and he instantly got blown the fuck out then backtracked and said it wasnt a debate he just wanted to hangout and have a conversation
he always does that because hes a fucking retard


sickzii taunts my butt and it works every time


look at him thrash around


soccer season
football season
hockey season starts next week
baseball playoffs

sports bros…this is our time…


remember when destiny tried to debate ryan dawson but it became painfully obvious that he didnt have a shred of knowledge on the subject to actually have a back and forth conversation about it?




remember weewoo? dwestony?


oh yeah i forgot i like ufc now too

the big fight soon…

all these sports


its more over stimulated than tossbaby after a can of beer


reminds me of bwappa


so uh which teams do we support


i dont know anything about destiny after hots


fucking amber alert making my phone go off!


crazy how otter bingo mirrors our very own lives so closely
while being an oversized rat


remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?
remember weewoo? dwestony?


remember when tossbaby got over stimulated and embarrassed himself?


yes him and all his fans accused him of gish galloping or w/e some fag nigger debate technique to make himself feel smarter after he got blown the fuck out


my teams?
soccer : chelsea, tsuventus
football : msu, carolina panthers, detroit (farts) lions
hockey : wings
baseball : dodgers


wish i could find those old destiny streams of him saying nigger and gook and assaulting mia rose
wish i saved that tweet from when he broke his window and blamed trump supporters after trump just won the election


soccer is boring and gay so is hockey


now that i think of it so is baseball and the nfl


all sports are gay and boring unless someone gets seriously injured or dies


i wish tinny had recieved the monarch code programming via donald hump wed wound pet goats and driven hundreds of miles to destiny's house and blown his enormous manlet head clean off


yeah that would have been pretty choice


left my craft beer in the freezer just long enough that it started to slush
this is going to be an epic one bros :))


hes blogging from prison?


im gook


The cannabis bubble is actionable. I’d short TLRY, WEED, ACB, and the rest, and be patient. If I were at a hedge fund with a big “central book” (Citadel, Bridgewater, Tiger, Soros, Goldman Sachs, Third Point), I’d ask senior management to just write upside volatility or short common stock from here to eternity. Can probably make $500m to $1B.

*makes an easy $5oom to $1|3*


how much does weed cost in states where its legal


i can say with confidence that nobody reads your economy snooze posts


i read it


youre nobody


gleep whats the cost of weed in east mass


soccer is definitely boring and gay but hockey only gay and NOT boring


its from martin shkrelis blog


you don't know how to read


the only thing hockey related that i kind of enjoyed was that movie goon with sean william wheres my car


in hockey you have real tough guys punching each other out
in soccer they act like a bunch of pussies


would love a hockey bf


yeah you're all acting gay as hell


in hashbandiboo you go feral stim mode on plastic bags


gonna watch Mr. Woodcock (2007)


lol woodcock
like a penis


this freak is watching that old kevin bacon movie where bacon jerks off to kids loooool



its billy bob thornton you sjw faggot


Role Models (2008) now THAT was a good sean william scott flick


File: 1538094573536.png (10.98 KB, 881x143, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

back to back



this song bangs


yikes m8


is that you driveseki


i dvr'ed them

watching tucker carlson


took down all of fisks bases B)


the day tossman posted something about legend of zelda fairy fountain remixes being "litty" i finally realized that it wasn't a game, and that he was actually mentally deranged


based and redpilled +1


File: 1538094938385.png (154.89 KB, 582x845, 1235092856931.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1538094956730.png (319.39 KB, 485x275, Battle.net_2018-09-27_20-3….png) ImgOps Google

*breaks out the checkbook*
$50 to blizzard entertainment, please


zelda fairy fountain dubstep remixes are epic though


so are hashbandiboo dubstep remixes


ocarina of rhyme


in the upcoming big war maybe ill get to be field marshal or something


im weak from hunger


im not fit to take care of myself let alone lead anyone


have you tried lifting weights?




that's the stuff



thats why you'll never be a class officer in your WoW guild like i was. faggot


*does a lil jig*
stay nutritious, 162oos!


wow is so confusing

its like not even a game

its like microsoft excel spreadsheet number simulator

i dont know how anyone plays pc games like that when they dont even tell you all the controls and it uses so many keys


wow thats such an original thought great job


wow is for boomers


we're boomers


*raid leads for world first attempts*
lol i'm so stressed over something that's supposed to be a video game





yeah theyre just going to pull their code XDDDD


File: 1538095901140.png (199.8 KB, 529x594, 1534179346269.png) ImgOps Google




alt right hysteria is the funniest


it all went downhill from here


pads buying me a ticket


remember when beerboy lied about winning a race in fortnite


File: 1538096192805.jpg (78.73 KB, 470x358, 1427728937298.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

swede lol


but all the major kernel contributors pushed the coc commit and signed off on it


Dutch police arrested seven men Thursday suspected of plotting to carry out a "major terrorist attack" at a public event using explosive belts and an AK-47 assault rifle, the public prosecutor's office said.


ugh i just want a bf


that video is just alt right hysteria
utter click bait nonsense for zogged out nigger cattle


the plan worked out well.. hangover was countered by sleeping in until 5pm and playing fortnite.. now its time to lay in bed and watch football..


File: 1538096440107.png (180.19 KB, 450x450, OhGk3hvEFdQZBmJ-JiXBHlsM2T….png) ImgOps Google


well yeah hillary is a psychopath after all


*jumps into your arms*


whos on the right is that some kinda drumpfer




this shit has been pretty ridiculous


yeh hes drumpfs supreme court stooge


File: 1538097050474.jpg (69.31 KB, 1024x958, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538097139505.png (260.03 KB, 493x392, 1508737435553.png) ImgOps Google

i showed you my headwound predictions now answer me


does black lives matter still exist


its gone the way of the occupy wall streeters


File: 1538097598924.png (338.32 KB, 643x407, __madotsuki_yume_nikki_5.png) ImgOps Google


cute girls shouldn't show their pips off like that


File: 1538097770999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.32 KB, 600x513, 1537939502933.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


why not?


pokemon go to the polls


pokemon get the fuck in here


the rams are legit…


got cooper kupp on my fantasy team
and thielen from the skols


hope no ones running the skol dst..


90s anime just had better music


WHY NOT?????


how did you get a new tv?

did you tell daddy about how rio bwoked the old one? <|;o)


im watching a stream


File: 1538098791290.jpg (60.93 KB, 776x633, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


he started his wr against his defense.. a bold move..


brapper get on fortnite its halftime


dont know anyone in the league anymore
used to know like everyone on the titans roster in the mid 00s because of madden football games


*slams skol bottle into tv*
ooooooohhh daaaaadddyyyyy wio spildeded bweer over my tv and bwokeded it pwease bwuy me a new one :))


a fucking madman


File: 1538099198836.png (61.67 KB, 869x409, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

soon bros……

real soon…..


add/drops are $1 each time in the league
i decided to keep my dollar and stick with skol D…
a poor move it seems…


literally no one cares about tea


File: 1538099311694.png (78.33 KB, 1460x1027, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

i go to view /r/ice_poseidon and look what i get

this is what the left wants full censorship


*quarantines your comm*


basically my knowledge of sports peaked with the amount of time i spent playing xbox games


sports? gay


the madden with ray lewis on the cover? that was the premium madden


shut up you dumb sportsgay



last memory we have of xbox is playing halo 3 with the bros on the 360 and modern warfare

it will never compare to those old 'lo days of blood gulch and battle creek

and of course the online days of midship and lockout in 'lo 2


shut up tosshit you are too young and ugly to remember lan parties everyone in school hated the way you smelled like poo


yeah 05/04 i think i played the most
i remember the one with donovan mcnabb on the cover that was the first madden on the 360 sucked real bad


what does that mean?


i dont remember which year it was but there was an ncaa game where you could taunt, excessively celebrate and make custom signs for the audience to hold up and that was the best one i think


think its bullshit those kikes at EA would take content out of new installments
i should be able to excessively celebrate after every touchdown if i want to ill take the penalty just give me the option to do it


sounds toxic as heck


you should be able to make your nigger gorilla fuck the other guys nigger gorilla in the ass after you win


yeah sure why not


File: 1538101549383.jpeg (64.46 KB, 1280x720, jesus.jpeg) ImgOps Google


remember those 2 guys that shot that guy? lol


what about them?


File: 1538101649745.jpg (203.61 KB, 960x540, stance.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

remember when toot tried to take tinnys food bowl and tinny bit him?


theyre getting fucked by the long arm of the law
the jury will call for the death penalty


i hope so
less nigger cattle around


texans cant resist the urge to kill


still dont understand how a situation like that can escalate to shooting but i guess thats just nigger cattle things


their brains were baked by the texas heat the situation was primal


the situation was primal lmfao





imagine sickzii picking you up and leaning you against a wall… omoooooooooooooo


imagine sickzii getting jail time for the countless people he has raped…


im ready for fortsnort…


you dont go to jail for that in croatia


File: 1538102672311.png (148.08 KB, 371x353, 1537390341244.png) ImgOps Google


fucking pig BITCH


what's wrong with your face, anime?


File: 1538102938317.jpg (211.58 KB, 680x665, 1535330840380.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1538102981765.mp3 (355.88 KB, song.mp3)

what song is this?






i dont understand why is there a hearing when none of the women who came forward have any evidence?


boys will be boys


File: 1538103249124.jpg (86.73 KB, 768x768, roqjrj2aquo11.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google






lindsey is my nigga


what the fuck is going on over at america
is this what it looks like when an empire starts to crumble?


flossed my teeth there was blood


bush flipped us bigly


i blame the nigger


miss bush-era political flash cartoons


brapper get on fortnite


i miss bush-era vagoo


royalty free youtube song?


well no kidding but which one


my waist to shoulders ratio? well under control





out of control


etweein awdwyssey dewicwuh bweasts







thats exactly what i imagine the gas lighters as
nothing but a crowd of niggers chasing cheap thrills at the expense of tossboy


user was banned for dat ass


guys should i apply to uni?


whats the degree






its a scam dont do it


its over teslabros
the dream is dead


anyone can sue anyone for anything


File: 1538106085025.jpeg (110.29 KB, 1280x720, jew.jpeg) ImgOps Google

you just know this ugly fat fucking jew orc had a meeting with some sec faggot and they came out with this to save his underwater short position



elon…his vision…


>going to r*




>your tweets made irrational ppl act irrational, we're gonna sue you now


>A case in point is the famous poll undertaken by Tide in 1947 on the subject of the "Metallic Metals Act." Americans were polled on this "act." Seventy per cent of those polled gave an opinion, 30 per cent did not. Of those having an opinion, 21.4 per cent thought the act was of benefit to the United States ; 58.6 per cent felt the matter should be determined from case to
case; 15.7 per cent believed that such arrangements were possibly of benefit abroad, but not in the U.S.; and 4.3 percent said the act had no value. But the most remarkable thing was that there had never been such a thing as the Metallic Metals Act. Yet, there was a public opinion on the subject.


y'all just went to reddit lol


no that was from the book im reading


they're all just nigger cattle


what kind of sick fuck would make up a poll on a fake thing?


brapper just hid all game and won..




File: 1538108331745.png (55.86 KB, 446x400, 1514189215535.png) ImgOps Google


[FRESH ALBUM] Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V


i dont know what the proper dosage is but my mother bought be a whole package of pills so ill just swallow whatever the fuck and see what happens


hello this is joey from joey super cool food reviews


File: 1538109251002.jpg (293.07 KB, 765x994, 1538107063836.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


one multivitamin a day unless were drinking.. then two vitamins..


It's called multivitamin, doesn't it make sense to take multiples of them? ;)


File: 1538109574339.jpg (1.42 MB, 2448x3264, 1435539963511.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


who was camera




i… may have took too many pills…




i'm artie


1400 a day


i played a game of dota then was reading now im gonna smoke and cig and read some more after


are you reading a gay story


uh we don't play dota here


install fortnite already


the political illusion (1965) i posted about it earlier

also no to normnite




after this im either going to read 'money & power' (1984) by ellul or re-read against nature by huysmans or finish the life of david brainerd


its crazy weighing yourself after taking a piss and seeing how much liquid you expel


bread goes in the toaster
toast comes out

you can't explain that


ive never seen a single episode of seinfeld


just realised beerboy meant "spray" when he said bloom
thats so fucked up, who calls it bloom?


you're missing out


its called bloom in fortnite dumbass


brapper get on fortnite its time for another 5 hour practice session




this thing in every modern fps
you see it has a different unique name in fortblort we call it bloom you see
no thats fucking retarded and so are you


brapper is so tsundere


stop talking about me leave me alone


brapper told me he doesnt want to be known as brapper anymore


too bad



6 car pile up just a mile up
sick sick sick sick


pile up on my ass daddies



6 skol shots
sip sip sip sip




too high-t to take that judge's guff


Canadian MPs vote to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship


waking up before 5 am for the second time this week…

time to hit the gym boys







dont 'lol' at me bitch!


lol at my lil dickie


but i thought it was funny…


we watch it on youtube


we dont watch it


today sucked!


*gives you a shoulder massage*


*gives you a thigh massage*




not gay just supportive of our comm



we are going to play a lot of fortnite tomorrow



this is what it's like for beerboy huh..


china uber murders…


beerboy i sleep beergirl awooga awooga


dropping a classic for the boys, before i sleep


gook night!


i wonder how enormous beergirls jugs are…


File: 1538136480987.jpg (491.24 KB, 1920x1080, miku113.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

who's beergirl?


sickzii wickzii :3333


zii zii :3


did you get off work early


beerboy's sis


*gets all teary*
fellow gamers


File: 1538137847803.jpg (804.74 KB, 1000x675, miku193.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yeah, went home from work after 3 hours because i had to poop.
and now i'm working from home


what the hell


whats the toilet situation at your work o_O


unironically based fucking slavs


File: 1538138841811.jpg (109.96 KB, 800x600, miku183.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its hard for me to poop in public, i cant relax…

i need to be at home, unless there's really no other way


thanks for sharing, vocaloid


sickzii is just so pure…


anyone who pooped during middle school was mercilessly mocked
if you went into the bathroom and saw feet in the stall, it was your duty to kick the door in and start hooting and hollering






a based god


it was mainly just niggers that made a scene of it like


holy crackers theyre uggo


*rolls up sleeves*
*beats your ass*


but they are uggo
gooks are way more prettier
all those japs have like weird looking china man eyes, messed up teeth, weird noses, weird ears




>china man eyes, messed up teeth, weird noses, weird ears
these are all things we like


time to take out my dick and balls


WHY NOT?????


*brings out the meme arrows*
its time to go hunting bros


do i like them?
what would i do with them?
sorry i cannot say


impregnate and take responsibility


and by take responsibility i mean force them to take an abortion




File: 1538145748978.png (349.32 KB, 719x708, 1513397059215.png) ImgOps Google

come back zii..


dont bother sickzii hes still working!!!!!!


File: 1538145896360.jpg (794.72 KB, 1295x1812, miku111.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



welcome back, vocaloid!


*gnashes teeth*
pad smash!
*slams ipad on bed*


why mean


cuz u the kind of mentally ill freak that upvotes ads on reddit
you need to be locked up


no u


what's reddit?




eating 2 of these rn, cold
they're awful


lol youre a tard



lots of anxiety right now waiting for the right time to go beg my mom to buy me a 24 pack of beer again


my new fetish?
asian step daughter quasi-incest porn


just hustle



sickzii loves ruthlessly fucking my ass



theres something off about this guy



bropper unblock me >:D >:D >:D


i think he gets sexual pleasure from torturing himself


File: 1538150993028.png (979.71 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2018-09-28_12-0….png) ImgOps Google

this distro is…. interesting… hmmmm….


im fricking hungry mom!!!!


*posts inane tech shit on post-apocalyptic scv*


tell her to hurry the heck up and get you some food!!!!


this guy is our sexpat…


im not clicking that


all americans are mentally ill


more like mentally chill


very unchill


chill brains because of the lack of blood gettin to them due to unhealthy eating habits


*tries to think*
fuck you dude


*tries to fuck*
fuck you dude


*spits on your pip*


thanks for the lube


thanks for the +1's, boys


File: 1538153005007.gif (3.07 MB, 480x270, bro1.gif) ImgOps Google


File: 1538153025165.gif (7.83 MB, 600x272, bro2.gif) ImgOps Google




just old gifs of carlsen raping nakamura



ok im trying cs go again


hate playing it
love watching it


we dont play or watch that game


actually we watch csgo all the time and think its based as fuck


just woke up at 1:30pm.. maybe i can fix my schedule off this..


that tinny thread on /biz/ was a wild ride




*kisses my sickzii dakimakura*


cant even be shown as offline while playing
fucking steam


[embed this]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6j7mUxGz20[/thanks]

why didnt you idiots tell me about this band sooner huh


no embed no click


because it sucks ass


got knifed lmao


what a freakin noob…


wtf the guy just randomly shoots me through the door lol


my pussy is too large


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