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virtuous pedophile
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check me out on twitter cuz i got a lot to say!


you forgot your link -_-


just got a haircut after like….6 months or more
lied to the hairdresser about being in school lol



*prays for tin*


ill just go take a quick nappy
i hope i forget about that hbt vod when i wake up


*reminds you*


*movies to République de Côte d'Ivoire*


ahh the ol ivory coast eh?
lovely weather this time of year


oh yeah i made this thread a little bit ago


yeh we're globetrotters here *doesnt leave the house*


im all about sickziis balls so yeah ik a globetrotter




who is tjhat


nobody responded….




the first tinfile is the only one worth watching


actually none of them are worth watching
his vocaroo things are even worse


bogan ^




hope that deranged retard is behind bars


obviously doesn't belong in society


put him in a cell with tiny tin


what if he peed on tinny


wakey wakey roommate *pisses all over his emaciated body*


wish i had an older successful high powered lawyer gf


lmfao what a fucking based God hahahahah what the fuuuuuuuuxk


better start looking for a new ass, BUDDY



File: 1501778940270.png (4.89 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_5326.PNG) ImgOps Google


just had some blairs mega death hot sauce…..its so hot holy cow not good


holy toledo


*says something stupid*
*closes thread*


gook morning jake paulers


*unzips pants*


File: 1501779936876.gif (3.25 MB, 500x451, IMG_5337.GIF) ImgOps Google

i wanna do this




i hate myself


how come narci never even got banned for literally steaming a mental breakdown and subsequent call to the national suicide prevention hotline


*calls suicide hotline*
hi? yes… right now… yeah, there's this streamer i dont like that isnt banned…


im starting to think twitch doesnt take its reports very seriously





blocked :/
too bad, kinda wanted to listen to it again too


were very excited for keshas new album


why would you even try and embed a vevo video
you KNOW they block that shit


its a good song though…


we need a new thread, someone do the honors


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