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Greetings from https://mewch.net
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so dystopian




the natty hangovers are so much different than the vod hangovers


this thread is utterly dystopian


it's kafkaesque to be sure


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20 minutes til raid… gonna have a quick jo…


fucking pigs


dont have to raid until tomorrow.. good thing too though..


thats going to affect your performance


imagine beerboy cranking his dingdong in that mess of a room with chicken bones scattered everywhere and the cable box on the bed


*imagines it*
*pops a little chubby*
take responsibility beerboy


wiping the yellow ooze on his new elongated mousepad and logging in to raid


i bet he gets ants on his pip


have an issue where i need to put the cover on my fan back on.. but i cant turn the fan off because it only starts up if i spin the fan by hand.. putting the cover on while its still spinning.. a dangerous game…


File: 1536108378604.webm (2.72 MB, 853x480, sUeJ.webm) ImgOps Google


how can audiobooks be so overpriced
how can they get away with this


you guys are fucked


looks like completely fake police propaganda shit to me


this ebiten show is way over my head


girls und panzer
now there's a real show


use zip ties or twine to fashion a kind of hinge on the top of it so you can spin it up then just set the cover back down


File: 1536109047936.jpg (544.45 KB, 1600x1200, 8M4XbVU.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i found a way.. honeywell makes such shitty fans im a lasko man for life now


a lasko man


*gets two fans blowing on me full blast*


File: 1536109986808.jpg (259.68 KB, 1621x961, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

pulled a lili!
guess its time to make a zombie deck…


card companies must have been absolutely ecstatic when they realized people would pay money for virtual cards
like the profits were good before just printing on worthless paper but now…


i have 2 lasko box fans in my room. wording this


i didnt pay money for that, i do the dailies and earned a couple packs
but i get what you mean

wizards said 40% of their profits came from magic online in like 2005


wish i could help beerboy, but i have to let nature run its course…..


wish i could have consensual sex with beerboy but i have to let nature run its course… *rapes him*





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super cute seeing this linux toddler all excited about his new hobby




he looks like the zoomer wojack only older


super cute seeing you get buttflustered and getting passive aggressive about it :)


we like linux here






lol good try


*cracks knuckles* time for normal uldir guild run




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