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you are one
"hating" a generation is silly anyways it spans like 25 years of births

hate 15-25 year olds


shut up


dont tell me to shut up you lil baby


swear to god tin if you don't shut up i'm going to florida to kill you


( `_`)


is sept 23rd the day one of us finally snaps and murders tin


i am no millenail rather i am an altmillenial, aka a millenium


tins getting bur used in a garbage bin
its where he belongs


grandmas home with our wendy's
time….to eat…


how can you afford wendys on a fixed income




i dont really mind black people


one snap card away from starvation

people during the 1930s in the great depression waiting in bread lines weren't so poor and dependent on the globalists


why dont poor people garden and cook? its so cheap and easy


accidentally tin spaced


rick and morty tomorrow night but i dont have cable guess im gonna have to wait to torrent it on monday :/


isnt rick and morty that reddit cartoon


yeah but we reddit on our pads here, so if course we like r&m


sorry typoed still a bit drunk from last night


back from the muslim shop with my falafel wrap and a gatorade


the epic animes…


a red gatorade


i don't use reddit i don't watch tv
you got a problem with me… i'll fucking kill you


people who dont use reddit cant even be called human
its literally the website for people
die drumpftards


File: 1501358271229.png (1.51 MB, 1500x1353, IMG_5104.PNG) ImgOps Google


fruit punch flavor i guess


sargon is the only one i know from that pic
and i get a feeling he doesnt really belong there
whats that pic supposed to be anyway?


can proudly state that i dont recognize a single one of these deplorables


they’re supposed to be magapedes you dongus


mega-what now


we're accelerationists
we believe…in acceleration….


i dont know how to cook


*accelerates away*




*accelerates from 162*
dont try to follow me, you could never catch up


*accelerates directly behind you* you'll slow down before i do kiddo


virtuous magapedes


File: 1501358849536.jpg (94.56 KB, 960x695, IMG_5120.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


make america great again….by accelerating


*grasps that asian meat burrito from your hands*

you didnt think this through


should i script on vg again
not sure which girl to post… iu haters mass randalled me last time


final fantasy orchestral album…yes…good…


you shouldnt do anything on vg just let it go


its vegan…


dont even remember the last time ive been to vg
maybe once when toot fucked up 162? but that must have been months ago


post iu here


please dont please dont please dont


i got the thread to 200 replies!
then janitor manlet woke up


new thread
this is the one
cmon in


i will never ever break the rules on vg again
i am reformed

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