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hah whats wrong anon, never seen memes before? bro do you even meme?
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bro have you even seen this fortnite meme




mario kart double dash


i get it might seem cringey but i really need help here


hi im daisy
hi im daisy




dont play fornite im a call a duty boy we simply cannot take this relationship any much further


this forniter is gaslighting the shit out of you newfags


people need to stop using facecam


el goblino….


im the gaslight king big mac style super size in your asshole ala padboy




File: 1529028857411.jpg (784.77 KB, 1512x2016, IMG_0064.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its good


post the padboy cat copypasta


is it a copypasta if it's one guy doing it


ooooooo weeeedd!


wonder if toot added the kagome 'ner…


wonder if boles knew this guy he lives in mesa


pussy drink B)


imagine being padshits cat
waiting until he passes out naked facedown on the bed with his big plump rump just sticking out in the air
imagine slithering on your belly across the floor for dramatic effect
slowly climbing up the side of his bed
inching your way towards his ass
then sticking your cat claws into it and dragging them slowly down it
over and over again until the bed looks like a murder scene with blood everywhere
as he just lays their passed out from xanax

thank tossfat


how is that copypasta


wish i had a friend


that mojito looks good now i want one…



mohammad didnt become a prophet until he turned 40 maybe theres still time for me to do something with my life




the older you get the harder is is x_x




black nail polish?
what are you some kinda mallgoth who watches buffy>


boar ass


buffy is dope


post it….


wish i had a boyfriend to kiss and share the moment with…


this gook porn stars name is Poopea


my coworkers sister made a shrine for spike


i bought enough limes and bacardi silver for friends if ya guys…ya know..
also i have my saturn hooked up


padshits little pussy straw hat
little pussy old mc donald


starting to warm up to the muslims
they really got things figured out


a shrine for cowboy bebop


pedshit freakskin tinky poker brapper


imagine taking a joke so far…. the government starts funding you



Im a stay-at-home dad and part of my weekly "Dad Chores" is to mow the lawn. I always take the extra time to cut it in a checkerboard pattern, cause, well, its blasphemy not to. Hours I spend cutting, weed whacking, planting seed, pulling dandelions. Recognition isnt something I require, but to get this complement really made my friggin day. My lawn kicks ass, and my 11 year old knows it! Oh yeah, on a side note, we've all been living together for 5 years and this afternoon was the first time she's called me "Daddy." Dunno where that came from, but I'm walking on sunshine today, folks.


drinking craft beer

listening to belle and sebastian



imagine being a stay at home "dad"


best games are arcades games

jump right into the action

no soyboy light novel shit

just epic gameplay



tfw chinker stinkers will pwn them when white people become extinct


i dont like them anymore, but i used to like the red one,green one and first one


ugh mom asked me if i ever want kids and i said ya

then she told my dad and my dad said "well someone's gotta teach him how it works"

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