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pushu me


File: 1500615172330.jpg (68.42 KB, 432x640, IMG_4829.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

other pic i was gonna use



yes… the faucet is gold… i see




>continuity and constant incremental advancement is far more important for society
'progress' is a myth. the idea that we can make improve our material conditions into infinity or until we reach some deus ex machina level of utopian advancement where the very real problems of ecological collapse and resource sustainability become moot is a false god
i'd rather believe my actions were worth something than be stuck in a modern post-industrial consumer society where all i have to look forward to are material things which become dull and boring as soon as you get a hold of them


skimmed the last thread for pics. someone playing the sims with us
he made the kitchen floor checkerboard like in >>29945
is he that webcam watcher guy? perhaps he is. could we go further and question if hes the guy who pays out to cam whores? :speculation:


hmmm… should i get the skol out or not tonight.. been like 6 nights in a row now..


humans cant keep going forever as long as we are constrained by biological limitations but after that our limitations are anyones guess, but i suppose its hard to call those 'people' or 'we'

continuity really is essential especially now since we've used up all the easily accessible resources


thats what made hitler so popular…he offered people the chance to be a part of something that mattered. an exciting and daring movement that seemed to be fated by destiny
us modern folk are called upon only to legitimize our figure heads with symbolic votes and as long as our bellies are full and theres something on the computer we go about being little sacks of metadata making the wheels of society spin in place


i probably would


not reading these teenagers arguing btw
keep it up tards


i shouldnt engage idiots but i cant help it i need something to keep me awake


probably some guy copy pasting something


gook night~


looking at the future like that makes humanity seem like disposable drones doing the drudgery of laying the red carpet for someone else's big debut
whats the point? why should i care about them


idk guys.. the thought of waking up without a hangover seems pretty good.. then i can drink on the weekend too..


dumb house leaver


joan of arc song


File: 1500616744183.png (108.25 KB, 458x567, IMG_4830.PNG) ImgOps Google


is that quandarius


based thad


File: 1500616900623.jpg (129.5 KB, 799x907, IMG_4831.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



they just keep doing this


'use your voice for change'
means channel your energy into furthering goals that align with our corporate interests


anyone really use embed links?


'promote attitudes that make it easier for us to harvest and monetize more and more of the world's data'


harvest and monetize me ass daddy


dang embed…. vow to never embed again


hmmm….is google using its policies of youtube content creators to promote a certain political agenda? wonder if they use an algorithm in their search engine to hide or promote certain results for political or social reasons


ate too much


i'd like to be alone with one of these gooky "broadcast jockeys" and really do some damage
hurt her bad


jerked it to some cute boys(female)


real, real bad


just put together the light hanging kit thing for the ol' aquarium…
no excuse not to go do all the work of moving it in place now… /sigh


can someone post
very lonely here


im gay




File: 1500625873342.jpg (145.43 KB, 1577x1080, IMG_4771.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

mmmmm gonna have to get up and start doing things if nobody is posting


playing silent hill 2


im hay


i'm not your mary



what they don't show is the weeks of planning this guy did


no its just really easy

fishtank boy is a moron


screw you jerk
i'm a man too


prove it


another thing… if you put rocks and wood up against glass like that you'll end up knocking things over when you try to clean
very impractical
and they don't show you that white filter after a month when its all dirty and gross



fishtank sissy boy




i mean, shut up!
i'm gonna go do stuff have fun being ALONE


imagine putting fishtank boy in a tiny cock cage



File: 1500633596291.gif (3.05 MB, 600x522, 170721조이4.gif) ImgOps Google



i hope sickzii is enjoying his weekend!


prolly hungover from drinking with his friends and gfriend


no he was cuddling in bed with me watching 'ime all night


ordered from a smaller yoyo company but have yet to get a tracking number or confirmation that it's even shipped yet :\




this one?




my actions already feel worthless so itd be nice to have universal basic income so i could just focus on my studies


ah yes my studies *drinks a beer*


*sips mommies wine*
hmmm yes… i think i taste… a hint of grapes…


oh this? herman miller
the "aeron", fully loaded of course


'ron talk…


just caught the fish having s*x but its a bad picture


my advisor asked me how my masters thesis is coming along
how do i tell him its not coming along at all
how do i tell him im a useless, worthless, lazy retard


just woke up lol


File: 1500640325842.jpg (40.28 KB, 400x533, tumblr_os6imxI7Qz1tevi47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



post his dickie



rip lincoln park


bill payin' day,….


i need to mech some monay



oh yeah? well i wanna die


gonna treat myself to a movie today


blade runner?
ye im watching blade runner as well tonight
or maybe ill go to the cinema and watch dunkirk? havent decided yet


blade runner….. the ultimate turtle killing film….
the one that started the trend of turtle killing….


nevermind all the movie theaters have assigned seating now and all the good seats are already bought. guess ill just stay home now


what were you gonna go watch




ok i decided now
im gonna go watch it
and im gonna spoil it for you >:D


what if a chad was sitting in your assigned seat…………


id suck his dick


please dont ive been looking forward to it for more than a year i just didnt know movie theaters assigned seating now


File: 1500648291557.jpg (108.59 KB, 638x804, animalfoot.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

women want nothing to do with any of you


ok i wont but only because you asked nicely
cant say the same about my alt persona tho >:D


i wanna go see baby driver…


my aquariums are a mess… i'm very disappointed in myself


ten more days in your cock cage!!!


File: 1500649039590.png (552.19 KB, 814x442, Screenshot_2017-07-21_16-5….png) ImgOps Google


no yuri allowed here


File: 1500649170174.png (15.08 KB, 300x300, fjKA88O.png) ImgOps Google

ban me then
i dont care for a place where yuri is not allowed


we only like boysrabbu here


File: 1500649314177.jpg (82.08 KB, 625x1000, CvtRtERVYAAxmCw.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i dont think so nigger


gr0w up


File: 1500649389987.gif (1 MB, 533x640, 1403792345292.gif) ImgOps Google

wow look what i found


throw it in the trash


File: 1500649584923.png (468.47 KB, 500x848, 44716723_big_p1.png) ImgOps Google

nothing makes my heart race faster than girls love
gooks maybe


well fuck you niggers


guess you are all too busy being out in bars
wish at least tin was here
yes, tin and i could have a nice discussion right now if you idiots didnt drive him away


fuck you fucking nigger monkeys


speaking of bars i got lucky using my technique that almost never fells last night

ended up driving a girl back to her place to drop her off and i got a hand job and her number but she was kind of fat so i dont think im going to ever call her good thing i didnt give her my number



the sex is all just meaningless because ive never been more depressed than i am right now in my life

i havent been in a relationship for almost 2 months now and i should be finishing up my anti d drugs but i relapsed and now im taking valium all the time again and drinking heavy


im here just not posting


gook morning


gook bye


wish i was a gook


dont gook me brah


gook me brah


File: 1500651859330.jpg (22.2 KB, 478x413, wCKL5d8OMjAzsYKo3DZhX8_6po….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lmao word
bigots btfo yet again!


atheist bitch


i fear i am the last real nigga left


File: 1500652721016.jpeg (13.24 KB, 400x400, S15iNdqD_400x400.jpeg) ImgOps Google

*fucks up your coins*


evil and mean spirited stinker man >.<


not yet stinker bitch!!!
he can still try and force a hard fork in a few months though….but for now we're safe


whats the secret to success scv
im in a real bad funk, how do i turn my life around?


happy bday narci!!!


the eternal stinker strikes again
can drumpf save us?


stop using the internet
stop doing drugs
stop drinking acohol
clean your room
get yourself in order

sort yourself out


im stuck at step 1


File: 1500653462402.jpg (292.76 KB, 1478x1108, DFRPHU1V0AIu4at[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



ill take the tiny one


those things are pretty ugly


word better put them in the incinerator


second from left omo


better put them in my bed


the 4 on the right are failed science experiments right


tried making it harder to do drugs by putting them in a locked box with a 6 dig combinatiom but now i still do them it just takes more of my time


wish i had drugs :/


sickzii is my drug


File: 1500654238887.png (371.38 KB, 961x430, 1500649230579.png) ImgOps Google

found tossposter


still weirds me out that ugly people bang each other


it gets bigger when i pull on it


youll have to get thru me first bitch *slides on naruto headband thingy*


i'd date any girl that isn't fat


want a dumb girl so i can always feel superior


how about getting a better girl and making her feel inferior?


id date any girl that isnt overwhelmingly ugly and fat
and must want 3 or more kids
and cant have tattoos


that just makes you a shitty person


also she can't be a literal psycho


also she cant have hair around her nipples


wish i had a smart girl who wanted to pop out like 10 kids and help me homeschool them to be nerd whizzes…


me on the right sickzii on the left


would you be a stay at home dad?


smart girl would just end up being restless and imagining how she settled and how much better she deserves


my kids are going to a very strict catholic school
god doesnt allow the elite to fuck with catholic schools


im gay


actually she'd be dating up and would work extra hard to prove herself worthy of my time and seed


riiiiiight *rolls eyes*


let me have my fantasy assjerk without it i have nothing


relax it's friday…


im definitely a catch




yeah for animal control LOL


simsboy should make a sickzii character that provides for the house


2oot is the house sugar daddy


im not a freak





going tin hunting.
were humane. catch and release..


we dont hunt tins
we lay out traps


poor thing got its foot stuck in a tin trap


File: 1500657176252.jpg (99.92 KB, 634x951, 1493173768946.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

grabs ab eer


why the heck are they called cock-tails


think about it for 1 second idiot


cock means penis… whats that got to do with tails…

roosters are called cocks and they have tails.. kinda poofy and flamboyant… are the drinks poofy and flamboyant?


jk i have no idea how they got their name


really dont appreciate your tone young man


appreciate this b1tch *unzips*


maybe its because people wearing cocktail dresses drink cocktails


i thought the dresses were named after the parties that were named after the drinks served at them…


ugh gonna be driving for like 7 hrs today


i have morning pip again at 1:22 pm


cock-tail party - a party where cocks go to chase tail
cock-tail drink - what people drink at the party
cock-tail dress - what you wear to the party

its all coming together now


a fine time to wake up


this one week i got morning pip every day but never had it since


ah yes time to go on /pol/ and pretend to be privy to obscure knowledge that relates to the impending end of the world as we know it


rile up some paranoid idiots by feeding their delusions


where is everything <_< o_o >_>


wow this image is really gay man-phobic


File: 1500660628967.jpg (47.41 KB, 576x576, B0fWW1-CcAAiv1Z.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

gucci mane 2020


epic, right?


uhhh yeah sure…
*rolls eyes*


*tears off your eyelids*


f*ck 12


*slams it*


HEY!!!!! FUCKERS!!!!!
stop giving me (you)s while im not here!!!


i made both those posts over an hour ago
couldnt you give me (you)s then?????!?!?!


hey man whatsup


i'm very close to becoming rich…


scvee house when


that one buck dogecoin investment…..
its gonna get huge….


im cackling here


yeah i got a couple million doge, whats wrong with that??????


you boys get your backbone up
stop lettin these aggressive ass women take control
this is still a man's world


File: 1500662044248.jpg (1.93 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4868.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

finally done;;
sweating ?



alexa, search pornhub for ebony asses


162 is so dead today x__x


its friday what did you expect


i wish that one guy took pictures of the girl who jacked him off


we're all at work


im playing wow




i'm gonna relax tomorrow


is your name alex





ching chong


File: 1500664411402.jpg (197.69 KB, 1920x1200, kaiji[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


want to become a statistic
'white male od'd off heroin'


i know its friday night but im not drinking tonight…




File: 1500666545402.jpg (123.06 KB, 720x1280, image5.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

omo.. muscle gooks..


File: 1500666880583.png (91.92 KB, 855x381, Screenshot_2017-07-21_21-5….png) ImgOps Google

reddit is a fucking goldmine i swear
this place is infinitely better than 4norm ever was


File: 1500667010393.jpg (2.14 MB, 1055x4252, 1500614586181.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



'precorporation' of course…


not reading any of that junk
can someone please ask me about my aquarium




when are you gonna get rid of it




asked a question and you wont even answer me, last time i engage with you



based birthday girl


just another 1500/month
pwease pweasee


just seen the viet neighbor daughter cleanin her car….bent over….lil shorts…heh


did you FUCK her?


should i have?????


no. staying chaste is an important virtue


i hope i die soon


dont worry im here now to save the thread
home from work early
ready….to post….


sorry i uh…. hmmm
no i don't want to get rid of it. sunk too much skrill into it to get rid of it too


car runnin
windows up
hoping i will die soon


sunk-cost fallacy
you're throwing your life on the alter of kitsch decoration


hmm ok



art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality


terry is pretty much right about everything


porn with penises involved makes you a beta male


hope terry gets in a fatal altercation with police


the more peni the better


im scared to click the newest vid on the archive…..
i see him shirtless, around his parents…
shirtless terry means drunk


"why are you watching the terrible tv mom"
"i look at this and i see HELL"
"i think of the ww2 generation and then i see this television, i think what the fucks going on"
*pans camera to tv showing a nigger in a suit*


tv thing is from the newest archive vid… came up in auto play


>sir put down the camera
whatre u nigger cia monkeys gonna do *sips beer*
>we need a clean up down here, we have a suspect who failed to obey a lawfully given order




>do u like her


>blue text matters


kill yourselves


*drops a quick blue*
heh thisll get him goin'

a little…
>worked up
eh???? heh




you have shit television because you're in hell


guess ill kill myself after all


maybe this reality is all a test
and the solution is to end your life




#yuck #nothankyou #mango #snacktime #foodie #foodlover #pig #chattythebigpinkpig #soulhavensanctuary #animalsarefriends #friendsnotfood #vegan #veganlife #vegetarian #pigsofinstagram #pigsaspets #pigsonig #pigstagram #animalsanctuary


epic post for


i signed up for health insurance today
$41 a freakin week because my work sux
but i aint had coverage in almost 10 years

was this a bad move





that used to be a days work for me




you guys haven't been providing me with adequate… nvm


convince me to not jerk off a third time


whats goin on with your aquarium?


Cuckold With My Gal Wife. What Happens When A Nerdy Guy Like Me Gets A Gyaru Gal For A Wife.


nerdy guy….just like me yes…


i watch big bang theory too haha


i have persistent thoughts of suicide lmao


lol that sheldon guy

u know what im saying


shut up you fucking niggers




atheist monkeys


might do a quick ‘bate


we're agnostic here


remember : no dicks
or else you become a beta male



nothing omo about that
its prurient


wow thats a wide vocab


didnt drop out of college for nuthin


ive never been in a college classroom whats it like
u just sit there or what


yeh you sit there while a guy talks


its like asmr you spend thousands of dollars on


$10 bottle of wine was on clearance sale for $5. its a little old but otherwise pretty good


glad i skipped that part


better with age in fact


wasnt she supposed to be topless in this fsf


*sips mommies white wine*


not posting anymore


the classes are usually divided between lectures, where you just sit and listen to a dude talk, and tutorials/practical work, where you sometimes have to get your lazy ass up in front of the blackboard and solve some problem in front of the class
lectures are generally pretty comfy, depending on the lecturer ofc


havent jerked off since sunday, my sexual desires are slowly changing

i now want a wife + children
a real family man
*comes home from work* "hey dad!!!" "papa's home!!!!!!" *hugs me as soon as i set my lunch pail down*
ahhh, the ol' brats eh? and hows the ol' wife doing? "ching chong ma ma ling tao chu"


fucking racemixing idiot
your happa son is gonna grow up into the next elliot rodger
you should have a daughter instead you retard everyone knows happa daughters are the best



its kind of dangerous. i didnt blast it for a few days and went outside, made mutual eye contact with a cute girl and almost talked to her so watch out


she wants the dick


*waits patiently for death*


is harrison ford our guy


im going to have 5 white sons, 2 gook daughters, 3 indian sons and 1 niglet

diversity is our strength :)


idk has he publicly mentioned anything involving modern day politics?
if so no hes not




stop the incest


no i dont remember ever reading anything about him and the politics
i think hes clean but i could do a quick google search to be sure


*thought crimes*


harrison ford is one of those actors who are secretly really dumb


im gay


aren't most actors on the dumb side?



noooooo dont look
i dont want to know

i found out tom hanks was a freakin weirdo recently and can never ever take him seriously again


hmm nvm my kike detector just told me hes apparently a jew




no more incest


wow my dad gets home from work in like 15 minutes and i still had the ac blasting.. good thing i remembered..




hollywood is full of em


one set of granparents are jews
the other set….catholic….

whats the rule on this? what if the catholic part inside him overcame the jew?


mommy has to be a jew for the kid to be a jew


i think hitler, the expert on such matters, actually made a rule for this sort of situations


crap….his mommy was a jew….


dumb antisemites


well, what was his ruling on such a matter?


i dunno ask him


licensed talmudic rabbinical lawyer here


ill also have 3 jewish daughter and 5 nippy daughters


those nippy daughters….


adopted k daughter into kgf 2025


and 2 stinker sons to work on the farm


would you rather own a room on a cruise ship or a penthouse in your major city of choice?


penthouse obv


penthouse in shanghai


i dont wanna live on no boat


but how would you cover your living expenses, furniture, property taxes, etc?


why didnt you talk me out of jerking off…


lmao look at this freak


im hypoglycemic…


how do u fix that


top cities to live in
hong kong


finally my girl is back online


forgot Ouagadougou


i dont know if i could handle all those people….
except ulaanbaatar thats probably less annoying


cities are gay as fuck


a giant scv cruise…


imagine the smell


living on the hundredth floor with surround view and a private elevator… you could trick anyone into thinking your are cool…


*surfs sand dunes in the saharah*


*has unprotected gay sex with a stranger*


catch any bugs?


time will tell


File: 1500675434775.jpg (339 KB, 852x480, lil088ATK_346812001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



into black girls these days




my boss went to shanghai for all of june, to buy his stinker wifes father a present, a fancy car….

said it was really nice
and all of the hotels have some kind of milk bath + massage thing that i guess everyone is real into
tried to do that tai chi thing with the locals but couldnt keep up
everyone in restaurants gets up at the same exact time to go smoke outside

thats all he told me i wish he had more juicy details about shanghai life…


funniest thing just happened


just talked to god, he said 'stay the course, you're doing great'


someone stepped on the business side of a rake?


i couldnt care less about shanghai
shenzhen on the other hand…….


yeah you would say that wouldnt you you dumb hipster idiot


isnt shenzhen mostly just an industrial city


apparently people still shit in the middle of the street in those big stinker cities


File: 1500675857334.jpg (156 KB, 1872x1248, IMG_1369.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

mmm.. nice mixed filipina girls..


think ill move to one of those cancer villages
god helps those who help themselves afterall




deformed earlobes


she looks part mexican


her arm is yuge


ugh that earring *puke*




File: 1500676120518.jpg (173.83 KB, 719x1280, 284551e09e3998462d65616796….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hmm.. which picture should i post..


jp is just generals now


none please


damn i wanna frick the crossdressing runescaper


please phone shit dont post those
whores are not something we enjoy looking at


not even his phone, read the filename


fuck you


ah, bit of a post detective yes?


solving the case…


what am i looking for nigger?


gr0w up


look at the filename and the time at the top
it doesn’t add up




hitting $3k sunday night


woops that was supposed to go on /biz/


biz is just coinshits no one even owns their own business there


owning your own business is dumb forming a llc is the way to go


i dont even like /biz/ i just wanna talk about shitcoins with someone
anyone really, even those fuckin idiots



love licking chinks


who should i kill


or love little chinks


i dont know anything about bitcoins
i just bought some when they were 250$ and now i hold them


hold my ass daddy


*buys a bit*


lmao those were the days when i was buying bitcoins for 10$ a pop and spending all of them on drugs


those were the FUCKIN days man


i should get into rape porners


doge coins


i wonder what vodnvape is gonna tell us…


gonna go back to playing hearts


that hes gay




jo disease


hearts… bridge… dunno how they are played at all


im talking about kingdom hearts


we play cribbage here


they call me loverboy


thats like lawn golf isnt it


disney is fuckin gay


they call me dumb gay retard


no lawn golf is called ummmm



suck my goofy cock


that is it


File: 1500677646312.jpg (64.45 KB, 689x1023, 00000000000000000000000000.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


no croquet is a snack


how do u rob a bank


dunno a thing about robbery but i am a master heister


master croquet malletter here


master of nothing here


the art of masturbation…


more of a craft really


reported for thinking criminal thoughts


parents left for the week and didn't buy me beer. gonna have to walk it.


dont forget your umbrella


shawty had them applebottom jeans…


if you keep looking back you gonna trip going forward


what if you are walking forwards backwards


one step forward, two steps back


stop making me think idiots



ah yes…

*kills myself*


kms is only selfish if you dont kys someone afraid to kms before you kys




cum on my face i dont care





look at this fuckin tranny


kimi dake wo..
kimiiii dake wooooo…


you guys dare me to play silent hill while my parents are away?




dare you to selfsuck


i get home in an hour and ill show ya what power posting is all about


ye i posted him like 20 posts ago
you fucking piece of shit
stealing my (you)s
fucking fuckface faggot shitface retard


what homo came up with the beer before liquor never been sicker thing


sets a timer for 1 hour


youre missing the bigger picture


apparently my grandma came over to take me to lunch today… i slept in until like 2pm because i got really drunk last night.. lol…


lmao did you have mornin pip


goddam i hate my life so much someone this pretty is real


*stares at your crotch* what's that sweetie


just the ol' pipper


i dont wear tight jeans like the gook boys
but i do get wasted like the gook boys


gook gook


my family is full of worthless self-important idiots just like me


ah yes…chopped and screwed hip hop


for this next trick i'm going to need a volunteer


*raises paw*


should i watch rush hour? it has that skinny nigger and chink in it..


yeah watch it, chris tucker is really funny


oh yeah? what other notable movies has he been in?
checkmate niggers


gr0w up


well i'm making pizza rolls for dinner


i had 13 samosas for dinner


i didnt say he was prolific, but he's pretty funny


i remember when i used to get four lokos.. would get two four lokos and then a beer.. would drink the four loko as i was biking home.. would hit me while i was in the shower…


rush hour 2 has ziyi zhang in it….. in her prime before freakin age took over her looks :/


we dont shower


was that back before the government made 4loko change up their recipe for being too extreme


good night


no it was the new four lokos.. the watermelon was alright…


think ill skip my lavender soak tonight…


the 90s thought this was a good thing….nowadays you just cant be 2xtreme….


i can *360 flips a 6 step*


File: 1500680674256.webm (2.94 MB, 1000x562, hwoarang.webm) ImgOps Google

tekken 7 is the best game ive ever played


it was something to do with like the caffeine and alcohol together that made it like dangerous or something i dunno


think it's almost time i showed you guys my sixer…


If Jesus Christ were to come today, people would not even crucify him. They would ask him to dinner, and hear what he had to say, and make fun of it
heh….too true


*plays runescape*


*kills a giant*


born in the wrong generation?
well thats not true, i lived the 90s man
and the 00s werent too bad either

but these 10's are just fuckin gay


gettin fricked the heck up 2nite!!!

bought 80oz of "strong" beer!!


love it when my mom cooks fish and makes the whole house smell like shit for the rest of the night


wow what an ingrate this kid is!!!!!!


an ungrateful person.


actually the first half of the 00s were really great
internet speed was improving, the web was still exciting and mostly free from the elite trying to brainwash users, tons of good video games to play, people had cell phones but they weren't addicted to em like a bunch of zombies

00-05 ah yes


90s: gay
00s: gay
10s: gay

our whole life has been fucking gay honestly
wish i was born in 2100


how am i being ungrateful? i hate fish and never eat seafood


are you me
fuck fish


fish is great i love salmon the most but all sorts of fish is good


dont like the texture of seafood.. too soft and mushy…


i vote for 00's part one as the best 5 years of my life

and then 90s part 1
and then 90s part 2
and then 00s part 2
and then 10s are the bottom because they fuckin suck dick


idk i think i had the most fun last year following trump cheering for him and watching him dominate libshits
cant remember fuckall from 90s or 00s honestly


i really liked 2007


really low quality posts


shut the fuck up nigger ill fucking murder you goddamnit suck my cock and choke on my cum fucking retard


fuckin 13 year old kekistani piece of shit


a sex fueled romp around the city…


we do that here


my gambling site still hasnt cleared my freakin tokido evo bet win


can you guys 'hear' music in your head by reading sheet music?


Definition of romp
: one that romps; especially : a romping girl or woman
a : high-spirited, carefree, and boisterous play
b : something suggestive of such play: such as (1) : a light fast-paced narrative, dramatic, or musical work usually in a comic mood (2) : an episode of lovemaking
: an easy winning pace; also : runaway 3

hmm… i see…




neither can i :/


how much did you make?


i can after i play it on piano


can an scv boy who knows what hes doing please shave my head…


but you can't just look at a page of notes and see like "oh G-D-F-G-A-B that sounds like this" and hear it?



just a $52 win, i couldn't possibly bet too much on one person in a field of like 6k people…
but still its just sittin there all week unpaid :(



just scratchin my nuts


the ol sack eh?


flipping doc tore off some leg hair to put little monitors on me


house arrest…


what are you being monitored for?


just making sure that the elite globalist blood is still flowing throughout your body


after 23 years i think im finally ready for sex!


a young boy…


idk something to do with my heart forgot what it's called


i got a murmur



whats that feel like
like the beat is off-beat or something


made a deal with the niggerdevil


weird i have a heart murmur too….sometimes i get weird palpitations


my heart murmurs about how i should kill people


wha'd'jya score?




wha'd'jya doin there, kid?


ive got some spending money now…


thats what'cha you idjit


what did they make you do…


wha'd'they make ya do?


wha'd'ey make you do?


imagine having one thousand dollars…


wha'd'chu du


one thousand dollars? still not enough for an aeron fully loaded


home sweet home


got nothin but time in the klink… lots of time to think…


time to sort yourself out and work out like gucci mane did


if i had a thousand dollars id probably freeze and panic ive never had that much responsibility


ive a few thousand coin bucks does that count *dips* ut oh


i got extra drugs..


tellin lies to the judge…


wha'd'ye have to do for them?


a thousand bucks is definitely enough drugs to last like… at least a year


wha'd'ey make ye do for 'em?


stop trying to one up me


actually im rich


gunna divorce my wife


ut oh…..


hmm… one thousand buckaroos… time to retire


ive been pretending to be gay this whole time and you all fell for it


a god…


im gay


quit try'na one up me


this is gonna be terry soon
except hes gonna say fuck a lot more


ugh…cant take you guys anywhere…


*spills food on my shirt* whoops!


whoopsy doodle


my father…


*reaches for the salt and spills my drink* oh well, they get paid to clean this stuff up anyway


take me daddy


cool bruh


my grandpa used to spill tons of food on his shirt every meal. we'd say he was feeding his shirt and laugh at him. wasnt that good of a joke now that i think back on it.


might kick it old school and robotrip


*spits on the floor*


my grandma openly and loudly says nigger while we're out eating
we -actually- cant take her anywhere


*covers my childs eyes at the table across from you*


actually i remember in middle school my gym teacher getting mad at me for spitting on the court. he made me clean it up but since i was cool in middle school i made someone do it for me.


a real cool guy…


middle school king is what they called me


what level 'plateau' do you try and get to


girls chasing after him during recess…


just 2nd. i had a panic attack the one time i tried to go further than that.


*cracks fifth beer*
going to bed after this one…



anyone heard from tin on twitch or skype lately
is he still alive


oh shoot are we drinking
i didnt buy anything


yeah tonight is a drinking night


one time i smoked spice/JWH while robotripping and i got serotonin syndrome and puked a ton and passed out hallucidreaming on the floor next to the toilet

ahh youth..


ive never actually robo tripped or smoked salvia
depersonalization frightens me


sounds like paris syndrome


i have never done anything illegal mr fbi


or mrs or miss


dont do salvia


hello this is onaholes . com
uhh hi i want to order some models..
okay sir what would those be?
umm i want the new sickziiholes please…
alright should i make it the usual payment?
*hangs up*

ah yes


i actually like the feeling. instead of making me feel like i'm not myself it gives more of a this is who i am feeling. if that makes sense.


ive routinely been checking viewers list for a couple of streams
havent seen him anywhere
he either logged out (into a new account) or hes in a fucking ditch


you guys are a bunch of drug using disgusting freaks causing me anxiety

im reporting all of you


get these druggos (what i call drug users) outta here 2oot


tins just having a "hard reset", isolate and find yourself within ohhmmmmmm
something terry desperately needs


2oot im high as FUCK hahahahahaha


i have smoked weed, heroin on three occasions, snorted a great variety of pills, cocaine, and done shrooms


think dxm is a good neet drug since you don't have to deal with people to use it. it's the only reason i started it.


hey toot *wiggles butt* im really drunk dont take advantage of me *winks at you*



*takes you out back*


from now on it's just alcohol, benzos, anti-dees, opiates, caffeine, dust-away cans, and cigarettes


*smokes some tunes*
were high


all legal highs for me


for me it's gotta be opiates


wonder where he's taking him


out back idiot


research chemicals tho……


like old yeller..


out back to put a bullet in his head


ha beat you to the punch


*gets murdered in the back*


did anyone hear that gunshot


probably just the 'yotes


it came from our shooting range dummy


yeah toss poster and that guy drunk guy were out back i wonder if they heard it


we went over this, its just fireworks


ah yes,


fireworks are illegal this time of year, someone should go investigate



*comes into the room and starts shooting*


ugh finally, was hhoping it was going to happen while i slept but this will do


*doesnt get out of the way*


*shows off huge biceps while shooting big machine gun like rambo*


why hasnt he hit us yet


im completely unscathed
scathe me idiot


hes just made that hes not in the simcvee house


how are the simcvees doing anyway
any closer to achieving our life's goals?




who cares

sim fart dot com


moms bf's grand kids are here -_-
not a fan of kids -_-


dont worry i sure they all terrify to leave you alone with them


i let tinny out of his cage to make everyone food and he set the house on fire


actually im great with kids and they made me watch them while they played outside for 30 minutes -_-
not everyone is a raging autist like you -_-


god i hate norms like that guy


frickin normos


did we perish in the flames?


not a norm just not a 'tist


i was hoping so but i bought a fire alarm so the fire man came


wow this guy even say he "great with kids" and he "watch them while they play" someone call fbi immediately


being a bit tisty today i see





in da club gettin tisty


anyone wanna play sfv?
im super bad and dont know any combos just cheesy stuff that works on the total newcomers in casual maches thats it


you know that thing i said earlier? forget it





i would beat you off so bad your whole body would hurt


O_O me next


no sorry i uninstalled that a while ago
i will play tekken 7 with u


oooh i have it but i dont know how to do crap….


fight him for my love


*throws the match*


feeling a little alonely


dads gone all weekend!!!! *cranks ac*


im not great but if youre on pc i dont mind running some sets
also as long as youre in the us, euro connections dont do well with me


i have other fghting games too
i just buy stuff and dont play em usually so if u guys wanna play somethin against someone whos bad at everything….


i think we got black people here theyre talking an awful lot about fighting games :x


pasty white boys play fighting games too….
most of my locals were hipstery white dudes and anime loving black dudes and some mexicans


yikes! sounds scary!


imagine the size of their dingdongs omo…


post rio
we miss him


bet they dont callem pips


File: 1500686124848.jpg (941.62 KB, 1000x1500, 1481110886718.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hi i am yeri
i am back


reality continues to ruin my life


File: 1500686208298.jpg (131.29 KB, 1080x1349, 1485215368473.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i dont like black


hes not in my room..


love you zii


go find him!


hi back i am here


maybe hes in the garage with your dad


ugh time to bounce


have a new guy i hate. the disc golf guy. wish he would just go out and do it already


im not new….


File: 1500686511461.jpg (397.49 KB, 1000x1500, namjoo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ah yes.. i see…


File: 1500686519165.jpg (1.78 MB, 1300x1950, 1477009855142.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i am new and young


is that tinnys gook


i meant your new on my hate list


hes sitting on my dad…



must like the heat…




btw thats my waifu seulgi


selugy is such a fucking whore wtf


dont wtf


i linked us on kpg btw





ill wtf if i feel like it when i feel like it




someone post tinnys gook i miss him


ugh wtf someone actually linked us >_____<



browsing the front page of kpopfap omooo




well it was fun


i feel so exposed, i think im going to delete the thread i made earlier


im just gonna gook


hate when this happens…get paranoid every post is done by a 4normer when we get linked






dont phone me wtf


alexa gas the fourigners


alexa report kpg on mu


wonder what hologram tupac is up to


why dont you ask alexa


alexa distract my wife while i sneak out back and smoke some toons


definitely not posting my sixer now


alexa block all phones


no wait please post it i prefer the little ones..


we have sixers here



tfw pretending to be english second language eastern yuro and it's become my real identity


please ban that guy


ban my ass daddy


you cant ban me im original



project fi just gave me a free month of data O_O


*slides 2oot a monero*
keep this ban off the books, toots


oh and i got my new yoyos
the small yoyo company i bought from took forever to get here because its from california


wish i had project fi in canada instead of 3 companmies all offering the same thing


dont you ever worry about hitting your fish tanks when you 'yo


blasted the ac too hard and now im freezing and my nippies are way hard!


we have innies




would be actually funny if it was just a montage of alex jones saying that instead of some gay song


wow i got trips on kpg >__<
maybe tomorrow is gonna be my lucky day



im not aquarium guy


actually that stupid ass song was stuck in my head all day long i hate when that happens


what a fucking whore
just the way i like them btw


lol cho is wearing so much face bleach look at her hand it's yellow




stop crying nerd
*puts you in a headlock*


im like 6'6 250lbs and i play linebacker for the oakland raiders b#tch


swirlies always calmed me down as a youth


and nowadays?




link my ass daddy


actually during the alphabay shutdown / seize recently they seized all that guys bitcoins and every other coin that guy got in the alphabay wallets except his monero because its so secure

monero is seriously a great coin


*doest give a flip about cryptocurrency but thinks their a swell idea for the future*


word send me some 'ddress at the bottom


ugh i did the google captcha too fast and it thinks im a robot now

it slowed tf down so bad




dont miss that thing


fine toot
just take all my precious monero


made another thread




we love our somalis, we love our muslims


thanks bud i owe you a couple bans


i used to think i had herpes because i got canker sores.. thankfully i dont have herpes.. i just have sharp teeth and bite the inside of my mouth frequently..




*sharpens teeth*


how else would i scare the coyoties off


a gun


would fireworks work instead


yeah just got called a god nbd


september 23rd
alpha bay
evo 2017
ringo starr

these are all connected


sept 23rd is when bbitcoin hits 10000 and that causes the world to end




hmm gonna reinstall doom 4 now to try out the multiplayer dlc since it just got unlocked for normal owners


deleted a thread, dont want chan to see what we were talking about


what do you mean normal owners
i own doom 4 and i could play mp since forever
it just fucking sucks tho


no like the dlc is all free now


does dlc make it any less shit?


kpg is fucking horrible jesus
all that gaypop shit makes my eyes bleed


never played it, never will


File: 1500689263304.webm (2.91 MB, 626x360, 1500688382620[1].webm) ImgOps Google



i must have said gook a million tiiiiiiiiiiiiimes

saying gook all the tiiiiiiiime


dumb whore


im actually crippled by watching that alien tranny
might not click on her stream again im not sure


for me? it's gotta be a gook



dont care

not even a
little BIT :) :)


i get really tired watching him
i have no idea where he gets all that energy from


shut the fuck up psycho


so many replynorms


dunno gonna re download and try it
i liked the single player campaign


80% of those is me
im too tired


are you that tranny ? wtf
what a strange reply


2oot can you send me coins so i can try doom4


stop talking about ur mum


someone literally replied to a post right above them please ban


*bangs a tranny*


stfu faggot





is roflmao our thing now because i really like it again


lets make it our thing before hima steals it from us


toot im having another breakdown
*slides you a coin* dont band me kiddo



shut the fuck up nigger monkey
ill reply to yhe post below if i decide to




wish toot was as militant as himako


2oot should make a best of of our reports


roflmao was around when i was in high school in 2004
we all said it to each other in the networking class via our irc channel during class when the teacher was talking


a young boy…


does himako accept coins in exchange for bans? yeah no she doesnt, she does it for free instead
dumb bitch roflmao


yeah but now we're bringing it back with extra condescension




rolling on the floor laughing my head off



"rolling, laughing"


a bit of decondescension


the past 2 hours was an example of my power posting. hope ya liked it


gonna buy the new madden foot ball game
hut hut hike etc u know the drill


*hail maries*


watching cho btw


3rd down punts


i hate her new nose


fake pass punt


i have them on video


hope the jags do well this 'ear


hope i die this year


lmao that first one


pump fake


the ol buttfumble


you guys made so many posts while i was gone. why don't you post when i'm here?


we get shy


Neoliberalism works and flourishes in a world where value transactions are peer to peer. Blockchain technology like Bitcoin "solve" the glaring problem most people have with neoliberalism: it's disenfranchisement of the poor.


it was me, the power poster. 80% of the posts were mine




this guy's a fag


im not


not gay btw


ugh you beatme


i go out and face these scum


thought it would turn into a real link once the post was made, but it didnt T_T


*drops a quick blue on the boys*




*adjusts hijab*


*slides you a beer*


alcohol is haram *kills you for insulting my honor*





*chokeslams you*

*stabs you in the neck*
dont fucking touch me ever again


wtf is at the start of that link def not clicking that


i was just lying about linking us on kpg

just one of my many lies
but then some maniac freakin did it…and those scum are currently here….amongst us…


sickzii is a lolicon


*riles up the media for assaulting a person of color and calls for vigilantes to burn down your house*


File: 1500691388438.png (174.39 KB, 783x673, please come back.png) ImgOps Google


could you not make the lips any bigger?


did you make simzii a lolicon mommy freak!!! >_<


*hides in the mountains*


thinking of going to the liquor store but i'm scared


it's just the /mu/ archive don't worry


just pick up some skol and some lite lemonade


better watch your back kid
i see you


now im extra worried and will never click it


File: 1500691542488.mp4 (1.69 MB, dCcm9Re.mp4)


wonder where all those posts went whhen 162 had to be reset



hi reddit


a big beer belly boy trying to work out



rolling; laughing


legs are startin to get a bit of hair


rl sounds too close to nigger speak
lets stick with the classics like lol and haha


2ooty sold all out posts to google…


i just want to masturbate every time i see chun li





whos chun li link her twitch


watched a cockroach crawl across my pizza on my bed then just remember life has no joy and ate it anyways


she's that squirrel girl from spongebob


shoved a towel beneath my closet door but the bugs keep coming out


good god man
life may be joyless but its not without decency


this is what you disgusting degenerate drug users look like


not one person in my village have door
we no need because no crime


not gonna lie im tired



its not even 11!!!!



im off to bed

night y'all


or is it 2oot that drunk fuck, he's not tired he just sees the rooom spinning




File: 1500692125909.png (373.03 KB, 1019x543, rio.png) ImgOps Google


looks like a raccoon


File: 1500692153587.jpg (2.35 MB, 4032x3024, 11.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1500692199649.jpg (360.53 KB, 1600x1100, 22.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


jesus chris man you put rat in fancy cage? what is wrong with you


what a god


File: 1500692304904.jpg (226.89 KB, 1080x1349, me if i was a cool dog.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


why dont you throw away the trash and clean your floor and walls


its an old photo of rio i saved, im not dirty bike beer boy


the 3 pictures are linked to my masterpiece


evens: order chinese food delivery
odds: just go to bed naked
zero: wild card


getting up so early i be waking up the roosters


man i wish i had a chinese food delivery place


gnight i guess

gotta respect the roll


go to bed naked and let rio run wild underneath the blanket


raccoon or cat?


we don't use the c**n word here, idiot


there’s some vietnamese girls near me but im too scared to try their food
what if it has dog and cat meat in it :S


vietnamese girls are quite good if you think about it


if you really think about it


millennials rock







*flicks big toe*
cant feel it… might need some pillow shoes soon


my dog used to run out to my car and greet me everyday i got home from work until he got out and ran up to some old baby boomers car that got scared and shot him
as i ran to pick up my dying dog to hold him one last time in my arms the guy pointed the gun at me and asked for bout three fiddy


it hasnt been a year since my dog died i miss her, made some blogs in scv about it


real shit


switched from chun li to cammy
didnt know she had an air throw that must be new hmmm…..

did it out of habit with chun and there it was


lost the ability to feel emotions except anxiety and shame


notice how reddit is pushing faggot shit and sodomy on the front page since they've gotten big
just look at this default subreddit that shows up on the frontpage https://www.reddit.com/r/rupaulsdragrace/

kevin rose could have saved the internet with digg but the jews got 'em


did a productive thing
im using gucci mane as a role model and trying to emulate his dogged persistence and dedication towards achieving his goals


*rolls eyes for the 7th time today*


just because you put his face on a guy with a sceince coat doesnt mean hes smart


really a well spent life is just a long succession of productive things


productive things yes


2007, how come my chrome keeps disabling 162 because it uses too much memory


just because he isnt a rocket scientist doesnt mean he's not a genius in his own right
he went to collecting cans on the streets of atlanta to buying a 10,000,000 home. he has an admirable single-minded tenacity that allowed him to overcome the odds, that kind of mindset is quite honestly a greater asset than a 150 IQ


2oot has a javascript bitcoin miner in the site
don't believe me? view the page source


yeah w/e dude
fart fart fart dot com


javascript…bitcoin…miner….on a website…..


if hes so smart why does he have an icecream cone on his face? just so wed talked about it?


dang it i knew it would happen
i miss tin


im not sure our ipads can mine bitcoins


gucci mane is a master of getting his name in other people's mouths


i get a notification to enable my webcam when i visit this site now too if i clear my cache


i paid too much to allow this to happen


speakin of coins….no weekend dip yet…
perhaps that era is over


2ooty’s got us by the balls
better do as he says


i love xkcd, bacon, magic the gathering, nintendo, cats, memes, firefly, game of thrones and most of all i love my gf :)


never had a gf
wouldnt know what to do with one if i did


if the dip hasnt happened then what day do we buy on? still sunday?


idk,no, its ok, yeah, kinda, kinda, no, no no


never seeen firefly or my gf


gf or video games
probably vid




i just read comics and talk about star wars with mine and she likes to cook for me and we cuddle a lot


2oot you can have all my coins pls just dont watch me jo


i dont think you do buy right now
more of a wait and see type of moment



another front page post casually promoting sodomy
what a bunch of fucking degenerates


*tunes in* keep the change kid


*flicks toe nail on the floor*
its 'aight the 'ican maid will clean it next friday


does she got a hot bod?


been high all day gonna stay that way


if you consider a tight young(18+) 'ican girl wearing even tighter "yoga" pants" crawling all over your bed hot… then no


on the way back from the liquor store some girl kept asking me if i had booze or weed and i told her no. i said she looked like she was 15 and she kept insisting that she was 18 or something like it mattered. then she started asking about my hat and started to ask if she could have it. then she literally takes the hat from my head like shes teasing me or something. i was so flustered i couldn't say anything but what are you doing repeatedly. like i'm pretty sure i just got bullied by a teenage girl. i knew i should've stayed home.


got my beer though…


i wouldve started crying


did you sniff your hat yet…


p good blog post thank you


i like mexican girls so what


*steals beer boys hat and shoves it down my pants*


no one ever helps me


*gives you a kiss*


*grabs your head and moves it lower* no one ever really helps me


i only speak the language of gooks


just woke up from a nightmare ~_~



hey tooty, can you add a 18+ warning like porn sites


playing someone named kangboy r;l


nevermind its not kangboy
its kageboi




this website should be password protected so we dont witness an eternal september situation here


*remembers past* i used to try to get hit by cars


got my hair cut today and while she was doing it she cut my long eyebrow hair randomly and said "i saw a long eyebrow hair out of the corner of my eye and it was bothering me" all i said was "yeah… that one was getting pretty long"


thats strange…the last boy here to get his haircut also mentioned the 'stylist' trimming his eyebrows without saying anything…queer…very queer…


well i'm gay


a bit ueer


if i tried to get a haircut i'd probably start sweating so hard they'd have to call it quits




the snes classic sold out in seconds x_x


"mop him up, get this guy outta here"


*leaves dripping and ashamed*


*runs into the glass door*


but really i do also think haircuts are the most awkward thing ever
and the #1 reason i just started to buzz it up muhself


its the globalists fault… glass shouldn't exist… like when you see a deer run into a glass door

birds all the time
unnatural globalist shit. the primal instinct to flee… horrible situations society places us in

yeah i'll kill the globalists


i look stupid with a buzzcut so thats not an option


no you dont


i get haircuts and ask for a rinse so they massage shampoo into my scalp… really like that


File: 1500697737044.jpg (577.48 KB, 1600x1200, TQyw0y1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

tried to get a picture of reggie in this basket but he jumped out when the flash went off..


still a good pic, preciate ya


thats what reg looks like… wth….


what were you expecting


different colors and older. not uh… old as the other…


File: 1500697982524.jpg (18.04 KB, 248x250, IMG_3853.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


miss my cat


hes only a couple months old..


reg at the speed of light


might post it if i get drunk enough… gonna have to do some convincing sceevies


hey reg
tell rio we wanna get some pics


i hate those anime twitters that get 500k retweets for something retarded


*puts a fan in every room*
dont want to have to put the ac on


i hate those weeb soundcloud producers that all sound the same because they're all trying to be the next nujabes


word me too


i also dont really care for nujabes either


every tweet is retarded and you're jealous of their retard followes


of what…


of frickin rio


not jealous of those freaks frick u


File: 1500698930450.jpg (438.5 KB, 1600x1200, wuItlbN.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

a little late night snack…




f*ckin love rio


been doing some late night snacking myself.. working on the tummy…


they used to laugh at my belly now they wanna rub…


a big boy….


rub a dub dub motherfricker




wonder how much reg has smoked tonight


File: 1500700015509.jpg (643.6 KB, 1024x675, 1499963157346.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


think maybe ill host a mining pool


imagine just sitting around all day like that


ah yes


he looks like the buddha


File: 1500700194636.jpg (197.65 KB, 468x500, 1499725267529.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*takes a whiff*


im gay


not gay but kinda gay


i dont even remember typing im gay but i am and i did


*rolls over the headset wire*
alexa, order me a new headset



break the pressha!!


rock the cashba


going bald has to be one of my biggest fears


left my wow guild..


we're 30 with a full head of hair here


i cant anymore


ive got 3 mics that i can share…


serious question
why are there no women who can compete at the top professional levels in video games




because women don't care about video games


im 30 and balding by the way




oh so its the patriarchy discouraging their involvement?


women arent competitive and women cant dedicate themselves to anything


except making babies


hmm…starting to think we DO need feminism after all


comp procreation


and raising babies into grown men


made this post.. im getting the urge to drink now though…


just do it it's already 12 but i'm just starting


oh wow sickzii that girl looks really pretty


dont fricken do it were turning a new leaf!!!!!!


ill say it once ill say it twice ill say it for you it's a drinking night



lol remember this


2011.. referenced anna nicole smith in the first few seconds.. "WHAT YEAR IS THIS" its 2017


i think that guy turned into a cute man


the original came out in 2007. would make me feel a lot better if it came out in 2011.


wish you guys woudlnt make fun of britteny


brittany watch


remember when south park was funny


nearly 15 years ago no


i went from south park to its always funny to youtube videos




goobacks is probably my favorite episode


dont have a favorite episode that i can think of now but season 6 & 8 were my favorite.


member the memberberries?


oh yeah 6 and 8 were great


simpsons did it


5 is good too


actually 5-9 were all pretty good.


whoaaaaa casa bonita


dont knoem by the seasons




i dont mind season 10 either
not premium but still pretty good, manbearpig


11 kinda sucked besides the nigger guy episode


hmm yeah 10-12 were okay. anything after that is pretty bad though.




ive worn the same pair of shorts for 6 days straight now..



mom bought us a new pair of shorts


last time i got a new pair of pajamas was christmas. we still haven't washed our clothes in 2-3 months though.


wash them this weekend ~_~


yeah i'm starting to think it's nearing the point where i can't get away with it anymore. might just have to cave in…


i pretty much thought that was reg even though it was me who posted that pic. found it on 8ch i'm sure


dang charlie is back on the streets tonight… thinks innocent people he sees walking around are flashing malicious things at him in sign language


just realized niggers are retarded and theres not much that can be done for them


love you guys. wish i could talk to you now.



i have a big belly but mine doesnt look like that.. mine seems pretty tight and attached to my frame…


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