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this isnt about being right or wrong


good op


Anonymous 02/06/18 (Tue) 23:24:55 No.220962
i bet tinny is having fun at his brothers house right now… they're drinking wine and toasting their friendship… tindog is running around excited…
"to health" *clinks glass*
"to head wound" *clinks*

i close my eyes and i can see it all…


cute gookers :33333


more like chinks glass!!


File: 1517959735178.jpg (138.51 KB, 1280x720, 194-14-Tone_Vays-HN-Bjoern….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

tone vays is literally the best technical analyst in crypto

and id go as far as to say that he's really the only technical analyst in crypto

everyone is just a hobbyist who thought they were hot shit since they made money in a gooey pop bull market



tinny does his parlor trick where he gets blown into a fan… tindog erupts in a raucous laughter…


blown into a fan? what the hell is that?


what kind of food should i get





how awesome would it be if we all joined kaitlyns stream when she went live and complimented her



but then again…no…


real funny


we should all join https://www.twitch.tv/kaitlyn

and donate $5 saying "162 raid woooo"

i would love to see her face light up :)


hate this fucking kaitlynigger…


lets use elons flamethrower


pad get in here


pad i want to see your penis


standby for the vocaroo

ill let you know when kaitlyn goes live


what does padboy go by these days?
padboy/padtran/padxir/kyle dawson of rockford michigan?




in this moment i am euphoric


you always fuck with me


*pushes you down*

let me see it


but then again no break:

for you


File: 1517960647788.png (1.22 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_9547.PNG) ImgOps Google

when will i know peace..


why is no one paying attention to me


hi kyle


only like 3 posters i really respect






all 3 are personalities loomies made up


and tossposter isnt even a real poster hes a collaborative project between a lot of different posters who assume his persona now and again


File: 1517960834324.png (75.7 KB, 1280x1024, c77d7f2b-5ae0-4039-b91d-18….png) ImgOps Google

look at that volume

that is fucking crazy


File: 1517960845232.png (5.9 KB, 305x125, firefox_2018-02-07_00-47-1….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1517960923710.jpg (Spoiler Image, 734.5 KB, 2561x1932, IMG_9549.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


cute cat


ugh mommy's making tofu stirfry


its def too late


ive made a terrible mistake


shes back up


i really wish the place i constantly ordered food from hadn't stopped delivering to me…


man listen to me NO ONE GIVES A FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK and im out


File: 1517961522193.png (113.86 KB, 960x699, 1438198868884.png) ImgOps Google



its important to me ok




imagine prying the lid off narrcis coffin and driving a silver steak into its heart
throwing a bunch of garlic in before hammering the lid back in place


never swung a hammer in my life


*makes stupid impulsive mistake*
*afks for the rest of the game*


can you turn off takebacks
its stupid that its even a thing


I have disabled takebacks entirely
Not dealing with that shit


*knocks the chessboard off the table*
*stomps away*



thanks phoner


post your closet so we can see your wardrobe
is it all just flannels


think i might quit wow soon


yeah cuz your hard stuck on mythic coven fuckin noob


we should all quit wow

then we can spend more time watching https://www.twitch.tv/kaitlyn


but were watching narci




kaitlyn is so pretty

i would blush if she touched me

i wish we could meet and she would try to hold me hand

i get butterflys in my stomach just thinking about it


i have ice on in the background because it makes it feel like tin is here scurrying around




we arent drinking tonight


im already drunk bitch!!!!!




some chess lunatic is after me im scared


did he win the challenge or not


no more steak tips
no more chicken parmigiana and ziti
no more italian subs
no more meatball subs
no more sausage pepper and onion subs

i might as well reach into the 'bowl and eat shit… thats basically all thats left for me…


no more za


a man can't live on pizza alone


what about cum and vitamins


i can prove you wrong if you fund my pizza


ive gone mad


your mom does that lol


well, then calm down?


what the fuck




hit me with a 'roo real quick


damn how toxic…



look at that big gook brapper!



her ass game is weak


check out those BUUNSS!!!!


it might be time to reach 3+ years back into the old 'saved for later' cart and finally get that slow smoker grill…


shut up white supremacist rapist idiot


id love to choke her out then dismantle her with a meat cleaver
after she pisses down my throat of course



you are fucking sick in the head


anyone watching anything interesting?


too many norms on 162 gonna move to the 162 spin off


see ya complainer chan, no one liked you anyways


watchin that new show counterpart with jk simmons… its pretty cool…


me? i post on the spinoff of the spinoff of the sc2 thread of 4chans /vg/ board




my hand is still scarred from touching a stovetop as a little kid

this is so stupid lol


stop saying lol holy shit




big deal
when i was stationed in korea i slept with women that looked like that almost every night




yeah ALMOST every night youre just a little bitch who couldnt do it EVERY night like me


sounds gay


File: 1517965603145.jpg (166.24 KB, 1000x1008, TV GIRL.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


big deal


just tried… nvm


idiotic post. buy a gym membership


i have one


i have a gym in my basement i don't use why would i buy a gym card moron


wheres scvbot


go down there and work out some of that hate


god help me


scvbot is at the gym


we bought gym memberships


i'm going to light myself on fire in that basement one day
after i unplug all the smoke detectors


how about you work this out

*grabs crotch*

fucking retard


yeah, im a pretty dynamic sleeper, catch me sawing logs at 6pm somedays, 6am other days


simmer down gramps
no one asked


wait a minute i already forgot about my new years resolution
what the FUCK


last time i talked to gramps he told me everyone had his picture hanging on the 2nd floor of their house


yawn wearisome drivel hours gonna go read


File: 1517966204887.png (127.27 KB, 1302x920, IMG_9558.PNG) ImgOps Google

time to kill yourselves coinCUCKS
kill ur self for tinny


tinny is based as fuck


said no one ever


if you think golds value has anything to do with its industrial use cases youre fucking retarded


anyone want to play some fortnite


File: 1517966565845.png (603.88 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_9560.PNG) ImgOps Google

absolute power corrupts absolutely *nods head*
wish tinny would come home


sure post your imfo
of course i meant info


hes a genius


File: 1517966919581.png (592.32 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_9561.PNG) ImgOps Google


donald trump head wound



lmao tin


combining two posts
ereader is coming tomorrow hope i dont miss the delivery because ill get mad

wish james blake would make music like his s/t again


seriously love tin and would trade half of dozen of the jobnorms still posting here for him to back back



be back


why was he talking about door to door steak salesman?


mind so sharp fuck around and cut my head off



id trade complainer for tin tbh


butthurt jobnorm


you got me


wheeerrree iiiiissss yyyyoooooouuuuu
geeeett ooonnnn lllliiiinnnneeee


probably something about those donald trump steaks
dunno how he reads the trump general posts all day. bunch of people posting fox news clips


watch this and tell me again that you seriously dont like her
just watch it
i cried with her


tin gih


File: 1517967484142.gif (167.39 KB, 467x468, 1507757028417.gif) ImgOps Google


didnt need to watch it i hate all women on sight


its kaitlyn crying to mgs4
it was a very emotional moment for all of us in chat and her


ban the kaitlynigger


i want to do laundry but i'd have to wear b ball shorts while my pants dry
and its cold in my house >_<


bb shorts every day every season


put on the long johns…


we dont do that here you stupid fucking himafuck how many times do i have to tell you that


its back in the 70s in florida


where my free thinkers at #flatearth


get out of vent or ill have you bent


based elon musks based starman proved that the earth is indeed round and based


i live my life by harry's code..


honestly if i really wanna know a person and see if im gonna like em and shit when i first meet em i just ask this one simple question
do you like denzel curry?


time to browse r slash streetwear


i dont know what that is



File: 1517968058311.jpg (76.68 KB, 752x600, 1446403728042.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Well I live by HAIRY'S CODE


pretty mediocre but i also dont like hip-hop very much


the gook song is funny as a goof and he worked with lum but i dont really care about him his bars are corny as hell with all the cartoon and anime namedrops


in all seriousness i dont really like kaitlyn

its just funny to spam her here since it riles up padshitter


nobody is 'riled' everyone just thinks you're an annoying retard





had a gut bustingly painful poo


is your tummy better


turt get in here




just been crying all night honestly :\


feel like crying


i havent cried since i was 18 and my dog died


cold as fuck my hearts a brick



im the goth frank sinatra



le shrug


human form is temporary life is hell


I need to find a way of being intimate with other people with my body and my penis, the body of a woman and the penis of a woman.


imagine tin going into a gas station and playing pocket pool to the nudie mags….


i'm bored



if toot ever gives that one complainer hima tard ban power here….
its gonna be like another holocaust…


6 million jews banned



hey uhh
if i set us up with a teamspeak server would you guys hang out there?




no sorry


could we talk about kaitlyn?


why not?


too shy >_<


we all have speech impediments here


who's gonna drive elon musk's car when it gets to mars

that thing is probably going to be worth a couple of billion dollars if we bring it back


blasted to this last night hehe :P


File: 1517970064355.png (174.71 KB, 634x1536, IMG_9563.PNG) ImgOps Google

been there done that
it just wasn't a good idea


my dad said aliens are going to bring it back to earth with a death ray strapped on the top so they can kill us while mocking us


a tragedy om 5 acts





okay ive got 36 hours to kill what should i do


get a prostitute and a bunch of coke


kaitlyn vods


https://streamable.com/7h6m4 lul the streamer got banned cause of his dad playing with the anime boobies


kaitlyn vods lol


wish i could play with kaitlyns anime boobies in vr




i told you NOT to call me an idiot




*pulls your hair* not today biTCH!!!!


then apologize for what you posted about kaitlyn


i apologize


ok youre not an idiot :)


*turns my back to you and puts on vr headset*
oh.. cat ears today…


vr is soyboy shit
we only play dos games here


like commander keen


why does padboy act like he does?
too many drugs?


File: 1517971493349.mp4 (2.06 MB, dah.mp4)

i play tekken


think ill boot up some sims 3


die you fucking happy shitters


i have ingrown toenails


got an email for super viagra….


hot big tit is live


is analfreakmommy in the chat


i dont know


is this the freak always posting about sickzii?


no thats me


that cat avatar looks like something the sickzii cat poster would use


lol i looked through his shit wondering the same thing but its definitely not hes not following sickzii on his twitch or twitter


seems like a CoolCat



how bout that evo line up huh


Is LaCroix Non-GMO?
LaCroix does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO) therefore LaCroix is Non-GMO.

looks like were good to go boys







die spaceteen


its not even that gross


not EVEN going to _click_ that


clicked it was just sort of boring


what are the best la croix flavors? any to avoid?


make up your own mind


is beerboy here


i need some tips from experienced la croix drinkers


narci is on the phone with his goth gf (male)


*rushes into narcis stream*





badly trained dog….



*takes out bibbeli*
*shoves it in your MOUTH*


idiot i thought the dog was funny you sick anime mush brain freak


just do it fucking homo ass bitchnig shit


i don't feel safe here because of this serial bully


im not wearing any underwear


toot let me ban the bully
give me ban power toot


i am


im stuck in the sky!!!!!!! IM NEVER COMING DOWN!!!!!!!!


serial experiments bully


okay going to make a 2 person household in the sims… gotta think of what professions i want


i love cereal dude


pad send me some of your xanax so i can match your brain waves and tune myself to your state of mind


padboy and caretaker duh fucking sims retard let me play *forces you off the chair*


make beerboy and padshitter



suck my fucking dick you fucking homoboy

*pushes you*

you want me i know it



i have become a myth
the myth of padboy. padshitter. kyle dawson.


hey padboy are you here?


he sure does like movies huh…


padboy traits: neurotic, insane, hot-headed, inappropriate and… excitable
lifetime wish: chess legend
favorite food: cereal


*kicks sheets*


you: delusional and schizophrenic


this guys so annoying hes like some alt-right nut job that has to always talk about stupid shit like chem trails
https://www.twitch.tv/kaitlyn is live and much better


i wirr read books


huh? huh HUH HUH!??

aeouuuuu mmm aahh


kyle?? huh? who said that? KYLE!

*spills spaghetti on the floor*

i can see… mmmm… august

im getting closer padboy
or should i say kyle

ehehehehh *starts jumping around*





2 copies of the notebook; one on dvd the other one bluray uhd4k



demonic goblin


where are those adventurers?


honestly i started doing yoga so i could suck my own dick and its really not that great


i'm just gonna put those wet pants on and let my body heat warm them up…
its just one of those nights…


there's 3 chess players in here and padboy isnt one of them
youre so bad at this just stop


padboy gaslighting again


im not padder
i just know the other 2 chess players




about to have a shave…




tin, you seeing this ice stream?


my favorite anime opening lol




die shill


*pushes you*
yeah thats right


let us enjoy our soy in peace ya bully


i think your soy needs some of this
*cums in it*
you live for this


*throws it in your face*
idiot bitch, cya
*clocks out*


*runs after you and grabs your throat from behind*


im always fucking banned

why does this happen to us


tootly toot toot


done shaving


File: 1517977125375.webm (2.59 MB, 853x480, 1516897798308.webm) ImgOps Google


did tin shave?




File: 1517977434117.mp3 (910.05 KB, alphabet_boys.mp3)

alphabet boys


a curry


anime babes are so fucking hot…



is akari speaking polish there


might make some scrambled eggs


these wet pants are ruining my mood…


ok i made them




i ate them


*rubs belly*


why are you guys always trying to rape me?


well im not rubbing your belly that's for sure


I'm kind of gay namusayin


only the straights deal in absolutes


i'm tired of being alone


Hi hub bub bub bun bun bun bun bun gym KJV NC full of drum kit in kid an he an be an HR en by Yun no


i make my own mouthwash


Ignition JCB humid rush kicking ICRC ugh


section sting okay vague bonus lizard fire edit drip power large dragon


is that unlabeled scvbot


we're all using 162 as our test zone for bad bots


bachelor try supreme hunt deposit social


"I’m tripping balls here." said Musk



really craving some alcohol right now..


File: 1517985026073.jpg (240.28 KB, 1800x1200, DUi-zDLVQAMip9C.jpg orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hello friends


who goes there?


it's me, Anonymous


wheres my floating quick reply


think im gonna start skol sipping..


so if you don't sit around and memorize openings you're fucked?


File: 1517988987538.jpg (47.99 KB, 750x1034, IMG_9562.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


gotta love big ol pep nips imho


Nice computer work, horrible idea, although it might work good for storing root crops! and I bet your floor is already cracked and your walls have mold growing on them. Whats the point having it in the side of the hill. You should have just built it in the open,# 1 you just poured a slab. it should have a footer 8 thick 2' wide all the way around the perimeter, this is what your block sits on, and have rebar coming out of the footer up to the top of the block at least every three foot. then pour the block full of concrete and then pour the floor 4 thick at the same time. Seriously, this is so wrong I can't even continue. You obviously have never built anything. I hope nobody is killed in your shelter. If you don't know what your doing then ask somebody. You should stick to computer work and let real construction minded people do what they do best. This is a fucking joke that's not even funny, stick to your day job sucker!


sickziis cock is my favorite candy


sickzii pulled on my weeny really hard >____<



can we go back to /esp/?




i've got nothing…


i have a penis


no proof


Sand Blasting
When a man and a woman have sex on the beach, the man ejaculates on said females face and then takes her head and slams it into the ground resulting in a sandy sticky mess.


sandblast my ass


going out for a smoke



hey are you back yet


he probably died of lung cancer


that didnt take lung
edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger!
edit2: wow my most upvoted comment is about lung cancer!
edit 3: well it all started when my mom was a whore


mom theyre making fun of reddit again


padder tell me how to get a caretaker!!!!


first you gotta kill your parents


idi nachui cockzii


I've been going hunting with my buddy and I've been thinking about ways to not waste the animal. Does anyone have any experience with making condoms from intestines? Like goat or lamb skin condoms you can buy in stores.

I'm not sure how you close off the end. Like tie a knot or something. We would obviously clean them up first.

Do you think there would be any nature hippies interested in buying them? Market them as organic natural condoms or something.



blah blah blah



File: 1518001019465.jpg (467.03 KB, 1080x807, 1517998724884.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1518001135709.png (202.32 KB, 1000x669, 1517998418777.png) ImgOps Google

oh god i havent laughed this hard in a while


almost died a very stupid death


this guy must be drunk


File: 1518002249721.jpg (311.56 KB, 760x596, 1518002179273.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1518006052921.jpg (47.38 KB, 351x427, IMG_8932.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


im here, pretty average night of posts tbqh


no one cares






i see with the eyes wide open


stinker banner just waved at me :3


there are people who care about me a lil too much


read this from right to left


thats it im reporting narci for sleeping on stream


report this!
*quietly cries alone in bed*


there was an otanorm in yesterdays thread…


last 50? not too great


File: 1518010440222.png (352.25 KB, 767x638, 1518001520979.png) ImgOps Google

whites btfo


*slides down the banister*


thread as a whole? below average, seen worse…. bannister post was pretty good…. hope they didnt fall….. or get burns on their hands..!!


go away newfag






mush me blazer


walked to target to take a number two and looked at books (butt gooks) the whole time


no one cares


why cant you just poop at home


i care


why cant you poop at home


No better place than ota-ch.com/r9kpol/ to whine about not having a GF. The supportive community here has helped me to realize its all women and "Chad" fault.


who are your favorite books (butt gooks)


toilets broken…. books…. hmmm….. mmmm


gfs are useless just get a sex doll or a hooker




sex dolls? gross? hookers? gross? the purity of a hard-working life on a farm? now were talking….


good word had to look it up…. figured it had something to do with prescient


terminal redux


target is def the best place for butt looking



boring normclub shit dont click


File: 1518013628700.png (1.67 KB, 171x22, G4EXe6r[1].png) ImgOps Google

yas bitch


whats the joke i dont get it


i have a pen


k you have a pen fifteen tho


File: 1518013969764.jpg (12.42 KB, 303x332, 1517999919148.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i get the joke but its not that funny


oh i get it now i looked it up
its gamer nintendo shit


you guys are so cringe


File: 1518014121921.jpg (136.38 KB, 1403x1441, 1517997973580.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

found a pic of you


at the library


you checkin out some books (butt gooks)


wow this epic nintendo gamer bro sure does have a lot of reddit comics


File: 1518014217663.gif (62.54 KB, 750x525, a17.gif) ImgOps Google


File: 1518014239435.jpg (488 KB, 1264x1580, 1517974931460.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


that seems wholly innappropriate


read this outta the corner of my eye and thought it said gooks (good books) and thought that that was a clever twist!! alas….


whens the olympics are we going to watch it i bet the opening ceremony will be good


fuck off




to defy defying expectations is the ultimate act of rebellion


its in korea too
im gonna watch the skeleton luge and the bobsled


heh, easiest yous of my life


stupid daycrew


you are mentally ill



i dont think you are mentally ill! or if you are not for wanting to watch skeleton luge and bobsled


lots of gooks will be raped
niggers and drunk degenerates are going to flood korea for the olympics


daycrew - /pol/, /b/, /r9k/



only the skanky ones that want to bang foreigners will go honestly


cross country skiing
thats us


report in /b/ros


banned from fourchan atm


chads are just polnorms or niggers now, right? p sure white knight sjw faggots would be more fun to hang out with even though they are gay as shit


daycrew STINKS


you better start believing in day crew
youre in it


honestly racism is stupid
if you think jews are evil and part of some secret society that controls the media and governments youre a fucking idiot


its not jews its just rich people in general


best part of living in korea? being able to post with nightcrew during the day


hello reddit


reeki mencia is up


*upvotes you* :P



ah yes


ah yes the ol reddit


its not all rich people though
but if youre racist in 2018 youre an idiot
there are lots of good hard working muslims and jews out there and they have great culture and food and are nice and friendly


muh food


either an american or western european behind this post
im 100% certain


i feel like marlon brando crica 1999


what does that even mean? what does nationality have to do with anything? nationality is stupid


im just happy that us asians will never be as cucked as you


racist idiot


nation states i sleep
ethnostates real shit?


how can i be racist if im not an americlap or yuroslime


ah yes time for some r / asian masculinity


youre a racist idiot if youre against diversity
our strengths lie in our differences


implying there are differences makes you racist biggot


r/asianmasculinity live in america and europe you dumbass
everything in the west is garbage
jews say only whites can be racist
bow down do you masters
only if you live in a cuckhole


only races i care about are p z t


dude youre a fucking idiot
im a jewish-italian that grew up in new jersey but you would have never known that if i didnt just tell you


do you think we can recruit an african 162….


daycrew af rn


we already have black posters here you fucking new fag


black =/= african


i think he means actual blacks not amerimutts


well im leaving now
its reeki mencia race denier racist hours


wth is a race denier


according to science british were blacks


feelin like playing final fight rn


File: 1518016765185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.67 KB, 488x415, 1508630764377.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i wish the garbage men would come and empty the barrels
i wanna take them in and go to bed…
these god damn barrels…


call your alderman and bribe him to empty your barrels first


he would just put me on the terrorist watch list


think the horse is already out of the barn on that one


get him back in the barn…


File: 1518017094686.png (35.34 KB, 893x667, lol.png) ImgOps Google

oh tranlet


did scarlett win something


File: 1518017223512.jpg (86.7 KB, 960x540, 1517961145541.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

iem chingchong


some welfare whitey tournament that they let sos play in for some reason no one knows


File: 1518017475937.jpg (183.05 KB, 1397x837, 1517987725207.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


THOSE are 46 year old gooks???


i bet my pip is bigger than all of theirs combined!


word…after all…theyre all girls…


this is bullshit man… nothing ever goes my way!


you talk like a liggle girl


halfwit bitch!!!



im dep


america needs to help all those peurto ricans displaced by the hurricane
wonder if any of reekis family were displaced


how about i displace your sphincter with my dick bitch


File: 1518018616153.png (106.78 KB, 731x225, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google




nothing racist about that post


this is us





probly gonna go to costco later to reup on booze


thats actually really clever lol


went to bed after lol


this is an anime website


yeah but thats shit anime
i can tell without even watching the vid


i think i heard the garbage truck


never post again


he posted again
its time…


time for…



false alarm i guess…





was that really worth clipping




dont show pnig that clip



keep em coming
some ''epic' clips circulating rn


or epic
not sure what i was going for tbqh


kids these days and their twitch tv programs


hohohho the trash truck at long last



at long last… the perfect read








grow up




put up or shut the FUCK up


i bet im taller than you


my height ends in 10”. still care to make a wager, friend?


im 8'2
what now bitches


if your height doesn't end with 11" you're a manlet




nvm grew a bit, 8'11 now


me? 5'9




manlet thread, time to bail >>216845


not posting in that cursed thread



she looks like a fish


me? 6'5


post your big dick




ahoy me buckos!
*slides in the 162 ship*


sickzii swabbed my poopdeck


*makes you walk the plank*


ahhhh fuck

need to fap soon


we call it pippin' here


i watch destiny so you know im really smart


destiny got banned on twitter for doxxing or something


based twitch hackers


i have a phd in grab-ass care to check my credentials??


grab my ass daddy




okay i was lying sorry i didnt think anyone would call my blufff


desTINY is tiny as heck, how does he even have a following


ill grab your ass son


*grabs you with my ass*


oh my god


sup son

sucks for you

sucks for me



trump caught molesting mexican child


you got me


i'm freaking out over nothing. someone should come kill me.
2 retarded 2 live…


*steers the 162 ship towards a bunch of rocks*

*abandons ship*


cant wait to sink and drown


super horny right now not a great time to crash


*steers is back on course*

lmao dummy is stranded now


*picks him up*
no man left behind


*shoots him*
traitors get the plank


*casts rez*
second chances on the ss.162


hes heading for the wheel again stop him!


*steers the ship back towards a bunch of rocks*

*abandons ship with the wheel*


ripped out all my pubes again :)



i swear
one of these days… one of these days… i'll end this psychological torture


me me me me ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!

*slaps your belly*

zip it!


fuck off tossshit stop forcing yourself


global warming will only heat up my dick


you son of a bitch…


toot please dont forget valentines day…



gonna watch this now i think


File: 1518024407590.png (15.75 KB, 472x83, Screenshot_2018-02-07_18-2….png) ImgOps Google

whats he talking about
havent seen anything on reddit so i bet its nothing


they wont be on reddit because they show obama in a bad light


*meanwhile in the 162 room*


a nothing burger then
yawn is that really it?


padder and beerboy


File: 1518024621128.jpeg (77.05 KB, 1080x1080, DVcFC8IW0AY6AFQ.jpg:orig.jpeg) ImgOps Google

abominable_alien @AbominableAlien 3h3 hours ago
this is before/after 2 months healing. i still feel swelling in my chin and nose. at 6 month mark i go back to surgeon and get high quality before and after pictures. i got mistaken for a woman even when i have facial hair and all muh manly work clothes LUL. 2 months healing:


look it up for yourself you stupid nigger


what kind of a job could this freak possibly have


File: 1518024743400.png (1.12 MB, 1187x756, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

padder rubbing beerboys belly while he watches the super ball


id employ him in a heartbeat
and then id FUCK him
(not gay btw)




epic soy grin


fuck you and your retarded soy meme


File: 1518024961725.jpg (47.4 KB, 960x781, 1517835685572.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lmao first thing i noticed too



that was pretty soy



*opens and instacloses so the thumbnail disappears from the view*


File: 1518025425936.png (1.36 MB, 1008x819, 1518023063706.png) ImgOps Google

the finest brazilian trannies




*grows up* hurricane niggerslayer420


behead those who insult diversity

*waves ali baba sword around wildly*


the fine of people of sao paulo


File: 1518025635521.jpg (816.25 KB, 1920x1280, 1517947943070.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fucking lmao
is scvbot alt-right


*throws acid in your face*


the hurdy gurdy


hmm….i think if they just had time to learn our culture of stuffing burgers in their face and ignoring their elders….


could use a burger right now


fuck i really wanna go to shenzhen


wonder how long until moot comes out as trans for real


i dont know
but i do know this is a fucking banger


whats wrong with the girl on girl action?


we dont eat meat here


read the quran


we eat meat if its halal


ever heard of soy burgers?


growing up my parents forced me to read the quran in arabic
its more of like guide lines than to be followed to the word


soy burg could go done nicely about now…


soyman bugber


fucking infidel
*murders you*


im shitting


did you guys hear about the corruption in the baltimore police department? cops were confiscating drugs and reselling them on the street
in one instance during the riots a couple years back they confiscated a bunch of drugs looted from a pharmacy, clandestinely sold them back on the street, and then later released a statement that those drugs presence on the street were responsible for the city's rise in crime


stopped reading at "you guys"


stopped reading at "stopped"


stopped reading at """


time to post some blacked webms on /gif/ in the white threads >:)


kek… the funny part is that theres some guy out there who really does that


how do people jerk off to the vanilla shit posted on gif


kek kek kek
keksitani kek


yeah me

i love riling people up

it isnt a bunch of vanilla stuff

you sick freak


i need at least scat/vomit tier porn to even pop a boner




/gif/ is all gay and stealth gay threads nowadays
globalists are winning big time


oh is that the case….*opens a new tab*


accidentally revealed that im a racist to a coworker today after i made fun of black panther twitter hashtag
im fucked now i think
time to switch jobs


serves you right pea-brain


i blame reeki entirely for this


the globies turned me gay its true



flip off twitchhag worshiper


i only really watch cho, joyce, that one stinky girl that flipped everyone off,


that bitch banned our tinny


no one cares about that stupid whore
tinny doesnt even watch her anymore
come back when kaitlyn is live


ugh told my mom I won't eat fruit yogurt because I'm off sugar

she bought 2 mango yogurt tubs because they were 50% off

20g of sugar in 3/4 cup lol not touching that shit

50% off and 0% edible


File: 1518027483312.gif (898.5 KB, 487x560, IMG_9611.GIF) ImgOps Google



then buy your own food you spoiled little shit


24hours from now ill be a different man




how am I spoiled

I just told her I'm not going to eat sugar and she bought it anyways

it's just going to go bad because she doesn't eat yogurt often


shut the fuck up


also even 50% off it's more expensive than the good plain stuff


hey guy savagy af


your mommy knows you gotta eat big to get big
now get to eating


we cut cho out of our lives after she banned tinny for nothing


if you were my kid and you said that i would spank your little rotten ass


you just sound jealousy af


i would poison tossshit if he was my child
theyre probably doing that right now


whenever this crazy guy starts up i get the feeling hes having a conversation with himself


File: 1518027858221.png (367.68 KB, 580x562, Screenshot_2018-02-07_19-2….png) ImgOps Google


you don't get it

I didn't complain to her that she bought it i just said I'm not eating sugary things like fruit yogurt before she bought it

I won't say anything about it in just not going to eat it


so shut the fuck up no one cares


you obviously do you keep responding


File: 1518028022671.jpg (125.33 KB, 676x969, IMG_9613.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

this is what we like here


i support his stance on being off sugar


no this is what we like


hey pad


epic day crew posts l;ol


*smacks lips*
niggerlicious beat


good picture padder made me fucking rock hard
super hot


i dont get touhous like what are they even


me? a proud member of the so-called "day crew"




you know that song that goes like "thiiis love is onnn fiiirreee"
that songs about my love for kaitlyn


people just pretend to like 2shit


i like the one that goes that girl is one fire because im gonna douse her in gasoline and light her on fire


its literally a meme to like them


touhou is shit
real shmups are epic though


my dot dodgers are better than yours


real shmups have better graphics and music you fucking retard


turt is probably a touhou fan


i only play real shmups like dodonpachi


if i ever met you in real life id punch you so fucking hard your brain would explode out the back of your skull you little fucking faggot



real shmups like gun.smoke


this guy only draws pictures of ranma? what a little fucking faggot


i hope cho goes outside a bit today
shopping maybe those streams are real comfy


that tank grandpa is a real gamer
i checked and he has zero 2shit play through vids


go play mars matrix


i bought that shmup called ikaruga
i could only beat the first stage or something it was super hard so i quit


i used to play one on the NES and it was pretty fucking epic


thats enough for today dorks


i was just playing shmups today too




yeah but did you play tuhu


ikaruga is shit


smoke my ass bitch


yesterday i found out that trump was a draft dodger
what a fucking bitch
there he is telling people to fight wars for him despite hiding when he was called to fight in one

what an absolute disgrace


#resist #notmypresident


2hu after ufo is really borin


this image board is like the twitch.tv/seriousgaming of image boards


yesterday i found out obama was a black kenyan nigger


im tired and gay


ugh flaming lips


going to bed


mmm nice… you got some flaming lips huh?
how about making the tip of my cock nice and cherry red?


might go buy an unwich




padboy likes to speed around town fantasizing about being pulled over so he can suck his way out of a ticket
shelly has to bring him back home every day and lock him up


what the fuck

it's not even the actual person it's fake




File: 1518029777185.jpg (62.04 KB, 700x460, lFGAZEy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

reddit sure does love this anime character


i love this


cant figure out the number to order pizza from costco


the thing is

fed has 2 options
print more dollor and face hyperinflation
stop printing more dollor and have 2008 all over again but twice as bad


yeh cuz u wood no lol


damn the nostalgia



out for delivery since 9:20 am…………………………..


your mom's new vacuum is on the way too huh…


uh no >_<


lmao one of the comments

8 months ago




favorite nes game? startropics 1 and 2


classic greek



we saw this on pol ages ago
keep up


File: 1518030648504.jpg (125.38 KB, 405x1015, 1518029360925[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


why is pol always right bros???????//


pol said it was okay to fuck kids you sick fucking freak


what are you gonna do? sue me? caaaage me?


we’re all in cages


the world is a vampire


simply intolerable


had bacon and eggs


its not fair its not fair

*thrashes around in bed*

*bites sheets*

*flails legs around violently and wildly*


you a british nigger m8?


shoot me? cage me?


*tightens the straps*




never thought my life would end up like this


why did this happen to meeee


you? well, you were born that way


tried to watch sickziis stream once but it was really annoying
he just kept stuttering the whole time about anime then would randomly breakdown and tardlaugh at something for minutes at a time


hasnt been right in the head since he started fucking all those cats


its the brainbugs. they dont interact well with his mush brain



when the brainbugs get malnourished? hoo boy watch out


not a big fan of the new line between **'s



21st century soy bug man


look at the clock its time to trap


i got the brainbugs


deepfakes huh…



fuck reddit
what a fucking shithole


soy bug man


File: 1518032806634.png (21.34 KB, 928x365, dxuPpJE[1].png) ImgOps Google

let an sjw mod your sub and he'll get it shut down lol


told you it would be used for wrong by pedos

glad reddit is doing the right thing for once



this shit is worse than 4norm by far


a day where the pips fought back. no more beating them to reddit


can't stand moralfags!!


same im filled with 'anomie'


ur a sick freak




women are the custodians of official morality


finally our celebrities are safe from fake ai porn


our precious celebs


any hot new deepfakes


dont post them here, we dont want to get banned from reddit


im trying to eat some deepcakes



yeah i tried watching sickziis stream once
i just couldnt stop cumming he was so hot and sexy


post ss
im not opening that



when you click on that it shows their full name if their signed into google
so if you did that while signed in you just got doxxed


it's just a list of subreddits with some dumb information about them
what am i missing?


delete my info now. please.



its a spreadsheet about how many subs this dude moderates, he got some subs banned an hour ago


no it doesnt idiot


good thing /r/bitcoin isnt on that list


signed out before clicking just to be safe


looking for some mush brain games to play


google docs has the option to track who views the document as part of their "collaboration features"
if you clicked that while signed he got your email address and first and last name


not clicking a google link EVER


looking for some tipe pod challenges to watch


he also got your credit card details


last 50? seen better


cant wait for the job havers to come home and spruce up the place


you mean you cant wait for the night crew to wake up


File: 1518036276429.png (58.32 KB, 1200x849, 1516732143678.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1518036410829.png (58.32 KB, 1200x849, 1516732143678.png) ImgOps Google






File: 1518036516377.png (58.32 KB, 1200x849, 1516732143678.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1518036526479.png (47.24 KB, 1200x849, b9gy5r4.png) ImgOps Google


why is the camera always a major selling point in phones
do normies really take that many selfies




File: 1518036585518.png (58.32 KB, 1200x849, 1516732143678.png) ImgOps Google


remember when phones just made phone calls


hoo boy did that suck


a 21st century soyboy bugman in his natural environment


File: 1518036712848.png (79.21 KB, 1280x1024, 0648a006-50c9-42f1-93a6-d2….png) ImgOps Google

10 minutes left


people dont realize this is from obamas giant mess and now trump will take the blame for it


bugman? could catch on


obamas giant mess? presidents cant do fucking shit about this


problem is… when stock market boomed last year trump took credit for it

but now? had nothing to do with it lel


till what?


market closes for the day


File: 1518037135446.gif (1.97 MB, 366x360, 1518037059732.gif) ImgOps Google


btc will drop?


thread has been shit all day


we dont do "that" here


are cryptos going down?


oh naive child… how sweet….


havent had a drink since saturday


File: 1518037289884.png (34.71 KB, 841x582, a9edafdb-a35b-41da-9cb2-58….png) ImgOps Google

lookin' real fucked up


File: 1518037292258.png (58.32 KB, 1200x849, 1516732143678.png) ImgOps Google


yeh u would know cuz ur a professional crypto traider lmaoz




ah yes drilled into a water pipe, almost killed myself, forced to shut the water supply, got family angry at me and im down 500$
how was your day


should i sell?


lmao noob


what were you drilling


wanted to put up a shelf ;-;


my heart is black


then stop smoking


sorry bro……….


a shelf in your own house or were you doing it as a job?


got your little cuck pussy brapped baby boy??????????????
little baby brapper cuck bitch got the yipe dog all yappied up???????


almost wanna buy a super nt and a flashcart


in my house im not a filthy jobnorm…




why didnt you ask the man of the house for help before you drilled a hole into a water pipe?
soyboy bugmen shouldnt handle power tools


no one cares video games are shit


ill have you know i installed 3-4 shelves all by myself


statistical mechanics is hard :\


im related to jim fisk


File: 1518038648910.png (519.81 KB, 769x1265, d43.png) ImgOps Google

this is anime?!




nice boobies lovely


File: 1518038767296.png (296.14 KB, 700x495, 1499232076892.png) ImgOps Google



do you realize how creepy this comment sounds


shut the fuck up fucking brap goblin


File: 1518039030484.jpg (282.42 KB, 648x906, __samus_aran_metroid_drawn….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




i umm


its a cold world
i know everybody fed up


File: 1518039295029.png (488.74 KB, 795x649, 1472781946874.png) ImgOps Google


today might be a hentai fap day


gonna wear those goth parachute pants to do great but i dont see when they wake n stinks


le ebic random comment xddd +1 upvoted sir!!!!


very gay


File: 1518039535380.png (58.32 KB, 1200x849, 1516732143678.png) ImgOps Google




what the heck


now were talking


love kid rock


deep bro


okay but what about my horrible farts?


hehe fart lol funny epic dude :) :) brap brap LOOOOOL


take a chill pill bro


should i? it actually has been awhile since my last clonie


made a post to the shadowrealm 2OOOOOT!!!!


what are some books


this nigger didnt even do any work
he just ate food all day


im reading ordinary men battalion 101 now


The Puritan Ethic and Women's Suffrage


im gonna re read count of monte cristo


otanorms nearby watch out


i made an ota post but they never responded


we call him the otalad


are we doing valentines cards


my birthday is in 10 days……




hey welcome to gamegrumps


we don't read books here


the engineers of today hard at work solving problems


nobody fucking cares


you better start caring buddy


below average gooks


File: 1518041456148.png (718.81 KB, 923x475, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

lets play in a ball pit with literal children to express our inner child xD!!!!!!!!
take that baby boomers and blumpf!!!!!


why do you even care what does this have to do with you or your life?


imagine teaching your family what tin is


they would be so weirded out




sexual anime is banned on reddit now


lol i mentioned tin to my family once
not directly but i said i knew a guy who actually bought that rapture hysteria crap


le proof?


i talk about tinny with my sister all the time


do you two jo together


lol whats her take on tinnifers situation


die gossipnorms


*peaks into thread*
oh my gosh i cant believe he just said that! :O
*runs off to gossip*


were gossip girls here


nah that's what dad is for
says he's a weirdo


*takes out my burn book and adds a passage*


whats the passage



PADTRANNY IS KAITLYNN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!



shut the fuck up


is that what your spaghetti reading session told you?


just learned the word lachrymose


years from now future people will talk about 'The Narcissa Wright LifeStream' the same way people talked about 'war & peace'


dont gaslight me you demonic toxic goblin bitch


toss shitter btfo


yeh, back in my day i used to watch life streams on my lab top


'im tired of being this pathetic child, im tired of it' - narcissa wright


is he now cosmo again?


Not only is SpaceX a white male and white privilege playground for soyboys but it is also a bigot symbol of billionaires who spend money on space rather than on feeding the millions of hungry kids in Africa.




stupid brap orc bitch shut your little race denying goblin mouth up


padboy has marks all over his arms where shelly pinches him


who is shelly


File: 1518043059043.jpg (263.86 KB, 1000x1432, 1518042568569.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hima without glasses?


padboys caretaker


how do you know


isnt it weird that maryland is a state?




yeah it is bitch or i wouldntve said it




this one guy on whalepool is rated 2000 in rapid


wow cool




chess is both boring and gay


sickzii is both handsome and gay



File: 1518043928576.jpg (39.84 KB, 1100x550, reddit-bans-a-major-alt-ri….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fake celebrity porn?
not on my website





dads making chicken curry for dinner…





hes in for a good licking tonight


better stretch out the jaw


life is too hard
i just want to listen to kpop and watch cho/joyce livestream


-1 -1 -1


yeah kpop is really good


yeah its great to watch ironically


my dick is sore


no not ironically


going to dl the fire emblem 3ds games
what else should i get


pleb retard






File: 1518045022333.png (32.03 KB, 867x200, Screenshot_2018-02-08_00-1….png) ImgOps Google



invited stone cold steve austin to 162


heavy gay thoughts


toot should make a r/deepfakes/ subreddit reddit board here


spergin out of tinnys bhole :/




File: 1518045473679.webm (2.92 MB, 606x738, 1517826991343.webm) ImgOps Google


you don't get paid for being a reddit mod, right?
need to see these people in real life


thats the most boyish looking ass ive ever seen
not even gonna click


assbro is divine


File: 1518046209708.jpg (76.87 KB, 824x1018, 1517812888734.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ohaiyo gozaimasu



racist asshole


cant answer him huh
just like i thought


learned 2 new words starkly juxtaposed


tampering with a crime scene


let me get a "BLACK NIGGER" in the 162 chat


what no


File: 1518046699798.jpg (171.22 KB, 850x1145, __astolfo_fate_apocrypha_f….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Tell me just one person that likes irish people =///




whats that have to do with anything he isnt irish


me i like irish people?
wow that was easy


george bush likes black people




we all like beerboy


guys i fucking BAITED you lol


ugh :?




im not man enough to buy a husky


File: 1518046966497.jpg (885.15 KB, 1000x1500, 15d276bf2dfb162484c5508401….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



day off tomorrow
gonna read murakamis norwegian wood


sounds like some weeb shit lol




my dm's roommate is a classic incel/r9k broswer so im gona get their ip banned from 4chan next time im over >:)


reminds me of my niece :)


pedo idiot



i finally found a way to do more with less


i really like irish girls


just played my first game of fortnite…


toot doesnt want content like this on the website
delete this




File: 1518048788808.jpg (62.04 KB, 700x460, lFGAZEy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

me so stinky
me no care
me brap and brap into the air




how you know about my boy tz?

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