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lol u tk him 2da |?
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  Anonymous   No.2149664

well now that i say that i guess there were a lot of polish jews so maybe he is part polish

  Anonymous   No.2149665

the serbian swedish child is on the side of the girl!

  Anonymous   No.2149666

i want in the ziicord now…

  Anonymous   No.2149667

or bulgarian i forget

  Anonymous   No.2149668

demonic af

  Anonymous   No.2149669

this is us gettin all excited to visit seoul together

  Anonymous   No.2149670

  Anonymous   No.2149671

  Anonymous   No.2149672

  Anonymous   No.2149673

is it mini uku?

  Anonymous   No.2149674

File: 1700403474285.jpg (36.11 KB, 1419x78, ziicords.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

no but it appears to be the grow up poster

  Anonymous   No.2149675

someone link the ziicord i need to hop on and be a good ally

  Anonymous   No.2149676

  Anonymous   No.2149677

  Anonymous   No.2149678

you know my mayo ass ain't clicking that link

  Anonymous   No.2149679

i want fish n chips

  Anonymous   No.2149680

the girl is trying to slip in sickziis dms…

  Anonymous   No.2149681

nobody cares kwintu

  Anonymous   No.2149682

plenty of people care

  Anonymous   No.2149683

croatia where are your jews?

  Anonymous   No.2149684

  Anonymous   No.2149685

wtf zoomer bitch

  Anonymous   No.2149686

cmon man im old now

  Anonymous   No.2149687

bro we have people twice your age here

  Anonymous   No.2149688


  Anonymous   No.2149689

nice im still the youngest member here

  Anonymous   No.2149690

you were like 12 when sc2 came out

  Anonymous   No.2149691


  Anonymous   No.2149692

wtf discord wants me to make an account

  Anonymous   No.2149693

ok i made an account

  Anonymous   No.2149694

sup aaron

  Anonymous   No.2149695

Dogs are coming down with an unusual respiratory illness in several US states

  Anonymous   No.2149696

dog covid

  Anonymous   No.2149697

not me. i've already got a groomcord account

  Anonymous   No.2149698

File: 1700405666286.mp4 (1.71 MB, Dacky - https:⧸⧸t.co⧸7aG9p….mp4)

  Anonymous   No.2149699

wanting a bf rn

  Anonymous   No.2149700

  Anonymous   No.2149701

is dasher still dashin

  Anonymous   No.2149702

  Anonymous   No.2149703

im turning 28 next year…..

  Anonymous   No.2149704

there's still time to do a 3 month boot camp in 10 months and become a full stack developpeur before 30

  Anonymous   No.2149706

i hate school you can't make me go back

  Anonymous   No.2149707

  Anonymous   No.2149708


  Anonymous   No.2149716

we're gonna have mandatory heterosexuality checks in the mansion goon cave

  Anonymous   No.2149719

dudes will look at a 3 hour breakcore playlist and go hell yeah

  Anonymous   No.2149725

short wave radio is scary

  Anonymous   No.2149726

why are we spam linking another thread when this one isnt even at 900 replies

  Anonymous   No.2149732

File: 1700409245409.mp4 (362.78 KB, 8hvFAiB61W_f82bR.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.2149737

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