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hop onto turtle wow bros!


select the turtle wow pve server

also, thursday night football is tonight so get those team rosters updated!

  Anonymous   No.2142573

wonder how many people are gonna fall for my prank >:3

  Anonymous   No.2142574

come on bro wow patch 10.2 just came out!

  Anonymous   No.2142575

*casts a lil hex on you*

  Anonymous   No.2142576

doesnt work cause i have faith in jesus christ
he already saved my soul

  Anonymous   No.2142577

hoooooooo boy

  Anonymous   No.2142578

  Anonymous   No.2142579

  Anonymous   No.2142580

ive saved my soul
ive sipped my

  Anonymous   No.2142581

hajimaru hajimaru

  Anonymous   No.2142582

Crazy Town's "The Gift Of The Game" turns 23 today

  Anonymous   No.2142585

Wordle 873 4/6*


  Anonymous   No.2142586

Wordle 873 6/6*



  Anonymous   No.2142587

  Anonymous   No.2142588

File: 1699523799783.png (960.95 KB, 856x754, awoooooooga.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2142589

File: 1699524003606.jpg (7.01 KB, 230x95, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hoo boy!

  Anonymous   No.2142590

its the ammy vs platos solids of the nfl

  Anonymous   No.2142591


  Anonymous   No.2142592

love some good capeshit shilling

  Anonymous   No.2142593

  Anonymous   No.2142594

File: 1699524734488.jpg (138.82 KB, 1080x714, FhddcUqXEAAuNNe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142595

File: 1699524790437.png (47.67 KB, 1220x248, Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 0….png) ImgOps Google

if thrall loses hes gonna be soooo pissed

  Anonymous   No.2142596

im famished

  Anonymous   No.2142597

caught dad watching videos of his mom doing some documentary and hes crying over it because shes dead

fucking faggot

  Anonymous   No.2142598

  Anonymous   No.2142599

  Anonymous   No.2142600

you will go to hell man

  Anonymous   No.2142601

once you're in Hell, only the devil can help you out.

  Anonymous   No.2142602

the only thing the devil is going to be helping is helping himself to a piece of your ass with his thorny cock

  Anonymous   No.2142603

*giggles cutely*

  Anonymous   No.2142604

sometimes i feel bad about eating moms food but then i dont care

  Anonymous   No.2142605

gonna get a neck tattoo that is surely the missing piece in my life

  Anonymous   No.2142606

have you tried the leather jacket?

  Anonymous   No.2142607

get a bar code

  Anonymous   No.2142608

good leather jackets are so expensive

  Anonymous   No.2142609

whats the point of having so many different video codecs

  Anonymous   No.2142610

hold on i need to click on all the hololinks in the htread

  Anonymous   No.2142611

whats the comm approved torrenting software

  Anonymous   No.2142612

i still use qbittorrent i dont know if that has become the choice of fools

  Anonymous   No.2142613

i use deluge its simple and never given me any issues

  Anonymous   No.2142614

  Anonymous   No.2142615

gooked an egg

  Anonymous   No.2142616

you know what im gonna gook an egg as well!

  Anonymous   No.2142617

holy crap!

  Anonymous   No.2142618

in my sophisticated egg gooker!

  Anonymous   No.2142619

oh no no no

  Anonymous   No.2142620

  Anonymous   No.2142621

xi isnt going down alone

  Anonymous   No.2142622

real men drink
carbonated water

  Anonymous   No.2142623

File: 1699533704386.mp4 (1.52 MB, IMG_0162.mp4)

look at it gook!

  Anonymous   No.2142624

what kind of futuristic eggtraption is that

  Anonymous   No.2142625

oh no…

  Anonymous   No.2142626

the egg-gookatron 5000!

  Anonymous   No.2142627

that looks weird as hell does it steam the egg

  Anonymous   No.2142628

water boils and… steams the egg?

  Anonymous   No.2142629

he bought that thing

  Anonymous   No.2142630

  Anonymous   No.2142631

File: 1699535916062.jpg (297.72 KB, 1872x1558, 1680782452893852.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im chillin

  Anonymous   No.2142632

thralls gonna freak

  Anonymous   No.2142633

*inspects my niggers*
i do declare these to be the finest bucks in all the league

  Anonymous   No.2142634

File: 1699536191428.jpg (214.24 KB, 1822x1645, Screenshot 2023-11-09 0722….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142635

hoooo booooy

  Anonymous   No.2142636

if you truly believed that ai was a transformative technology that would give whoever develops it first an insurmountable advantage wouldnt it make sense to risk war in order to prevent any adversary from developing that capability before you

  Anonymous   No.2142637

the only people left who truly believe in anything are
the amish
orthodox jews
hardline islamics
turtle wow players

  Anonymous   No.2142638

if processing power is an essential resource of this new economy america restricting chinese access to gpus can be seen as akin to the oil embargo on japan in 1940 which precipitated war

  Anonymous   No.2142639

backpilled incels

  Anonymous   No.2142640

so are we just not going to use the horde thread

  Anonymous   No.2142641

we got duped…

  Anonymous   No.2142642

File: 1699538506461.png (106.69 KB, 1080x528, IMG_4687.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2142643

need a few ride or die homies like this

  Anonymous   No.2142644

my thread got used up in like a day thats crazy we are posting more than ever

  Anonymous   No.2142645

*awkwardly mumbling* is this weed called satoshi kon cause its got me feeling like a paranoia agent

  Anonymous   No.2142646

[weed guy who has no idea what you're talking about]
haha man yeah…

  Anonymous   No.2142647

  Anonymous   No.2142648

bet mao would have used the horde thread ong

  Anonymous   No.2142649

  Anonymous   No.2142650

mom found the periapt of power

  Anonymous   No.2142651

andershe (1923)

  Anonymous   No.2142652

mom found the unwashed aneros

  Anonymous   No.2142653

Wordle 873 5/6*



  Anonymous   No.2142654

mom discover the holy prepuce

  Anonymous   No.2142655

dont you remember our tournaments bro

  Anonymous   No.2142656

mom equipped the ring of gaxx

  Anonymous   No.2142657

oh i most certainly do ;)

  Anonymous   No.2142658

reminder that most jews are into that reformed judaism shit. it shouldnt even count as a religion

  Anonymous   No.2142659

File: 1699541290138.png (33.31 KB, 226x53, ploof.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2142660

you gotta season your aneros

  Anonymous   No.2142661

hey toot
don't be afraid

  Anonymous   No.2142662

*sneezes cutely*

  Anonymous   No.2142663

i want a bf

  Anonymous   No.2142664

cant wait to use the horde thread after this one

  Anonymous   No.2142665

i want a bfs

  Anonymous   No.2142666

  Anonymous   No.2142667

hey guys : )

  Anonymous   No.2142668

hi gay

  Anonymous   No.2142669

cant believe tin is still in thailand

  Anonymous   No.2142670

he cant get out

  Anonymous   No.2142671

  Anonymous   No.2142672

homeless in vietnam coming in nicely tiktok

  Anonymous   No.2142673

whats an ngoc

  Anonymous   No.2142674

tin is looking rough

  Anonymous   No.2142675

whats the point of turtle mode in turtlewow

  Anonymous   No.2142676

im not hoping on twow we got classic+ in just 3 weeks…

  Anonymous   No.2142677

i hate that all my friends in this comm are wow players

  Anonymous   No.2142678

get on homm3

  Anonymous   No.2142679

biblical, didnt even know tiktok allowed videos this long

  Anonymous   No.2142680

Two groups clash outside L.A.'s Museum of Tolerance as the center screens a film on Hamas atrocities. LAPD officers move in as several people appear to have been punched and pepper-sprayed. Eyewitness News is live with the tense situation. Tonight at 11 from ABC7

  Anonymous   No.2142681

for those crack addicts who need to mindlessly level again for the 1000th time and dont want it to fly by

  Anonymous   No.2142682

L.A.? they best be havin a holocaust museum

  Anonymous   No.2142683

how can you put so much time into a non blizz server? dont those get shut down and go wonky?

  Anonymous   No.2142684

its hopping not hoping

  Anonymous   No.2142685

it was gal gadot's propoganda film that she got from the idf lol

  Anonymous   No.2142686

im not the twower, the only pserver i have played since classic launched is ascension and thats cuz it actually changes the game a lot
i used to play pservers for vanilla tbc or wrath back in like 2011-2015 cuz there was no other way to replay those and you just know its not going to last so it was more like a quick thing to just try out a class youre interested in but never played in that expansion
back then pservers were almost universally 5x or higher exp/profession rates so it was much easier to just dip in and play it for a month or two and have fun, ever since nostalrius the pserver scene is mostly those fresh crackheads who just want to level 1x over and over and over again i dont get them

  Anonymous   No.2142687

cmon guys, not in front of the tolerance museum

  Anonymous   No.2142688

this is a cope that blizzdrones use all the time
twow has been around for years and most populated private servers have been similar

  Anonymous   No.2142689

still dont know what an ngoc is

  Anonymous   No.2142690

female: cumflation
it's me bloody dads exhentai history

  Anonymous   No.2142691

i dont think tin does either

  Anonymous   No.2142692

The Emerald Dream is waiting for you, Steve Jobs!

Guardians of the Dream is here and with it comes a verdant spirit-world, where there are new Public Events: Superbloom, Emerald Frenzy, and Emerald Bounty; unique rewards from building Renown with the Dream Wardens; a new Raid — Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope — featuring nine bosses and a thrilling Dragonriding encounter; and more!

  Anonymous   No.2142693

urge to make a very mean post rising

  Anonymous   No.2142694

i am going to kill you

  Anonymous   No.2142695

back in the day pservers actually did get shut down pretty often
feenix was one of the only early ones that stayed around for a year+ and it was known to be garbage script wise

  Anonymous   No.2142696

meet me in minecraft

  Anonymous   No.2142697

cumflation is just too ridiculous gets me out of the mood to jack

  Anonymous   No.2142698

i consider playing turtlewow still being a blizzdrone

  Anonymous   No.2142699

i think theres a tasteful amount of cumflation before it gets too ridiculous

  Anonymous   No.2142700

you guys might like the movie species 1

  Anonymous   No.2142701

i'm a big fan of the guy who takes cumflation to the extreme

  Anonymous   No.2142702

male: all the way through

  Anonymous   No.2142703

got 1940 rapid rating on chess.com now
99.9 percentile im basically a god

  Anonymous   No.2142704


  Anonymous   No.2142705

just shows a blank page man!

  Anonymous   No.2142706

  Anonymous   No.2142707

the site only reveals itself when you have reached a state of goonvana

  Anonymous   No.2142708

  Anonymous   No.2142709

now this is a nasty whore

  Anonymous   No.2142710

  Anonymous   No.2142711

its okay

  Anonymous   No.2142712

  Anonymous   No.2142713

fuck it
im going to hop on twow
what server are >we playing on?

  Anonymous   No.2142714

  Anonymous   No.2142715

bros, how else are you going to get the sword of a thousand truths!


  Anonymous   No.2142716

you guys are such massive pussies

  Anonymous   No.2142717

File: 1699552579124.mp4 (1.8 MB, 162165463456.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.2142719

File: 1699552725787.jpg (46.89 KB, 680x556, F233ayNXwAABSwf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142720

can't decide what class i want to play >_____<

  Anonymous   No.2142721

hunters get pets!

  Anonymous   No.2142722


  Anonymous   No.2142723

File: 1699553106873.png (117.63 KB, 1062x250, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

uhhhhhhhhh wheres the pve realm
i rolled rogue

  Anonymous   No.2142724

  Anonymous   No.2142725


  Anonymous   No.2142726

File: 1699553250877.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

whats your name man

  Anonymous   No.2142727

its got 2 short r rated boob scenes that you could watch in 4 minutes on a porn site and save yourself 2 hours sure…
do that instead of watching the movie actually anyone who may have been considering it.

  Anonymous   No.2142728

pornsick moidpost

  Anonymous   No.2142729

we have to save him

  Anonymous   No.2142730


  Anonymous   No.2142731

tinny ntgaj

  Anonymous   No.2142732

twow just doesnt shake it up enough for me to want to play there
the classes all play the same as they do in vanilla and the custom content all looks like boring tank and spanks

  Anonymous   No.2142733

he needs to get a ngoc

  Anonymous   No.2142734

he needs an ngook

  Anonymous   No.2142735

if i played turtlewow i'd be a shaman because i was never horde and thats the only class i dont have at 70

  Anonymous   No.2142736

and thats a good thing

  Anonymous   No.2142737

File: 1699553693436.jpg (252.96 KB, 1259x2048, F-dt8cAa4AAFUJM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2142738

File: 1699553751694.png (4.86 MB, 2852x1343, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

wtf my wow looks like shit!

  Anonymous   No.2142739

crazy how tin moved halfway around the world for a year only to reach that conclusion
i guess grass really just looks greener on the other side
we are getting old we are losing hair we are fucked its all over

  Anonymous   No.2142740

but tldr; dot com

  Anonymous   No.2142741

im actually blooming but do go off sis

  Anonymous   No.2142742

File: 1699553901021.jpg (315.69 KB, 706x747, 1344048506697.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im not blooming im blueming

  Anonymous   No.2142743

File: 1699553903710.jpg (128.55 KB, 1440x1031, 20231109_120913.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2142744

breaking news: poor asian women don't want to fuck an ungroomed sperg in a hostel

  Anonymous   No.2142745

urgently need some balding reassurance rn

  Anonymous   No.2142746

*awkwardly mumbling* is this weed called bell labs cause its got me feeling like a point contact transistor

  Anonymous   No.2142747

we already got a hunter!
i played a druid all through classic

  Anonymous   No.2142748

File: 1699554095542.jpg (316.03 KB, 1125x1592, 20231109_121343.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh nonono sipper wtf!! i thought biden said drunk driving wasn't a felony?

  Anonymous   No.2142749

ugh hate waking up this early

  Anonymous   No.2142750

File: 1699554287259.png (1.54 KB, 87x38, 1699554255.png) ImgOps Google

good morning bros!!!

  Anonymous   No.2142751

need to watch hazelnuttygames piss her pants

  Anonymous   No.2142752

let me send you some gold ;)

  Anonymous   No.2142753


  Anonymous   No.2142754

spiritually i consider myself left-handed and somewhat twisted as evidenced by my interest in anime, masturbation, not cleaning my room, and isolation (these are what it takes to be "spiritually evil")

  Anonymous   No.2142755

ugh died as a level 3

  Anonymous   No.2142756

you just got to thugg sat shit out

  Anonymous   No.2142757

do goblins and high elves get their own starter zone

  Anonymous   No.2142758

yeah kinda

  Anonymous   No.2142759

they call me the high elf

  Anonymous   No.2142760

enjoying this new robocop game. its like a clunky slow version of the 2 new deus ex's with more shooting people. the robocop killing criminals to stop crime vibes and jokes makes up for some of the clunk.
i pirated it but if i was a buyer i wouldnt spend more than $30 on it.

  Anonymous   No.2142761

think i might be spiritually defective

  Anonymous   No.2142762

File: 1699554896995.png (229.75 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20231109-123441….png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2142763

File: 1699554953446.jpg (21.18 KB, 400x400, 20231109_123320.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142764

  Anonymous   No.2142765

really enjoyed the might & magic 6-8 lets plays by blue ankylo

  Anonymous   No.2142766

he went to the sex tourism spots knowing none of the language and looking like a bum. i dont know how much money he had or made or was spending during his trip… homeless sex tourist vibes arent going to attract any decent SEAmonkey

i like how you said it better…

at least you arent cobes. tony soprano was balding and he was cool

  Anonymous   No.2142767

what anime is this it looks good

  Anonymous   No.2142768

hold on let me check

  Anonymous   No.2142769

File: 1699555545588.png (452.12 KB, 735x735, 1699044246647788.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2142770

for me its fields theme

  Anonymous   No.2142771


what the fuck man

  Anonymous   No.2142772

File: 1699555673809.png (78.93 KB, 171x281, 1352147483667.png) ImgOps Google

these seeds… they only give 5 rep…

  Anonymous   No.2142773

considering how much seed youre taking on an average weekend that should get you exalted soon

  Anonymous   No.2142774

a lot of work went into this lol

  Anonymous   No.2142775

File: 1699555946436.jpg (387.86 KB, 1280x960, apxkJUsNmbA.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i believe it's pomni from the amazing digital circus combined with yui from the hit cult classic anime k-on!

  Anonymous   No.2142776

this dude is always hitting on pando wonder what hes up to

  Anonymous   No.2142777

i see very interesting

  Anonymous   No.2142778

hey thats cool check this out
*puts a leech on the whites of your eyes*

  Anonymous   No.2142779

*pulls them out accidentally removing his eyeballs*

  Anonymous   No.2142780

i dont understand

  Anonymous   No.2142781

19-year-old former college student left blind, unable to walk after hazing incident

  Anonymous   No.2142782


  Anonymous   No.2142783

File: 1699557462071.jpg (254.77 KB, 1440x2191, F-cPZ0KXcAA_1JR.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142784

checkmate atheists

  Anonymous   No.2142785

just shop't

  Anonymous   No.2142786

the zookeeper fucked that shark

  Anonymous   No.2142787

think the napper might nap

  Anonymous   No.2142788

gook nap

  Anonymous   No.2142789

File: 1699558119616.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 2023-11-09 1328….png) ImgOps Google

*hops on*

  Anonymous   No.2142790


  Anonymous   No.2142791

didnt take amlitzer for an orc shaman tbh

  Anonymous   No.2142792

turn on war mode bro!

  Anonymous   No.2142793

open stream
get ad
close stream

  Anonymous   No.2142794

bro we found out how to block twitch ads ages ago

  Anonymous   No.2142795

getting ads on youtube now
its ogre

  Anonymous   No.2142796

gonno transition

  Anonymous   No.2142797

are you in your new condo?

  Anonymous   No.2142798

the meijers sushi was bussin today

  Anonymous   No.2142799

  Anonymous   No.2142800

twow huh?
*hops on guardians of the dream*

  Anonymous   No.2142801

ugh everyone is on wow i dont want to hop on T_T

  Anonymous   No.2142802

*points at the trashcan*
how about you hop in there you dumb anti

  Anonymous   No.2142803

File: 1699558737160.jpg (21.61 KB, 474x434, OIP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lok'tar ogar fren! what did you take me for tho?

i dont want to get corpse camped T____T
is the 30%+ xp worth it?

not yet, so i wont be able to play much until i am

  Anonymous   No.2142804

human paladin or some gay shit

  Anonymous   No.2142805

what should i play if ive never played wow before

  Anonymous   No.2142806

bros playing wow instead of gaj

  Anonymous   No.2142807

paladin, warrior, hunter

  Anonymous   No.2142808

rogue, priest, mage

  Anonymous   No.2142809

never mind i just watched wow gameplay this game looks awful

  Anonymous   No.2142810

paladin is a terrible first class for someone its boring as hell

  Anonymous   No.2142811

warlock, shaman, druid

  Anonymous   No.2142812

thats why its good youre so intrigued by the game youre not put off by just auto attacking forever

  Anonymous   No.2142813

  Anonymous   No.2142814

hunter mage warlock in that order for dps
priest or druid if you want to heal
warrior and rogue is too complex just starting out

  Anonymous   No.2142815

toot thanks for fixing the stuff

  Anonymous   No.2142816

File: 1699559162330.jpg (18.37 KB, 320x180, 1699403149820.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

never played a pally, they always looked boring. in og vanilla i played a troll hunter, then in tbc and wotlk i played ud warlock.

on nost i played a gnome mage and on gamerdistrict i played draenie shaman. on classic i played a nelf druid and had a dwarf hunter and gnome mage as alts.

i was thinking of going ud priest but apparently the server has a ton of hunters, which hard counter priest so that wouldnt be any fun.

  Anonymous   No.2142817

but theres no checkbox

  Anonymous   No.2142818

warrior isnt nearly as hard as they want you to think
i started my wow journey as a vanilla warrior and it was amazeballs

  Anonymous   No.2142819

the only class that even has a tiny semblance of depth to it in vanilla is hunter
pet micro, stutter stepping, and feign trapping

  Anonymous   No.2142820

huntard says what

  Anonymous   No.2142821

wow zzz

  Anonymous   No.2142822

+1 he's delusional

  Anonymous   No.2142823

  Anonymous   No.2142824

fargodeep mines are full ugh

  Anonymous   No.2142825

what wow vibes does toot give off? im thinking gnome warlock personally

  Anonymous   No.2142826

dwarf priest(female)

  Anonymous   No.2142827

dwarf man(manlet)

  Anonymous   No.2142828

File: 1699559987853.jpg (15.89 KB, 712x97, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hooo boy

  Anonymous   No.2142829

didnt that game already come out?

  Anonymous   No.2142830


  Anonymous   No.2142831


  Anonymous   No.2142832

lets see to install wow i have to download, make a bootable installer, a partition, or maybe just use parallels to create a virtual workspace, if that program even works with my MAC hmm im thinking

  Anonymous   No.2142833

  Anonymous   No.2142834

download windows*
im already stressed out

  Anonymous   No.2142835

hop on windows dumbass

  Anonymous   No.2142836

File: 1699560452767.jpg (580.61 KB, 1050x1400, 1352147484055.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this guy on a mac

  Anonymous   No.2142837

actually i have two macs
my father got me them
a genius move to cripple my gaming addiction

  Anonymous   No.2142838

File: 1699560532985.jpg (210.78 KB, 500x705, 1352147484721.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

did it work

  Anonymous   No.2142839

not really im just playing old dos games now or watch twitch instead

  Anonymous   No.2142840

one of my friends quit gaming when he spilled a drink on his gaming laptop and didnt have any money to get a new one now hes got a normal life

  Anonymous   No.2142841

blizzbros always have something to look forward to

  Anonymous   No.2142842

what if our systems have just been holding us back…

  Anonymous   No.2142843

weve seen her asshole :/

  Anonymous   No.2142844

File: 1699561104144.png (295.2 KB, 800x659, 1352147483671.png) ImgOps Google

no i havent

  Anonymous   No.2142845

this is why we upgrade every time a new cpu socket and gpu drops

  Anonymous   No.2142846

File: 1699561281755.jpg (387 KB, 1080x1920, 1080x1920_529b0b54d4feb27b….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142847

cmon man that nasty pussy isnt turning anyone straight

  Anonymous   No.2142848

she shits out of there man :/

  Anonymous   No.2142849

File: 1699561570693.gif (2.21 MB, 498x266, starship-troopers-war.gif) ImgOps Google

bros turn on fox news, iran just shot down an american reaper drone. rip pando…

  Anonymous   No.2142850

what if all our american gays link up in the army

  Anonymous   No.2142851

i will never fight for isreal

  Anonymous   No.2142852

mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the zog
turning it on is what they want

  Anonymous   No.2142853

i remember when iran shot down one of their own planes maybe they thought it was something else again

  Anonymous   No.2142854

you mean navy?

  Anonymous   No.2142855

the american raper drone

  Anonymous   No.2142856

gpas mental faculties are really starting to deteriorate…

  Anonymous   No.2142857

grandpa died years ago man

  Anonymous   No.2142858


  Anonymous   No.2142859

gook nap

  Anonymous   No.2142860

yea im gonna pop on some drew carey show and crank the box fan its time to snooze the day away

  Anonymous   No.2142861

i hope sickzii is having fun at the gaming convention

  Anonymous   No.2142862

why doesnt he stream it…

  Anonymous   No.2142863

File: 1699563536059.png (908.98 KB, 1519x964, Screenshot_2023-11-09_21-5….png) ImgOps Google

god i wish i was as cool as this
what a god

  Anonymous   No.2142864

hes not cool hes deranged and murderous

  Anonymous   No.2142865

what do they try to achieve by blocking roads

  Anonymous   No.2142866

File: 1699563687608.png (1.67 MB, 574x800, 1352147483729.png) ImgOps Google

im a neet i dont go to war

  Anonymous   No.2142867

  Anonymous   No.2142868

long story short it is basically using the lord's name in vain.

  Anonymous   No.2142869

its only 10 and im already sleepy z__z

  Anonymous   No.2142870

murderer :^|
murderer, white :OOO

  Anonymous   No.2142871

god i hate white "people"

  Anonymous   No.2142872

were all brown

  Anonymous   No.2142873

we are one race the rat race of life

  Anonymous   No.2142874

need a hug

  Anonymous   No.2142875

how is the drew carey show good enough for you?

  Anonymous   No.2142876

*gives you a good ol brohug*

  Anonymous   No.2142877

crazy how black people get riled up by 6 simple letters
just by posting the letters you can drive them into a psychotic state

  Anonymous   No.2142878

UFC star says she made more money in 24 hours on OnlyFans than during fighting career

  Anonymous   No.2142879

*gnashes teeth*

  Anonymous   No.2142880

just rewatch this man and imagine it was you hugging her

  Anonymous   No.2142881

dont know what yntgaj stands for

  Anonymous   No.2142882

link her simpcity thread

  Anonymous   No.2142883

i got it when i typed it

  Anonymous   No.2142884

she got it she got it

  Anonymous   No.2142885

cool it the y****j bombs

  Anonymous   No.2142886

wiggle wiggle

  Anonymous   No.2142887

hm i got up and cancelled my nap i feel like if i nap it just delays going to sleep later

  Anonymous   No.2142888

suck that all the good fapcams of this song have been lost to time

  Anonymous   No.2142889

File: 1699564986741.jpg (36.5 KB, 796x280, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hoo boy

  Anonymous   No.2142890

  Anonymous   No.2142891

got some new shoes coming on saturday hope they fit

  Anonymous   No.2142892

File: 1699565440120.jpg (45.41 KB, 710x383, gweed type comic.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142893


yooooooooooo valve bros, toon you seeing this??

  Anonymous   No.2142894

shoes are always a gamble

  Anonymous   No.2142895

File: 1699565475030.jpg (78.99 KB, 1080x679, 20231109_140558.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2142896

you need to get a j*b

  Anonymous   No.2142897

wow its the same price as a graphics card

  Anonymous   No.2142898

god i need to play with my pussy so bad rn

  Anonymous   No.2142899

no you dont you need to play wow

  Anonymous   No.2142900

  Anonymous   No.2142901

based finkelstein

  Anonymous   No.2142902

casino royale was such an epic movie

  Anonymous   No.2142903

yeah if youre an idiot

  Anonymous   No.2142904

im an idiot

  Anonymous   No.2142905

gen z are such fakegooncels

  Anonymous   No.2142906

they call me the advance aged bedwetter

  Anonymous   No.2142907

File: 1699566649663.jpg (71.84 KB, 1179x1228, F-XyuYDaAAADQbS.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142908

1 crumb m'lass

  Anonymous   No.2142909

we call them yellow dreams

  Anonymous   No.2142910

File: 1699567151894.jpg (2.45 MB, 2676x3264, 20231109_141326.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what do we want for the mansion.

  Anonymous   No.2142911

orange peel please

  Anonymous   No.2142912

forbidden popcorn

  Anonymous   No.2142913

  Anonymous   No.2142914

how about we pay to have our plaster done well

  Anonymous   No.2142915

i want wallpaper actually

  Anonymous   No.2142916

its coming out of your own pocket

  Anonymous   No.2142917

wallpapering your ceiling is so girlbrain

  Anonymous   No.2142918

i took some after pictures of the white strips but i cant be bothered to make it into a collage

tldr they worked and i think it took my teeth from a yellowish to more of a grey

  Anonymous   No.2142919

for me its skip trowel

  Anonymous   No.2142920

File: 1699567550584.png (451.33 KB, 530x522, 1667336698567671.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2142921

maybe ill get whitening strips too

  Anonymous   No.2142922

hmmmm i see

  Anonymous   No.2142923

saw a group of indian guys standing around taking pictures of child mannequins today

  Anonymous   No.2142924

only things i will advise are

make sure you dry your teeth off with a paper towel right before you put them on and do your bottom row first
dont try and reapply the strip if its on already it wont go back on if you try and do that
dont swallow your spit while theyre in
youll have to spit out saliva every 3-5 minutes
use a paper towel to wipe away the gel that gets left behind
use sensodyne an hour afterwards
try and use your nails to to push the strips into the sides and crevices of your teeth

uhh i think thats it

  Anonymous   No.2142925

  Anonymous   No.2142926

why are americans so obsessed with their teeth

  Anonymous   No.2142927

ugh im a huge drooler at the dentist, they have to constantly suck my spit out
i dont think i could use strips

  Anonymous   No.2142928

everyone wants a nice smile

  Anonymous   No.2142929

we cant stop winning valvechads

  Anonymous   No.2142930

the saliva isnt so much from your mouth being open as it is having the strips just sitting in your mouth for 30 minutes

  Anonymous   No.2142931

just hide your smile behind your hand like gooks do
europeans in the 17th and 18th century used handkerchiefs for that purpose

  Anonymous   No.2142932

in russia smiling means you are stupid

  Anonymous   No.2142933

File: 1699568089730.png (989.21 KB, 879x845, FFZ654AoFi.png) ImgOps Google

There is new hope. The world is changing. The old Orc Order is showing that what we "Extremist" Elves have said all the time, is right. The NPCs are waking up.

The coming decade will show dramatic changes. Persevere Elves. Endure the Darkness, for the Light is winning.


  Anonymous   No.2142934

white teeth mean nothing when my teeth are all crooked and weird

  Anonymous   No.2142935

why didnt your parents love you enough to get you braces

  Anonymous   No.2142936


  Anonymous   No.2142937

File: 1699568254248.gif (992.39 KB, 500x250, 28159211e09f4a9bd3f17acb06….gif) ImgOps Google

this is how we dress and smile

  Anonymous   No.2142938

when your parents opt for the circumcision but forgo braces
god bless america

  Anonymous   No.2142939

they call me greytooth

  Anonymous   No.2142940

i bet you smile much more cutely irl

  Anonymous   No.2142941

grandparents paid for dads braces but dad didnt want to pay for mine so now he has a 32 year old man with grey hair living in his house

  Anonymous   No.2142942

ive read that post before

  Anonymous   No.2142943

you could get braces now

  Anonymous   No.2142944

ive added a recurring google calendar event on every 3 days where i remind myself that i need to shave
i figured out 3 days is the longest i can go without a shave before the beard grows too much and i have to trim before shaving

  Anonymous   No.2142945

back in the day men had a shadow by 5 o clock after a morning shave

  Anonymous   No.2142946

sounds like dad is a jew who didnt pay it forward and now he is reaping his punishment

  Anonymous   No.2142947

i think tinny wouldve scored by now if he got a haircut+rid of the nasty tardstache and beard

  Anonymous   No.2142948

i think they mean 5 oclock in the morning not in the evening man

  Anonymous   No.2142949

i dunno man he has a bit of a soy chin and hes balding

  Anonymous   No.2142950

its one thing to not get a job but to not want to do any work at all of course things wont work out for you

  Anonymous   No.2142951

if he invested his money in his appearance he wouldve had a gook gf by now

  Anonymous   No.2142952

i thought he was scoring he just isnt finding a gf
but im a dumb incel so what do i know im probably wrong

  Anonymous   No.2142953

  Anonymous   No.2142954

if by scoring you mean hiring gook prostitutes then yeah

  Anonymous   No.2142955

we have to convince tinny to fix his looks and give him flirt advice and watch him bloom

  Anonymous   No.2142956

i mean yeah obviously how is that not scoring

  Anonymous   No.2142957

because its sinning which means missing the mark which is the opposite of scoring

  Anonymous   No.2142958

File: 1699569281993.jpg (42.04 KB, 507x797, 1686693832692033.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142959

omg i think one nipple is poking a bit

  Anonymous   No.2142960


tinny pays all this money to travel across the world but wont shave or get a haircut

  Anonymous   No.2142961

tfw no ngoc

  Anonymous   No.2142962

dunno how he survives with all that hair in sea heat

  Anonymous   No.2142963

i just realized that ngoc must mean gf in 'nese

  Anonymous   No.2142964

tinny is out there in a foreign country by himself having adventures he could actually teach us a thing or two

  Anonymous   No.2142965

our gaybros could style him like a young god

  Anonymous   No.2142966

like how to have sex with a tranny prostitute

  Anonymous   No.2142967

File: 1699569769811.jpg (7.07 KB, 225x93, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

us nigger collide bros have a real barn burner coming up tonight!

  Anonymous   No.2142968

weird how ai is touted as something that will totally change our world something like a new industrial revolution or even greater but conservatives dont have any problem with it really
what are they even purporting to conserve at this point

  Anonymous   No.2142969

*wiggles toes*

  Anonymous   No.2142970

  Anonymous   No.2142971

*holds a lighter under your nasty ass feet*

  Anonymous   No.2142972

dad has been doing this thing where he tries to organize stuff but just ends up putting things in different places so item a ends up in spot b and item b ends up in spot a

  Anonymous   No.2142973

man i dont give a shit about religion

  Anonymous   No.2142974

  Anonymous   No.2142975


  Anonymous   No.2142976

  Anonymous   No.2142977

extremely average bodies are you american or something

  Anonymous   No.2142978

that looks stressful

  Anonymous   No.2142979

holy shit adventurer gear can go to 450 time to get these shitty alts geared

  Anonymous   No.2142980

spy sapping my ngoc

  Anonymous   No.2142981

*turns on air conditioner*

  Anonymous   No.2142982

dont freeze to death man

  Anonymous   No.2142983

Vikings' Justin Jefferson says he won't play until he's 100%

if you think this nigger is coming back this year youre insane

  Anonymous   No.2142984

grow up

  Anonymous   No.2142985

  Anonymous   No.2142986

File: 1699571833372.jpg (71.1 KB, 1280x720, FsPe8HLXwBULFOi.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142987

File: 1699571865614.jpg (77.97 KB, 422x471, EhKW6KFX0Ac4SDu.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2142988

come on man

  Anonymous   No.2142989

File: 1699572254049.webm (540.06 KB, 202x360, wrong.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2142990

you just know a nigger caused that

  Anonymous   No.2142991

when is two getting sod

  Anonymous   No.2142992


  Anonymous   No.2142993

i just got the recipe for the new healing potions but i have zero knowledge spent in potion crafting :/

  Anonymous   No.2142994

you dumb retard

  Anonymous   No.2142995

its called alchemy you moronic bitch

  Anonymous   No.2142996

tinny is already decades ahead of us in getting ag f he should be the one teaching us how to go outside and talk to people

  Anonymous   No.2142997

nyanners is doing an irl stream and just beat her own personal best for distance pissing

  Anonymous   No.2142998

umm yes and no

  Anonymous   No.2142999

erm i mean no and yes

  Anonymous   No.2143000

how far

  Anonymous   No.2143001


  Anonymous   No.2143002

  Anonymous   No.2143003

if you knew anything at all youd know that potion mastery is a specialization of alchemy
i do have knowledge in alchemy but none of it is in potion crafting

  Anonymous   No.2143004

i got that on my dk and not my paladin fuck!

  Anonymous   No.2143005

so many posts here make me target toriface

  Anonymous   No.2143006

guess il steam some vegetables today so i dont have to do it tomorrow

  Anonymous   No.2143007

sounds like youre playing a gay ass game

  Anonymous   No.2143008

tried eating some liver and onions today it was pretty gross

  Anonymous   No.2143009

i bet these things are free money right now if you have a potion crafter

  Anonymous   No.2143010

18 ft is nuts i dont think i could do that as a guy even with my massive thick hog and extremely strong bladder muscles

  Anonymous   No.2143011

i really really hate the word "rizz"
literally want to punch everyone saying it ngl

  Anonymous   No.2143012

my paladin has like 140 unspent alchemy knowledge that i could dump into potion crafting idk if i should bother trying to get it

  Anonymous   No.2143013

shes had a lot of practice

  Anonymous   No.2143014

can girls really pee with more force than guys….

  Anonymous   No.2143015

everybody knows girls can't do shit other than suck dick

  Anonymous   No.2143016

i should get a gf

  Anonymous   No.2143017

its NOT worth it

  Anonymous   No.2143018

get a pgf its worth it for a couple months

  Anonymous   No.2143019

yooo i at first i thought this was a cool little dood but it's actually a dykey/ftm? manlet lady that is fucking insane. she is a psycho and hates girls so much lol
supreme mental illness

  Anonymous   No.2143020

  Anonymous   No.2143021

dang this is such a bummer

  Anonymous   No.2143022

im livin in a 21st century doin something mean to it

  Anonymous   No.2143023

whyd they arrest her she wasnt doing shit i wouldnt want that fat ass bitch near me either

  Anonymous   No.2143024

  Anonymous   No.2143025

read the room

  Anonymous   No.2143026

*looks at her ass*

  Anonymous   No.2143027

imagine if she was touching my pp haha

  Anonymous   No.2143028

do we like deviled eggs still

  Anonymous   No.2143029

  Anonymous   No.2143030

what are they besides paprika?

  Anonymous   No.2143031

  Anonymous   No.2143032

stop watching the midget tranny vid it gets boring

  Anonymous   No.2143033

eggs and peanut butter are like eggs and bacon like beyonce and j cant have one without the other

  Anonymous   No.2143034

File: 1699574618681.mp4 (1.39 MB, 16995348859317582.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.2143035

the niggers have discovered the loophole sir

  Anonymous   No.2143036

grow up

  Anonymous   No.2143037

looks like they are going to have to change the qualifications for mental retardation again

  Anonymous   No.2143038

oh no…i just heard on /v/ that gaming has been flooded by trannies…

  Anonymous   No.2143039

real world lifehack

  Anonymous   No.2143040

While we certainly don't expect the Israeli government or military to come out and admit to any large-scale friendly fire incidents, Israel's own media is asking questions.

  Anonymous   No.2143041

i thought being stupid meant you can still go to jail but not executed

  Anonymous   No.2143042

sit your cissie ass down and listen chud

  Anonymous   No.2143043

i had a hard time telling if it was an ai voice

  Anonymous   No.2143044

im my state we have 1 criminal mental hospital scary place that would be for people like that. im assuming those are full

  Anonymous   No.2143045

reagan shut them all down because keeping psychos and the mentally retarded safe and secure isnt the governments job

  Anonymous   No.2143046

we're living through a socio-medical scandal

  Anonymous   No.2143047

do girls know that when they get asked to share their instagram guys just jack to their pics

  Anonymous   No.2143048

reagan only shut down the californian mental hospitals while he was governor of the state. most mental hospitals/prisons are state run, the feds have little to do with them.

  Anonymous   No.2143049

BREAKING: Matthew Perry's hideaway: Actor lived in $49,000-a-month Beverly Hills rental with his 59-year-old Japanese assistant - who friends believe found actor's body in hot tub after moving back to newly renovated home

  Anonymous   No.2143050

what IS the governments job?

  Anonymous   No.2143051

a hot 59-year-old Japanese assistant….

  Anonymous   No.2143052

it doesnt say hot man

  Anonymous   No.2143053

nah i know what you mean with those asylums and all that but i still think each state gets to have 1 place or a prison wing for the psychos. and like i said theyre all full

  Anonymous   No.2143054

its implied

  Anonymous   No.2143055

norms watched one flew over the coo-coo's nest and thought it was a documentary and started advocating for the abolition of mental hospitals.

  Anonymous   No.2143056

File: 1699575924177.png (939.17 KB, 634x846, xJWgz2p0LP9V.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143057

cant imagine a hot 59 y old japanese

  Anonymous   No.2143058

shaquille is too retarded for jail

  Anonymous   No.2143059

you dont have to imagine >>2143056

  Anonymous   No.2143060

nice crocs IDIOT

  Anonymous   No.2143061

we do NOT badmouth crocs here

  Anonymous   No.2143062

shut up gleepy

  Anonymous   No.2143063

that post wasnt me he beat me to it

  Anonymous   No.2143064

zoomers love crocs

  Anonymous   No.2143065

one flew over the cuckoos nest did a ton of damage to the psychiatric establishment because norms got the idea that ordinary people were being mistakenly locked up and tortured and it would be better to just let everyone out instead no matter how unfit for society they were

  Anonymous   No.2143066

  Anonymous   No.2143067

*claims myself nigtarded*
hehehe time to cause a little trouble >:)

  Anonymous   No.2143068

  Anonymous   No.2143069

saggymidgetbooty you up?

  Anonymous   No.2143070

narcissm9 bar

  Anonymous   No.2143071

basil barcraft

  Anonymous   No.2143072

soda arc and edgy bar xD

  Anonymous   No.2143073

its not just that a lot of normies meet on instagram now

  Anonymous   No.2143074

i miss mrbitter he was a fun chap

  Anonymous   No.2143075

ohana means family

  Anonymous   No.2143076

still havent received my crocs

  Anonymous   No.2143077

you post that one more time and im going to cut your head off and spit down your neck

  Anonymous   No.2143078

  Anonymous   No.2143079

didnt he start working for google and then kill himself or something

  Anonymous   No.2143080

hold on let me check

  Anonymous   No.2143081

all those google interns commit "suicide" but usually those were intentional killings
someone knew things they werent supposed to

  Anonymous   No.2143082

there has not been a single video ever made worth watching that includes a raycon promotion

  Anonymous   No.2143083

wonder how apolok is doing
everyone around him started dying or something

  Anonymous   No.2143084

  Anonymous   No.2143085


  Anonymous   No.2143086

someone read the comments in the forbidden codebase

  Anonymous   No.2143087

think i would like to start having real life experiences with other people

  Anonymous   No.2143088

its NOT that great

  Anonymous   No.2143089

File: 1699577219954.png (201.67 KB, 660x334, EdzKFcvWoAIyK1T.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143090

we need to link up

  Anonymous   No.2143091

this nigga should be playing football

  Anonymous   No.2143092

i thought it was kind of funny when i found out adebisi was in the comm for a bit

  Anonymous   No.2143093

i just made plans to hang out but i already wanna cancel them

  Anonymous   No.2143094

love when cooking some vegetables and eggs turns into a whole thing that has me taking out the trash and taking a shower

  Anonymous   No.2143095

remember when gweedly used to stream normal video games and anime for us

  Anonymous   No.2143096


  Anonymous   No.2143097

everybody at 2gd studios browsed the chan

  Anonymous   No.2143098

2gd and apollo and adebisi were based but semmler was and always has been a fag

  Anonymous   No.2143099

nothin wrong with fags thats what i always say

  Anonymous   No.2143100

remember when james spent his uncles entire emerald mining fortune to make a cartoonish halo 2 clone

  Anonymous   No.2143101

that was based too

  Anonymous   No.2143102

moletrapbros gih

  Anonymous   No.2143103

bros how did we lose
what happened to us
we coulda made it big

  Anonymous   No.2143104

halo 2? you mean quake 3?

  Anonymous   No.2143105

semmler is an internet conservative racist now hes based

  Anonymous   No.2143106

dad is such a whingebro about the water on the bathroom floor after i take a shower

  Anonymous   No.2143107

  Anonymous   No.2143108

you should invest in a bathmat

  Anonymous   No.2143109

go to bed 2gd

  Anonymous   No.2143110

does dapollo still work for esl and cast sc2? whenever i watch esl's cs2 proleague he is always shown in the promos

  Anonymous   No.2143111

oh yeah is that stupid smiley ball game dead yet

  Anonymous   No.2143112

  Anonymous   No.2143113

bro somebodys gonna slip and die!!

  Anonymous   No.2143114

it was dead on arrival

  Anonymous   No.2143115

dad complains about the water on the bathroom floor but theres water in the tub after i take a shower whats the difference you boomer retard

  Anonymous   No.2143116

first of all dont call your dad a boomer retard

  Anonymous   No.2143117

the floor doesnt have a drain

  Anonymous   No.2143118

lego movie 2 was deinitely a dumb baby movie

  Anonymous   No.2143119

*points towards the lyin wall*

  Anonymous   No.2143120

i find it really crazy that there are episodes of seinfeld where he actually has a pc in his apartment

  Anonymous   No.2143121

i dont

  Anonymous   No.2143122

File: 1699578602257.png (286.41 KB, 640x640, 1695355556949370.png) ImgOps Google

theres a million people streaming normal games where else can you see micro-niche bizarre vns though

  Anonymous   No.2143123


  Anonymous   No.2143124

i think he gave them sufficient time to pack up the bags and get out of there
i would say it was justified

  Anonymous   No.2143125

he did that in panama huh pretty brave to risk going to a south american prison

  Anonymous   No.2143126

weren't the later episodes filmed in the late 90s? everyone had a computer then.

  Anonymous   No.2143127

However, if he is convicted, the 77-year-old could be sentences to house arrest and not jail time on account of his age, according to local reports…

  Anonymous   No.2143128

File: 1699579067261.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20231109_121723.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143129

americans are so pasted

  Anonymous   No.2143130

imagine being immortalized by an epic pic like that

  Anonymous   No.2143131

File: 1699579341857.jpg (112.16 KB, 578x828, 20231109_192134.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh nonono chudd bros!!

  Anonymous   No.2143132

Thursday Night Football: Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears – November 9th, 2023


  Anonymous   No.2143133

*kills a couple teachers*

  Anonymous   No.2143134

huge match up with serious implications of whos going to get the #1 draft pick

  Anonymous   No.2143135

  Anonymous   No.2143136

this is platos solids vs hol up

  Anonymous   No.2143137

this qb looks tiny wth

  Anonymous   No.2143138

File: 1699579704162.jpg (239.8 KB, 1080x1827, 20231109_192734.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143139


  Anonymous   No.2143140

simply cant imagine being fat

  Anonymous   No.2143141

god bless texas

  Anonymous   No.2143142

File: 1699580019376.jpg (120.72 KB, 1484x1293, 20231109_193258.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143143


  Anonymous   No.2143144

oh no no no the bears fuckin suck!

  Anonymous   No.2143145

*spits tobacco juice in the thread*

  Anonymous   No.2143146

is it jackji or JACK JEEKY

  Anonymous   No.2143147

what a kick

  Anonymous   No.2143148

thank fuck i didnt take that nap maybe il go to bed at a normal time like 7am

  Anonymous   No.2143149

Saya Song, a Korean- American Adult Star Died Unexpectedly

  Anonymous   No.2143150

r.i.p. in peace she was a worker

  Anonymous   No.2143151

ill havent found that native american getup ass pick by the creek

  Anonymous   No.2143152

  Anonymous   No.2143153

die skipper

  Anonymous   No.2143154

cant believe elden ring was almost 2 years ago

  Anonymous   No.2143155

elden gook

  Anonymous   No.2143156

cant believe i just shooped da whoop

  Anonymous   No.2143157

whats the equivalent of semen retention for women

  Anonymous   No.2143158

period blood retention

  Anonymous   No.2143159

so jealous that girls can put things inside them without a ton of prep

  Anonymous   No.2143160

getting pregnant every time you ovulate

  Anonymous   No.2143161

the way it should be

  Anonymous   No.2143162

File: 1699583202008.jpg (207.85 KB, 1500x1000, tumbIr_ofpcywiGtY1hk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143163

File: 1699583336968.jpg (105.94 KB, 640x853, 1683565755204313.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143164

is this really how toot sees us

  Anonymous   No.2143165

  Anonymous   No.2143166

if that's the way it should be then what's the point of semen retention

  Anonymous   No.2143167

is this really how toot sees us

  Anonymous   No.2143168

File: 1699584368002.jpg (134.16 KB, 1080x1082, FgxRYPgWAAE439G.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143169

wtf my monitor has been way off center this whole time

  Anonymous   No.2143170

  Anonymous   No.2143171

File: 1699584469076.png (598.01 KB, 792x795, Screenshot_20220723-181848.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143172

very oily gooks
👀you can almost see it 👀

  Anonymous   No.2143173

is this really how toot sees us

  Anonymous   No.2143174

im not confident enough in my ass cleaning technique to let an asian woman rub oil all over my ass

  Anonymous   No.2143175

if it senses a chance of pussy your body will go into hygiene overdrive. dont worry about it

  Anonymous   No.2143176


  Anonymous   No.2143177

the bears defense is goblinmode tonight

  Anonymous   No.2143178

File: 1699585514629.png (113.42 KB, 489x114, Screenshot 2023-11-09 2104….png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2143179

nice man!

  Anonymous   No.2143180

holy fuck!

  Anonymous   No.2143181

sum ting wong

  Anonymous   No.2143182

grats bro you did it you beat classic wow. now you can unsub and play twow with us!

  Anonymous   No.2143183

he didnt beat classic wow man we got classic cata coming up next year we gotta fight deathwing!

  Anonymous   No.2143184

bro we just got 10.2 this week and we got season of discovery in 3 weeks!

  Anonymous   No.2143185

im actually hyped for season of discovery its gonna be awesome

  Anonymous   No.2143186

what the heck is seasons of discovery

  Anonymous   No.2143187


lol, lmao even

  Anonymous   No.2143188

  Anonymous   No.2143189

bro we're done with wow for GOOD

  Anonymous   No.2143190

weve played wow for 19 years and youre damn right were gonna play for another 19 years!

  Anonymous   No.2143191

why am i watching the 1-7 panthers vs the 2-7 bears?

  Anonymous   No.2143192

noooo man noo

  Anonymous   No.2143193

not every game can ruin your life multiple times

  Anonymous   No.2143194

it's zza day!

  Anonymous   No.2143195

the local pizza place got expensive, slop pizza like dominos might have to be my steez from now on when i get 'za

  Anonymous   No.2143196

Solar superstorm could 'wipe out the internet' for weeks or months, scientist says

  Anonymous   No.2143197

well if that happened i would definitely consider killing myself

  Anonymous   No.2143198

ancient alien theorists hypothesize

  Anonymous   No.2143199

  Anonymous   No.2143200

frozen 'za bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143201

bro totinos party pizza is 99 cents

  Anonymous   No.2143202

you gotta get the good brand of frozen zah at least

  Anonymous   No.2143203

nah all frozen 'za price tiers have their place. i hate the rising crust shit

  Anonymous   No.2143204

  Anonymous   No.2143205

bro if you get that large 1 topping from dominos for 8 bucks you get a free medium 2 topping the next day!

  Anonymous   No.2143206

these two shitty teams are about to make this game go to overtime

  Anonymous   No.2143207


  Anonymous   No.2143208

oh nonono panthers bros!

  Anonymous   No.2143209

File: 1699589281045.jpg (175.4 KB, 1080x1350, 20231109_220738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143210

plato bros we got too cocky!

  Anonymous   No.2143211


  Anonymous   No.2143212

File: 1699589703117.jpg (228.08 KB, 1280x720, 20231109_221109.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143213

damn shoulda picked up da bears rb

  Anonymous   No.2143214

so did we just stop playing rumble or what

  Anonymous   No.2143215

we may be blizzdrones but were not THAT retarded

  Anonymous   No.2143216

checking out the holiday 100 now to see if theres anything good https://shopping.google.com/m/holiday100

  Anonymous   No.2143217

whew im safe by 60 pounds

  Anonymous   No.2143218

i wouldve installed it and gave it a rip if it went into the battlenet launcher but its some weird phoneshit or you gotta install it from a free appstore

  Anonymous   No.2143219


  Anonymous   No.2143220

  Anonymous   No.2143221

  Anonymous   No.2143222

do you guys think a horse would win a 1v1 fight against an adult male

  Anonymous   No.2143223

this lordaeron mission set is really great in rumble
i love how their incredible inclusive design team thought up a match style where all of your troops are replaced with units that you have never seen and there are no descriptions for whatsoever

fucking retards

  Anonymous   No.2143224

oh sorry this is "ELWYNN FOREST" even though its up by lordaeron

  Anonymous   No.2143225

elwynn forest isnt by lordaeron man

  Anonymous   No.2143226

File: 1699592845191.jpg (269.42 KB, 777x1474, 2023-11-09_23-06-58.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

come on man

  Anonymous   No.2143227

>massive thing of water between elwynn and lordaeron
>up by it

  Anonymous   No.2143228

drums break

  Anonymous   No.2143229

File: 1699594468537.jpg (185.18 KB, 768x1223, 2023-11-09_23-34-12.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143230

will ferral looking ass

  Anonymous   No.2143231

GAZA WAR DAY 33: Biden Secures Humanitarian Pauses, WARNS Israel To LEAVE GAZA | America First Ep. 1247

  Anonymous   No.2143232

how much did you pay for him

  Anonymous   No.2143233

i think he was a couple hundred gold but i didnt buy it because im using the tauren guy

  Anonymous   No.2143234

bruh fag smith hears faggy faggonds to fag for the first time?

  Anonymous   No.2143235

oops i said the quiet part out loud

  Anonymous   No.2143236

File: 1699595779150.png (68.16 KB, 600x450, tumblr_de7fcc25cc91ebc33d1….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143237


  Anonymous   No.2143238

  Anonymous   No.2143239

showered 5 times this week thats a new record for me to get 5/7 days where i bathed

  Anonymous   No.2143240

proud of u hon

  Anonymous   No.2143241

i hope you didnt use soap every time (except for your junk and pits)

  Anonymous   No.2143242

showering is the best part of the day, i have no idea how some of you guys skip it. hell sometimes i take an extra shower just because i can.

  Anonymous   No.2143243

i used a mixture of bar soap some amazon basics shit and head and shoulders all mixed up

  Anonymous   No.2143244

what is dirt
small rocks?

  Anonymous   No.2143245

making my rats listen to nightcore

  Anonymous   No.2143246

i love showering but unless you're dirty then soap is just damaging your skin

  Anonymous   No.2143247

water and friction is enough for most of your body
pits and ass and balls need the soap tho basically all the folds/cracks

  Anonymous   No.2143248

narcissa wright is now playing final fantasy viii

  Anonymous   No.2143249

why not just call it final fantasy 8 instead of getting all faggy with it

  Anonymous   No.2143250


shes looking extra nasty and extra whorish tonight

  Anonymous   No.2143251

cause thats what it says on the cover

  Anonymous   No.2143252

me n my gf

  Anonymous   No.2143253

id settle
the tracking doesnt match the character tho fake af

  Anonymous   No.2143254

Wordle 874 2/6*



  Anonymous   No.2143255

weebs take note

  Anonymous   No.2143256

Wordle 874 3/6*


  Anonymous   No.2143257

i watched the whole thing
then i saw it only has 38 views…

  Anonymous   No.2143258

so how do i put money into my fidelity account

  Anonymous   No.2143259

the youtube alg do be recommending videos with tiny view counts recently

  Anonymous   No.2143260

had a nice lil 7 am run

  Anonymous   No.2143261

why not spend that time gaming instead

  Anonymous   No.2143262

zii, why dont you climb anymore man

  Anonymous   No.2143263

isnt that shit terrible for your fingers and hands

  Anonymous   No.2143264

cant be worse than the gallons of monster he drinks, literal poison.

  Anonymous   No.2143265

zii is transitioning now she needs to keep her hands soft

  Anonymous   No.2143266

i need to protect my hands so i can came for as long as i live

  Anonymous   No.2143267

File: 1699601722130.webm (3.4 MB, 606x360, 1640806949740.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143268

File: 1699602250703.webm (1.27 MB, 640x800, 1642219180576.webm) ImgOps Google

every time xD

  Anonymous   No.2143269

  Anonymous   No.2143270

your supposed to have experienced so much more life by now

  Anonymous   No.2143271

i experienced plenty now i watch holos and read books cause experience sucks

  Anonymous   No.2143272

ive experience defeating the lich king

  Anonymous   No.2143273

i never experienced that

  Anonymous   No.2143274

my dear summer child….

  Anonymous   No.2143275

this goes hard

  Anonymous   No.2143276

some guy has been spraying david stars on houses in france and everyone acted all shocked but turns out it was a jewish organisation doing it its like that antisemitic cartoon

  Anonymous   No.2143277

its probably this fyrath guy hes a bad dude

  Anonymous   No.2143278

they cant help themselves they have a genetic victim complex and when reality doesnt conform with their delusions they have to help it along

  Anonymous   No.2143279

  Anonymous   No.2143280

  Anonymous   No.2143281

same energy

  Anonymous   No.2143282

File: 1699609896481.png (294.42 KB, 800x600, FXXAXy1XwAA82EZ.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143283

scary :/

  Anonymous   No.2143284

File: 1699610525000.jpg (469.14 KB, 2860x454, Screenshot 2023-11-10 0351….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

huge morning for holochads

  Anonymous   No.2143285

have fun *hops on wow*

  Anonymous   No.2143286

File: 1699610941087.jpg (208.28 KB, 1094x1566, 110386254_p29.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sorry bb

  Anonymous   No.2143287

bro are you questing in the new zone!

  Anonymous   No.2143288

im running my alt through wailing caverns

  Anonymous   No.2143289

hmm been up for 17 hours when am i supposed to get tired

  Anonymous   No.2143290

once you start moving around and doing things you lazy neet

  Anonymous   No.2143291

i did do things today i played video games

  Anonymous   No.2143292

File: 1699613748631.jpg (75.45 KB, 540x773, 1699605754380057.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i think rl stein is running out of ideas

  Anonymous   No.2143293

gweedly dont look at that pic

  Anonymous   No.2143294

ok i wont

  Anonymous   No.2143295

gweedly check this out

  Anonymous   No.2143296

File: 1699614312638.png (86.37 KB, 611x767, 1685987873439800.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143297

hell yeah

  Anonymous   No.2143298

toot calls us "his rats"?

  Anonymous   No.2143299

we should create an abrahamic religion centered around the worship of toot

  Anonymous   No.2143300

im more of an oily gook man myself

  Anonymous   No.2143301

File: 1699615945817.jpg (703.63 KB, 2426x1396, Screenshot 2023-11-10 0519….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143302

File: 1699616160515.jpg (92.42 KB, 1106x583, wowowowow.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wowbros we won

  Anonymous   No.2143303


  Anonymous   No.2143304

most oily gooks aren't that great to begin with

  Anonymous   No.2143305

what did we win

  Anonymous   No.2143306

  Anonymous   No.2143307

7am the neet gamer hops into bed

  Anonymous   No.2143308

i will take his place

  Anonymous   No.2143309

one neet gamer goes to bed another one wakes up

  Anonymous   No.2143310

Wordle 874 4/6*


brain not feeling it today

  Anonymous   No.2143311

huge drama on /vt/ after one of the nijiens associated gooks with plastic surgery

  Anonymous   No.2143312

File: 1699620518278.jpeg (123.27 KB, 639x1385, FXrIN8iVEAAmtp4.jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143313

File: 1699620550026.jpg (7.07 KB, 318x159, images (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143314

thats what we do too

  Anonymous   No.2143315

weather sunny
air 9°C
water 10°C
perfect day to go for a dip in the sea

  Anonymous   No.2143316

real gamer hours who up

  Anonymous   No.2143317

  Anonymous   No.2143318

retardedmombro u up? all my mom does is watch reality shows on bravo

  Anonymous   No.2143319

*gooks an egg*

  Anonymous   No.2143320

yes right here >>2143318

  Anonymous   No.2143321

meanwhile moms are complaining on their own little forum about their retarded sons watching holoshit all day

  Anonymous   No.2143322

a mom forum

  Anonymous   No.2143323

but she still managed to poop you out

  Anonymous   No.2143324

and provide you with food love warmth and shelter

  Anonymous   No.2143325

the mom forum is buzzing about sod

  Anonymous   No.2143326

actually my mom is proud of me but go off

  Anonymous   No.2143327

*goes off*

  Anonymous   No.2143328

have you read her posts?

  Anonymous   No.2143329

mom linked the requiem in d minor in the thread

  Anonymous   No.2143330

cyclotron mom, aaronmom, tootmom, lots of moneytoblowmom?

  Anonymous   No.2143331

can girls be horse jockeys?

  Anonymous   No.2143332

a fifth mother has hit the building

  Anonymous   No.2143333

yeah but you just know

  Anonymous   No.2143334

that’s awesome zii

  Anonymous   No.2143335

remember that one girl who got a shitty horse at the olympics so she kept whipping it over and over and got disqualified

  Anonymous   No.2143336

what a twisted broad

  Anonymous   No.2143337

vaguely, thats weird they do that shit on like expensive rental horses and not their own

  Anonymous   No.2143338

yeah but imagine the costs of shipping horses internationally

  Anonymous   No.2143339

that cant be good for them either

  Anonymous   No.2143340

they probably hate horses

  Anonymous   No.2143341

as soon as you get to that level where you arent using your own horse or ones you know in local contests probably. all the olympic ho's

  Anonymous   No.2143342

horses can't barf so on long or rough trips on ships it would sort of pickle a lot of them to death. they'd plan on losing a lot of horses a lot of times.
thats from age of sail crossing the english channel & conquistadorshit. i dont know what new methods of horse transport or horse seasickness pills they have now to stop it

  Anonymous   No.2143343

need to start doing this thing where i just play games instead of playing games and watching youtube videos at the same time

  Anonymous   No.2143344

hahhahahhaa oh man cobes just did a massive copefail. he dyed his wisps of hair and his balding scalp green.
tlol'n over here

  Anonymous   No.2143345

dont really wanna see his green scalp tbhwy

  Anonymous   No.2143346

File: 1699625662073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.97 KB, 745x605, cobes - 37cope.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

no look at this shit

  Anonymous   No.2143347

its green alright

  Anonymous   No.2143348

*jangles some keys infront of you*
ohhh ohh you see that??!?

  Anonymous   No.2143349


  Anonymous   No.2143350

*logs off work*
bros its the weekend!!

  Anonymous   No.2143351

i used to do that before i finished invisalign…

  Anonymous   No.2143352

log back on wow bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143353

File: 1699628120663.png (528.19 KB, 850x732, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

im already on bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143354

at 4 am my time…😭

  Anonymous   No.2143355

why is bonbithighs a skinny high elf and not a fat ass tauren

  Anonymous   No.2143356

bonbi owes me creamy milk from her udders

  Anonymous   No.2143357

i want a bf

  Anonymous   No.2143358

me more

  Anonymous   No.2143359

File: 1699629681922.jpg (10.14 KB, 484x294, F4BdD3nagAAfOzm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143360

friday again? you better believe that means a new thab

  Anonymous   No.2143361

File: 1699630032046.png (321.26 KB, 617x878, 1377741488889.png) ImgOps Google

are you released from prison

  Anonymous   No.2143362

oh hell yeah

  Anonymous   No.2143363

holy fucking shit!

  Anonymous   No.2143364

huge kendama just dropped

  Anonymous   No.2143365

runposter loves tormenting me

  Anonymous   No.2143366

just finished porker's vod
another great 3d live from our girls

  Anonymous   No.2143367

were never getting sc3 huh..

  Anonymous   No.2143368

  Anonymous   No.2143369

is it just me or did one of the songs sound very kpoppy

  Anonymous   No.2143370


  Anonymous   No.2143371

File: 1699631059275.jpg (634.49 KB, 1920x2969, 1373297567593.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

stormgate is our sc3

  Anonymous   No.2143372

it all sounded very japanese to me

  Anonymous   No.2143373

cant wait to hop on the next stormgate beta phase and destroy all the new noobs >:)

  Anonymous   No.2143374

gook til i die

  Anonymous   No.2143375

the stinky disgusting neet gamer has completed his monthly shower

  Anonymous   No.2143376

the stinkamarink

  Anonymous   No.2143377

a mansion full of stinky neet gamers…

  Anonymous   No.2143378

the weekly tournament decides who takes a shower

  Anonymous   No.2143379

i've mushed some good shorts from this guy

  Anonymous   No.2143380

what are our thoughts on the new chrome update

  Anonymous   No.2143381

File: 1699632054138.jpg (45.63 KB, 640x359, FuVh1inX0AEA8xS.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143382

wednesday is when i do molten core so

  Anonymous   No.2143383

im a firefoxy

  Anonymous   No.2143384

crazy how the irish were basically treated as white skinned niggers up until the 20th century

  Anonymous   No.2143385

File: 1699632676209.jpg (48.97 KB, 549x800, 1352147484169.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i will be showering everyday and i will not be leaving my room

  Anonymous   No.2143386

racists and haters will always find a group to discriminate against
if theres only pale skinned blondes they will mock the dark eyed or whatever

  Anonymous   No.2143387

then how would you shower

  Anonymous   No.2143388

how will you shower without leaving the room >:3

  Anonymous   No.2143389

File: 1699632795943.png (365.32 KB, 514x796, 1352147483867.png) ImgOps Google

en suite

  Anonymous   No.2143390

File: 1699632819424.jpg (137.84 KB, 1272x864, ckis.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143391

completely forgot i was watching degrassi maybe ill get on that again

  Anonymous   No.2143392

i am just trying to fit in

  Anonymous   No.2143393

why does pando get the en suite

  Anonymous   No.2143394

toot suite

  Anonymous   No.2143395

File: 1699633192670.png (267.84 KB, 455x700, 1352147483875.png) ImgOps Google

cuz im a princess

  Anonymous   No.2143396

today i bought a gamecube and some mdma

  Anonymous   No.2143397

mooooooom pando is getting en suite and i'm not. what is that?

  Anonymous   No.2143398

would love to erp and call you my little princess whats your discord?

  Anonymous   No.2143399

fr? thats cool you know where to get mdma and gamecubes

  Anonymous   No.2143400

im gonna get high and play sonic adventure 2

  Anonymous   No.2143401

are you yuro?

  Anonymous   No.2143402

bitch i might be

  Anonymous   No.2143403

wednesday is half off games at dave n busters i could never miss it

  Anonymous   No.2143404

ugh ignored again

  Anonymous   No.2143405

wtf wc3 is getting more support than sc2…

  Anonymous   No.2143406

grub in hell grubber

  Anonymous   No.2143407

damn that thing about the warcraft mounts and sc2 hit hard

  Anonymous   No.2143408

File: 1699634220773.gif (1.81 MB, 400x225, 1572303910599.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143409

File: 1699634307132.jpg (222.68 KB, 600x780, 1352147483969.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well you cant be surprised at that one

  Anonymous   No.2143410

File: 1699634330588.webm (3.78 MB, 1280x720, 1699633095573407.webm) ImgOps Google

real life is becoming cod-ified

  Anonymous   No.2143411

Sweaty college girl foot worship video

  Anonymous   No.2143412

File: 1699634917872.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x1369, con thien operation buffal….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

happy 248th birthday united states marine corps!

  Anonymous   No.2143413

hololive production official shop
Your order is out for delivery

Your order is out for delivery. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.

hooo boy

  Anonymous   No.2143414

so jealous of moneytoblowbro

  Anonymous   No.2143415

  Anonymous   No.2143416

bro you could just gaj

  Anonymous   No.2143417

livingathomebros should really think about gaj
see if you can work out a deal with mom and live rent free and save hella money

  Anonymous   No.2143418

im doing that rn saving up till i can afford a condo no with no mortgage

  Anonymous   No.2143420

File: 1699636195619.png (2.27 MB, 1280x814, 2098d3b94a10c28224a75aa472….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143421

we have a bro here who has a lot of money to blow, like more than a normal job affords

  Anonymous   No.2143422

File: 1699636296633.jpg (103.34 KB, 450x622, 1352147484085.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i want cup ramen

  Anonymous   No.2143423

https://shop.hololivepro.com/en/products/la-darknesss_bd2023?variant=43939806347484 this is all i got this time and i wish i had gotten 2 of them

  Anonymous   No.2143424

whats wrong with you srsly

  Anonymous   No.2143425

a pacifier shaped smartphone ring huh

  Anonymous   No.2143426

anyone that sees that is gonna think youre a pedo

  Anonymous   No.2143427

File: 1699636600319.jpg (515.36 KB, 600x888, 1352147484225.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

some members of the comm still use their pacis and we're okay with that

  Anonymous   No.2143428

who is we

  Anonymous   No.2143429

were never gonna have zoomer riz u__u

  Anonymous   No.2143430

File: 1699636719809.jpg (247.98 KB, 675x1283, 1352147484481.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the lamenting reapers

  Anonymous   No.2143431

wtf man i just mushed past that shit. that isn't rizz thats just irl dudes having a laff, albeit in a gay tiktok zoomy way

  Anonymous   No.2143432

File: 1699636789546.png (755.47 KB, 1015x969, 1352147483661.png) ImgOps Google

i have w rizz

  Anonymous   No.2143433

cant believe all of our algs are merging into a singularity

  Anonymous   No.2143434

are toon or gweed up?

  Anonymous   No.2143435

hmm what game to play next

  Anonymous   No.2143436

sims 3

  Anonymous   No.2143437

hop on twow

  Anonymous   No.2143438

  Anonymous   No.2143439

have you been getting this cheermush in your alg too?
god shes so perfect

  Anonymous   No.2143440

gonna watch the kendama vid now
it better be a good one

  Anonymous   No.2143441

  Anonymous   No.2143442

this ultranorm stuff turns me off

  Anonymous   No.2143443


  Anonymous   No.2143444

they call him the pussy dryer

  Anonymous   No.2143445

why does he look like that

  Anonymous   No.2143446

thats what zuck would look like if he wasnt tossing billionaire money at looking less weird

  Anonymous   No.2143447

  Anonymous   No.2143448

*doesnt have a wok*

  Anonymous   No.2143449

staring at flickering artificial light sources is kinda messing with me
might have to pull the plugs

  Anonymous   No.2143450

karina bros i dont think we won this one
the teaser was sick but the actual song is.. forgettable i guess

  Anonymous   No.2143451

  Anonymous   No.2143452

in in in

  Anonymous   No.2143453

hoo boy

  Anonymous   No.2143454

finally winning this homm3 mission (impossible difficulty)

  Anonymous   No.2143455

“My testicles don’t make me less of a woman,” - Caster Semenya

  Anonymous   No.2143456

  Anonymous   No.2143457

i'm caster troy

  Anonymous   No.2143458

it's time for the afternoon napper to do his thing

  Anonymous   No.2143459

castor troy*

  Anonymous   No.2143460

>la whore
come on man, you're acting like a nijicuck

  Anonymous   No.2143461

id like figuirines of a few holos i guess…

  Anonymous   No.2143462

File: 1699641526019.png (4.58 MB, 1826x1157, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

lets just say im cruising through this mission 🙂😎

  Anonymous   No.2143463

bobob, did you level with war mode on on twow?

  Anonymous   No.2143464

not her

  Anonymous   No.2143465

not like this elonbros
tf00t is gonna have a field day with this one

  Anonymous   No.2143466

wogan shot it with an arrow though

  Anonymous   No.2143467

ufc tonight? tomorrow?

  Anonymous   No.2143468

File: 1699642523327.jpg (105.9 KB, 640x853, 20231108_110058.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh nonono lmao 🤣

  Anonymous   No.2143469

  Anonymous   No.2143470

wogan looks shooped

  Anonymous   No.2143471

how hard is it to design an off road vehicle
what are engineers even doing

  Anonymous   No.2143472

ewon said the cybertruck would be bullet proof not arrow proof wtf!!!

  Anonymous   No.2143473

toot theres nasty stuff on the front page

  Anonymous   No.2143474

so you need a camera to see behind you…
cool, cool

during a new interview wogan asked if he could shoot it like he was putting ewon on the spot, probably staged.

keep in mind its being driven by a person who is probably a giant fag, i really think thats the case with him not even trying flooring it, spinning out, throwing up rooster tails to get up that test hill.
you could blast up that hill in a jetta, miata or literally anything if you floored it.

  Anonymous   No.2143475

  Anonymous   No.2143476

i hope crip mac wins, he's the only one i recognize. he keeps it 55

  Anonymous   No.2143477

is the joke gonna be they already all slept with her

  Anonymous   No.2143478

who should i play in granblue

  Anonymous   No.2143479

cracked open a cold one
poured a sippy

  Anonymous   No.2143480

good morning bros!!!

  Anonymous   No.2143481

holy shit im late!

  Anonymous   No.2143482

  Anonymous   No.2143483

not reading all this slop

  Anonymous   No.2143484

who are those people

  Anonymous   No.2143485

fake and gay

  Anonymous   No.2143486

not a fan of pig but these games are pretty fun

  Anonymous   No.2143487

  Anonymous   No.2143488

File: 1699645362477.mp4 (158.6 KB, Umm...you’re Chinese.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.2143489

nvm 15 minutes in and sick of pig

  Anonymous   No.2143490

im an East Asian Ally TM

  Anonymous   No.2143491

File: 1699645435924.png (224.31 KB, 565x790, 1352147483883.png) ImgOps Google

u got me fricked up if u think im watching a 1hr long sc2 video

  Anonymous   No.2143492

you dont deserve a stormgate beta invite if you wont even watch a 1hr long sc2 video

  Anonymous   No.2143493

File: 1699645509061.jpg (138.13 KB, 998x678, 20231110_134444.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143494

File: 1699645529752.png (300.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1352147483797.png) ImgOps Google

i play sc2 everyday
sit there and watch me lil pup

  Anonymous   No.2143495

are you actually playing? feels like you just log on and ignore my messages…

  Anonymous   No.2143496

File: 1699645825133.jpg (422.3 KB, 1500x2000, PSX_20231110_134936.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

get in the padbin

  Anonymous   No.2143497

think ill finally watch the boogs doc

  Anonymous   No.2143498

tell me how long you last

  Anonymous   No.2143499

its boring and gay and he spent all his money on prostitutes

  Anonymous   No.2143500

poor dude getting the big I all the time

  Anonymous   No.2143501

he did it to himself

  Anonymous   No.2143502

i lasted until he was bragging about the sex and instaclosed

  Anonymous   No.2143503

  Anonymous   No.2143504

that game sucks ass

  Anonymous   No.2143505

alice otsu…

  Anonymous   No.2143506

  Anonymous   No.2143507

File: 1699646826064.jpg (127.47 KB, 500x333, tunblrr_n4gsr7t3yT1sy37oqo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143508

File: 1699647019784.jpg (335.39 KB, 2000x1500, PSX_20231110_140927.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*rubs your body all over with the torture wand*

  Anonymous   No.2143509

this definitely looks like some weird sex shit

  Anonymous   No.2143510

this is what goon caves looked like before computers

  Anonymous   No.2143511

i hate the undead so much

  Anonymous   No.2143512

  Anonymous   No.2143513

…so no?

  Anonymous   No.2143514


  Anonymous   No.2143515

i'm watching the sound of freedom, it's p heavy

  Anonymous   No.2143516

…so brap?

  Anonymous   No.2143517

cmon you should have streamed that…

  Anonymous   No.2143518

yea how are we supposed to watch it

  Anonymous   No.2143519

File: 1699648228231.jpg (209.94 KB, 1179x1679, 20231110_142909.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

that ui/pomni mashup was apparently made with ai lol

  Anonymous   No.2143520

some people eat their boogers

  Anonymous   No.2143521

yeah, me

  Anonymous   No.2143522

  Anonymous   No.2143523

makes sense the way ai really works is just google image searching

  Anonymous   No.2143524

cant wait to post in the horde thread soon

  Anonymous   No.2143525

ugh its fucking nigger cattled out reality tv… i thought it was just a contest for those niggers…
this shit is horrendous. an l for society

  Anonymous   No.2143526

is that a capital i or a lower case L

  Anonymous   No.2143527

what the fuck boogie just randomly got this 20 year old hot gf out of nowhere while broke

  Anonymous   No.2143528

how do you get girls on a sugar daddy site when you're broke

  Anonymous   No.2143529

hes got epeen

  Anonymous   No.2143530

File: 1699649327477.jpg (227.85 KB, 741x2048, 20231110_144729.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143531

lok'tar ogar brother

  Anonymous   No.2143532

File: 1699649466347.png (631.69 KB, 953x902, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2143533


  Anonymous   No.2143534

i mean boogie looks worse but

  Anonymous   No.2143535

the shit girls will do for money

  Anonymous   No.2143536

File: 1699649739289.jpg (451.71 KB, 1150x2000, PSX_20231110_142441.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*ties you up and lowers you into the healing tub*

  Anonymous   No.2143537

4pm the neet gamer rolls out of bed

  Anonymous   No.2143538

are you urbexing an abandoned looney bin?

  Anonymous   No.2143539

boogie is now gonna go for walks holding her hand every day and lose all the fat

  Anonymous   No.2143540

gm babe

  Anonymous   No.2143541

is the pluto anime good? i've been seeing some buzz

  Anonymous   No.2143542

gotta go to the booze shop today

  Anonymous   No.2143543

File: 1699650417389.png (29.52 KB, 588x170, 1699641152746267.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143544

thinking about what it felt like

  Anonymous   No.2143545


  Anonymous   No.2143546

33 days of a 3 hour special operation

  Anonymous   No.2143547


  Anonymous   No.2143548

File: 1699651061491.png (378.99 KB, 600x468, 1352147483727.png) ImgOps Google

dead thread for a dead game

  Anonymous   No.2143549

damn you werent kidding
the boogie doc sucked

  Anonymous   No.2143550


  Anonymous   No.2143551

thinking of getting some wool batting

  Anonymous   No.2143552

nasty whore

  Anonymous   No.2143553

genuinely so perfect it makes me mad

  Anonymous   No.2143554

  Anonymous   No.2143555

feel sorry for the kids being mindbroken by stuff like this

  Anonymous   No.2143556

mind control in ads
very telling

  Anonymous   No.2143557

of course only girls get those ads

  Anonymous   No.2143558

well what was his trick to get big

  Anonymous   No.2143559

got a video in my alg about that, seems decent enough

  Anonymous   No.2143560

did you already read it

  Anonymous   No.2143561

you have to jelq

  Anonymous   No.2143562

i would drag my dick through 8 miles of shattered glass for a chance to put my dick on meowkos ass for 1 second

  Anonymous   No.2143563

thats how you get aids

  Anonymous   No.2143564

bro she shits out of there!

  Anonymous   No.2143565

someone said a snarky thing to me

  Anonymous   No.2143566

shoot him

  Anonymous   No.2143567

you cant just shoot all your interpersonal problems away

  Anonymous   No.2143568

meowko really gets the goon juices flowing

  Anonymous   No.2143569

File: 1699652034220.jpg (180.21 KB, 2186x1457, _methode_times_prod_web_bi….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143570

i meant her ass cheek

  Anonymous   No.2143571

  Anonymous   No.2143572

meowko would easily be in the top 8%

  Anonymous   No.2143573

of dumb looking bitches?

  Anonymous   No.2143574

in a world without twitch/onlyfans she would've been forced into a life of jav
just another one of the losses of living in a society that pays women for existing

  Anonymous   No.2143575


check this nasty whore out

  Anonymous   No.2143576

she really puts the wunder in wunderlust

  Anonymous   No.2143577

theres no one there

  Anonymous   No.2143578

sick of all this nastiness

  Anonymous   No.2143579

  Anonymous   No.2143580

her underwear is rubbing on her asshole :/

  Anonymous   No.2143581

Mostly Negative (1,283 reviews)

cod bros?

  Anonymous   No.2143582

can we migrate already im getting anxious

  Anonymous   No.2143583

ugh my butt is so sore
it stopped bleeding (thank god) but i think its still got the fissure

  Anonymous   No.2143584

yeah make sure we move to the HORDE thread

  Anonymous   No.2143585

stop having gay sex

  Anonymous   No.2143586

i dont (im not gay) and besides poop comes from there

  Anonymous   No.2143587

File: 1699653104793.png (18.93 KB, 201x60, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2143588

come on man

  Anonymous   No.2143589

oh no no no back to elwynn!

  Anonymous   No.2143590

yeah and you know where elwynn is too its up by lordaeron!

  Anonymous   No.2143591

i just had a particularly dry poop last week maybe i wasnt drinking enough or ate something sharp by mistake

  Anonymous   No.2143592

stop being a pain in the ass

  Anonymous   No.2143593

high elf bro?

  Anonymous   No.2143594


  Anonymous   No.2143595

of course the high elf player is a total noobcake
*rolls eyes*

  Anonymous   No.2143596

hate when my items suffer

  Anonymous   No.2143597

its over

  Anonymous   No.2143598

wowbros its actually fucking over this time……

  Anonymous   No.2143599

nigga drew a heart he gay
glad hes gone

  Anonymous   No.2143600

die skipper bitch retard

  Anonymous   No.2143601

i got a video in my alg too seemed decent enough too was why i was asking!

  Anonymous   No.2143602

installing windows on my mac lets see how this will play out

  Anonymous   No.2143603

imagine seeing her boobs

  Anonymous   No.2143604

Lana Del Rey has been nominated for the 2023 Grammy Awards in 5 categories.

The awards ceremony will take place on February 4th, 2024 at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California.


Her nominations include:

Album of the Year - Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Best Alternative Music Album - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Song of the Year - A&W

Best Alternative Music Performance - A&W

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance - Candy Necklace

  Anonymous   No.2143605


  Anonymous   No.2143606

yea i skip
try and stop me bitch

  Anonymous   No.2143607

i guess its better than that weird nu-despacito type music

  Anonymous   No.2143608

yea i sip
try and stop me bitch

  Anonymous   No.2143609

*splashes vod in your eyes*

  Anonymous   No.2143610

*pours all your vod down the drain*

  Anonymous   No.2143611

lana del rey huh
maybe i heard her song once? i think fp posted it

  Anonymous   No.2143612

the only thing that could stop me tonight would be getting into a car accident on my scooter and that isnt going to happen

  Anonymous   No.2143613

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who don't want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live. - Adolf Hitler

  Anonymous   No.2143614


look at this gooker!

  Anonymous   No.2143615

cant find my framing ruler kinda ticked off

  Anonymous   No.2143616

i put it up my ass

  Anonymous   No.2143617

bro her face is almost as bad as bunnys

  Anonymous   No.2143618

holy moly that horizontal micro bikini is crazy
imagine hitomi tanaka trying to wear that

  Anonymous   No.2143619

>that one guy who hates bunny
whats your story man?

  Anonymous   No.2143620

i think hes gay

  Anonymous   No.2143621

farming ruler

  Anonymous   No.2143622

i've been listening to full chapters of the AI emma watson reading mein kampf as ASMR https://www.bitchute.com/video/jdFWujBcxXmr/

  Anonymous   No.2143623

File: 1699654972067.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231110-172118.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2143624

The parent channel of this video is unavailable at your location due to the following restrictions:

Contains Incitement to Hatred

  Anonymous   No.2143625

padfoot has fallen…

  Anonymous   No.2143626

  Anonymous   No.2143627

whats the guild name in rumble again

  Anonymous   No.2143628

im stuck in the hinterlands on wow rumble im just farming dailies now

  Anonymous   No.2143629

whats the guild name man i searched for the comm and it didnt come up!

  Anonymous   No.2143630

im sorry you live in a gay land where they think for you. normally i can provide a mirror link but not this time. theres a 1 min clip on youtube. it is what it is
https://youtu.be/HkwVxyygbdo?si=9XSIaZljxJZaZl0b this is prob blocked too

  Anonymous   No.2143631

i wish this kanye made a comeback

  Anonymous   No.2143632

no one man should have all that power

  Anonymous   No.2143633


  Anonymous   No.2143634

the jews are keeping him down man

  Anonymous   No.2143635

israel has the right to defend itself

  Anonymous   No.2143636


  Anonymous   No.2143637

POV : WINTER is your personality

  Anonymous   No.2143638

they're actually the good guys

  Anonymous   No.2143639

ear rape warning

  Anonymous   No.2143640

tbik is an antisemitic dogwhistle toot do something

  Anonymous   No.2143641

too bad i know

  Anonymous   No.2143642

  Anonymous   No.2143643

the bass is kicking!

  Anonymous   No.2143644

imagine living in a cawadoody map for 35 days straight lol

  Anonymous   No.2143645


  Anonymous   No.2143646

just got home what did i miss

  Anonymous   No.2143647

tab back in kwintu
jesus christ i genuinely didnt get it, ever

  Anonymous   No.2143648

File: 1699656737384.png (517.26 KB, 506x636, 1499449643346.PNG) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143649

File: 1699656755721.png (27.55 KB, 339x294, 1697302816275093.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143650

  Anonymous   No.2143651

File: 1699656927696.png (264.78 KB, 407x543, 1663469791275529.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143652

thought this alg was a fresh ss**** for a second but nah

  Anonymous   No.2143653

feels like im the only one in the comm without a guild invite man

  Anonymous   No.2143654

africans love civil war

  Anonymous   No.2143655

that reminds me i havent watched the latest sseth yet ill watch that now

  Anonymous   No.2143656

me too bro..

  Anonymous   No.2143657

the guild is in the cord cmon man

  Anonymous   No.2143658

they're having like 5 civil wars rn

  Anonymous   No.2143659

im not joining the zii cord man

  Anonymous   No.2143660

potatoes will be ready in 40 minutes

  Anonymous   No.2143661

just ordered some sloppa

  Anonymous   No.2143662

File: 1699657677708.webm (3.75 MB, 434x360, hiya.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143663

amlitzer do something stop them

  Anonymous   No.2143664

Solving a cryptographic challenge before accessing kiwifarms.st

  Anonymous   No.2143665

new freakin reviews

  Anonymous   No.2143666

im done with slop its too expensive
a zah for 15 bucks? u kidding me?

  Anonymous   No.2143667

bro i just got a sandwich and some chips and queso for 40 bucks!

  Anonymous   No.2143668


  Anonymous   No.2143669


  Anonymous   No.2143670

  Anonymous   No.2143671

  Anonymous   No.2143672

ugh starting to get hangnails cause i haven't had a manicure in a while

  Anonymous   No.2143673

he almost got away

  Anonymous   No.2143674

  Anonymous   No.2143675

so sick of you faggots ngl

  Anonymous   No.2143676


  Anonymous   No.2143677

how does he get that gook fuck them

  Anonymous   No.2143678

chudbros are gonna freak when they see it

  Anonymous   No.2143679

  Anonymous   No.2143681

what the hell man

  Anonymous   No.2143682

no lets stay here

  Anonymous   No.2143684

more 'flix slop

  Anonymous   No.2143685

this looks retarded

  Anonymous   No.2143687

uhmmm the horde thread isnt updating for me when im in it

  Anonymous   No.2143688

god i wish i had a stinker gf like that

  Anonymous   No.2143691

listen chud

  Anonymous   No.2143697


  Anonymous   No.2143698

dont get stranded

  Anonymous   No.2143701

your thread is evil (and hexed)

  Anonymous   No.2143703

File: 1699659745828.jpg (41.99 KB, 474x670, watame.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yuyu hakusho is my favorite shonen but this looks bad ugh

  Anonymous   No.2143733


















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