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*steps up*
*takes responsibility*

  Anonymous   No.2141466

yea the wow thread is the one

  Anonymous   No.2141468

uh oh problem

  Anonymous   No.2141472

  Anonymous   No.2143680

stop fucking being annoying and confusing and let the new thread start you fucking retard

  Anonymous   No.2143683


  Anonymous   No.2143689

im not emo

  Anonymous   No.2143690


  Anonymous   No.2143692


  Anonymous   No.2143693

spamming retard

  Anonymous   No.2143694

this thread is broken

  Anonymous   No.2143695

how is it broken

  Anonymous   No.2143696

  Anonymous   No.2143699


  Anonymous   No.2143700

if you move before the thread reaches 1400 posts you are a part of the problem and a newshit

  Anonymous   No.2143702

  Anonymous   No.2143704

when did we get a watame avatarfag

  Anonymous   No.2143705

now im really confused

  Anonymous   No.2143706

were just being respectful of that guys cpu
we dont want it to burn up

  Anonymous   No.2143707


  Anonymous   No.2143708

toot brother man, what's going on here? im starting to freak out!

  Anonymous   No.2143709

gook morning whinge poster

  Anonymous   No.2143710

her name is ammy-chan

  Anonymous   No.2143711

merge bro…

  Anonymous   No.2143712

its kind of crazy how you can just be a moderately attractive woman and make millions of dollars a year by doing nothing other than filming yourself changing clothes

  Anonymous   No.2143713

>horde thread
>its completely broken
alliance chads we keep winning!

  Anonymous   No.2143714

its kind of crazy how you can just be a moderately charismatic man and make millions of dollars a year by doing nothing other than filming yourself play video games

  Anonymous   No.2143715

she really is talented

  Anonymous   No.2143716

File: 1699660243778.jpg (18.2 KB, 224x423, article-0-081CE324000005DC….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143717

oh thread works now

  Anonymous   No.2143718

when am i gonna get the activate windows watermark

  Anonymous   No.2143719

win11? should take a few days

  Anonymous   No.2143720

File: 1699660827328.png (210.74 KB, 640x640, 1352147483723.png) ImgOps Google

why tf is this thread still broken for me

  Anonymous   No.2143721

give me a sheet pan and ill scrape it no questions asked

  Anonymous   No.2143722

karma for ignoring me

  Anonymous   No.2143723

  Anonymous   No.2143724

File: 1699660966521.jpg (130.87 KB, 650x1200, 1352147484031.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well now i have no choice but to ignore you until this thread fills up

  Anonymous   No.2143725

pando do you want to kiss in mc

  Anonymous   No.2143726

hows the make up coming along lil bro

  Anonymous   No.2143727

sigh winter is just like me… we would be perfect for each other….

  Anonymous   No.2143728

File: 1699661230568.jpg (106 KB, 707x1000, 1352147484375.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im not playing twow

havent bought it yet maybe this weekend

okay im not opening this thread anymore see u guys tmrw

  Anonymous   No.2143729

you have to buy turtle wow?

  Anonymous   No.2143730


  Anonymous   No.2143731


  Anonymous   No.2143732

super junior lol

  Anonymous   No.2143734

super junior wqas good until shindong lost weight and then they became soulless

  Anonymous   No.2143735

Lady Ana VS Jureka Del Mar #1, Fisting, ATOGM, Double Anal Fist, Big Gapes, Monster ButtRose, Squirt, Creampie Swallow GIO2635
Lady Ana VS Jureka Del Mar #2wet, 4on2 Fisting, DAP, Rough, Big Gapes, ButtRose, Pee Drink, Creampie Swallow, Real Orgasm GIO2634
Piss , DAP-hand + Dick , Anal Fisting, Group ! it's fucking hot
Real Piss Wedding 9 ON 1 Interracial Gang Bang with Siri
Yessica Bunny 5on1 Domination hardcore DP/DVP/DAP with pee
4on2 DP / DAP Fisting - Ass Fisting Hotties Natasha Rios And Daniela Ortiz Get Fucked SZ2989
Super slut Larissa Leite assfucked by 1, 2, 3, 4 guys and then gangbanged by all 10 of them (DAP ,Creampie & piss drinking)

  Anonymous   No.2143736

monster buttrose… doublefist

  Anonymous   No.2143737

Real Piss Wedding huh

  Anonymous   No.2143738

>Super slut Larissa Leite assfucked by 1, 2, 3, 4 guys and then gangbanged by all 10 of them (DAP ,Creampie & piss drinking)
bro!! link me!!

  Anonymous   No.2143739

  Anonymous   No.2143740

gonna go lay down and try to beat maiev…

  Anonymous   No.2143741

>2minute preview
gee thanks

  Anonymous   No.2143742

the scene came out an hour ago

  Anonymous   No.2143743

are we calling porn "scenes" now

  Anonymous   No.2143744

i miss pando so much

  Anonymous   No.2143745

he was the shining beacon of these threads
and now hes gone…

  Anonymous   No.2143746


  Anonymous   No.2143747

dont yell

  Anonymous   No.2143748

fuck yeah!

  Anonymous   No.2143749

there are individual scenes put out by an online company on their website.

  Anonymous   No.2143750

in the grimdark future of the 41st millennium there is only sid meier's spore™

  Anonymous   No.2143751

holy fuck jd is pulling the boys !

  Anonymous   No.2143752

well that was 30 mins straight of trying to beat maiev and i still cant do it

  Anonymous   No.2143753

cmon lil bro theres no way you're failing a lvl 6 mission 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  Anonymous   No.2143754

maiev jailed illidan man

  Anonymous   No.2143755

File: 1699664261328.jpg (107.95 KB, 1080x1076, 20231110_015214.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lol sipper

  Anonymous   No.2143756

File: 1699664292092.jpg (1.38 MB, 3060x4080, SJiYHeB.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143757

but we need to get better

  Anonymous   No.2143758

  Anonymous   No.2143759

what is that black fur crap on the floor?

  Anonymous   No.2143760

do your parents ever see all the vod bottles?

  Anonymous   No.2143761

its the shitty carpet from amazon falling apart

  Anonymous   No.2143762

ok what you wanna do is take that carpet and stop using it

  Anonymous   No.2143763

come on man no man

  Anonymous   No.2143764

bro you need to make use of that old spice cause you stink!

  Anonymous   No.2143765

  Anonymous   No.2143766

i heard old spice is so good your black wife will try to take it from you to use for herself

  Anonymous   No.2143767

whats with that bottle on the very bottom right where does it disappear into

  Anonymous   No.2143768

youre ZOGged from the commercials man

  Anonymous   No.2143769

File: 1699665007440.jpg (118.49 KB, 562x463, Screenshot 2023-11-10 1909….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

kind reminder to all the nenechads

  Anonymous   No.2143770

good eye

  Anonymous   No.2143771

its so great that we get to drink again

  Anonymous   No.2143772

woke up and got zogged sigh

  Anonymous   No.2143773

great line up

  Anonymous   No.2143774

  Anonymous   No.2143775

it's titanium

  Anonymous   No.2143776

File: 1699665265568.webm (884.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1699151437893.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143777

  Anonymous   No.2143778

i pomnimerged

  Anonymous   No.2143779

is this why nene and lamy dont hang out as much as they used to

  Anonymous   No.2143780

come on man

  Anonymous   No.2143781

do girls really stop hanging out with each other because they disapprove of their pantsu?

  Anonymous   No.2143782

i genuinely dont believe that some of you guys live in those conditions

  Anonymous   No.2143783

that kind of*

  Anonymous   No.2143784

dr fauci
give us vaccines

  Anonymous   No.2143785

i honestly dont think im going to be able to beat maiev

i tried the lady after her which im not sure her name but that took like 10 tries too

and then i went to go do maiev and she just sends like 8 wolves that are stealthed per lane and i dont think my horde stuff is going to be able to beat the alliance

  Anonymous   No.2143786

play as illidan bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143787

think my bf might be gay

  Anonymous   No.2143788

i only have the tauren guy i dont have illidan or any other leaders

  Anonymous   No.2143789

  Anonymous   No.2143790

>the tauren guy


  Anonymous   No.2143791

his name is cairne bloodhoof you stupid nigger hes the high chieftain of the tauren!

  Anonymous   No.2143792

i dont have the tauren guy

  Anonymous   No.2143793

more like lame dumbpoof

  Anonymous   No.2143794

im pretty sure CAIRNE BLOODHOOF died in a MAK GORA

  Anonymous   No.2143795

saw this on the 'cord

  Anonymous   No.2143796

  Anonymous   No.2143797

im mushing a homeless alg and i just had an idea!
so the idea is (not during winter) to offer a bum $20ish for a new/good condition expensive really nice brand outdoor camping tent.
they get their tents stolen and destroyed a lot. i've seen algs where they just say they'll get another tent and dont care. rich white people from charities give them new tents and some are probably stolen.
i'll get a sweet expensive fancy nice tent that they wouldve just get wrecked in some encampment clear out for almost free.

  Anonymous   No.2143798

File: 1699666403572.jpg (170 KB, 1024x1024, 1699666282893685.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143799

i would never in my life take/buy anything from a bum

  Anonymous   No.2143800

homeless people frighten me

  Anonymous   No.2143801

being a bum would be fine if you had a steam deck

  Anonymous   No.2143802

File: 1699666576743.jpg (538.12 KB, 2160x907, 2023-11-10_19-35-20.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hooooooooooo boy

  Anonymous   No.2143803

File: 1699666669057.png (30.14 KB, 768x1024, Fw-URkgakAAUL4V.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2143804

bro invite me lets play some s&d!

  Anonymous   No.2143805

File: 1699666773233.jpg (158.45 KB, 593x1062, 2023-11-10_19-37-43.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143806

diablo and cod linked up?

  Anonymous   No.2143807

bobby made the sc nova fps game happen and no one even noticed

  Anonymous   No.2143808

they dont even have snd or dom on the rotation man its just war mode and ground war shit

  Anonymous   No.2143809

eun.. chae?

  Anonymous   No.2143810


  Anonymous   No.2143811


  Anonymous   No.2143812

link me bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143813

some aren't drug or mentally illfreaks, i'd just need to be careful. maybe give a smart looking bum a burger to be my homeless fixer…

i saw the occupy wall st. encampments in 3 different cities (just walking by)around 2011. they all had like park areas packed with tents that were 1/2 protestorfag libs and 1/2 homeless people…
dunno what my point is with that besides some homeless are people who just had the shittiest lives ever and arent feral druggies like in portland or california. they might even be sober. or just a little drunk.

  Anonymous   No.2143814

  Anonymous   No.2143815

if you smoke this shit youll be out for days

  Anonymous   No.2143816

puffin on this sugar wookies rn
shoutout to faggy the scout

  Anonymous   No.2143817

i bet kritkal's the name krt's the moniker didnt get the jab

  Anonymous   No.2143818

puffin on the get a job kush

  Anonymous   No.2143819

  Anonymous   No.2143820

i have a lot of gigs going rn

  Anonymous   No.2143821

so your telling me mr beast just traveled to africa and drilled 100 wells and he solved their water problems

  Anonymous   No.2143822

well well well

  Anonymous   No.2143823

yeah all it takes is one motivated generous white man to solve the problems (((they))) let fester

  Anonymous   No.2143824

Saran Kaba Jones, founder and CEO of FACE Africa, an organization working to improve water infrastructure and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa, told CNN: “I’ve been doing this for 15 years, but we’ve been struggling to continue the work because funding, awareness, and advocacy all take work.”

And then, she added, “overnight, this person comes along, who happens to be a white male figure with a huge platform, and all of a sudden, he gets all of the attention. It’s kind of frustrating, but it’s also understanding the nature of how the world is.”

lmao dumb fucking bitch got owned

  Anonymous   No.2143825

lol is this real

  Anonymous   No.2143826

  Anonymous   No.2143827

the sound is unreal

  Anonymous   No.2143828

  Anonymous   No.2143829

mudslime massacre asmr to study and sleep to

  Anonymous   No.2143830

what is wrong with israelis

  Anonymous   No.2143831

what if mr beast flew over israel and bombed 100 palestinian schools

  Anonymous   No.2143832

id watch that vid

  Anonymous   No.2143833

yea i realized the can of worms he opened. the entire world bank loans/millions in foreign aid/rich charities doing nothing are getting exposed by what he's doing. the african countries themeselves are embarassed because they look bad and their corruption for their "well digging spending" is exposed.
like literally the entire exploit africa/ ignore human rights shit/ moneydump that the entire global elite relies on

  Anonymous   No.2143834

  Anonymous   No.2143835

one white youtuber vs the global elites

  Anonymous   No.2143836

is he getting canceled again

  Anonymous   No.2143837

not his intention but he needs to chill or theyll murder him.

  Anonymous   No.2143838

prayer over loudspeakers

  Anonymous   No.2143839

A Robot Just Asked Me for a Tip

  Anonymous   No.2143840

  Anonymous   No.2143841

kinda want to see the CJNG cartel cut mr. beasts head off while he's making the mr. beastface.

  Anonymous   No.2143842

  Anonymous   No.2143843

holy shit BASED

  Anonymous   No.2143844

we need more
prayer over loudspeakers (catholic mass(the real one in latin))
in america rn

  Anonymous   No.2143845

theres some buzz about how bad the kiryudub actor is…
if i even play it imma go with the jap version so idc

  Anonymous   No.2143846

  Anonymous   No.2143847

  Anonymous   No.2143848

daaaaang i've seen pics of dudes like that who had like skull dents with brain missing but this dude has a cavity… and it grows skin, shit is wild.

  Anonymous   No.2143849

give that nigga a hat jeez louise

  Anonymous   No.2143850

File: 1699670426111.jpg (258.81 KB, 1536x1724, 20231110_203807.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143851

this goes hard

  Anonymous   No.2143852

File: 1699670673953.jpg (27.74 KB, 739x415, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

it's that yong yea guy and yeah why'd anyone play it without the jap version..

  Anonymous   No.2143853

the buzz is because he's been attacking people on twitter i guess. i never even knew the games had a language choice for dub until i saw the garbage about him

  Anonymous   No.2143854

why did they launch this game without domination man

  Anonymous   No.2143855

we're hitting the gym bros

  Anonymous   No.2143856

fr tho that's just bad

  Anonymous   No.2143857

  Anonymous   No.2143858

  Anonymous   No.2143859

feels like when i nap on my right side i always have a bad time

  Anonymous   No.2143860

theres a side your supposed to sleep on and one you arent. i have a jpeg in my folder explaining it

  Anonymous   No.2143861

no matter how much aquaphor i put on my lips they are still getting chapped like a muhfuh

  Anonymous   No.2143862

ok those two gooks literally look the same and i say that as a gooker

  Anonymous   No.2143863

work tomorrow x__x

  Anonymous   No.2143864

2025 we are gonna look like tom hardy man

  Anonymous   No.2143865

File: 1699671542177.jpg (246.75 KB, 1920x1080, 3f45cdeb-177b-45fe-81c9-4c….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

acid refluxbro this might help

  Anonymous   No.2143866

File: 1699671636077.mp4 (5.72 MB, wgwYux6f6jPPGgL0.mp4)


  Anonymous   No.2143867

i liked him in that movie where he's a retarded fag

  Anonymous   No.2143868

  Anonymous   No.2143869

File: 1699671683949.jpg (166.08 KB, 800x800, 1352147484213.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thread works when i click last 50

  Anonymous   No.2143870

hes a youtuber not a voice actor

  Anonymous   No.2143871

pando still didnt answer me from earlier

  Anonymous   No.2143872

File: 1699671739190.png (281.35 KB, 705x900, 1352147483907.png) ImgOps Google

dont know what question you had lil pup

  Anonymous   No.2143873

the one i asked above the other question that you answered where my post was directly above theirs and you answered theirs and not mine

  Anonymous   No.2143874

its ok dude work on saturdays is for doing as little as possible and finding a good spot to nap

  Anonymous   No.2143875

  Anonymous   No.2143876

File: 1699671867470.jpg (263.81 KB, 850x1122, 1352147484791.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

that doesnt mean i know what the question is

  Anonymous   No.2143877

  Anonymous   No.2143878

these are some serious knockers
does big anime tiddiebro in here?

  Anonymous   No.2143879

File: 1699672037967.jpg (175.12 KB, 571x800, 1352147483959.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

luka magic is cooking these clippers bums holy

  Anonymous   No.2143880

ai needs to replace these shitty voice actor jobs

  Anonymous   No.2143881

*walks down the hallway to a sick beat looking pumped af*
im here to fuck some shit up

  Anonymous   No.2143882

toot is this true

  Anonymous   No.2143883

File: 1699672354393.jpg (143.68 KB, 1062x1505, 20231110_210914.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143884

File: 1699672411752.png (242.23 KB, 640x640, 1352147483839.png) ImgOps Google

sloppy toppy for a boy eating mcdonalds

  Anonymous   No.2143885

delete this

  Anonymous   No.2143886

  Anonymous   No.2143887

File: 1699672569707.jpg (83.08 KB, 1080x655, 20231110_211507.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143888

File: 1699672642801.jpg (365.24 KB, 2000x3000, 1698955943087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143889

sure thin- oh wait…

  Anonymous   No.2143890

File: 1699672679707.jpg (360 KB, 1342x1342, 20231110_144830.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143891

oh no no no

  Anonymous   No.2143892

bear is napping shh

  Anonymous   No.2143893

ntr sick fuck

  Anonymous   No.2143894

File: 1699672807550.webm (3.41 MB, 506x900, 1698898292349.webm) ImgOps Google

cmon man keep up

  Anonymous   No.2143895

toon and gweed

  Anonymous   No.2143896

we are sick fucks here

  Anonymous   No.2143897

its not fair

  Anonymous   No.2143898

me on the left pando on the right

  Anonymous   No.2143899

why would pando do that

  Anonymous   No.2143900

File: 1699672948275.jpg (62.06 KB, 557x767, 20231110_185447.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2143901

  Anonymous   No.2143902


  Anonymous   No.2143903

  Anonymous   No.2143904

cant wait to start drinking in 4 hours

  Anonymous   No.2143905

why my pc with two monitors and a light up keyboard of course

  Anonymous   No.2143906

File: 1699673122593.png (468.89 KB, 930x1230, 1352147483795.png) ImgOps Google

okay i want a bf too

  Anonymous   No.2143907

pando i asked if you wanted to kiss me and you ignored me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.2143908

wwhat kind of kiss

  Anonymous   No.2143909

File: 1699673327324.png (295.02 KB, 706x500, 1352147483881.png) ImgOps Google

ofc i ignore that u gotta hit up my DMs and then manipulate me if u want that to happen

  Anonymous   No.2143910

why do gooks like tom hardy

  Anonymous   No.2143911

File: 1699673394153.jpg (78.84 KB, 1175x841, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ugh this is scary i dont want to be an adult

  Anonymous   No.2143912

File: 1699673411372.jpg (2.7 MB, 1485x2655, 20231110_210937.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143913

first name: gook
last name: sniffer
social security: nigger

  Anonymous   No.2143914

dont post lewd or sexual pictures of my oshi

  Anonymous   No.2143915

File: 1699673450475.jpg (35.94 KB, 381x215, 1352147483981.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

stream it let us help you

  Anonymous   No.2143916

bro you better have a good reason to be giving out this much info

  Anonymous   No.2143917

its for my goldman sachs high yield savings account

  Anonymous   No.2143918

  Anonymous   No.2143919

  Anonymous   No.2143920

crazy how selling things has become more valuable than making things

  Anonymous   No.2143921

File: 1699674570418.jpg (52.5 KB, 742x411, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

and how did you make all this money? by betting on dem boyz to lose every week

  Anonymous   No.2143922

ye sold some black star pokemon promo cards for a couple hundo

  Anonymous   No.2143923

  Anonymous   No.2143924

bro, if you tell them that then they know you are lying and you're going to get audited and you are going to jail!!

  Anonymous   No.2143925

just gaj

  Anonymous   No.2143926

just put other source of funds and then if they ask you say you misclicked man

  Anonymous   No.2143927

lol if bb went to jail over 100 dollars of tax fraud

  Anonymous   No.2143928

i just clicked family and inheritance

  Anonymous   No.2143929

the irs won't rest til you paid them the last cent

  Anonymous   No.2143930

at least you don't get raped in jail

  Anonymous   No.2143931

Big Ten suspends Michigan football's Jim Harbaugh for rest of regular season for sign-stealing

oh no no no!

  Anonymous   No.2143932

hmmm about that…

  Anonymous   No.2143933

  Anonymous   No.2143934

college football tomorrow bros, lfg!!!!

  Anonymous   No.2143935

someones groceries got delivered to my house
do you guys know how to cook a salmon
can i just make it in a pan with some olive oil

  Anonymous   No.2143936

come on bro you gotta give that back

  Anonymous   No.2143937

man give back the groceries wtf

  Anonymous   No.2143938

bro someone is gonna come knocking…

  Anonymous   No.2143939

that could've been dasher bro not getting his tip

  Anonymous   No.2143940

give them back jamal

  Anonymous   No.2143941

i told amazon they said to keep them!!!

  Anonymous   No.2143942

now how do i cook this salmon

  Anonymous   No.2143943

File: 1699676274305.jpg (184.37 KB, 947x790, 1352147484197.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

u can cook it in the pan or the oven ye

  Anonymous   No.2143944

now how do i gook this salmon

  Anonymous   No.2143945

alexa, pick up those missing groceries

  Anonymous   No.2143946

idk how delivery drivers fuck things up so much in 2020 i got my neighbors mail in ballot

  Anonymous   No.2143947

nigger bros…

  Anonymous   No.2143948

  Anonymous   No.2143949

in japan they have these little dedicated grills for gooking fish

  Anonymous   No.2143950

i am almost completely soulless
i am incapable of being human

  Anonymous   No.2143951

damn wish i had one of those grills

  Anonymous   No.2143952

whats the rundown on ISBN vs ISBN13

why did THEY need to invent another type of ISBN?

  Anonymous   No.2143953

we will cease being less in about 2 1/2 hours

  Anonymous   No.2143954

how do you make that vodka emoji

  Anonymous   No.2143955


  Anonymous   No.2143956

you just type skoI

  Anonymous   No.2143957

File: 1699676902847.jpg (322.69 KB, 1080x1350, qfzoi0qn2yla1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143958


  Anonymous   No.2143959

yea whats up ive seen kaho big fan

  Anonymous   No.2143960

wtf shes got big fuzzy gloves on

  Anonymous   No.2143961

these girls arent nearly nasty or whorish enough im in here https://kick.com/camillarosexox

  Anonymous   No.2143962

holy shit im in too bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143963

wallstare you seeing this shes got her pussy pointed right at the camera


  Anonymous   No.2143964

when is the next wallstare stream, it's been two years…

  Anonymous   No.2143965

11 Nov: UFC 295: Procházka vs. Pereira

  Anonymous   No.2143966

whoa she just flashed cooter

  Anonymous   No.2143967

ugh that nasty whore has a pikachu tattoo

  Anonymous   No.2143968

is that supposed to be a negative… or…

  Anonymous   No.2143969

File: 1699679481648.jpg (94.06 KB, 450x697, 1352147484437.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i feel rlly good right meow

  Anonymous   No.2143970

in ep 6 of batman beyond they essentially invent immoratility and its just never addressed again

  Anonymous   No.2143971

i was thinkin about taking a sipp too

  Anonymous   No.2143972

its friday night bro!

  Anonymous   No.2143973

File: 1699679786849.png (963.54 KB, 920x1300, 1352147483813.png) ImgOps Google

im not on alcohol im on kratom

its super hero stuff doesnt stuff like that happen all the time

  Anonymous   No.2143974

isnt kratom that shit that eats your skin or something

  Anonymous   No.2143975

is that the episode where they find out ra's al ghul had his mind transferred to his daughter's body so he could live longer?

  Anonymous   No.2143976

Saints WR Michael Thomas is being accused of throwing a brick at the car of contractors who kept parking in the street near his house

check your lineups one of your niggers is in jail

  Anonymous   No.2143977

i think you mean ras GOAULD lil bro

  Anonymous   No.2143978

kratom? no way
maybe that's krokodil you're thinking of

  Anonymous   No.2143979

might try to boot up rumble again and see if i can beat maiev

  Anonymous   No.2143980

it was the mr freeze ep where wayne corp do that exact thing but to mr freeze using regular science

  Anonymous   No.2143981

File: 1699680289807.jpg (521.49 KB, 1000x773, 1352147483955.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ill be real with u i dont know much about batman

  Anonymous   No.2143982

pando i bet you would be fun to spend the night with even if we didnt do anything together

  Anonymous   No.2143983

File: 1699680379900.jpg (98.17 KB, 788x939, 1352147484419.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

do u mean irl or on vc

  Anonymous   No.2143984


  Anonymous   No.2143985

vc? van cleef?

  Anonymous   No.2143986

vics vapo rub

  Anonymous   No.2143987

File: 1699680459908.jpg (465.76 KB, 1329x1050, 1352147485131.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

had some real fun times spending the night with a friend in the UK doing absolutely nothing

  Anonymous   No.2143988


  Anonymous   No.2143989

File: 1699680733543.jpg (16.31 KB, 512x287, c1ed4d0f1302054db4d1ed08b2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2143990

oh no no no augbros….

  Anonymous   No.2143991

  Anonymous   No.2143992

GAZA WAR DAY 34: Macron Demands Israel "STOP KILLING BABIES" | America First Ep. 1248

  Anonymous   No.2143993

i did some stupid backdoor aoe strat and beat maeiv which was completely skill less but worked at least

  Anonymous   No.2143994

gonna try to do dire maul now

  Anonymous   No.2143995

theres dire maul in wow rumble?

  Anonymous   No.2143996

well that was a complete disaster

  Anonymous   No.2143997

yeah its one of the dungeons i guess

  Anonymous   No.2143998

i just beat stomper kreeg
now its time to face IMMOL'THAR

  Anonymous   No.2143999

IMMOL'THAR has been slain
final battle is against king GORDOK

  Anonymous   No.2144000

come on man what about prince tortheldrin

  Anonymous   No.2144001

just realized weve hardly seen any griddys this year

  Anonymous   No.2144002

File: 1699683288746.jpg (401.21 KB, 1322x1212, 2023-11-11_00-14-00.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

king gordok is down and that fight was pretty easy i think stomper kreeg was the hardest by far out of the 3 but i bought the 500 coin xp book with all my money and that gave me a bunch of levels which should help for the next time

  Anonymous   No.2144003

cant believe were getting into clash of clans just because blizzard licensed their ip out like a cheap whore

  Anonymous   No.2144004

why is the nba in-season tournament happening less than 10 fucking games into the season

  Anonymous   No.2144005


  Anonymous   No.2144006

EXCLUSIVE: It's getting serious! Taylor Swift introduces boyfriend Travis Kelce to her father during luxury steak dinner in Buenos Aires where staff form guard of honor and star-struck diners cheer as they walk past while lovingly holding hands

  Anonymous   No.2144007

File: 1699684499367.jpg (202.08 KB, 1080x1110, F-mo25IXcAAI_Es.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144008

File: 1699684663925.jpg (130.92 KB, 600x848, 1359621819351.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i wish i had a bf to hold hands with in public like that

  Anonymous   No.2144009

File: 1699685294423.png (856.41 KB, 996x783, firefox_HuZyZTmCmL.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2144010

why do people like holding hands

  Anonymous   No.2144011

just have to brush floss then its time to do that thing

  Anonymous   No.2144012

i didnt brush or floss today and im going to sleep

  Anonymous   No.2144013

its not too late you are still awake

  Anonymous   No.2144014

the chinese party is great and glorious

  Anonymous   No.2144015

bloody butthole bros i hate pooping so god damn much
might have to go to the doctor to get this checked out it feels like im shitting out glass but i've been eating so much fiber

  Anonymous   No.2144016

home alone on a friday night etc…

  Anonymous   No.2144017

thats every night bro!

  Anonymous   No.2144018

remember that fad of people thinking they found satanic messages encoded in popular records when played in reverse

  Anonymous   No.2144019

well well well would you look at the time

  Anonymous   No.2144020

never sure what time it is around daylight savings day

  Anonymous   No.2144021

do you guys ever get a kinda bubble popping or butterfly feeling in your stomach and bloating

  Anonymous   No.2144022

sometimes i lie down and gas bubbles involuntarily come up my esophagus

  Anonymous   No.2144023

those all sound like seperate things

  Anonymous   No.2144024

i love classifying categorizing regimenting and systemizing things
my folks call it autism

  Anonymous   No.2144025

well classify my anal fissure cause its killing me (hope i dont die from this that would be embarASSing)

  Anonymous   No.2144026

i had that thing with my ass for a couple weeks you just have to underwipe and not scrub in the shower

  Anonymous   No.2144027

the steveo podcast was so bad -___-

  Anonymous   No.2144028

oh yeah id like to see you do better

  Anonymous   No.2144029

  Anonymous   No.2144030

*wakes up*
*hops on wow*

  Anonymous   No.2144031

bro we dont wake up at 4am!

  Anonymous   No.2144032

damn i love being productive when im drunk i just took all the shit off my desk and put it on the floor!

  Anonymous   No.2144033

youre just like me rn

  Anonymous   No.2144034

File: 1699695523380.jpeg (264.19 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2049.jpeg) ImgOps Google

god i fucking love clove cigarettes

  Anonymous   No.2144035


  Anonymous   No.2144036

thought obamna made clove cigarettes illegal

  Anonymous   No.2144037

  Anonymous   No.2144038

we sip we smoke we game its just what we do

  Anonymous   No.2144039

what do clove cigarettes even taste like how are they different

  Anonymous   No.2144040

  Anonymous   No.2144041

we need to start smoking and doing kratom

  Anonymous   No.2144042

how about i skip kratom and go straight to fent

  Anonymous   No.2144043

where were you while we were playing wow

  Anonymous   No.2144044

the hinterlands are so tough im even 2 levels above and still cant beat it

  Anonymous   No.2144045

and the tvs turned the cable

  Anonymous   No.2144046

i need cigs bad man

  Anonymous   No.2144047

File: 1699699880086.png (17.37 KB, 202x52, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2144049

is this nigger really playing warcraft rumble or whats happening here

  Anonymous   No.2144050

its a fun game bro!

  Anonymous   No.2144051

they arent nicotine theyre made with clove leaf, the smoke isnt as harsh and they dont really do anything.
they use them in movies sometimes because they burn a little longer

  Anonymous   No.2144052


  Anonymous   No.2144053

pass me one of them fags homeboy

  Anonymous   No.2144054

trimmed my bush for no good reason

  Anonymous   No.2144055


  Anonymous   No.2144056

Wordle 875 4/6*


  Anonymous   No.2144057

  Anonymous   No.2144058


  Anonymous   No.2144059

its always good to keep your front yard and garden tidy!

  Anonymous   No.2144060

i want a bf

  Anonymous   No.2144061


  Anonymous   No.2144062

File: 1699706030434.jpg (122.26 KB, 1123x688, Screenshot 2023-11-11 0633….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

look at them gooooooo

  Anonymous   No.2144063


  Anonymous   No.2144064

im something of a legend in the podcasting sphere

  Anonymous   No.2144065

ugh im still losing weight im getting way too skinny…

  Anonymous   No.2144066

same bro im almost down to 220lbs..

  Anonymous   No.2144067

2025 year of the auschwitzmode

  Anonymous   No.2144068

2023 yer of buying nene merch

  Anonymous   No.2144069

its the miku song! zwhlt

  Anonymous   No.2144070


  Anonymous   No.2144071

File: 1699708190408.jpg (265.67 KB, 848x1284, 1699282331135964.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

now we have to navigate the rest of the morning

we have a ui watame collab going head2head with pekomari plus korone thats just too strong

  Anonymous   No.2144072

you're double me

  Anonymous   No.2144073

i just got an insanely lucky drop in wow

  Anonymous   No.2144074

File: 1699708319391.jpg (731.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1670605154175219.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144075

i wake up
i game

  Anonymous   No.2144076

and the tvs turned to cable

  Anonymous   No.2144077

  Anonymous   No.2144078

i just got hit with a concerning glare i cant really do anything

  Anonymous   No.2144079

holos are steadily lowering my opinion of japan

  Anonymous   No.2144080

*glares at you in a gentle non concerning way*

  Anonymous   No.2144081

if you think im gooky now
you should see me when im high

  Anonymous   No.2144082

no a sun glare on my monitor

  Anonymous   No.2144083

bro what did you get!!!

  Anonymous   No.2144084

gookerbros this is our gook rn

  Anonymous   No.2144085

hol up?

  Anonymous   No.2144086

woke up before 9am hoo boy you know im going back for that neet nap!

  Anonymous   No.2144087

crazy how cable tv is a better deal than all the gay streaming services that were supposed to replace it

  Anonymous   No.2144088

seems like most cable channels just air like 3 different shows all day just endless marathons of their biggest shows

  Anonymous   No.2144089

sewerslvt detransitioned and converted to catholicism hes calling himself sewersaint now

  Anonymous   No.2144090

  Anonymous   No.2144091

  Anonymous   No.2144092

last 3

  Anonymous   No.2144093

i really only slept for 3 hours are you getting me im getting blackout drunk tonight to fix that

  Anonymous   No.2144094

File: 1699710356658.jpg (139.9 KB, 827x1100, __pipimi_poptepipic_drawn_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>are you getting me

  Anonymous   No.2144095

are you gooking me

  Anonymous   No.2144096

tweaked my deck a lil and beat reak in hinterlands

  Anonymous   No.2144097

File: 1699710804644.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, doom.png) ImgOps Google

we do a little naxx farming

  Anonymous   No.2144098

gm bobob

  Anonymous   No.2144099

very awkward episode. steve-o is incapable of riffing with my friends

  Anonymous   No.2144100

my new deck is bussin i just cleared all of hinterlands and unlocked hc campaign

  Anonymous   No.2144101

your deckie?!

  Anonymous   No.2144102


  Anonymous   No.2144103


  Anonymous   No.2144104

his brain is done

  Anonymous   No.2144105

had a dream i was a kid again playing badminton with a friend and he was getting mad that i was winning

  Anonymous   No.2144106

thats funny in my dream i was getting drafted to die in asia there wasnt even a pretense of the war we were just being sent over to die

  Anonymous   No.2144107

well at least you got to fuck some gook pussy roght

  Anonymous   No.2144108

no we were just being sent over to die there was no gook pussy or fighting it was just a death sentence carried out in asia by missiles or something

  Anonymous   No.2144109

hoo boy dem wolverhamptons beat tottenham??
thats like plato upsetting thralls dolls

  Anonymous   No.2144110

i have a needle in my butt

  Anonymous   No.2144111

oh my god 90+1 and 90+7
i always miss the crazy ass games

  Anonymous   No.2144112

is it just me or is 1 hit 1 crit 8 agi kinda shitty for a naxx item

  Anonymous   No.2144113

oh i forgot to tell you guys russia won

  Anonymous   No.2144114

looks like another day where im skipping breaky and lunch out of laziness….

  Anonymous   No.2144115

yeah it was nuts!
we got united vs luton in 10 if united loses ten hag is out

  Anonymous   No.2144116

won what? ukraine? did zelenskyy surrender

  Anonymous   No.2144117

luton beating manu would be biblical

  Anonymous   No.2144118

its dps is huge, but anyway for me its still the best stat stick while i need hit chance

  Anonymous   No.2144119

  Anonymous   No.2144120

he cancelled the upcoming ukraine elections, they arent getting enough aid $, weapons.
he's got scandals going for embezzling $, is doing cocaine

  Anonymous   No.2144121

expert game dev here youre using stat stick wrong

  Anonymous   No.2144122

this is the opposite of surrendering hes begging for any way to continue the war how is that russia winning

  Anonymous   No.2144123

heres alex calling it

ukraine is so lame and boring it's all about israel now

  Anonymous   No.2144124

Russia won because Putin explained the situation correctly to his people. They were under attack from the satanic globalists and NATO, who would try to destroy their family structures and corrupt their children. The Muslims of Chechnya, Dagestan and all around the federation saw this as a worthy fight to the death. And thousands did die and were prepared to make Putin stronger in order to defend their families and their faith.

Putin respects Islam. He honours the holy Qur'an. He defeated Nato and the globalists, with the help of the Muslims.

Your chance Alex to realise the pattern, here. May Allah guide you to the truth of Islam and all the honest truth seekers working and supporting Infowars.

  Anonymous   No.2144125

  Anonymous   No.2144126

elections cancelled. he's made unions and strikes illegal. average age of conscript is now 45
they've lost, it's over

  Anonymous   No.2144127

i didnt hear the fat lady sing

  Anonymous   No.2144128


  Anonymous   No.2144129

File: 1699716238654.png (86.21 KB, 828x283, 1694925092574489.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144130

simply do not care about foreign conflict

  Anonymous   No.2144131

>The Muslims of Chechnya, Dagestan
wait didnt putin kill those people

  Anonymous   No.2144132

typical nigger babby
someone jingles keys in your face and you forget about everything else

  Anonymous   No.2144133

yeah the chechans fought a war against putin 20 years ago but theyre cool with putin now cause their medieval-larping mafia don leader gets billions of rubles from the government
there was a funny vice interview with that guy where he said theres no gay people in chechnya and if you could find one hed get rid of them

  Anonymous   No.2144134

Wordle 875 4/6*


  Anonymous   No.2144135


  Anonymous   No.2144136

File: 1699716879847.jpg (55.18 KB, 653x506, holdup.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144137

hol up we dem unsettled spirits of the dead who cannot find peace until you honor our memory

  Anonymous   No.2144138

this is huge

  Anonymous   No.2144139

sans undertale spotted

  Anonymous   No.2144140

they were nazis you see

  Anonymous   No.2144141


  Anonymous   No.2144142

mr beast saved africa
why cant he save ukraine

  Anonymous   No.2144143

started watching aarons good friend hes pretty funny

  Anonymous   No.2144144

File: 1699717304576.jpg (111.75 KB, 800x533, 1682899480623783.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144145

yea zii is p fun

  Anonymous   No.2144146

the suns really sent a gook out to guard lebron in the 2nd

  Anonymous   No.2144147


  Anonymous   No.2144148

tlol'n at this dude trying to use a can opener

  Anonymous   No.2144149

gooners up in burnleh

  Anonymous   No.2144150

File: 1699717991610.png (127.77 KB, 832x830, r.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2144151

pawn beats knight

  Anonymous   No.2144152

im a chessnoob but isnt this just winning 1 pawn?

  Anonymous   No.2144153

pawn take knight
'shop takes pawn?

  Anonymous   No.2144154

id go king c7

  Anonymous   No.2144155


  Anonymous   No.2144156

k c7 just means knight f7

  Anonymous   No.2144157

the black pawn cant take the knight cuz then he takes the pawn with his pawn with a reveal check that exposes his queen if he moves the king out of the way
im super noob at seeing lines that arent forced like that so idk what more can happen other than the split with the pawn if black just moves his king out of check from the knight

  Anonymous   No.2144158

ok, and?

  Anonymous   No.2144159

its basically gg right there lil bro
once the knight gets in the backlines to do his things all the lines go haywire and white cant be stopped

  Anonymous   No.2144160


  Anonymous   No.2144161

i always hate when chessers say some big line like c3 f5 g5 h8 blah blah blah
it all seems quite presumptuous as if they cant imagine a turn of events where they dont win

  Anonymous   No.2144162

just like a blue flame hellion…..

  Anonymous   No.2144163

  Anonymous   No.2144164

  Anonymous   No.2144165

black has to exchange the rook for the bishop too after qe8 nh6

  Anonymous   No.2144166

youre really going to suggest nh6 after qe8

  Anonymous   No.2144167

please god please let lutton best manure that would be epic as hell

  Anonymous   No.2144168

this nigga xyz'd when he should've abc'd 😭

  Anonymous   No.2144169


  Anonymous   No.2144170

bro it targets the rook and it has nowhere useful to go…🤔

  Anonymous   No.2144171

the gamer formerly known as cosmo is live

  Anonymous   No.2144172

wheres he streaming anyway

  Anonymous   No.2144173

ye olde youtube

  Anonymous   No.2144174


  Anonymous   No.2144175

just another retarded gleeppost dont mind it

  Anonymous   No.2144176

TURBO yeast he calls it

  Anonymous   No.2144177

ugh its getting chilly >_<

  Anonymous   No.2144178

110 dollars a month

  Anonymous   No.2144179

  Anonymous   No.2144180

it's a special winemaking yeast that is an actual thing that can hit 18% when used correctly.
him starting off with store bought juices with preservatives and other dumb stuff is keeping his alcohol% around 4% give or take

  Anonymous   No.2144181

stay winning benkogambitbros

  Anonymous   No.2144182

i found this VR channel kgook channel that has some pretty impressive 180 videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3D_3c728Ak
they were only made around 3 years ago, and it looks like everything about their company was purged off the internet, site doesnt work or anything. i wonder why they would make these short trailers which would theoretically appeal to a very affluent market, and then completely stop making videos? very interesting

  Anonymous   No.2144183

is this what having a gf is like

  Anonymous   No.2144184

yeah but in VR

  Anonymous   No.2144185

we dem evertonians

  Anonymous   No.2144186

look at this big fire that shut the highway down. a shitload of pallets under the overpass caught on fire

  Anonymous   No.2144187

File: 1699721619227.jpg (267.83 KB, 1920x1080, mpc-hc_2017-10-22_23-03-03.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144188

pallets in japan dont have nails

  Anonymous   No.2144189

pallet, japan

  Anonymous   No.2144190

File: 1699721803334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.35 KB, 1920x1080, mpc-hc_2017-10-24_21-21-51.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

used to take a lot of anime screenshots

  Anonymous   No.2144191

mafia got em D:

  Anonymous   No.2144192

File: 1699722085422.png (3.28 MB, 1920x1080, 2019-01-27_19-19-01_mpc-hc.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144193

maybe the 8 goddesses were not amused

  Anonymous   No.2144194

you guys watch cool anime

  Anonymous   No.2144195

so they updated the chrome download bar AGAIN, and this time, they removed the feature flag from the settings page so you cant toggle it back
all i want is the downloads bar, every time i download a file now it opens this stupid fucking popover in every single chrome process i have open for 5 seconds and its so fucking ANNOYING

  Anonymous   No.2144196

hate updates

  Anonymous   No.2144197

fucking word fuck that shit i kept clicking download because i didnt notice the popup
it hides away when you click unrelated shit so really you just have a tiny icon now telling you about your download
fucking fuck the kids working at google are literal donkeys

  Anonymous   No.2144198

yeah the other main thing is that you cant even tell when youre fucking downloading something because the visual indicator on the screen is like 10x10px vs before it was like 50x100

  Anonymous   No.2144199

lets go shoot up google hq (in minecraft)

  Anonymous   No.2144200

toot check reports

  Anonymous   No.2144201

i download stuff and watch youtube with firefox
chrome is for twitch and tabs i want to keep open but dont want to pin since it saves regular tabs unlike firefox
using chrome for twitch is kinda retarded since it seemingly cant mute single tabs, just webpages unless theres an addon

  Anonymous   No.2144202

i really do like the mute tab thing they added in firefox that lets you click the tab favicon to mute the page thats a really good feature i think

  Anonymous   No.2144203

oh man that drove me mad the other day i was convinced chrome had that feature but it kept muting all the same sites
how does blocking it on anything but per-tab basis make sense at all

  Anonymous   No.2144204

this is it

  Anonymous   No.2144205


  Anonymous   No.2144206

actually you can mute single tabs with firefox

  Anonymous   No.2144207

thats what she said..

  Anonymous   No.2144208

i usually do site level mutes on news sites and shit because they always have those stupid ass auto play videos

  Anonymous   No.2144209

File: 1699722811365.png (3.54 MB, 1920x1080, 2019-05-14_02-06-41_mpc-hc….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144210

*mutes your tab*

  Anonymous   No.2144211

hmm i see

  Anonymous   No.2144212

cant imagine myself reading news sites honestly

  Anonymous   No.2144213

you read the headline then you quickly scroll to the bottom to see what the boomers have to say about it

  Anonymous   No.2144214

gonna see if theres anything good on the wayback machine

  Anonymous   No.2144215

is bestgore on there

  Anonymous   No.2144216

Hello, I am the Pink Forest administrator.

First of all, unfortunately, our Pink Forest will be terminating the service running on this site in about a week, on October 22nd.

(We will not close the site, but will only block new subscribers and purchase items. We will maintain the AR gallery only for those who have previously purchased

Our Pink Forest opened on February 22nd and many people have loved it so far.
Due to the lack of manpower due to the small number of personnel and problems big and small that have existed since the beginning of the site.
We regret that the service has ended.

At first, it started as a joke among friends, but it gained a lot of interest on YouTube.
Including this, we tried to present content in various areas to more people.
We have decided to discontinue sales due to poor operation and various problems.

The service will be provided in a different way through SNS channels in the future.
Please keep this in mind.

thank you

  Anonymous   No.2144217

yea the mafia got em

  Anonymous   No.2144218

they.. quit because they got popular? huh?

  Anonymous   No.2144219

gooks are unscrupulous

  Anonymous   No.2144220

i guess? i dont understand, it seemed like an immensely popular scam that they could have made millions off of by just making vids with that one girl, the one 2 minute vid has like 20 million views and its just some generic rolling around on the bed vid in vr

  Anonymous   No.2144221

doesnt even take effort to make those

  Anonymous   No.2144222

we should pick up where they left off this could finance our mansion in korea

  Anonymous   No.2144223

bro the mafia will get us too!

  Anonymous   No.2144224

we dress up pando and have him roll around for two minutes

  Anonymous   No.2144225

its just nice to have the simulated kgf experience for a few minutes at least

  Anonymous   No.2144226

pando get that makeup on and get the fuck in here we need you for something

  Anonymous   No.2144227

cant believe were getting older and complaining about new technology and how its hard to see on the screen….

  Anonymous   No.2144228

pando tell me how many days it will take for china to collapse

  Anonymous   No.2144229

File: 1699723930073.jpg (207.57 KB, 756x1050, 1352147484283.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i dont know anything about china

  Anonymous   No.2144230

that wasnt the question man

  Anonymous   No.2144231

File: 1699723999100.jpg (93.33 KB, 500x476, 1352147484593.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

um 382 days

  Anonymous   No.2144232

382 days from today would be November 27, 2024
mark it in your calendars bros

  Anonymous   No.2144233

https://www.youtube.com/@violetsugarbaby/videos i think this is the girl from the vid but she doesnt do vr videos anymore and just """""""travels""""""""" all the time now

  Anonymous   No.2144234

File: 1699725036187.jpg (669.53 KB, 750x1000, 1352147484067.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is there anyone who will run keys with me and teach me how to play the game

  Anonymous   No.2144235


  Anonymous   No.2144236

  Anonymous   No.2144237

ill run keys with you if you rp with me in goldshire or silvermoon

  Anonymous   No.2144238

File: 1699725307127.jpg (56.69 KB, 380x700, 1352147484669.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thats okay ill pug them

  Anonymous   No.2144239

EROTIC role play is what im talking about

  Anonymous   No.2144240

pray for sewol ferry 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  Anonymous   No.2144241

i hate wow

  Anonymous   No.2144242

i have very low patience for noobs in wow and I already dont like you enough

  Anonymous   No.2144243

such a diva

  Anonymous   No.2144244

  Anonymous   No.2144245

gleepy check this out

  Anonymous   No.2144246

i gave it 30 seconds, i dont know them

  Anonymous   No.2144247

i love wow
i hate pando

  Anonymous   No.2144248

fuck wow and fuck pando (in the ass :3 )

  Anonymous   No.2144249

hate is a strong word…

  Anonymous   No.2144250

File: 1699725783893.jpg (313.66 KB, 600x800, 1352147485099.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wtf all the retail wow players are losers and all the twow players are gigachads

  Anonymous   No.2144251

turtle wow costs $?

  Anonymous   No.2144252

File: 1699725846667.png (202.59 KB, 509x700, 1352147483859.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2144253

im not gay

  Anonymous   No.2144254

im gay for pando

  Anonymous   No.2144255

wish pando noticed me

  Anonymous   No.2144256

great stuff guys

  Anonymous   No.2144257

yeah hop on twow

  Anonymous   No.2144258

id kiss pando

  Anonymous   No.2144259

youd get lipstick all over you….

  Anonymous   No.2144260

i want pando to hop on my **** if you smell me

  Anonymous   No.2144261

on your twow

  Anonymous   No.2144262

want to rape and murder pando

  Anonymous   No.2144263

my room smells like pine cone air freshener and cum

  Anonymous   No.2144264

no nut status?

  Anonymous   No.2144265

File: 1699727058374.png (792.65 KB, 631x759, look.png) ImgOps Google

*gets 'mired*

  Anonymous   No.2144266

The program AI Joe Biden Makes a Detailed Threat on Your Life.exe is requesting access to your hard drive
[Allow] [Deny]

  Anonymous   No.2144267

  Anonymous   No.2144268

File: 1699727392335.jpg (752.67 KB, 1536x2048, F-nOyN9X0AA_9Kl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144269

remain calm
patriots are in control

  Anonymous   No.2144270

listen here jack ive seen the contents of your C: drive and i know snapping your pencil neck will be doing the world a favor

  Anonymous   No.2144271

damn pando looks like THIS now??

  Anonymous   No.2144272

  Anonymous   No.2144273

its tough out there

  Anonymous   No.2144274

thats a holy paladin man shes just doing her thing

  Anonymous   No.2144275

trans girls will explain to you what serial experiments lain was about

  Anonymous   No.2144276

back from my 5 hour nap

  Anonymous   No.2144277

i only watched 4 episodes, lain was getting really good at using the internet but she was starting to get all weird about it

  Anonymous   No.2144278

thats why you need a tgf

  Anonymous   No.2144279

holy shit is zii going to be there??

  Anonymous   No.2144280

imagine being the top male streamer in croatia at a croatian video game fest. he's gonna be swimming in poon

  Anonymous   No.2144281

ugh this is the worst part of the year for grocery sales its just turkey

  Anonymous   No.2144282

hooo boy bournemouth is up 1-0 over newcastle!

  Anonymous   No.2144283

…her thing?

  Anonymous   No.2144284

jason bournemouth

  Anonymous   No.2144285

remember when we watched the jason bournemouth movies back to back together

  Anonymous   No.2144286

no i dont
we should do that

  Anonymous   No.2144287

these n words are so crafty

  Anonymous   No.2144288

imagine dropping 230 million on a deshaun

  Anonymous   No.2144289

File: 1699730913907.jpg (85.93 KB, 1152x2048, F-qKXgwWYAAlIWF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im going to manifest the mansion today

  Anonymous   No.2144290

  Anonymous   No.2144291

  Anonymous   No.2144292

we did it

  Anonymous   No.2144293

maybe i should nom some more cake

  Anonymous   No.2144294

File: 1699731674737.jpg (392.84 KB, 637x680, 20231111_134059.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144295

good morning bros!!!

  Anonymous   No.2144296


  Anonymous   No.2144297

lets head down to the local american legion and start shooting off some fireworks!

  Anonymous   No.2144298

holy shit!

  Anonymous   No.2144299

holy shit!
*open closes*
stupid fucking holochild

  Anonymous   No.2144300

this is large

  Anonymous   No.2144301

its not even out yet jokes on you!

  Anonymous   No.2144302

  Anonymous   No.2144303

File: 1699732208913.jpg (29.38 KB, 564x407, 20231020_184144.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144304

File: 1699732232438.jpg (14.71 KB, 265x265, 20231111_133229.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144305

van life, japan is so noble and minimalist

  Anonymous   No.2144306


  Anonymous   No.2144307

that they are all based?

  Anonymous   No.2144308


  Anonymous   No.2144309

toot check reports ive been emailing them

  Anonymous   No.2144310

this is huge

  Anonymous   No.2144311

stop spamming

  Anonymous   No.2144312

oh it's you

  Anonymous   No.2144313

*spams just to annoy that one whinger*

  Anonymous   No.2144314

toot are you seeing this

  Anonymous   No.2144315

hol' up we dem wolverines

  Anonymous   No.2144316

holy shit ufc at madison square garden tonight!

  Anonymous   No.2144317

File: 1699732617093.jpg (201.12 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i completely forgot this lil guy existed

  Anonymous   No.2144318

imagine if the roles were reversed thats so fucked up

  Anonymous   No.2144319

no hes old i think

  Anonymous   No.2144320

oh nonono loins bros our ball just got intercepted!

  Anonymous   No.2144321

  Anonymous   No.2144322

she's a great performer

  Anonymous   No.2144323


  Anonymous   No.2144324

voice is too boring to watch your gay video

  Anonymous   No.2144325

  Anonymous   No.2144326

  Anonymous   No.2144327

yea man

  Anonymous   No.2144328

aaron has already posted his final say in the matter. [lie]

  Anonymous   No.2144329

holy fucking kino
fuck yeah im le hyped

  Anonymous   No.2144330

>Disappointing to see Austerlitz, his strategic and tactical masterpiece, reduced down to some clever trick with ice. In reality the ice pond incident happened well after he had already secured victory.

oh nonono napoleon bros we got too cocky

  Anonymous   No.2144331

napoleon was so smart……

  Anonymous   No.2144332

File: 1699733607647.jpg (8.81 KB, 219x261, 20231104_144305.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144333

File: 1699733737395.mp4 (3.52 MB, I9YdFtl2Vwqu.mp4)

love the nasty
love the whore

  Anonymous   No.2144334

tech leading Kansas by three with three seconds left!

  Anonymous   No.2144335

might be cool but i don't think it'll be kino

  Anonymous   No.2144336

coach prime up by six against 'zona

  Anonymous   No.2144337


  Anonymous   No.2144338

oh no no no!

  Anonymous   No.2144339

nasty whore has nasty whore problems

  Anonymous   No.2144340

yes im a catgirl
yes i love other catgirls
get over it

  Anonymous   No.2144341

sitting on a frozen toilet seat

  Anonymous   No.2144342

File: 1699734494186.jpg (158.87 KB, 653x706, 20231111_142745.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144343

File: 1699734551473.jpg (695.7 KB, 2048x1536, F-hGgoxbkAAMEiP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144344

i cant use a monitor bigger than 24" its too much screen

  Anonymous   No.2144345

28 is my hard limit but it's getting hard to find monitors with nice specs that aren't at least 32

  Anonymous   No.2144346

wheres the lol

  Anonymous   No.2144347

wtf i thought this was a tranny its just an ugly woman

  Anonymous   No.2144348

File: 1699735003097.jpg (87.48 KB, 469x600, 1352147484349.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

okay i just realized i dont even know what makeup i need to buy i have to get researchin

  Anonymous   No.2144349

bro you dont need makeup thats for foids

  Anonymous   No.2144350

bro youre black they dont even make makeup for you

  Anonymous   No.2144351

fired up a movie and spilled half of my beer all over my desk

  Anonymous   No.2144352

File: 1699735285457.png (1.72 MB, 1241x697, 1699735254.png) ImgOps Google

holy shit its pekora!

  Anonymous   No.2144353

File: 1699735307038.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, 2019-07-03_00-36-04_mpc-hc….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144354

come on bro its 4 in the afternoon

  Anonymous   No.2144355

bro we watched this live and smashed that like button

  Anonymous   No.2144356

my sleep schedule is so fricked up…

  Anonymous   No.2144357

theyre still spamming

  Anonymous   No.2144358

hes still whingeing

  Anonymous   No.2144359

you gotta start exercising man… that always fixes my sleep schedule…

  Anonymous   No.2144360

File: 1699735550260.png (1.26 MB, 1241x696, 1699735539.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.2144361

File: 1699735614360.jpg (165.27 KB, 1188x656, TES1 arena.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

still cant believe we get polka nene and marine lives back to back to back
and then we get to watch football!
what a great weekend

  Anonymous   No.2144362


  Anonymous   No.2144363

my sleep schedule is 6am to 3pm

  Anonymous   No.2144364

mine is 5-2

  Anonymous   No.2144365

File: 1699735786780.jpg (2.02 MB, 1710x1207, Plan_der_Schlacht_bey_Aust….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

mhm i see

  Anonymous   No.2144366

the 26th major 2nd volume still isnt uploaded since it released in june…

  Anonymous   No.2144367

2am-8am then with a nap around 4pm-6pm

  Anonymous   No.2144368

there is no need to every wake up before noon man

  Anonymous   No.2144369

bro all the jp holos stream in NA morning its hell

  Anonymous   No.2144370

some of us are educating ourselves so we can move to nippon and leave this gaijin life behind

  Anonymous   No.2144371

oh it's jew

  Anonymous   No.2144372

File: 1699736331262.jpg (1.11 MB, 1999x1755, IMG_20231110_103117770.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its been done for a day, waiting on decals still

  Anonymous   No.2144373

a thing of beauty *-*

  Anonymous   No.2144374

  Anonymous   No.2144375

File: 1699736434397.jpg (32.79 KB, 463x600, 1kmdeemwmlzb1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144376

its so annoying signing up for a bank account online you have to scan your id and do a bunch of extra shit its way quicker to do it in person

  Anonymous   No.2144377

im a lot like basil ii porphyrogenitus 11th century emperor of the eastern roman empire

  Anonymous   No.2144378

hopefully 3d printing gets to the point that i can print myself a gundam suit that i can wear to wage war on the state

  Anonymous   No.2144379

basil ? the shitskin kpop spammer from back in the days?

  Anonymous   No.2144380

basil? that stuff you put on pizza?

  Anonymous   No.2144381

crazy how kids these days are being programmed to think an old white guy who doesnt get on his knees and worship niggers is *evil*

  Anonymous   No.2144382

dont ruin your beautiful natural skin with that nasty stuff

  Anonymous   No.2144383

in one of his military campaigns he captured 15 thousand bulgars and had the eyes removed from 99 out of every 100 leaving the rest with only 1 eye to lead them back into their country
like him i also harbor a deep and fierce hatred for bulgarians

  Anonymous   No.2144384

File: 1699737015827.jpg (150.8 KB, 420x630, 1352147484163.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

how do u know it ruins ur skin what if its fine

  Anonymous   No.2144385

File: 1699737034665.jpg (1.11 MB, 900x1400, 20231111_122345.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144386

yeah………………….real lol…………………………..

  Anonymous   No.2144387

is this ai? look at those hands

  Anonymous   No.2144388

once you put makeup on once youve sold your soul to the devil and will never get in to heaven

  Anonymous   No.2144389

File: 1699737194419.png (174.63 KB, 581x588, 1352147483767.png) ImgOps Google

i dont care about all that if i look pretty

  Anonymous   No.2144390

just look at foids they all wear makeup for years and end up having dry blotched skin

  Anonymous   No.2144391

  Anonymous   No.2144392

a little concealer is pretty op

  Anonymous   No.2144393

did 2x(10x45 sec w/15 sec rest) with 4 min rec between sets on the treadmill
was originally 3x, but i only managed 2 reps on the last set because my legs were done
finally managed to get my hr up above 90% of max again for a while so ill consider it a success

  Anonymous   No.2144394

its called a sketch bigot

  Anonymous   No.2144395

wonder if we can force evolutions hand and make an animal achieve sapience by giving them psychadelics

  Anonymous   No.2144396

thats not how evolution or psychedelics work

  Anonymous   No.2144397

cant wait to achieve sipience in 10 hours

  Anonymous   No.2144398

ufc in 1 hr 45 mins!

  Anonymous   No.2144399

  Anonymous   No.2144400

joe rogan told me snacking on mushrooms is how early hominids became intelligent

  Anonymous   No.2144401

File: 1699737672426.jpg (48.98 KB, 750x422, hex-girls-are-gay-queer-lg….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144402

me and

  Anonymous   No.2144403

bought this stupid expensive lip stuff hope it makes my lips not chapped

  Anonymous   No.2144404

  Anonymous   No.2144405

you lold at this like yesterday man

  Anonymous   No.2144406

gleepys family strikes again

  Anonymous   No.2144407

Questie will NOT be showing new Runes in Season of Discovery

oh no no no!

  Anonymous   No.2144408

meanwhile pfquest just got updated with the newest zone
twowchads stay winning

  Anonymous   No.2144409

giving my gf cutting scars because i find them sexy

  Anonymous   No.2144410

happy veterans day bros

  Anonymous   No.2144411

wish a hung high level twower would send me some gold…

  Anonymous   No.2144412

hoo boy

  Anonymous   No.2144413

  Anonymous   No.2144414


  Anonymous   No.2144415

File: 1699738857999.png (33.84 KB, 381x51, Screenshot 2023-11-11 1540….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144416

has gura ever said "im the gooba bay"

  Anonymous   No.2144417


  Anonymous   No.2144418

im da jokah baby

  Anonymous   No.2144419

lotta buzz lately about antisemitic graffiti

  Anonymous   No.2144420

id like to claim responsibility

  Anonymous   No.2144421

File: 1699739031208.png (211.64 KB, 440x578, iadfhxsg.png) ImgOps Google

hmmm yes i see…

  Anonymous   No.2144422

level 2 in loch modan? wtf?

  Anonymous   No.2144423


  Anonymous   No.2144424

File: 1699739160730.png (1.02 MB, 959x671, 1699739154.png) ImgOps Google

holy shit nene is shredding!

  Anonymous   No.2144425

theres nothing chad about holos

  Anonymous   No.2144426


  Anonymous   No.2144427

what if tonald or gennareyn logged on

  Anonymous   No.2144428


shes pissing in the shower!

  Anonymous   No.2144429

im literally butthurt right now this sucks

  Anonymous   No.2144430


  Anonymous   No.2144431

baste bunny is an official chad not a twowranny

  Anonymous   No.2144432

high elves start in loch modan, by the ranger lodge

  Anonymous   No.2144433

  Anonymous   No.2144434

twow stands for tranny wow? and you guys are playing it?

oh no no no!

  Anonymous   No.2144435

did you get raped….

  Anonymous   No.2144436

no i had a dry/sharp poop

  Anonymous   No.2144437

raped by poop…

  Anonymous   No.2144438

poop is so gross i hate pooping wish i never had to do it again

  Anonymous   No.2144439

feels good having all this booze in my room

  Anonymous   No.2144440

File: 1699740851772.jpg (138.6 KB, 903x1953, 20231107_194910.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144441

might get some burgs

  Anonymous   No.2144442

might go to the store to get some polysporin for my poor butthole

  Anonymous   No.2144443

bro just take a multivitamin

  Anonymous   No.2144444

whats wrong with ur guys diet
pooping feels so good

  Anonymous   No.2144445

this guy doesnt have hemmies obviously

  Anonymous   No.2144446

watched throne of blood
now im done with aarons dad movie kurosawa list :/

  Anonymous   No.2144447

File: 1699741523911.jpg (669.53 KB, 750x1000, 1352147484067.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

okay mayube ill try mascara and concealer at first

  Anonymous   No.2144448

  Anonymous   No.2144449


  Anonymous   No.2144450

throne of blood aka that guys toilet lol

  Anonymous   No.2144451

does snibbs have a job?

  Anonymous   No.2144452

toot fort keeps bugging me about being ip blacklisted what do you want me to tell him

  Anonymous   No.2144453

File: 1699741744798.png (76.34 KB, 317x172, Screenshot 2023-11-11 1628….png) ImgOps Google

were looking rough these days…

  Anonymous   No.2144454

the norwood came

  Anonymous   No.2144455

About MrSnibbles1
👾👾unfortunate i had a job and now i must stream

  Anonymous   No.2144456

*does the :3 face cutely*

  Anonymous   No.2144457


  Anonymous   No.2144458

what was dads favorite?

  Anonymous   No.2144459

obv the human condition but i cant remember if that was on the list or if we watched it together
but disregarding that

idk maybe yohimbo and sanjuro or ikiru

we havent watched 7 samurai yet..

  Anonymous   No.2144460

dads a fag his favorite movie is soy wars

  Anonymous   No.2144461

pando no… we lost another femboy to tgrooming…

  Anonymous   No.2144462

oh gosh

  Anonymous   No.2144463

anal asian aces vol 7

  Anonymous   No.2144464

turtle grooming?

  Anonymous   No.2144465

cant believe after 20+ years of watching anime im only now starting to understand japanese without subs

  Anonymous   No.2144466

File: 1699742374028.jpg (103.49 KB, 500x583, 1352147484337.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im not trans you idiotos

  Anonymous   No.2144467

too bad they say the same shit uwu

  Anonymous   No.2144468

you gotta fire up the seven samurai with him
he's gonna love it

  Anonymous   No.2144469

File: 1699742431820.jpg (78.38 KB, 557x557, who.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you guys are so knowledgeable surely you can tell who these two guys are

  Anonymous   No.2144470

you got on the slippery slope
its over
im crying

  Anonymous   No.2144471

File: 1699742446784.jpg (63.52 KB, 640x800, 8xpd5mf3bnb51.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144472


  Anonymous   No.2144473

if boomers could see how wild troons go on discord they'd impose a trans genocide tomorrow

  Anonymous   No.2144474

because normal people dont go wild on discord too?

  Anonymous   No.2144475

you know i go wild on discord i go loco

  Anonymous   No.2144476

sorry i dont mean NORMAL as in TRANS GENDER people arent NORMAL or anything, i just mean normal as in, you know, NOT ttrans gender

  Anonymous   No.2144477

we know what you meant
*gives you the secret bigot handshake*

  Anonymous   No.2144478

  Anonymous   No.2144479


  Anonymous   No.2144480

oh nonono osu bros the ucf fans are cheering overrated at us!

  Anonymous   No.2144481

is optimum nutrition still the best brand of protein powder

  Anonymous   No.2144482

latinos must love this

  Anonymous   No.2144483

i want a bf (bear fuckbuddy)

  Anonymous   No.2144484

im watching aarons friends with steve-o and they're hilarious but steve o is kinda slow..

  Anonymous   No.2144485

what are some good episodes to get into
i watched the babish one earlier it was a hoot

  Anonymous   No.2144486

*inhales duster*

  Anonymous   No.2144487

i think he was trying to judge the style of the show and didn't get it until near the end when nick went in with "what if a white guy with downs-syndrome pretended to be chinese"
then he wanted out and you could tell he regretted showing up

  Anonymous   No.2144488

its the best deal, there is better stuff but its more expensive

  Anonymous   No.2144489

the good episodes are years old now
just watch the old clips

  Anonymous   No.2144490

File: 1699743696836.jpg (82.38 KB, 642x1024, 1699742096328873.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144491

love is love bigot

  Anonymous   No.2144492

  Anonymous   No.2144493

*enters the land of milk and honey*

  Anonymous   No.2144494

wtf the 5lb tub of protein powder used to be like 50 bucks now its 80

  Anonymous   No.2144495

huge 2.5h nap with dreams
im back
someone post the ufc link

  Anonymous   No.2144496


  Anonymous   No.2144497

UFC 295 Early Prelims

  Anonymous   No.2144498

File: 1699743906527.jpg (817.9 KB, 2429x1392, Screenshot 2023-11-11 1635….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144499

that fight was on last weekend man you slept for 170.5hs!

  Anonymous   No.2144500

oh no no no!

  Anonymous   No.2144501

File: 1699743938035.jpg (84.39 KB, 828x802, 20231103_234923.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144502

how come those 2 video posts are out of order

  Anonymous   No.2144503


here we go 7 hours of fights and rogan is on commentary!

  Anonymous   No.2144504

i wouldnt even be surprised man i feel FUCKED

  Anonymous   No.2144505

*starts chanting*

  Anonymous   No.2144506

the salmon turned out great

  Anonymous   No.2144507

these people are fcked in the head ngl

  Anonymous   No.2144508

didnt we watch seven samurai a few years ago? im pretty sure we did

  Anonymous   No.2144509

i think we watched it twice by now

  Anonymous   No.2144510

yummers what did you do with it

  Anonymous   No.2144511

oh boy!

  Anonymous   No.2144512

bro that wasnt your salmon!

  Anonymous   No.2144513

this nigger gonna go down in first round

  Anonymous   No.2144514

  Anonymous   No.2144515

>she finally beat cancer

  Anonymous   No.2144516

how much do the tickets for these ufc events cost
1k bucks? 200 bucks?

  Anonymous   No.2144517

beaner bros not like this!

  Anonymous   No.2144518


  Anonymous   No.2144519

gross that looks like an ugly woman

  Anonymous   No.2144520

File: 1699744904757.jpg (1.25 MB, 5147x3428, sunset-sea-water-reflectio….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

when you realize the tranny flag uses the colors of gods beautiful twilight and the pride flag are the colors of gods covenant with man you get extra pissed

  Anonymous   No.2144521

been banned from 162 for more than a year now desu

  Anonymous   No.2144522

toot check reports

  Anonymous   No.2144523

toot should extend the ban just for that retarded "desu" at the end
fuck off to 4norm zoomer retard

  Anonymous   No.2144524

kawaii desu ne~

  Anonymous   No.2144525

oniisan kowai yo😥

  Anonymous   No.2144526

and thats a good thing

  Anonymous   No.2144527

and which poster are you

  Anonymous   No.2144528

lmao look at this goofy ass lookin beaner

  Anonymous   No.2144529

the annoying zoomer poster

  Anonymous   No.2144530

probably renz since someone posted nasty shit on the front page a few days ago

  Anonymous   No.2144531

gweed can you do a wc3 hero tier list

  Anonymous   No.2144532

  Anonymous   No.2144533

this is a fun fight but theres barely any power in their punches

  Anonymous   No.2144534


  Anonymous   No.2144535

that guys shorter than rogan…

  Anonymous   No.2144536

  Anonymous   No.2144537

stay hydrated

  Anonymous   No.2144538

*casts a poop hex on that guy so he never stops pooping*

  Anonymous   No.2144539

just got in didnt know rogan was calling the fights tonight

  Anonymous   No.2144540

come on man its wogan night

  Anonymous   No.2144541

bro its a ppv of course jew rogan is there!

  Anonymous   No.2144542

man theyre still in the fucking PRELIMS? jfc

  Anonymous   No.2144543

kbros this is our moment

  Anonymous   No.2144544

early prelims now
regular prelims in an hour
main card in 3 hours

  Anonymous   No.2144545

holy shit its a gook!

  Anonymous   No.2144546

"i went to thailand for a couple months to remember what it felt like to be an athlete"

what does that mean? having 24/7 sex with ladyboys?

  Anonymous   No.2144547

  Anonymous   No.2144548

didnt know they had mexicans in minneapolis

  Anonymous   No.2144549

tall gooks might just as well be a different species of gook honestly

  Anonymous   No.2144550

ride his hips?

  Anonymous   No.2144551

ride his hip man

  Anonymous   No.2144552

hooo boy

  Anonymous   No.2144553

main card at 4am? u kidding me rn?

  Anonymous   No.2144554

good level change

  Anonymous   No.2144555

kbros i dont feel so well

  Anonymous   No.2144556

grazed the cock

  Anonymous   No.2144557

this gook needs to stick to starcraft

  Anonymous   No.2144558

File: 1699748386334.jpg (364.14 KB, 750x1000, 1352147484589.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144559

frick off fag

  Anonymous   No.2144560

kbros we are getting owned

  Anonymous   No.2144561

hey HEY thats my friend your talking to here watch your fucking mouth kid

  Anonymous   No.2144562

File: 1699748485109.jpg (427.26 KB, 606x850, 1352147484205.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144563

  Anonymous   No.2144564

hey thats my BOYFRIEND you are talking to here so watch ur fucking mouth

  Anonymous   No.2144565

honestly fucking insane that he acknowledges that but continues to ignore all of my private messages

  Anonymous   No.2144566

tell your faggy boyfriend not to rawr near me ever again

  Anonymous   No.2144567

File: 1699748585518.jpg (307 KB, 600x800, 1352147484621.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144568

little WOBBLE out of that leg

  Anonymous   No.2144569

this gooks not getting any premium gook pussy after this travesty

  Anonymous   No.2144570

the level of jew hating is gonna be off the charts when this is all done

  Anonymous   No.2144571

did you block me or what??? why are you like this

  Anonymous   No.2144572

File: 1699748896533.jpg (241.08 KB, 700x988, 1352147484749.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i odnt understand why i dont see them and i have to assume this is some insane gaslighting in order to manipulate me

  Anonymous   No.2144573

putin could redeem himself in my eyes if he just randomly dropped a couple of nukes on the middle east

  Anonymous   No.2144574

it literally tells me you see them
but you just dont reply to them

  Anonymous   No.2144575

SEXI MEXI take the gold

  Anonymous   No.2144576

just respond to him pando

  Anonymous   No.2144577

File: 1699749004973.jpg (474.79 KB, 480x640, 1352147484499.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

but where are you DMing me

  Anonymous   No.2144578

lil guy startstruck from joe lol

  Anonymous   No.2144579

it's wogan!

  Anonymous   No.2144580

denmarkbros its time we got madsen fighting!

  Anonymous   No.2144581

dont mess with the pando like that man

  Anonymous   No.2144582

they always used to say that, gotta keep your head on a swivel in nyc

  Anonymous   No.2144583

had another small poop
feel another one brewing but it wasn't as painful as this morning
thank god for the dates i ate yesterday

  Anonymous   No.2144584

bnet slippy bnet

  Anonymous   No.2144585

i sent pando msgs in bnet and also on steam and he never replies to me even though i send him nice messages like "hi how are you doing?" and "i hope you have a good day today~"

  Anonymous   No.2144586

pics or it didnt happen

  Anonymous   No.2144587

the funny thing is that he reads them all
this one time he even started typing a response but just stopped after a minute and never responsed

  Anonymous   No.2144588

i sent him messages of gore videos and he always responds lol or lmao to them

  Anonymous   No.2144589

struggling rn badly

  Anonymous   No.2144590

with what

  Anonymous   No.2144591


  Anonymous   No.2144592

thomas is outdoors and hasnt come back yet

  Anonymous   No.2144593

classic thomas

  Anonymous   No.2144594

File: 1699749989524.jpg (73.52 KB, 690x530, 1352147484685.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wtf are u talking about

  Anonymous   No.2144595

cities skylines 2 is out, time to start getting into that

  Anonymous   No.2144596


  Anonymous   No.2144597

ok bro get off the stage nobody gives a shit

  Anonymous   No.2144598

why are you making this shit up?

  Anonymous   No.2144599

an olympian huh

  Anonymous   No.2144600

  Anonymous   No.2144601

let me know when the ufc event starts for real

  Anonymous   No.2144602

aaron nick said Terriers
2010 ‧ Drama ‧ 1 season
was his favorite show on the steve o episode have you watched it yet is it good?

  Anonymous   No.2144603

kind of funny how i have the same body type as DC but hes like 10% body fat and im like 60%

  Anonymous   No.2144604

new shoes feel alright so far time to do a lil walkin

  Anonymous   No.2144605

File: 1699750810830.jpg (898.59 KB, 2000x3000, Fzht8nfSOKP20CfrBO.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144606

bro time to hit the gym!

  Anonymous   No.2144607

the "No." thing triggers my autism so bad

  Anonymous   No.2144608

  Anonymous   No.2144609

we're at the prelims

  Anonymous   No.2144610

shes a pretty girl

  Anonymous   No.2144611

you guys ever weigh yourselves before and after you eat its crazy the scale said i put 3lbs of food into my body

  Anonymous   No.2144612

File: 1699751636338.jpg (668.88 KB, 2422x1391, Screenshot 2023-11-11 1913….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144613

File: 1699751937846.png (1.01 MB, 1986x409, image-asset.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144614

yoo this guys face is all fucked up lol

  Anonymous   No.2144615

>be world class kickboxer
>get dropped

  Anonymous   No.2144616

oh no no no baldbros!

  Anonymous   No.2144617

how is the bald dude still alive jesus

  Anonymous   No.2144618


  Anonymous   No.2144619

i dont know what it is but it looks impressive

  Anonymous   No.2144620

theres no way the bald guy makes a comeback after that

  Anonymous   No.2144621

damn what a fight

  Anonymous   No.2144622

a flippin draw???

  Anonymous   No.2144623

holy shit its steve-o!

  Anonymous   No.2144624

you guys have been watching ufc every weekend for like 4 years straight

  Anonymous   No.2144625

  Anonymous   No.2144626

you GUYS?

  Anonymous   No.2144627

been watching ufc for years and havent paid a single cent to do it

  Anonymous   No.2144628

streameast every saturday night man

  Anonymous   No.2144629

  Anonymous   No.2144630

never really cared for steve o or jackass

  Anonymous   No.2144631

dana is gonna flip!

  Anonymous   No.2144632


  Anonymous   No.2144633

i only watch ufc when wogan is on

  Anonymous   No.2144634

wogan is on bro

  Anonymous   No.2144635

and im watching obviously…

  Anonymous   No.2144636

wrestling is a martial art that basically trains you how to hold down another man and rape

  Anonymous   No.2144637

bro this dudes a samurai

  Anonymous   No.2144638

women's strawweight next…

  Anonymous   No.2144639

File: 1699754904255.jpg (146.27 KB, 1080x1080, F-V7SuIX0AAlBKJ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

uhhh toddbros…?

  Anonymous   No.2144640

dios mio!

  Anonymous   No.2144641

bros i found our new thing

  Anonymous   No.2144642

foid fight i go do other things

  Anonymous   No.2144643

whatr you gonna do…

  Anonymous   No.2144644

you know…

  Anonymous   No.2144645

File: 1699755494117.jpg (668.88 KB, 2422x1391, Screenshot 2023-11-11 1913….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

got about 10 hours to go on the refineries and packagers
then maybe 10-15 hours making 170 more fuel generators

  Anonymous   No.2144646

File: 1699755561843.jpg (72.63 KB, 1385x594, Screenshot 2023-11-11 1634….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

posted the wrong image can (not) delete

  Anonymous   No.2144647

Wordle 875 4/6



  Anonymous   No.2144648

bro wtf

  Anonymous   No.2144649

File: 1699755728250.jpg (358.32 KB, 1200x1120, 63722453_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144650

just one other girl fight for the rest of the night

  Anonymous   No.2144651

new shoes feel alright

  Anonymous   No.2144652

it be like that

  Anonymous   No.2144653

☘️ Plant #43 🍂
I figured it out in 19 guesses!
🔥 1 | Avg. Guesses: 19

it's alright i guess…

  Anonymous   No.2144654

☘️ Plant #43 🍀
I figured it out in 3 guesses!
🔥 1 | Avg. Guesses: 3


uhm get owned

  Anonymous   No.2144655

File: 1699756290870.jpg (251.75 KB, 1095x734, anime dot come.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is this still the definitive torrent for the nge tv series or is there a newer dub

  Anonymous   No.2144656

you did NOT guess a random ass plant in 3 guesses come on man

  Anonymous   No.2144657

they give you hints dude

  Anonymous   No.2144658

bro the anime came out 25 years ago i dont think it matters that much
stream it though

  Anonymous   No.2144659

gleepy are you a dav (disabled american veteran)?

  Anonymous   No.2144660

  Anonymous   No.2144661

  Anonymous   No.2144662

didnt know that wacky jew drawing was called sephirot

  Anonymous   No.2144663

nice cats are nice

  Anonymous   No.2144664

holy shit its trump and kid rock!

  Anonymous   No.2144665

and tucker carlson holy fuck!

  Anonymous   No.2144666

jared leto and trump??

  Anonymous   No.2144667

  Anonymous   No.2144668

i thought trump was locked in prison or something

  Anonymous   No.2144669

we are in the POSTLIMS now

  Anonymous   No.2144670

File: 1699758555122.jpg (192.16 KB, 1335x895, mfw0304.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144671

podeda :-DD

  Anonymous   No.2144672

i have the jp nge bd box

  Anonymous   No.2144673

File: 1699758739690.jpg (234.51 KB, 1920x1080, 2023-11-11_21-11-58.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hooooooooooo boy

  Anonymous   No.2144674


main card time get in here bros!

  Anonymous   No.2144675

File: 1699759302365.jpg (38.61 KB, 530x350, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i call this the bald cope

  Anonymous   No.2144676


  Anonymous   No.2144677

i can feel the bald in that pic

  Anonymous   No.2144678

baldbros are gonna make it…

  Anonymous   No.2144679

a mullet huh

  Anonymous   No.2144680

literally got up to make nachos as they were walking in and its over already

  Anonymous   No.2144681

I just rage quit the AOT game cause I died to a titan like 3 times while Annie Mikasa and Reiner just sat around on their asses doing NOTHING TO HELP ME WHILE I GOT CHOMPED ON

  Anonymous   No.2144682

make.. nachos?

  Anonymous   No.2144683

thats what i said

  Anonymous   No.2144684

i dont want to be a sad boy anymore no one likes being around sad ppl

  Anonymous   No.2144685


  Anonymous   No.2144686

im tuned in
nachos are finished
stream is on
no distractions so im ready for this 15 minute decision fight

  Anonymous   No.2144687

holy shit the god of war? this dude is a gamer

  Anonymous   No.2144688


  Anonymous   No.2144689


  Anonymous   No.2144690

holy shit

  Anonymous   No.2144691

holy crackers!

  Anonymous   No.2144692

gamerbros we won

  Anonymous   No.2144693

the speech ruined it

  Anonymous   No.2144694

i always mute before the interviews

  Anonymous   No.2144695

thats so cool

  Anonymous   No.2144696

you can really get a sense of their brain damage iq during the interviews
they can barely form together coherent sentences

  Anonymous   No.2144697

wtf foid fight?

  Anonymous   No.2144698

File: 1699761454278.jpg (579.39 KB, 2431x1366, Screenshot20231111-2156360….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144699

we can do the superbloom on wow and itll be done at the same time the girl fight is over!

  Anonymous   No.2144700

remember last week when we got an extra hour of sleep…

  Anonymous   No.2144701

hol up!

  Anonymous   No.2144702

done gaming
gonna watch the new fnaf movie with the boys someone give me the backstory i dont know anything about it

  Anonymous   No.2144703

its like chuck e cheese but on meth

  Anonymous   No.2144704

do i have to be on meth to get it

  Anonymous   No.2144705

five nights at gookys

  Anonymous   No.2144706

love watching foids get hurt

  Anonymous   No.2144707


  Anonymous   No.2144708

cute time event

  Anonymous   No.2144709

File: 1699762638229.jpg (654.55 KB, 1284x1647, 1699762434845708.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144710


  Anonymous   No.2144711

le tucker

  Anonymous   No.2144712

File: 1699762760536.jpg (145.8 KB, 450x600, 1352147483919.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

missing tucker time

  Anonymous   No.2144713

this guy is a BRAIN fighter

  Anonymous   No.2144714

do people exist

  Anonymous   No.2144715

  Anonymous   No.2144716

pavlovich is a monster

  Anonymous   No.2144717

hoo boy here come the heavyweights

  Anonymous   No.2144718

interim hw championship

  Anonymous   No.2144719

derrick lewis who puts everybody out who is also 3-5 in his matches over the last 2 years

  Anonymous   No.2144720

shouldnt everybody be booing at the russian?

  Anonymous   No.2144721

is he 1 of the 3 pablos

  Anonymous   No.2144722

holy fuck!!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.2144723

oh no no no!

  Anonymous   No.2144724

holy FUCK

  Anonymous   No.2144725

File: 1699763923697.jpg (86.76 KB, 1284x1553, 1699763578209759.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

holy fuck!

  Anonymous   No.2144726


  Anonymous   No.2144727


  Anonymous   No.2144728

we have got to get into sports betting

  Anonymous   No.2144729

that russian is getting sent to the front lines of the war because he lost

  Anonymous   No.2144730

how is his dad like 5'7 and he's like 6'5

  Anonymous   No.2144731

thats called genetics chud

  Anonymous   No.2144732


  Anonymous   No.2144733

OUR president

  Anonymous   No.2144734

hoo boy here we go

  Anonymous   No.2144735

how come we dont play ufc 5

  Anonymous   No.2144736

cuz we play wow

  Anonymous   No.2144737

is it reg if he grabs that guys hair stalk?

  Anonymous   No.2144738

i am a warrior

  Anonymous   No.2144739

  Anonymous   No.2144740

what if he knocked the guy out then started raping him in the octagon

  Anonymous   No.2144741

File: 1699764583344.jpg (90.69 KB, 987x422, pav.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

damn he was tearing it up in the first round for the last 6

  Anonymous   No.2144742

crazy that hjlm…

  Anonymous   No.2144743


main event time get in here bros!

  Anonymous   No.2144744

File: 1699764691304.jpg (50.63 KB, 660x751, 1699764417156770.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144745

we have to start chudmaxxing

  Anonymous   No.2144746

pereira is some kind of monster the way this guy beat blachowicz was brutal

  Anonymous   No.2144747

File: 1699764862204.jpg (272.81 KB, 823x1078, 1699764826625873.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is he larping or what

  Anonymous   No.2144748

you guys sit around watching cartoons for children when you could be studying the way of the samurai

  Anonymous   No.2144749

she says that we are watching cartoons while we are all watching the fight… lol….

  Anonymous   No.2144750

hes going to fucking kill this weebaoo holy shit

  Anonymous   No.2144751

holy shit the ufc is sponsored by alcohol and video games!

  Anonymous   No.2144752


  Anonymous   No.2144753

  Anonymous   No.2144754

  Anonymous   No.2144755


  Anonymous   No.2144756

that fucking zoom

  Anonymous   No.2144757

this is gonna be good bros

  Anonymous   No.2144758

if he loses all the weeb shit is gonna be so cringe

  Anonymous   No.2144759

i see these guys and wonder what its like to not be 30% body fat

  Anonymous   No.2144760


  Anonymous   No.2144761

pereira probably has killed 500 people in the past year in the favela fighting in the ufc is nothing to this guy

  Anonymous   No.2144762

oh no no no hes got cupping marks on his back

  Anonymous   No.2144763


  Anonymous   No.2144764

holy shit i thought it was done there

  Anonymous   No.2144765

>samurai warrior going for the takedown

  Anonymous   No.2144766

can you headbutt in ufc or is that against the rules

  Anonymous   No.2144767

can't headbutt

  Anonymous   No.2144768

  Anonymous   No.2144769

holy moly

  Anonymous   No.2144770

that leg is done
takedown coming again

  Anonymous   No.2144771

one weeb samurai is gonna be champ again…

  Anonymous   No.2144772


  Anonymous   No.2144773

this match was predicted in the ancient japanese proverbs 50000 years ago

  Anonymous   No.2144774

oh what the fuck the fucking ref!!!

  Anonymous   No.2144775

oh no no no early stoppage

  Anonymous   No.2144776


  Anonymous   No.2144777

oh no no no weebros

  Anonymous   No.2144778

herb dean never would have stopped that so early

  Anonymous   No.2144779

just like how the refs shouldnt have stopped the fight in japan in ww2 the ref shouldnt have stopped pereira vs prochazka

  Anonymous   No.2144780

lol early

  Anonymous   No.2144781

joe rogan: it is what it is

  Anonymous   No.2144782

is that it or will we get to see some real fights

  Anonymous   No.2144783

surprised he doesnt have the rising sun flag on his shoulders

  Anonymous   No.2144784

File: 1699766124344.jpg (50.6 KB, 543x634, 1665452257194156.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

were getting busy early this week!

  Anonymous   No.2144785

how about speaking some fucking english youre in new york

  Anonymous   No.2144786

File: 1699766451832.jpg (90.39 KB, 665x808, 1699765558418141.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144787


  Anonymous   No.2144788

now what

  Anonymous   No.2144789

maybe have some 'zza then hit the hay

  Anonymous   No.2144790

now its time to game for about 90 minutes then itll be time to do our thing

  Anonymous   No.2144791

ugh pooped again this is literal torture
i think not eating for a day or two might be a good idea

  Anonymous   No.2144792

bro i take a shit once every 6 days and you already shit 6 times today!

  Anonymous   No.2144793

you need to fix your shit

  Anonymous   No.2144794

One JAV to rule them all, One JAV to find them,
One JAV to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

  Anonymous   No.2144795

gotta be the hitomi tanaka 500 loads bukakke

  Anonymous   No.2144796

time to do some last minute fantasy lineup tinkering

  Anonymous   No.2144797

i feel another one coming
i think my body is letting out small soft turds cause of the pain

  Anonymous   No.2144798

File: 1699772833671.jpg (466.66 KB, 800x630, 20231111_002353.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

was able to play some twow today and got my shaman to 14. maybe ill do rfc next or maybe just skip it for the barrens idk.

  Anonymous   No.2144799

  Anonymous   No.2144800

bro we're watching mooms biboo and irys lose as apex

  Anonymous   No.2144801


  Anonymous   No.2144802


  Anonymous   No.2144803

im watching a bald guy walk throught the darien gap

  Anonymous   No.2144804

well well well would you look at the time

  Anonymous   No.2144805

space gook coast to coast

  Anonymous   No.2144806

*wakes up cutely*

  Anonymous   No.2144807

slathered my bp in vaseline doesnt seem to help
ordered some ointment with pain relief stuff in it

  Anonymous   No.2144808

someone make a new thread

  Anonymous   No.2144809

youre going to have to go to the doctor for you know what

  Anonymous   No.2144810

File: 1699775242510.jpg (1.05 MB, 3024x4032, F-rV1mKW4AE7Dr9.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

nazrin snail

  Anonymous   No.2144811

you got shit germs all over your hands man

  Anonymous   No.2144812

thats it atheism is done

  Anonymous   No.2144813

just my pinky and i washed for like 5 minutes with dishsoap

  Anonymous   No.2144814

i get it it makes sense

  Anonymous   No.2144815

how do people know what to say to each other is it just practice did someone teach them

  Anonymous   No.2144816

idk i just say hi and act like im busy

  Anonymous   No.2144817

ugh feel another small poop building up

  Anonymous   No.2144818

years of experimentation and imitation while growing up which we never had

  Anonymous   No.2144819

is this what your youtube recs are like now

  Anonymous   No.2144820

no thats an outlier

  Anonymous   No.2144821

hmm middle of november and ive still got the ac on

  Anonymous   No.2144822

alright doing a sweep of the fantasy league to update any team with someone projected for 0 points so here it is

faerun cowled wizards: moved bye week player and swapped with highest projected

hol up: swapped out player with highest projected

  Anonymous   No.2144823

oops meant i swapped out someone injured with highest projected

  Anonymous   No.2144824

bro thats my team youre meddling with

  Anonymous   No.2144825

you had someone in your lineup on bye dumbfuck!

  Anonymous   No.2144826

File: 1699779135730.jpeg (114.48 KB, 1054x1040, 4ffly3n.jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144827

todays highlight will be battle of the first and the last
younghoe vs mad gay

  Anonymous   No.2144828

File: 1699779843250.png (564.6 KB, 629x623, 14651.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.2144829

so mad at amlitzer for tainting the competitiveness of the league by drafting a team full of dem boyz

  Anonymous   No.2144830

Wordle 876 5/6*


  Anonymous   No.2144831

gonno study the talmud

  Anonymous   No.2144832


  Anonymous   No.2144833

to imbibe ancient wisdom

  Anonymous   No.2144834

imbibe this
*grabs crotch*

  Anonymous   No.2144835

it deceived the rabbis why wouldnt it deceive you

  Anonymous   No.2144836

deceive this
*grabs crotch*

  Anonymous   No.2144837

there is no force capable of stopping us

  Anonymous   No.2144838

gonna gook an egg!

  Anonymous   No.2144839

thats blasphemy

  Anonymous   No.2144840

Wordle 876 5/6*


  Anonymous   No.2144841

hol up
im gay

  Anonymous   No.2144842

you dont have to be

  Anonymous   No.2144843

bro its 4 in the morning!

  Anonymous   No.2144844

bro youre living in the past im 6 hours ahead of you!

  Anonymous   No.2144845

its raining cutely

  Anonymous   No.2144846

File: 1699782506642.jpg (83.9 KB, 896x1200, 1699762741157923.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144847

wonder how tinny is doing…

  Anonymous   No.2144848

hes going berserk-us

  Anonymous   No.2144849

hes dancing with a tgirl in vietnam or something

  Anonymous   No.2144850

hes eating burritos with danny devito

  Anonymous   No.2144851

computer, visualize that

  Anonymous   No.2144852

File: 1699783418097.jpg (170.04 KB, 1024x1024, _319f646a-0efe-4ba5-8f9e-c….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144853

File: 1699783631279.jpg (173.74 KB, 1024x1024, _2695ebbf-1dbb-4b0c-9dda-2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144854

needs a hot gook

  Anonymous   No.2144855

gonna try to hold this poop in and go to sleep

  Anonymous   No.2144856

why does ai make danny devito look like a homeless santa

  Anonymous   No.2144857

what if the poop dries up and clogs your anus

  Anonymous   No.2144858

because i described tinny as a homeless person and it has the habit of bleeding properties

  Anonymous   No.2144859

im gonna cry man please stop

  Anonymous   No.2144860


  Anonymous   No.2144861

File: 1699783969257.jpg (154.36 KB, 1024x1024, _df738ce6-e10b-468d-99f3-a….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144862

if gooks are so great why is nobody putting babies in them sk has the lowest fertility rate in the world

  Anonymous   No.2144863

number 15 burger king foot lettuce

  Anonymous   No.2144864

File: 1699784445450.mp4 (1.19 MB, try not to worry.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.2144865

File: 1699784565331.jpg (265.85 KB, 1049x1053, deviddo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

my attempt

  Anonymous   No.2144866

hmm in 30 minutes i could go grab a pack of cigs

  Anonymous   No.2144867

just remembered a cringe moment from 20 years ago

  Anonymous   No.2144868

File: 1699784841690.jpg (162.29 KB, 1024x1024, _b061dc03-7b93-4e28-889c-2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144869


  Anonymous   No.2144870

File: 1699784895306.jpg (157.61 KB, 1024x1024, _a3f68bf6-ce09-434e-8237-7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144871

File: 1699785256561.jpg (36.31 KB, 384x314, FftuIVMXoAAx66u2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144872

File: 1699785387826.jpg (150.31 KB, 1024x1024, _26be3f32-6d42-4756-ad28-4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144873


  Anonymous   No.2144874

File: 1699786292170.jpg (171.59 KB, 1024x1024, _fb465270-f49d-4144-897c-0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

isnt that gleeps on the right

  Anonymous   No.2144875

this ones closest

  Anonymous   No.2144876

arr gook rook same

  Anonymous   No.2144877

Immortal Beloved (1994 film)
classicalkino is back on the menu boys

  Anonymous   No.2144878


  Anonymous   No.2144879

File: 1699787230954.jpg (142.45 KB, 1024x1024, _d834ac6a-14a1-48fc-a0e0-0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

it knows IU

  Anonymous   No.2144880

File: 1699787871430.mp4 (560.81 KB, X8brDWScb2SzbFOD.mp4)


  Anonymous   No.2144881


  Anonymous   No.2144882

i want a bf

  Anonymous   No.2144883

  Anonymous   No.2144884

trump was so amazing cant believe we took him for granted

  Anonymous   No.2144885

truly…he was an aqua teen hunger force…

  Anonymous   No.2144886

english subs got uploaded turn on cc

  Anonymous   No.2144887

sigh shes so perfect….

  Anonymous   No.2144888

File: 1699789722817.jpg (180.44 KB, 1024x1024, _4bc3f9de-b506-43c1-a252-2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

trying to get her panties but the ai is not having it

  Anonymous   No.2144889

when is cern going to open the portal to the animeverse

  Anonymous   No.2144890

File: 1699789992857.jpg (162.62 KB, 1024x1024, _55f3ebd8-21a2-40c1-a22a-6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.2144892

her face is scary

  Anonymous   No.2144893

File: 1699790822904.jpg (191.43 KB, 1024x1024, _860a3388-9c1a-40f0-929a-e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144894

you have a problem

  Anonymous   No.2144895

im on a noble quest

  Anonymous   No.2144896

nothing noble about trying to perv on ai gooks

  Anonymous   No.2144897

its more the struggle with the filter thats satisfying

  Anonymous   No.2144898

File: 1699791324629.jpg (157.05 KB, 1024x1024, _28859b62-fb02-4032-9794-e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you think you can outsmart me filter i think not

  Anonymous   No.2144899

File: 1699791452655.jpg (76.21 KB, 948x768, Fju9kj5XkAcsvA0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144900

  Anonymous   No.2144901

  Anonymous   No.2144902

  Anonymous   No.2144903

what the heck are chinos

  Anonymous   No.2144904

you just know that she has a discord bf ugh

  Anonymous   No.2144905

  Anonymous   No.2144906

File: 1699794470515.jpg (379.46 KB, 1322x2048, F-srYleWAAA9Czz.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144907

  Anonymous   No.2144908

we got vejle vs lyngby but i cant find a stream :/

  Anonymous   No.2144909

whens the league tournament or whatever
is there a post season or do they just declare whoever has the best record at the end of the year as the winner

  Anonymous   No.2144910

oh nice found it

first theres the standard 22 league games where everyone plays each other twice , then the league is split into top 6 and bottom 6 where top 6 play each other twice and so does bottom 6
points carry over from the first part

  Anonymous   No.2144911

is that vejle's stadium looks nicer than lyngbys no offense

  Anonymous   No.2144912

File: 1699795495822.jpg (9.93 KB, 429x157, 'by.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144913


  Anonymous   No.2144914

slept through marine's 3d live…

  Anonymous   No.2144915

trump/chris-chan 2024

  Anonymous   No.2144916

her name is jesus christ sonichu something something

  Anonymous   No.2144917

*Mrs. Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime

  Anonymous   No.2144918

gonna stick with chris-chan thanks for trying to educate me or whatever tho

  Anonymous   No.2144919

venga boys are back in town

  Anonymous   No.2144920

File: 1699797097828.jpg (35.42 KB, 850x530, FLY5lPUVQAA4c_U.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144921

  Anonymous   No.2144922

omg spoiler this >_O

  Anonymous   No.2144923

oooooh heem sleepy

  Anonymous   No.2144924

File: 1699798547543.png (523.1 KB, 2389x1109, 1699268908293200.png) ImgOps Google

i'd take the left

  Anonymous   No.2144925

ok ill take the one on the right its nbd to me

  Anonymous   No.2144926

left would make a better k-wife but i'm still a fan of the plastic whore look

  Anonymous   No.2144927

why cant we dispose of nuclear waste inside of active volcanos

  Anonymous   No.2144928

radioactivity would spread when the 'cano went off

  Anonymous   No.2144929

are you telling me magma wouldnt just obliterate the spent fuel?

  Anonymous   No.2144930

all im saying is
a gook is a gook

  Anonymous   No.2144931

i think nuclear waste still has potential energy so it'd just make the volcanoes erupt

  Anonymous   No.2144932

yes lava isn't hot enough to melt it completely and remove the radioactivity

  Anonymous   No.2144933

some gooks are bigger than others

  Anonymous   No.2144934

how do we make the lava hot enough to completely incinerate the nuclear waste perhaps a nuclear powerplant could generate the energy required

  Anonymous   No.2144935

how hot even is lava
like a million billion degrees or something
is it as hot as the sun

  Anonymous   No.2144936

temperature of lava varies from 1300 degrees Fahrenheit to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit

uranium oxide melting point: 5176-5248°F (2858-2898°C)

  Anonymous   No.2144937


  Anonymous   No.2144938

File: 1699799646982.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1699713154354271.png) ImgOps Google

same gonna watch it now

lava cant do it
nuclear radioactivity comes from….. the nucleus !
so you can either transmute nuclear waste in a breeder reactor or just wait
those are the two choices
any chemical or thermal reaction that you can think of will not have the energetics to reach into the nucleus and do anything

  Anonymous   No.2144939


  Anonymous   No.2144940

File: 1699799731907.jpg (317.35 KB, 750x616, 1661970677172639.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if you melt a radioactive solid (in this case, a ceramic fuel rod pellet) you have made….. a radioactive liquid

  Anonymous   No.2144941

broooooo my pussy just dried tf up 😓😮‍💨😅

  Anonymous   No.2144942

we melt stuff

  Anonymous   No.2144943

i bet i could muster the energy required if a child was in danger with that righteous adrenaline rushing through my nervous system? yeah i could do it

  Anonymous   No.2144944

sonoluminescence reaches 19,700 °C no problem

  Anonymous   No.2144945


  Anonymous   No.2144946

look but dont touch motherfucker think twice
you dont want me do a bang bang

  Anonymous   No.2144947

st louisbros
lets ride

  Anonymous   No.2144948

no slop till wednesday

  Anonymous   No.2144949

it's wendy's day

  Anonymous   No.2144950

this new marine x gura song goes impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144951

get a grip man

  Anonymous   No.2144952

  Anonymous   No.2144953


  Anonymous   No.2144954

File: 1699801304673.jpg (303.83 KB, 2628x2256, 13540a72b944060406be1eb3ae….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144955

drop a link brotherman

  Anonymous   No.2144956

  Anonymous   No.2144957

File: 1699801694876.jpg (9.01 KB, 244x184, FYs0j7XX0AAPL8Y.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144958

god DAMN this goes hard

  Anonymous   No.2144959

  Anonymous   No.2144960


  Anonymous   No.2144961

it goes so fuccin hard bro

  Anonymous   No.2144962

damn this just goes impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144963

how are there 5k people watching a random sc2 match
thats kinda crazy for a dead game

  Anonymous   No.2144964

damn this goes impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144965

konata x DJ黛冬優子 going impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144966

oh and theres 5k more watching rottis stream
sc2 bros are we back

  Anonymous   No.2144967

what does going hard mean

  Anonymous   No.2144968

just listen to it and youll get it

  Anonymous   No.2144969


  Anonymous   No.2144970

i dont think im watching a 2h vid man

  Anonymous   No.2144971

zvz? i snooze

  Anonymous   No.2144972

this is the kind of gf i deserve, one with a hobby and interests

  Anonymous   No.2144974

deserve? deserve? lol

  Anonymous   No.2144975

it'so ver

  Anonymous   No.2144976

  Anonymous   No.2144977

i deserve a nasty whore gf

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