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*steps up*
*takes responsibility*
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  Anonymous   No.2144927

why cant we dispose of nuclear waste inside of active volcanos

  Anonymous   No.2144928

radioactivity would spread when the 'cano went off

  Anonymous   No.2144929

are you telling me magma wouldnt just obliterate the spent fuel?

  Anonymous   No.2144930

all im saying is
a gook is a gook

  Anonymous   No.2144931

i think nuclear waste still has potential energy so it'd just make the volcanoes erupt

  Anonymous   No.2144932

yes lava isn't hot enough to melt it completely and remove the radioactivity

  Anonymous   No.2144933

some gooks are bigger than others

  Anonymous   No.2144934

how do we make the lava hot enough to completely incinerate the nuclear waste perhaps a nuclear powerplant could generate the energy required

  Anonymous   No.2144935

how hot even is lava
like a million billion degrees or something
is it as hot as the sun

  Anonymous   No.2144936

temperature of lava varies from 1300 degrees Fahrenheit to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit

uranium oxide melting point: 5176-5248°F (2858-2898°C)

  Anonymous   No.2144937


  Anonymous   No.2144938

File: 1699799646982.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1699713154354271.png) ImgOps Google

same gonna watch it now

lava cant do it
nuclear radioactivity comes from….. the nucleus !
so you can either transmute nuclear waste in a breeder reactor or just wait
those are the two choices
any chemical or thermal reaction that you can think of will not have the energetics to reach into the nucleus and do anything

  Anonymous   No.2144939


  Anonymous   No.2144940

File: 1699799731907.jpg (317.35 KB, 750x616, 1661970677172639.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if you melt a radioactive solid (in this case, a ceramic fuel rod pellet) you have made….. a radioactive liquid

  Anonymous   No.2144941

broooooo my pussy just dried tf up 😓😮‍💨😅

  Anonymous   No.2144942

we melt stuff

  Anonymous   No.2144943

i bet i could muster the energy required if a child was in danger with that righteous adrenaline rushing through my nervous system? yeah i could do it

  Anonymous   No.2144944

sonoluminescence reaches 19,700 °C no problem

  Anonymous   No.2144945


  Anonymous   No.2144946

look but dont touch motherfucker think twice
you dont want me do a bang bang

  Anonymous   No.2144947

st louisbros
lets ride

  Anonymous   No.2144948

no slop till wednesday

  Anonymous   No.2144949

it's wendy's day

  Anonymous   No.2144950

this new marine x gura song goes impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144951

get a grip man

  Anonymous   No.2144952

  Anonymous   No.2144953


  Anonymous   No.2144954

File: 1699801304673.jpg (303.83 KB, 2628x2256, 13540a72b944060406be1eb3ae….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144955

drop a link brotherman

  Anonymous   No.2144956

  Anonymous   No.2144957

File: 1699801694876.jpg (9.01 KB, 244x184, FYs0j7XX0AAPL8Y.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.2144958

god DAMN this goes hard

  Anonymous   No.2144959

  Anonymous   No.2144960


  Anonymous   No.2144961

it goes so fuccin hard bro

  Anonymous   No.2144962

damn this just goes impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144963

how are there 5k people watching a random sc2 match
thats kinda crazy for a dead game

  Anonymous   No.2144964

damn this goes impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144965

konata x DJ黛冬優子 going impossibly hard

  Anonymous   No.2144966

oh and theres 5k more watching rottis stream
sc2 bros are we back

  Anonymous   No.2144967

what does going hard mean

  Anonymous   No.2144968

just listen to it and youll get it

  Anonymous   No.2144969


  Anonymous   No.2144970

i dont think im watching a 2h vid man

  Anonymous   No.2144971

zvz? i snooze

  Anonymous   No.2144972

this is the kind of gf i deserve, one with a hobby and interests

  Anonymous   No.2144974

deserve? deserve? lol

  Anonymous   No.2144975

it'so ver

  Anonymous   No.2144976

  Anonymous   No.2144977

i deserve a nasty whore gf

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