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new thread
nword ball edition
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50gb emma rose collection


*adds a 12oz bag of reese cups to my cart*


crazy how cats can dominate their environment at any size


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wedsnesday addams jenna ortega cat sex



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im such a boy :3




id plap


but it wouldnt be my first choice i hasten to add


just woke up to commotion at 620 am
my neighbors cat had apparently entered my house and my cat had noticed
they were both growling and hissing at each other
i diffused it and now everyone is calm again


diffused it with a .38



that guy's 5 minutes of fame are over cant believe youre still watching him


china better really collapse this time thats all im gonna say



i had a dream where i got an iphone but i couldn't turn off the alarm and then i woke up and it was just my phone's alarm



yeah the 90% ethnically homogenous country with an average iq over 100 and a culture that promotes a strong work ethic is collapsing meanwhile the derelict multiethnic empire where the #1 dream is to be a youtuber is stronger than ever




hope xi sees that post man 🤣


File: 1695124857312.mp4 (3.7 MB, 5ck4uxlniwhb1.mp4)


Chairman of the Fed Jeremy Powell says that while Steel, Energy, Food, Medicine, and Industrial production are all declining, America's economy prospects still "look good" as the nation's #1 export Sodomy is stronger than ever.


theyre different from us




what ho!


we are getting oblivion and fallout 3 remasters… thank you based todd


has he ever been right about anything


its gonna be so embarrassing for todd when skyblivion blows his remake out of the water


hey joel did you know i can speak chinese


ugh cute


if china collapses for reals he'll have been right about it


he 'predicted' the ukraine war but i think his reasoning for it was retarded he chalked it up to russia trying to 'secure its borders by occupying strategic chokepoints in europe' because otherwise russia could just be invaded which is ridiculous reasoning in an age of nuclear weapons


not wanting nato along their biggest land border was the reason though
nukes dont suddenly change stuff like that


you guys ukraine is an essential "pivot point" on the "grand chessboard" dont you know anything about the "world island"?



crazy how all the state department controlled youtube channels are releasing videos with the exact same script in a 12 hour window
this china thing must really be happening


yeah because if ukraine was in nato thats the missing piece for the alliance to rush into russia and risk every european capital getting turned into ash


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*sighs* this is highway robbery i just wanted some breakfast



liar the mcrib isnt even being served right now

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