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its friday night
and you know what we do on friday night
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this the chicago reaper




slim dunkin


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toon didn't come home last night…


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jav code?




thats my gf actually. i didnt tell you guys about my japanese gf my dad who works at valve introduced me to


i got voicerizzed last night


baby poster rizzed up livvy?


no idea what voicerizzed means


File: 1694962535524.png (1 MB, 2162x373, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 1….png) ImgOps Google



*gets home*
*sprints to my pc*
*fires up wow*
*fires up my oshis vod*
*fires up football*
*fires up jav*
*fires up melee*


holy shit the last half of f1 today was fucking insane
what a race
probably one of the coolest races in a while


that's a lot of things to fire up


toothpicked a white chip from my mouth and im bleeding
hope it wasnt a piece of tooth


if its bleeding it wasnt a piece of tooth
maybe idk really


just woke up from the scariest aaron sorkin dream


>like aaron sorkin written dream or a dream involving aaron sorkin


im just gonna think that its a piece of bone that got stuck there a while back


cj and toby were in it and i completely blew it


who is she quoting?


aaron stroking?


hate tooth stuff


File: 1694963982266.gif (435.16 KB, 180x180, 1596581467230.gif) ImgOps Google


cj entus?


new thread plz


sigh her browser is lagging again


whats that blood doping thing cyclists were all doing
they literally just replace their blood with higher oxygenated blood or something?


hold on let me check


the thread maker has not been on the ball lately…


i dont know all the tricks but one thing is to increase your blood cell count higher than normal so you can absorb more oxygen
normally they do altitude training to make the kidneys produce a hormone that makes the bone marrow produce more blood cells
doping is taking that hormone artificially


maybe a blood transfusion will help me in the gym


yeah maybe




you can have my blood man


wonder how much excess blood you can take on before it become dangerous
i bet the japanese figured that one out during the war


bro an athlete would take their own blood then transfuse it later to themselves why risk taking some tainted blood


i member some cyclist that doped and his heart rate would get really low, he then had to have some kind of alarm to wake him up in the middle of the night when it got to some specific low threshold so he could exercise and get his heart rate up and not die


hol up hol up we dem lyngbys


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why dont people call stuff cutting edge anymore


because tf00t will just debooonk it


still no new thread SIGH


that game was epic as hell


Wordle 820 5/6*




here check this out
i made a new thread for u


good morning bros!!!


morning slut

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