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why do they call it true crime anyway


im sure it goes back to that pulp crap


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its true
its crime
so its true crime







what are we waiting for now
theres gotta be a mario mainline game coming soon right




i tadaima~ as well


*knocks your heads together*



just finished the synthetic man review of starfield. wew boy that was a rough one. todd sistas i think its already over for good this time.




that guys a chud


-everyone already bought starfield and played it
-every big streamer has been streaming starfield and will continue to do so whether they like the game or not
-the game already has gooks modded in and soon will have many many more
-once the gameplay mods really start rolling the game will keep getting better and better forever

todd won massively and all the toddsistas won big by transitive property


who tf is synthetic man
either crowbcat drops the biblical diss or todd won simple as


Xi Jinping's a Friendless Loser and It's His Own Fault


we're waiting for crowb


actually xi is epic and cool and he has countless concubines whenever he wants
plus his daughter is hot



giga chud, actually


isn't his daughter westernized?


crowb is gonna turn todd inside out


crowb still needs to make the zelda vid he has no time for todd


any starfield video less than 12 hours long is not worth watching
you have to hit 30 or 40 hours to have a chance at analyzing it



i would settle for his daughter tbh


oh no no no!



theyre cyberbullying xi?


dont worry xi i will protect you
i will defend your honor


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i feel like the vikings eagles game tomorrow night is gonna be 😪😪😪 unless the homie kirk goes goblinmode and throws for 450 yards and 6 tuddies





fresh vid from my gf


shes getting into phrenology now? based


i didnt get that joke as a kid lol


crazy how minnesota vikings are pokemon canon


i think the pokemon canon tier is
games > manga > show
but i havent heard from the loremaster because i dont speak japanese


the minnesota vikings are canon in the pokeverse and for that reason i pikachoose them as my stone cold lock of the week


never seen anyone read a pokemon manga people watched the show and played games that was it


ugh mom will never be satisfied
i dashed for an hour earlier and now shes pestering me about dashing smore


i had copy of that old pokemon manga
it made me crush on misty hard


a watamelon a day keeps the doctor away


ahh dorado i love this map


toddbros i dont feel so good…


true and factual


as much as i hate doing physical stuff knowing that my body can still handle running around and doing shit for a few hours makes me happy

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