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gamer time
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ummm that doesnt sound very bottom friendly


why does she wear the mask


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getting gangstalked again


she's a big guy


honkies are pathetic, they are completely brain broken by the ccp. anything and i mean literally anything the ccp does the honkies rabidly oppose. so they have incoherent and contradictory political beliefs.




gaymer girl


basing our moral, political, philosophical and ethical opinions around contrarianism is what makes us such a great comm




erm yeah, this is going into my cute animals being silly folder


wtf moms trying to make me take her bike up to the shop to get it fixed


what's wrong with it?
bikes are pretty simple


erm youre kinda cute


the tires
she said the front tire was messed up but then i look and the back tire has a huge tear in it


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What do people call you?


*reads thread*
toot, we need a ban on the yuroposters until we can figure out what the hell is wrong with them!


theres nothing "wrong" with them thats just how they are


what's wrong?




like a tear in the actual tire or in the tube


its getting way too hot
think ill try to flip my sleep sched so im awake when its night and cool


how about you go have your breakfast burgers and come back when youve calmed down???


you just gotta nap the hottest part of the day away


we eat sausages for breakfast, not burgers. how about you utilize that free healthcare and get that head of yours examined?


*wiggles butte*


*looks at the reply count*
are you guys out of your fucking minds


tooty booty is gonna flip


we went a little wild today what can i say ehehe :p



korone just got to plat in sf6



would let her kick my ass



you should be shot


>let her


File: 1694448282199.webm (799.46 KB, 720x720, 1652922841246.webm) ImgOps Google


first of all how do you know im not a girl



these are all fake


>women lying about being raped
a tale as old as time


Every day online, you see men complaining about how dating is so extremely difficult these days (especially when it comes to online dating apps). These thoughts are usually followed by the idea that modern dating is so much easier for women, how unfair that is, etc.

Yet the fact is that modern dating sucks for pretty much everyone these days.

I saw an accurate quote the other day that said “women gatekeep sex and men gatekeep relationships.” As many male friends I have who complain about not getting matches on dating apps, I know even more female friends who complain about guys they’re seeing “stringing them along” and not committing to anything serious. Complaining about this “Netflix and Chill” trend.

Even popular social media influencers and models (i.e. women who are fairly wealthy and who millions of people find attractive) can be found complaining online how men only like them for their bodies, or are only interested in sex, rather than serious relationships.

So maybe it’s easier these days for women to obtain casual sexual relationships than men. But serious, long-term relationships? Actual, meaningful dating? Difficult to achieve for pretty much everyone. I do think online dating apps and the paradox of choice are part of this problem.

The group that really has the easiest time when it comes to dating are rich and/or super attractive men. Because they can “gatekeep” both sex and relationships. But to be honest, rich and/or super attractive men have historically always had the easiest time in life.



wish i could find a foid that would want to netflix and chill with me


to strangle her?


im not reading all that shit


this guys really reading long ass fake reddit stories and believing them and reposting them here
why are yuros like this


awh hell


someone make a new thread ffs
why tf did i buy 64 gigs of ram if toot just makes the threads have a 1500 post limit


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