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football has begun
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hoo boy dem boyz and the gnats on sunday night football tomorrow




I took 21 loads total— 19 on my face, 1 on my tits and 1 on my feet. Sucked off at least 8 different guys, frotted and grind against a couple, helped stroke even more. One of my favorite memories was during [the host’s] first cum shot. I was sucking him and someone else off, while I was lying prostrate on my belly while someone else played with my girlcock.



yep of course its one of the goonfaggots whos obsessed with sickzii


its 5:30 pm and all ive done today is take a shower and lay in bed
why cant i just be normal and do normal people stuff


its more than 1 person and some of us arent gooners we just have eyes


the consequences will never be the same


hand sewing button holes takes so long



>kwintu: haha zii look at this girl shes like a genderbent version of you lol i bet if you started hrt youd end up looking just like her :)

what is wrong with him


aw you look pretty groovy to me baby



new helluva boss this series has been going downhill fast but im still gonna watch


this woman is not taking ageing well
i bet you could easily get some crumbs from her


is it worth watching tho


im not sure i get it


thats great gweed thats real great sweety


>I’m going to hold off on the next party until after the new COVID-19 vaccine is out and distributed. I have no idea when that will be. I think this next wave is going to be bigger than we realize and safety is my top priority. I’d rather delay parties a few months than have a spreader event.
not like this gooners…


sometimes i think i deserve a pristine japanese flower but then i unleash the most demonic fart


i mean the goon meet guys are already immuno compromised. it makes sense they'd want to play it safe


how responsible


oh no no no


i bet gweed is one of the goonfreaks


didnt we watch this last night


crazy how the only twitch clips still posted here are retarded wowshit nobody understands


>watching wowshit
lol no man we did not


i peg gweed as either turbo gooner or completely frigid with no inbetween


we play wowshit
we watch wowshit


whats not to understand about dying lol


whats not to understand retard he pulled aggro and died on hardcore


haha i get it now lol


whats not to understand???????

are you jeff, that retard who couldnt even level to 10 in 12 hours?


well that gives him more time to try to revive his failed sissy hypno hour and come up with more reasons when it doesn't work


i want a bf


dont call jeff a retard he can automate an entire farm


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come on man


br2049 joi


we like girls with frinkles here


new banana


how can you stand watching this whiny ass nigga


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toot is gonna flip


ive been throwing trash into the recycling bin


i dont understand this hes just complaining? how is this entertaining i get people are making fun of him or whatever but i still dont care


cant believe i bought diablo 4 and havent played it since i finished the main quest after a week



we told you not to do it

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