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breakfast boys
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the japs come to america next


i hate de nort


it's not like she'll be doing the work. she knows i'll do it
anyway i told her not to dare buy a new oven. i just put in an order for a new element and hopefully i'll have it working again before the end of the week



oh man thats gonna be epic


bleach is boring but the girls are hot


these lazy shoplifting skinnyfat curly haired ameridumbs do not deserve to be saved


>they take off their shoes


ahhhh look at those dumb nips XD


i am very arigatoful


filthy american gaijin


File: 1693861009623.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 260x454, 1619739423502.gif) ImgOps Google


hey its ron howards brother




americans really do be basing their whole existence of their high school sports careers


i do the same but basing it off high school video games instead (wow sc2)


thats what the tv shows and films say


americans love pretending to work hard



john turturro


we are we are nippon



hoo boy hardcore molten core!


we're watching a film kill yourself




this is just like that obama netflix movie where the chinese take over an american factory


File: 1693861623592.jpeg (763.56 KB, 2891x4096, ca0d14ea7373805c7f3d59a05….jpeg) ImgOps Google


uhh…no thanks


god i wanna suck it so bad


shes not asking


oh man this secretary @__@


time to gook up some eggs


you must be the cia agent



apparently wearing my ponytail really tight is making me go bald


just embrace it bro
slip on your ponyfest shirt too


File: 1693861787217.jpg (126.7 KB, 922x1024, 1693858294642477.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

zii is gonna FLIP


i want pekora merch it isnt fair




get a hold of yourself man


based based based


oh i do ;)


the japs are gonna wipe the floor with these stupid gaijin



come on man, spoiler that!


norm just cant catch a break


new thread or i rage




that one guy who is too retard…


new thread
new thread
>>2085851 new thread

new thread

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