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_________ and me
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why is she making a scene


oh whats that did you expect applause for your boring as fuck puppet story? do something interesting maybe


i had a dream about this


oh thats right you didnt do anything interesting in highschool and you werent unique or youd have been bullied thats right youre a popular normie that did what everyone else did and played it safe well you cant rewrite history now and pretend to be one of the cool kids you boring coward


bro you ok?


toot this guy is off his meds


let him vent


lol that femcel sure is mad she didn't have friends in high school….


oh its the i want a bf femcel?
makes sense i guess


the first one we did was the odyssey and we only had a mini dv camera so the editing left something to be desired but there were some funny youtube poop cuts




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no perfect gf


File: 1684908152797.mp4 (211.02 KB, 1642532152618.mp4)


damn i wanna facefuck her so bad


i didnt do any reports i would go up in front of the class then my mind would blank and then id start sweating and mumbling and just stare at my slides and read them


once you get over your nervousness public speaking is way easier than talking to small groups of people


awesome highschool story dude so you went up to read got nervous then read but like a spazz nice


i never got over my nervousness and i failed presentations all the way up to university




well well well would you look at the time


failed normie hours?


$3 superchat from NiggerNamedTyrone


wonder who the most unusual person here is



the holotubers


im not unusual im a 32 year old man with grey hair


tomorrow……. tier set


bro i got my 4 piece tonight!


had to throw my roast beef sandwich in the trash
the beef smelled okay but when i bit into it i gagged

i thought it was a little greyer than normal


oh buddy thats rough


i got owned by the shredded cheese earlier today


hm need to shit again i guess





blank screen


fuck you man i have zero pieces of tier across two characters


bro get me in!!!!!


hell never get you in bro


ive got a big problem with cheetos man once i start snacking i just cant stop


once you pop you just cant stop


gooey popped just now


once you sip youll never quit


im one of those guys that will only ever have sex with korean woman


its almost june!


diet plans resume in june




really weird vibes from that guy shitting on a high school blog, must be a massive nigger
hope it doesn't discourage others from sharing their life experiences here, we've all had different paths


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she was going hard and clearly had a bone to pick with the norms


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