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trouble brewing on the server
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she likes everything everywhere all at once


how long should i wait after waking up to eat if im trying to lost weight


shes got an overhead to do out of drive rush so shes fine


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fr fr


long as you can. shoot for atleast 16 hours of uninterrupted fasting before enjoying your first crumb


the 16 hours includes sleeping time to be clear


does that actually work?


are you trying to shrink the eating window?
i think the starter window is 8 hours, you just have to choose if it starts later or ends later




ive felt the benefits personally


File: 1684690600864.jpg (93.78 KB, 941x1152, 20230521_110737.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


gimmicks dont work long term you need to live a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off


whats your problem bigbro?




it isnt a gimmick its more natural to eat that way
if you have more than two meals a day youre violating the laws of nature


depends on what you have going on during the day



3 meals a day was created by big cereal


the thing is i dont really get hungry until after ive had breakfast


i love food period


the food period


we werent made to eat throughout the day one or two big meals was standard


*eats throughout the day and is fat*
big -1


how come there hasnt been like a new lsd invented since the 1960s they invented a new heroin with fentanyl
or have there been new hallucinogens they just dont have the same PR as lsd does


who told you that was it huberman


no new lsds since the 60's?
youre in one right now, kid


big acid stomps out all the competition


why would they tell us about their new lsd


thats brazy


brad pitt really do be eating constantly in every movie


the wendys has been gotten


i just ate….an apple!


when did everyone start getting fat was it the 90s


the end of the 2000s when skinny stopped being chic


anorexia was all the rage in the late 90s early 00s


1976-1980 is when the obesity epidemic began according to google


i know in the 70's everyone was thin


everyone should be big but not fat like the cool wow characters


everyone should be thin and cute like in final fantasy


thats when they started using seed oils. we figured this out when we got oilpilled


tifa has some fat titties



love tifas titties


scrubs was so funny


huge +1


im no superman



but what if you were thatd be so cool

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