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lets get outta that old thread
new thread
new beginnings
new us
its thursday
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there were gremlins in lord of the rings???


gook females are very polite


oh no no no


lotr gremlin faggot here


if a woman said that to me i would simply exact sharia upon her


how do i get to training mode/trials in the sfvi6 beta bros?


ngl dating seems wild


File: 1684514450729.gif (1.56 MB, 540x501, 1537755565419.gif) ImgOps Google


do you want to come to my room and listen to ween


only if you're gay


i mean…i listen to ween sooo….


you join an empty server and sit down at a cab
if someone sits at your cab it'll kick you out though


farting to beat the band here fellas i need to take a shit


could frasier have cured tony soprano


shrinks dont and cant cure anything they simply assign made up illnesses to people


i bet you wouldnt say that to frasiers face he would humiliate you with a pithy rejoinder and you wouldnt even understand the reference


File: 1684514965203.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.98 MB, 4000x3000, deadsonic.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



weird way to propose but yes….


like i said, a pregnant nurse is not coming off her 12 hour shift and robbing 5 black youths.
when the security guard shows up and said to reset the bike and it will fix the problem only the nig kept trying to fight that shit because it would mean he'd have to pay for a bike (which the pregnant lady had no problem with the reset because she can just rent a different bike).
in that young turks nig video with the mayor theyre talking about "if the roles were reversed", called her a pregnant thug. gave her name and her boss' name out, implied CEO and his policies were why black babies have a higher death rate.they gonna have to do some retracting and might be suable


its all so tiresome


dad made garlic bread B)


File: 1684515508002.jpg (35.14 KB, 400x306, Sonic_be7a5c_1582156.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you could have saved him man


merged into the bike karen reality


A plot: frasier accidentally lets it slip to tony that his dad is an ex-cop. frasier then finds out that a hit has been put out on a crane and thinks it's for him
B plot: niles sticks up for daphne when she's being aggressively hit on by a mobster. niles, full of bravado, implies he can have the guy disappeared to try and impress daphne. the hit is for niles
throughout the whole episode niles doesn't realise the hit is for him and has comical run ins with mobsters looking for "crane". like giving them directions to frasier's apartment and telling them where he works and what he looks like. by the end of the episode they realize the misunderstanding, tony is mad that his guys nearly whacked frasier and frasier makes niles apologize. the final line would be niles quipping "you know most of this isn't my fault. these people are supposed to be organized"


alexa can you summarize that post


im on a 7 win streaking owning everybody who approaches my cabinet


you can play ranked by pressing light punch when not at a cab


that last line could be in an actual episode


congrats on stomping scrubs lol


bro im playing jamie and the only thing i know how to do is poke and his rekka


some of them use different methods and they arent all completely (((freud/pharmaZOGGED))) and diagnosing you with shit and giving you advice that make your life worse.
some will just talk about whatever crap you want to talk about. the lady i had before this new one has heard like 20 hours of me ranting about the jews (paraphrasing goy guide to world history,culture critique,USS liberty,9-11,milchan,all the wars and border changes in israel,sacrificial killing children+so much more) i freely said nigger and faggot in front of her it was grand


nah bro you should be proud *sniggers*


why are the fighting game bros so bitchy


are these chess posts idgi


feel bad for my moms friend karen… it must suck to have that name now


File: 1684515950220.jpg (109.25 KB, 810x1080, 1584485761283.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>congrats on stomping scrubs lol


File: 1684515964640.jpg (67.32 KB, 686x614, screenplay.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

i'm well known for my screen writing abilities


you chose the wrong fucking guy to try and sell your psychobabble shit to you marked for death fool


found out that gabagool is just prosciutto aka "prosciutt" (fancy italian ham)



carm, shave your pussy



oh no it def. can be bad and fucked and psychobabbly, in fact the better and more expensive the person you see the more likely they'll do that.
most people in therapy are getting mindbrappening ZOG mind control behavioral health therapy shit or worse, just not everyone.


you're just like every other will abdicating jelly brain that's gone to therapy running defense for it because you're brainwashed
it's all the same shit there is no good therapy, you're fucked. you're so fucked and you don't even realize it


damn the spirit of cain is posting in this thread


stay awhile
and listen!


now tell me how that makes you feel



no man im saying i had a good lady once

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