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deep cuts
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death stranding and destiny 2 are the most boring video games ive ever played


death stranding is incredible and i do not say that lightly i only gave half-life 1 4 stars when it came out


*stumbles to the left*
*stumbles to the right*


where are the bing bings? the wahoos?


death stranding would've been cool if he built upon the delivery concept in a way that adds to the fun of traversing rather than taking away any freedom and decision making you had


kojima is a starfucker and he makes boring games but hes cool for following his vision and making people waste time playing his self-indulgent creations


so many shit takes about literally the most important game released in the last 40 years


forgot JW is taking a 2 week break… man…


strand-type post




death stranding


*sniffs a japanese mans asshole*
ahh yes this is the most important scent in the past 40 years


i still love kojima but that game stunk bigly


god i love bp rosé so much


aside from saint gabe the japanese gaming industry is the entire gaming industry
unless you like playing the same assassins creedlike every year and if you do that youre not in this covnersation


the gsl finals was today lol


An extreme vinegar-free blend of Bhut Jolokias, Trinidad Scorpions, Red 7-Pots, and Chocolate Habanero peppers.

Heat Level: Extreme

Ingredients: Bhut Jolokia Peppers, Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, Red 7-Pot Peppers, Chocolate Habanero Peppers, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Garlic, Sea Salt, Cumin, Lemon Juice.


bunch of immature people in this comm


talking about video games? yup


wheres the tranny protags and battle pass and fat asses?
*loses another iq point to make it an even 50*
oh good the new farcry is here


going to need the bp rose george floyd face morph


File: 1684430611216.png (388.25 KB, 650x385, 1623240303668.png) ImgOps Google


facking cringe


This is one of the very hottest commercially available products in the world. It is a 1/8 oz dropper vial of 9.6 million SHU liquid that is perfect for increasing the heat without altering the flavor. No bitter extract flavor!




get on the mc server


completely missed the point and played the game wrong you're like someone holding the tennis racket by the basket and complaining how hard it is to hit the ball with the handle


im 36 years old




File: 1684431018164.mp4 (233.99 KB, floydrose.mp4)


thats the same species according to science


File: 1684431340697.png (178.59 KB, 421x353, Screenshot 2023-05-18 1335….png) ImgOps Google


the beautiful baby those two could have had together… they could have brought unity to the entire human race


starting to think nigs might only be good at boxing because of that big ol' lipcushion and flat nose


woe unto me for expecting a game to engage me with its mechanics, sometimes known as gameplay


this poster fell over lol


deathstranding isnt a real game
it sucks


been overdoing it lately think i need to take it squeezy today


dads cooking up something and it smells good
hope he finishes it and leaves the house soon so i can devour


how many of you are posting about it sucking? i watched shitzii play the first few hours of it so i dont know what the game turns into. if its that bad i guess i wont try it out


File: 1684432000570.png (12.82 KB, 188x43, Screenshot 2023-05-18 1346….png) ImgOps Google


File: 1684432046046.jpg (945.23 KB, 3110x1404, PSX_20230518_124349.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i will… tonight




never used telegram


red alert
we have a code 162 ped alert i repeat code 162 ped alert


sigh too bad zii is not here anymore he would definitely click……


make a new thread fast so we can get away from the bad poster


bro wtf abandon thread the feds are here


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