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ganbare mr koro
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its not the big hoodie its the disproportionately humongous hood of the hoodie


knitted fabrics are for underwear or gym clothes only im not a child(tshirts are underwear)


toe bones wont heal for maybe 2-3 years because of my condition uhh this is going to suck


well, i like it…


what kind of wild condition is that bones are supposed to heal in like a month


File: 1679260564859.mp4 (465.26 KB, hey champ.mp4)


my condition
it's just diabetes lard ass


i have human immunodeficiency virus


we are superfats
we have aids


wtf why did all you retards pick kansas state




its not aids


chicken whoppers gave me hiv


why is your hoodie so big?


god i wish wowtokens were still 130k


its not hiv and in like hiv hiv
its what i call an immunodeficiency virus


thats been like 1/5 off all thoughts you have. like if they made one of those brain meme graphs for you it would have a giant wow tokens used to be 130k section


you cant be yo'ing barefoot if u have hiv thats like the first rule of yoyo


just took 30 minutes to shave


come on man stop calling it hiv


File: 1679260959719.jpg (5.24 KB, 236x83, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

bro look at the price of the wow token these diablo niggers pushed it to the moon


wth did you shave your butt hole too


finished death stranding (directs cut)
kojima really put a 2 hour long epilogue movie in it


File: 1679261087070.jpg (229.21 KB, 1164x2048, madonna.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


bro my razor can only shave like half an inch before it gets clogged with hair


wtf marquette looks like booty cheeks they need to improve


this is what you get for betting against tom izzo and sparty!


you need to tweet them or something. they need to be alerted


this guys obsessed with tweet


i dont have a twitter but i sent them an email


alert them any way you want i have no preference


airball alert


(i hope they dont realize how obsessed with twitter i really am)


we have our little obsessions


we like kojimas art


is that the cut where the girl says mario and princess beach
that was epic


marquette is finished
why are they a 2 seed they are worse than a highschool bb team



id say my bracket is done for now but that happened a while ago


theyre in my F4 -__-


maybe not everythings always about winning maybe they are just having a good time


we should all do a suicide pact thing at this point our bragets


id be down for an irl suicide pact


*yawns cutely*


*takes them off*
not now


why did she just take her pants off


i wonder if gweeds up yet


cute poster is a pedo groomer



ice climbers players are pedo groomers

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