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you know what it is about belle delphine? she looks exactly like this girl i grew up with who SMELLED and had waist length greasy hair. kept forcing me to watch hentai


holy fuck are you guys seeing this cutscene on asmons stream


you have to pay 90 dollars for the gamer edition
paying 70 dollars for the 32bit home edition is the true cuck move


if you walk around without underwear on you can feel your thighs and b*ttcheeks rub against each other and its kind of fun


fat fuck



i cant feel my buttcheeks rubbing against eachother


im not paying €90 for a vide ogame man


pay it pussy


touch your heels together and kind of walk in place


cant believe we are all going to be playing diablo4 gamer edition + battlepass together for the rest of the year and next year too
its going to be epic


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whatever you do dont try this it will turn you gay


been asked how many sets i have left three times now x_x


wait really?


kaela has been playing for an hour and she hasnt even left the first zone…


she sounds like a dumb retarded cunt


well quit hoggin the weights!


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screw diablo ill just play harry potter


why does your guy have a broads haircunt are you one of them transgeners


wish i could get hype for microtransaction-likes like diablo and genshit


yeah battle pass and premium currency for cosmetics


im gonna go outside today


i’m gonna play diablo 4 today


my phone cant even get through a 720p youtube vid without buffering anymore


name your character snape


im using favonius 1ance on lingling. i just started getting into fishing, unlocked all the baits


yea man i should do that too before all my hype wears off. that was the whole reason i rewatched the movies


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it's just like wow…..


its four now….


in this ww1 book im doing they were just talking about women in russia spending 40ish hours a week waiting in lines to buy food


this is like that but worse


holy fuck!



take me to snurch


evolution is fanfiction


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toot this guys talking shit about evolution


toot isn't thomas huxley


spicy melt
large fry
arny palmy


dem owls up by seven
professor x is in trouble









was just thinking about the arnold palmer.
the dankest fancy homemade versions of both ingredients: lemonade and sweet tea have so much sugar in them you dont want to watch it being made.
arnold combined those 2 beverages… a homemade palmer would make a great mixer, its p much flavored simple syrup


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can i get some fries bro


we;re stranded



i want a bf



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