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growth and self improvement thead
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you guys are joking right
we love horse fucking manga here


did you already review the prior films? what were the scores?


im watching the big lebowski


it's called slice of life and it's a genre we treasure


like what ever enjoy your weird pervert mangas but dont act proud about it


ive been known to enjoy some dirty pervert comics now and again


this is important for the mansion (farm)


anyone wanna watch a 3hr b/w movie from 1946


what movie



File: 1678935712580.jpeg (3.06 MB, 4032x3024, 2A708F27-DC94-4BC6-9D63-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google


nice that chart rocks


175bpm thats that retard music


we watched this in high school


rock da house rock rock da house


you watched a 3hr movie in high school?
that would have taken like a weeks worth of class periods


had a nightmare where i was driving in europe but i kept driving on the wrong side of the road


wow fantano is still making vids


that harold russell guy in this was a family friend i saw during holidays and superbowls when i was young. he was this old dude with hooks for hands and he scared me and i barely remember him. i guess it was a big scandal because he sold his oscar


owned those thespian faggots


he was friends with uncle gerry


this is crazy


spent 2 hours doing vault of the incarnates and the trinket didnt drop



is that a no on watching the movie then



a classic


wypipo from the 1920 be like ooh this new negro jive is so swell


dont think ill be able to stay awake thru a 3 hr movie this late sry bro


the teacher skipped to all the important parts.


you didnt really watch the movie then


crazy how horses and donkeys can breed and make mules
thats just crazy


crazy how tigers and lions can mate and make ligers


thats crazy


in many ways i am like a liger


crazy that my body is covered in bacteria


heard a rumor that the steam spring sale starts tomorrow


theres a new steam sale every month it feels like and its always the same shit


i can tell this one is gonna be different (its not)


imagine if they only put the games no one is buying on sale for a lot
and the games people are already buying on sale for barely anything


if its cheap enough ill buy it no matter what it is



i dont think you can call it abuse when its a younger family member doing it to an older family member. isn't that just the bill coming due?


if i put you into a meat grinder


remember that video of the guy meat grinding his penis?




surprised you havent seen it


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ugh shes perfect


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hes just like me

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