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its fucking friday and you know what that means!


ok yeah its night time and its friday but its not actually friday night yet


should we start this one off with a little porn?


bro, it's already 4pm in tokyo!



dreams of drift racing anime and japanese school age girlfriends that was me


stouty, hubsaiya, tobiasfate, cloudy, the list goes on


idk who they are


immaterial they embody a spirit


hows the death note manga compare to the anime ive hardly seen anyone talk about the manga


this op is grossly premature
i want a new thread


i like it


was in the garage washing the ice cube trays and dad went and took out the trash and then came in the garage and touched them trying to get to something in the cabinet where i put the clean ones to dry off


i want a bf


you sound like a massive pussy man


dont be a germophobe man that aint attractive


wjsn yeoreum


theres a helicopter thats been circling around for 30 minutes now. imagine being a normie trying to sleep and getting woken up by that


europe was fun but i cant wait to get back to americ uh


im a bit of a germaphobe as well but i temper it in public because I know it's weird


im a jermaphobe i cant stand that fucker


what if a cute girl wanted to hold your hand
what if she wanted to cough in your mouth


how did you get there


ive been watching jermas stream hes not funny at all hes just responding to chat messages every two minutes



i guess id let her but i dont want to date her


you know germs are actually healthy and you can be too clean right? relax and get a little dirt on you kid


File: 1676619958995.gif (23.16 KB, 650x415, 1529800519649.gif) ImgOps Google


hmmm i shouldnt be relaxing i have things to do


dont vote goy we spend billions on political lobbying j-j-just for fun! voting doesnt do anything goy! yeah dont exercise your civic power its all rigged just stay home and play games online!


yeah just vote for the candidate thats immune to lobbying duh


ron paul?


ron paul hasnt run for president since like 2012


donald trump then


pretty sure a mouse or rat or something just ran through my room


File: 1676620690134.jpg (373.94 KB, 744x1392, miku190.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

looks like meat is back on the menu boys!
*makes an uruk-hai sound*


File: 1676620815675.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.57 KB, 758x524, FlsooxFaMAIxyGB.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


dont click uncensored vaginal penetration


when is it gonna be my turn to experience uncensored vaginal penetrative sex


File: 1676621412872.png (1.6 MB, 975x1075, 1527058885778.png) ImgOps Google


vaginal penetration doesnt turn me on


File: 1676622038325.jpg (103.19 KB, 959x1009, 1668786831755957.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


not gay either


vaginal penetration is the way God intended us to penetrate one another


File: 1676622857808.jpg (200.02 KB, 761x421, 1523389433431.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



how did the silly spiderweb font become the default for metal bands


the valheim campfire sfx intro was cute but it's just downhill from there as track one demonstrates all too readily the inexperience of the drummer piteously so, as it is a drum-centric track with common place stock melodies to finish it out

track 2 started with more amateur drumming and that's where i stopped it a light 2.5 if it's their first album a worrying 2 if theyve put music out before this


File: 1676623274765.gif (1.16 MB, 426x498, 1676362062272605.gif) ImgOps Google


no neverar i dont want to listen to depressive black metal i just want to relax with some kirby 64 ost


and that's on a scale of 10


maybe ill dagoth-urmaxx he seems to have it all figured out


uhhh its called depression sweetie


only pussies get depressed


its not how hard you hit its how hard you can get hit


hmm lets see i woke up 15 hours ago so il probably be up for another few hours


File: 1676626206403.png (21.78 KB, 610x218, 1528578170875.png) ImgOps Google



almost got stranded..


am i stranded


yes its just you and me boy~


im giving you a nightcall…


what is that


can’t wait to start drinking in 6 hours


a booty call


its 21 1/2 hours for me


moms dont understand what makes fumos special


moms are right for once


the great taste kids love with the nutrition moms prefer


mom 600$ is a steal for this cirno deka fumo


whats a fumos again?


its like a funko but gayer



france london france france paris dubai france london france
FINALLY one of my instagram gooks goes to italy


File: 1676630103261.jpg (138.78 KB, 1920x1031, Zlp3e5azTnjOVddhV6FJ_BOaK_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


if she went to dubai she ate feces and had sex with animals for hundreds of thousands of dollars btw


fumos are cool but i really cant reasonably justify spending $100-200 on a little doll


i heard they just shit ontop of them they didnt have to consume the feces


is it really worth $100k to demean and humiliate an attractive girl


if youre an oil prince


if you are a shitskin yes because it plays into the fantasy that monetary power is a substitute for racial power
us more or less aryans cant understand that thinking but its why they do it


insane how it wasnt long ago when fucking underage girls was seen as one of the expected and attractive perks of being a rock star


wtf is she doing to that fumo



why would you post this


for the thumbnail


dont engage


File: 1676631570740.jpg (127.85 KB, 371x720, 1572497585862-0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*eats shit for 20k*
its a living





this is how every holoshitter looks like


My First Time Reaction to Gawr Gura x Hakos Baelz Sweet Appetite and THIS BROKE ME! Gura and Bae on a song together was to much cute to handle! From the dancing to the vocals this was something else! I couldn't stop smiling!


steam account got flagged for making civ6 mods that changed the models of all the white leaders into alberto barbosa



im only fit for middle iq women 90-100 no more no less



no womans iq exceeds 100


ugh cute


why is she spazzing out


why is he spazzing out


there's an asian girl that acts just like her with the weird extra mannerisms and fake laughing always sounding like shes about to cry and whisper-shouting everything

shes on prescription drugs for sure its terrible


repulsed by that twitch link
serves me right for clicking i guess
alot of people in here that are either gay or might as well be


File: 1676632273634.png (422.6 KB, 724x500, 1525273481372.png) ImgOps Google




do you like him…


you are a homosexual man


for me? it has to be gooks



got like 4 bottles of vod left so i can skip going to the store tomorrow


theyre dumb and have no taste


reported for self harm


File: 1676632652892.jpg (114.88 KB, 1283x1209, Fcotn0PWYAIvM4k.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im dumb and have no taste


its okay me too


i only play world of warcraft


i should become a bloons gamer


File: 1676632883029.jpg (289.14 KB, 2000x2000, FmYul5nXkAEHzwU.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



whats ur favorite monkee? mines dartling gunner


oh yeah whats so good about that monkey




wish the jabbering of japanese cartoon girls satisfied me like it does that one poster


dont be jealous of the mentally handicapped man


the monkey is not good i just like him


holos on one screen linus on the other


linus normtips



File: 1676633428602.jpg (110.89 KB, 1024x1024, 1652816035670.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


t - 30 minutes


(members only)


i like my mining space monkeys im getting ready to drop a huge 90% discount token and level up the 30th planet twice


accidentally stayed up all night and played homm3 for 13 hours


File: 1676633608455.jpg (41.89 KB, 441x501, 429190c5a9ec630da237e8b1f9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


when are we doing multiplayer bro




File: 1676633916842.png (241.12 KB, 2117x911, chrome_bBiwpovqJ7.png) ImgOps Google

ugh so many holos going live but im going ot bed


might buy teraria


hoooo boy if jinnytitty ever decide to come to brasil i wont be able to contain my self


the greatest piracy site got taken down by a single zoomers tiktok video


>live and all less than 100k viewers


we have huehuehue here?


File: 1676634252371.jpg (8.32 KB, 479x105, images (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



grow up poster is a huehueuehuehtard oh no no no no


File: 1676634322523.png (313.17 KB, 2107x1249, chrome_SBVPrl3oP6.png) ImgOps Google



grow up


shitskins really are very simian like if you observe them


those numbers are actually impressive because its real people watching and 0 view bots


grow up


niji and holo are basically the same shit for me
both are for manchildren


im not a manchild im a 31 year old man with grey hair


black jack


what happened? what site


File: 1676634595895.png (584.58 KB, 1614x1259, 1670527175461.png) ImgOps Google


dads started saying oy vey



i cant believe noone has saved seinfeld mp3…


only pic i ever have for here is the shocked/surprised chihuahua everything else is a big darksydephil folder thats like 8gb now


i wish i could get some gummies that tasted as good as they gummy vitamins i got


File: 1676634794384.jpg (52.89 KB, 500x720, 1657744104038.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


theres no way amlitzer is only 31 he has way more gray hair then me and im 47


not a grey hair on me head and im a fuckin geezer getcha heads checked lads and spray some shite on em fuckin 'ell


gonna be bald long before im grey 😎


what a nigger


i wanna skip grey and go straight to white because white hair is cool


no gray hair in sight
still not balding
irl everyone thinks i'm 25 max


shut your twink ass up sickzii


why dont you shut it for me big boy :)


its time


File: 1676635325956.gif (2.1 MB, 480x634, 1675982747204665.gif) ImgOps Google


why does that genshit remind me of that pony dating sim


im 47 she says…..


an older man…


its gleep


we all kinda know eachother huh


ehehe :p


lets see il have to cook some eggs and potatoes later today


who asked


File: 1676635776418.jpg (89.62 KB, 768x501, 1656348084542.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


7am guess its time for the neet gamer to get some rest!


bored kinda wanna post a quick porn pic in the comm


then post some hot ada pics from resident evil


i dont have video game porn lol im not a freak




bf that lols at your posts


alright maybe just a wee porno picture…


File: 1676636278823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.37 KB, 900x1200, FpAODyXaUAAT408.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fuckin gross


what is your fucking problem man


i thought you guys were into it my bad


toot bad this guy from uploading anything for a month


dont even need to im keeping my porn to myself from now on


im taking my ball and going home as it were


bro this isnt even porn its a torture


dont pretend like you wouldnt like it


im all kooky


File: 1676636851542.jpeg (336.77 KB, 1200x1200, 9542CD6B-5FF5-4D99-A735-D….jpeg) ImgOps Google


its just a buttplug


this post isnt true


well its not a meat hook


it might be


there would be blood the tip is a soft dildo plug






it isnt soft stop fucking with me on purpose


how many of you freaked out because you thought it was a meat hook 😂


its a stainless steel sphere


bruh yer a tard


*wags finger at you* ohhh hee hee hee hee


*bites your finger*


*puts a soft meathook in your ass*


do you freaks even watch porn? this vanillafag thinks his butthook is blowing our minds but we know exactly what it is


*hangs upside down from a butthook*
its no big deal really


one of you clutched your pearls dont shoot the messenger here captain bdsm


never seen that in my life and never plan to again


might get into bdsm now


File: 1676638493607.jpg (50.32 KB, 600x600, let it rip.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*clutches your pearls*


File: 1676638567013.jpg (175.11 KB, 677x594, hearthstone-kltwa-naxxrama….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*grabs you with a butthook*


*pulls a series of pearls out of my ass*


*licks it*


File: 1676638682974.jpg (84.8 KB, 800x800, Anal Hook Stainless Steel ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yo this be that thing


whats its legal name surely its not ass meathook


Anal Hook Stainless Steel Sex Toys for Man Metal Butt Hook Dilator Prostate Massager Chastity Device Anal BDSM


its called anal hook


anal hookah


what about captain hook but he really wants to put that thing up peter pans ass


looks cool tbh


a bit chuffed tbh it would appear my porn image was a bit of a hit in the comm


how about i hit you in the face you perverted lecher




File: 1676639571940.jpg (21.25 KB, 600x600, 1676636041427619[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



damn this patch is stacked


finished work time to ladder!!


someone glued me to the bed again




File: 1676645738880.mp4 (489.7 KB, 984765.mp4)


im getting too horned up by whk to ladder


shes doing the extra closeup gook shit today how can any straight man not get horned tf up


fuck shes so hot


her face is kind of weird


lotta nipslips and panty shots in this stream
gonna download it from simpcity asap


shes gook


0 nipslips so far but ok


maybe you should look at her big brown areolas instead of reading the thread


wish i could slip my dick in between her huge fake gook tits and come all over her face if you know what i mean


like literally? what are you talking about here?


maybe a more safe website like reddit is more your speed you prude little baby


stfu gooner




goodness how delicious
eatin goober peas


peas peas peas peas eatin goober peas


holy shit today aaron starts the trilogy


actually the plan changed and now were watching hp


File: 1676651524850.png (360.43 KB, 600x420, 1352147483779.png) ImgOps Google

Almost got hit by a lady in an f150 turning right out of her neighborhood while walking
I'd have a broken leg if it wasn't for my gamer reaction time


too bad


its always the lady drivers…


That was me


if you had broken your leg that wouldve been a huge lawsuit you couldve been set for life


wtf i literally manifested this into reality with my mind


there was a gay guy with downsyndrome on the phone having a lover's quarrel with his bf
maybe the funniest thing i've ever witnessed. i think it's all downhill from here


record it


be nice to pando…


it was like 30 minutes ago on the bus
the guy was arguing that they didn't have enough money for the concert tickets they wanted but his bf bought them anyway
he was complaining about how "he has bills to pay" and stuff like that but i know for a fact they get social security
he kept calling him pet names while arguing and he had this sick strat of finishing a complete sentence, waiting for his bf to start talking, then shouting "let me finish"


even retards are loved


what concert?
if it was a charli concert i totally support the other guy in the argument


we have bills to pay bro


i got a 2nd xingqiu! i have a c1!


so whats the deal with leos character in shutter island is he really a patient or are they just fucking with him


thats the big question


nice thats a huge con


ok but charli is literally mother


well i want to know the answer


gay retards are cooler than me…


*glorps pea soup*


starting to notice that guy


it's a documentary



the noooticer


they call me moletrap




*turns to page 394*




come on man all over my datda book??


this is nuts


*pops my carnation pink penis head into your mouth so you can suck on it like a gay baby*


File: 1676657306356.webm (2.99 MB, 720x900, 1676560952978596.webm) ImgOps Google



harry potter and the human condition part I


harry potter and the bitch ass niggas




i want a bf


im seriously in love with dakota johnson


File: 1676657981473.jpg (342.39 KB, 1364x1793, 1671619391287422.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


isnt it super easy to get a bf


i just posted my steam and within a week this guy was sending me dpicks and calling me his husband lol


thats gotta be toon


can we do the dub today? im wiped out


harry potter already is in english dude your gonna be fine


i prefer the american dub


hoo boy the fight is about to happen


im having trouble with some weird genshin quests that have stupid similar mechanics like clearing blight and having charges to hit shit


the dub she says


Noted for its length, The Human Condition runs at nine hours, and thirty-nine minutes (579 minutes) and would be the longest film in Kobayashi's career.

yo aaron
we cant watch it in 3 parts the directors vision is to watch it in one part
lets not fuck this up


I have experienced many films this year that have greatly enriched my life for having witnessed them; Mizoguchi, Bergman, Bertolucci, Teshigahara and Tarkovsky have all touched me more than most film-makers with masterfully significant works, but one auteur in particular has staked his flag at the pinnacle. After the delirious master-class of Harakiri, the elegance of Samurai Rebellion and startling Kwaidan, Masaki Kobayashi has crushed my soul and moved me to tears with his greatest achievement - 'The Human Condition', and while I am only one third through a 10 hour epic journey, I am already willing to claim this as the greatest film I have ever seen.

ayo aaron i cant watch a 10 hour subtitled pre-1960 nip film my mind is mush


yo aaron suck my girlpip


lmao imagine watching a movie on a friday night, get a life losers


which one?


File: 1676659329965.jpg (81.5 KB, 848x480, 1352147483995.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

um actually it'll be afternoon for me so


thats why we are not watching a movie, we are watching a masterpiece of cinema


who asked


i asked
i care


were watching harry potter


im already tipsy ill be blasted for the movie :/


bro.. your gains…


i'm doing all 3 parts over the weekend
part 1 tonight
part 2 on saturday
and part 3 on sunday


when i see the word auteur i read it as some master autist


File: 1676659548285.jpg (19.72 KB, 243x241, HOOSKIIIP.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

naw naw naw




File: 1676659657854.png (222.51 KB, 640x640, 1362207160483.png) ImgOps Google

10 hrs in 3 movies is so long stil…..
ill try my best


nipponbrethren what do the words pointing at her boobs say?


its crazy how much stronger than her i am just 4 months after i started working out





same but it took me like a year to get to where she is wagmi


i should do something fun tonight ..


im fun…..


about to 1v1 my toilet


we got this shit brother
we are gonna be so fucking fit


a year after being born


5:00 groot spotted



File: 1676660257815.jpg (94.29 KB, 736x981, 1633455783664.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

kim lip


those lubu raises are beating me up tho fr


Lü Bu (pronunciation (help·info); died 7 February 199),[a] courtesy name Fengxian, was a Chinese military general, politician, and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of Imperial China. Originally a subordinate of a minor warlord Ding Yuan, he betrayed and murdered Ding Yuan and defected to Dong Zhuo, the warlord who controlled the Han central government in the early 190s. In 192, he turned against Dong Zhuo and killed him after being instigated by Wang Yun and Shisun Rui, but was later defeated and driven away by Dong Zhuo's followers.


so cool. genshin has made me realize how china has the true culture


i know him from dynasty warriors


tl note: cappu means cup


straightbros its our time


when are they gonna put xi into genshin impact



we love her




we respect the pronouns of hot trannies kid




kbros did we kjack to this vid yet


why arent all these healthy looking young ladies married


bfs are hard to come by these days


bocchi s2 will never live up to the hype


so what are hype beasts


got those 2 genshin codes for 100primogems


File: 1676662633858.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, mancer.png) ImgOps Google

more undead business


File: 1676662641925.jpg (95.81 KB, 1283x1274, FdAO3ViX0AIZRjK.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


undead are fun as hell you gotta do the stuff so you raise a bunch of skeletons when you kill mobs


theres three tho


look at mr beast over here >>1909627


i started with cloak of the undead king this is gonna be crazy


*inserts anal hook*


holy shit the cloak of undead kinlmao shut the fuck up nerd


lol +1


holy fuck!


ugh i tried to put my csgo knife up for sale but steam holds it for 15 days unless i get a mobile authenticator


authenticate your account chud


lately ive just been mushing to yt and ig shorts
i just gave up
its over for me


i rec microsofts authenticator


im gonna have to
how can i keep up with the market if i have to post 15 days in advance


bro i shortmush for 2-3 hours every day in bed after waking up


true i should just read the manga


toks > shorts


how do you get csgo knives


you need to take up blacksmithing and specialize in weaponcrafting


i used to open crates in tf2 and csgo when i was a dumb kid but i actually got insanely lucky
in tf2 i opened some super rare special hat right when it was new, it was probably worth hundreds of dollars but i got scammed cuz i was like 15 and dumb
in csgo i opened an awp asiimov when they were all the rage and i sold it and bought a bunch of other guns and a knife, i sort of glanced through my inventory and all my csgo stuff combined is worth like $600


casually asked dad if he wants to watch a movie and he said sure
hooo boy he has no idea what hes in for



we love bunny we love bunny


in my head ive been saying bun yayu


(ive actually been reading it as bunyanya)


wonder what kind of twitch egirl the peanut gallery will force next


oh no no no this team completely beefed the last pull in their temple of the jade serpent in mdi!


im only forcing bunny because shes actually hot while all the other whores that get forced here are nasty



no way this tops underground


File: 1676666150514.png (65.08 KB, 997x288, n.png) ImgOps Google

hate niggers


grow up




underground was mid


i want to compete in this competition but i dont have an n64 to play on


oh gosh youre like a pro gamer >_<


big into gooks
like im talking big time


you are small time



yuh huh


File: 1676667397889.jpg (89.9 KB, 612x765, 1657899580128.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Dice rollRolled 8

odds nah-ah evens yuh huh


which ones 8


woke up at 4 in the afternoon time to hop on wow


bro you woke up just in time for moobie


im going nuts


finally going to shave my neetbeard


is it just me or is it getting crazier out there


File: 1676667796068.png (451.33 KB, 530x522, 1667336698567671.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1676667955737.png (185.96 KB, 276x414, 1.png) ImgOps Google

The Human Condition I: No Greater Love
Directed by Masaki Kobayashi

During the Second World War, Japanese conscientious objector Kaji works as a supervisor in a Manchurian prison camp. He hopes to avoid duty as a soldier, but he also hopes to be helpful to the welfare of his prisoners. But an escape attempt by Chinese prisoners results in Kaji’s arrest for collusion. He faces the possibility of transferral to combat–or worse.


starting in 5


started the movie earlier than you guys damn this is tough movie…


pause NOW


starting now


hold on imma get an apple


i'm pretty much kaji


*plops down with my snacks*


got apple


im literally nakadai actually


if you guys saw me irl youd go "whoa that guys literally nakadai"


*me asking you to be my second*
whoah he's literally nakadai


my mushbrain is making me lean back and spin in my chair already like that kid from the adhd video


wait youre watching a movie?


supervisor check reports


no no no maam i wasnt chattering


good morning bros!!!




smoking is so cool…


word but we quit…


weve been vaping for years


we never smoked and we never will
it's disgusting


i should start smoking
im old enough….


im too straight to vape


vape is for the gay trannies


i bet theres michiko out there looking for me


Michiko is a member of the Imperial House of Japan who served as the Empress consort of Japan as the wife of Akihito, the 125th Emperor of Japan reigning …


its 78 degrees in the house im turning on the ac


its febrary


i went jogging 3 times this week for 7km
went climbing once
tomorrow i'll go swimming in the pool


so.. you are doing cardio and expect to have a summer bod? uhhhhhh???


this upstart is going to tell us how to run our labor camps?




he's read marx, he's ready for this


dont like this kaji guy one bit
he comes in and immediately tries to change things
a true fool


thats great hun
cardio is the most important thing you can do for your health


thanks bud


he wants to turn the ore mines into a female tech job instagram post


trimmed all my ingrown nails
*nibbles on them*


just give the labourers phones with shortmush and you will have your mindless cattle in no time


this kaji kids a real pansy


*beats you to death with a copy of kapital*


w-we had death trains too!


dark souls zombie esque


damn japs


whats the deal behind not being able to eat after starving


lets let all 600 pows out at the same time


well you see


yo did they really have to kill the dog wtf




noooo not the 20 perceterino


omg shes back


nasty whore


are…..are japs the baddies?


File: 1676671039156.jpg (207.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230217-154417….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

just witnessed a squirrel get ganked 😭


always have been


home from work
its friday
which means tonight is friday night
and you KNOW what we do on friday nights!!!!


holy crap nice pic


hope we get a blog update tonight…




friday night? we screen works of auteurship





theres a huge star war game sale on steam
might snag the lego collection


friday night funkin'


be warned, this part is purely fictional


god i want to asobi with some hot stinks


time to hop on wow bro!


chink pows get more pussy than me


theres six hundred dudes in that camp


File: 1676671564178.mp4 (3.73 MB, 20230217_153513_1.mp4)

it's over -_-



stealing this and posting it on reddit
thanks for the karma


we are just like that falcon


wonder if that guys dad is liking this part


tard laughing imagining the amount of modern men that would do hard labour just for a gang bang


these fucking pigs really went "hooo women" immediately after their fellow prisoner was murdered
honestly they all deserve to be treated like cattle


war is based


um sex work is real work sweaty


back when men were high test they would go "hooo women"


the same misfortune of being captured by the fucking japs


this guy is like al pacino in heat


ah yes michiko is the one fighting the battle
dumb fucking bitch


women will never understand war


women will never understand reality


i would have given her attention and respect


File: 1676672108832.jpg (47.37 KB, 330x400, heraclitus_of_ephesus.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


women are dumb as hell


trans women arent women


wonder what actual reality is like




imagine being gay in a camp with 600 other men


like summer camp?


falcochad on top samusbaby on bottom




okaeri~ ^__________^


im just sick and tired of nobody treating me with any niceness or respect


uhh? shut the fuck up?




File: 1676672773231.webm (2.91 MB, 576x800, 1622820767301.webm) ImgOps Google


kaji got a bit steamed


hooo man oh boy oh man :3


aaron can i get a 4 hour goonbreak?




there's an intermission pretty soon. you can goon during that


scheming chinese concubine gf…


dumbass michiko you fucking retard




women can never be real socialists


did japan not have any producers to slap some sense into the director and tell him nobody wants to watch a 10hr cut of his movie


the only thing this movie is missing so far is showing tits


i like how unhinged kaji is becoming


cant wait to start drinking in 8 hours


weve been drinking for 7 hours man


do a barrel roll


wtf is with this moms lust for white flour


its 6 in the afternoon


kajis a retard




5 minute piss break


aaron skips through the intermission… i wanted to experience the film


my pee smells like pate


mild mannered pate


wiki says japs did full 10h cinema showings back in the day and nakadai would regularly attend them
and yet here we are, watching it like massive fucking pussies
spread over 3 days with skipped intermissions and pissy breaks
yeah im thinking we are not experiencing directors true vision


all war is based


im pretty sure sun tzu was the first to say that


they must have allowed for pee breaks


starting again


michiko is gonna be kajis downfall


how fucking dumb is this foid


dont you get it her whole life is living holed up in that tiny house in the middle of nowhere unable to make friends with anyone shes in prison like everyone else there


where are we in?


i like this new kaji



paste fucking okishima


File: 1676675861989.jpg (61.12 KB, 703x799, sun tzu.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1676675940709.gif (435.16 KB, 180x180, 1596581467230.gif) ImgOps Google


*yawns cutely*


*yawns and stretches and puts my arm behind your back*


im proud of myself for watching thing one. its my first old asian movie with aaronofsky


its not like his usual old asian films
its missing tits its missing rape and its missing kakoii (cool) samurai action


sun tzu was very wise


*recoils in shock when i feel it because im scared of human contact*


the rape is implied in this movie
you've gotta imagine it yourself


i like these ones that shed light on why the asians all hate eachother


*pins you down and licks your face*




shaved my beard and the back of my head and then ran my clippers over my eyebrows


i was pondering if this movie would've been #sicker if it was made in 1980+ when you could really show the horribleness of the rape of donking etc. onscreen. it couldve been 1 90 minute movie maybe


good job man


uh oh drinking
this wont end well


old man really took a judo throw


why tf dont they put more men into this power station
itd be such a simple fix to stop everyone from escaping


it feels like there were only a couple of decades in which you could make cinema outright trashing imperial japan
i don't think this would've done as well in the 80's


they're losing the war and low on man power at this point


that was another question i had. japs dont like acknowledging this shit i thought, these mustve been flag burning commie movies and the 1959 nip tucker mustve hated it


they call me… the nip tucker


god i wish this stinker was my gf


they weren't even giving conscripts bullet near the end of the war, and sending them out to fight
pretty much everyone that survived was pissed off at the emperor


japs were fucked in their heads


thats the best way to fight a war


these guys got owned lol




why did they all jump on the fence at the same time
why wait for the first one to see if he gets fried and then you can live


think what il do is just scramble a bunch of eggs and mix it together with some beans



who is this beanmerger?


kaji is the real victim here
for being born japanese


kaji's just like me… a victim of his own existence


ah yes hot soup


*feeds you my scalp pus*


alright! hot soup is in my eyes!


some day you will find me
lost within the wow hole


File: 1676677991623.jpg (45.69 KB, 281x392, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


as a big soup enjoyer,


hows that gnome warlock bro????


File: 1676678060023.jpg (41.89 KB, 441x501, 429190c5a9ec630da237e8b1f9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



so i see your running gnome


guitarbro if youre here gymenenopedies #1 isnt that bad to play if you wanted a thing to learn


thats a deptrigger though be careful


come on kaji that was obviously a break they deserve to die


ugh hate army men


its war army men are supposed to murder people in war


gnomes are the coolest race


all these dumb chinks deserve to die fuck em


File: 1676678356114.jpg (219.15 KB, 731x1024, 1352147484517.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i loveee playing a gnome but you can't play gnome healer in classic so i play warrior


now its turning into paths of glory


most of this movie could've been filmed at these big sand pits near me the place breaks down rocks into gravel and sand for constructionfags



ugh youd be a gnome warrior and id be a dwarf paladin ugh we would own


what the fuck
why would they not trust him
they literally ran everyone saw them running
fuck em
fucking shits


yeah no fuck this dumbass nip


this is literally nigger tier shit when they resist arrest and then get fucked up by cops
if the dumb chinkmen just did their work there would be no problem


i'd settle for a chinese whore gf


malingering?? in MY work camp?!


sicko mode






this is basically like those isis execution vids


allahu akbar




lol this fucking chink


how's the moobie


kill them all i say


*just finished the mobie*
what a movie
im shook


damn this game looks sick


did dad like it?


hey no spoilers


we played dead space more than a decade ago you zoomer


yeah man it was sick were hyped for pt2 tomorrow
i had to explain who nakadai was


show him ran
ran is a total dad movie. he'll love it for sure


when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle


hope we get to see that stinker whore kys herself now


good men love unpitied sacrifice in contemptible struggle


ran was so baste




havent seen that
i just might




it's a nakadai/kurosawa link up with some insane sets and insane horse riding stunts


hoo boy
*adds it to the list*


did that guy not even rape her wtf


i think theyre building up to it


lmfaooooo rape so funny
shut the fuck up


its not funny its hot
it makes my dick hard


love shit like this


bf that…


thanks for the late reply!


oh boy lumps of rice and seaweed my favorite


if a japanese girl gave me sushi i'd give up veganism on the spot


are u on the bottom friendly diet?


michiko is literally me


this army dude is literally toss


oh no no no no


oh no :/




wang and 30 others got murdered huh theres no way theyd just let them escape


*downloads the latest 11gb whk vod*


so tragic that he was born japanese


based me


part 2 is where it really gets going if i recall


that was a movie huh
tomorrow cant come soon enough
i could easily watch 6 more hours of this


thankye aaron


those japanese devils will pay for what they did


bet itll go real apocalypse now in pt 2


holy shit theyre adding heavy weapons guy to fortnite


ate some eggs and took a shower its time to game



did he see the peko pissing time png


File: 1676681407408.png (1.42 MB, 771x955, 1676680845347429.png) ImgOps Google


i hope high waisted pants go and stay gone


why they are more comfortable and you dont need to wear a belt


File: 1676681514085.jpg (10.88 KB, 211x134, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

so what am i supposed to do now the only upgrades i can get are from the vault and the last 4 bosses in the mythic raid


youre supposed to get a job


i like wearing belts first of all a belt buckle is just bonus decoration


no we have systems in place to avoid that


Angela was extremely bubbly with me. I was actually glad she was a little more interested in talking to her fans because I got to share with her how much I love her gooning content and how it got me to meet other strokers. I even let her know I was going to meet with other strokers that very night at the meet. Not getting into specifics but she was curious and I told her that there would just be a lot of stroking and that I was sure a lot of her clips would make appearances. She even asked which goon scene was my favorite. To which I got to answer the scene where she’s jerking off all the gooners in the chairs watching her videos in a room one by one.

And in that moment, recalling how good she looked all covered in cum. I was swooning and getting a little too nervous to keep the conversation going, Also feeling bad about the line, I asked for our photo.

love these tards so much


File: 1676681676256.jpg (97.84 KB, 1577x1224, 3412343234.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

damn shes just like you smart guys


in in in



why did belle delphine go away? why is she still wearing braces after all these years? why is she back?


really? you love them? seriously?


come on man


i love you


i like jacking off hands free into ziplock bags its my prefered way to cum i dont like the mess of cumming on myself and blocking my load with a paper towel doesnt feel as good


how can you read that and feel anything but disgust
youre seriously fucked in the head man you have real life mental problems


tucker time


we have real life mental problems here its nbd


no matter how much hate you have in your heart i stil have ove for you my child


maybe but im wearing a sweater rn and for the time being it looks like i dont have mental illness


KnuckleMania 3 | Free Prelims


she doesnt know about the mental illness sweater >_>


bro im 416 with a 398 cloak!


gura time


i still have 3 sparks i dont want to spend 30k gold for a 3 item level upgrade


'member when we used to watch that bird cam after mlg?




i wonder if eagles taste like turkey and chicken


the decorah eaglets


they eat a lot of fish so i bet they taste fishy


cows eat grass and they dont taste grassy


thats not how that works


wild turkeys are supposed to taste more like dark meat and are obviously way leaner than the perdue hormonebirds


File: 1676682413198.jpg (47.89 KB, 496x545, 74eaad78ade6ca3d2e13f1fa82….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>they eat a lot of fish



how do you know what grassy tastes like do you eat grass or something
i bet grass tastes like beef how about that



he held up like a champ ngl
40 days is massive commitment


i still havent clicked that link


it doesnt cost that much anymore, you can get 418s crafted with the super cheap rank 2 mats and theres so many crafters now that you dont even have to pay for it if you dont want to


i ate grass as a kid cows dont taste grassy


kids used to eat grass all the time it was nbd
zoomers just dont get it


File: 1676682617000.gif (451.01 KB, 220x220, 1676593228628545.gif) ImgOps Google


grassbro here,


we would go outside and play and we we would eat grass


i hate it when things cry…


eat grass chud


havent had a good cry in forever


meat fan vs grass enjoyer


i used to eat grass all the time


grass these days is probably covered in artificial preservatives and microplastics
its no wonder kids dont eat grass anymore


love a good cry
but the mood has to hit just right


i dropped like 4-5 tears yesterday watching the superbowl recap with all the mic'd up players and stuff
whenever they do a big speech about putting everything on the line for the guy next to you i get a little watery eyed


File: 1676682842501.jpg (587.53 KB, 2880x2560, 1676642277370015.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

an ai gf..



shes perfect..


wish bottom left and middle were my gfs…..


cried alot when i watched the christopher robin movie something about that carefree bear man….


any good sneed clips?


hate my stupid small hands



i dont think so but there was this one funny black dude on the chiefs that was mic'd up


File: 1676683002480.jpg (195.08 KB, 1080x810, 331095871_1739813783080411….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ai boyfriend


google glass with augmented reality ai gf generated on the fly by a temporal stable diffusion using gpt3 to generate and microsofts text to speech model to have an actual conversation with you
is that really too much to ask for
we have all the pieces just put them together already you cunts


cant connect spiritually with a machine


File: 1676683094943.png (329.88 KB, 649x646, FdS1SqXWYAAyFCq.png) ImgOps Google



i could


File: 1676683169091.jpg (70.59 KB, 600x500, 1352147484119.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

love my smart small ahnds


she has smart hands


my hands are retarded


i have a girly voice and small girly hands :/


guras so precious


*trauma dumps in a low viewer count chill girl streamer stream to get pity attention*
heh too easy



File: 1676683686351.gif (6.99 KB, 118x123, sup (1).gif) ImgOps Google

i have ice cream


same i picked up some hagendaz as a birthday treat


happy birthday!


happy birthday man :)


File: 1676683999007.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, index-0009.png) ImgOps Google

oh my god she got a new haircut >_<



File: 1676684029988.gif (197.3 KB, 600x831, birthday.gif) ImgOps Google

happy bday


my birthday was actually months ago but im saying its my birthday now to throw you guys off


happy birthday old man


File: 1676684092028.jpg (252.68 KB, 500x666, 1352147485157.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1676684094898.gif (2.4 MB, 498x370, happy-birthday-fumo.gif) ImgOps Google


we lie about when our birthday is because we're paranoid


nah i remember you making a post a week ago about your birthday being in 7 days


the rememberer



seven days…


i remember dumb things like that its just a side effect of having high iq


thats a good vid actually


i have a high iq
its about four hundred twenty


my iq is 69 becuyase im all about the sex


i did the i failed the iq test classic joke and got
>you cant fail the iq test 😟
as a reply and didnt feel so good


all im saying is dont take it personal or anything i didnt remember that because of you b-baka


cool cool
but who tf are you quoting


>are you calling me a liar?


forgot your avatar pando


every time i see tf i think of tf2




what is wrong with your brain man




googoo gaga cartoon gorl twalk wike a bweybee



File: 1676684647863.gif (1006.27 KB, 500x281, cake.gif) ImgOps Google




*boots up linux*
ok now linux run cmd print out a million dollar bill.exe


i want a bf


File: 1676684947529.webm (2.84 MB, 640x800, 1476022041022.webm) ImgOps Google



File: 1676684981542.mp4 (286.69 KB, gon.mp4)


woah.. that's cute


nooo killua wouldn t say that


File: 1676685020045.webm (580.52 KB, 778x600, 1476220689349.webm) ImgOps Google

avada kedavra :3


learn selinux man


File: 1676685074620.png (124.15 KB, 686x374, RfnAVgj[1].png) ImgOps Google

toot its happening again


only us old fags….


ugh i have a nsfw yeoreum webm but im not posting that


how can you want a cartoon girlfriend when cute gooks like that exist


File: 1676685135805.png (582.72 KB, 700x583, FpLW23ZakAgll5Z.png) ImgOps Google


>draw a girl
>call it a guy


if cartoon ai girls were real theyd just want cartoon ai chad


File: 1676685163791.jpg (270.35 KB, 652x920, 1352147484063.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the killing curse…
be careful with that…


whats wrong that looks fine to me


File: 1676685338395.gif (1.53 MB, 479x349, 1646119770987.gif) ImgOps Google


*back throw*


is this op?


yeah thats the famous dkspike


do you go up or down with a dkspike?


hold on let me check


9pm i pour a sip


File: 1676685667003.webm (1.32 MB, 618x950, 1673027846291213.webm) ImgOps Google


he's going sicko mode


i only drink on the weekend from now on



husbands home gotta cook some dinner i guess sigh :/




its wild to me around the turn of the 20th century there were efforts to make an entirely new language meant to be an international second language to connect the whole world together but then ww1 happened and the league of nations was a joke and those kinds of efforts never really took root again


meh english is a good enough lingua franca
kinda hope it evolves into a more cyberpunk-ish language with a bunch of weeb and stinker words mixed in but even if it doesnt its fine


what if a universal language is what triggers the next extinction level catastrophe


162 esperanto edition


meh *shrugs*




kitty going goblin mode yo


*eats insoluble fibers*
oh geez now i have to wait 24 hours before having gay sex…


File: 1676686669122.jpg (62.11 KB, 720x660, FSgaALrXwAAGNSM.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1676686827374.png (336.93 KB, 681x420, DA9DFD04-9F14-4DE5-91DD-BC….png) ImgOps Google


newjeans bros


oh ma oh ma gahd


File: 1676687244204.jpg (1.38 MB, 2160x2880, FpKH4xqaIAEchen.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


frasier says 'trans rights!'


jerma is streaming but its sponsored crap with vinesauce :\


holy shit youre good at marth


math isnt my strong suit but thank you


thomas is a little bit too feral. when you're playing with rough cats your hands get a bunch of little cuts like when you walk through briars. with thomas i have those tiny scratches on my eyebrows, cheek, nose, shoulder, elbows and ofc my hands


does thomas like to be picked up
some cats absolutely hate it


File: 1676687986227.png (3.2 MB, 1920x1080, 679F2ADA-5022-4456-A198-EF….png) ImgOps Google

oh heck yeah


File: 1676688083126.jpg (119.86 KB, 1194x1224, 1594590616446.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


he can go into full pur motor lapcat mode, usually when i wake up and he wants food until i feed him so theres hope. we've had some tender moments in bed, he likes getting under the covers


my life is lacking softness


head on over to the catboy cafe


File: 1676688618185.mp4 (3.06 MB, daily_dose.mp4)




someone stream cthd


why does mario carry a blanket


thought japan was supposed to be safe


it's his cape from super mario world


chrono trigger hd?



crouching tiger


think i just learned how to doublejump irl


lets see it


youll see it in 2024 at the summer olympics




remember when we used to try to run like sonic hedgehog


File: 1676689448025.png (6.84 KB, 1138x300, AeTSJvv.png) ImgOps Google



saw a red mitsubishi 3000gt on the way home from meijers tonight
not the pop up headlight one though :(



shes cute looks kinda hapa


she looked better in her vids a couple of years ago tbqh
black hair is cuter and her face looks rounder now


dont know if ive seen an ugly girl hapa


this shit is even more stagged than jinnytty getting her phone stolen lmao
the knock is clearly added in post, come on man


that man knocking at the door? sickzii


we believe women here you fucking incel


should i take a 15k unity game dev bootcamp?




took my 2 hour friday nap


im pregnant



File: 1676690902721.jpg (351.25 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0008.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



how much of this is an act and how much is genuine babyrage



i genuinely believe he's a whiny terran baby


Hey, I'm Skymi a 20 years old singer/ musician from Québec, Canada !
I've been singing ever since I was Little and my dream is to become a singer !

I love anime, manga, desserts, art and cute things !

thank you everyone for your support I love you all !! ♡


i love desserts too…maybe we could stuff ourselves like pigs together


guys dont say youre going to rape her like you did with chatterbugxo :/


poor chatterbugxo


they call me the vaper
the raper


well time to say i'm going to rape her…


she doesnt have any mods in her chat :/


File: 1676691514752.jpg (294.23 KB, 1079x1991, EN9yd0UX0AEsegW.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


she should mod me


i remember when miqueena locked her door mid stream


ive always dreamed of being a twitch mod


>340 subs
fucking simps




i'm watching the stream and it's trash bro
why would you even follow this


why are you up so late


we love watching cute girls on twitch man


aaaand an ad just dropped so that's a close for me


you suck




i think i found what to spend my tax return on…..



she's not that good


go to bed already


2 more hours
2 more long hours


oh wait its 3 hours




mmmm ive found that special powder


File: 1676694386760.jpg (238.33 KB, 1080x1054, FXmFxMRX0AEWK-Q.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lets all pop in a fat dip of copenhagen long cut


always thought lain would fit right into the american south


File: 1676695149630.jpg (51.02 KB, 836x912, 986798798.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

mature neve campbell…


File: 1676695523860.jpg (1.35 MB, 850x1294, 1352147484801.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

meow meow meow meow meow


got an 80 parse on mythic eranog!


File: 1676695766606.jpg (208.26 KB, 1488x1027, 1485355826-mads-mikkelsen-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1676695842038.webm (4.3 MB, 852x480, osaka.webm) ImgOps Google


just goofin'
new boot goofin


even children have a speculative spirit





im just gookin
new gook gookin


When ur just trying to goof in ur new boots & this happens 😩🚲






disgusting foid


dude :/


if you really think about it im gay


come on man


tfw my girl says it feels like im punching her in the womb :/


is that a good thing


i'm already tracer


wtf why cant i queue up for timewalking dungeons to level?


bro its 2023…


File: 1676699846393.png (261.21 KB, 362x350, 1582954121712.png) ImgOps Google




nsnp spree was fine, he prolly learned some things but at the end of the day you gotta do things that you enjoy


i enjoy gazing at the shaved hairless bodies of skinny female gooks and imagining myself cumming inside of them


one more hour
one more long hour


File: 1676700537574.jpg (37.81 KB, 680x357, EFuUYZoXYAAZZjc.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


come on man…


thanks doc


resting heart rate: 66bpm


File: 1676700972227.jpg (1.6 MB, 3468x4624, 20230217_224130.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

didnt bring my phone or my card but someone took a photo of my score


>Hogwarts Legacy First Week Digital Sales in Europe Were 56% Bigger Than Elden Ring - News
trans sisters not like this…


rip momoland ..


and you told them to post it here?


he sent me the photo


you feel okay playing ddr to kpop in public as a 30 year old man?




>people replacing words with newspeak to mask what theyre saying



File: 1676701866575.png (1.03 MB, 1265x773, chrome_V2UKxGRfgX.png) ImgOps Google

$103 for a pillow case?!


love milking simps of every last dime they have


$103 could get you a ps2 or a gamecube off ebay!


diablo 2?
now thats a sick game


ebay huh
used it once or twice


its no world of warcraft


diablo is devil in spanish


nothing is, man
*hops on*
*slays a dragon*



im 2/8 mythic now!


our mythical raider…


idk whats worse
waking up and read bunch of niggersport posts, movieposts or holobabbies spam noone cares about



*makes a dumb video and people think it's smart because you have a english accent*


you wouldnt say that to his face


i absolutely would


File: 1676703642757.jpg (37.73 KB, 540x497, EF7ZBGtWoAELTcF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1676703717806.png (426.85 KB, 640x480, 1620767413284.png) ImgOps Google


well well well would you look at the time


>streamer scrolls up and reads the messages he missed during the game and skips every single one of yours
i get the hint


crazy how i can just boot up wow and then suddenly its 15 hours later and i hardly remember whats happened at all


youre a lying coward


youre awake soon theres a star war game sale on steam bro


File: 1676704140036.png (3.13 MB, 2048x1997, 1573241533614.png) ImgOps Google


i'm on linux and i don't have steam installed
lemme check the world wide web


sickzii is on linux?!!?


sudo apt-get install steam


well, apparently i already have every one of those games when i bought sw bundle

my laptop is too slow with windows on it so i just use ubuntu




sudo apt get a life nerd


what's the point, lap is too shitty anyway
what's wrong with ubuntu?


sickzii are the lego star wars games still fun i havent played them since they came out


come on man


i never played them, idk


i remember back when i was into linux i used ubuntu it was dope


what the fuck, come on man!



*just clicks what i want to use on my windows instead of typing a cryptic sentence to open a program*
fells 21st century man


>by Richard Stallman
hes ped and also he eats his own toe gunk and also hes a fat slob


hey bing

what color are your nipples


doesn't make him wrong


and also what kind of person even has gunk in his toes what the fuck is going on with that


peds are often correct


might play them on sw month idk


why does everyone have to be a sexual freak deviant these days

just be normal
one man one woman just as god intended


god doesn't exists


one man one gook


one man (ripped)
one woman (big titties and or ass)
this is what God intended
no little kids, no cartoons (sorry), no furry
just a handsome full grown man and a big titty full grown woman


i love cartoon women but i agree


>and or ass
nigger detected


you say no to a big booty spicy latina
i sure as heck aint


the tiny little lupe latinas are the only ones that even blip on my sexdar


just made a huge leap in my juggling
i went from cascade, to 2 in 1 hand and then back to cascade all in one juggle



not attractive


youre going to break a window man


i broke a vertical blind back when i could only do a few throws
i had to tape it up


die juggleteen


im 36 years old man


hes saying "the juggler" in german
die means the


going to nyc tomorrow gonna do what toon taught me


(look at big booty latinas)


oops just drank from my vod cup before i added the water


youre gonna groom teens???


people act like its so easy to groom teens but theres no place to even come into contact with one as a 30+ year old man its not even viable


bro just hop on yahoo chat


damn this character in shutter island just said niggers with the hard r!


remember aim chat rooms


valorant, wow, vrchat
theres tons of places to find groomable teens


aim was the msn one? i used that once


those are all gay games id never play that shit


no aim was the aol instant messanger one but it was just like the msn chat one


aim was aol…


make a minecraft youtube channel thats how the pros do it


*flies out a 15 year old who msgd you on youtube*


you sick fuck


you now remember icq


icq was before my time


not like this…


*hops on irc*


so were all making minecraft youtubes or what?


no we're making a homelab/fishing youtube channel


i only used irc to look for cod2 and cod4 teams to play vs them on a clanbase


i used to join all the anime sub irc channels and download the eps on xdcc



we should make a whk quakenet server…


gonna make a site zii.gg
what should i put on there


do they still do quakecons


his soifaces


scream 4 (2011)

this one was boring the first half but then…
hooooo buddy things take a wild turn
neve campbell remains the cutest woman
dewey still doing his dewey thing i just love that guy so much
the kills were pretty epic

only negative was that it starts slow and i didnt care about a single thing the first half
was very worried it was gonna be a stinker until the big moment (its a spoiler) and then a bunch of big moments (many spoilers) happen and then the ending is so retarded that its great

7/10 yes another 7/10 but there is no other score for it



this is gaming time bro!


i paused half way and played diablo 2 and then resumed!


im a social piranha…


im an antisocial pufferfish


didnt they shut the diablo 2 servers down?


no they didnt dont speak such nonsense besides shes probably talking about the remaster


i dont play online video games im playing diablo 2 remastered offline


30 mins this game has bad reviews on steam tho


a worse monster hunter that runs like shit


a 30 year old man with grey hair watching vtube shit


ive been nu-jazzing


i believe it was frank zappa that said something like "we should rename all jazz to 'bad jazz'" and after listening to this i agree


i believe it was lou reed who called zappa a talentless hack


i believe it was lou reed's mother who said "i should have aborted you"


my art teacher in high school had frank zappa painted on the hood of her car
i think his stuff sucks but i also kinda respect him just for being a freakshow


hes for the cool subset of boomers


you ever see interviews with like the cool guys from the 60's and 70's like tom waits frank zap and andy kauffman and they just say nonsense? like johnny carson will ask what their plans are and theyll just say "to alliterate with the illiterate" and everyone would burst out in laughter and applause

the bar was low is what im saying


johnny carson was cool


yeah the bar was so low lets ask what contemporary artists are up to




wonder what zoomers listen to
bet its the same songs from the sigma youtube videos that i watch


we dont follow contemporary artists


>diablo 2 remastered offline

come on man


ikr he must be some idiot


what man i dont care about online gaming i just wanna play diablo
click click click


i only online game


*points a gun at you*
click click click
thats what you get offline gamer


wish the joker movie was directed by someone more competent than the hang over guy it could have been a subversive masterpiece like taxi driver but instead its going to be forgotten completely in 10 years


holy shit i can get the joker on blu ray and dvd for 7 bucks!


get the new batman too that ones based


but i am the shadows


when he guns it and drives through the fucking fire

nerd chills


instacart sent me a $60 off coupon on a $100 order



was this movie any good i only saw people making fun of it for danos goofy riddler


but i warn ye
ill break ye heart

already broken



i heard its awesome


cant believe how much christian bale is just like me


i just said it was based in the chat….


come on man luna is cute as hell


ugh chatterbugxo is wearing elf ears and looks really cute stop telling her you want to rape her in her twitch chat


are women capable of being good actors like those guys? i doubt it


sometimes cartoons are literally us too


watson and zestia off collab?!


women arent capable of anything other than sucking dick we all know that


women are fantastic actors
i bet you think youve given them orgasms xD


i need a third monitor i cant watch 3 videos at the same time like this


you have the brain of a 6 year old
what does that feel like?


i have one monitor man



i know for a fact ive never done that


karaoke until 1 mil


cowboy bebop was so awesome i should rewatch that one


*sprinkles cheeto dust on my car*
thanks ohio


anime characters im like? grove, briareos, zechs, wolfwood, brandon heat


File: 1676712311368.jpg (250.63 KB, 1440x1800, 331107370_193185283394902_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i dont know who those are but i do know goku
monkey d luffy
light yagami

and theyre all literally me


nahhhhhh nigga you aint no fucking goku stop the cap


im literally spike spiegel


in a perfect world i have a decent sized mansion
chubby white girl friend with huge titties and or ass
mazda miata NA (the one with pop up headlights)
a big gaming room with all the coolest stuff like DDR pads, rtx 4090 computers, super nintendo sega genesis
a giant gym with all the weights i sneed
a theatre that plays blade runner 2049 on repeat


sounds like a niggers dream now do one if you were human


File: 1676712733786.jpg (64.75 KB, 1186x465, EmaaLW_W8AM2KiX.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1676712740145.jpg (68.61 KB, 774x943, 456356254362456.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



blowin on that endo
gamecube nintendo


File: 1676712933909.jpg (44.62 KB, 1080x1062, 1676712041186740.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ok after rewatching shutter island i totally get it now
he really was crazy


oh yeah well what about *scene that makes you question your conclusion*



grow up


its ogre…


theres really only one scene that the entire movie hinges on whether you see it one way or another
its when he climbs down the rocks and meets that lady in the cave, if shes real then hes getting set up and trapped on the island so that he wont reveal the experiments going on and if shes fake then shes just another hallucination and hes crazy
really the only reason to believe she isnt a hallucination is that all of the other hallucinations he has throughout the movie are much more fantastical or mysterious, his wife/kids standing around looking at him or saying a few vague words, the lady in the cave on the other hand is way more realistic and actually has a full real back and forth conversation with him


File: 1676713417660.jpg (184 KB, 542x680, 1675499670098485.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hate when sseth uses up a fresh sseth on some dumb war game
now we have to wait months for another good video with might and magic or something else cool


hmm wish id seent the movie so i could comment inteligently


wtf bro youve never seen shutter island?


how about slutter island


padder island


pad? p-p-p-p-pad!?!?!?!?


i miss pad so dang much man


its time to bring brapper to justice


in the airport for 4 hours
then im in a plane for 9 hours
then im in another airport for 4 hours
then im in another plane for 2 hours
then i arrive and grab my stuff and take an uber home


imagine not booking a direct flight


wake up
its over


whos pad again


do anything cool on your trip?


mr bigshot..


have you guys heard about this 16 year old british autismo whos randomly one of the best sfv players in the world now, his tag is ending walker


you see, us adults used to have a really good friend named pad and he was really funny and cool



toons living the jetsetting life…


no ending walker we havent heard of you


where did he go?


its not toon its jeff you fucking moron


oops thats what i meant


i quit fighting games forever so i dont know him


you mean until tekken 8 drops right


having a really early flight is the best theres so many hot girls walking around with no/minimal makeup and sometimes even in their pjs


File: 1676714375114.jpg (10.88 KB, 251x95, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

wish i knew so bad


this is so true

i got to see europe for the first time


you dont see hot girls at the airport


did you rape any hot euro ladies


i didnt get to hang out with any euro girls but they are kind of cute in their own way
i was checkin them out you know how it is
they all look the same basically
i like their silly accents and their quaint civilization


no reason to visit europe the brothel of the world and not rape any euro chicks

like why even bother to see an old church? it was rebuilt in the 1900s. fuck it


go home yank


walking around old towns and taking the train everywhere are my top two reasons i would want to visit yurop



jeff was the night walker practicing for the big euro tour


>walking around old towns and taking trains
why not add hanging out in french cafes and complete the "dumb shit a 16 year old girl would have on her blog" trifecta?


i dont want to hang out in a french cafe i want to take the train


jeff is faithful to his ex-pgf


youre a big baby you want to pretend your in the carseat in the back of your mom big sedan and watch trees go by in your empty infantile head that's all the train is to you


File: 1676715149704.jpg (94.39 KB, 1125x1087, 1675263784445013.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



trains are cool
i didnt get to ride any european trains but i did walk around a lot
if i was going on a train vacation it would have to be japan


ride in one train youve ridden in them all after the 3rd time youre just waiting to arrive to where youre going like every other mode of transportation


we drive here


its been like two weeks since i gamed


i like being transported


wild that the only reason the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were ever ratified was because they were pushed through while southern states were under a military occupation


which ones are those?


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