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probably a boy but id get a girl idc

same i couldnt look up what was near me until i was actually ready to get one

probably change the name. we dont even know the cat or gender yet so suggestions are a waste of time until i have the one


you just know that tinder made that new strain possible.



wtf that one isn't on cape cod why arent any of you capable of listening!


how do you know which ones on cape cod and dont tell me you have to click on each one of them individually


tiger tail


theres a location selector thing that drops down on the left side with 3 locations. youre looking at all of them instead of cape cod


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seriously need the gamers of the comm to wake up and link up




its tiger tail for me


Meet Indy! This sweet and laid back lady is looking for her new home. Do you have a backyard window with lots of birds? She loves to watch them fly by. Maybe a nice comfy chair she can take daily naps? Well then you have Indy’s attention! She has previously lived with other cats, but would prefer to be your only pet. While she does has hyperthyroidism, this is an easily managed condition with daily medication.



what about lilly


im not going to reply because it wont be fair if im not getting the cat


caius gleepades


it do be like that


caius was living the dream tbh
he was in great shape, getting paid by the government, and had access to the finest skooma and moonsugar in all of vvardenfell



hes also high level speechcraft trainer so you know he was hanging out with fine dunmer maidens


feel like throwing up


well i guess this is throwing up


File: 1674242850590.jpg (92.33 KB, 960x960, 1589497676061.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


im out this will probably take a while


need or i kms


good luck man keep us updated


are you ridler or batman





idk what rollback netcode is


its what makes fighting games playable across the internet


ah yes yes of course
the rollback netcode of course


[Yesterday, 10:16 PM]

The things I want for my transition have nothing to do with my genitals.
The things that would made me feel 'euphoria' are not physically possible (paws. Muzzle. Tail. Etc)




david lynch hasnt drawn a new number in a month….


hope he's ok….


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uhhh :/


hold still im gonna throw you off tha balcony


almost time to crack open the gin


my gin's already been opened


is gin better than vod whats the deal with gin


it is infused with herbal essences



it's delicious and goes down like juice


house parties sound dangerous and scary


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