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i made a new thread and i think it's gonna be a good thread

it's a monday night thread
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gonna keep staring at my morrowind build unhappy and unsure about something for the next 10 hours


who gives a shit
its a bad game anyway


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you better be ready for dragonflight


i dont think thats true


put a pillbug on the head of mydick man


im doing a deep dive into the michelle obama is a tranny theories


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crazy that ive been trying and failing to play morrowind for almost 2 decades now


why are you forcing yourself to play a bad game? just skip it


its one of the best rpgs ever made


stfu retard dont post here again fucking imbecile lol


lol, lmao even
even gothic is better than this shithole
you're literally braindead if you think any elder scrolls game is better than kotor or witcher.
hell even mASS effect is better than any tod game


whats a single player version of wow




witcher is terrible actually and im sick of slavs gaslighting everyone into pretending otherwise.


ive also tried to play kotor multiple times over the years, the farthest i got was to the very first planet where theres a fighting ring or something
me1 was good i beat that, but i quit 2 really early cuz it sucked
loved witcher 3 i have hundreds of hours in it but i couldnt get past the tutorial level in witcher 2 its so clunky


i'm not a big fan of witcher either, but its definitely better than elder shit games


that's why you should have played witcher 1 and 2 first and seen all the changes they've made in every game.
just play video games in release order cute idiot
weird how you didn't like mass effect 2 tho, lot of people are saying how me2 is best in the series, its definitely more combat oriented


i played through kotor when that hurricane took my internet out for a week


i just remember starting the fist mission and my laser gun had ammo or was overheating or something and i just closed the game and never launched it again


me2 isn't even a rpg, it's a tps with romance shit.


instead of playing witcher 1 and 2 i just read all the witcher books, way better use of time


its been more than 10 years since i played the game so maybe i'm wrong, but yeah your gun was probably overheating.
you can't just hold fire button brah


incel fingers typed this post


mgs2 isn't even a rpg, it's a fps with romance shit


books are better apparently, but i can't read them.
my brain is too dumb i need to see images and control my character


noone said it's an rpg, it's a stealth tps


morrowind is unironically way better than kotor or witcher


guys i dont understand the lyrics in the lucky star op


oh i looked it up me1 had the overheating mechanic for guns and that was cool and made sense because its fucking laser guns and rail guns and shit
me2 has ammo and i just knew it was gonna be some gay cod run around and pick up ammo shit and it completely ruined the immersion for me


rudy is still confident in the blockchain


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>morrowind is unironically way better than kotor or witcher


bro listen to them on audiobook!


File: 1669193172372.webm (2.99 MB, 960x540, morrowind.webm) ImgOps Google

morrowind is epic


nah bro morrowind is trash


2chen died


the whole entire point of the rpg genre is to build your character from weak to strong and no game lets you get stronger than morrowind


oh no…we lost 2chen..? someone just whispered me and said we lost 2chen


chen got ganked?
thats ok hell respawn in a minute


not a big fan of audiobooks


i wirr read bewks?


being able to draw is the closest you can get to godliness


footy in 50 minutes bros we're all hyped!


you're just too much of a brainlet to create your own adventure


>tfw morrowind is so shitty you have to pretend you're playing some other game

you got that right


this chnages everything


got my chips
got my beers
lets fucking go



marth counter peach really hard too

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