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h- hi hio- how you d- doing??
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gleepy loves rust and weathering


it feels like a birth of a new day kinda night


i dont want to watch those fags talk about the orange line in 2022. those fags wouldnt have been able to ride that line past roxbury crossing without getting robbed when i lived there. fuck them


come on man


damn low
god just rekt wakanda forever he said its a 2/10


is he a racist?


i just open porn tabs without thinking i've got to stop




i edge and coom


sigh wish i was an arcadekid




guys my mom looks here please stop making posts like that before it gets me in trouble


your mom is the best you better tell her you love her


generation alpha will save us


show your mom your goon cave


gleepy knows programming languages?


yeah he implemented the side banner that toot didnt want to use then


never made an irl torch


dont worry
im a doctor


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i even worked with .github which im not willing to do again


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reminder to try fancy whole seed mustard sometime


yellow or bust


what even is mustard




mustard seed and vinegar p much


The mustard plant is any one of several plant species in the genera Brassica and Sinapis in the family Brassicaceae (the mustard family).


im in the mustard family


mustard plant? ehhhh??


it has been really blustery for like almost a week straight.


you fuck with the mustard fam and you get your head split


thinking about getting into cross country skiing


more like blustard
never ate it
never will


youve never had mustard in your entire life?


a super old guy cross country skiis around here through parking lots and stuff


golf courses would be cool for that


it seems pretty chill and i need something new to do because i go crazy just staying inside


i havent had a lot of things


like what else?


someone make a new thread we're at 1300+ posts!


have you had sex


ive never gotten room service


at the mansion im gonna knock on everyones door at 7am sunday morning and say 'housekeeping' in a latina voice



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name a meat or fish item and theres a 90% chance i havent had it unless its chicken



im gonna make the new thread if no one else does




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