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162 kehitysvammaisten kerho!
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Grindr, $GRND, went public via a SPAC today, and is up 200%.


whats the funniest tf2 class




im gonna make a new thread is that ok?


character wise i think the heavy is funniest


i will defer to the pillars


for me it was engi cuz id always do stuff like this


erectin a sentry


mysterious russian soul


someone should make the new thread spoken of


sigh i hate being so crunched for space on my c drive


we store most of our files on the e, g, and h drives


tf2boys are an epic bunch


how do you know about my drives


i like the tf2 griefing vid where they force the spawn door shut and make everyone answer trivia before opening it


i like that one counter strike video where the guy is like
door stuck!
door stuck!


back from my scheduled friday nap


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you're a genuine dick sucker


i beg you!


i was playing csgo and a bot was crouched door spamming jammed in the doorway with an enemy bot a little bit away also crouched and they were staring at each other like that until i shot 1


they should make a csgo 2


File: 1668829835532.gif (13.75 KB, 436x312, 1653673884362.gif) ImgOps Google


oh yeah i forgot to make a new thread


oh you forgot huh/?


you airhead


i should just be murdered


ban him


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god i wish boxxy was real and my girl friend so bad


top 5 dubstep drops




on god?


no cap fr



planet fitness wanted my banking info wth?! why cant i prepay the whole year?


yeah thats really weird




its so they cant trap you into a subscription and make it a pain in the ass to cancel




like bro just let me give you the money you dont need unlimited access to my bank account


planet fitness is crummy anyway find another gym


the other gyms have complaints on their google reviews about dirty ass indians leaving garbage all over the gym floor and staff being rude as heck (aka black)

either that or they're 5x the price


whats wrong with giving your bank info to a gym


well they dont need it for starters


cant wait any longer for the biblical toon gmod stream


they probably use your checking account to avoid credit card fees since they are cheap, weird that they dont let you pay up front


there's a rock climbing gym near me i want to check out


thats gonna be super duper expensive


*sets off the lunk alarm*


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