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me on the left


hakase….my arch nemesis..


tibet is wild theocratic warrior monk society living among the peaks and valleys of the highest mountain range in the world


i thought they got owned by the chinese


obamna 😟😈


holy shit bros the originals world bosses drop 272 ilvl gear


holy fuck!


they did but the chinks havent totally extinguished their spirit


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if you think this wasnt planed youre retarded


im proudly retarded


heard elon musk hit the griddy in the courtroom today


killed all the originals and got no loot..


oh no no no scoutbros


who gives a fuck man its great jacking material




if he did that he would attain god status


is hitting the griddy considered contempt of court


only if it is out of order


a 50 bomb? on mobile? that alone is legendary status


that disgusting pepperoni nipple is not good jacking material


shush faggy boy nobody asked you gays for your gay opinion


hoooooooooo boy p7.0 main quest


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how is everyone doing are we making good progress toward happiness


im sad


i wanna see your guyses tf2 stats…..


theres no way this isnt just completely spliced


guys i saw the funniest tik tock on the tf2 community content section in the steam client


File: 1668656255854.webm (170.32 KB, 320x240, sad.webm) ImgOps Google


my other online clique is falling apart…….


my most buildings built is 24(as engineer)


give my regards to the himabros


splad us?


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Infamous FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, was so bad at League of Legends that he played over 1,000 matches without leaving Bronze Tier II


i hope our bitbros are doing alright


i'm trying to play more demo man he's fun and i never really played him b4


what are you demostats my most points is 40 and longest life is 6:36



guess we arent sharing our stats



ive played like 5 hours total of tf2 man i dont have any stats


it's really bad you would make fun of me


i play these hoes like it's scbw


is the pope allowed to hit griddys


i heard he does his business in the hat



nothing like a nice intense wave of anxiety to liven up the night

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