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this is my thread
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welcome to my thread please enjoy it warmly


*pisses all over your thread*


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ugh sigh im sorry
*cleans it up*


with your tongue?????


y-yes :3


nah theres no revolt i simply couldnt stay silent any longer ive known that i ruined hima for a year now and i cant stand seeing it how it is anymore i want those carefree days with my bros back where himako was just a character that sometimes posted and only banned someone after 3 pages of threads had been slid through frog spam not this locked down hima with a white list and thread creation disabled 23 hours a day and a private janitor board where the guys from ota who want to "take it easy" try to dox gynotron and call for mommy to ban the bad men they simply cant understand that for better or worse we are all bros who spend all day on the same site and while we may have our arguments once janny gets involved and starts threatining to ban or puts the playground on lockdown it stops being carefree and fun because you are constantly under surveillance and there are janny dogs roaming around waiting for someone to pounce on and call for a ban i flipping love all my bros no matter how much i tell them to die because while i may hate someone as a person im willing to admit that without differences hima wouldnt be fun at all


hima has reclined


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hey bud


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i dont wanna be a tooner i dont wanna be a duck so i shake my butt


did the site break



bunker here for now….


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hey hi


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hi here you go


made her repeat the suicide hotline phone number 2 times while i pretended to write it down off camera to teach her how ridiculous she sounded


la knight dropped a gook reference




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thank you i love it


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*starts fruiting up*


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choose your character


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hello again thread


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what is a woman?


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hmmmm maybe i will play mobas and drink beer all night


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guess who woke up at 3 in the afternoon!



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Osaka devouring Chiyo-chan (2023)

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