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cant believe i missed out on having a spunky cool red head babysitter


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>FTX sign being disassembled from the Miami Heat FTX arena


oh no no no!




its now binance miami heat stadium


a stadium by any other name…


still remember the ginny love potion theory
it has to be true theres no way he ended up with that whore like that


the final pairings made no sense yeah
i remember being like "whaaat huh???"


potterchads know all about that


toot please ban the children


i should start reading harry potter fanfics


harry potter was boring even when i was baby


you mean your no longer baby?


im. not. baby.


remember when mom took our harry potter books cuz she thought they were going to teach us witchcraft


im baby


i think i've spent too much time away from gaming
i can't get the judgement cut timing down in dmc 5


man this harry potter game looks great im getting gooeybumps




dont ew her gooeybumps incel


didnt get a single lol last time so im posting it again



hoo boy this has it all


cant believe i just wasted a minute of my life on that stupid shit instead of the retrospective or destiny interview


hmm think i might take a little trip on the escooter and see where it takes me


this is your future sipper


what if you take a wrong turn and end up in china O___o


im done for


wtf sipping turns you into a tranny?


we tried to warn you about all the estrogen in alcohol


this is really confusing


shes just like me…


sometimes simply reflecting on the impermanence of the beautiful sakura blossoms is enough to move me to near tears
my soul is so japanese


im not a tranny im a grown adult man with grey hair


maybe your not a tranny yet


wtf even the other troon is deadgendering her brother


File: 1668211280477.png (1.75 MB, 964x1092, 41a.png) ImgOps Google



and your brain is tranny


got my 100 bucks in cash
got my backpack

you know what time it is


i was tricked into believing that being good at stuff makes you more likeable


gonna play a slam build in endless delve but never played one before


is there a new league or something why are you playing poe


endless delve event in three days or something i had fun doing it last time
idk if im gonna play the next league i dont wanna do the campaign ever again


all our lives weve been tricked
chasing the wrong things
when we shoulda just smoked weed dropped out of highschool drank alcohol in parks work on our socializing skills


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owned bitch





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