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ray is so cute sometimes


you can be a mess. göring was a complete fuckup and was hitlers top guy in the beginning of the war


what happened to ninja why does he only have like 8k viewers now and why does he look like shit


is there an answer to this


File: 1659460760086.gif (50.91 KB, 700x953, Achewood_Ebay.gif) ImgOps Google


never watched the dude but i have a feeling he peaked when they made a funkopop of him and hes in decline now


do amerimutts really


joker gang gang ones do


8k viewers is a lot on twitch for a guy playing a videogame


the facial tat suicide rates are high enough to be interesting


hollywood will chew you up and spit you out


achewood is paste


in kingdom come: peasants are calling me knight and showing me deference


this is huge


does everyone else have shit aim or what this dude wins every firefight


fortnite is still a thing?


its mostly played by babn so yeah


any elderscrollbros should check that game out. some people dont like it but the people who do like it freak out and its the best thing ever. its the first game ive been hype about since i forget


if i was running fortnite id surreptitiously include easy bots in every match so the babies have a higher chance to get kills and gush their brainstems with dopamine


cant believe pelosi big dicked xi by just ignoring his threats and landing in taiwan anyway


i could surreptitiously eat some snacks right now


easy bots probably spawn for players that are doing bad. im sure the game is carefully programmed to keep the weewoos at max possible level


i could surreptitiously stick my cock in your ass right now


we brought carrier strike groups in. if they ever invade or attack taiwan they wont do it while we've got a small navy right there already waiting for them



i miss when homosexuals were surreptitious






are holoens popular because of retardmoe


if i eat bread it has to be whole wheat rye bread


gura is popular because of cunny
thats all i know


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oh no no no season 4 bros


whole wheat rye she says


usa is dunking on china they wont do shit


the chinese are probably scared of being eaten by those fat retards


usa is the greatest country in the entire history of mankind


my cat got into my ghost pepper sauce and now its drooling rubbing it face shaking and i dont know what to do


he need some milk


dont make up stupid lies


on her head


ive tried giving him milk and splashing his face but hes running from me and bouncing off the walls


File: 1659463657607.mp4 (1.9 MB, 1659463651.mp4)



your cat should be fine its just gonna have some stomach pains


File: 1659464092920.jpg (723.97 KB, 3068x1444, Ob7rq.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


there just having a good time



because of the whole thing getting out of hand soon after we let them marry (thats just a time reference not the cause) pre-2010 fags are based


just killed a guy named UncutBussy

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